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The Whitcomb Family 
IN America 

A Biographical Genealogy 



"And V I Imvtt dona wen and as to fttUng Vie staiy. It Is that which I ileslKd, 
but If slendariy and meanly It Is that which I could attain unto." 

~» J/ttMita. XK sa. 


j.-^ji Octoli«r;.i904 

Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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ymyi^yyuy-^^Oi/l/u -Vt-^a^^.^ 

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Co irtt. 3ames OlHiut ro^itcomb, 

ro^ose genetosilB raobc Qie ptepototion 

ttiift puilicaHon of t^a»ci possible, 

tl|is SoOE is lovinglg Micoteii 

' Sg^sisto; , 

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^ugsfHtiotta. , 

Tlw index U fnll, conplets, and beliered to to comcti and should be adequalo 
aa a h^ to find IndMdmli named in tliis Genealogy. 

A nimtber witti the tigu (+) placed beftnre a name In the tabolated lists of cUld- . 
ten Isdlcatea tbat then is more matter oonceniing the pcnon thus designated farther I 
«n in the book. To find it look ahead for a biogrspbical sketch bearing a cone- i 
q>ondlng nomber. 

The insertion of belated reconb at different times necessitated a rennmbering of 
the entire genealogy after it was partly In type; this, and a lock of understanding 
between the CMnpositor and proofreader occasioned some vexatious mistakes in the 
nnmbers of the biognphlcal sketches. These wrong nnmbcrs are never very far out 
of the way however, and the sketches may be readily found. 

All errors Is names, dates or statements should be reported to the compiler aa 


Pag* 107— The date of Urth of Welton Horris Is wrcmg but Is Just as received. 

Pago 160— la biographical Sketch DIO, make the last sentence read: Calvin and 
Bessie mide in Kaaxbom. N. Y. 

Peg* 280— Change Loreaao to Lorcnsa. 

Pag* 8S8— The footnote on this page should have been omitted, as the document 
was later photogi^hed and. placed in the article on Gen. John Whetcomb. 

Fsg* 3W -Change Joseph Uortimer to Joshua Mortimer. 

Page 809— Lake Penfield was twice married; names of al) his ddldnn are givon 
bat "'^^''"g coacemlng the first wife has been received. 

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d by Google 


Whltcambe Coat of Amu, ....... FrmtiiqNeM 

J. A. Whiteonb, .3 

Hap of Bailj LuKastcr, Man., ....... 90 

Two Sgnatnrea of Jobn (1), ,.,.... SI 

HoMS Whiteomb uul Houae bnOt hy Isfsd (^ . .CO 

Homvof Rboda WhiteouibBriggi, aadGnTCof Aisof ButiBid, Vt, SI 

HooKstnd irf C«pt. Jacob Whiteomb. SpriagfifOd, Vt 69 

Capt. Lot WfaitcoDib with Sword uul Cane, . '78 
Dr. Winslow Whhcomb, . ' . ,88 

Capt. JthB Gear Wlutcmnb, ....... 88 

Samud Whttcemb of Boston, ....... 81 

Ge*.JameaWbitcoBib. IM 

Albert Wfaitcomb, Betbel Ki^ School. Ill 

Capt Gcoige Cadoa Whiteomb, ...... 1S6 

Heaiy Donald Whiteomb, Hentr Donald Whiteomb, Jr., and Son, . 131 

Levi Whiteomb, John Gny Whiteomb, ..... 133 

Joaeph Whiteomb. Joaeph Wanen Whiteomb, ..... 135 

Alexander H., Wm. Henrr 8., Tmman, Geoige R. Whiteomb, ICO 

Old Ganiaon Hodm at Nofttt Yarmouth, He., ..... 169 

Calvin G., Dr. J. I^ C., J. T. P., and Alexander H. Whiteomb, . . 183 

Tombatonea of Gen, Whetoomb and Family, ..... 191 

Comminion from King George III, to John Whetcoonb, ... 193 

HomesteadofAbner Whiteomb, Homestead of Jno. and Remr Whiteomb, . 202 

David, GcOTge Ueaiy, Heniy B. and Heor)r Dowllng Whiteomb, . S3S 

Old Bones of Bbea and Ira Whiteomb 2Si 

Children of John Adams and Caroline Pierce Whiteomb, . 29S 

' Homestead of Deacon Fannenas Whiteomb, ..... 201 

JoBatban BartweU Whiteomb Homestead, ..... tSb 

Dexter, Geo, Dexter, Carroll S. and S. C WUtoomb, .... 332 

John Whiteomb, Friend Thomas Whiteomb, ..... 389 

Gnm* of Josiah Whiteomb (S) at Lancaster, ..... 397 

Otia Whiteomb and Hbmcstead at Swanzey, N. H., .... 187 

John Blihn Whiteomb and his Jewder's Lathe, ..... 193 

Enstos P., Usid S„ John and Joshua Whiteomb, .... 190 

Dr. Waid Becdwr, Josiah T., and Frank J. Whiteomb, . ' . .. SU 

d by Google 




ThcBngUdiWUtcombt, ....... 11 

IIm 'Wbltcombe Anna, ........ U 

John (1) snd Descenduits in Ancifcft, ..... 25 

Junn Vnwtcombe of Boiton, ....... 40 

John Wbetcembe, Jr., ........ M 

Tb* Robert Z<iae, ......... 4S 

The Jonathmn Unc. ........ 186 

Tbt Job Line, ......... 351 

Tba Joriab Une. 398 

Untraccd Whitcomba, . . , . 55S 

Appendix, ......... 572 

Inilu 681 

d by Google 


I thoasht it good to spcake somewhat hereof, tmstins yat the pleasant con* 
tcmpUcioD of the thinge it.selfe shall make the length of the preface leue 
tedious. [R. Eden, Fint Booke on America. Ep. to Reader, p. g.] 

In this ranvenient after word of the author whidi becomes the 
Foreword of the book I desire to express my appreciation of the ex- 
haustive researches made in Whiteomb genealogy by Frands Way- 
land Shepardson, M. A. of the University of Chic^, and my deep 
sense of gratitude to him for consigning to me in 1902, 1 believe quite 
onreservedly, the records and data whidi were the restdt of those re- 
searches. Prof. Shepardson became interested in genealogy in .1885 
and during the years following devoted his vacations and his leisure 
hoius to this quest From a letter concerning his experience, the fol- 
lowing is quoted : 

"I burned the midnight oil hunting dead Whitcombs. I wrote letters all 
over the United States and gathered a great mass of material. I pat long lost 
members of families in 'correspondence with their near but unknown relations. 
I found Idn for oa« man twenty miles from his home, although he did not 
know he had a relation in the. world. It was very exciting. I spent part of 
one summer visiting old Whitcomb haunts in New England, spending days In 
old burying grounds, copying data and epitaphs and more than once eating the 
noonday lunch off of the flat tombstone of some departed Whitcomb." 

Prof. Shepardson has a personal interest in this genealogy being 
connected to the Whitcomb Fmnily by marriage to Cora Leonore, 
daughter of John in the Robert l-^ie. See numbor 1033, page 147. 

I would also acknowledge to those kinsfolk, near and remote, who 
have so generously given me assistance since I began my researches in 
1895, my cordial appreciation of their kindness and encouragement 
The list of these friends is too Icmg to be entmierated as a whole, but 
a few of the faithfid lieutenants who have adventured with me on 
this inglorious campaign are gratefully named below: 

d by Google 


Miss Leadora Whitcomb, Glendora, Cal. 
Mrs. Lydia Jane Morey, Chicago, III. 
Mrs. John N. De Mary, Springfield, Vt 
Mr. Henry Estabrook Whitcomb, Worcester, Mass. 
Hon. Diaries Zebina Lincoln, Albany, N. Y. 
Mr. John Davis Whitcomb, Boston Transcript 
Charles Haskell Whitcomb, D. O., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Prof. Charles Tristram Chase Whitcomb, Somerville, Mass. 
X beg to thank the following for gifts of manuscript compilations: 
Mr. Samuel Whitcomb, (by Mrs. Leslie C. Wead of Boston), 
Mr. Frank Irvine Whitcomb, (Raymond & Whitcomb). 
Prof. Fred Campbell Wbitonnb. Washington, D. C 
Mr. Sidney Munson Whitcomb, Davis, Mich. 
Arthur B. Amadon, M. D., Boston, Mass. 

To others are due my acknowledgements for the following books : 
'The Whitcomb-Pierce Memorial," 

by Wm. Frederick Whitcomb, late of Dorchester, Mass. 

"Ancestry and Descendants of Col. Jonathan Priest Whitcomb," 

hy Jonadab Baker V/liitcomb, late of San Francisco. Cal. 

"The Genealogy of One Branch of the Whitcomb Family," by 

Mrs. Rebecca Whitcomb Mason Bass, of Fond du Lac, Wis. 

During the preparation of the Whitcomb Genealt^y a countless 
number of histories, biographies, genealogies, and miscellaneous 
' worics have been read or consulted, but proper credit is given in the 
body of this boc^ to those from which quotations have been made. 

In collecting data for the present volume only the most trust- 
worthy authorities and the best authenticated records have been se- 
lected. It is too much to expect that the work is perfect or complete. 
No genealogy ever attained perfection or cmnpleteness. Mistakes are 
made in deciphering faded and time-stained records, in interpreting 
illegible handwriting, in accepting statements from people who do not 
know whereof thty affirm, and in deciding between conflicting records. 

d by Google 


There must be several thousand records still uncollected. Many 
record blanks which have been mailed, return marked "Unclaimed." 
From others I do not hear, but records from people of our name, 
quite unknown to me, still come in by twos and threes, though the 
manuscript is in the hands of the printer. I hope to continue to re- 
ceive records until every Whitcomb sliall be represented. These new 
records will be tabulated. and preserved and eventually published in 
a second edition, or as an appendix to the present volume. 

Relegated to a section by themselves are a number of as yet un- 
traced Whitco(pbs. Some of these are old puzzles over which much 
time and money have been spent ; others have come to hand recently. 
There are lai^ probabilities that would place each one of these in 
this or that line, but in no case has any individual or group been tab- 
ulated except upon evidence which was believed to be unquestionable. 
The honest way, therefore, is to leave these unknown ones where they 
are until further research shall place them where they belong. 

It is a matter of sincere regret that among the illustrations there 
are no pictures of Colonial and Revolutionary War heroes "t^ the 
name of Whetcombe;" but wide and exhaustive researcli reveals no 
portrait, silhouette, or other counterfeit presentment of Immigrant 
John or any of his sons, nor of Gen. John, Col. Asa, Asa of Barnard, 
Lieut Joseph, "Major Ben," Gen. Philemon, Col. Elisha, Col. Jona- 
than Priest, or other Whitcomb hero of the earlier wars. 

The medicine cliest of Col. Asa Whitcombe is a treasured heir- 
loom in the family of the late Wm. Frederick Whitcomb of Dorches- 
ter, Mass., and his pocket compass is a relic owned and valued by J. 
D. Whitcomb of Bostcm. Letters from Gen. Washington to both 
Gen. John Whitcombe and Col. Asa Whitcombe, with much other 
memorabilia, were burned by an overprim housekeeper who was 
ignorant of the value of what she destroyed. Many colonial and 
Revolutionary war relics are in the possession of different members of 
the family but have no distinctive quality which demands their illus- 
tration her& 

d by Google 


Concerning the coat of arms, — until the pedigree of John (') be- 
comes quite clear it would seem to be of little consequence which of the 
several different forms should be reproduced in this Book. They are j 
really so much alike that the heraldic description t^ Burice and that! 
given by the Heralds' College do not conflict except in the tinctures. 
Burke places gold on the shield where the other authority places silver. 
Descriptions of the different forms of the Whitomibe arms are given 
in the chapter on English Whitcombes. The frontispiece displays the 
form most familiar in America. 

I believe that a few months spent in the southwestern counties of 
England, Dorset and Somerset, perhaps also Salop and Essex, with 
some mon^ judiciously spent at the London Record Office and Som- 
erset House, would reveal the pedigree of John Whetcombe (*). I 
hope to undertake this quest eiUier in person or by proxy in the near 
future. Experience teaches that whatever one's limitations or what- 
ever the difficulties of the situation a way always opens to the earnest 
seeker. In Spenser's Faery Queene the Red Cross Knight went step 
by step until : 

"At lut he came unto *a jioa doore 
Hut lut was tockt; but kty fouad not at alle, 
But la Uie deore a little {rate wai piglit 
Thmigfa which be aent biii vpTce and lowd did calle." 

Each Whitcomb genealogist in turn has oome to the "yroa doore," 
but it, too, must have its "little grate." That is to be found and then 
the answer to the "calle" will be sent along the line: In other words, 
the pedigree of John (*) will be printed on folios and mailed to own- 
ers of the genealogy, when it may be tipped into the volumes. 

The Hampshire Arms, Minneapolis, Minn. C. W. 

d by Google 

©If? Ettglialf Wlfttwmba. 

[IHERE are various traditions and theones concern- 
ing the origin of our forbears in England. They 
came from Normandy with William the Conquerer. 
They came from France to escape religious ( ?) per- 
secution. They were Welsh and became Enf^ish ! 
by the process of subjugation. The last theory 
seems probable. It is certain the name was well known in the 
Western and Southwestern parts of England in the time of Heniy 
in.> when, aconxling to tiie Harldaii Manuscripts, Whitcombes 
lived in County Somerset This county lies just east of the 
tine dividing England and Wales and was conquered from the 
Welsh between the sixth and eighth centuries. Next to Somer- 
set just to the southeast lies Cotuity Dorset where Whitcombes have 
flourished in the early and the later times. A branch of the family 
lived in die time of Henry IV., in Berwidc, not that beautiful sea- 
port and neutral ground in early times between the warring factions 
of England and Scotland, but a less noted Berwick to the South. 
Still later the name became known in the counties of Salop, Essex 


d by Google 


and London. In the d^ of London is a street called Whitcomb and 
in the outskirts of the metropolis is a parish by the same name. There 
have been many of the name in County Dorset; in its shire town, Dor- 
chester, in the seaport, Weymouth, from which port the second ship- 
load of emigrants bound for Dorchester, Massachusetts, set sail, and 
in Sherborne where some of the family still reside; Sherborne was 
the seat of a bishopric from the 8th to the nth century, and a 
Whetcombe was its sometime resident prelate. 

Regardless of tlie origin of the family, the English name was 
doubtless derived from the locality where our people first lived on 
British soil. "The hereditary surname, the name of the family hand- 
ed on from father to son was at the time of the Norman conquest un- 
known in England. While many of the Norman settlers brought 
with them the surnames which they had already taken, a crowd of men, 
both Norman and English, now took surnames from their estates 
and birthplaces in England." (Encyc. Brit Vol. 8, p. 300.) 

Name dictionaries give many examples of names thus bestowed or 
derived, though few of such names have preserved their original 
form. Thus the name Whittaker came from White (Acor or) Acre. 
Whittier from Wittowere (white tanner or dresser) etc. In like 
manner Whitcomb signiBes White Valley. Combe is a valley or a 
podcet in the high country. Tlie Century Dictionary says : "Combe — 
a narrow valley — a hollow between two hills — a dale — a dingle — a 
valley opening downward enclosed by steep and perpendicular cli£fs. 
Word limited to portions of southwestern En^and and Wales, and 
to parts of Ireland." The first syllable now spelled Whit was former- 
ly spelled Whete, then it became Whet and our ancestor John,' and his 
sons so spelled the name. Now whete was the old English form of 
whit^ and since combe was a valley between high cliffs and the cliffs 
of southwestern England are of chalk and white, the inference is that 
the name signified White Vallty and was bestowed upon our anr 
cestors because they were men from the white cliffs and valleys of 
Cotmty Somerset and County Dorset 

d by Google 


All this is more interesting than important excq}t for the one 
fact which it proves, namely, that the name is an old one in Great 
Britain and that Burice was wett advised when he spieaks of our ances- 
tors as the " — ancient family of Whitcombe:" 

Another fact worthy of note is that though families of this name 
are found in widely separated localities of England their Arms are 
the same or so nearly so as to indicate that they all sprung from the 
ime stodc The Arms are sometimes quartered with others by mar- 
riage but always "per pale gold or silver and sable" with eagles dis- 
played and counterchanged" represent the Whitcombe Arms. It 
has been said that neither Symon nor Jc^n as far as is kno\vn ever 
used or possessed the coat of arms. Symon Whetcombe never came 
to America and his manner of life 'can only be conjectured. But 
the evident concerning him shows tltat he was a man of gentle birth j 
and breeding and without doubt possessed and used some form of 
the family Arms. With John, our American ancestor, the case was 
different Comparatively little use. was made of Arms in America 
during the century 1620-1720. It was a period of stress, and distinc- 
tions of rank and class were ignored. Again, the Indian raids upon 
Lancaster must have destroyed every article of luxury possessed by 
the early settlers, John Whetoimbe's family not excepted. 

Among the baptismal or given names John, William, Robert and 
James seem to have been common, also Richard. Thomas, Edward 
and Symon. (The Bible nomenclature which was so universal in the 
first generations of the American Whitcombs was an expression of 
the Puritan sentiment which perhaps brought our progenitor to the 
New World. It prevailed to the same extent in the families of their : 
Puritan neighbors.) 

While it would be interestii^ to follow the lines of Whetcombe 
down from Thomas Whetcombe of Whitecombe in County Somer- 
set, who married Edi^!* daughter of Adam Mairsyne in County Salop 
in the time of Henry tV., it is thought better to show the pedigrees 
as they appear in the "Early Visitations" copied from the Harldan 

d by Google 


Collection* and to devote the space that would be taken up with those { 
genealogies to historical narratives of members of some of the later : 
English iaxaxWtA both male and female; From these, clews may be 
found which will lead back or forward to the parentage, of Jolm of ■■. 
Dorchester, Sdtuate and Lancaster in the Cotony of Massachusetts. 

The Topographer and Genealogist says (Vol. III., p. 266) : '*Hos- 
kins, Sir Bennett, married Gertrude, dau^ter of* John, Lord Arundd 
of Trerese and relict of Peter Whitcombe of London, merchant 
She died August. 1709." 

"Peter Whitcombe, a turkey merchant at the time of his decease; : 
he left his mfe Gertrude, daughter of Lord Sherrard, with diitd. It | 
proved a son who lived but a little while whereupon the estate de- ' 
scended to Mr. Whitcomb's two daughters. — Mary, wife of Thomas 
Pag^, Esq., of the Bedchamber to Prince George and a rdation of 
the Earl of Uxbridge, and Elizabeth, wife of Francis Darrell, son of 
Sir Mannaduke Darrell. Having obtained an act of Parliament they 
sold Brackstead Hall Manor and demesne (in Brackley, County Es- 
sex) to ■ , etc." 

From the History of Dorset by Hutchins, Second edition, is 
gleaned the following: 

"The town the Whitcorobs lived in was Lillington, a village sit- 
uated one mile and a half southeast from Hiomeford. The ancient 
mansion was in the small town of not over forty houses and occupied 
mostly by laborers, and formerly beloi^i;ed to the Coles and afterwards 
to the Whetcombs. It stood a little southwest from tbe diurch and 
was tal:en down about six years ago (1815). The site is now 
convertMl into a farmyard. The Earl of Pembroke is the present 
owner of the estate. In 1293 the territory belonged to the Priory of 
Braden:it<^ce. After its dissolution, it came to the Kelways of great 
note in Hampshire. Robert Kelway probably sold the estate to the ; 
Coles cf Wiltshire and from them it descended to the Parrys and 
of theti purchased by Samuel Whetcomb, Sheriff of this county, \ 
^7^7- I 

■8a* pai« Zl>33, InchuhreL 

» I 

d by Google 


"Dr. John Whetcoinbe (connected with the Cole bmily) was con- 
secrated bishop of QcKifert and Kilmacdua^ in Ireland, 1735 — was 
translated to Down and Conner. i74i,.to the archbishopric of Cashet, 
1753, and died 1753." 

''The Whetcombes seem to have been orginially of Sherboume, a 
nearby to\vnshipy and are frequently mentioned in the r^istery of that 
town prior to 1558. Their Arms are, — Paly, Argent and Sable, three 
spread Eagles, or, crest a demi-eagle rising with displayed wings out 
of a Muriel Coronet, or. Tlie seat of the Whetcombes was an old '. 
decayed house, once the mansion of the Kelways, Coles, etc It was 
repaired by the late owner, and in 1738 these Arms were in it The 
inscription on Dr. Whetcombe's monument at Maiden Newton (Vol. 
a, page 251), was painted in white letters on a black tablet, the : 
greater part being obliterated by time and damp. In the Athen. Oxon. 
VoL I, page 623 and in the Fasti, handsome mention is made of this ' 
Dr. Whetcomb^ who married the si^er of Dr. Holland, the pious and 
learned regius Professor of Divini^ at Oxford. Dr. John Whet- 
combe died suddenly in the house of Angel Gray, Esq.. of Dorset- , 
shire in 1648, aged 6a" I 

The Arms now up(»i Dr. Whetcombe's monument differ from the 
Anns of Whetcombe at UUington. The former bang. Argent, two 
Pales, Sabl^ two edicts counterchanged, impaling semee of Fleur-de- 
Lis, a Licm rampant. Argent The latter Arms (LilHngton) are,' 
Paling of seven Argent and Sable, three eaglets displayed counter- 
changed and not Or (gold) and Sable, as given by Hutchins. 

(Hntchins VoL 2, page 394). "Henry the VIII. granted the 
manor at Thomeford a part of the bisliopric of tlie Abbey of Shei> 
bourne to John Horsey. Sir Ralph Horsey and George, his son. con- 1 
Tcyed the manor of Thomeford and Sherboume to John Foyle 
and Ridiard Ryves, they conveyed it to Nicholas Winnif and Robert 
Parsons. The other moiety descended to Sir George Horsey, then; 
aS years of age: It remained for some time after in this family but| 
seems to have been sold by piece meal to several private owners. It' 

d by Google 


•came to the Whetcombes and is still claimed under tliem. By the style 
of thf! manor of Thorneford, the rectory in 138 1 was not taxed. It is , 
a peculiar of Sarem, the ancient patron was the Abbot of Sherboum^ 
'the presentation for many years past in the Whetcombes, Samuel 
Whetcombe was a patron of the rectory while Henry Emery was 
Registrar, 1702.'' 

In Vol 4, page 6j, there are several inscriptions copied from the 
monuments of Samuel Whetcombe, his son Robert the oldest, Samud 
the second, John the third and Simon the fourth son and all four 
sons of Mary Whetcombe, widow of Samuel. Samuel, the father, 
died January 20th, 1739, aged 75 years; Robert, November 20th, 
1737, age 25 years; John in 1742, age 25 years; Simcni 1745. ^e 
27 years, and Samuel in 1762, age 46 years. The mother, Mary, died 
1765, aged 80 years. These monuments are found in the church of 
Sherboume, in the aisle formerly belonging to the Coles and Whet- 
combes. The Arms which are upon the funeral achievements in the 
church and the shield upon the monument taken from the Arms of | 
Whetcombe are described on page 65, Vol 4 and are there contrasted { 
with the Whetcombe who married Dr. Holland's sister. 

From a Geneal(^cal and Heraldric Histoiy of the Commoners 
of Great Britain and Ireland enjoying territorial possessions of high 
oflidal rank, but uninvested with hereditary honors; by John Burke, 
Esq. Author of the "Peerage and Baronetage of the Extinct and 
Dormant Peerage etc'* in 4 Vols. London, Henry Colbum, Pub- 
lisher, 1838, Vol. IV., p. 374— "Rev. Francis Coke of Baliol Collie. 
Oxford, and wlio took his master's degree at Cambridge. He was rec- 
tor of Gladestry in the County of Radnor. Vicir of Selleck and Caple 
in the Counfy of Hereford, magistrate for the County and Prebendary 
of piona parva in the Cathedral Church of Hereford. He married in 
1791, Aim^ daughter of Robert Whitcombe, Esq., of Kingston, of 
the andcnt feunily of Whitcombe of Eastham in the Cotmty of 
Worcester by Winifred, eldest daughter of the Whittem, Here* 

d by Google 


fordshire, a descendant of Hooper, Bishop of Gloucester, who suifered 
at &c stake in Queea Mary's time. 

Anne Coke died in 1826 and Francis in 1S31 having had issue 
of fifteen children some of whom survived their parents. Of these 
George Coke, bom 8 June. 1797. of St John's College, Cambridge, 
ordained in 1821 and afterwards appointed to the Rectory of Aylton 
in the County of Hereford. He succeeded to the family estate at 
kiwer Moore on his father's death and in 1825 married Anne Eliza- 
beth, only daughter of Rev. James Hodgson, Rector of Berwick in 
Yockshirtv by his second wife Winifred, eldest daughter of Robert 
Whitcombe. Esq.. of Kingston; he had one son and two daughters 
whea hu wife died 38 March, 1831. The children were Geoi^ 
Frands, bom 15 January, 1S30, Anne Elizabeth and Lucy Elizabeth 
Hodgson. In 1838, Rev. Geoi^ Coke held a commission for Jus- 
tice of the Peace for the County of Hereford." 

FnMn Enqrck>pedia of Heraldry, etc, Burke — p. 416. The 
Family of Hayshe — Sarah married at Pembridge i January, 1793, 
to Richard Whitcomb, Esq.. of Bellingham in Herefordshire of the 
Whitcombes of Berwick, Mairsyn, Salop — and had one cliild, Richard 
Whitcomb, bom 2 March, 1794, of Lincoln's Inn. Barrister at Law, 
one of the commission of inquiry into municipal corporations. He 
died at Hastings 12 November, 1834." 

From will of William Pitt of the City of Bristol — Alderman— 18 
October, 1631 — proved 12 January, 1631. 

" ■ to my daughter Ann Whetoombe one hundred 

pounds upon condition that her father-in-law, Mr. Robert Wlietcombe, 
do perform his promise (that is to say) to grant no estates from the 
time of the marriage of his son John Whetcombe to my daughter 
Anne Whetcombe of forty pounds per annum in the manor of Thome- 
ford, the which he promised to lay as demeans to annex it to the old ; 
rent for the better help of her son and my daughter after his father's 
e." — (From Gen. Gleanings in England by Henry F. Waters.) 

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John Whetoombet of Shirbom^ Dorset, Mercer, 3 May. 1598, 
proved 22 Sq>tember. 1598. To the Parish Churdi there for and to- 
ward the reparations of tiie same. To Francis Scarlett, minister there. ; 
To the Free Grammar Sdiool there. To the Alms House and to the i 
poor of Shirbome. My two hired servants and my ai^rentice Mellige. 
Elizabeth, my wife ^all have my tenement and dwetling^ house, 
etc, that I bought of John Frye, with that \aTcA of land adjoining, 
which I bought of Phillip Manfield, during her natural lift And she 
shall enjoy my lease that I bou|^t of Sir Walter Rawleighe^ knight, 
for the term of thirty years, &c, &c Other leases — To my son Rob- 
ert Whetcombe my lands and tenements in Trent, Somo-set, he to 
allow out of said lands, to my son John, his brother, six pounds a 
year for twenty-one years. I give to Robert also, my dwelling hous^ 
&c, in Shirbome. He shall have to apprentice my son Joseph for 
seven years. To my son John my lands and tenements in Ackerman 
Street, Shirbome. To my son Samuel (after decease of my wife 
Elizabeth) my lease whidi I bought of Sir Walter Rawleighc, knight. 

Hern. I give and bequeath unto my son Symon, immediately after 
the decease of Elizabeth my wife, all that my lease of Westcome 
and Spargrove, lying and being in the parish of Batcombe in the 
County of Somerset, — and also the sum of fourscore pounds to be 
paid him at his age of one ^d twenty years. To my daughter Jane my 
lease of Bern mill in the parish of Bcere Hag^t in the County of 
. Dorset, and one hundred pounds at her day of marriage, if she shall 
, marry with the consent and good liking of her mother and my over- 
, seers. My brother Thomas Whetcombe's children, which be four in 
."number, shall have twenty shillings apiece, at the age of twcn^-one 
i-t. e. ThomaJ. Edroond, Christian and John. 

) Provisions against death of any of the sons without issue male, 
j &c Wife Elizabeth to be sole Executrix and Mr. William Mewe, my 

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brother Hu|^ Whetcombe, my brother Edmond Lane and John Stoite 
to be overseers. 


SynHm Whetcomb^ dtizen and dothworker of London, inhab- 
iting in the parish of All Saints Staynings, in the same dly, 5 
Mardi, 1630, proved 7 February, 1637. My loving wife Mary to be 
my executrix, unto whom (my ddits beii^; first paid and satisfied) I 
give and bequeath all the remainder of estate, &c, &&, and all my 
lands, tenements, &c, in Wyraboume minister, Dorset And because 
my estate consisting of merdiandize in the parts beyond the seas is 
casual and uncertain, I do therefore forbear to give any particular 
legades to pious or charitable uses or to my kindred and other friends, 
leaving it to the Godly care and wisdom of my executrix to do ac- 
a>rding to the estate which the Lord shall send to her hands, as may 
be most for the glory of God, the credit and reputation of me her 
husband, praying her to have a particular regard to Simon Whet- 
combe, son of my brother Robert Whetcomb^ and to my Godson 
Symon Wilde, the son of my good friend John V^lde of London, 
merdiant, as also to my servants which are now with me^ if they shall 
be atuding with us at my deatK 

Wit: Adoniram'-Byfidd, Benjamin Pitt and Chris. Breres. 

(From "Hubbard's History of New England" (1815, p. 108.) 
'^ut that God who is ready to answer his people, before they call, 
as he had filled the heart of that good man Mr. Conant in New Eng- 
land with courage and resolution to abide fixed in his purpose, not- 
withstanding all opposition and persua»on he met with to tiie con- 

Hot*.— fSymon Whlteomba, tha Uatator, wbo nKUM Baarehaadla* iMyaad tlM iiin. 
waa pcobably tha pwaon whOM nun* U found In thaChavtar of tba Cotonr of MOM 
Bar, ana wbo waa an Aaatatant of tho ComiMnr. For' an aecovnt of him aaa **Tmu- 
aoUona Jt GdlaetlODa of tba Amarlcan AntiqttarUn Sooletjr. Vol. I, p. IL) 

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trary, so he had also inclined the hearts of several others in England 
to be at work about the same design; for about this tim^ the Council 
established at Plymouth for the planting, ruling, ordering and govern- 
ing of New England, had l^ a deed, indented under the common seal, 
bearing date 19 March, 1627, bargained and sold unto some knights 
and gentlemen about Dorchester, viz : Sir Henry Roswell, Sir John 
Young, Kni^ts; Thorny Southcart, John Humphrey, John Endicott 
and Symon Whetcomb, Gents; that part of New England that lies be- 
tween the Merrimac and Charles Rivers in the bottom of Massachu- 
setts Bay. And, not long after, the aforesaid gentlemen were brought 
into acquaintance with several other religious persons of like quality, 
in and about London, such as Mr. Winthrop, Mr. Johnson, Mr. 
Dudley, Mr. Cradock, Mr. GofFe and Sir Richard Saltonstall, who, be- 
ing at first associated with them, at length bought of them all their 
rights and interest in New England aforesaid; and ccmsulting to- 
gether about settling some plantations in New En^and, upon the ac- 
count of Religion, where such as were called non-comfomiists mi^t, 
with the favor and leave of the Idng, have a place of reception, if 
they should transport themselves into America, there to enjoy the 
liberty of their own persuasion in matters of worship and church disci- 
pline without disturbance of the peace of the kingdom, and without 
offense to others, not likeminded with themselves, did at the last resolve 
with one consent to petition the king's majesty to confirm unto the fore- 
named and their associates the tract of land aforementioned, by a new 
grant or patent, which was accordingly obtained. 

"John Endicott" 

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ThoBM Whitcomlw of WUtacatnb in = Sdlth, dAngbUr and hdrdf Adam Uav- 

« — -_... _..t .■_. _.__ _._. iijTD j« Bwrwick in Com " • - 

Ifeniy IV. (1389^113) 

Coo. Som. of the parish of Cboveton. j^ im ^s Bunrjck in Com. Salop, temp. 

Ibomaa Whitacomb of Banfkk 
fai Cool Salop 

. I 

mmam Wheteomb ^ BlaBdw, dangtattr of John Stnnr of Koaaatl. 


John Whetoomb of — =Aiine, daughter of 
London, 0«nt., I John Haiper of 

3 aona liTJog, 1034. | London, GenL 

Frances Anna BUzabeth Dotothr Saiah 

John— Poiaiblr the pragenltor of the American WUtcombs. 

SKoTS Jobn Harper of London, married Praneas (Smyth), wwa Treasurer ot Cbrlst'a 
oairitol and Aldarman'a dmuty ot BrcodttrBet Ward, London, 23 Jniia. VBO, fsre a Mr. 
ilut wtUteomb, wbo married hia daoshtar Auna, a aliara ia Vlrslnla. 

Flmn the Visitations of I^ondon; VoL I., 163S-344C. 
, Harleian Society's Pub. 1880, p. 350. 

John Ha r p er Fmucis Smytb. 

John Harper of 
LtaidoB, OenL 

Tbemaa I Anne BUmbetb Dorotl^ Sarah 

. John— Possib l y tb« progenttor of the Am a rica n WUtcombe 

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(Piom the ""Watations of Essex") 

• WbetcomtM of 'Wbitccombe 
in com. Sonu of the puiab of 


Bdith, dughter and lielr of Adua Iblr- 
a^ ala. Itowlck, la Com. Salop, tamp. 

Thomas Wbatcomba of Berwick 
in Com. Salop. 

Tboouu Wbeteombe 

William Wtaatacomb 

danf^tar of John Stnnr of Soaaall. 

Tbomas Whetcomb of Berwidc — (1) BUxabeth, daughter tA Roger Roger 
of A Cham, and had BaL "i*- "• I 

(t) UaigeiT, daughter of Thunas 
Power (PojnuT?) of Beslow. 

William WhetcoBibe ssDorothj, dan|^tar and 
of Benridk heir of Richard Tttylor 




(1) FranclaWhctc^Dbe=^one,dBnghttTof (S}T 
of Berwick. 1593. Ttaoe. LaUirop 

in Coo. Stafford. 




^ dangbter and 

heir of Dodiogtoo 
ala DocingtoB. 

(6) Suaao, uz of (7) Uartbs 
Tboa. Buriejr 
bfo. toKicnud 
Buriay of Matham 

T vHietoomba Jamea Wheteeomb 

tEK. — Whttcombtj 
of Kent, 1817. ' 

MotWuhB WUteamba.boraUKM]aeat«l In BsetarCollec*. Oxford. In ISU: afterward 
|i.. P.pail ai-ll>hlaaBawmma." Ifa dlMl nddMilj In Uw bouaa of Ami Onr. Kaq.. Of 
KImAmi, naar DorckaaUr. Ndora lUB. agMl »-< Wood FaaU. Oxoo. Bk. n. p. GOJ 

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(pTom the "Visitations of Essex" — ^published by the Harleiaii 
Society of England.) 

Vi^tation of 1634. Whetcombe, Whttcomb. 

Anns. Whitcome quartering Dodington as in Visitation of 1612.* 

^ danghter of Petre, niter. of Sr. 

Wm. Petre, aec to K. B. 6, Q. Mar/ 
I and Q. Kluabeth. 



Peter Whetcombs of Wnttle -p Marnrett, daufrlitef and heir of John 

*~ " ~ **"" Dodington of Bramer (Dtunmer?) in 

Com. Southhampton. 

(1) Peter Wbitcomb of ssjalvan, daughter (3) JameaWfaet 

Wnttle, bora IfDT. of fofan Hjd* of Margaretting 

I of London. in Com. Bbkx. 


tea Whetcombe 

(3) Margaret 

= John Whet- 
combe, in 
Com. Kent. 


Anna Qnaiterij'— 1 & 4. Palj of aix argent and aable, three eaglea dliplayed 
oooatetcbanged. (WUtcombe) S & 3 aable, thceo bnglea, boma; argent, finirttcd 
gntes (Dodington). 

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tSift Miftttambe Ktms. 

From Encyclopedia of Heraldry or Genera) Annory of England* 
Scotland and Ireland comprising the Registry of all Armorial Bear- 
ings from the earliest to the present time, including the late grants 
by the G>1I%e of Arms; by John Burk^ Esq., and John Bernard 
Burice, Esq. Third edition and Supplement. London, 1844. 

(Wydccomb^ Co. Summerset, temp^ Henry III.; Berwick Mair- 
syne (or Mavesyne), temp. Henry IV.; latterly of the Morey, Co. 
Sak>[^ Qedniry' Mortimer and Brackstead, Co. Essex.) 

(Quartered by Paget, Lord Anglesey and Niblett of Haresfidd, 
Ca Gloucester.) 

Paly of six, or and sa. three eagles dbplayed counterdtanged. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet arises a demi-eagle per pale sa. and 
ar., wings counterchanged. 

Motto : Aquila non captat muscas. (The eagle doth not catdi 


"Counterchanging is dividing the field of a shield in such a manner 
that It is in part of a metal and in part of a cok)ur, and then arranging 
the changes in such a manner that th^ shall be reciprocally of the 
same colour and metal." 


If a shield be borne divided by a perpendicular line in the center 
of the shield it is parted "Per pale." (If more divisions occur it is said 
to be paly of the number given as in the Whitcombe Arms : paly of 
six or and sable.) 

The Pale is said to denote military strength and fortitude, and has 
been bestowed upon those who have impaled or otherwise defended 
dttes or who have supported the govenmient of tbdr soverdgn, and 
"for oaoding uprightly to thor prince and co untry " (Gutllim). 
(English Heraldry; Chas. Boutell, London, 1899.) 

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in Aintrira. 

t1 WHITCOMB (or Whetcombe as the tume 

u spelled) is believed to have been the first of 

le Whitcomb ttaaHy to settle permanently in 

merica. He was long supposed to be the son of 

ftaon Whetcombe who was one of the original . 

^tentees of the old Massachusetts Colony as one 

of the ^ Bng^hmen of gentle birth to whom was made the fomous 

Giant of Land*, under charter by -the Idng. But the publication 

ci the will of Symon's fother, John of Sherbonme (Dorset, England), 

shows this belief to have been erroneous. 

According to this will** which was proved in 1598, Symon was at 
that date under twen^-one years of age, and as John, our progenitor 
is allowed to have been bom about 158S, it is obvious that Symon 
could not have been his father. 

■Sm Onnt of ImM od p. H. 

**TU> wtll whid) ta reprinted from '"QMitiJocleml qtoanlng* bt BaglMid.'* ky Bmut 
F. Wktera. may ba fonnd or p. 18, 

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Failing Symon as the father, some of our kindred are ad(^>ting 
him as a broUier of Immigrant John and already one or more bodes 
have been published naming John of Sherborne, the writer of the 
will in question, as the father of both Symon and "our'* John. Un- 
fortunately, there Is nothing in the will to warrant that finality; 
neither does further research warrant it John of Sherborne's son, 
John, is given, by the terms of the will, his father's "lands and tene- 
ments in Ackennan Street, Shirboum^" but it is not yet learned that 
this Jdm, the owner of the Ackerman Street lands and tenements, 
came to America, neitlier is it settled that he did not come hither, 
though a trusted English correspondent writes that "John Whetcombe 
Senior and Junior are buried in Sherborne." This statement wbicli 
might seem to settle the question does not settle it, for no dates were 
given nor have dates since been secured. So in the event of there 
having been three Johns of Sherborne one of them may have been 
our ancestor after all. 

But that careful and trustworthy 'investigator and genealogist, 
Henry F. Waters did not decide Symon's brother John to have been 
our ancestor. He frankly confessed that he bad not found from 
what part of England John came nor whose son he was. There have 
been much research and correspondence during the past year but today 
as ever since we sadly relinquished Symon, the American Wliitcombs 
are kwking for an ancestor back of bnmtgrant John, — that is, a defi- 
nite, individual, verified ancestor.* 

Prof. Shepardson believed that he had found stnnething worth 
following ui> in Alexander Brown's "Genesis of the United States" 


*AiMWl4n Uun an la plmtj. Hveral than mmb to b* Uud vouM mifll Um n- 
« V, •ll|lblUt7. eta,, but chOMlnc an ancMtor Ilka dtooatnc ft wtfa, 
oU not ba dcna U|btlr or unadvlaadlr. Aa tar myadl I w«iiU go aU mr tu« wlth- 
ttaa oaai aa I Itura gooa aU mr Ut^ to data^ witlumt Dm otbar, nUtaar tban to gat 
wWdi later wooU bo found to bavo boon m ehoam. W* an not vmt aonr 
whan fro (tka yooniaat bom of na) can ahow a daan Una ol anaaaltr baA 
(flo la it olovMt) ■■Bontloaa, and U Ibo nal anoeator doaa not malarialtio 
laeoalda naaank. wbat la to hlndar caUing a. coQYentlon ol WUteomba, whan 
uieaaten may ba pnpoMd and balloted for. tbo ana catUng tbo atnngaat 
bo Itr— <B!(tmct fnm a lottar to CL W.) 

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and, strangely enough, two professional genealogists have directed 
attention to the same hint TIte paragraph is quoted below: 

"Harper. John, a tnember.of the East India Company. 

June i6, i6ao; he gave a Mr. John Whitcombe who married his 
daughter Anne, a share in Vii^nia." There is a fair monument to 
himself and wife on the south side of the parish church of St Mar- 
garet Moyse^ Breadstreet Ward, Londou, with an inscripti<UL Frtxn 
the latter I glean that John Harper was treasurer of Christ's Church 
Hospital, and Alderman Deputy of Breadstreet Ward. London. He 
had five children but at the time of his death he left only a son John, 
and a daughter Anne married to John Whitcomb, London. 

Further we find in "Visitations of London"* as published in 1880, 
that there were living in 1634 John Harper, gentleman and his sister 
Anne Harper, the latter married to John Wliitcombe gentleman, of 
London, and having children; Thomas, John, Robert, and five daugh- 
ters, and that the three sons were living in 1634. 

Though facts are what we want, beliefs are worthy of considera- 
tion since they sometimes lead to facts, and ttie belief is gaining 
ground that John, second son of Jolm and Anue Harper Whitcomb 
of London, and Immigrant John were one and the same man. Prof. 
Shepardson believes it and gives his reasons which are quoted here: 

"(i) J<*n Whitcomb, who married Anne Harper, remved a* 
share in Virginia. 

"(2) "Virginia' in 1620 was synonymous with 'America.' The 
Massachusetts settlers went to 'Virginia.' 

"(3) John and Anne had oldest soa who was heir under primo- 
geniture role. 

"(4) Joliii 1^ only a second son's prospects in England and 
when his father offered him the 'Share in Virginia' he accepted it and 
with Frances and the children sailed for America." 

If this theory be as correct as it is reasonable to one familiar 

•Sm VWtaUoM Qt LDndan. p^U In Ihto bo^. 

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with Colonial conditions, tlien John had a line direct to the time of 
: Henry IV.. and was entitled to the Anns of the Berwick Whitcombs. 
.1. The English Whitcombs were of the Established Church. Sev- 
.atX of them had been church dignitaries as is narrated in the Chapter 
on English Whitcombs, but during the transitional epoch following 
the evolution of the Pilgrims — that period of unrest when spiritual 
.awakening and religious fervor were at flood tide, certain members 
of the family became Puritans. According to the late Samuel Whit- 
comb^ Jr., Dr. John Whitcomb the Oxonian was one; Symon was 
certainly (me and John, our progenitor was one. 

Not all the Puritans were non-conformists, many of them were 
otntented to remain in England and others came to New England not 
as Sq>aratists but with the hope of bettering their fortunes. What 
part religi<Hi had in impelling John's emi^ation must be left to coi- 
jecture but it doubtless had its influence. 

Though Symon the avowed and zealous Puritan never came to 
America*, John appeared in Dorchester as early as 1633. He may 
have come earlier; perhaps he was one of the voyagers with the good 
Winthrop on the ship Arbella in 163a It would be interesting to 
find complete lists of passengers in boats destined for Dorchester in 
1630-1633, but if such lists exist they are not yet found. 
. John became a church member in 1635 ; this and tiie birth of his 
jroungest son Josiah, which occurred in 1638, are the only events of his 
family life recorded during the years he spent in Dordiester. X.ater 
evidence sliows him to have been well-to-do for the times, a man 
of intelligence and enterprise much given to buying and sdling land. 
His hand writing was strong and full of individuality and it is obvious 
that he was a man of academical education. 

*8nHM Whltwmb conUaaad sa koUv* mwntMr of th* Compmnr *t turn* Imt 
AM Mt earn* ta N«r KncUnd. Ha bald Uu olIlM of onlaUnt, waa coaatuit In Ua '' 

'm « M U« ei ot Um B«tUna and «u Mnplajrad on nanr eoamlttoM. BwIOm Ua : 
MfaactlpUMi to tlH eapltal ataok taa Maad wlUi othen In a loan to tba Companr asA 

, «aa OM of Um par^aaan of Uta ahlp Eaglo aftarward U)e ArbalU. Wo may oon- 

' diria tbm tkat he waa a man of aoma aubotanea, a mpa 

' Paritaa. P. f. Vol. lit,. Traaa * CoU. Aim. AnUo- Soe.> 

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In 1640 he removed to Sdtuate where he owned laud, one piece be- 
ing a tirm of io8 acres near the mouth of the North river on the 
Marshfield side^ and after 1646 when he became one of the Coni- 
basset* Partners he owned the lands which through that transaction 
became his share. 

During his residence in Scituate he was made constable, then one 
of the most remunerative as well as one of the most important offices 
in the gift of the townsmen. To act as sheriff he must have been 
a freeman in Scituate, but the only mention of his being such is in the 
Rerords of Plymouth Colony where the entry is, under date June 3, 
1652, 'Treeman admitted to this court and sworn, "John \Vhet- 
annbe and John Willis." Marvin says. "Any man could become a 
freeman — he had only to be a Christian." Again, The Memorial His- 
tory of Boston (Vol I.) says, "Church members and churdi members 
only, exercised the frandiise." Therefore as he became a church 
member in 1635 he may have been a voter and have taken part in 
town affairs from that date. 

In 1644, he sold his farm on North River to one Thomas Hicks 
and another disposal of land in Scituate was in 1654 when he con- 
veyed half his share in the Conihasset lands to John Williams, Jr., 
giving the other half to his son Robert During this year, 1654. he 

■CenMralns tha ConlhsMMt OrMit Ihor* tfn» In SclluAtv Towiwhip mnch dlM«n- 
wtarn batwMD Hlngbmm Mid ScltmU nnd PlymOTilh Colonr resartlhiK betuidarlM, fram 
IMI to Ittt. WItbIa Uw orisInU bounds ol SclUuita towMhlp wu lndiMl«d * larg* 
tnat or land which tbo Colony Court had crantrd to four iwnllomen. iMoattjr oallad 
"Morchant advonturan o( London," oallad "ConlliniBat Qmnt.'* Thta waa parchaaod of 
tha othar throa by on* of tha fonr oriKlnal ownara, Mr. Halharly. bofore 1B4(, and In 
that jraarba divldad It Into U tt»nm (resarvtnr one-rourtli part «f tho whola) and sold 
It tor in pounda to a oartaln Company sinca called (ha "Conlhajuat Partnera." "Hanr 
at this Company wara aneb aa had already located thrnualvra upon thfsa lands, and 
war* ti**nty<>even In all, Ineludlnr Jninca Cudworth. John Whetcomb. and Bodolphua 
■noM*— "Thaiw partnera appolntod their derka, nirreyora. GommKtae* and asenta and 
aoadactad Ikatr attain with all the efllelaney of a oorpor a ia town." T<atar. npon Rath* 
•riy and tha ConlhaaMt partnara petltloninc tho Court* that the tarrttory altowad waa 
"too itralirfrtf* for thalr gnwint naada and dlaeiuslon arlainc aa to tha boanda af ihta 
tract, bi IIH tba Court sraatad ICr. Hatherly a traet Ihraa mllaa aqnara on tba 
WsMorlr aide of Bdtaati^ aa Indemnity for hia "ratanilemeniB with tha peepla of 
■dtiHta* ana to "aaUaty tha COnlhaeaat Partnera." Thia ho dlvMad Into <• iharas 
oc which tha Onilhaaaat nrtnars had IT. ((Maaned from Dcan'i HIat of Seltnata; 
pp. K and L) 

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removed to Lancaster where two years before, when the town was 
platted, he had invested some mone/. Not all his children accom- 
panied him to L^caster. His daughter Catherine was settled in 
Scituate where in 1644 she had been married to Rodolphus EUmes, a 
young man who had come over from England in 1635 on the Planter 
when he was but fifteen years old; Robert, who had recdved his patri- 
mony, also remained in Scituate and James, whose boyhood and 
youth seem to have passed without observation, is not mentioned until 
later when he is discovered a merchant in Boston and a man of affairs. 

John Whitcomb and his son Jolm, Jr., have been named as among 
the founders of the town of Lancaster. John's signature appears as 
"one of the pioneer settlers in the Nashawajr Plantation which after- 
ward became Lancaster" according to Mr. Nourse's Early Records, 
and, though he was not among those who actually took up a residence 
in 1652, he was among those who had a right by the conditions of the 
covenant to come later. He was also one of the signers to the peti- 
tion for a township, — "We being now about twentie familyes, etc." 
■^[Nourse's Early Records, p. 37.] 

The first inhs^itants of Lancaster were apportioned land accord- 
ing to their "estate," that is, "so much land to every £100 of estate 
and accordingly for a greater or less estate." In these divisions 
John Whitcomb's estate is large in proportion to the rest, in fact 
among the largest From the old entries reprinted in 'The Early 
Records" the followii^ quaint descriptions are ec^ied. 

"The lands of John Whetcombe senor. 

"home' Lott his house Lott Given and Granted by the town 
Lyeth on the west side (of the) Neck being twentie acors bounded 
(South) by the Lott of Robert Brick and north by the Lott of his 
son John Whetcomb bating East upon the Lotts that.Ly upon the 
east side the neck and buting west upon his entervail a high way Run- | 
ing Cross it to quasaponikin entervail. 

'*EHtervaU Lott. And his entervail Lott part of it on the east I 
side the North River thare bdng t^ Estimation about fifteen acors > 

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Digitized by VjOOQ I C 






Digitized by VjOOQ I C 


and a half bounded west by the North River and east by liis upland 
Lott butiag South upcn the Lott of Robert Brick tiiat was Granted 
hitn by the town and buting North upon the entervail Lott of his son 
Jdin Whitcomb nine acor; of entervail at quasiponikin between his 
son John Whitcomb and him eitlier of them having an Equall portion 
that is four acors and half butit was not divided between them when 
it was Laid out the whole being bounded southardly by a high way 
that Goes between the medow Lott of Steven Gates and westardly 
by the North River and south west by a Lott of Richard Linton this 
four acors and half makes up the other fifteen and half his full Lott 
of twenty acors according to the town Grant but acording to Liberty 
Granted by a town order the fifteen acres and half exactly meashured 
it was fourid to be but fourteen acres and half and so it is an acre 
wanting which is Laid out bother with his second division of enter- 

John's house lot is nambered "33" on the accompanying map and 
his son John was assigned a lot of equal size next to it marked "34." 
These lots extended across the street eastw^ meeting the other 
range of tots upon the Nedc. The present PostofHce and Bank build- 
in Lancaster are upon old Whitcomb land. 

The family next, on No. 35, was named Gates and in the Gates 
Genealogyi recently published, the frank admission is made that Mr. 
Gates was of an impetuotu temper and quarreled with his neighbors, 
the Whitcombs. thus confirmtng the following which is by Mr. Nourse 
in the Early Records : "The Gates blood seems to have been of de- 
cidedly tn^ical nature Stephen Gates quarreled with his nei^- 

bors, the Whitcombs, was deprived of his constable's staff, and moved 
away from Lancast« after less than three years residence." 

This was the man who brought action against John Whitcomb. 
then seventy years ofd, on a complaint that his swine had been killed 
by John's sons. The following note of hand, and petition are very 
human documents and full of interest: 

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"John Whettcombe for and in consideration of three swine kitted 
and spoiled by his three sonnes, doth hereby promise to pay unto 
Steven Gates the sume of forty-five shtll. in wheate within a week 
after michael tyde next 1658 to be payed at his house in Sudbuiy the 
sd Steven allowing for the carriage of the wheate tenn shtll 6d. 

Date Apr. 2, 1658. John Whetcombe." 

John later petitioned to be released from paying the note in the 
following document: 

"To the honored Cotinty Cottrt at Charlestottm. The humble Feti- 
son of Jno. Whetoome humbly shewed that whereas yor Petitioner 
hath set his hand to a note to pay fortie and five shillings to Steven 
Gates of Sudbury. It was by reason of ^;e and weakness I fiid not 
consider of it that I had no right to pay anything to him before he 
did duly make it apeare that I had damnified him. He did cun- 
plaine before the deputie Govr his worpp that I or my sonnes had 
killed and spoiled three of his swine in the woods, And made as 
if we stole them & with many threats which did amaze yor petitioner 
so that I could not declare my case whidi is such as I have now 
gotten to be drawne vpp fairly in wrig^ting by whidi it may appeare 
to this honord Court that I had not wronged Steven Gates nor was 
indebted to him anything for which I should agree to paye him any- 
thing. Wherefore yor petitioner being aged and weak, and mean in 
estate hath wronged himselfe and family in loss of so mudi, besides 
by this means of giueing satisfaction there is an imputation of theft 
cast vppon mee and the family of yor petitioner (toyr great Greef be* 
ing inosent in that respect) .and we are much defeuned in our names 
and creditt, and therefore do humbly request this honord Court, that 
our case may be considered and my bill may be suspended untill the 
next County Court, and that then the case may be fully heard on both 
sides and determined according to euidenc and equtie and yor peti- 

d by Google 


tionr shalbe redy and willing freely to yeald unto what is right and 
shale thanlcfiilly remain 

Yor worrpp humUe servant ' 

(Middlesex Court Records.) John Whetcomb." 

According to the Middlesex Court Records John had decided the 
case against himself by giving his note; this note, John bdng a Chris- 
tian and a law abiding citizen, doubtless "payd in good wheate after 
michael tyde," and later events prove that "Peace hath her victories," 
for during the two or three succeeding generations several marriages 
occnrred between the sons of the turbulent Stephen and the daughters 
of the self-respecting John. 

The products of John's tillage in Lancaster up to 1662 were ; 
00m, tobacco and- flax with roots and garden herbs and vegetables. \ 
The farm prcdiably yielded maple sugar also and the inventory shows 
that there was an orchard. Log houses were the rule in the time of 
John and a description of one would probably give the features of 
all. They were usually of one story and an attic. Small openings in 
the log walls served as. windows; these were protected at night by . 
shutters made of hewn planks; sometimes glass was simulated by 
the use of sldns scraped to semi-transparency or by the skins of blad- 
ders. Later the luxury of small panes of greenish glass was intro- 
duced. Doors were made of hnvn plank battened together and the 
latch-string was universal, A huge chimney in the middle of the \ 
house provided a fireplace which served the purposes of heating and 
coolttry and in Lancaster each family grotmd its own com imtil to the 
general rejoicing, a miller with his wheel and millstones arrived. 
There was no idle class; whatever had been a man's condition in Eng- 
land here he worked with his hands. If he had a trade so much the ' 
better; if he had not he tried to have, for necessity compelled him to 
be resourceful and inventive. The miller, the smith, the shoemaker 
were in demand and every man was in some degree an agriculturist 
There and then "Adam delved and Eve span." 

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After some thirty years of this primitive life in the Colony, eight 
of it spent in Lancaster, the aged Puritan John Whetccnnb^ met "the 
tnevj^ile hour," September 24, 1662, and died aged about sevenQr- 
fbtir yeais. He was laid with other forefathers of the hamlet in 
"the old burying ground," but today no fn^ment of even a battered 
stone marks his resting place. CoCC <?')'' 

He was married in England to Frances , family name tui- 

known, and in England his older children were bom. He had cer- 
tainly live sons, perhaps six, and three daughters. There are no rec- 
ords of births, but in wiHs and other documents the children's names 
have been found. He died intestate and the widow and children 
mutually agreed upon a division of the property which was approved 
by the court Frances made her will May 12, 1671, and died at Lan- 
caster May 17, 1671. She named her'youngest daughter, Maiy, as 

-t' CATHERINE,* was muried in 1644 to Rodotphus Ellnes of Seituate. 

TbcT re^d«d in Scitnate; nine children. 
+ JOHN. 

ABIGAIL, perhaps died nnmarried; no record. 
+ JOB. 
+ JOSIAH, bom 1638. Dorchester, Mass.' 

MARY, was married to John Moore, August I3, i&(3- He was the son of 
John and Anna Smith Uoore. 

•The New EntfMBd HIatoricftI and Oenealosleal Reslaler, lUt, p. SOS. ^twm m. wffl : 
or 8enh BUaws at tbe pariah of St. Saiionf'a, Sonthwart. In the OMinty of Sorreir. ; 
Katfand, widow, 31 Anauat. lafil. proved IB April, leH. In it U » oUiusa, "Tft aen 
Rodolphua EtBMa (now In parts bayond Uie aaaa) the nam of £10 U he aliaU bo Uvlns 
at Um tune o( mr flaoaein " The ehUdran of Rbodolphua and CattMrlno were: 

Barah, bom Bast. ts. MU: maniad lUl Tbamaa Hatch. 

Manr. bora Jane >. is4t. ' 

Joanna, boan Hareh IS, ItSL 

Ilaaaaii, born Da^ 21, IIU. 

John born Julr <. IWi. 

Jooapta. bora IfarA 1%. tCSL 

Waltatin. bora Feb. 1. IHL. 

Jonathan, bora IW, 

~ ^— --- „ iH|. Biarrlad Belhnlab Dedaon, rab. ». lai-C 

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"An Inventory of the Lands goods and Chatels of John Whitcomb 
(deceased) of Lancaster as the wase prised by Ttiomas Wilder and 
Jacob. Farrer boath of them of the same towne as the wase prized 
Aocordinge to theire best estimation the 2th of October, 1662. 

Imprimus the honse orchard and broake up land £i6 — oo— oo 

Ite land within some anbroaltc up 34 Aikers 34 — 00—00 

Ite Intervale land without some ii Aikers 05 — to — 00 

Ite house lots nnbroake up 36 Aikers iS-hw— 00 

Ite in medow is Aikers 34 — 00—00 

Ite in lands of Second divition yoo Aikers 07 — 10—00 

Ite in tfae Corn on riffht in the towne 

Ite two oxen „ 

Ite one old cow 

Ite more in Cattelt 

It in Corae 15 — 14— oo 

It In tobacco 04—00 — oo 

It in flax 01 — oo-'Oo 

It a paire of Cart Wheeles 03—00 — 00 

It plow & furniture for plow and Cart :. .03 — 14—00 

It in swine - 07—04—00 

It in axes & howse , 00 — lo—oo 

It in, Arnise 01—00—00 

ItC' bedstead bedinr and aparell 13 — 00—00 

It in pewter brass & Iron tuoles with oilier lomber 07—00—00 

Witness our bands, 


Cambr. 7 (8) 1663 John Whetcomb appearing in Court Is granted power 
of administration on the estate of his father deced. & tooke his oath to the 
Inventory above written that it is the truth & yt if any more appeare He will 

timtly & truly (?) the Same and The Court ordered that ye sd 

estate be divided according to ye agrecmt of ye partyes consnied, the wicli 
agreemt was Exhibited in Court and attested by Major Willard to be ye art (?) 
& is on file with ye Records of this Court. 


The following is a copy of the document setting forth tiie partition 
of the estate of John' among his heirs. It was approved by the court 
and placed on file among the Middlesex court records. — (C. W.) 


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These mxr be to intreat this honoured court to take into considera- 
tion that whereas John Wetcomb late of this Towne of Lancaster in the 
Countie of MidUei^ who deceased without making a lojal wUX that If 
they see it fitt and 'convenient they would be pleased to conlinne this 
agrement and covenant which the widow and soe many of the children 
of the deceased as therin is concerned doe mntualy and vneanimeisly 
consent unto, which is here by this present writings now after declared. 

Fint, we all mutualy agre that Frauds Wetcomb widow and late wife 
of the deceased and our mother shall have the now dwellinge house 
and one halfe of the orchard that now is and that is to be of that which 
is nerest to the said dwellinge house and soe much broaknp upland 
ground as will make up that in her part of the orchard two Aikers of 
the nerest broakup land therunto, and also two Aikers of broaknp 
Interrale land lying betwixt the said dwellinge house and the riuer also 
one third part of that we cale the pasture and also one third part of the 
nedow and likewise a third part in alt doworage belonging to the estate 
of her deceased husband soe as it be not of the second divition and 
moreouer we agre if she please she shall her firewood out of the two 
bouse lots which waae her husbands soe long as it is there to be had 
and these to have and to hould to her or to her Assigns for and during 
the time of her natural life we also doe agre that she ahall have all 
the Cattel (Exceplinge two hogs thrc pigs and one Cow) which was 
her husbands we likewise agre she shall have all the housold stuff ex- 
ceptinge what hcereafterin thia writinge is expressed in particulars 
ghien and to whom we also agre she shall have all the flax, and also 
one halfe of the Corne that this yeare wase growing on the old land 
and thirtie pounds waight of tobacco made up in roule and made mer- 
chantable and she to pay one half of all dets which ought to be charged 
npon her late deceased husbands estate we also mutunly agre that John 
Wetcomb and Jonnthao Wetcomb two of the said deceased John Wet- 
comb's sonaes shall haue the house lot which is next unto good man 
Brooks lot and also ninetene Aikers of Intervale next adjoyinge thereto 
(excepting soe much therof as we haue agreed as doth apeare and 
herein above is expressed to be our mothers for the time of her natural 
life) and the same to hane and to hould from the time of the confirma- 
tion of this writinge and to them their heirs or Assigns and for ever 
and after the decease of our mother the part excepted in like maner 
we also agre that the said Johnand Johathan shall haue the residue of 
the tobacco and the hogs Ht pigs Above excepted and also each of them 
one pewter platter and John one silver spoone, and Johathan one Cow 
and also the Said John and Jonathan shall haue the cart whelea, and 
plow and what tacklinge or furniture there Is belonginge to them or to 
the horses and also two hows and two axes we also mntualy agre that 

d by Google 


J<ilb Wetcomb and JosUh Wetcoinb the two youngett Sonnea o( the 
Said deceased John Wetcomb shall hare the TpUnd or house lot which 
formerly wase their brothers Johns lott it beinge twentle Ailcers and 
also twentic one Acers of Intervalt lott and part of it adjoyinge to the 
before mentioned Interrall lott and part of it lyinge at qaasMponakin 
and part of it where it shall fall to bee fayed out the same to hare and 
to hould to them thar heirs or assigns for erer we also mutualy tgre 
that the portion of medow slotted our mother for terme of her life 
Shall after her decease be equaly divided to us fonre here named 
brothers and for all other medow or medows second divitions with all 
after diritions or dowers with dowerage and all other rights and privi- 
leges belonging to the Estate of the said deceased John Wetcomb we 
mutualy doe agre to cUuide them also equaly amongst us foure above 
named brothers the same to have & to hould to them their heirs or 
assigns & for ever. 

Also we mutualy agre that Abigail Wetcomb daughter to the de- 
ceased John Wetcomb Shall haue one cow out of her fathers estate 
farthermore we the Above Said Francis Wetcomb. John Wetcomb and 
Jonathan Wetcomb mutualy agree that when Mary Wetcomb daughter 
<rf the Said deceased John Wetcomb is Sixtene years of age we will giue 
to her one Cow Also it is further mutualy by ns agreed that the above 
said John and Jonathan Shall pay the other halfe of the dets which ought 
to bee charged upon the Estate of the Said deceased John Wetcomb and 
for beter confirmation of this agreement amongst us we each signe it by 
Settinge here vnto our hands this Second of October 1662 in the 
presence of 


At a Common Court held at Cambridge FRANCIS WETCOMB, 

Octob 7 166a, JOHN WETCOMB, 

This above being the mutnall JONATHAN WETCOMB, 

. agreemt of all partys OUegible) and JOB WHETCOMB, 

10 attested by Major Simon H. Willard JOSIAH WHETCOMB, 

in open court is allowed & confirmed MARY WETCOMB, 

by act of yr court as attest. ABIGAIL R. WHITCOMB, 


Entered and recorded the 7th of Octb i6&> In the Registr of Wills & 
Inveotory Kb. 9, page £7^9.70^ 1^ Thomas Danforth Recorder. 

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At the time of John's decease his children, with the possible excep- 
tion of James, were all living in the towns of Lancaster and Sdtuate; 
They married and had children in those tmvns where, indeed, their 
descendants remained in some cases for several generations. Cath- 
erine left a numerous posterity who settled in Sdtuito and vidnity 
and Robert's descendants lived on his estate for several generations. 
But in Lancaster the family met change and disaster. John was ac- 
ddentally drowned leaving no sons; Job removed to Connecticut; 
Jonathan died and his widow was killed by Indians during one of 
their merciless raids upon the town; members of the next generation 
adventured into other settlements or new plantations, and in tlie fifth 
generation the Whitcombs had scattered widely from both Sdtuate 
and Lancaster and %vere found in Mainev New Hampshire, Vermont, 
Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Canada. They now re- 
port from every state and territoty in the United States (with two 
exceptions) and also from Alaska, Cuba, Hawaii, Porto Rico and 
the Philippines and South America. 

Numbers of our name from America have gone to Europe and 
Great Britain on business, for education or diversion and some have 
remained. There are American Whitcombs, or thdr descendants, of 
other names resident in Paris, Belgium, Switzerland, Vienna, Berlin 
and London who are known to the writer; scmie of them are men- 
tioned in these pages, others being descendants in female tines have 
not been named. None of them at home or abroad has brought any 
grave discredit on the name.* 

The American Whitcombs have been patriotic and loyal from die 
earliest times. It has been reserved for the few to have beoome dis- 
tinguished, but as a whole they have always been ready when wanted 
and have been faithful to duty, however hard or irksome the duty 

•It Is a, fut that I ^tmy mrar 
tantUir MnImM or eren airMtad i 
rapertcd ol Bwrkad Memtrlcltr, boi 
bora ImbMll* or Mlotle; » naUw 

ramnl any neord et & WhltoMnb aHrlnf a pvd- 
n a arimloal charsa. Than hava baan many oaaM 
a* of dammtta and sthars at Inaanlty, but not o»a 
not for exultation but lor davoat UiankfulntM. 

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has been. Had it been possible to carry out the author's original 
plan and to have placed the names of Whttcombs who have served 
in the, successive wars in tabulated form the lists would have made ; 
a brave showing, but the biographical sketches, which follow this 
chapter brief and inadequate as they are, speak eloquently for tlie 

The Whitcombs did valiant service in the Colonial Wars and dur- 
ing the Revolution father and sons, sometimes to the number of five 
or six from the one home were found in the ranks. In the Mexican 
War, in the second war with England, in the struggle for the preser- 
vation of the Union and in the Spanish-American War the Whit- 
combs bravdy and gallantly have done their brave and gallant part 

These words of the late Samuel Whitcomb, Jr., may form a fitting 
dose to this chapter: 

"\ love and revere my own hardy but honest ancestry. But few 
are needed of the world-amazing sort To subdue the wilderness of 
a country, to open its lands to cultivation, to fill its rivers with vessels, 
to cover its hills with useful animals and its valleys with crops of , 
food, as well as to carry a flag of intelligent, virtuous, and law- 
maintaining liberty to every sea and coast of our Globe is a Heaven- 
given destiny, for which you and I and all true Yankees shall ever 
be thankful If we are permitted also to leave a well trained family 
or posterity, no dynasty or nobility of Europe or Asia need be the ob- , 
ject of our envy. Our future, and the inheritance of our children, is 
all we ought to desire." 

Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

®Ijt SnmiB SItnjp. 

S WHITCOMB,' Qobn,i) appeared in Boston 
iarly as 1662. Whether he was, as is indicated 
ve, a son of Inunigrant John is a question over 
ich authorities differ in opinion, 
t has been suggested that he might have been a 
^woendant of Richard Whitcomb* for no apparent 
reason other than that there had been a Richard Whitcombe in 
America who formed the subject of a sketch by a man named Willis, 
and it is further adduced in su|^rt of the theory that James Whit- 
comb names in his will his uncle Edward Wyllis. 

On the other hand sevei^ conscientious dironiders j^ace him 
among the children of John* where it would seem he might very 
properly be left at least until it can be shown that he belongs else- 
where. But instead of bis being a younger son of John the evi- 
dence shows him to have been the oldest John and Jonathan, Jc^ 
and Josiah are all mentioned in the annals of Z-ancaster. Would not 
James have been likewise mentioned had he spent his youth or early 
manhood there as the presumption is he would have done had he 
been one of the younger children? 

Instead, he was a freeman in 1669 and a husband and father** 
before any one of his brothers, Robert e]ccq>ted, was married, and a 

•N. B. HU. and OuL Btglattr, 9. Ut, VoL U: "Vkrlmu OaMrtptiana uiil AU- 
MOfaas oa Hawfanndluid ^ppamxaA kbont that tlma (1111) wrlttwi by Rlebard Whit- 
comb* and DtbcnL WhlteomtM was an artmt adnatnrtr to that tiland, tad tm 
calltd th* faUMT of Nowfoundlaiid, aa Bmtlh waa of Vlrvbila and Champlaln of 
Canada H* aayi that th* laland waa aa niinillar to bin aa hia own oonntrr, havliis 
boon omployad mora than forty yean tn maUiw royasM to It." Fran a Blbtlographl- 
eal Eaaay tn tb* Barly C^lactiona of VoyacM to America, by WUIIam WUlla.) 

•^Jamaa Whlteonb (or Whatcnmbe) of Boston by hla wife Sabaoc» had Jamaa, 
bom M Nor., Ittt, and Fatar. bon 1 Uweb. IW."— (Bavas*^ Oanaalogteal iMo- 

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pei^nage of mudi social and official importance then and thereafter.* 
Though a loyalist, he was, like John and John's sons in Lancaster, 
a dissenter or Puritan and a member. of the Old South Church**. 
' Again it would seem to be evidence that he was of the Lancaster 
fomily when he goes out of his way to befriend the father's old 
neie^bor and pastor's wife, Mrs. Rowlandson, to tlie extent of raising 
eigh^ pounds for her relief and by giving her shelter for nearly a 
year after her captivity by the Indians. (See the "Removes of Mrs. 

Though he was not mentioned in the division of the estate of 
Ji^m* nor in the will of Frances, neither were Catherine and Robert. 
Doubtless, like them, he had received liis portion long before i — per- 
haps while the family was in Dorchester, now a suburb of Boston, 
then only four miles distant and the more important place of the two, 
he received his portion and betook himself to Boston "and grav up 
with the town." 

Mr. Samuel Whitcomb, Jr., in his manuscript letters, says, James 
ownedt "a little farm" in Boston where the Tremont House now 

*Wbatcomb«, J*mw, nMrcduuit, trMnuut IMf, on* of Ui« oommtutgn named by 
lb* kins to BdmlnlBter t&* 0>th In ISTS to tilt nvm Qowwnar of KaM., bavtnc bom* 
» part In tiM fnnMttl eemmonlea ot Lororett (Got.) la Ifareh of tbat resr. (SKvaso'a 
Qm. Diet, ToL 4. p. HI.) 

Ona Of tho Toar bannen caniad at tba But* funaml at Oot. X^arantt waa 
bona bjr Jaiaaa Wbatoomba. (HIat, ot Boaton.) i 

■•(BUmnal Catalosua at Old Soutta Chutcti. Boaton. ICM-IHt, p. Ut) "Rebacca 
Wbltcomb, davKhtar of Jaa, Whltcaiab bjr hta first wll« Rabacca, Ua waa a naiibaw of 
Bdwaid WUUb, km. In IIU ha and Ua aacond wtfa, Eaiaabeth, and hia aon /antea 
wara admlttad to manbanhlp nndar ttia baptbnnal coraoan^ and hIa etalktran Janaaw 
Aaa, Rabacot and wniaiB, all but tba Uat, children ot hia flnt wUa wer* baptiaad. 

t^MN ta a Dead on rocord In Boaton, dated 11 Vtb'r, ItTS — of a pareal of paatura 
tt a i I a«raa, adlolnlnc the Town Cannon, whl^ had been purabaaed ot Rloh Thm*- 
tola and Thomas Miner br Tbomaa Deane A Anna, hla wife— ft aoid to Janao Whlt- 
«aab of Baatan, Ifarehaat. for Alt). It "Batted on tb* Cunnun ■anthweeuriir.'' 

Than to a Tomb In tbe old grananr Burylac sreimd— batwaaa Pai^ BL Churdi 
and tba Tramont Ho na a l a Itn nnnbcred 147 A which had bean aold by tba Town 
te a. Twlat-^O-. Dalton ft B. Or tw a tltat had boomed to thbi Janaa Wbltaomb. ft 
•adiMtai to tho CItjr. "^^da R«vd T. M. Harrta." 

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stands and also five acres opposite the Common. This careful annal- 
ist seems to have found James specially interesting and mentions him 
often. He .thought he might have returned to England, but later de- 
vekqmients show that he spent his life in Boston and that his death 
occurred there November 23, 1686. 

It is an interesting question as to how Edward Wyltis was James' 
uncl& It was hoped the alleged relationship might discover the maiden 
name of the wife of John (*), but no Frances Wyllis (or Willis) has 
been found, though research has been thorough. Prof. Shepardson 
suggests that James may have been John's son by a previous marriage; 
the suggestion merits consideration when it is remembered that the 
elder John was bom about 1588. The writer has speculated if the 
relationship to Wyllis were not by his marriage with Rebecca or 
EliziUbeth. Since he gives his father's and mother's pictures to his 
wife instead of to his son, may they not have been Wyllis instead of 
Whitcomb pictures? Our autocratic forbears seem to have had a way 
of giving to their wives what nowadays the wives Iiave without the 
giving, as witness in James' will the disposal of "tlie childbed linen, 
her necklaces, etc." This will, which is a document of unusual interest, 
follows this sketch. 

No dates of James' marriage to either wife are yet found, nor is 
the date of the death of Rebecca known, but Judge Sewall in his Diary 
menti<U)S tiie funeral of Elizabeth (Aug. 20, 1/12), in a way that 
shows the ceremonial to have been conducted with much state*. 

In the Boaton Records 1630-1699 are found the following list of 


I. JAUES,* son of June* and Rebecca Wbitcomb, born November 30, 

X PETER.) son of James and Rebecca Wbitcomb, bom March i, 16IS4. 

3. PETER,* (and) son of Jajnea and Rebecca Whitcomb, born December. 
7. 166& 

•(SamB) "M Annut Vm, Madun 
Bmnh— Cook. BewaU. Addhistim. Balcbar. 
Mv Um Ueut-Oomtior war* ibora." 

d by Google 


4. JOSEPH,* son of Janrn and Rebecca Whitcomb, bora November a6, 


5. REBECCA,* daaghter of Jamea and Rebecca Whitcomb, born Jane 30, 


6. RICHARD,* aon of Jamea and Rebecca Whitcomb, bom May 3, 1673. 
7< JANE,* daughter of Tfaos. (prob. error) 

James and Rebecca Whitcomb, born August 31, 1669. 
a WILLIAM,* aon of James and Elizabeth, born April 21, 16S0. 
■¥ 9. , WILLIAM,* aoa of Jamea and Elizabeth, bom September 9, 1681. 
la ELIZABETH,* danghter of James and Elizabeth, bom April 2, 1683. 

WILLIAM WHITCOMB,' (James,* John,*) was tlie ninth 
child and youngest son of James and Elizabeth Whitcomb of Boston. 
He was married (i) July 4, 1706, to Rebecca Townsend. She died 
April 18, 1708, and he was married (2) Mardi i, 1709, to Mary 
Belither. Mary died October 24, 1721, aged forty-two years. By 
his second wife he had four* Children : 

ELIZABETH,* bora December 18, 1710. 

JAMES,* bom December 7, 1713. 

RUTH,* bora Anguat '31, 1715. 

PETER,* bom Jannary 10. 171a 

In the name of God, Amen. I, James Wlictcombe of Boston in 
New England, Merchant being weak and in pain of body, but o^ 
sound and perfect memo — Praised be God for the same — not knowing 
how God may dispose of me; think meet in order to my- Preparation 
for my solemn and last diange, renouncing alt other wills formerly 
made and make this my last will and Testament And first my immor- 
tal soul I doe in some measure of faith and hope Desire to rest and 
repose in the arms of the everlasting mercys of God my Redeemer, 
trusting he hath purchased it with his blood. My body I commit to 
the earth from whence it was taken to be therein Decently Interred 
at the Direction of my Exec*r hereafter named, in hope of a Joyful 
resurrection at the appearance of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, 

•Not«.-f hava bam abU to trace thaUaa U Jamea m t 

d by Google 


and for that temporal estate God hath blessed me wth, it is my mind 
and will that it be bestowed and Disposed of in manner as followeth : 
Impr. — my Just Debts and fmieral chai^;es being first payd. I give 
and bequeath unto iixy dear and loving wife EUza Whetcombe the 
bed in the best diamber with six Fayr of Sheets and six Payr of 
Pillowbeers wth all the fumitory belonging to sud chamber, witii tme 
silver service^ two silver Porringers, twelve Silver Spoons and also 
all the childbed linen, her neddaces, the great silver tankard, the Pallet 
bed and furniture wth half the Pewter, Linen, Brass, Iron and other 
movables, wth my father's and mother's pictures and also the n^ro 
woman Cisly and her diild. 

Item — I give and bequeath one-third part of my estate both real 
and personal, all that I may be possessed of when I dy^ unto my son 
James Whetcomb^ my daughter Jane and my daughter Rd)ecca 
Elizb., One hundred pounds to my son James, and the remainder 
of that part bequeathed as above I give and bequeath unto sd Daugh- 
ers Jane and Rd>ecca in equal halves, and in case any of them Ay^ 
before they come of age or are married, then the surviving daughter 
to have the other daughter's part 

Item — ^I give and bequeath the other two-thirds part of my estate 
Real and Personal unto my Dear and Loving wife Elizabeth Whet- j 
combe the same to enjoy during her widowhood, and until those dear 
babes Wm. and Eliza, which God hath given me by her shall marry 
or come to the age of 21 years, and then give to each of them cme 
hundred pounds in money and at her decease one hundred more to 
my daughter Eliza, and the remainder to my son Wm., but if it 
should please God that either Wm. or Eliza, should dye before they 
marry or come of ag^ then the survivor to enjoy the other's part, ; 
and in case they should both dye before tb^ come to enjoy their 
portions, I doe at my dear Wife's decease, give and bequeath out ; 
of the two-thirds parts given unto her, one-half thereof unto mgr 
sd daughters Jane and Rebetxa, to be enjoyed by their hdrs forever, 
and the other half of that two-thirds part to be and remayne at her, 

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my said wife's diqkost; and as to the hundred pounds above men- 
titmcd bequeath to my son James, it is already paid, so that he hath 
nothings more to doe with any part of my estate dther Real or Per- 
sonal, but I further give him as a token of my fatherly love the 
other of the silver tankards. 

Item — I doe ordain and appoint my beloved wife Eliza. Whet- 
CMnb to be the Executrix of this my last will and testament and doe 
De»re my Loving friends John Usher, Esq., and Unkle Edward 
Vraiys to be my overseer s and to give what assistance th^ can to 
my wife when tiierunto Desired by her. 

In witness whereunto I have sett my hand and scale this Seventh 
Day of November. 1686. 


Published, signed and sealed in the Presence of Edwd. Willys, 
Daniel Royse, Hannah Sutton, Huldah Raynsford. 

Edwd. Willys, Daniel Royse, Huldah Raynsford and Hannah 
Sutton personally appearing made oath that they were present and 
saw Mr. James Whetcomb sign, scale and Publish this Instrument as 
his last will and Testament and that when he so did he was of sound 
mind and memory to their best understanding — ^Jurat Coram. I 
Dudley. Boston, 10 March, 1686-7. Attest Thos. Dudley, Oerk. 

Entered 10 March, 1686-7. Dan. Allen, Jr. 

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3[0ljtt Mljitirnmb, iftttttar. 

!f WHITC0MB,3 (John,i) was bom in England 
id has been regarded as the oldest son of John^. 
bat ht boie his Other's name is not conclusive 
idence of his primogeniture, for, though naming 
e oldest son for the father was a custom that ob- 
wined among the middle<lass English, the Whit- 
combs, judging from the Harleian manuscripts, formed an exception 
to the rule. John and James would seem to have been the two old- 
est sons but, for reasons g^ven in a foregoing slcetch, James' birth is 
believed to have been earlier than John's. As to which was older 
and stronger in the father's sympathy and confidence there can be 
no doubL 

John Senior and John Junior appear to have been very closely as- 
sodated in business and in the family life. Their signatures are found 
together in several places;— once as early as 1653 when they signed 
the to\vn covenant of Lancaster; they appear together again in 1653 
among those who had a right to become residents of Lancaster within 
a year, and in 1654-5 th^ are both among the "twentie familyes" 
named in the petition for a township drawn and signed by John 
Senior. t 

John Jr., seems to have been, in an intimate and special way, the 
trusted son of his parents and the good steady-going, helpful, elder 
brother to the household of younger children. He remained unmar- 
ried until his brothers and sisters were settled in homes of their own, 
and for the nine years of his mother's widowhood one may think of 
him as her faithful adviser, and helper. 

His real estate in I.ancaster consisted of a "home totf' containing 
twenty acres whidi adjoined his father's homestead and an "enter- 
vail" lot of fifteen and one-half acres. Following the death of John 

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St., in 1663, the real estate was divided and the father's home lot was 
assigned to John and Jonathan jointly, while the home lot of John Jr., 
was allotted to the two youngest sons, Job and Josiah. 

According to Mr. Nours^ John was married May 19, 1669, to 

Mary . Curiously enough this is the very entry made 

conttming the marriage of Job. Another authority. Savage in his 

Genealogical Dictionaiy, says he was married to Mary , 

January 16, 1671. Concerning his death, the following is quoted from 
the Middlesex Court Files : 

Vpon ye 7th of April 1683 Lancaster A jury of Inquest wai Cilcd to 
give in thicr virdict concerning ye vntimely death of John Whetcomb, 
we whose namea are onderwriten doe by what we understand by ye I 
brother of ye deceased by name Jonathan Whttcombe and one more by 
name George huse who was standing on ye shore and saw how ye said 
John Whitcombe felle into ye water, do here vnantmously ginc in our 
virdict thus, that ye said John Wfaitcomb and Jonathan Whitcomb beng 
bringing some bay oner ye rincr vpon two canoes indeavoiing to pull 
them oner by a rope which was fastened to « bough at ye riuer side, 
but ye canoes sinking ye said John Whitcombe falling into ye riuer 
was by a prouidence of god drowned in pensecuk riuer ye 7th of this 
mslant AprilL 

aigned by it men. 
John Moor sen fforeman & the rest of the subscribers, the Jury of ; 
Inquest vpon the vntimely death of John Whetcomb late of Lancaster ' 
appeared before me Pet Bulkeley assist, ft made oath that the premises 
contain a true Acco. of the cause of the death of sd Whetcomb ac'cord> 
ing to thier judgmt ft conscience 
June 18 1683. 

There is no record of the subsequent life or death of John's widow, 
and J<^ left no male posterity. 

RUTH, bom June 4, ilSTa; married William DivolL 
SARAH, bom ■ , 1674. 

The following is oc^ied from a doctmient found In the Probate 
Court Room in East Cambridge marked "Na 34" : 

To the Honed James Russell esq Judge of pwlate ftete for the 
' Conntjr of Middletex: these may stgnifie that wee the anbscribers have 

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mutually axreed ft concluded of a Devissioa of tlie Houseing ind L 
that formerly appertained to oar Honed father John Whetcomb • 
thne of Lancaster Deceased according as foUoweth. 

William J>m>ll husband to Ruth the eldest Daughter of ye said J 
Whetcomb and Sarah Whetcomb the youngest daughter do by tl 
peseota firmly covenent, ftetc 


August itSgS. 

Jno Wbitcomb Inventory 1683 iios, »to, do. 
August 26 1689. 

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Sif^ S^bi^rt ffitttje. 

]OBERT WHITCOMB," (John/). When, in 1654 
John,* removed his family from Sdtuate, Mass., to 
Lancaster, Mass., Robert remained behind, perhaps 
in the family of his oldest sister Catherine Ellnies, 
who was settled there, she having been married ten 
years before. From the fact that Robert remtdned 
and was given real estate, it is reasonable to suppose him to have 
been one of the older sons. It is recorded by several authorities that ' 
in this year, 1654, Robert received from his father a half interest in 
the Conihasset lands and it is probable that this was recognized as 
his share of his fatlier's estate, as in the division of the property after 
his Other's death he was awarded no part, nor was he mentioned in 
the will of his mother. 

Events proved that Robert, like his brother-in-law, Rhodolphus 
EUmes, and his neighbors, Gen. Cudworth and family, sympathized 
with the Quakers and possibly his inclinations led him to remain with 
t'lese friends rather than to accompany his Puritan relatives to Lan- 

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caster. It is certain that six years later he was married* by a Quaker ' 
preacher in Rhode Island to Mary (bom July 23, 163/), daughter 
of Gen. James Cudworth.* but this marriage being pronounced un- 
lawful he was remarried by a Puritan preacher, Mardi 9, 1660. 

Robert Whitcombe was the first to settle at "Beechwood" in the 
Beeches, the family place at Sdtuate where several generations of j 
Whitcombes have resided. 

He seems to have died intestate and there is no record of his 
children except in the will of Gen. James Cudworth, who left legacies ! 
to four grandchildren. Another child, Elizabeth, is named elsewhere. ' 
Dates of the death of Robert and his wife are unknown at this writ- 
ing (1903)- 


+ 3. ISRAEL,' born 1661 or 1662. Sdtuate. 

+ 4. ROBERT,* born ScJtuate. 

+ 5- JAMES,* born 1668, Sdtuite. 

6. HARY,* born Scituate. 

7. ELIZABETH,* bom Scittute; married Daniel Uncoln of Hinghaoi, Jan- 

uary, I7i0k 

8 ISRAEL WHITCOMB." (Robert.' Joltn,*} succeeded to his 
father's estate, and was a "well-to-do" citizen of Scituate. He was 

■"Robart Wblteomb and Hmt Cudworth tcr dtsMdariir earning tnnthar wlOiMt 
conatnt of parwita and UwTnll marrlaica la aantanoail to pay tea pounda Ona and Im-- : 
prtaanad durtaw tha plaaaura of the Court; and belnit dealrotuia to bea ordarijr Biar> j 
ried, aceordluilr wara, thia Stb of Uanh, tMO." I 

"&akMl HayiM for aeeonpanrinv and conntananelnc of tho aald ptraa In tbairo ', 
aztravlsant oonraa for tha accompllahinc of thHra aracnlara purpoaaa, waa Onad r 
twaoty ahlUhisa." , 

Offlearfl m^ appolntad br tha Court to apprahand tha Quakar preaohar, "Bannr : 
Hobacm oC Bood Hand, and to taka aacnrlUaa for hi> appaaranoa at tha Court tXt 
nTinoutIi to answara for Ma derlalon of antborltle tn countartaltlnc tha aolamBlsliiir j 
af tba marriasa of Bobart Whatoona and ICarr Cudworth."— {Plrmoatb Ccdony Bae- 
orda; VOL tlL) 

*Oaa. Jamaa Cndwortb waa aaalatant to tha Oorannnant of Fljmonth Colonr. 
UU to lUl. CoBualaalonar to England for tha ColOTiIea. IWT. Commandar-ln-chlaf 
of all tha foroaa In tba Unltad Colonlaa ancacad In Klnc Phlllpa War; Elopatj Gor- 
amar ^ Vtwnmath CoIobt, lUt-BS. Blatorr aaya, "a varjr TabwUa man." B* ays- 
path had with tba Qnakan and waa depoaad from olBea In conaaquanea but wa# 
latar ralnatatad. ftobart WUtaamba and bla brotliar-ln-Iaw Khodolphu Btmaa wara 
fraquanily In tronbla for Mt«Ullnc Quakar maattnta.— (Saa Pljmonth Colony Raoorda: 
ToL m.) 

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married in Hingham, Mtay 28, 1700, to Mary, daughter of Samuel 
and Elizabeth (Gill) Stodder. She was bom in Hingham, August 
. 30^ 1672. Israel died May 5, 1733, his sons, Israel of Hing^iam and 
}cAva. of Sdtuate, being appointed administrators. In the settlement 
of his estate he is called "husbandman." The diurdi records state 
that his wife, Mary, was admitted to communion. May 3, 1739, and 
also that on May 5, 1733, "died Israel Whitcomb of Sdtuate. an aged 
man, one who constantly attended divine service in this place." 

"Mr. Joshua Batea of Beechwood St^ Cohauet, when about eight jreart 
old, saw Mr. Israel Wbitcomh of SctUute at his father's house. He told me of 
this about 181S whea he was ninety-four or ninety-five years old. He said 
that Mr. Whitcomb was a short old man with very white and grey hair hang- 
mg in cnrls about his neck; that he came to their bam to swindle flax; that he 
Jumped over the fence aa spry as a caL" 

(From notes of Samuel Whitcomb, Jr.) 

+ & ISRAEL,* bom Febniary 19, 1701. 

9. MARY,* bora 1703; married in 1734, Aaron Pratt of Hingham, Hats. 

10. HANNAH,* born 1706; married Marcb 14. xjoo, Jonathan Pratt, of 

Hingham, Mass. 

11. ELIZABETH,* bom 1709; married Ezekiel Uncoln, of Hingham, Mats. 
* 13. JOHN,* born 1711. 

+ 13. NOAH,* born 1714. 

4 ROBERT WHITCOMB,* (Robert.* John,*) lived in Scituate, 
where he was married in 1695, to Elizabeth, daughter of Israel Buck. 
He died December 25, 1704. 

14. CONTENT,* bora 1695; married Samuel Burrell of Weymouth, Maas. 
IS- UELIA.* bora 1699; married Elisha Lincoln of Hingham, Mass.; had 

eight children. 
i& ELIZABETH,* born 1700-1. 

5 JAMES WHITCOMB,* (Robert,* John,*) was married No- 
vember 32, 1694, to Mary Parker, who was bom in 1667-S. He was 
a "set work cooper." He removed from Scituate to Rodiester, Mass., 


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where he died June 26, 1728, aged 60 years. His will was made 
September as, 1727. His wife died November 30, 1739, aged sixty^ 
two years. 

17. JAMES,* bora Aagnat it, i6gs; died jrouiiff. 
^ 18. NATHANIEL,* bom Aogtut 19, 16^. 
t 19. JAUES,* bora August ai, 1697. 

S to'^Sna.' }'»"«"«"•«.■*«><>'■/««. 

♦ 32. ROBERT,* bom ; named in fither's wfll. 

8 ISRAEL WHITCOMB/ (Israel," Robert,^ John/) was mar- 
ried in Hing^tam. Mass., January 16, 1727, to Hannah, daughter of 
Ebenezer and Hannah (Gannett) Kent, the ceremony being por- 
formed by Rev. Nehemiah Hobart She was bom in Hmf^ara in 
1707 and died July 22, 1782. He died Febn»ary 19, 1787, aged 
eighty-six years. The history of Hingham says his children were all 
bom in that town. The deaths of the four oldest children which oc- 
curred all in one month are said to have been due to quinsy. His 
will, dated January 21, 1786, was proved March 19, 1787. He was 
called "husbandman." 


aj. HANNAH,* baptized jMnarjr 12, 1738; died March 8, 1737, 

24. JOB,* baptized August 8, 1731; died March 27. 1737. 

as- EUZABETH,* bom March aft 1734: died March 26, i737. 

atf. ISRAEL,* bora January 15, 17^6-37; died March 29. 1737. 
+ 87. ISRAEL,* bom February 9, tJsS. 
+ 38. JOB,* bora January 17, 174a. 

39. JACOB,* bom September 4, 1741; died July 8, 1747. 
+ SO- JOSEPH,* bora February 2, 1743-4. 
♦ 31. LOT,* bom April lo^ 1746. 

3a. HANNAH,* l>ora Norember 11, 1748; died November 4, 1754. 

la JOHN WHITCOMB,* (Israel,' Robert,* John,*) succeeded to 
his Other's estate "the Beeches." He was married August 39. 1734* 
to Sarah Tower of Hingham, dau^ter of Daniel and Sarah (Lincoln) 


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Tower, who was bom June 24, 1717, and died about 1802. He was a 

"cordwainer." An administrator of his will was appointed April 9, 


+ 33, JOHN.* bora 1735. 

34. ELIZABETH," bom 1737; nurricd Etekiel lincoln and died ised 86 

3$. REUBEN,* bora 1740; died unmarried. ' 

3& SARAH,* bom 1744; mtrried Daniel Litchfield. 

37< THANKFUL,* bora 1746; married Elijah Stodder. 

3& MARY,* bora 175a; tnarricd John Ellmea. 

39^ SIMEON,* bora 17&2: left no family. 

18 NOAH WHITCOMB/ (Israel,' Robert,* John,') was married 
to Mary Franklin in 1743; thqr removed to Randolph, Mass., about 
1747, where th^ were admitted members of the diurdi under the 
pastoral care of Rev. Moses Taft, August 14, 1768. Noah was a 
farmer by occupation, reuding in Randolph where his grandson, 
Simeon, afterwards lived. "He was much respected as an upright 
citizen and an honest man." He died June 10, 1798, aged eighty- 
four years. His widow died Jime 22, 180S, also aged eighty-four. 

4a MARY ANN,* bora 1744, Scilnate; no record. 

41. PRISCILLA,* bora 174S. Scitoate; married Samnel White of Wey- 
nouth, Maia. 

4a. THANKFUL,* bora 1746, Scitnate; no record, 
t- 43. NOAH,* bora 174^ Randolph. 
+ 44- JACOB,* bora 1749, Randolph, 
f 45. DAVID,* bom 1750^ Randolph. 

4& SARAH,* born Augmt 17, 1753; married Ebcnezer Pratt, Braintrse, 

43. JOHN,* bora April a, 1756 or 1757, Randolph, Mass.; married Elizabeth 
Porter; no children. 
+ 4& HOSES,* bora April 8, 175% Randolph. 
+ 4» ROBERT,* bora September 8; 1761. Randolph. 

18 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB,* (James,' Robert.' John,*) was 
a cooper by trad^ aiul about 1743 moved from Rochester, Mass., to 
Hardwid^ Mass. He was married (i) January 21, 1733, or 1723, to 

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Rosilla Coombs, who was half French. She died March 8, 1737, leav- 
ing seven children; (2) to Phoebe Bladcman, July 27, 1738. He 
was a pronunent citizen, serving as selectman in 1745, 1752, 1753, 
1758 and 1759 and as assessor in 1745, 1758 and 1759. He died 
March iS, 1771. and his headstone still remains standing in the old 
buryii^ ground in Hardwick. 


50. JOANNA,* bom June 6, 1725. 

51. MARY,* bora October 9^ 1727; died Mty Ot iS". 

5a. DORCAS,* born March 6, 1739: died December to, 1803. 
+ 53. NATHANIEL,* bom May 26, 173a. 7;, ^. ^^ 

54. ROSILLA,* bom February 19, 1733 or 1734; was married Septero'ber.«,- 

I7S«. to Aiistm-WV-Browifof-AbinBtoivMass. *^V .- • '/. /' > 
♦ Si. ASA,» born February 29, 1735 or 17361 
561 JOHN,* bom Febraary 14, 1737; probably died young. 

f SJ, LOT,* bora May 2, 1739. 

55. CONTENT,* bora October 37, 1740; was married November 37, 1767, 

to Solomon Bush of Ware. 

19 JAMES WHITCOMB,* (James,' Robert," John,*) owned 
land in Hardwick, Mass., and seems to have resided there awhile. 
About 1743 he removed from Rochester. Mass., to Western (later 
called Warren) where his death occurred sometime between August 
30 and November 16, 1763. He was married four times, three of his 
wives being cousins. The fourth wife was still living February 28, 
1771, when her dower was assigned. Hewas married (i) August 15, 
1721, to Mercy Winslow, daughter of Deacon Samuel and Mercy 
(King) Winslow. She was bora August 16, 1705, and died Septem- 
ber 20, 1726; (2) July 12, 1727, to Joanna, daughter of William 
Spooner of Dartmouth. She was bom May I2, 1703; (3) to Merqr 
Winsk>w, daughter of Josiah and Margaret (Tisdale) Winslow, who 
was bom DeMmber 15, 1700, was published to marry December 15, 
1728, and died April 20, 1729; (4) to Sarah, widow of Thomas Lin- 
coln, and daughter of Edvrard Winslow, of Rochester, Mass., the 
marriage occurring May 31, 1731. All the children were by the last 

d by Google 



* 59- JAMES, bom MJarch 3, 173^: died Juljr 24, 1755. Hardwid^ Htss. 
+ €0. THOMAS, bora Deccnber a, 1733, Rochester, Mats. 

61. SARAH, bom October 35, 1735; intention of msrriagc to Philip Rich 
of BrooUield, Mus, published March 13, 1757. 

6a. MERCY, bom August 36, 1737, Rochester. 

+ 63. SCOTTOWAY," bora June 18; 1739^ Rtfchester. 

+ 64. ROBERT,* bora May t, 1741, Rochester. 

+ 65. NATHANIEL,* bora September 35, 1743, Western, Mus. 

66. EDWARD,* bora February 35, 1745; was in Capt. John Ensign's Co., 

CoL Mosley*! Regiment, Connecticut Militia, from July 7, 1778. 

67. Mary,* bora June i, 1740, Rochester; died November i6w 1749; named in 

father's will. 
6& MARY,* born October 33, 1759, Rochester; was marrijed to John Bullein 
of Ware, intention published July 18^ 177a; named in father's will 

22 ROBERT WHITCOMB,* (James,' Robert,* John/) lived in 
Rochester, Mass. His diildren probably removed to Hardwick, Mass. 
He was married Jantiary 13, 1731 or 1732, to Joamia Lawrence, 
daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Lawrence. 

69. ELIZABETH,* bora November li, 1733; married William Powers. 

* 70. JOSHUA,* bora November 19, 1734, Rochester, Mass. 

71. JOANNA.* born May 29. 1737; married Isaiah Hatch of Rochester, 
Mass.; she died in Westminster, Vt., 1815, aged sevenly-etght years. 

* 73. MOSES,* bora 1739. 

27 ISRAEL WHITCOMB," (Israel,* Israel,' Robert", John,*) 
lived in Scituate^ Mass. He was married by Rev. John Brown in 
1759^ to Adisah Lincoln, daughter oC Elisha and Sara^ (Lewis) Lin- 
coln of Cohasset She was baptized by Rev. Nehemiah Hobart, No- 
vember 13, 1738, and died September 16, iSii. He died June 24. 
1824. He was a farmer. 

73. HANNAH,* bora November 39, 1761; married October at, 1779^ Samuel 
+ 74- ZADOCK,* bora December 11, 1763. 

* 75. JACOB.* born March 9, 1765. 

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Tti. ELIJAH,* baptized June 15, 1765; died in infaacy. 
+ TJ. SAMUEL,* bom September 5, 1767. 
Ji. EZEKIEL,* bom Augtut i, 1777: died early at sea. 

28 JOB WHITCOMB,* (Israel,* Israd" Robert.' John,*-) lived 
in Cohasset, Mass., where he was married July 27, 1769, to Kezlah 
Wheelwright,* who was bom September 23, 175a He died Sep- 
tember 21, 1813. He was a fanner. 
+ 79- DAVID,* bom June 4, 1776. 

SO JOSEPH WHITCOMB.' (Israel* Israel.' Robert,* John,*) 
was a Captain in the War of the Revolutitm. He was married October 
25, 1770, to Hannah Nichols of Hingham. She was bora June 25, 
1753, and died at Springfield, Vt, Fd>ruary 15, 1829. He removal 
from Sdtuate to Springfield, N. H. (now Vermont), in 1770, where 
he died April 21, 1832. According to the official records, as given by 
the Secretary of State for Nnv Hampshire, "Joseph Whitcomb joined 
CoL Samuel Ashley's regiment of niilitia in the state of New Hamp- 
shire and marched from the county of Cheshire at die requisition of 
Major Gen. Gates to re-inforce the army of Ticonderoga." 

■I- 80. SHUBAEL,* bora Febniarr 37,. 1771. 

•TtM foUowloK la an account of * waddlns In 1T6S tdd by ifnu Job Wltlteemb. ' 
than a bM of 14 ytat*; It la talun from Um diary tt Manhal Pratt, a Ktandaon of John 
Pratt, tba bridairaOBi: 

"A eonwianr of yauns mm cama ant thronsh tba wooda riding upon lioraaa, aaoli 
«B0 haWnc tola sirl ettthiK behind him on tli* pinion. Tbajr paraHad In front tt tha 
bonaa of tha mon. and my boan, Joatph Wadtcombk rodo hla homa np t» tba ban. 
1 dlmbad v» on tha baia and mounted tha plUlon bahind him. John Fkatt, tha brldo- 
iroom. cama oat of tha hauaa and draMad with a tbroo-aquara coekad bat, wUU coat 
wttb Uadt daaa bnttona. knaa braacbaa witb Ineklaa, up to tha taahloa. I wora tor 
« bonnal; a dark bat wllb a low erown, wlda rim. a broad rod rtbbon tiad aroond It, 
wHh two lone boara. Tba brtdairoom nto a ntad tala hianm, rodo sinila to tha haad of 
tba ooHipaoy and tba mat tdlowad, two abrtaat. Wa went down by tba Cohaaaat 
maatbwhonaa, up Daar HOI Lana (Boblar Stnat) to Ur. DanM Towar'a bonaa on 
Kin* StraoC wbata tha brida llvad. Wa had a apUndU waddhw and tba ooiipla caiaa 
to Uva la tba croom's own boooa nazt to hla fatbar^** 

d by Google 


8f. REBECCA** bom December 15 or 16^ 1775; died November a, 1855; 
nurried U litchlield. 
+ 8a. LABAN,* bom Febmaijr 3, 1779. 
8» HANNAH.«bora July 8, 1781; died AnBiut.i8S7- 
84. POLLY,* bom September ix 1785; died May 1% 1837; married Peter 

8$. PETER.* bom Jnne as, 1790; died September i, 1791. 
+ 86. THOMAS,* bom October 29. 179L 

SI LOT WHITCOMB,' (Israel.* Israel.' Robert,' John,») lived 
in Cohasset, Mass., where he died May 31, 1846. He was married 
November 3<^ 1769, to Sally Lincoln,* daughter of Isaac Jr. and 
Ruth (Beal) Lincoln. 


87. ELIZABETH,* bora Attsust 16. 1770; died December ii, 1773. 

88. TILEY,* bom October a8, 1772; died Janiuir 5, 1860; died nnmarried. 
+ 89. PEREZ,* died December 30, 1774. 

901 ELIZABETH,* baptized July 6, 1777. 
91. RACHEL,* baptized May 24, 17^ 

93. SALLY,* bora Auffust 24, 1779^ 

93< ZOA,* bora February 2a, 178a; married Pratt. 

94. OLIVIA,* bora September 23, 1784. 
+ 95- LOT,* bora July 21, 17^. 

96. LEVI,* bora August ift 1791. 

SS JOHN WHITCOMB,' (John,* Israel.' Robert,' John,*) lived 
In Sdtuate, Mass., where he was married 1758, to Hannah Nash. 

97. JOHN,* bora 1759; was a Revolutionary War pensioner; the pension 

files at Washington show be applied for a pension Augost 32, 183% 
at which time he resided in Sdtuate; the pension was allowed 00 a 
basis of 12 months and 28 daya' service. 

981 WILLIAM.* bora t7«3- 

99. CHARLES,* bora 1766. 
loa SAMUEL,* bora 1769. 

101. JOSEPR* 

102. MOAH.* 

aoeaWBt makea bw aMer t« AcdMah Uneotm wtte of innMl WMtasMh. 

d by Google 


4S NOAH WHITCOMB," (Noah,* Israel,' Robert." John,*) may 
have lived in Dordiester, Mass. The names of the children are known, 
bat little else of this family. He was married ( i ) to Hamiah Nash of 
Abington, Mass.. published April 17. 1773. and (3) to Pbodw Mann, 
published October 30, 1788. 


103. ASA,* ■ettled in Lynni^ N. H. 

I04- JONATHAN .• settled tn Lynne, N. H. 

tos. AMASA.* 

106. JOHN.* settled in Saulsbnrr, Mass. 

107. PHOEBE.* was married to RcTnolds and settled in North Bridgewater, 

+108. RICHARD.* 
109 ELIZABETH,* was married to Pendergrass. 
no. LYDIA.* was married (i) to Lewis, (a) to Terrine, (3) to C E. H!ller 

and lettled tn Dayton, O. 

4A JACOB WHITCOMB," (Noah,* Israel,' Robert.' John,*) was 
a farmer, residing on Union Street, Randolph, Mass. He died of 
apoplexy. May 9. 1835. He was much esteemed as a man of upright 
and exemplary life He was published February 20, 1774, to Abigail 
Wales, daughter of Joseph Wales, Jr., who was bom in 1750 and died 
August 27, 1833; in all her relations in life she was noted for the 
mildness and gentleness of her diaracter. 


lit. ABIGAIL,* born October, 1775; married Deacon Uann. 

iia: MAR^,* bom 1777; married Isaac White. 

113. SALLY,* bora 1779; married Deacon William Thayer. 

-<'it4. JACOB,* bom 178a 

•l-iiS. ISAAC,* bom 1782. 

ti6i RACHEL,* bora I784;~died 1804 ot consmnption. 

tit7. JOSEPH,* bora 1786. 

+lia SAMUEL,* bora 1788; died December 31. 1858. 

119. ELISHA,* bora 1791; died young. ' 

taa LUCINDA,* bom 1794; married Am Porter. 

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45 DAVID WHITCOMB," (Noah.* Israel,' Robert,* John,*) 
lived in Randolph, Mass. He was published to Phoebe Belcher Sep- 
tember 20, 1779. 


121. PHOEBE,* born 1781; married Samuel Wales of Boston. 

+133. DAVID,* 1 bora 1782; 

t»3. JONATHAN,* / died in infancy. 

124. ABI,* born 1784; married (i) Thayer, (2) Samuel Ncwcomb; died 1868. 

135. SUSAN," born 17S7; married Othniel Packard. 

+126. EPHRAIM,* bom 1789. 

127. PRISCILLA,* born 1790: died unmarried 1863 or 1864. 

128L ESTHER.* born 1794: married John Porter of East Randolph; died 

48 MOSES WHITCOMB,* (Noah/ Israd,» Robert,' John,') died 
in Randolph, Mass., in 1838. He was published June 30, 1787, to 
Racliel Wales, who was bom in 1765 and died in July, 1846. He 
was a Revolutionary war pensioner; enlisted in Braintree, Mass., Der 
cember, 1780; was discharged December, 1783. He was in the Massa- 
chtisetts State Troops under Capt John Hancock. 

tast. BATHSHEBA,* bom September 24, 17S8. 
+130. MOSES.* bom 1791. 

49 ROBERT WHITCOMB,' (Noah,* Israel,* Robert,' John.*) 
lived in that part of Braintree, Mass., which became Randolph in 1793, 
and Holbroc^ in 1872. He was married in 1794, to Mary linfield. 
He died November 9, 1809. 

4-131. SIMEON,* bom July 15. 1796. 
'•■132. LEWIS,* bom February 13, i8oa 

133.. MARY.* bom September 23, 18061 

134. NANCY.* bcm January 9, 1809^ 

68 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB." (Nathaniel,* James,* Robert.* 
John,*) lived in Hardwick, Mass., where he enlisted for the Crown 
Point Expedition. He served from September 20 to December 5, 

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1756. He was in Capt Ebenezer Cox's company in 1762. He was 
manied June 19, 1755, to Margaret, daughter of James and Mercy 
(Gibbs) Aitcen. He removed to Greenwich) Mass., before 1779. 

135- DORCAS,* bora June i(i^ 1756; died nnmuried, Jancury 3, 1777. 

136. LUCY,* born March i^ 1758. 

137 MARGARET,* baptized June 8; 1760: 

138. PHOEBE,* baptized October 34, 1762. 

t39. ABIGAIL,* baptized December 9, 1764. 

65 ASA WHITCOMB," (Nathaniel,* James," Robert.* John,*) 
removed about 1742 from Rochester, Mass., to Hardwidc, Mass., 
where he enlisted for service in the "Old French War," bdng a mem- 
ber of the company commanded by Capt. Paul Mandell, which toc^ 
part in the Crown Point Expedition from September 20 to December 
5> 1756; he viras a member of CapL Joseph Warner's OHnpany, which, 
August 9, 1757, marched as far as Kinderhook, N. Y., for the relief 
of Fort William Henry, and he was in Abercrombie's army when it 
was defeated at Ticonderoga, July 8, 175S. He sold a good farm in 
Hardwidc, Mass., in 1774 for continental paper money and, soon after, 
moved to Vermont, going first to Woodstock, of which he was select- 
man in 1774. He was stilt in Woodstock, April 4, 1777, but soon 
removed to Barnard, Vt., his family being the second family there. 
He was agent of the proprietors for the sale of the land, and induced 
a large number of his relations and neighbors from Hardwidc, Mass., 
to move to Barnard, so many, indeed, that on the organization of the 
town all the prindpal officers were, -with a single exception, Hardwidc 
men. He was selectman, 1778, first Justice of the Peace, 1778, Rep- 
resentative, 1779. He may have removed to Stockbridge in 1784-5, 
bdng chosen Representative in 1797. On his headstcme in Barnard 
is the following inscription : 

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d by Google 

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In memory of 

Asa Whitcomb, Esq. 

Who ended his career of usefulness 

March 31, A. D. 1812 

In the 78th year of his age. 

"He «M one of the framers of the 
OMstitntion of this State; one - ' 

of the first settlers of this town, 
snd a main pillow of its infant 
settlement; and, during the 
struggle for independence, 
was a firm supporter of the 
cance of his country." 

A smaller stone near by marks the grave of his wif<^ on whidi 

the first part of the inscription reads as follows : 

"Here lies my wife, 

Life of my life. 

And diildren that I will name. 

And if they're gone to distant worlds, 

My love is still the same. — 

Anthony, Asa Barnard, Joanna and Benjamin 

are in th«r graves. 
Wrote by Asa Whitcomb, Esq., A. D. 1809." 

He was a muscular man with features indicating great energy of 
character. He made some improvements in Stoddiridge but dared ' 
not remove there on account of the Indians^ who killed his cattle there 
at the time they came to Barnard. Tliey seem to have been seeking 
lum to avenge the act of another man named Whitcomb, "Major Ben," 
who ambushed and shot a British officer in Canada, during the Frendi 
War; Asa Whitcomb working at Stockbridge on the frontier, was 
taken to be the man, and when the Indians found no one in the town 
they came to Barnard, where they captured three prisoners, Wright. 
Newton and Haskell and todc Uiem off to Canada, believing Asa 

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Whitoomb to be one of thrir captives. At another time Asa Whit- 
comb was visited by three men from Canada, one of whom he knew to 
be a tory. They came in the guise of hunters, but he, suspecting 
that diejr were after him, planned to escape. He quietly summoned 
three ndg^bors named Lurvey, who lived together, telling tliem to 
come for life as he was beset by toriea. He damped the pans of Uior 
guns, got a good, stout wardub. and when they had eaten a good 
dinner, placed himself between them and the door, told tiiem tiiey 
were his prisoners as the house was surrounded and death would be 
the fate of the first man who resisted. They finally surrendered on his 
promise to treat them as prisoners of war. The Lurveys took charge 
of them and delivered them to the American garrison at Charleston. 
Immediately after the Revolution Asa Whitcomb made a journey 
akme to Ohio, traveling as far as he could with safety from the hos- 
tile Indians. In 1806 when his sons, John and Anthony, removed 
to Ohio, he went with them, and then proceeded alone to St Louts 
and back to Ohio. On his return he passed through a desert prairie 
where there were no inhabitants for a hundred and fifty miles. Family 
tradition says that at this time he bought mudi of the land now oc- 
cupied by the dty of St Louis. His paper money, the pledge of the 
pauper government, proving valueless he became penniless in his old 
age. He had a remarkable memory, and a mind stored with valuable 
matter, calculated to interest and amuse people of different ages and 
sexes. He was quite musically inclined. He had a fund of humor 
and sometimes expressed his thoughts in rhyme; On one occasion 
when the wife of a friend was giving vent to her impatience, he grave- 
ly asked the friend what he thought of Dr. Humgrum's prayer: 

, "Ye gods, jre gave to me > wife, 
Ottt of your wanted ^vor. 
To be the comfort of ray life, 
And I was glad to have her. 
But, if your Migfatineas divine 
For higher ends design her. 
Into your hand at any time, 
I'm ready to resign her." 

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His friend repU«d. "I think he spoke tike « Qiristiaii and a man 
of scns^ toa" * 

Asa Whitcomb vas married Mardi 15, 1759, to Joanna Raymond, 
who was born in Rochester, Mass., May 11. 1740^ and <tied in 1809. 

140. RHODA.** born Jwtjr t*, 1760; married .CipL Ephrsim Brisgs about 

+141, JOHN.' bom September 17, 1761. 

+14*. CHAPMAN," bom March S VT^i- 

+143. ANTHONY*bom Jane 17. t?«& 

144. ASA BARNARD.* bom Auctist 33, 1770! £ed before 1809. 

145. JOANNA,* bom July ti. 1773; died t8o». 
14& BENJAMIN," bora 1775; died before 1809. 

+147. PHILOCLES," bom June a?, 177& 

67 LOT WHITCOMB.' (Nathaniel* James," Robert,* John,») 
was married to Lydia Nye of North Bridgewater, Mass., December 9, 
1763. He removed to Barnard, Vt, bat was obliged to flee from the 

•BltodA WMUomb Britia vaa raarad In tba Calvlalatlo (alth of h«r fathar and 
iMCana a mambar of tha ConsrtKatlonal Chvreh of Barnard on tha dar at Ita orian> 
ballon and had bar ebUdran alt bapUaad thcrt, but haarlns Hoaaa Ballou praaob. aba 
bacama a UnlvarwllaL Sha «raa twlca olBclally admenUhad by tha ConiraBatlonal 
ChvMli and tatilr had a ohnreh trial tn whloh aba ptaad h«r own oauaa; aha waa 
d iawlaa ad or laft and "Jolnad" tha XInlvarMttata. Bha waa a eleaa and lnt«lll(ant Blbla 
atndaat and Iba dhrtnaa of bar acqualntanca oftan maaaurtd aworda with h*r. On 
«na occaalon a Congragatlonal paater from a nalKhborlDs town aakad bar to viva bar 
ldi» of tha Daltjr. "Cartalaljr, air; aftor you.** Ho than pleturad a Ood of vaniaanaa, 
Joatlca and maray. to tba oloot, and quotad Dr. Watta* hymn, two atanaaa of wbleb ara 
■JvoD balow: 

Tar tn tba daap wbara darknaaa dwoda, 

Th» land of horror and daapair; 
Jnatloa baa buUt a dlanal htil. 

And laid bar atoraa of Taniaanoo Ibart. 
Thar* inllty cboata el Adam'a raoa 

Sbrlak out. and bowl banaath thy rod; 
Oaea they could aoom a Savtour'a itaea. 
Bat tlMy incanaad a draadfui Ood. 
"Now. aald ho. •not mo haar your Idta." -WaU.** alta aaawarad witb a alib. 
"Taur God la my davO." 

M poraoQ aha waa tan and rathar apara, with rafular faatwaa mod a daoMadly 
htaBaeMwl oaat of eountananoa. itronKly raaombtlni bar fathar. Kw dtad at tba hema 
•'bar aen. Aaa Bamard, whoaa hema waa bar homa aftar Iba daalh of bar huaband. 
(OtaaMd from family popan br c w.) 

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Indians and went back to Hardwick, Mass.; later he returned to 
Barnard with his wif^ and Mrs. Olive Durkee says that many times 
she has heard her grandmother Lydia say "That at one time she was 
the handsomest woman in Barnard for she was the only woman there 
at the time." In 1778 he was a member of the "Committee of Safety," 
as the first town meetmg was called. He died April 7, 1797, and his 
wife February 22, 1831, both in Stockbridge, Vt His grave is the 
oldest in Stockbridge Common burying ground. 
Inscription on Lot Whitcomb's Tombstone: 
'Hcmember me u you pau \xf. 
For oDcfi I was like you; i 

For M I un, to must you be. 
And fo prepare to follow rae." 
14a BETTY," bom September ^ 1763. 
14a MEHITABLE,* bora April 2, 1765; died AprU 13. 1765. 
+ISO. BRANCH,' bom November 17. 1768. 
+151. PAUL,* bora 1770; died January 25, 1813. 
+152- NATHANIEL,* baptized July 33, 1772. 
+153. LOT,« baptized March 5, 1775. 
+154. JUSTUS,* Ibom March 5, 1779. 

ISS- LYDIA,* f married Amoa Huntington; had three children. 

+156. JAMES,* bom November 29, 1781, and baptized December ft 1781. 
+157. ASA.* 

59 JAMES WHITCOMB," (James,* James,' Robert,* John,») 
was the oldest of his father's ten children. He was bom in Hardwick, 
Mass., from which town he enlisted for service in Gen. Winslow's 
army in the Eastern expedition (Old French War), and was killed in 
July, 1755. As mentioned in diary of Surg. John Thomas, "July ye 
25 A. D. 1775/1 lodged at Ft Laurence and Lieut Williston came 
from Gauspereau bringing an accoimt that one of Cap. Cobb's men 
was killed, passing from ye foart to ye vilige (hi his hors; he and 
his hors were both killed. His name was Whitecombe, and be came 
frcrni Hardwick." 200 men were sent to Gatispereau to enquire into 
the case: (Hist Hardwick, Mass., by Ludan Paige.) 

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- "Just inside the.moats at Fort Gaspereau (now Moncton) is the 
old military graveyard with many red-sandstone tombstones still 
standing with thdr rude carvings and simple inscriptions; on one of 
them is written : 

James Whitecombe 

Killed by the Indians, 

July 24. I75S- 

Aet 23 years. 

In 187s the Government of New Brunswick erected a numumental 
tombstone to the memory of tlie Fort Moncton men who were slain by 
the Indians and Frendi and the name of James Whitecombe is among 
the number." (Boston Transcript, Nov. 26, 1892.) 

60 THOMAS WHITCOMB," (James,* James" Robert," John,*) 
was married to Thankful Brown of Brookfield, Mass., and the town 
records of Western, Mass. (now Warren), say, that the intention was 
published at Western August 20, 1763. Of the six sons in this family, 
of which Thomas was one, four had honorable records of service as 
soldiers in the Colonial or Revolutionary Wars. Thomas also is said 
to have served in the French and Indian War, but of this service tiiere 
seem to be no dates. He lived in Warren and died there April 18, 
177a Thankful was married (2) to Jonas Brewer of Brookiield. 

15& RUTH,* bom June 33, 1764, Western; msrried Damon of Gosliea; t¥ro 
+159- JAMES,* bom Januarr 30, 1766, Western. 
+160. THOMAS,* bom February 27, 1768, Westem. 

161. SARAH,* bora December ai, 176—, Western; died April 29, 1771. 

68 SCOTTOWAY WHITCOMB," (James,* James,' Robert," 

John,*) was married to Mary , who was bom in Rochester, 

Mass., August 15, 1789, and died in Washington County, N. Y., 
August 29, 1814. He died July 28, 1812. The family removed from 
Rochester to Western, Mass. ; thence to Brookfiekl and thence to Gran- 

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ville, Washington County, N. Y., where Scottoway was assessor in 
1788. The records of the War Department at Washington, show that 
Scottoway Whitcomb served in the Revolutionary War as an ensign 
in Capt Isaac Bolster's Company of the Third Regiment of Conti* 
nental troops, commanded by Col. Ebenezer Learned. His name also 
appears with rank given as quartermaster. His enHstment in this 
company ended December 31, 1776. He served again as quarter- 
master in Col. Danforth Keyes' Massachusetts Regiment, having been 
commissioned June 27, 1777, for tix months. He served again as a 
lieutenant in Capt Joel Green's company in Col. Ezra Wood's Regi- 
ment of Massachusetts Militia, beginning June, 1778, and ending 
January, 1779. Both Scottoway and Mary were buried in Granville. 

+162. SCOTTER,' boro Febnuiy 10, ij«, Weatern, Mus. 

163. LIHAS,* born Antrast 5, 1766, Western Mass. 

164. CYNTHIA,* bom Febnury 7, 1770, Western, Mass.; murried to Solo- 

mon Famsworth. 

165. LOVISA • bom May 30, 1773, Western, Msm. 
+166. PLINY,* born March 7. J77S. Western, Mass. 

ifi7. SARAH.* bom March 27, 1778, Western. Mass. 
168. MARY,* bom April 5, 1760, Western, Mass. 

64 ROBERT WHITCOMB," (James,* James.' Robert.' John,*) 
may have lived awhile in Greenwich, Mass., then in Sharon, Conn., 
then in Sunderland, Mass., moving thence to Richmond, Vt He was 
married to Eunice Sheldon in 1763. She was bom in Massachusetts 
and died in Bolton, Vt, June 24, 1828. 

He enlisted for the Revolutionary War, Fdsniary 2, 1776, Capt 
Stoddard's Company, Col. Burrall's Re^'ment. He was sergeant in 
the company of Capt Matthew Smith of Gen. David Waterbury's 
Regiment in 1781. "In March, 1781, Brig. Gen. Waterbury, Jr., was 
appointetl commander of the battalion ordered to be raised for the de* 
fense of the post at Horseneck and places adjacent and also all the 
guards raised for the defense of the sea coasts from Horsenedc to New 
Haven inclusive. The force was composed of drafts from the militia 

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and amounted to a brigade of two battalions. In July it joined Wash- 
ington while he was encamped at PhiUipsburg and for some time 
after was under Heath's orders on the Westchester line." 

Sergeant Whitoomb joined the company at its formaticHi, March 
31, 1781. His residence is given as Sharon, Conn., in the role^ He 
died in Bolton. Vt, April 26, 1817. 

(See record of Connecticut Men in the Revolution; p. 564-569.) 


+i6». JAMES,* born September 8, 1764. 

+I7a JOSEPH,* born July g, 171^. 

(171. JUSTUS,* born January »$, 176^ 

173. POLLY,** bom 1771; married Benjamin Bishop, hotel proprietor, Rich- 
mond, Vt 

+173. WINSLOW,* bom September ag^ 1773. Shwon, Conn. 

+174. ROBERT,* bom October 36, 17^ probably Sonderland, Mass. 

66 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB," (James,* James," Robert,* 
John,^) was married (i) to Mary Gibhs and had seven children; (2) 
October 7, I779, to Mrs. Mary (Haskell) Freeman, who was bom 
March 26, 1738. Warren town retards say he died March i, 1770; 
but the date must be wrong. 

*PalIy WtUtoomb ms ^ aplilltd uid beauiuul elrt and Denjamln Blahop, lUce her- 
Hlf, waa popular far and naar. Tbair war* married at Fay'a Cornera, a part of nicta- 
mond, Vt Robsrt Wbltaomb lived In a loc houaa. nineleotir coromodloua for hl> 
own larxa family, but not lars* ooourh to accommodata tka many Irlends that had 
baan tnvlted to tiM waddinc from lollca aioond, and aa the cereraonr waa about to 
begin a ahont aroaa; "BrluK them out and put ihem on lb* piled wood, ao w* can all 
BOO tb«n married." So tba minlatar and tba coupla were plaoed on tho piled wood 
and Um marrlaia waa aolemnlMd to tba aatlaractlon of tba aaaembled neighbors. Saul 
Blahop, Ibo aon of my sreat aunt Polly, told m« thla atory, and aald It could be vert< 
Aad by paopla than Urlng, and ha mv* no namea which I am ■onr t did not 
wrlta down^— W. H. 8. W. 

Thli eoupio praae n Uy opanad n tararn In Rlobmond but later removed to Buttlns- 
Ian and baeama proprletom ot "Blahop*^" for year* a popular boatalrr, latar known 
aa "Tha Howard Houaa," and itlll atandlnc. "When Om. I.afayatta visited America 
Um last lima Blahop'a had the honor of conveylni tba naUon'a sueat from Bniilns- 
ten to Uonlpdtar. The aqalpace, commodious enough for the PrssMant and bta cab- 
inet, waa reaplendant with naw paint and gliding, and was dmwn by six cream white 
heroes, and the moat famona whip ot an tba eoontrysida waa on the box." C. W. 

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+I7S. JAMES,* born Mtrch a. 1767. 

176. JOHN,* bora ; died December aft I77S- 

+177- SIMON,' bora Juntafy 5, 1775. 
+178. NATHANIEL,* bora . 

179. MARGARET,* bom ; married Insenol. 

180. LUCY,* bora ; married Stebbena. 

181. , POLLY,* bom ; married Wallace. 

70 JOSHUA WHITCOMB," (Robert,* James," Robert," John,») 
was married to Betty (or iJicy) Culver. With his cousin Asa Whit- 
comb, he emigrated from Hanlwidc, Mass., to Barnard, Vt. in 1775; 
was Hrst deacon of the First Congregational Church at Barnard. Scune 
time between 1806 and 1810 he moved to Jefferson County, N. Y., 
and was living during the war of 1812. He died in Jefferson County 
and both himself and wife are buried at Lime in that coun^. 

+i8z. MOSES,* died 1873 or 1873. 
+183. AARON,* born March la, 1791, Windham County, Vt 

184. ALMON,* married Garisaa Martin. 

iSS- SALLY,* married Jamea Merrimao. 

tS6. ELMIRA,* married Isaac Houclc 

187. JERUSHA,* married Henry Warren. 

188. REBECCA,* married Nehemiah Ross. 

189. SUSAN,* married Noyes Martin. 

190. LUCY,* married Samuel Wilder. 
igi. EMILY,* married Williams. 

72 MOSES WHITCOMB," (Robert.* James,' Robert," John,') 
was married November 4, 1762, to Sarah Powers. He lived in Hard- 
wick, Mass. April 19, 1775, he went as sergeant vrith a company of 
"Minute M(!n" to Cambridge. In 1777 he was in a company attached 
to CoL Cushing's regiment of Gen. Warner's brigade. 

19:1. JUDITH,* bom AagoU 10, 1763. 
-I-I03. CHARLES,* bom September as, 1765. 

194< JOSHUA.* bom May i9, 1768. .... 

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a* b tfandini yet, Mt BHM^. Old •»)] bnin, 
Ob Um hill-()dc when tia Mionlot, ■ mile above the town. 
In float the dooT-Uooc, broad iiid Oat, la Brm bcscath the fret. 
Ami ■ « «■ ! with Mlid tacartiBCH. all comen-la to gml. 
Tk« old aeulh raoaa, to plcaaaot, wIlli their vrindom low and wide, 
Rill CBUA the loyhl *aiuhluc, ■treaminx In en dlher aide. 
Tlwpaalurc, aptbt htllakte, rhowa Ita alKtag fence of talU. 
Ha Uithcaona Urda and bcrriea wild, Ita apciag that orttr faili, 
Jtad emy year, la automB-ttna, ttaio' atnahlaa and thro' rain. 
Tlia eU oak acatten aoberly, lt« aeoraa la the laac 

Ingram i:yCt^.J»f»-$twtui4*mg*tfr,£lismmitM,uj.] 

d by Google 

d by Google 


19S> AMOS,* (?) born October ii, . 

+ig& CALVIN,* baptised Hovember 17, 1776. 

•tifff. LUTHER.* baptized Angott 16, 177& 

ilA MOSES,* baptized Febntanr 18, 1781. 

74 ZADOCK WHITCOMB.* (Israel." Israel/ Israel.* Robert,' 
John,'} moved from Cohasset. Mass., to North Yarmouth, Maine. ' 
He was a tailor in' early life, but spent his last days as a fanner. He 
was married to Rachel Gray, who died in 1825, he himself dying 
March 16, 1838. 


199. SAMXJEL,* married but no record of children. 

*aao. JOHN GRAY,* bom November 17, 1793. 

4aoi. LEVI,' bom November is, 1795. 

aoa. ACHSAH,* married James Field; four children. I 

203. SARAH GRAY,* bom July 6^ I7S)8; married Rue) Drinkwater. I 

304. RACHEL,* married William Stetson; four children. | 

75 JACOB WHITCOMB,* (Israel,' Israel.^ Israel," Robert,* 
John,') lived in Cohasset, Mass., where he was married fo Anna 
Pratt She died July 28, 1855. He was a sea captain, running a 
trading vessel from Boston to Southern ports; he went to Springfield 
in 1794; in 1803 he moved and repaired the house which now stands ' 
on the farm. He died March 13, 1844. Capt Jacob Whitcomb was ' 
enterprising and public spirited and mudi respected by his townsfolk. ' 


mS. ACUSAH,* bom Aaguit 06, 1793, Cohasset. 
306. POLLY,* bom December g, 1795; died March sB, 1841; nnmarried. 
+307- EZEKIEL,* bora October 6, 1797. 
4ao& MOSES,* bom Februarr 8, iioi. 

MQ. BETSEY,* bom June 1% i9a&, Springfield, Vt.; nanied Daniel Wood- 
4310. Israel,* bom March 97, 1808; died November 17, 1883. ; 

77 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,* (Israel,' Israel.* Israel," Robert," 

John,*) was a bladcsraith by trade, living in Cohasset, Mass. He was '- 

married to Lydia Ramsdell, daughter of Barker RantsdeU. He died | 

in Newport, N. Y., January 4, 1849. : 

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*aiu SAMUEL,* bora September 14, 1792. 

aia. JOSEPH/ born July 3, 1794; died unmarried iSao. 
4413. EZEKIEL.* bom September 27, 1J97. 
4«t4. THOMAS JEFFERSON.* bom June 4. 1801, Hanover, Mast. 

79 DAVID WHITCOMB,« (Job," Israd/ Israel,* Robert,* 
John,^) lived in Cohasset, Mass., where he was married to Prudence 
Dorothy, who was bom in June, 1773, and died June 15, 1852. 

315. JOANNA,' bom May 23, 1797: was married to Samuel Bur1>ank. 

2itSL DAVIO W,* bom March 11, 1800; died September 33, 1805. 

317. LUCY* bom February 28, tSoj; marrted Ezekiel WhJtcomb (213). 

21a EUNICE DOROTHY,' bom November 35, 1806; died May 30, 1827. 

219. MARY,' bora Febraary i, 1808: was married to Robert T. French. 
+220. DAVID,' bora May 7, tSia 

321. JANE,' bora December 2^ 1811; was married to Joshua L. Higgins. 

223. SARAH,* bora November 14. 1814. 

SO SHUBAEL WHITCOMB," (Joseph," Israel,* Israel,' Robert,* 
John,*) left bis home in Cohasset, Mass., when he was fourteen years 
old, and went to Boston, where he worked at the carpenter's trade for 
seven years. Then he went to Thomaston, Me., where he worked for 
three years on the famous mansion of Gen. Knox. Retiuntng to Bos- 
ton, he was married, Thanksgiving 1801, to Ruth Lincoln, daughter 
of Abram Lincoln* of Cohasset She was bom December 24, 1776, 
and died July 9, 1864. He built a bride house, very nice for those 
days, in Lyman Place, now Lyman Street, near the old Leverett jaiL 
In 1812 he removed to Springfidd, Vt,. where he purchased a farm 
which still remains ( 1902) in the possession of his family. He died 
March 30, 1848. 

333. HANNAH,* bora May 38^ 1806^ Watertown, Mass.; narricd Jercmtah 
Ellis; had sbt children. 

d by Google 


t234. LINCOLN,* boro Januuy 4, 1808. 
t»5- HENRY KNOX,* born April 8, 1810. 
443& JAIRUS UNCOLN.' born August 19. 1813. 
227. SARAH,* born Miy 11, 1814; married John H. Spencer. 
+228. JOSEPH,* 1 

(bora August' 35, t8i6L 
t33» ABRAU.* J 
Z30- ELLEN MARIA.* born March la, 1830; married, 1840. her deceased 
sister's husband, John H. Spencer; died May 24, i83i. 

88 LABAN WHITCOMB,' (Joseph," Israel,* Israel,' Robert,* 
John/) lived in Cohasset. Mass., where he was married to Sarah 
Whitcutt. who was bom October 18, 1781. He died in August, 1824. 

331. GEORGE,' born 1806; last heard oE in California, 1864. 
232. SARAH,* bom July 1811; died April 13. 1814, 
43U. WILLIAM,* born February 3i, 1815. 

334. CHARLES,* born December 20, 1817; went to Mobile, Tenn. 

335. JAMES L.,* boni August 9, i^; went to Memphis, Tenn. ' 

86 THOMAS WHlTCOMB,» (Joseph," Israel,* Israel,' Robert,' 
John,') was a farmer living in Cohasset, Ma.'is., on the homestead 
where several generations of his ancestors had lived and died. The 
house built by Israel,' still stands. He was married to Lois Litcli- 
field, who was born in Cohasset, July 6, 1798; she died May 3, 1873. 
He died December 28, 1882, at Bcechwood. 


336. HARRIET,* bom May 5, ifoi, Cohasset; married John Marble; resided 

in Cohasset. 

337. RUTH,* born September 37, 1823, Cohasset; married Sylvester. 

338. REBECCA,* bom December 16, 1825, Cohasset; married Litch- 

+339- THOMAS CUSHING.* bora May 15. 1837. Cohasset. 

240. CATHERINE,* bora July 33, 1831, Cohasset; married Hunt 

241. ELIZA JANE,* bora July 22, 1839. Cohasset; married Litchfield. 

89 PEREZ WHITCOMB," (Lot," Israel,* Israd,« Robert,* 
John,*) moved from Cohasset, Mass., to Springfield, Vt; soon after 

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his marriage in 1798 to Prisdila Litchfield of Scituate. The/ settled 
in tlie westem part of the town on a farm where they lived the rest 
of tlieir lives. For more than fifty years he drove sheep and cattle 
to Brighton market, and, as a drover, was well known to the farmers 
and stock raisers of Eastern Vermont In the early days he often 
carried money from Boston to the Charlestown, N. H., Bank, the stage 
coadies being avoided because of danger from highwaymen. No one 
ever thought of the drover's rusty saddle bags as a hiding place for 
money, and Mr. Whitcomb's own honesty was undoubted. His wife 
was bom in Scituate in 1780 and died July 15, 1843. ^^ <^<^ Janu- 
ary 9, 1853. 

+443. CUMMINGS PRATT,' bom Augtiit Sfc 1799- 
a43- LYMAN,* born August 15, 1801; died i8t& 

044. OLIVE RUSSELL,* bora April sg, 1E03: nurried September n, 1831. 
to Joseph Sheldon. 
4345. SALMON,* born March 13, iBos. 
346. FANNY LITCHFIELD,* born May 17, 1807; died March 6. ifioSl 
't347. ELISHA LINCOLN,* born January 14, 1809. 
348. ELIZABETH ANN,* bom iSis. 
+349- GEORGE CUSHING,* bora July 6, 1814. 
435a JAfclES LITCHFIELD,* bom December 21. 1831. 

95 LOT WHITCOMB,« (Lot,* Israel,* Israel." Robert," John,*) 
was married in Boston, March 31, 181 1, to Dolly Barber. No fur- 
ther data concerning Lot and Dolly is yet found. 

108 RICHARD WHITCOMB,* (Noah," Noah,* Israel," Robert," 
John,0 was married March 19. 1806, to Susan LittleGeld. They lived 
m Dorchesterl Mass., where he died October 8, 1827; she died August 

13, 184a 


351. JOHN,* born June or Ausust 17, 1807; married Louisa Andrews, no 

cbildren; he died March 15, 1S4S. 

352. SAMUEL,* born December 3, 180S; died January 9, 1837; n 

353. ELIZA ANN,* bom November 39, 1811. 
-(354. RICHARD.* bora August 15, 1814. 

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il4 JACOB WHITCOMB,' (Jacob." Noah/ Israel," Robert* 
John/) was married to Sally, daughter of Zenas French. He lived 
in Randolph, Mass., where he was a prominent citizen, holding many 
offices in town and parish. For some years he was leader of the church 
choir, and was always an active worker in church circles. He died 
September 29, 1825. 

«S5. JACOB,' born Jamaxj 23, 1807. | 

116 ISAAC WHITCOMB," (Jacob,' Noah,* Israel,' Robert,' 
John,*) lived in Randolph, Mass., where he was married (1) to Lydia 
Wales, who was bom April 3, 1785, and died April 21, 1823, and (2) 
to Lydia Reed, who was bom June ii, 1788, and died Fd)nury 5, 


356. EMILY WALES,' born April 25, tSii; died December 19, 1826. ! 

357. ISAAC JEROME,* born June ii, iSai; died January aj, 1865. I 
tasa LEMUEL SMITH,' bom August 37, 1836. ; 

117 JOSEPH WHITCOMB," (Jacob/ Noah* Israel,' Robert,* 
John,*) was married to Eunice French, November 17, 1808. They 
lived in Randolph, Mass., where he died October 18, 1859. and she, 
January 3, 1877. He was a boot and shoe maker. 1 

•1459. JOSEPH,' bora June 4, i8o>>. ' I 

*36a ALFRED WALES.' born April 15, l8ii. 
361. EUNICE.' bom May vt. i8aa; died November 30, 1840. 

118 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,' (Jacob," Noah,* Israel," Robert,' , 

John,*) h'ved in Randolph, Mass., where he was married to Ruth 

French, May, 1818. His occupation was farmii^ until his health 

ford}ade out door labor after whidi he taught school for eleven sue- . 

cessive winters. He died December 31, 1858. IBs wife died April 6, j 



303. SAMUEL,' bora April 18, 1819; died October I, 1844. I 

3^ RUTH FRENCH.' bora March la, 1837. j 

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132 DAVTD WHITCOMB,' (David,» Noali/ Israel," Robert* 
John,') lived in Randolph, Mass., where he was married to Abigail 
Whitii^. He was a farmer. He died in 1855. 

964. ABIGAIL.* born 1S13; died 183B or 1830^ aged 17. 

365. SUSAN/ bom 1814; died 1833, aged nineteen. 
4a6& DAVID/ bom 1816. 

367. PHOEBE/ bora 1818; married Unfield Wales; died 1882. 
4368. JOHN BROOK,* bora t83o. 

969. UARRIET/ bom 1834: married L. W. Paine; died 1847. 

126 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB.' (David,» Noah/ Israel.' Robert.' 
John,') lived in Randolph, Mass., where he was married (i) to Polly 
Faxim, (2) to Esther Thayer. He died in 1863. 

-tSTa EZRA,* bora 1808? 
371. GEORGE,* born 1841; no children. 
373. EPHRAIM,* bora 18^; oamarried. 

120 MOSES WHITCOMB,* (Moses,* Noah,* Israel.* Robert.* 
John,*) resided in Randolph. Mass., where he was married to Lydia 
Paine. He died in 1868. 



374. LYDIA WHITE,* bora May 23, 1831; residence, Holbrook, Mass. 
4375. MOSES WALES/ born May 14, 1835, Randolph, Mau. 

37& SALLY W» 

121 SIMEON WHITCOMB,' (Robert,* Noah.* Israel.* Robert,* 
John,') was married December 24, 1822, to Olive Faxon. Thqr lived 
in Randolph, Mass. 

■1377. SIMEON L./ bora December 11. iSss 
^ LEONARD F.,* bora October 7, 1838, died January, 1S63; nnniarried. 

122 LEWIS WHITCOMB,* (Robert,* Noah,* Israel,' Robert,* 
John,*) lived in Randolph. Mass. He was married (i) to Mary P. 
Gihnore of Raynham. 1833, and (3) to Lydia C Frendi. 1838. 

tlJ9. LEWIS B,,* bora November 33, 1846; unmarried. 

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14i JOHN WHITCOMB," (Asa,' Natlianid,* James,» Robert," 
John,*) seems to have moved from Barnard to Stockbridge, Vt, 
where he was one of the first selectmen of the town. He was a private 
in the Revolutionary War under three different commands, his term of 
service ag^r^ating about nine and one-half months. In 1792 he was 
elected first representative. He was a very social man and thought 
nothing of going a dozen miles in \ai sleigh to spend the evening with 
friends. He bad only a common school education but was well-in- 
formed in many lines. He was a member of the Vermont Constitu- 
tional Convention in 1793. He lived a while in Rochester, Vt, and 
in 1806 with his brother Antlioiiy, he moved to Ohio, Cincinnati then 
being a small place of 11 50 inhabitants. He was married to L^ia 
Parmenter of Stockbridge, Vt He died in Qiitlicothe, Ohio. She 
died at Mr. Taylor's hous^ six miles south of Lafayette, Ind., and 
was buried in the Hickory Grove Cemetery in Tippecanoe County, Ind. 


aSa JOHN,' 1 bom June 8^ 1798, Stockbridge. Vt. 

a8t. ALHIRA,' { died August 39, 1830; unmariied. 

438x ASA,* bom October it, iTgo. 

■tafia. JAMES,' born December i, 1791 or 1795, in Rochester, Vt., near Stock- 
'faS4. DAVID,' bora November i, 1797, in Rochester, Vt., near Stockbridge. 

aBs. SUSAN.' bom . 

38& SALLY,' born , 

4387. SIMON,' bom June 7, tSio, in Ohio. 

^ JOANNA,' 1 '""' D«'=*™I'C'' ^ *8is, in Ohio. 
142 CHAPMAN WHITCOMB,* (Asa,* Nathaniel,* James,' Rob- 
ert,' John,*) received a liberal education, having been graduated from 
Dartmouth College. He was a poet of some note and is mentioned 
in "The Hundred Bc»ton Orators." He lived in Harvard, Mass., 
where he.was married to Rhoda Willard. His will dated July 3, 1827, 
mentions his daughter Joanna; the son's name is found elsewhere. 

ago. JOANNA,* bora April 6, tjgy, nuitried Abner Fither. 

agt. PHINEAS WILLARD,' bom July 7, 1798; probably died young. 

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148 ANTHONY WHITCOMB,' (Asa,» Nathaniel.* James." Rob- 
ert,' Jt^n/) went with his father's family from Hardwidc, Mass., to 
Barnard, Vt. He enlisted when fifteen years and twenty-four days old 
in Capt Nehemiah Lovewell's Company, serving four months apd 
nineteen days in the Revolutionary War. He was married to Loi^ 
Right, who was bora May 15, 1774, and died October 5, 1821, and, 
in 1806, moved to Ohio, settling in Butler G>unty near Cincinnati. He 
prd>ably died soon after this as he was not living in 1809. His widow 
married a man named Newton, by whom she had two children. 


392. RHODA,* bom March 16, inSi numed John Stnbbs; died October 34. 
■M93. BENJAMIN RAYMOND, bora May 16, 1798. 
394< FOLLY* (or MARY), bora September 3, 1799; raBiried James Saxon; 
died Auguat i<^ 1834. 

a95- LUCY,T bom April 33, 1800; nurried (i) TalboU, (3) in 183S, 

Jamet Saxon; died Febraaiy 4, i849> 
396. DEREXA,'' bora April 8, 1802; married Williara Morer: fourteen cbll- 

4397- JOHN RIGHT.* bora July 14. 1804. 
398. AHANDA,* born ; married Alexander Johnion. 

147 PHILOCLES WHITCOMB,« (Asa,» Nathanid,* James,' Rob- 
ert,' John.* ) was the "first white child bom in Barnard, Vt" He was 
married to Mrs. Lois (Metcalf) Hall, and seems to have followed his 
brothers West He resided in Indiana for some time. He died about 
1841, his widow surviving htm until December, 1866, when she died 
TigtA ninety-live years. 

49991 MARSHALL,' born 1800; died '1845- 
3001 LAURA.* 'bora Febraarr, 1804; died December, t86& 
•^i. ROLLIN,' bora September 9, 1808L 

150 BRANCH WHITCOMB,* (Lot," Nathaniel,* James,' Robert^* 
John,*) was bora in Hardvrick Mass.; died in Stockbridg^ Vt, 
October 17, 1834. He was several times chosen a member of tiie ■ 

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Mr. James Ellwrood Morey, an attorney of Hamiltcm, Ohio, and 
a descendant of Asa Wliitcomb, of Barnard, Vt., sends corrected rec- 
ords which are placed here because they are received too late to be 
properly tabulated : 

148 ANTHONY WHITCOMB," (Asa,» Nathaniel,* James," 
Robert,* John,') was bom June 17, 1766; \vx& married to Lucy 
Wri^it, who was bom May 15, 1774, 



a. I.UCy,» bom . 

3. RHODA,fborn . 

4. MARY.t born . 

5. JOHN RIGHT,* bora . 

6. DEREXA,* born . 

7. AMANDA.* bom 

6 DEIUiXA WHITCOMB.^ (see line above), was bom April 

18, 1802, in Windsor county, Vt; was married May 6, 1824. to 
William Morey, who was bom September 7, 1801, in Steuben county, 
N. Y. 

I. LUCY ANN WRIGHT MOREY,* bom June 17. iSas; deceased, 
a. ROBERT ANTHONY WHITCOMB MOREY,* bora September f?, 
1826; deceased. 

3. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MOREY,* born May 16, 1828; deceased. 

4. MARY JANE MOREY,* bom December ai, tSsQ: deceased. 

5. EDWARD RUTLEDGE MOREY,- bom October 7. 1831; Imng, 1904- 

6. WILLIAM JOHNSON MOREY,* 1 bora November 2, 1833; both 

7. REBECCA MOREY,* I deceased. 

8. OLIVER FERRY MOREY,* bora October S. 1835: deceased. 

g. FRANCES MOREY," (now Haines), bora July 6, 1S37; living, 1904. 

■a JOSEPH WARREN MOREY,* born April 35, iSjg; deceased. 

11. HENRY LEE MOREY,* bora April 8, 1841; deceased. 

12. ELBRIDGE GERRY MOREY, born March g, 1843; deceased. 

(3. JAMES ELLWOOD MOREY,* bora April 3, 1845; married April 16, 
1873, Winona Cbadwick, one child, Helen Whitconb^ bom Decen- 
ber ax, 1883- 

14. HATELLA MOREY.* bora Febraary 28, 1848; dcceaMd. 

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These records are inserted here because received too late to be ' 
properly tabulated. 

899 FRED EDWIN WHITCOMB," (Edwin Ruthven,' Aaron.* 
Joshua,' Robert,^ James,' Robert,' John/ ) was married August, 1899, I 
to Dora Burrell, who was bom September 31, 1867. They reside at 
Nicollet, Minn. 


laiM. CLAUDE LESLIE,* born July 11, 1890. 

laiab. RUTH,* born February 12, iS{^. 

I3t2c. ALMA,* born October lO^ i8()5. 

IS. IthK i ^"^ J'"""''' ^^ 

laiaf. GEORGE, born igoi. 

901 LESLIE ORLANDO WHITCOMB.* (Edwin Ruthven/ 
Aaron,* Joshua," Robert,* James,' Robert,' John,* ) is in the employ 
of the Wisconsin Central Railroad, and resides at Minneapolis, Minn. 
He isalso a photographer. He was married September 11, 1895, in 
Kasson, Minn., to Marion Decker, who was born March 17, 1871, in 
Kasson, Minn. Th^ are Congrcgationalists. 

I3»B. FLOREHbE DECKER,* bom December 2, iSgO^ Kasson. 

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state legislature and was a good citizen. He was married (i) to 
Elizabeth Rogers, who was bom in 1768 and died in 1808, ;uid (a) 
in 181 1 to Olive Baker, who was bom August 3, 1782, and died in 
Stodcbridge, Jidy 21, 1861. 


ytx ELIZABETH,' n»med Edward Darkee. 

303. ABIGAIL,* married Mark Bullard. 

304. MARY/ married Leonard Brown. 
+305. BRANCH,' bora 1799. 

430& IRA.' 

307. ANNA,* married Lucius Brown. 

308L CLARISSA,' bom 1805; died aged 17. 

■»30S». LOT,' born April 33, 1806. 

jia OLIVE,' bom February 17, 1808;. married Joseph Durkee. 

311. NANCY B.,' bora June 4, 1813; married Dr. O. T. Houghton, lived in 
Bakersfield, VL; died March 34. i8g6. 

3ia^ ORVIS,' 

+313. ELIAS KEYES,' bora Februarr 14, 1814. 

+314- ALBERT,' bora December 2, 1815. 

315. ADALINE,' bora Febraarjr 17, iSao; died November 15, 1874. 

161 PAUL WHITCOMB,* (Lot.» Nathaniel,* James,* Robert.* 
John,*) lived in Stodcbridge, Vt, where he died January 25, 1813, 
i^ed forty-three years. He was married to Eunice Lamberton, who 
died March 22, 1843, aged sixty-nine years. She was married (2) to 
Dantd Gi^ for whom Gaysville, Vt, was named. 


316. MARIAM,' married Ira Fay and lives at Bakersfield, Vl 
■^317. PAlfL,' bora Jolr 19, 1806: died March 4, 1877. 

+jia JAMES,' bom . 

+3I9- REUBEN,' bora August 21, 1806. 

3aa SALLY M.,' bora ; married Merrick Gay and bad six children. 

+3ai- BENSON.' 

333. ELIZA,* died April t, 1836. 

162 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB,' (Lot," Nathaniel,* James.' 
Robert/ John,') was married March 5, 1795, to Betsey Chamberlain. 

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She was bom May 17, 1774. They lived in Stoctcbridge, Vl, where '. 
be died August 19, 1852. 


333. LOT.T born Horember 3, 1795; died May la, 179& 
+324. JOTHAM/ born April i, 1797. I 

43*5- INCREASE CHAUBERLAIH.v bom Febmuy 8. r7». | 

39& LYDIA,* bom March 3, 1801; married Ira Njre; three children. 
^3x7. REUBEN SHERMAN,! bom March 5, 1803. 

338. AMANDA,* bom April 19, 1805; died Jnly 34, 1807. 
+339. SAMUEL NYE.» bom May 4. 1807. 

330. MIRANDA,* bora April ^ 1809; djed Hay 16, 18091 

331. ASA,* bora April 15, tSio; died February 37, iSiI. 
33a. SUSANNAH,* born December 31, 1811. 

333. EUNICE,* bora Marcfa 3t, 1814. 

334. CHRISTIAN,* ) narried Martha Lovejoy and died agcdSft. 

I' bora April att 1816. 
3361 NOAH,* bora September 17, i8ai. 

188 LOT WHITCOMB,' (Lot," Nathaniel,* James,* Robert," 
}cAm^) was married to Azubah Chamberlain, sister of the wife of his 
brother Nathanid. He was called "Captun Lot," having served with 
distinction in the war of 1S12. His sword that he carried at the bat- 
tle of Plattsburg is in the possession of his grandson, Mr. N. L. Shel- 
don, an attorney of Boston. Capt Lot Whitcomb was a dose friend 
of the Hon. Elias Keyes who was one of the three first settlers of 
Stockbridge, a man prominent in public affairs and a member of Con- 
gress. A receipt which passed between them has been preserved and 
reads as follows: "This certifies that all book accounts and notes 
and recdpts which has been made between us previous to the first day 
of April, 1828, is all settled and no more to be looked over again. 

Elias Keyes 

Lot Whitcomb." 
Capt Whitcomb was "licensed for keeping a House of Public En- 
tertatnroent in Stockbridge." The portrait which is shown on another 
page rqtresents him at the age of ninety-twa He died August 5, 
1867, and his wife died April 18, 1858, aged eighty. 

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rjiu ^« ■'gi!>*fefa'Ei.'? . 'yav<Jifec.....iV.i;: 

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4337. LOTJ bom 1797. 

-I3]8l ICHABOD,' born October 4. iTgg. Stochbridse. VL 
330. AZUBAH,^ bom Janauy 4, i8oa; married Huen Rkhardion; died 

November 4, 1884. 
+M(ii. JAMES ERI.* bora jnne 34. 1804, Stocltbridse, Vt 
34>- SUSAN DEULAH.* bom July 6, 1S06: died October 10. 1889. 
34X ELVIRA,* bora 1808 or 1809. 

164 JUSTUS WHITCOMB* (Lot* Nathaniel* James," Robert,* 

John,*) \vas married to and removed from Stockbridge. Vt., 

to Poolville. N. Y., where he died. 

343. SALLY.' 
344- MORRIS.* 
+345. JUSTUS.' 

166 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (Lot," Nathaniel,* James." Robert." \ 
John,*) was married September 19, 1808, to Hannah Blossom, of 
Pittsfield, Vt.; she was bom May 4, 1784, in Pittsfield, Vt., and died 
July 33, 1830. He was a fanner and died November 10, 1844, in 
Giardon, Ohio. 


346. HARRIET,' bora October 30. 1810, Stockbridge, Vt; died Jpne 14, 


347. MARIETTA,' bora Ansast 5, 1813, Stockbridce, Vt; died November, 

1895, Itasca, IlL 
+348. JUSTUS,' born June 33, 181^ Stockbridge, Vt. 
349. MINERVA,' bom January ao, 1817: married Welton; resides in Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 
+350- JAMES HENRY,' bora Febraary 6, 1834- 
3Sr. HANNAH J.,' bom August 36, iSai; resides East Cleveland, Oliia 
353. BENJAMIN,' bora May 13, 1819: died Febraary 34. 1873, in Chagrin 

Palis, Ohio. 
3SJ. AMOS HUNTINGTON.' bora April as, 1836; died May it, 1863, fn 
California; no children, 

1S7 ASA WHITCOMB," (Lot," NatlianW Jamej," Rob«rt,« 
John/) was married to Maiy — . The {amity removed from 

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Stockbridge, Vt, to near Qeveland, Ohia They at one time lived 
near Chillicothe, Ohio. 


354. ASA.' 

355. JAMES.' 

3S& MASy (MaiiOD). 

357. ANIC dbncr). 

358. PAUL.' 
3S». BETSEY.' 

169 JAMES WHITCOMB,* (Thomas," James,* James,' Robert,' 
Jolin,*) was married December 17, 1791, to Anna Waldo Hunt who 
was bom November 39, 1769; they resided in Williamsburg, and in 
Northampton, Mass. He died April 5, 1847. His wife Anna died 
October 7, 1829. 


360. SALLY,' bora September a£, 1792. 

361. ELIZA.' bora Octotier ati; 1794. 
36X AMELIA,' bora November 19, I7g& 
363. DELILAH,' bora November 3, 1798. 


bora January I, iSoo, WilltanisburK, Maet. 
365. SABRIHA,' 

3£dL THOMAS,' bora December 3, 1802. 
3lf7. PRUDENCE,' bora December 7, 1603. 
3<8L ABIGAIL HUNT,' born April 6, tSog. 

160 THOMAS WHITCOMB,' (Thomas,' James,* James,' Rob- 
ert,' John,*) was married to Narrimore of Goshen, 

Mass. They lived in ; occupation . 

^^ ALONZO.' 
mo. CYNTHIA.' 
37r. ORRIN.', 
37X SALLY.' 

162 SCOTTER WHITCOMB,' (Scottoway,' James,* James,' 
Robert,' John,') lived in South Granville, Washington County, N. Y. 
His wife, Olive Parsons, died May 15, 1845. He died July 24, 184a 
'Sa was a deacon of the Congregational church and held town offices. 

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XP3- LUCY,* born 1784; ourried John Potter; died AprU tt, 1866. 

374- MARY* (or Polly), bom Novemberii, 1788; married Dsvid Lee; tUtd 
FelMmry 15, 1845. 
«375. SAUUEL,* bom Aprti 34, iTgt, GrmnviDc. N. Y. I 

♦J76. SCOTTOWAY.' bora . 

377. LOAMMI,* bora ; Imd in Ontario, M. Y.; a physician. 

4378. LEWIS,* bora . 

Sj% OLIVE,' bom ; married William Austin of Poultney, Vt. 

•38D1 LOVINA,* born ; married (1) William Ryder, (a) HarrU. 

+381. FLYNH,* bora July % 1805. 

168 PUNY WHITCOMB,' (Scottoway," James/ James,* Robert,' 
John,* ) was married ( i ) to Prudence Fuller, who died May 18, 1819, 
aged forty-five; he was married (a) to Mai^ret (Woodward) Knapp 
(widow). He was a farmer and speculator. Pliny and Margaret botli 
died in South Granville. He died August i, 1858. 

4383. REUBEN,* bora Norembcr 15, 1796. I 

383. EUNICE,' ] married Samuel Hills; died Sept. 33. 1833, aged 36. ! 

\ bora 17991. ' 

+384. PLINY,' ) 

385. ASAHEL,' bora Febraary 9, 1806. 
386l UNAS,' married Maria Waite; no children, 
+387. TRUMAN A,' born November 30, i8to. 
+3S! LeW' I"""* November 13, 1813, Granville, N. Y. 
ISO- iKt? died unmarried. 
391. HARY,' bom September 15, 1813; married January 6, l836t Samuel 

Hills, her dcceaaed sister's husband. 
39a. LYMAN,' died October. 1808. 

169 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (Robert.' James.* James* Robert,' 
John,*) moved from Richmond, Vt, to Bolton, Chittenden County. 
Vt, where he purchased a large farm on the Winooski River. He 
kept a flourishing and well known stage house there for many years 
and was one of the most popular of the many landlords of his time 
and vidni^. He was married to Lucy Kitbum of Waterbury, who 

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sumved him, both of them living to old age. His death resulted from 
a fall from a load of hay> April 30, 1851. Lacy died in Battle Cmk, 
Mich., Mardt 25, 1853. 


399- POLLY," bom Febntry 3, 1796 or 1797, B<riU)ii. Vt; tnurjed Richard 
-t^JH. ALMON,* born June aa, 1799, Bolton. Vt. 
+395. ALBERT,' bom June la, 1804, Bolton, Vt. 

M&- LUCINDA.' bom October a?. 1807, Bolton, Vt; married Henry Lewlt. 

397. KILBURH,* bora September so, tSoft Bolton. Vt; no children. 
^XfL S1IELDOH,* bom November 30. 1811, Bolton. Vt 

39» WEALTHY C.' born Augnst 33, 1814, Botton, Vt; married James 
-Noix ORLANDO,' bom Jnly 33, 1815, Bolton, Vt. 
+401. JAUES HARRISON,' bom December 31, 1818, Bolton, Vt 

403. CHARLES H,* bora March 30^ 1820, Bolton, Vt; no children. 

170 JOSEPH WHITCOMB,' (Robert," James,* James,* Robert.' 
John,*) was a stone mason and master of his craft He had many im- 
portant contracts, one of which was work on tbe Canadian Govern- 
ment buildings at Quebec He was married (i) in Canada to 

Harrison of Quebec She died and he was married (2) to Mrs. 
Huldah Bacon, an English lady of great personal worth. She died at 

*Pollr WUteenb at Bolton, Vt, nurrtod « dMeendmnt of the hare o( tb« foOow- 
tat hteia«nt, which haa bean haadad down frau fathar to aon «var alnca It oeeumd 
In iTtS. U haa baam clvan tba wrttar for Inawtlon here, (a W.) 

"Dm. Jmna Janaa itaa ana of Uia llrat from tba Uaancliuaatta Bar Colony to 
take vp ft howaataad aaunc tha Graan IfovntalBa. "Ha atood alx faat roar Inchaai 
barefoot; wal^iad W» ponnda and waa atntnc MconllD'.' Soon attar ba awlsratad 
north ba aaadad a caldron katUa with which to maka aott aoap, and want flva rnOaa 
thrawh tba wooda to borrow one of a aatU«r. 

"Ba carrM Ui* ketlla by pntttns It on hia baad. bottom sida uh with tha pntua 
ar laga. at eonraa, axlandlny npwarda. Aa ha could loiA onlr on tha sronnd ha had 
t« taka It off ocealonally to cat Ua baarlnsa and to raat ao that dnak found blm atm 
noma diatanoa from hIa eUarlnc and bla cabin. Suddanlr, witboat nolaa or wan>la( 
a( any kind, ba wA torcad to tha earth by a tramandona blow on tba Inttia, and 
fMmd bimatft undar tha Iron cage with bla Ian axlandad on tha gmnnd In fmnt 
Aa BOOB aa ba couM eoUaet bla acattared senaaa bo aummenad all hIa ctrenftb and 
I0t ont fr<^ nndar tka iraatty Incraaaad walebt cf tha kattla to and a hnsa eatft* 
BMvat Impalad apan ona of Ita lacn Tba animal bad laapad tram tba brantfi of • 
Iraa npaa tha kattla aa It waa bonta alMif balow, mlstaklnc It for a new Und of 
pray, aad ona of Ita laga had panatntad a vital part, kOlInc tha eraatnra hMtantty." 

TUa tawldant fcnn part of a akatdt In tha ■^araonter" for Febmary, iflH. 

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Hawksbury, Ontario^ after a long and tiseful life. He died in Hawks- 
bury also and both are buried there. Joseph Whitcomb was a man of 
sound sense, good judgment and great integrity. See letter from bts 
granddaughter, Polly Whitcomb Browne, in the appendix. 

4403- JOSEPH SKIN^fER.f born . BkUstoa, M. Y. 

+404. SAMUEL BACON.* born . 

40s. ANNA,' boni — '■ — ; married Stevens. 
«4o4L NOAH HARRISON,' bom . 

171 JUSTUS WHITCOMB,' (Robert,"* James,* James,* Robert.^ 
John,*) accompanied his parents from Massachusetts to Vermont in 
his bo^ood; he emigrated with his wife, who was Polly Ellis of 
Shaftsbury, Vt, to the wilderness of Northern New York, when a 
yoang maiL They were married January 6, 1795. They settled on a 
farm in Laurens, N. Y., and there all their children were bom. He 
was a just and upright pioneer citizen and left a record for integri^. 

407. ANNIE,' bora Febraaty 9; 1796, Laurens; married William Clark. 

■4(A EUNICE,' bora Octc4>er 9, 1798; Lanrens; married Scott Bana. 
■»409. DAVID ELLIS,* bora Aagast 31, 1800, Laurens. 

410. MARY,' born June a, 1808, Laurens; married James Brigffs. 

411. WILLIS.' born March ai, t9o9, Laurens; died in childhood. , 
4ta. FRINDA.' born March 13, iSii, Laurens; died yonnff. ' 

413. ALMIRA,' bora September 5, 1817, Laurens; married Isaac Peny ' 

Ruth burn. 

414. JULIANM,' bora July 6, iSat, Lanrens; married Jonathan Brainerd. 

17» WINSLOW WHITCOMB,* (Robert,* James,* James," Rob- 
ert,* J<^^) was married to Margaret Ellis of Shaftsbury, Vt, by the 
Hon. Geoi^ P. Marsh of Burlington, September 38, 1806. He fol- 
kiwed his brother Justus to Northern New Yoric He was a physician 
and surgeon and lived in different towns, where he practiced his pro* 
fession. In the early days when the country ^vas new, he made his 
rounds on horseback with medicines and surgical instruments in sad- 
dldags. He knew great hardship but had great endurancb His first 

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wife died after birth of their third son, when he was married to Eliza- 
beth Ncff. Dr. Winslow Whitcomb, like his brother Justus, was a ., 
Freewill Baptist, and their descendants for five generations have lived | 
and died in same faith. He died aged ninety-two, and the portrait 
shown of him on another page was taken shortly before hts death. 


+4IS. RASSELAS PRINCE,* bom Decemlxr 8, i8o^ Pottsdam, N. Y. 
+416. WESTON WINSLOW,' born August 37, 1816. Stockholm. N. Y. 
417. REUBEN ELLIS ELBERT.» born , OtCEO. N. Y. 

+41& ALWELL ATWELL,' l»om October ao, 1838, Otcgo, N, Y. 

419. CELINA OLIVA,' born Jane 22. 1830; married Henry Howe; died 1885. 

4ao- MARY MALVtNA.* bora ; died 1868: unmarried in New York. 

431. HARRIET ELIZABETH,' bora 1837: died 1845. 

4^3. UARTHA ADELIA,' bora March 37. 1839; married P. B. Fitch. 

423- EMMA ANN,' bom ^ ; died in inhncy. 

174 ROBERT WHITCOMB," (Robert," James,* James," Robert,* 
John,*) was a brick mason. He lived in Massachusetts, in Canada, in 
Northern New York and in Bolton and Underhill, Vt He was mar- 
ried in Long Island September 15, 1803, to Mary Ann McKay, who 
viras bom January 23, 1784, in Montmorency near Quebec, Canada. 
Robert died in Underbill, Marcli 20, [844, and Mary Ann in the same 
place January 18, 1867. 


434. MATILDA ELEANOR,'* bora July 9, 1804; married (i) Oliver Church. 

two children (3) Deacon Joseph Wells; died August 14, 1864. 

435. ELIZA SOPHIA,'* bora September 13. 1806; married Joseph Kings- 

bury; had four children; died July 33, 1S8S, Bradford, Mass. 
♦■436. ROBERT McKAY,' bora November afi, 1808, Madrid, N. Y. 
+437. EDWARD SHELDON,' bora November 6, 181 1, Madrid, N, Y, 
+43& WILUAH HENRY,' born November 3, 1814. 
439. MARY ANN," bom May iS, 1816; married Deacon Jostah Bass; five 

sons; died March 26, 1897, Minneapolis. 

UatOdft. UMUcb • eonllraiad InralUI all tba last 
kar Bbanbar Vkm a (WiMral and bar luv* taonaa 
and mmtort Tba Mcood dauitaUr, Eltsa, 

natabl* In many waya, TClM eU 
yaara of bar Itfa, tanied ordara C 
waa a marral of ordar, claanlli 
a dlaUnsnUhed looklnc woman 

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4430. JAMES LEONARD.* bom June 19, 181S, Bolton, Vt. 
•Mat. GEORGE CARLOS,* born December 28, iSat, Bolton; Vt. 

175 JAMES WHITCOMB,« (Natlianiel," James,* James,' Robert,' 
John,*) was married November 29,' 1792, to Polly Hinds and about ; 
this time moved from Hardwtdc, Mass., to Greenwich, locating^ in ' 
the Northwestern part of the town next to tlie Prescott line. Among 
the oldest houses standing in the town is this Whitcomb place. Ttic 
reoH^ of tlie town are somewhat faulty and some of tlie items below 
may be wrong. He died March 11, 1850, and his wife, wlio was born 
November 37, 1766, died November 9, 1856. Tlieir cliildren were born 
in Greenwich and married there. The first children were twins, still- 

432. SALLY^* born March 35, 1795; married Famissi 
+433. JAMES,* bom March ^ 1797- 

434. POLLY,* bom September 13, 1798; married Blodgett. 

435. V£STA,T* bora April s, 1801; married Walker. , 
+436L SIMON,* born March 38, 1803. 

437. ANSON,* bora October aS, 1805; died April 30^ 1863, unmarried. 

438. BAXTER M.,* bom July 17, 1808; died December 18, 1884; no children. 

or RTMit personal baautr.' Sho died ncad *t wlthont DlncM ^ pT«aHnItory symptoms 
of anr kind. WImb m very yoniiB alil aho went to ssslsti In tho hooaeholf of tier 
undo Jamea, wtio kept a aourlsblnx atam hoiua In Botton, !vL With har first earn- 
tnsa and qnlto nnadvlaad, ah* bouaht a pis and carrloil It bomo In her apron. Mrs. 
Klngabtirr whan 10 years old told tba wiitar that no aafalavetnent In her lone and 
aueoeiatul Ufa made hor ao proud as thia contribution to the needs of the latnlly who 
bad Juat aatUad In a lo( house In the Bolton woods. She said, "Thar* were two 
barohMi of th* oocaalon, tba hnndaome pig and happy I." Of har four children tlie 
eldaat la Rar. Dr. KIncaburr. tor 17 consecutive joars paatur of the Ftnt Cburcb or 
Bradford, Uaaa. ABotbw son Is J. B. Klncabuir, IL D., of Holbrook, and a third 
Ttaderiek L. KliwilNirr, U. D., a ralHtonair pkysldan to Bulcaria. BUen, tba only 
dan^tar. waa tba wITa of Bar. Eucena Bansktw at awanton, Vt. Tba third daugta- 
tar of Kebart, Mary A., had tba axacutlva ability of her slaters, while hmt wide eym- 
pathlea and gattwowa Impulaes mada har very lovaMa. Her oldest son, Henrr Joilah. 
waa klllad In tba Battle of the Wllderneaa; another aon, Osmond Byron, has long 
baan orsanlst and abotrmaater In leading Bplacopal <liurebca In MInnaapolla whtla. In 
tha Sana elty, tba yaoniost aon. Qcorva WlUla Eteaat M. IX, la a auecaaaful phyalclait. 
(C. W.) 

*)ba, Veata Whitcomb Walker's daughtar Uary, canarally known as Dr. Uary 
Wallnr. waa marriad to Dr. Millar, but for good and snffldent reasons was (ranted 
» dlvara* from bim. mitta aha Uvad with bbn Am wrota bar name Dn, limar Waikar. 

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177 SIMON WHITCOMB,* (Nathaniel,* James.* James,' Robert,* 
John,*) lived in Greenwich, Mass., where he was married (i) to Cyn- 
thia Hack; (2) to Beulah Hinds; (3) to Mra. Beals. No 

children reported. 

i78 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB." (Nathaniel.' James,* James,* 
Robert,* John,*) was probably the one mentioned in Paige's history of 
Hardwick; Mass., as having married Salome Snow. He was published , 
to her April 26, 1789, and married October 28, 1789. 

439- LAVINA,' bom September is, 1790; married Zebina Titus. 
44a SALOME,* born Uarch is. 1792; married William Sucey. 
+441. OREN,» bora September 35 or 89,^793. 
44a. SALMON,* bora May 27, 1795; died September 14, 1796. 
443- LUTHERIA/ bora January 23, 1797; died March 35, 1809. 

444. BETHANIA,* bora December & i7j^; married Reynolds Gaboon. 

182 MOSES WHITCOMB,' (Joshua,* Robert.* James,* Robert." 
John,*) was married to Mrs. Gamsey. He removed to Chi- 
cago in the forties and lived there some time; he died in 1872 or 1873, 
while vi^dng his daughter Pauline at Beaver Dam, Wis. 


445. FRANK.' 

44& JULIUS* perhaps removed to New York City). 

447- JOSHUA.* 

448. PAUUNE.' 

449- DAUGHTER.' 

450. DAUGHTER.* 

188 AARON WHITCOMB.* (Joshua.* Robert,* James,* Robert,* 
John,*) was married December 18, 1818, to Rhoila Perkias, who was 

teeUnlac to ba aallad Mra. UUIer. "I tbtnk her peenllar notloiw of tUaga hava their 
origla In \bm Maantrto blo<yl of ttaa Hlada. Sua waa vary astira dvrlnc tba dm War, 
dotnf all aba moU for tba aoldlara; waa takan prlaonar and eimflnad ta Caatia 
nuindw, BIchmsBd. fta flra arantba In hot ««atbar. and naarty 4lad fran atarrattao 
and tba hanrota or vamln ol vartaoa kJDdn baat and tba doaa oonOnamant. On vo» 
occaaloB irttaa aba wai aUowad to lake a Uttla axerdaa In tba yard, alM plakad a taw 
baan learea and ata tbam; aba aaU tbay taatad dallclona. At tba and oi Ova motitlia 
■ba waa aaebanied for a tall rab«l wraaant.''— V. A. W, 

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born June 14, 179s, in Windham County, Vt He was a farmer; both 
he and his wife died in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. 

•U5I- HEMRT PRANKUN.v born October i, 182a 

4S^ LUCINDA EDDY.* bom July 23, 1833: nanied F. O. Torrcjr. 
««S3> EDWIN RUTHVENJ born Mirch 9ft l8a& 
■1454. ALBERT W,' born Uiy 35, iSaSL 

«S JAMES MONROE,* htxn September i, 1830; -nninarried. 

198 CHARLES WHTTCOMB,* (Moses," Robert,^ James,* Rob- 
ert,' Jofan,^) was a Christian minister in or near Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Was married to » Green. 

•MS& CALVIN GREEN,* bom 180s, Madison, N. Y.; died Jane i, 1836. 
457. CHARLES,* bora Galesbnrg, Mich. 
4S& FRANCES,* bom Ohio. 
4S9> DAUGHTER,* bora ■ — ; married Martin Tamer. 

460. DAUGHTER.* bora ; married J<Ansoa. , 

198 CALVIN WHITCOMB,' (Moses,» Robert,* James," Robert.* 
John,*) was married January 4, 1798, to Sarah Brownell of Westport, 
Mass. She was bom October 2, 1773; died July 38, 1&60, Hamilton, ! 
N. Y. He was bora in Hardwidc, Mass., and died December 19, 1857, 
Madison. N.Y. 


461. LUCY,* bora October 4, 1798, MadUon. , 
4lis> SARAH,* bom September 3, 1800, Madison. 

4l{3. M ARY ,* bom July & 1803, Madison. 

464. RUTH,* bom October 29, 1810^ Madison. 

465. JUDItil,* bom Jannary 33, 1814, Madison. 

44tf. CALVIN BROWNELL,* bom August 33, iSifl; Madison. 

197 LUTHER WHITCOMB,* (Moses," Robert,* James,* Robert,* 
John,*) was married 1805 to Ruth Bed>^ who was bora about 1783 
and d^ October 19, 1871. Though a deaf mute, he was a useful 
citizen and reared a family of children worthily. 

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+4^. HENRY.* born December 33. 1806; died Noyember O, i8ga. 

468L JULIANN.' boro 1808; died iStSC?); married Judson. | 

469. ESTHER.* bom 1813J married Ssddon. < 

44701 DENNIS,* bora aboat iSts; died 1833. ' 

471. MARY.* bora. Mardi yt, i8a3; died Angatt 14, 1893; married James , 
Mrn». ! 

4T%. ALBERT W,* bom May 25. i8a8. 

473. JAMES MONROE,* bom September 1. 1830; umnarried. 

200 JOHN GRAY WHITCOMB,' (Zadock,* Israel.' Israd,* 
brad.' Robert,' John,>) entered the United States Revenue Cutter 
service in 1819 and served on the coast of Maine at Eastport and at 
Portland. He was also stationed at New Yoric Gty and at Oswego 
an Lake Ontaria For many years he commanded the Revenue Cutter 
at Boston. He was in command of the United States Revenue Cutter 
"Morris" when Anthony Bums, a fugitive slavey wis conveyed m her 
from Boston harbor back to the Soutii during tremendous excitement 
CapL Whitoonb was not proud of this adiievcment and doubtless 
would not have cared to have it risccvded but he was actii^ under 
orders and it is to his credit that though the task was not of his 
.choosing he performed it faithfully. CapL Whitcomb was in the 
Revenue Cutter service over forty-two years, and was distinguished for 
his attention to his duties, which included the assistance of vessels in 
distress during the winter months. He was married in 1825 to Abi- 
gail Pailcer Clapp of Boston, daughter of Salmi and Abigail (Mun* 
roe) Oapp, and named for Abigail Parker, mother of Abigail Munroe. 
She was bom January 25, 1804. After her husband's death in Bos- 
ton, December 35, i86t, she passed throus^ the lines to her son in 
Richmond, Va. ' 

4474. HENRY DONALD,* bom Febraarr ift 1836. Eastport, Me; 

475- JOHN MONROE.* bora Febraarjr g, iSao; unmarried. 

47& JOSEPH KELLOGG.* bom May 1. 1837: died unmarried. United Sutc* 
Navr, 1863- 

477* MARY LYMAN.* bora Jannarr as. t83>: died 1B69: umnarried. 

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201 LEVI WHITCOMB/ (Zadock,* Israel," Israel/ Israel," Rob- 
ert,' John,^) made several voyages as a sailor, but the larger part of 
his life was spent as a fanner on the old homestead in Yarmouth, Me., 
where his children were bom and where he died August 32, 1865, in 
the seventieth year of his age. He was married to Sarah Jane Yoimg, 
Mardi 25, 18261 She died September 30, 1849, and several years later 
he was married to Lucy B. Gough, who survived him. 

The home of the Whitcombs was the famous and historic "Old 
Garrison House" of Indian War days, built in 1728, and known as the 
oldest house in Yarmouth. It was beautiful in its situation on the 
bank of Royall's River, with its long avenue of massive elms leading 
iq> to the homestead, and was known far and wide for the warm- 
hearted hospital!^ of Levi Whitcomb, and for the lovely cliaracter 
and sweet nature of his wife Sarah. Stranger, as well as friend, was 
ever sure of a weloime. 

Levi Whitcomb was a member of the First Congregational Church 
in Yarmouth, of whidi he was elected deacon, February 6, 1856. He 
was deeply interested in the activities of this church and in the re- 
ligious life of the community. His devout Qiristian home-life has 
been touchingly mentioned by Rev. Dr. E. K. Alden in his Memoirs, 
in which he speaks of the "prayer closet, substantially made of plain 
boards, known as tlie little chamber to which '.be devout parents re- 
tired for devotion." 

Levi Whitcomb died respected and beloved by all who knew him, 
and was buried in the old churchyard by the side of Sarah, his wife. 
His sons and dau^ters are all dead, yet tlie spot, where the old 
homestead stood, remains as a cherished legacy in the possession of 
his oldest grandson, bearing the family name. 

4S!L SARAH ELIZABETH,* bom October la, 1828; died Mftrch 35, iSag. 
479. MARY ELIZABETH,* born Ma; 35, tSjt; married Slierman. 
+4801 SAMUEL,* born February 14, 1833. 
+481. JOHN GRAY,* born September 17, 1834. 
48a. SARAH LINCOLN,* bom June 24, 18138; died June 24, 1863; un- 

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^483. JOSEPH.* born Mar 99y 1841. 

484. DAVID FRANCIS,* born Septenber A, 1843; anoiarried; died Decem- 

ber, igoi, Boston, MaM. 

485. LEVI WOODBURY,* bora April 3. iMi died September a% 1849. . 

207 EZEKIEL WHITCOMB,' (Jacob,* Israel,* Israel.* Israel,* ' 
Robert,* John,*) was a contractor and builder; he built many houses 
in his own town, and filled important contracts in other towns. He 
was a great reader and having a retentive memory was well informed. 
He was married in Springfield, December 7, 1834, to Catherine Davis, 
who was bom in Springfield, Vt, January 22, 1802; she £ed aged 
nine^-lhree; he died at the age of eighty-nine. 

+48& MOSES PREHTICE.* bora September % 1835, Boston; died Decem- 
ber Z, 1B79. 
^4^. THOMAS JEFFERSON,* born Febnurr 33, 1837- 
4K. SARAH JANE,* born Febnuir 33, 1838; unmarried; rcrided at Spring- 
field. Vt 
48(1. iMARY ANN," born Janaarj 7, 1835; died Jannary 30, 1837. 
49a HARRIET ANNA,* born Augnit 5, 1837: was married November ^\ 
1858, to Hiland P. Boutell; no cbildren. ' 

t4(ii. FREDERICK NOBLE.* born March 16, 184% 

493. ABBIE ELIZABETH,* born January 33. 1843; married John N. De 

Mary; they reside at Springfield, Vl I 

493- JAMES KNOX POLK,* bora July s&, 1845; unmarried; resides at 

808 MOSES WHITCOMB,' (Jacob,* Israel,' Israel,* Israel,' Rob- 
ert,* John,') was a commissicm merchant in Malone, N. Y., and at 
New Yoric Gty. He made the trip to California in '49, tmdergoing 
many hardships and meeting many adventures; he left a journal nar- 
rating his e]q>erienKS, shipwrecks, etc ; he was married in 1832 to 
Jemima Calista Prentice, who was bom in Canton, N. Y., in 1811. 
He died in San Frandsco. She died in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


494. ELLEN CALISTA,* bora 1S33; married (i) Joshua Haven, (3) Feler 

Naylor, who has for many years been Vice Consul at Geneva. 
Switzeriand; they redde In Geneva; one son. 

495. IDA PRENTICE,* bora 1843, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

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210 ISRAEL WHITCOMB,' (Jacob," Israel.' Israel,* Israel," Rob- 
ertt* John,') was married to Lucretia Brown, December, 1834; she 
died June 17, 1869. He died November 17, 1883; was a farmer in 
Springfield, Vt 

+4g& EMERSON E.,> born April 17. 183/&. 

497- FRANKLIN BROWN.' born March 8, 1840; married Annie Wash- 
bam; ha was a soldier in the Civil war and was lolled at Cedar 
Creek, Vk^ October ig^ 1864; no children. 

498. ALBERT,* born September, 1843; died August 30^ 1854. 

499. LEVI,* bom Angnst 6, 1849; died March. 1850. 

211 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,' (Samuel,' Israel." Israel.* Israel,' 
Robert,* John,*) attended Derby Academy at Hing^iam, Mass., tn 
1808, where it is said of him, "he studied his favorite subjects, rhetoric 
being one of them, and there he learned to express his thoughts in 
composition. His taste for reading works of history and biography 
was developed as he advanced in years, and a rapid acquisition of 
the knowledge of books and his love of them, led him to engage in 
their sale." As early as 1810 his health bdng somewhat impaired, he 
went to Vermont, going as far north as Fittsfield, making most of 
the journey on foot, his books being sent on from Boston by stage or 
team to points in advance. 

It is related by tlie Hon. Solomon Lincoln in an article published 
April II, 1879, in the Hingham Joumal, that Mr. Whitcomb had not 
passed his minority when, his feelii^ bang aroused by tlie conduct 
of Great Britain towards this country, he entered with ardent zeal up- 
on the defense of Mr. Madison's administration. To illustrate his 
spirit; he says, *Tn a conversation with Ensign Lincoln of Lincoln & 
Edwards, publishers at Boston, Mr. Whitcomb insisted that President 
Madison was doing his duty to his country, whereupon Mr. Lincoln 
said, *Young man you favor the war so you ought to enlist' Til do it, 
sir/ Tq>Ued yoimg Whitcomb, and went right off and enlisted." He 
joined the Infantry and marched to Pittsfield. Mass.. thence to Lake 
Champlain, where he was tn service for several nKmths during that 

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winter. In later life he was a pensioner of the war of 1812. In 
October 10, 1817, Mr. Whitcomb married Mrs. Mary (Simonds) Jo/ 
of Boston. 

At this date the "Publick Document and State Papers" were pub- 
lished at Boston by Thcunas B. Wait & Scmis. During the years 1818- 
1823 Mr. Whitcomb was employed by them to travel west and south 
as agent for the sale of these works. This brought him in oc»itact 
with the public and professional men of that day, among whom we 
may mention Thomas Je£Ferson and Andrew Jackson, upon whom he 
called at their homes in Monticello. Va., and Nashville, Tenn. ; Will- 
iam Wirt, Cave Johnson, Felix Grundy, James Madison, Charles 
Cotesworth Pindcney, and many others. His subscription book, now 
in possession of the writer, contains the autographs of several hundred 
persons, who were at some time o£ their lives distinguished amm^ 
the country's notable men. 

It may be mentioned that Mrs. Whitcomb with a young son jour- 
neyed with her husband, traveling wholly by private conveyance, a 
tandem team which they drove from Boston, across the great state 
of Pennsylvania over the "National turnpike" via Philadelphia, Pitts- 
burgh and Wheeling, Va., crossing the Ohio at Marietta, thence via 
Gndnnati, down the Ohio into Kentucky and Tennessee as far south 
as Huntsville, Ala. While at Murfreesboro, Tenn., the child died and 
was buried in CoL Ready's lot at Readyvitle. Journeying north and 
west they took up their abode at Greenville, 111., where Mrs. Whit- 
comb lived for months in a tog house, while her husband prosecuted 
his work in the soutft and west Here their eldest daughter "Harriet 
Newell" wa^ bom. A reference to Mr. Whitcomb's diary of events 
and places, of personal interviews and experience would be of interest, 
as he was a close and careful observer of men and things, but they 
cannot be introduced here On their trip bade to New England and 
1^ the same means of conveyance, they visited Fort Dfearbom, now 
Qiicago and Niagara Falb, and thence down the Erie Canal to the 
Hudson river and across Massadmsetts to Boston. 

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At this time Mr. Whitcomb had traveled more or less extensively 
in twent]r<4wo of the states, and by such limited means of conveyance 
as was afforded at that early date. He was deeply interested in the 
Internal Improvements of the coimtry. An interview with Gov, Qin- 
ton of New York and his engineer led him to propose the building of 
a canal from Boston to Albany, tliere to connect with Gov. Clinton, 
or the Erie Canal. His articles which were published in the Boston 
Recorder (in 1824) were regarded as visionary, but he soon learned 
of English tramways, and urged the building of railroads, writing the 
first articles published on this subject He was a frequent and vig- 
orous writer on railroads and was especially interested in the routes 
through Vermont and northern New York. 

In 1835 he entered the Bostcm Custom House and was Fordgn 
Entry Oerk for many years. He was cleric in the second comptroller's 
office United States Treasury at Washington, and in 1841 was sent 
on a secret service by the Revenue Department along the borders of 
the Otnadas and the Provinces. He was in 1S45 tlie Washington 
correspondent of tlie Boston Journal. In 185 1 he acted as assistant 
Marshall in taking the census for Vermont 

From 1829 to 1836, while living at Dorchester, he championed the 
Hi£^ and Graded School System, being in correspondence with the 
best authorities and minds in the country having the support of Ed- 
ward Everett, Horace Mann and others. In 1846-1848 he had charge 
of an agency at Bostcm for supplying teachers for the south and west 
Gov. Slade of Vermont was made tlie President of the agency. 

Mr. Whitomib with seven children moved to Springfield, Vt, Sep- 
tember, 1836, and one child was bom there. Most of his time prior 
to 1850, was spent at Washington, after which he settled down in 
retirement with hs family. While interested in all town and public 
affairs, especially during the war of the Rebellion, he evaded official 
life, preferring to use bis pen in advocai^ of those measures in which : 
be had so long been interested. In politics he was a whig in early ' 
life; and an ardent Republican in all his later years. Mr. Whitaunb 

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died at Springfield, March 5, 1879, aged dghty-«ix, and Mrs. Whit- 
comb at Marbleheadnedc, Mass.. September ii, 1884. and both are 
buried in the Springfield Cemetery. — (Wm. Wirt Whitcomb.) 

500. RICHARD WATSON.* bora JxAj 18; 1818; died Njovember 33; 1819^ 

501. HARRIET MEWELI«* bora September 3, 1830; tnarried Aagut i<^ 

1847, Peter W. She«fer. 
jOS. WATSON,* born November s, 1823; died Fcbraary ast, 1834. 

503. DEWITT CLINTON,* bora March 7. 1835; died October 30, 1856; 


504. JOSEPH RAMSDELL,* bora Norember 7, 1836: died Jnne 17, 1851; 


505. MARY ANN,* bora June i, 1839; married August 13^ 185% James B. 

50& ARTHUR CLARENDON,* bora July 14. 1831; died September lo^ 
497. WILLIAM WIRT,* bora September lo^ 1833- 

508. ADELINE ELIZA,** bora August 14, 1835; married CoL Breed Hpye* 

Hrde of Hyde Park, Vt. 

509. ELEANOR PRAY,* bora April il^ 1837; married W. H. Sfaeafer. 

218 EZEKIAL WHITCOMB,' (Samuel,* Israel," Istael,* Israel,' 
Robert,' John,*) was married November 38, 1819, in Cbhasset, Mass., 
to one Miss Lu^ Whitcomb (217), who was bom in G^asset, Feb- 
ruary 28, 1802. His occupation was farming. They resided in CO- 
hasset and afterward in Hingham. He died in Perry County, Ind., 
and she died in Hin^^iam, Mass., May 10, 1862. 

510. ALBINA,* bora Auguit g, 1S31; married Daniel Caia of Hingbam, 

Mass.; died December so, 1S85. 
+511. EZEKIAL JOSEPH,* bora June 35, 1834. 
5IA LUCY ANN,* bora July 6, 1835; married Bela S. Heraey; died August 

+513- EDWIN BARKER,* bora April 24. >837- 

•Tb* nUowlBv la fonae la Wkofa Who; "Uary CstoIIim Hyde; burn Ptatefleld, 
VL; dantfitv CoL Braed Noy«a Hyd* of Hr<U Vmiflt, VL; privatair aaiMatedi bb- 
RMirlad: author of Our and Oladya; Ooeotlow Undw ttw BtaU* Floor; Taa and 
Noohio nt Tappaa Sea. also Serlalai Bolli'bonT and HiatletM: Tbo Ptnk Dlamead; and 

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4514. ISKAEU' bora Norcnbcr iti, i8a8. 
Sts THOMAS JEFFERSON,* boni December 11, 1830: died September 

516. ELIZABETH ANN,* bom Jaaour iZ, 1833; died Jintiuy >8, iSu. 
S17- DAVID,* born June is, 1836; died Augast 15, 1858; nnmarritd. 
S18. EUNICE PRUDENCE,* born July ao. 183S: married Oliver Bnrrell; 
died Angast 8, igot. 
4Sig. JOHN MURRAY.* bom October 18, 184a 

214 THOMAS JEFFERSON WHITCOMB,' (Samud.« Israel.' ' 
Israd,* Israel,* Robert,' John,*) was married to Chloe Uncoln of Co- 

faassel; Mass., in April, 1819. She was bom ; died in July, 

1866. He was a Universalist minister: died February 9, 1877. 

Saa SARAH,* married Edmund Burke Vedder, Buihlo, H. Y.; one dkugbter. 

531. CARRIE.* married Henrjr F. Hoyt; had two daughters. 

Sn. MARY.* married Richardson, Rochester, N. Y. 

220 DAVID WHITCOMB,' (David,' Job," Israel,* Israel.' Rob- 1 

crt,* John.*) lived in the old Whitcomb house "the Beeches" in Co> , 

basset He was married to Nancy ' ' 


523. HARRIET M.,* bom March 15, 1834; died August 18, 1834. 

524, GEORGE W.,* bom October 35, 1835- 

S3S- MARY FRENCH,* bora November ai, 1839. 

224 UNCOLN WHITCOMB,' (Shubael,' Joseph,' Israel,* Israel,' 
Robert,' John,*) was married March 28, 1865, to Emmeline (Balch) 
Heath. He was a brickmason by trade ; worked many years in Spring- 
field, Vt 

S3& WILLIAM LINCOLN.* bom August 14. 1866: unmarried; traveling 

226 HENRY KNOX WHITCOMB,' (Shubael.' Joseph,' Israel.* ' 
Israel.' Rcdtert;' John,' ) was married December 3. 1833, to Lui^ ' 
Maria Snell, bom June 18, 1816; died January i. 1894. He lived in ' 
Springfidd, Vt; was a builder. He made three trips to Caliform'a 

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between 1849 ^'^^ '^SS' ^I ^V l>oat; went t^vice across the Isthmus of 
Panama and once across Mexico. He traveled 60.000 or 70,000 miles, 
and never met witli an accident; he was a famous raconteur and yet 
"never bought a glass of liquor or' smoked a cigar." "His tales of 
Boston as it was 80 years ago and of California as it was in the early 
*50's remain fresh in the mind of the writer." — ^Wallace H. Whitcomh. 

1537- LINCOLN LEVERETT.* born December 35, 1834. 

538. GEORGE HERBERT,* born June 9, 1839; died Norember 11. 1901; 
+S39- IRVING HARMON,* born M«y 39, 1849. 

53a. LUCIA MARIA,* bom January g, 1844; died March 18, 1846. 

226 JAIRUS UNCOLN WHITCOMB,' (Shubael,* Joseph," 
Israd,* Israel,' Robert,* John,* ) was marrie<I to Fhod)e Davis, June 
37, 1843. He died February 25, 1882, in the same room where he 
was bom. It is said he was never out of sight of the farm house 
chimney over 10 days at any time during his 70 years of life; and the 
exceptional time "was when he went to the Centennial at Philadel- 
phia." — Hist Springfield. 

■531- LUCY,* bom December 17, 1851; married Frank J. Bell; died Norem- 
ber, 1893^ 
+S3a. WILLIAM D.,* bora April ai, 18461 

228 JOSEPH WHITCOMB,' (Shubael,* Joseph,' Israel,* Israel,* 
Robert,' John,*) was married January 23, 1850 to Mrs. Susan A. 
(Haskell), Bowen. daughter of Roger and Hannah Haskell of Weth- 
ersfield, Vt, and widow of Cullen Bowen. They lived in Spring- 
field. Mass. He died February 6, 1877. 
53}* JOSEPH SHUBAEL.* bom March 17. 1853; died September oa, 1859. 
534- HENRY LINCOLN,* bora Fdimarr 37, 1854. Westfield, Man.; nn- 

535. ABRAM,* bora October 18. 1856; aiarried September 9, iWa, Spring- 
field, Mats, to Carrie G. Niles; no children. 

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53& SUSAN,* born January 31, 185& 

537. FRANK DANFORTH,* bom June 17, i860, Ascntoejnrill^ Vt; mi- 


538. LOUISE BRECK.* bom September ao, 1865; married Dr. Emerson. 

229 ABRAM WHITCOMB,' (Shubaet,» Joseph,* Israd,* Israel" 
Robert,' John,*) was married to Mary Fisher of Chester, Vt, Sep- 
tember 21, 1848, and moved to Grinnell, la., some time in the later 
fifties. For fifty years he followed the business of harness maldng. 
He was a deacon in 'the Congregational church at Grinnell and his 
children were all graduated from Grinnell College. His wife was 
bom July 18, 1835, and died February 27. 182) ; they lived for some 
years in Chicago, where he died. 


539. ABBIE FRANCIS,* bom J11I7 3% 1849; married H. H. Robbins. j 
S4a HELEN SARAH,* bom July 38, 1851; former teacher in the Cotleve; : 

married Dr. Hobart of Chicago and Grinnell about iSSo;. 
541. SUSAN JOANNA,* bom March 7, i8j6; married Haawell. 
54X MARY RUTH,* bom April 4. 186a. 
+543- SELDEN LINCOLN.* bom July ift 1866, Cherokee, la. 

288 WnXIAM WHITCOMB,' (Laban.» Joseph,' Israel,* Israel,* 
Robert,* John,*) lived in Cohasset, Mass. He was married Septem- 
ber 13, 1840, to Caroline Mandiester of New Bedford, Mass. 


544. WILLIAM K,* bora Aogust ax, 1843; died March sfi; 1844. 

545. CHARLES L..* bom Anguit s, 1845; drowned NoTember 33, 1863. 

546. HELEN ELIZA.* bom April 12, 1850. j 
5£7. CARRIE FLORENCE,* bom Jaly 33, 1857; died May 7, 1858. 

289 THOMAS GUSHING WHITCOMB,' (Thomas,* Joseph," 
Israel,* Israel,* Robert,' John,*) was a former. He was married 
Blardi 22, 1854, to Mary Sears, who was bom in Brewster, Mass., 
April 28, 1830; died in Cohasset, Mass., April 28, 1873. He died 
Fdmary 21, 1802. Religious bdief, Unitarian. 

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■S4& MARY FLORENCE,* bom February 19, 1855, Cohuut; was married 

to Litchfield. 
4S4»> THOMAS WILLARD.* bom Jane 14. 1858, Cohaaset. 
4S501 JOSEPH WALTER.* bom July 34. 1861, Cohasset. 
>SSi- HERBERT LESTER,* bora May 7, i807, Cobasset. 

553. EMMA JANE,* bora October ao, i^; married Turaer. 

248 CUMMINGS PRATT WHITCOMB,' (Perez," Lot," Israel,* 
Israel,' Robert' John,*) lived in Springfield, Vt, where he was mar- 
ried November 4. 1823, to Azubah Lodcwood, who was bom March 
8, 1803. He was a fanner and died in Springfield, February 10. 1847. 
SS3- RUTH,* bom May la, 1824; married Enoch Cutler. 



FOSTER HENRY,* bora May 13, i8a& 

JANE,* bora June 16, 1828; married Jackson DeMary. 

FESTUS.* bom April 6. 183*; died 1885. 

PEREZ,* born December 11, 1833. 

LYMAN,* born June 10. 1835. ' 

ANGEL,* born November 3, 1S37; died November 13, i8S3. 

PRATT.* bom October 16, 1839. 

PRISCILLA.* born October 36, 1841; married Wlliam Johnson. 

MYRON CUMMINGS,* bora March 3q, 1847. 

246 SALMON WHITCOMB,' (Perez." Lot." Israel.* Israel,' Rob- 
ert,* John,') was married September 20, 1831, to Fanny Selden. He 
died in Keen^ N. H., March 4, 1884. 

$03. FRANCES OLIVE." bom July 36, 1833; married Benjamin Halt 
*^ CALVIN SELDEN.* bora Afwil i^ 1834. Keene, N. H. 
56$. MARY MANDELL,* bora July 9, 1836^ Keene; married James Fnl- 

lam, Jr. ; 

566. JULIA ELIZA,* bora Janutry 11. 18431. Keene; married Hei1>crt Jcb< ' 

S67- HENRY JEWETT,* bora June i, 1S47; married Emma C Clark; 00 
+368L JOSEPH SELDEN.* bora November ift tSsa. 

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847 EUSHA LINCOLN WHITCOMB.' (Perez," Lot,* Israel.* 
Israd,' Robert,' John,*) lived in Queechee, Vt; he was married to 
Sarah Tobcy, January 7, 1837. He died in Springfield, Vt, Septem- 
ber 12, i88t. 

' Sfi9. ELLEN E^* born September 9, 1839, Queechee; mxrried George R. Hatl. 

570. JULIA Mq* born September 30, 184a, Queechee; married U. F. Howe; 

two children. 

571. GEORGIANA,* bom June ao, 1845, Springfield, Vt; married Charles E. 

Chandler; five children. 
57a. ANDREW L,* bora January 8, 1853; died July 30, 1863. 

249 GEORGE GUSHING WHITCOMB,' (Perez,« Lot." Israel,* 
Israel,' Robert,' John,*) lived in Sprii^field, Vt, where he was mar- 
ried (i) to Delia Ann Meritt, August 8, 1841. She died in 1859, and 
he was married (2) to Juliette Lockwood, November 7, i860, who 
was bom in Springfield June 14, 1832 ; he was a fanner and died in 
Springfield March 16, 189a 

■S73- SARAH LOUISE,* bom December t6, 1844; married Leonard Albee. 
4574. GEORGE SEYMOUR,* bora April 35, iS&l 

575. JAMES,* died in infancy. 

576. SQUIRE LOCKWOOD,* born Fcbroary 12. 1867. , 
S77- EVERETT HORATIO,* bom February 3, 1870. 

860 JAMES UTCHFIELD WHITCOMB,' (Pere«.« Lot,' Israel,* ' 
Israel,' Robert,' John,*) lived in Springfield, Vt, until he was nineteen 
years old and th«i removed to New York Gily, where he was married, 
May 5, 1849, to Martha Elizabeth Rogers. He returned to Spring- 
fidd, Sqitember 28, 1853. He is a stage driver, an iceman and a 


576. JAMES HENRY,* bora Febraafy 13. 1850; died April 19, 1857. 

S79- GEORGE CUSHING,* bora Auguat 6, 1851; died May I, 1857. 
■1580. OSCAR,* bora March 10, 1853. 

58t. ALBERT,* bora February aS, 1855; died May 18, 1855. 

S&s. PRANK CUMMINGI^* bora February 10, 1857; died February lO^ l86» 

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2S4 RICHARD WHITCOMB,' (Richard,* Noah,' Noah,* Israel,* 
Robert,' John/) was married in Dorchester, Mass., December 31, 
\%yh ^ Hannah HoUer, who was lx>m December 20, 1820. He was 
a sailor and went twice around the world. He knocked about as a 
wanderer until he finally settled in Daytm, Ohio, where he kept a 
grocery on the West side. He had but (»ie grandchild — the daughter 
of Isaac £. Whitcomb. 


583. SAMUEL LOUIS,* bora October aa, 1840: died August »\, 1843. 

584. ISAAC E^* born June 7, 1843; married and had one child. 

585. JOHN,* born January 17, 1844: died September aS, 1847. 

386. SARAH ELLEN,* born January 17, 1847; died September 4, 1847. 

587. LAVINIA HANNAH,* born December 6, 1848; died November 13, 1875- 

58a LYDIA ANN.* bora June 24. 1855- 

589. JOHN SHELBY.* born October 24, 1857- 

■Spa LOUIS LISBEY,* bom January 9, 186a. 

265 JACOB WHITCOMB,' (Jacob,* Jacob,* Noah,* Israel,* Rob- 
ert,* John,*) lived in Randolph, Mass., where he was married (i) 
January 27, 1829, to Abigail Thayer Holbrook, who died February 
12, i860; (2) May 3a 1861, to Caroline (Torrey), Cbilds. He was 
a dealer in leather and grain. 

+591. JACOB HENRY,* bom Angnst 17. 1S30. 

268 LEMUEL SMITH WHITCOMB,' (Isaac,* Jacob,* Noah,* 
Israel,' Rc^>ert,* John,*) lived in Randolph, Mass. He was a promi- 
nent citizen and served as selectman 1861, 1862 and 1863. He was 
married May 28, 1851, to Helen Maria White, who was bom July 7. 
1832. He died September 2. 1892. 

Spa. FANNIE MARIA,* bcm September 10, 185a; died May % 1853. 
4393. CHARLES BRADFORD,* born September ifl; 1853. 
■1394. FREDERICK WHITE.* bom September 7. 1863. 

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259 JOSEPH WHITCOMB.^ (Joseph,* Jacob,* Noah,* Israel* 
Robert," John,*) lived id Randolph, Mass., where he was married (i) 
in 1830, to Eliza French, who was bom March 6, i8i2, and died 1840; 
(3) May 6, 1841, to Sarah Spear Pornian, who was bom October 
19, 1819. He died in Holbrook (set off from Randolph) Fd)niaTy 
28, 1881. 

wl" '" } twins; bom Jane j, 1831; died Jane is. 1831. 

597. JOSEPH EMMONS," born October a6, 183& Holbrook; married Helen 

B. Knapp; no children. 

598. HAHNAH ELIZA,* bom May 3% 1838; married Lovering. 

260 ALFRED WALES WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,* Jacob,* Noah,* 
Israel,* Robert,* John,*) was educated in the common schools of Ran- 
doli^ In his early youth he was employed in boot-making, which oc- 
cupaticm he followed for a number of years. Later he entered business 
as a boot manufacturer on South Main Street, Randolph, Mass. 

At the age of twenty-four he was united in marriage with Lucy 
Ann Nash of Wejrmouth, daughter of Captain Nash, who was captain 
of the first vessd to enter the Chinese ports. When first married they 
resided on Union street, Randolph, in the house now (1903) occupied 
by Daniel Elliot In 1840 he built the house on South Main Street 
where he afterwards lived. 

Mr. Whitcomb was a musdan of much note all his life; Fot many 
years he played double bass in the First Cbngr^ational church, where 
his father played for years before him. He was a member of that 
dnirch for over fifty years. He was a member of the old BelUni 
nnuucal clut^ and belonged to the old Stoughton musical sodety and 
for many years played in the orchestra at its Christmas concerts. 

When a young man he was active in fire matters, for a number of 
years being foreman of the Fire King engine company, and was the 
first fire eng^eer appointed by the town. 

He outlived his wife several years and died April 18, 1903, aged 
ninetyHmc. No children. 

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266 DAVID WHITCOMB/ (David,' David,* Noah.* Israel,' Rob- 
ert* John,') lived in Randol{^, Mass., where he was married to 
Harriet Newdl Raynumd. He died in 1900. 

459» REKRY DAVID,* born 1839, 
too. PAMELIA.* bora 1844. 
601. AUCE," bora 185& . 

268 JOHN BROOK WHITCOMB/ (David,* David." Noah/ 
Israd," Robert,' John,*), lived in Randolph, Mass., where he was 
married to Mary Smith. 


6in. SUSAH ALMY,* born 1846; died tumurried. 
4&13. JOHN EDWIN,> bora 1656. 

270 EZRA WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim,' David,' Noah,* Israel.' 

Rd>er^' John,*) lived in Randolph, Mass., where he was married 

to Adeline Fendergrass. No dates. 


276 MOSES WALES WHITCOMB.' (Moses,' Moses,' Noah,* 
Israel,* Rc^>ert,* John,') lived in Randolph, Mass., where he was mar- 
ried May 10^ 1855, to Sarah Ann Maria Chutc^ who was bom Octo- 
ber 31, 1834. He died February 17, 1902, in Taunton, Mass. He was 
a farmer. 

005. GEORGE WALES,* bora April 19. i85<; unnurried. 
to&. UOSES,* bora September 33; 1859; nurried Carrie B. Fowler; no 

ev. UASY WOKCESTER.' bom AnpiU >, 1861, Randolph, Mus. 

877 SOi^aH L. WfflTCOMB.' (Simeon,' Robert," Noah,« Is- 
rael,' Robert,' John,') was married November 15, 1849, ^ Hannony 
A. Noyes of North Bridgewater (now Bnxkton) and lived in Ranr 
dolph, Mass., until 1869, when he removed to Newtoo, Mass. 

MoS. BERBERT,' bom Jolr 10^ l8s& 
609. UAEY L,* bom Angnit 16^ I86t. 

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288 ASA WHITCOMB/ (John,* Asa." Nathaniel,* Janws,' Rob- 
ert,' John,*) was married to Hannah Smith. His home was in Lafay- 
ette, Ind., for many years. Later he removed to Michigan (town), 
Ind., where he died November 23, 1875. "He was very fond of 
telling his family history to his wife who was twenty years his junior. 
When he was Hf^ years old, he fell into a credc and became deaf for 
the rest of his life:" 


6ia ELIZABETH,* born Febniarr 9, 1839. 

6tl. LYDIA ANN,* born June 14, 1830. 
-Miz. JOHN,* bom March is, 1833. 

<I3. AMANDA JOHNSON.* born Febnitry si, 1834- 
4614. JAMES LEONARD,* born May 8; 1836. 

fits. REBECCA JANE,* born April 15. 1838. 

616. ELEANOR.* bom March tS; 1841. 

617. MASY,* bom M&rch 3, 1843. 
6ia NANCY,* bom H«r ai. i845- 
619. ALICE,* bom Mftrch 14, 185a 

288 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (John,« Asa,» Nathaniel,* James.' 
Robert,* John,*) went West with his parents, where by untiring in- 
dustry in his studies, aided in slight degree by the wretched common 
schools,* he became well educated and an excellent example of the self- 

•Hla brolbar Dwrid tbtis dMCribM on« or Umib: *7 writ remtiiibBr th* lint school 
w* wont to «nor wo com* weot. Wo bod moved ont Into the conatrr, aavon nlUo 
from tho dtr <Clnolniual> and want to ochool In ft loc houM, threo mllM from homo, 
moot of tb* wftj iMlnc through tho wood*. Our ochool woa leapt by on Irlabawn 
MMwd Anutranc Hlo IlUnuT Kttalnmcnco mro omall, but ha iimA a klnd'hoort 
and kopt wlwt waa eoUod a nolay oohooU allowlnc tho «choiara to pormio thair 
atOdlOB at tho top of tbolr volcea. Ho aaldom used lb* red, thonsb ho alwaya lta»t 
eno Is bla aehool roon, and wbon ho did two It, I must do bin Juitiea to oar that bo , 
uaod It wtth SToat Impartiality, for whoa ho folt eompallcd u uao It ho uniellr took ' 
Iho sAolara in oonraa, aad cava each a blow aa ba wao aaatod. Of his amlooat 
vtrtttoa and oobHoty I would alao apoak and racord to his honor that ho norar fot 
drunk, «nlr on oroir othor Batuiday and Bnndar. altbou<h I think ha noror (allad 
on tboao dam. Ho waa not tho bast oxanpto of taacbar, but tho ohauooa of oron a 
cooimaB adneatlon war* amaU to tb* poor of that day." 

Tbo abov* noto and tho foOowlnv oKlraoto aro Introdueod bora as It la brtlavad 
lb«r wU) aoltaMjr •upploaasnt Prnf, Shapaidaoa's akot^ and throw additional llfht 
Ml Iha (teraetar and caraar at this aMo and briovad Oovanior of Indiana. (O. W. > ; 

In "Baili Trials and Bkotehoa of Indiana,** m p. n, a writer sars: '"In the wintor ; 
t im, an 1 wns abont to laava Iadl> n« |>oUs for homo, Janwa WMteomb t^d ma ha was 

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made man. While other boys played he read books, becoming a good 
mathonatidan, a superior grammarian and capable of understanding 
Latin and Gredc; while he read French with fluency and ease. He 
told Ex-Govemor Porter that most of his reading was done by the 
light of hickory bark torches. He collected a library of over . S>ooo 
titles, which at his death, was tiie largest and best selected private !!• 
brary in Indiana. His will gave it to Indiana Asbury University 
(Dq>auw). He studied law in Transylvania University, Kentucky, 
and later continued his studies while teaching in Fayette County. He 
was admitted to the bar of that county in March, 1822. January z, 
1824, he began practice in Bloomington, Ind. In 1826 he was ap- 
pointed by Governor James B. Ray, prosecuting attorney for the Fifth 
Judicial Court, filling this place until 1830, when he was elected State 

gotn« to Ohio, and irlakad to tM.T^ witti m*; of conn*. I w*a clad to Iht* tamymnw 
■a tha pftUi 1M1 throuKh tha wooda and Utara war* but thraa bouaea batman Ili> 
4UnapalU and WUtawatar. Attar an wrir bra^kfMt wa atartad, botb riding cood 
horaM Intandlnc to raacb DDIa*8 on Dlna Rlvar, near wbara KnI(htatown now atanda. 
Soma taoura altar nlgbt, to our mach joy wa aaw tha U#ht at tha cabin, roda up. 
and aa wa dlamountid, tha aound ol * flddla aalntad us. GntarlnK tha eabtn, Ihara 
•at bcfora tha lira a lams rounc man, namad Amoa DlUe. with an uld violin In hta 
hand, (crapliiT away, making anythlnc but mnalc Ha laid tha tIdIIb on tha bad, and 
atartad with our honea to tha Btabla^ Aa b* cloaad tba door Mr. Wl'ii'ioBb took It 
up, aoon put It lu tuna, and whan Amoa ratumed. was playlnt light oitd baautlfnl 
aln, Amoa took tab saat by ma aaamlnglr antnncad, and uh Mr. Wtiitcomb atrack 
up *Rail Columbia' ha apranv to hH faet 11 I had tu I would >]** It all for that 
flddta; I ncvar hoard lueh mualo In my lUa.' Aftw pUyln« auveral tunca Mr. Whlt- 
comb laid tha Inatnunant on lb* bad. Amoa salud It, carrlad It to tha lira, wbara ba 
could aaa U, tnmad It ovar and ovar, axaintaiad arary part and aans out, 'Mlatar, I 
narar aaw twa flddlaa att mtwh allka aa y«un and mlaa.' OoTamar Wbltoomb itm 
on* at tba anaat partornvn on tha vtolln I avar hmrd." 

ExtracU (ram 'Vlocrapblcal and Hlotarteal Bkatchaa of Barir buUana," by W. W. 
WooloB, pp. tI-»9. "WhUa In tha Sanato Mr. WblCeomb partldpatad larsaly la tba 
debataa of that body, and dtirlnt moat ot Iba tlma was dulrman. ol th* Jndlolair 
Commlttaa. In Octobor. 11», Oao. Jaokaon appolntad him CoramlMloBW of tba 
Canaral Land Offlea ^nd th* naxt ytar In Jun* h* wai re-appolntad by Van Boran. 
Tb* land sranta bolnc malnty In nondi and SpanUh. ha itudlad both and qualiaad 
hlmaaU to road tbam with fceUty. • • • H* aniarad hla offloa ot OoTamor with 
tha tiato loadtd down with dabt upon wht^ no tntaraat bad baan paid lor yaant 
ha laft n with tha dabt adAiatad and th* atat*'i eradlt raatorad. V»U tha dabt wna 
paK by tranalar o( tba Wabaah and Brio Canal; tba othar h^ by boote baarlns » tow 
nu or totaraat. Ha «iaali*d promptly flva racimanto lor tba Mwtiiaw war. Ba- 
_..-_ .... ^ j^_ ^^ ^^^ addlotad to amoMnc Bnt Ui 

a hla flignr waa ao far eoaautnad, that ba ooaU 
with hla flnfar% h* would iBMrt a pin In Um atuap to taoM 

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^^ s^*^^^^^'^,^ 


Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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Senator. In 1836 he was appointed, by President Jadcson, Superin- 
tendent of the General Land Office, holding this position during all of 
Van Buren's term. In 1843 he was dectcd Governor of Indiana, by 
a majority of 2,013, ^(1 in 1848 was re-elected by 3,958. Before the 
exfnration of his second, term he was chosen United States Senator. ' 
He was a prominent Freemason, bdng the first man Knighted in Indi- 
ana. Roper Commandery, K. T., was organized in his house. He 
was an active Methodist and at the time of his death was vice-president 
of the American Bible Society. He did not marry until late in life, 
his wife being Mrs. Martha Ann (Renwick) Hurst of Pickaway 
County, Ohio. They were married March 24, 1846, and, after a very 
violent attack of sickness lasting eighteen hours, she died July 17, 

br knd Orna f«t all Um rood <or bad) Umi* mw'tn It. On* dur Im iraa la tba «fllM 
of HanUo J. Harrb, thai Auditor or Stkta, Then itr. II«nia used • match to light 
ft fllcar; "Why dldnt you llsht your eigv br tho flrsT A man hu no richt to wanton* 
ly daatror a tbinr t>t valna. A match has ita valna and th« ono yon uaMl could bava : 
haan nvad," waa th* robuka Ur. W. gtn* him. \ 

Bla mainory waa ramarkaUa In noM tblnn tboush It waa dataetlva Is rmaam- j 
barlD* namaa, H« was a rary aUe lawyer. He uaad to prcaent tba oppoalte alda ol 
tha oaaa and than danollah It He waa a mambar of th* Uethodlat Ctauroh and an 
asttra worker In Ita oauae. Ha (requanttr led In public pmyer, and (or aome thoa' 
waa ft daa^ leader In the obnreh. When be died, be waa Vloa-Preitdent of the 
American Blbla Bodaly. <Onca In a speech at Newport, Ind.. h* said. "I Itka alt 
dinrehea. bnt I Uka tba Mathodbt Church beet; I llko on women, but I Ilka mf 
wtfa tha baaL") When bla wife died h« wrote In tha famUy Bible. "How brief 
our happy soloura tofstber." Ha was compactly and etranstr built, and waa lome- 
what abova tba avarage siss of man; he had dark complexion and black balr. which 
twualty Ml In rinclets to hia shoulders; hia (eoturea were rood and «xpr«aalve and 
hla mannen moat elegant. Hia appeorsuoe was that at a courtier, and la any elrda 
at aooiety h* would bava been coosldered a pattern at propriety. He waa not a fop 
bat Uba many otber eminent men ha had a weakneaa In that dlreeUon. Folblea h* 
had but thay wara tnalgnlfleaut In eampftrlsM with hia many vlrtuaa. He was a 
la lanted and honant man, and whan the reU of Indiana's great la mode up. among 
tha drat wlU be tha name ot WbltcombL" 

In UM ha wrota a pamphlet enttUed "Facta for tha People," whMi la considered 
by naay ana of tba moat eOMtly* arguments against a protective tarlfl that has erer 
baaa writtan. (Applatoa'a Bn& of Am. Blag., p. IM.) 

Copy of Inscription from Uannment at Crown HID Cameterr, Indlanapdls, Ind. 

"Jamaa Wbttoamb a nativ* of Varmfat. Bern December, ITW, brought to Ohio. 
vlMM etasaa years oUL Salt Tanght. Commancad practice of law In itn at Bloom* 
Ingtaai, lad. Waa State and Circuit Attoraay, State Senator, Commissioner of Oen- 
eral I^nd OOait twiM Oorannr of Indiana. Died October, int, at the city of New 
Tatl^ whOa Sanstor «( Dbltad States, ranlnant In learning: Devoted to ComUrr 
and Ood." 


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In 1852, while United States Senator, he went to New York to 
undergo a sur^^cal operation and died from the effects, October 4, 
1853. He was grealiy interested in his family history and had the 
crest* of the "Whitcomb arms" made into a seal, which he wore on 
hu watdi chain. This, with his fine gold watch, was stolen from his 
dead body by his negro servant — (Francis W. Shepardson.) 

tfaa MARTHA RENWICK,' boni July I, 1847; wu nuried Jamurr I. 
1868^ to Cltudc Matthews, ■Itennrds made Goreraor of ladiaaa; 
one son and three daughten; thcjr retide In Clinton, Ind^ and Chi- 

2B4 DAVID WHITCOMB,' (John," Aaa,» Nathaniel,* Jame%« ; 
Robert,' John,*) was one of the pioneer Methodist ministers of i 
Indiana, a man of fine native ability and success in his work. He be- I 
came a member of the Ohio Conference of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church October 4, :S26. When he was Presiding Elder he was sta- 
tioned at Portsmouth, Ohio, which was the principal chai^, and he 
was the strong man of his district, having great force of character 
and an impressive personality. He had a wonderful memory, and 
it is said he could repeat almost any chapter in the BiUe when given 
the opening verse. His appointments included such places as Dayton, 
Columbus, Zanesvitle, Zenia, Cincinnati, etc 

Bishop Foster wrote in 1897 concerning Rev. David Whitcomb 
as follows: "When I entered the ministry, he was esteemed as one 
of the most noble and distinguished members of the Ohio Conference; 
I counted it my ^;ood fortune that I fell into his hands (he was Pre- 
siding Elder) at an early stage of my ministry. He was a preadier 
of rare excellence and power; his visits were always hailed by the 
diurch and ministers with great delight and profit As a preadier, he 

•As a. aaMI«r of tut Mr. BuhbiI WhUsomh, Jr., of BmIod, bad tk« grwt wmf 
Heatd Bwto lot* k aaal and pnamtad U to Oftnraor WhltoMib wb» took p loo wif m 
woaHns IL Tho moI and wm^ dJnpPM'od k* abon atalod bat tbo omI mo ^mr 
namttXw tovnd ta Nov Tork City and liao boon notond 
<a W.) 


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had few equals. He did all his work with painstaking and conscien- 
tious care: Id all his relations he distinguished himself as an hon- 
orable manly man." 

He was married (i) to Maiy Miller, who died soon afterwards 
and (a) December lo, 1834. to Magdeline Frances Welton of Gndn* ; 
nati. She was bom October 21, 1806, in Harding County, Va., and 
died September 26, 1875, in Warden County, Ohio. He settled first 
in Chillicothe, Ohio, then went to Portsmouth, Ohio, and afterwards 
to Shelbyville, Ind. He died May 17, 1866, near Shelbyvilie. 

■Mai. WELTON MORRIS,* born March a8, 1834. Westchester, Bntler coan- 

tr, Ohio. 
63a. JAMES LEANDER,* bom April 23, 1841, Dayton, Ohio; tinnurried; 

•erred in war of Rebellion. 
46x3. HARRY HOWARD,* bom July ii, 1844, Colnmbus, Ohio. 
634. CAROLINE CUSSETT,* bora August 31, 1848: died January ax iS^S- 

287 SIMON WHITCOMB,' (John,* Asa,» Nathaniel,* James,' 
Robert,' John,*) lived in Chillicothe, Ohio, thence went to Gncin- 
nati, thence to Clintou, Ind., and thence to Lafayette, Ind., where he 
died December 15, 1846. He was a man of talent, energy and ability; 
generous, social and temperate. He mingled a little in politics and 
held some small offices in Lafayette. He was fond of the violin and 
quite a good musician. He was married to Eliza Wolf, who was bom 
August 30, 1814. Their children were born in Lafayette. 

fisS. LYDIA JANE.** bom June 7, 1837: married R. A. W. Morey. 
4636. JAMES HOLTON,* born January I3, 1840. 

6)7. ANN AMELIA,* bom 1843: died 1847. 

628. JERUSHA GERTRUDE,* bom December 16, 1844. 

■Heta^-Lydtft J. Morey. danihter of Slnon Wblteomb and BItck W^, wu born 
ttt Lattvett*. Ind., Jnii* 7. ItlT. She waa uarrlad to nobart Antbonr Whlteomb 
lCor«r> Avguat >. UU, and had tbrsa ohlldraD. NtiUa Daraxa, Franela OnllU and 
Mnud Whlteomb. In IfT* she removed with her tamllr to CUeaco. 

Bbo waa & paraon of nmuoal atrantth of charaatar and IntaUlsaaea; reaourcantl 
Ml anMnanajri tnU U aearas* la adraralty. Har Ula waa apant la vnariflA derotten 

107 . . 

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Nadiantd,' James,* Robert,' John,*) was for many years a merchant 
in Qinton, Ind., where he died April 23, 1861. He was married, 
July 16, 1819, to Anna Sutton, who was bom November 14, 1804, 
daughter of James and Susanna (,Buckin^iam) Sutton. She died 
in Qinton May 20, i86a He was a man of large and powerful frame 
and strong muscle; Before going to Clinton he lived in Eaton, Prdjie 
Coun^, Ohia 

■699. DEREXA,* born May i, 182a 
-HSaoi JOHN,* born August 36, iSai. 
■rtSi. JAMES,' bom Janu&or 34, 1833. 
633. SUSAN,* born December 18; iSxS- 

633. WILLIAM WALLACE,* born March 24. 1831; died May 30, 1831- 

634. MARTHA ANN,* bom April.33, 1833; died October so, 1833. 

635. CAROLINE,* bom September a; 1835. 

636. EMMA JANE,* bom Auguat 3, 1839; died September 32, 1841. 

297 JOHN RIGHT WHITCOMB,' (Anthony,* Asa,' Nathaniel,* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) was a merchant residing for many years in 
Qintrai, Ind. He was married (i) August 31, 1826, to Eunice 
Nourse, who was bom October 15, 1809, and died in Grand Prairie, 
Edgar County, 111, May 15, 1832; (2) February 25, 1845, to Mary 
Bryson. who was bom in November, 1820, and died November 3, 
1850; (3) to Mary Scudder Railsback, November 2, 1852. She was 
bora November 7, 1830, and died in 1888. He died in Ointon, March 
17, 1876. 


637. HA .^SARET,* bom September 17, 1837; married John Wbiteomb (iSab). 
^38. SAr<.'^ H.* bom October 3a, 1839; died the same day. i 
639. OLIVKR.*l>ora March 35. 1831; died March 24. 1851. 

to bM- funllr KOA Menda. A>>nt tan yaara bator* her dwtb ah* took up Oa atndr 
of sanaalosr. and toft to bar daacandantB aa « laaolt of bar labora Qutla a eoaa- 
ptoia raoord of tbair aneoMrr- Bar nanuaeripta war* plaoad at tba aarrla* of tba 
eorapdar of tbta Banaatonr and hava baan taand Tory btf pfot bacanaa of thalr fullnaai ; 
and aeenncv. 8bo diad Jannair IT. IMt. In ICarlatta, Oa,, wbltbar alia bad cona to 
■pand tha wintar on aceoant of dclloata haaltfa. In tKa pletara of tba craTo of Asa 
WbltcoiRb of Barnard, Mnk Moray la to ba aaan atandlns by his tonbi (A W.) 


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64a FRANKLIN.* bora November 36, 1843; died September t, i8s9- 

641. MARTHA JANE.* born July la, 1849. 

64a. WILLIAM RAILSBACK,* born November 15, 1853; died October fl; 


643. HARRY,* bom Jane a, 1857; URmarrted: resides at Clinton. 

4644. BENJAMIN RAYMOND,* born September 33. 1861. 

64s- MARY MAY,* bora September 11, 1864- 

646. DEREXA,* bora October 5, tZji; married Pentreatb. 

299 MARSHALL WHITCOMB,' (Philodes,* Asa,» Nathaniel,* 

James,' Robert,' John,*) was married to Mdtnda . He died 

in 1S45. About ten years later his widow married William Hand- 
raker, Alton, 111. 


647. MELVIN,* fought for the confedentcr durmg the Civil vnr; no othct 

64S. ROLLIN,* fbnght for the confederacy daring the Civil war; no other 

649. ALTHA.* nuuTted Wade. 
6901. MARY.* married Kinder. 

801 ROLLIN WHITCOMB,' (Philodes.' Asa,' Nathaniel,* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) was married, March 4, 1S41, to Alma T. 
Lyons. He was a botanic physician, and lived for a while in Qintwi. 
Ind., where he died of pneumonia, Fd>niary 19, 1862. His widow 
died April 4, 18814. 

4«5i. EDWIN THOMPSON.* bora September 17, 1843- 

65a. ALMA,* bora Pebmarr aa. 1S46; died September. tS4& 
•»ti53- ALONZO LYONS.* born 'March 30, 1848. 
HSA. ALVA HILL.* bora May aa, 1850; died August 14. i^gi 

6ss- ABBY,* bore October 19, i83x 

656. EMMA SYLVIA.* bora April ift 1855- 

657. MARY SOPHIE,* bora November 18; 1857. 

C5& ROLUN,* bora March ya, xi6ai died March a&. 1863. 

806 BRANCH WHTTCOMB/ (Branch,' Lot,' Nathaniel,* James,' 
Robert,' John,') was married to Eunice Gay in Stockbridg^ Vt, 
where they lived and di^ He died in 1831. 

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659. KATIE,« flurried Dadley Strong; Itvu at Saadolph; two cbndrcn. 
6601 ORVIS.' 
661. JEANETTE.* 

aoe IRA WHITCOMB,T (Blanch," Lot,» Nathaniel/ James* Rob- 
ert,' John,*) was married in Stoddiridge to Prudentia Lewis. They 
lived and died in Warren, Vt 

66x DAVID," died onnurried. 

663- MONDAIN.i lived In Mmuachitsetts; htd two children. 
664. AUGUSTUS.' 

66s. ELBRIDGE,* had a son ud dtugliter. 
6661 BRANCH,* lives in Oklahoma. 

809 LOT WHITCOMB/ (Branch,* Lot," Nathaniel,* James,' Rob- 
ert,' John,*) was married to Irene Chamberlain' at Stodd>ridg^ Vt 
Removed to Michigan, thence to lUinots; thence to Ore^n near Port- 
land, where he built a fine ship called "The Lot Whitcomb" This 
boat was the first that went down the Cc^umbia River. He and his 
daughters went on its first trip to California, where it was sold. He 
built also two sawmills in the town of Milwaukee, Ore., near Port- 
land. He was called "Capt Whitcorob," was a man o( great energy, 
full of resource in emergen^, a loyal friend and good citizen. He 
was a Freemason. Died in Oregon. 

667- JAMES.' 

668. MARY,' married Bnllard. 

669. ELVIRA,* married Woodward. 

67a OLIVE,* married MeWilliams. 1 

67t. VICTORIA,* married Fisk. 

813 ELIAS KEYES WHITCOMB,' (Branch," Lot,* Natham*el.« \ 
James;* Robert,' John,') died in Chicago, November 16, 1888, and '. 
was buried in Elj^n, IIL He was married to Emily Hall of Rochester, j 
Vt» who was bora iSid, in Goshen, N. H., and died in Elgin, in No> ; 


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Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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vember» 1887. They lived in Palatine, 111., and in Elgin, moving to 
Palatine from Vermont, in 1&42. 

67s. EMILY.* died «vtr. 

4^ ALBERT BERTRAND,* bom-Oetober aa, 1847. 
4^4. EUGENE KLEBER,* bora 1850; died 185a. 

814 ALBERT WHITCOMB,' (Branch,' Lot," Nathaniel.* Jaines,* 
Robert,' John,*) was married late in life to Ella A. Northrup, who . 
was bom December 28, 1848. and died December 18. 1885. He ac- 
cununulated an estate worth about $100,000. practically all of whidt 
he left to the schools of his native town, Stodcbridge^ Vt He gave 
$1,000, the interest of which is to be used in keeping the Stock- 
bridge Common burying ground in order. He gave also the "Whit- 
comb Hi£^ School" to Bethel, Vt He died January 7, 1890. at 
Bethel. Vt No diildren. 

817 PAUL WHITCOMB/ (Paul,* Lot,' Nathaniel.* James,« Rob- 
ert;' John,*) was married September 4, 1831, to Fannie Fay, bom in 
Barnard, Vt, Sqitember i, 1799; died at Stockbridg^ Vt, April 29, 
188& He died Mardi 4, 1877, in Stodcbridge, Vt 

tfTS- DANIEL Q^* bora September 5, 183a; died January t, iSaj, Stoekbridse. 
«7& HENRY,* U „ « 

+677. HARVEY.' l*«>™""y«* »8'4- 
«<78l DAVID FAY,* bora January 35, 1836. 
■H^ JAMES MONROE,* born October to, 1838. 

68a EUZABETH C* bora May 3. 1830: died April 38; 1898. 
■HSBt. AUSTIN FULLER,* bora Jaaoftry jo, 1833, Stockbridge. Vt 

tiSa. PHINETTE.* bora December 9, 1834; unmarried; died May 18, 1857. 

S18 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (Paul.* Lot,* Nathaniel.* James;* 
Robert* John,*) was married to Lucia Fay, Barnard, Vt He died 
February 18, 1875, aged seventy-two years and five months. She <fa'ed 
April 2, 1866, aged six^seven years. % 

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683. ELIAKIN F^* bom 1837; died December 4, iB^g. 

EL," in 
D," Jb 

as. DAVID,' 
07. DUANE JOHNSON,! (Adopted.) 

819 REUBEN WHITCOMB,' (Paul,' Lot,' Nathanid,* Jama,' 
Robert,' John,*) was a farmer in Gaysville, Vt, and he was married to 
Amanda Abbott, who was bom July 9,. 1809; died July 10, 190a He 
died September 12, 1891. He held office and was a man of note. 
(See Aldrich and Holmes' History of Windsor County, Vt) 

OSL AMANDA,* bom April 36, 1830; died April 13, 1833: 

4S89. MARY L,* bora May 31, 1833; died July 3, l8«i. 
449a ELBRIDGE,' bora Marcb rt, 183& 

881 BENSON WHITCOMB,' (Paul,' Lot,' Nathaniel,' James," 
Robert,' John,') was married to Hannah Putnam, who died May 15, 

1838; (3) to 


<9I. MINERVA,' bora > 

6g3. HANNAH,* bom >; married a Whitcomb and lived at Chester, 

Vl; later removed to Iowa. 

««. DUAHE,'bom . 

694. -, bora . 

824 JOTHAM WHITCOMB,' (Nathaniel,* Lot,' Nathaniel,' 
James,' Rober^' John,*) was marriol Detxmber 13, 1820, to Lucy 
Sylvester. He died at Gaysville, Vt, 1897. 


£95. Noah,' married Perldna; lived at Gayavilla, VL 

tfiA BETSEY,* married Darliog. I 

607. LUCINA,* married "out Wear somewhere." \ 

<98. JDLANA.* 

699. EMMELINE.* 


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Lot,' Nathaniel/ James,' Robert,' John,*) was a farmer; was married 
to Elizabeth Taggart, September 30, 1824, at Stockbridge, Vt She 
was bom December 10, 1804, at Milford, N. H. He was bom at- 
Bamard or Stockbridge, Vt, and died at Wilmington, HI; she died 
in Chicaga 

4J0I. CALVIH LEWIS.' bom Jtme 18, 1827. Sloctbridge, Vt 
70a. NABBY T.,* bora Jtnoary 15, 1839; died at four years of ase. 
tTOJ. JOSEPH TAGGART,' bora November 16, 1S33, Stockbridge. 

704. ELIZABETH.* bom September 15. 1835. Stockbridge; married H. Tia- 

dale; reaidence, Pullman. 111. 

705. MARY ADELAIDE.' bom Hay 3. 1837. Stockbridge. 

827 REUBEN SHERMAN WHITCOMB.' (Nathaniel,' Lot,' Na- 
thaniel,' James,' Robert,' John,') was married to Malvina Blossom. 
He died in Gaysville, Vt. 

7<|& AUAHDA.' 

829 SAMUEL NYE WHITCOMB.' (Nathaniel,' Lot,' Nathan- 
iel,' James,' Robert,' John,') moved from Vermont to Pinkney, Mich., 
1880. He was married to . 


707. AUSTIN.' 

708. NYE' ! 

709. ALBERT.' 

710. SARAH.' 

8S7 LOT WHITCOMB,' (Lot,' Lot,' Nathaniel,' James,' Robert,' 
John,') was married (l) to Roxy Wilbur, who died October 10, l8a2; 
(a) to Nancy Streeter; (3) to Betsey Dennison. They lived at Stock- 
bridge, Vt 

47II- HARVEY DCRKEE.' bora August 34, 1S34. Stockbridge, Vt 

7la ROXY.' bora 1829, Stockbridge. Vt 

713. NANCY,' bora 1831, Stockbridge, Vt ' . ; - - ; 

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888 ICHABOD WHITCOMB.' (Lot,' Lot," Nathaniel,* James,* 
Robert,* John,') was rnarried about 1819 to Hannah Webber, who 
was bom April 6, 1804, in Stockbridge, Vt They both died in Nor- 
folk, N. Y. He was a fanner. 

4714. ALOMZO,* bora Febniarr 14, iSaov Stockbridge; <licd in Norfoll^ M. Y. 

715. HANNAH U., born December 2, 1835, Stockbridge; murjcil L. C 

71& AUGUSTA* bora October 34. 1831, Stockbridge; died August 15, 1844. 

717. GEORGE,* bora Noreniber 24, 1840^ Norfolk; died November 28, 1841. 

840 JAMES ERI WHITCOMB,' (Lot," Lot.' Nathaniel.* James,* 
Robert,' J(^,') followed farming in Stockbridge^ Vl He was 
married in Randi^ph, Vt., December 15, 1859, to Lut^ A. Whitcomb, 
(Jonathan Line), who was bom in Stockbridge, May 19, 1832. He 
died in Stockbridge, September 23, 1875, and she lives with her daugb- 
ta, Mrs. Finney, Nd>raska. 


71& MARY LILIAN.* bora September 3. iBSo^ Chittenden. VL; married 
Bailejr G. Rnney. 

719. JULIUS ROGERS.' K„„ August «. 1865. Stocfcbridg<v Vt; died in 

72a JUSTUS ROGERS.* ) »"*«>«». 

846 JUSTUS WHITCOMB,' (Justus.* Lot,' Nathaniel,* James,* 
Robert,* John,*) was married in East Hamilton, N. Y;, to Aurilla P. 
Beach, who was bom in East Hamilton, dates wanting. He was a 
carver of woods. He died in Poolville, N. Y. She died in East 



73a. HARVEY JAY,* bora Anguit ta, 1644. Hunilton, N. Y.; nurried Ida 
Viola Whitcombv Chicago, 1885; no children. 

848 JUSTUS WHITCOMB,' (James,* Lot," Nathaniel,* James,* 
Robert,* John,^} lived in Palatine, III.; was married to . Put- 
nam; he died in Palatine, March 28, 1S62. 

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733. C Lq* raidci at Fredericksbnrgh, Ohia 
724. FRE0ERICK,* rciide* at Fredericksbursh. Ohio. 
735. JAMES.* resides tt Fredericksbursh, Ohio. 

860 JAMES HENRY WHITCOMB * (James,' Lot," NathanW,* . 

James,* Robert,* John,*) was married to . He died 

November, 1901, at Fairhaven, Wash. 

7a6. J. P.,* resides Montesano, Chchalis county, Washington. 

737. W. P.,* resides Astoria, Oreffon. y 

TaS. W. H.,' resides Portland, Oregon. 

730. G. H.,* resides Sonth Bend, Pacific Coast, Washington. 

TSOl F. J.,* re^des South Bend, Pacific Coast, Washington. 

864 DAVID BRAINARD WHITCOMB,^ (James." Thomas," 
James,* James,' Robert,* John/) was married in Nortitampton, Mass., 
May 19, 1828, to Nancy Ctapp, who was bom October 10. iSoc^ in 
Northampton. David was a hotisc painter. They resided in North- ^ 
ampton where they both died. 

73>. JULIA AUGUSTA,* bom May g, iSag, Northampton; married to Wn. 
A. Moody, October i, 1873. 
473X DAVID BRAINARD,* born June 14, 1834- ; 

733- WALDO,* bom May 19, 1838; died Febraary 34. 1839^ 
4734- WALDO HUNT,* bora January 35, 1840; married June 3, 1897, to 

Julia Stevens, Belcherlown, Mass.; no children. 
■>73S- PARKER RICHARDSON.* born January 36, 1843^ 

376 SAMUEL WHITCOMB.' (Scotter,* Scottoway.* James,* 
James/ Robert,* John/) was married to Celinda Smith in 1822. They , 
lived and died in Ontario, N. Y. He was a farmer. 

73& AMY E..* bom July Ift 1833. 
737. CORDELIA G..* bora July 3, 1835. 
73& CALEB S.,* bore August 17, 1837. 

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73(t. SEYMOUR C," born October 24, 1839. 

740. FLYNN," bom December m, 1831, GraBTille, N. Y.; married Mary A. 

Clark; no children reported. 

741. JERUSHA," bom December 14, 1835. 

878 SCOTTOWAY WHITCOMB,' (Scotter," Scottoway,* James,* 
James/ Robert,' John,*) called "Scotter," was a deacon of the Con- 
gr^rational church in South Granville, N. Y. He was a prominent 
citizen. His wife's name was Lydia Day; date of marriage wanting. 
He was a soldier of 1812 ; ( ?) died in Ontario, N. Y. 

74a. SYDNEY FAMELE.* baptized March 4. iSao. 

7^ RHODV }•>»?«'«• October 9. 1825. 

745. ELIZA DAY.* baptized October i, 1836; married Chester Lee; died 

Attgnst 31, 1878; no children. 

746. DAVID.' 

747. HARRIET." 

748. MIRANDA,* married Chase. 

749. LYDIA,* married Jason E. Hawldns. 

878 LEWIS WHITCOMB.' (Scotter,' Scottoway,' James,* 
James,' Robert,* John,*) lived in South Granville. N. Y. He was a 
minister and died while he was a member of the Black River Con- 
ference. Two of his children are recorded in the South Granville 
Congr^ational church books. He was admitted to commtmion Octo- 
ber 5, 1816. Was married to — ■ -. 

7Sa HULDA,* baptized September i, 1821. 

75(. LUCY,* baptized December 7, 18x3. ; 

881 FLYNN WHITCOMB,' (Scotter.* Scottoway,* James,* ! 
James,' Robert," John,*) lived in Hartford, N. Y. He was married ■ 
(i) December 22, 1835, to Jerusha B. Tracey, who was bom in Gran- I 
ville, N. Y., June 11, 1807, and died in Ontario, N. Y., in December, 
1837; (2) October 14, 1838, to Mary Martin. He k^ a meat xtax- ; 
ket and bought and sold cattle. He died in Hartford. N. Y. 

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75a. EDNA E^* born November 16, 183& 

753. HANNAH TRACEY,* bora September 17, i8ao: married Cottr«IL 

754. GEORGE FLYNN,' bora November *, 1831: residence S«n FrancUco, 

755- THEOPHILUS TRACEY.' bora Jaouaiy 19^ 1835: retldMC* SUnbeth 

aty. N. C 
7S(!i FLAVANA,* bora August 35. 1840; married Harlan P. Martin; residence 

Sacramento^ Cal. 
757. ARDELIA E^* bora December 38; 1841; married Northrap: resides 

Fort Edward, N. Y. 

882 REUBEN WHITCOMB.* (Pliny" Scottoway,' James,* 
James,' Rc^iert,' John,*) was married to Sarah Hills, sister of Samuel, 
who married Eunice and Mary Whitcomb, sisters of Reuben. He was 
a farmer; he died in Granville, N. Y. 

47581 ELIAS,* bora June 6, 1835. Granville, N. Y. 
7S9- JERUSHA ANN,* born June 19, 1897. resided in Wells. Vt. 
476a. MILO,* bora March tp, i8aa 

761. LORINDA,* born November 17, 1830: died East Polinejr, Vt. 
7tia. MIRANDA,* born July 16, iZm; married Clarke Nelson; resided in 

East Poltnejr, Vt. 
763. LEE,* bora February 18^ 1837; died Octt^r 19, 1838; South Granville. 
N. Y. 

884 PLINY WHITCOMB.' (PHny,« Scottoway,' James,* James,* 
Robert,' John,*) was married to Julia Ann Hills, who was bom in 
Hartford, Vt, June 6. 1798. He was a farmer and stone mason; 
died in North Granville, N. Y. 


7«4. PRUDENCE.* l.. . . ' - .„ 

76$. SOPHRONIA,*/**™ J"'' »• ■8"' G'anv.Uc. 

liA. SAMANTHA.* bora December 30, 1831. Granville. 

4767. PLINY,* bora July 33, 1834. Granville. 

7U. ASAHEL,* bora June 16^ 1833, Granville. 

169. CURTIS DELANEY,* bora June 30, 1837, Granville. 

770. SARAH MARIA,* bora November 13, 1639, Granville. - '"''.'. 

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771. JULIA ANN.* bora October lo, 1831, Granville. 

773. HULDA ELMIRA,* faoni July 14. 1834. Hartford. N. Y. 

773. EUNICE,* bom October 27, 1839^ Hartford, N. Y. 

774- SARAH JANE.* 

887 TRUMAN A. WHTTCOMB,' (PUny.* Scottoway," James,* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) was married to Lucy M. Dibble at Gran- 
ville N. Y., May 30, 1830. He was a miner at Pikes Peak and Lead- 
ville, O^. He owned the Reddoud and Cold Spring mines. He died 
in 1*878 at Boulder. His estate was appraised at $i8o,ooa He was 
a man of great energy and decision of diaracter. His wife died in 
GranviUe, N. Y. 


477s ORLAN PLINY,* born December 18, iSjt. Grannlle, N. Y. 
TJt. PERMELIA,* bora July la, 1833, Gnnville^ N. Y.; married Sisson. 

S88 EU WHITCOMB/ (PHny,« Scottoway,' James,* James/ 
Robert,' John,*) was bom in Granville^ N. Y. He was married to 
Harriet Hogle, of Sandy Hill. N. Y. She died in Rochester, N. Y^ 
and he in Sandy HiU. 


777. ROBERT A," bora 183S. Sandy H«l, N. Y.; died . 

778. CHARLES H,* bom November 6. 1837, Sandy HiU. N. Y.; died . 

779. GEORGE U.,* bora October it, 1840, Sandy Hill.. H. Y.; died . 

780. JAMES H.,* bora September 17, 1843. Sandy Hill. N. Y.; died . 

781. SILAS W.,* bom September a 1845. Sandy Hill, N. Y. 
78a. MELVIN E^* bora April V&. 1848, Sandy HiU. N. Y. 

783. UNAS J..* bom Jaly 19, 1853^ Sandy HitI, N. Y.; married Bell Brooki; 

no children. 

784. PHEBE F,* bora ; died . 

785. GEORGIA,* bom ; married C H. Mois, Rocheater. N. Y. 

7861 MINNIE C* bom ~~i died . '. 

889 LEVI WHITCOMB,' (PUny,« Scottoway," James,* James.* I 
Robert;' John.*) was a shoemaker by trade; was married in Granrill^ 
N. Y.. November 19, 1835, to Marbey Jane Crouch, who was bom in 
Dorset. Vt. He died in Hartford^ N. Y. She died in Hartland, Vl| 


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7^. FANNIE STAFFORD.* born December 13. 1836; married (i) NeUon; 

(3) Adams. 
78& MARTHA,* bom March 3. TS3& 
■ije^. HENRY PHILETUS,* bom December 24. 1840. 
noi EUGENE S..* bora September 38, 1843; residence Detroit Mich. 
701. PHOEBE PRUDENCE,* born September as, 1849. 
793. MARVIN EDWIN,* bora March 2, 1855: killed by cars. iSgT. 

894 ALMON WHITCOMB,' (James," Robert." James,* James," 
Robert,' John,*) moved to Battle Creek, Mich., from Bolton, Vt, in 
1836. His wife was Miranda Morgan of Warren, N. Y. They were 
married Dec«nber 28, 1826. He kept the second store in Battle , 
Credc, built the first grist mill, and was a valuable pioneer citizen. He '. 
died highly esteemed by his townspeople; 

-1703. WILLIAM MORGAN,* bom January 13, i8a8. 
-*7H. RODNEY SANFORD,* bora Auguat 25, 1839. 
795- CORNELIA A.,* bora July 17, 1831; married Stewart; he died 

September 6, iSfOt and she lives at Hinsdale, IlL 
79<i' HELEN S^* born May ix 1835; died July 11, 1853. 

797. ALMON A.,* bora December 33, 1836; died September 15, 1838. 

896 ALBERT WHITCOMB,' (James," Robert,' James,* James." 
Robert," John,*) was a fanner in Battle Creek. Mich.; was married , 
(i) to his cousin Luqr Bishop, February 18. 1S30; she was born ' 
August 3, 1808; (2) to Rdiecca Sherman, December 16, 1S52. Went 
into railroad freight business which he followed for many years. He 
died December 4, i88a 


798. RHODA A..* bora July 3, 1831; married Dibble; died June 9, 1875. 
■799- LUCY ANN,* born March 25. 1833; married Hunt; died Pebnttry 25. 

4«oa CHARLES BISHOP,* bora Febntary 18; 1835. 

801. JAMBS B,* bora March 6, 1837. ] 

802. SARAH JANE,* bom NoTerober 37, 1839; married Disbrow. 

803. JOEL K.,*'bora Mardi 6, 1844: UUed by cars i8sa 


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AMOS BREWER,* bom June ift 1843: died Marcb 34, 184S. 



€05- AMOS BREWER.* born October 9. 1853. 

898 SHELDON WHITCOMB,' (James,* Robert,' James,* James,* 
Robert,* John,*) moved from Vennont to Battle Crede, Mich.; was 
married to Abnedta Faunce, who was bom in New Hampshire. He 
was a farmer and died in Tecumpseh, Mich., and she died in Barry- 
ville;, Mich. 


CORNELIUS S.,* born 1837; died March 15, 1893. 

MIRANDA A^* bom November ai, 1840; married Adams and died in 
Lowell, Mich. 

SARAH ANN,* bom ; married Cook; died 1902 in Comnna, Uich. 

ALMON H,* bora January 33, 1850. 

400 ORLANDO WHITCOMB,' (James,* Robert,"* James,* James,' 
Robert,' John,*) was a fanner in Jericho, Vt; was married (i) to 
Hannah Bean, (2) to Susan (Kilbum) Atherton; died July 29, 1878. 


810. FRANCES,* resides at Essei^ Vt 

811. EDWIN,* bom 1841; died October 24, 1865. 

813. Lucy,* bom ; died December a, 1878. 

401 JAMES HARRISON WHITCOMB,' (James,* Robert,* 
James,* James,* Robert," John,*) succeeded to the business of his fath- 
er as hoteI-4[eeper in Bolton, Vt ; for years he kept up the reputation 
of the famous hostelry, but with the passing of the st^e coach and 
the coming of the railroad the old Whitcomb tavern became <mly 
a land mark, and its landlord turned fanner. He was mamed De- 
cember 25, 1839, to Jane Williams Smith of Brookfield, Vt, who was 
txmi September 5, 1822. He died in Bolton and she died in Sharon, 


4813. ELKANAH SMITH,* bom December S, 1841. 

814. AROBELL LOUISE,* bora March i. 1843: married Norris. 

815. WILUAM HENRY,* bora January 6, 1851, Bolton. 

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8161 GEORGE WALTER,* born April %. i8S4> Bolton; dnisgist; married 
Fannie A. Hoyt; no children. 

817. JENNIE ELIZABETH,* born July 18^ 1858, Bolton; married Westcott 

818. CHARLES,* bom , Beaton; no children. 

819. HATTIE ROSELIA,* bom December 34. 1856; died 1863. 
8m. CARRIE JANE,* born March 12, t86o; died July 8. 1862. 

408 JOSEPH SKINNER WHITCOMB/ (Joseph,* Robert," 
James,* James,* Robert," John,*) was a farmer in Canada. He was 
married to Getty, daughter of CoL Van Kleedc of Van Kleedc Hill, 
Hawkesbury, Ont He died in West Hawkesbury. They were Pres- 

■I8ai. JAMES,* bora December 37, iSao, West Havrkesbury, Qttebec. , 

8a. HULDAH,* bom ; writer; died nnmarried in Toronto, 1903. 1 

823- LOUISA.* 

824. POLLY W,** bora 1825; married William King Browne. | 

835. ELIZA.* married Davidson; died New Brunswick, 1883. 

836. NOAH,* died in Fairmont, Neb. 

%XJ. EMILY.* married Bruce; died in WaUcerton, Ont. 

404 SAMUEL BACON WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,* Robert," James,* \ 
James,* Robert,* John,*) was a lumberman and postmaster; was mar-! 
ried to Cynthia Hayes and died at the age of forty-one years in Ot- 
tawa, OnL 

t83& JOSEPH SKINNER,* born ; died April t(>. iSgt^ in California. 

839. HAMLET MEARS,* bora . 

8301 MARY,* married Charles Wright of Aylmer, Quebec. 

831. LOUISA HARRIET,* bora ; married George Edwards. 

4833. SAMUEL BACON,* bora September 10, 1845. 

833. ALICE,* "burned to death." 

400 NOAH HARRISON WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,* Robert,* 
James,* James,' Robert,* John,*) removed in early manhood from 
Canada to the State of New York; he was married September 22, 
1825, to Harriet Starr. He was a man well liked and universally 

*Se« letter from' Polly Whilcomb Browne in Appendix. 

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trusted by his fellow townsmen in Fred<»iia, N. Y. He was made 
lieutenant of riflemen of the 169th New York Infantry by Gov. 
Yates, April 19, 1834. Husband and wife died and were buried in 

834- HENRY HARRISON,* born JanuBnr 32, 1823: died September 5. 1858. 

in New Orleans of yellow fever; unmarried. 
835. LEWIS EDWARD/ bom May 18; 1830; died February & 1875, ol con- 
tumption in Florida; nnmarricd. 

400 DAVID ELUS WHITCOMB,' (Justus,* Robert,' Jaroes,* 
James,* Robert," John,*) was a farmer on a large scale. According to 
the custom of the time he had a still and made whiskey, though he 
never drank it himself. It is said of him that he tasted the liquor 
when made to test its quality, but as soon as he found himself caring 
for it, he not only never tasted it again but closed the still and ceased 
its manufacture. He was a man of exalted character and great purity 
of life He was married to Harriet Gilbert and died at Morris, N. Y., 
aged seventy-eight years. In politics he was a democrat and in re- 
ligious belief a Free Will Baptist 

8^ HARRIET SALINA,* bom 1836, Laurens; married James Horton. 

837. EMELINE C* bora 1838, Laurens, N. Y.; married L. H. Caipenter. 

838. LOIS ANGELtNE,* bom 1830^ Laurens; married Holiday. 
+839- EDWIN GILBERT,* bom 1833, Laurens. 

840. JULINA.* born 1834. Laurens; unmarried. 

"Afi. LUCY ELLEN,* bom 1838, Laurens; married George H. Gardner. 

484a. HENRY DAVID,* bora 1841, Laurens. 

4843. CHARLES LANSING.* bom 1849. Laurens. 

416 RASSELAS PRINCE WHITCOMB,' (Winslow,- Robert," 
James,* James,' Robert,* John,*) in early manhood was civil engi- | 
neer and surveyor, and he was in United States Government employ 
during which time he surv^ed part of the Territory of Wisconsin. ' 
Later he went to Gncinnati, Ohio, where he lived some forty years; 
his business in this city was the manufacture of mathematica] instm- 

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ments. He was very saccessful finandally and stood hi|^ in the Ma- 
sonic Order. He was married to Elizabeth English; lu died in 
Umadilla, Fla., June 7, 1884. 

4844. WILUAM ALVAN,' bom September 7. 1850. 

845. CHARLES EDWIN,* born May 15, 1852; died in infancy. 

84& CHARLES ELNORE,* bom December 3, 1853. 
+847- FRANK EDWIN,* bom March tt, 1857- 

84a GEORGE RASSELAS,* bora June 8, i86t. 

410 WESTON WINSLOW WHITCOMB,' (Winslow," Robert.* 
James,* James,' Robert,* John,*) was an ardiitect and builder; he 
was married to his cousin Eunice Ann Bumi. In religious belief th^ 
were Baptists; they lived in Binghampton, N. Y. After the death of 
Weston Winslow in 1857, his widow married C O. Thornton of 
BoUver, N. Y.. March 6, 1861. 

■S49. MARY JANE,* bom Norembcr tS, 1845, Otego, N. Y.: nurried 

48soi WILLIAM RASSELAS,* bora August 15. 1848. 

418 ALWELL ATWELL WHITCOMB.' (Winslow," Robert." 
James,* James,' Robert,' John,*) is a machinist, has been for some 
years and is at present a tool maker in Oneonta, N. Y.; lie is a clever 
craftsman in various lines of work. He was married to Frances 
Grace Delaforest, August 12, 1851. She was bom July 33, 1833, in 
Bethlehem, Conn. Like all the descendants of Justus and Winslow 
Whitcomb they are Baptists. 

«85i. FREDERICK WINSLOW.* bora Jtme 14. 1856^ New Haven, Conn, 
tSX ELLA GERTRUDE,* bora June 6, tSsa; died yonns of conanmptiop. 
SSi- HATTIE BELLE.* bora December i, i8;ol 

428 ROBERT McKAY WHITCOMB,' (Robert,* Robert,' James,* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) went, when twenty-one years of ag^ fima 

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Chittenden County, Vt, and for some years lived in Province Quebec, 
where he was married to Dorcas Abbott M'DoIe, who was a sister of 
CoL William M'DoIe of Thitrso, Quebec, and daughter of Alexander 
M'DoIe, who died in service during the war of iSis. . She ,was bom in 
Waterbuiy, Vt, Mardi 6, 1811; in 1843 they removed to Oswego, 
N. Y., thence returned to Vermont, where he followed farming thirty- 
six years. Dorcas died in Cambridge, Vt, May 31, 1892. Rob«t 
died in Titusville, Pa., July 26, 1894. Both are buried in Cam- 
bridge, Vt 

854. OLIVE CORNELI V twrn Jnly 27. 183a; died December a6, 1836. 
^BSS- ALEXANDER UcKAY,* born January 1% 1834. 
48s& WILUAM HENRY SECOND .■ born October i^ 1835- 

857. CAROLINE ELIZA.* born May aa, 18371 married George Addy; one 


858. CORNEUA JANE,* bom March ag. 1839: married H. R. Hubbard; 

four children. 
'859. CHARLOTTE,*** bom December 33, 1841; unmarried. 
4860. TRUMAN.* bom March 3. 1843. 
86t. MARY ANN MICAY,* bora Jane 23. l&tS: married H. B. Paige; one 

863. EDWARD,* bora September la, 1848: died 1849. 
M63. GEORGE ROBERT,* bom October I, 1851. 
4864. JAMES ARTHUR.* bora March 36, 1854. 

427 EDWARD SHELDEN WHITCOMB,' (Robert" Robert* 
James,' James,' Robert' John,*) began life as a wheelwright iti Fair^ 

■Arlatf Jul* Addy, danihter of Carolln* B, Whiteomb mad a«or(e Addr. aftar 
■tudylns vocal mnile la Chlcaio and Phlladtlphia. spant deren ream In paria, whara 
•ba was nndar raaatara In voice cutttnw and studlad (or vrand opwa, bar notbar 
ramabUas with bar. Har vole* davd^Md wandardiUr and la at aunwalnc eompaaa. 
fnUnoB and ewaatBaM. Har aparatlo eaiaar waa never becoa owinc ta bar marrlaga 
lAlcb took place In St. Oaorva'a obap«4, I.andon, In April, IMW. Her baabMtd, Prc<. 
HMUTk AretowaU, an aaplaratavr (leadMr at ttaa Brtglan Antarctic Kxpadltlon), 
and eavant baa baaa praftaaor In Iba nnlVMraltjr In IJata^ BridBm. lima. Aretowakla 
nppMUii in cbanbar coacaita onlr. bnt tba Burapean preae gtrta bar atravagant 
Praia* "not Ian tor bar baautr and Blrilab grae* tban Mr ber marvaUttui valea 
wblch la pur^ ton, liquid and a w a e t ." (Oleanad from European and Ainarlean praaa 
C. W.> , . 1 • J .; 

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fax, Vt; later he bought a fann in the same town; he was married 
to Harriet Newell Bass of Brookfield. Vt, January 4. 1841; she 
was bom June 8, 1821. Later tiiey removed to Chittenden Cbon^, 
Vt, where Mr. Whttcomb bought a iine farm and opened a large dry ' 
goods store in tlie edge of the town of Jericho. He was an enterpris- 
ing, public spirited man, and very humane; in slavery days a strong 
abolitionist. He was a wide traveler, both in America and Europe; 
made several visits to the Sandwich Islands. He died in Underbill, 
Vt., January 12, 1892. 


865. EDWARD SAVILL.* boro April a. 1843, Fairfax. Vt.; married Ella 

3. Walker; no children. 

866. ELLEN HARRIET.* boro May 6. 1844, Fairfax, Vt.; married Warren 

&Iaiin; two daaghlers. | 

B67. UARY BASS,* bom January it^ 1841$, Fairfax. Vt.; married Bnel H. ! 

Day; three tons. { 

868. LAURA AMELIA,* bom September ^ 1849, Fairfax. Vt., married 

Renneilaer Holman; three children. 

869. LOUIS KOSSUTH,* born August 2^ 1853, Williston, Vt.; died Aneust 


870. EMMA ELIZABETH,* boro November 15. 1855, Jericho, Vt.; died 

August s, 1871. I 

871. LOLETTE CORA,* bom September li, 1859, Jericho, Vt.; married M. , 

L Washburn of San Francisco and Alaska; no children. 

428 WILLIAM HENRY WHITCOMB,' (Robert.* Robert,' 
James,* James,' Robert,' John,*) was a constructive engineer; lived in 
Canada, Underbill, Vt, New York and New Jersey, where he fol- 
lowed his profession; he was married in Boston, June, 1842, to 
Rhoda Kimball, who was bom in Rhode Island ; she died in Jericho, 
Vl He died October 16, 1889, in Minneapolis, Minn. 

87a< HELEN MARY ANN,*] married Columbus Day; one daughter; 

I died in girlhood. 

J bom 1843. 

tji. WILLIAM HENRY,* J died in infancy. 

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480 JAMES LEONARD WHITCOMB,' (Robert,* Robert,' 
James/ James,' Robert,* John,*) was married May i, 1850, to Maty 
Ann, daughter of Hon. Nathan Smtlie of Cambridge, Lamoilte Giun- 
ty, Vt She was bom January 31, 183a They resided in Vermont 
until 1869, when they removed to Battle Credc, Mich., where he went 
into real estate business. In 1878 he was elected mayor of Battle 
Creek on the Democratic tidcet He made extended trips in America 
and Europe. He died in Battle Creek, June 2y, 1899. 

874- LOUISE SMILIE,* born Jane 5, 1857, Cambridge, Vt; unmarried. 
^5- FLORENCE ELLA,* born August 6, iS6s; married John Welch of 
Nicbolatrille, Kj.; baa two cbildrtn. 

4Si GEORGE CARLOS WHITCOMB,' (Robert." Robert,' 
James,* James,' Robert,* John,*) b^an life for himself as a teacher 
in Vermont He was married in Cambridge, Vt, November 4. 1847, 
to Anne Bdl Felch, dau^ter of Rev, Cheever Felch, who was a 
diaplain in the United States Navy and was with Capt Bainbridge on 
board the Constitution when he fou^t and captured Hxt British ship, 
Java, in the War of i8i3. She was bom in Dedham, Mass., January 
17, 1819. They moved to Pottsdam, N. Y., where he kept store; in 
June, 1856, they emigrated to Minnesota and presently settled on a 
homestead in Meeker County. In i86a he raised a companyof 103 
men to go to the front, but finding that the Sioux were on the war 
path, he remained and did notable service as Indian fighter and in 
defending the settlers in the Indian uprising of 1862. "At the time 
of the outbreak tiiere was no available force to resist the savages, 
protect the settlers and diedc the stampede except Capt Whitcoiiri> 
and his gallant company. But for his prompt acticm there would 
probably not have been a living white settler in most of the cotmtry 
west of the Twin Cities." — (General L. A. Grant) 

He returned to find his hcnne in ashes, his crops and fences de- 
stroyed, and his cattle driven away. And the strange part of it is, that 

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Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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while others were reimbursed for their losses, he received nothing. 
When the ccmunbsion was in the state adjusting tosses he was away , 
defending the frontier, and could put in no claim. ! 

Early in 1865 Capt Whitcomb raised another company whidi was ; 
mustered into the United States service and became Company B of ; 
Hatch's Battalion. With his command he guarded the frontier from 
Fort Abercrombie to Fort Pembina and had charge of seven "canton- 
ments," viz., Georgetown, Twin Lake Station, Old Crossing, Pomme 
de Terr^ Chippewa, Alexandria and Sauk Center. After an honor- 
able dischai^ in 1866 he held offices of trust in Medcer and Douglas 
Counties and the State and was a member of the Territorial Pioneers 
of Minnesota. He was a genial and lovable man; was a rhymester 
and a capital raconteur. Died in Minneapolis, Jxme 18, 1891. His 
widow and daughter reside together in Minneapolis. 

4e7& GEORGE FELCH,' born Febnurr 11, 1850, Underhilt. VL 
4r7- MARY ELIZABETH,* bora September 39, 1853. Pottsdam, H. Y.; uo- 

487& EDWARD HALE,* bora July 17. iStit, Grcenleif. Minn. 

4S8 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (James," Nathaniel,' James,* James,* 
Robert,* John,*) was a civil engineer of some note and invented an 
automatic switdi, which is in use t^ all railroads. He was married , 
(date wanting) (i) to ■-- Pomeroy; (3) to Eliza Pomeroy of j 
Greenwich, Mass., who died June i, 1840, at Otisco, N. Y.; (3) to | 
■ — ■— — - ■ , from Onondago, New Yoric James died at Chi- 
cago, October 15, 1856. 

879. JAMES.* 
88a: HANNAH.* 

«8i. i died in childhood. 

48Sa. CYRUS BAXTER,* bora Jaly a, 183A Otisco. N. Y. 
883. LOREN E.,* bora ; died in Onondago Hilt, N. Y., igoa. 

488 SIMON WHITCOMB,' (James," Nathaniel," James.* James,* ; 
Robert,* John,*) lived in Greenwidi, Mass.; was married to ■ ] 

Pomeroy, of Westhampton. He died April 19, 1877. 

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S81. JULIUS,' died youac 
8B5. JAMES HENRY,* no children. 
88& MARIA.* married Dr. . 

441 OREN WHITCOMB,' (Nathaniel," Nathaniel.* James,* 
James,' Robert,* John,*) was married November 2, 1820, to Eliza- 
beth Sophia Owen, who was bom March 15, 1799. They removed to 
Monroe, Michigan, in 1832, then went to Apulia, Onondago Coan^, 
111., and later to Magnolia, IlL, where they died of cholera, both on 
the same day, August 19, 1849. Oren was of a poetic temperment and 
wrote some very good verse. He was a reformer of the abolition 
school, and kqit a station on the "undei^raund railway." He was 
with the Baptists in religious belief and lived a very consistent life. 

887. FRANCES AMANDA,* born M>y 6, iSaa; married Allen WiIcme; one 

ebild; ahe died February 31, 1854. 

888. EMILY JANE,* bom June 07, 1824; married Albert Myers; five chil- 


889. SON,* bom October 23, 1835; died yotmg. 

8pa PERMELIA MARIA,** bom October 31, 1836; married (t) A. M. How- 
ard; (3) James Bucklin; three children. 
4891. HENRY D£ LOSS,* bora February ix 1830. 

893. HARRIET WALKER,* bora Augiut 34, 1833: married H. W. Lynch. 
Chenoa, I1L 

893. HIRAM JUDSON,* bora January 19, 1837: <l>ed 1841. 

k Harbt Whlteomb nioward), when ah* mknied JamM BucUaii, re- 
mortid wltb hlin to MhincsotA, wIih« Uiera wera around tliam two huiHlr«d |ndl*aa 
■fld laM than half a dostn whita famlllea. Durinr th* early days Ihar raeoiiBtured 
many hardnhtpa. Tbay settled oft th* main road and had to trarti •Igtitr mOaa 
witli oxan tor 'their proTlsloiw, and liad som* balrlnvadth aaoapM from Indiana. 
At ow time lovrtaMi Indians war* In tholr loK boos* and. taking oOanoa at soma 
triOa. eaeh began to sharpen a mnrdarons weapon. Auviist Si. Ittt, a tenlM* eydono 
deaireysd their konse. bam, iraaaty and all out bnUdlnga except a brick amoka- 
housa. "W* heard Iho roar and saw ai^raaeblnr the tunnri shaped mass of do- 
atractlon, wkleh waa a ragliw battia within ttsdt There was do tlma to loaa. Wa 
took raliica In the cellar. In a few aeconda tb* cyclone atmek our houa*. canylnc 
away Iba root. When w« entered ttks eeltar mr home waa all rlcbt; the tempest 
■av* US abont foor alrlkes whMi demollsbad evanrtblnc insMe and out; when w* 
oam* ottt In fiftaen nlnulaa, aO was mna exeapt the door piled with debris, and 
around whera our home Mice was, was a eonfnaed mass of brick and mortar. aCoii^, 
pianos (two), chain, tablea, crodtery, etc., eto., broken tn placao ot an staaa, aonw 
ground to very powder. It Is net in th* power of kuman tongiia to dasotba so 
wratakad n pMnra.** (Extract (Tom a letter from Iftn. Bndtten.) 


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461 HENRY FRANKUN WHITCOMB/ (Aaron,« Joshua,* 
Robert,* James,* Robert,' John,*) was married in Lim^ N. Y., Mardi, 
1843, to Maria Torrqr, who was bom in Watertown, N. Y., S^- 
tember 3. 1818. He was a pliysidan and died in Waterford, Wis. 


■8m. EUGENIA,* born Jtnnuy a, 1846: died Bie Bend. Wis., 1855. 
^5. HENRY FRANKLIN,* born June ^ 1848- 

89& FRED,* born March 1853; died September, 1854. 
•t897. WILLIAM GEORGE,* born October 31, 1859. 

6^ JAMES.* born June, 1855; died Waierford, 1863. 

46S EDWIN RUTHVEN WHITCOMB,' (Aaron,* Joshua,' Rob- 
ert* James,' Robert' John,*) was married to Cornelia PriscJnda Tor- 
rey in Lime, Jefferson County, N. Y., in 1846. They reside in Mil- 
waukee, Wis, 


89» FRED EDWIN,* bora August 6. 1857. 

900. EUGENIA MARIA,* born December 30. i860. 

goi. LESLIE ORLANDO.* born March i<^ 1868L 

464 ALBERT W. WHITCOMB,' (Aaron,* Joshua," Robert* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) was married July 5, 1852, in Qiaumont, Jef- 
ferson County, N. Y., to Rachel Scott Howard, who was bom Sep- 
tember 12, 183 1, in Point Peninsula, Jefferson County, N. Y. He 
was a physician and a mathematician; he lived in Ohio and in dif- 
ferent towns in Wisconsin, and finally in Milwaiilcee, where he died 
August 20, 1820. 


gox BERT HOWARD,* born December 15, 1853, Delhi, Ohio; died igos. 

903. WALLACE BEATSON,* born November s. (856, Waterford. Wit. 

904. MARK AAROH,* born January 5, 1859, Vernon, Wit. 

905. ARCHIE DWIGHT,* born December 30. i860. Sheboycan Falls. Wit. 
90& ALBERT WILtlAM,* bora October 30, 1864, Sheboygin Falls, Wit.; 


907. JOHN MINOT,> bora June a% 1867, SheboyKUi F1II1, Wis.; died 1897.' 

908. NUNA EUNICE RHODA.* bora Jnly 1, 1870^ Sheboysan Falls, Wis. 


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466 CALVIN GREEN WHITCOMB » (Charles,* Mo«a.» Robert.* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) was marn'ed 1829 to Marj Pectcham, who 
was horn in 181 1 and died in 1872. He was a shoemaker. 

•909> LUCY It,> bom March afi, 1833; died December 30, i86a 
^la CALVIN GREEN,* bora April 11, 1834, MadiMM^ K. Y. 

9ti. SOLOMON MOORE,* bom . 

91X CHARLOTTE,* bora Juiuaor I, 183a: died 1854. 

466 CALVIN BROWNELL WHTTCOMB,' (Calvin* Moses.* 
Robert^* James," Robert," John,*) was married May 10, 1843, ^ Del'* 
Roicana Brewer, who was born December 26, 1824, and died April 38, 
1899, in Clinton, N. Y. He died January 2, 1891. 

^3- ALBERT NEWTON,* born November ai. 1844. Madison, N. Y. 
914. FRANC.ii:S AURELIA,* bora Jaty 15, 1849, Madison, N. Y.; married 
Barker; had six children. 

467 HENRY WHITCOMB,' (Luther,* Moses,* Robert,* James,* 
Robert,' John,*) was married to Folly Woodman, September 10, 1829. 
She was bom in Hamilton, N. Y., April 16, 1806, and died in CoflFey- 
ville, Kansas. He died September 10, 1885, in Topeka, Kansas. He 
was a farmer and a bladomith. 

-»9i5- GEORGE WASHINGTON,* bora July 6, 1830; died October 3. 1858. 
916. ALANSON FAIRBANKS,* born Jnir iS^ 1834: died October 10^ iSaS- 
917! RUTH ANN,* bora August 33, 1S37; married J. M. Shertrarne, Jnde 
14. 1857. 
-1918. JOHN BROWNELL,* bom June S, 184a 
49I9. LUTHER SYLVESTER,* bora April 33. 184a: 

99a SUSANNAH BROWN,* bora September 37, 1S44; married G. S. Rus- 
sell; died Aagvst ag, 1881. 
4991. SILAS COLE.* bora Jannary 18, 184a 

470 DENNIS WHITCOMB.' (Luther,* Moses,* Robert,* James," 
Robert.' John,*) was married to Nancy Cawkins, 1846. 

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93a. CHARLES,* bora December 15. 1850; died May i, 1853. 
903. AMY,* bora December lov 1848; married William Harrison. 
934. ORILLA,* bora Febntary 22, 1856; married Wixon. 
Sns GEORGE*, bom Uarch lo^ 1858. 

474 HENRY DONALD WHITCOMB.» (John Gray/ Zadodc,* 
Israel,' Israel,* Israel,' Robert,* John,*) lived in Fortluid, Me., be- 
tween 1837-1847. He was graduated from Bowdoin College^ Class 
of 1847. and elected Civtl Engineering as his profession. In 1849 
he removed to Virginia and for twenty-five years was in the employ 
of the Cheaspeake and Ohio railroad which he built through the Vir- 
ginia mountains. In 1854 he was made Superintendent of transpor- 
tation and in 1855 Chief Engineer. In 1861 was made General Su- 
perintendent as well, and held both positions until 1870 when he re- 
signed the superintendency. The extensi<Mi of the railway through 
the Allegham'es to the Ohio River, was made under his supervision 
as Chief Engineer^ and completed in 1873. In 1874 he was appointed 
by the President, General Grant, a member of the United States Com- 
mission to determine the plan for improving the mouths of the Mis-: 
sissippi River — carried out afterwards by CapL J. B. Eads as Contrac- 1 
tor. At the same time he was in charge of the improvement of the - 
James River, Virginia, as assistant engineer. This he resigned in 
1880 to engage in railway work in Virginia and West Vii^nia. He 
was again placed in charge of James River Improvement in 1893 and ' 
remained until 190a While in Europe some years ago he secured a 
painting of the Whitcomb. coat-of-arms. It was copied from the 
Chancel window of the parish church in the Whitcomb parish in 
County Dorset, England. He was married October 24, 1854, to 
Virginia Kinney of Staunton, Virg^'a. She was bom August — , 
1831, and died July 7, 1887. 


93& HARY EDMONDS,* bora July as. 1856; married H. M. Taylor; they 
reside in Richmond, Va. 

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; nurried W. P. Ntchoboa; { 

937. KATE HOLLOWAY.* bora Jalr 37. 

died October ^ 1883. 

938. VIRGINIA KINNEY,* bom September M, i860; nwrried (i) George 

McGendee; (2) E. D. T«rlor; resides in Richmond. Vs. 
'939. ALICE,* bom September 16^ 1866; muried Georse L. NicholAa; ther 

reside in West Washington, D. C 
-HoOl henry DONALD,* bora September a6. 1869; Richmond, Va. 

480 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,' (Levi,' Zadock,« Israel,* Israel,* 
Israel," Robert,' John,*) when quite yoting. perhaps about sixteen 
years of age, embarked on a sailing ship from Portland, Me., and took 
his first sea voyage as cabin boy to the Columbia River in Oregon. 
Several months were spent on this trip', and when he returned home 
to Yarmouth, some five years had been spent on the sea. He then 
learned the trade of a ship carpenter and builder, which trade be fol- 
lowed all his life. He worked two years in Thomaston, "Me;, where he 
was married, September 10, 1856, to Amelia H. Stackpol^ who was 
bom in Thomaston, Me. After his marriage, he lived in Thomaston, 
then removed to Frovincetown, Mass., where he was engaged in the 
wrecking business for five years, returning to Thomaston in 1873. . 

Samael Whitcomb was an upright man; hard-working and in- 
dustrious by nature and habit Beginning with nothing of this world's 
goods, he battled against the adversities of life, and was able to leave 
his family a comfortable legacy at his decease He died October 3, 
1896. His widow makes her home with her son and only surviving 
child in Portsmouth, N. H. 


^i. EDWIN MAURICE,* bora May 37, 1866; died Pebraaiy tg, 1867. 
4933. FRED BROWN,* bom September 7, 1873, ProTinceiown, Mass. 

933. HARRY,* bora jnne 3, t^ Thomaston, Me.; died joung. 

481 JOHN GRAY WHITCOMB.' (Levi,^ Zadock,' Israel,' Israd,* 
Israel,* Robert^' John,*) spent his early life at the old homestead at 
Yarmouth, Me., and received a good education at Yarmouth Academy, 
a well'known school of that time. 


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Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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While still a youth he went to Thomaston, Me., where he learned 
the trade of ship carpenter in the employ of his uncle, William Stet- 
son, a noted builder of that period. For several consecutive years, 
prior to the outbreak of the Gvil War, his winters were spent in 
the forests of Virginia cutting ship timber, while his summers were 
passed in the shipyards at Thomaston, Me. 

At the outbreak of the Civil War he and his company of men 
were hard at work in the Virginia forests. A party of Confederate 
soldiers led by Fitz Hug^ Lee visited the scene of vK>od cutting, took 
the entire party into custody, and conducted it to Richmond, where 
the members were held for a time as spies. It was only by the rarest 
good fortune that the men were able to disprove the charge, gain free- 
dom, and secure safe conduct through the troubled districts to friendly 

Mr. Whita>mb was married in Saint George, Me., on July i, 1856, 
to Mary Jane Fountain. For a short time after marriage they lived in 
Saint George, while the husband worked at his trade at Tennant's 
Harbor and then removed to Thomaston, Me. As a result of the 
Civil War, the ship building industry in Maine was practically ruined, 
and Mr. Whitcomb and his family moved to Boston, where his serv- 
ices were sought by managers of lai^e ship building interests in 
East Boston and Quincy, Mass. While filling a responsible position 
in an East Boston shipyard in 1865, he was induced to remove to 
Pnnrincetown, Mass., to superintend the working of a large marine 
railway and to build vessels for the whaling and codtishing industries. 
Although intending to make but a temporary stay in that place, he 
nevertheless became greatiy interested in the business and pubHc in- 
terests of the town, and remained there until his death, in 1901. 

Mr. Whitccmb built at Provincetown the following vessels: 
Schooner Alcyone, in 1866; Schooner Cora Morrison, 1867; Schooner 
Freddie W. Alton. 1867; Brig D. A. Small. 1868; Schooner Lotta 
Bell, 1869; Schooner Willie L. Swift. 1875, and Yadit Charlotte, 
1901. While building the Schooner F. W. Alton, he cut timber on 

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the sandy hills of Cape Cod, on aa»unt of the difficulty of obtaining 
material for the construction of the vessel. He was frequently urged 
to build other vessels during these years on account of his reputa* 
tion for skill and trustworthiness, but declined these offers on account 
of difficulties in transportation of material, preferring to devote his 
entire time to the large and profitable business of repairing, as Frov- 
inceto^vn was a prominent harbor of refuge for disaUed vessels. 

Mr. Whitcomb earnestly identified himself with the religious, so- 
dal, and public interests of Provincetown. Although a member of the 
Baptist Church in Thomaston, Me., he became at once an active 
worker in the Centre Methodist Church, — the former denomination 
not being represented in Provincetown, — and for years he was Super- 
intendent of the Sunday School, and Chairman of the Parish Commit- 
tee. He was a prominent member of the Fire Department, being 
captain of the Ulysses Engine Company, and later for many years — 
almost until hift death, — an engineer in the Department He was 
a member of King Hiram Lodge, A. F. and A. M., and of Joseph 
Warren Royal Arch Chapter of Masons in Provincetown. 

Tlie death of his loving and devoted wife, a woman of strong 
character, wide sympathies, and affectionate nature, which occurred 
October 1 1, 1895, was a severe blow to htm and mariced the bc^nning 
of the gradual breakdown of his own health. 

In the summer of 1900, he began the construction of the "Char- 
lotte," a large schooner yacht, one of the most ambitious building con- 
tracts he had ever imdertaken. He also entered into a contract with 
the Marconi Wireless Tel^;raph Company to erect twenty masts, each 
312 feet high, for the Wireless Tdegraph Station at South Wellfleet, 
Mass., during the spring and summer of 1901, while the yacht was j 
under construction. These large undertakings illustrate the enthnsi- ^ 
asm, ambition and tireless energy whtdi characterized his life, but the 
mental and physical tabor involved were too much for his failing 
strength, and with these contracts barely finished, he passed away 
suddenly on September 8, 1901, at his turnie in Provincetown. He 


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-»»«%»« NMmCTOH MASS. 

Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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lies buried in Thotnaston, Me., by the side of his wife. The followine 
is quoted from a tribute to his memory: 

"A noble Christian life came to its earthly endii^, wheo on Sab- 
batii moniing, September 8, Mr. John G. Whitcomb of Proviocetown, 
Mass., was found by members of his household to be sleeping the sleep 
that knows no human waking. The quiet harbor-town was profotmdly 
moved as the tidings stole throuj^ it, that the loved neighbor and ' 
friend had crossed the bar, for every one knew him, respected him, 
trusted him, loved him." 

4934. CHARLES TRISTRAM CHASE,* born Jaly a, 1861. 
48S JOSEPH WHITCOMB,' (Levi,' Zadock,* Israel,* Israel,* Is- 
rael,' Robert,' John,') lived on the form imtil he was twenty-four 
years of age ; he went to Provincetown, Mass., in 1865, where his older 
brother, John Gray, was engaged in ship-building and with whom he 
took woric at once He continued with his brother about thirteen years, 
being appointed in the meantime Deputy Sheriff of Barnstable County 
in 1876. His Jideli^ and efiidenty in office won for liim universat 
respect and admiration and was the occasion of his bring dected 
Sheriff of the County November 5, 1S89, which oflRce he ctmtinuously 
held to the time of his death. 

As a public offidal whose duties are often very delicate and per- 
plexing, and not infrequently perilous, he was as alert and brave as 
he was kind and generous. He was a citizen of much public spirit 
and enterprise, was a prominent Freemason, and was connected with 
many and various oi^anizations. Had been an active member of 
Centre Methodist Episcopal Church of Provincetown since 1872. He 
was espedally kind to the poor and the unfortunate and no worthy 
hand went empty from his door. "He was a loyally good man. His 
life stands a splendid testimony, an enduring monument to honor, 
industry, integrity, courtesy, fideli^ and christian charity." 

He was married (i) April 10, 1870, to Susan E. Knowles, daugh- 
ter of Robert Knowles. She was bcnit in Provincetown October 2t, 

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1846, and died November 26, 1876; (2) December 5, 1881, to Lavinia 
C Mullen, daughter of Thomas V. Mullen. Mr. Whitcomb died sud- . 
denly (heart disease), October 6, 1897. The following exceptional | 
record is his: *^ot one unkind word is remembered to have been \ 
spoken by him in his family during all the years. Surdy the Lord's 
gentleness made His servant great" 

MARY EMMA.* died in infuicr. 

FLORENCE MAY,* bom May 18, 187% Provincetown; nurried to 
Arthur O. Meuer, December 35, tSgs; no children; died, 1904. 
937- SUSAN ELDRIDGE.* bom November 36, 18761 


^38. JOSEPH WARREN,* bom Mweh 18, 1883, Provincetown. 

486 MOSES PRENTICE WHITCOMB,* (Ezekiel,' Jacob.* Is- 
rael,* Israel,' Israd,' Robert,* John,*) for thirty years was a furrier in 
New York City. He retired from business and went to Springfield, 
Vt., where he built a fine mansion and eng:^;ed in farming. He died 
December 8, 1879; unmarried. 

487 THOMAS JEFFERSON WHITCOMB,* (Eiekiel,» Jacob,* 
Israel,* Israel/ Israel,' Robert,* John,*) was a furrier in New York 
Cty; he was married April 12, 1855, to Emma W. Valiant, of Palmy^ 
ra. Ma ; they removed to Long Island, Kan., where he eng^i;ed in the 
hardware business. 


4939. THOMAS VALIANT,* bora December la, 1863. New York Gty. 
491 FREDERICK NOBLE WHITCOMB,* (Ezekiel,' Jacob,* Is- 
rael.* Israel,* Israel,' Robert,* John,*) was married to Maria C Hamil- 
ton, New York City; he died December 24, 1889. She died August 
^7* 1^5* "^^ children were fostered by their aunt, Mrs. John De- 
Mary of Springfield, Vt, for fifteen years. ' 

494a FREDERICK EZEKTEL,* bora September m, 1863. Nnr York Qtjr. 
9(1. KATHERIHE ANNE,* bora December 3% 1864; died of coammplkHi, 
April t& 18S7. 

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496 EMERSON E. WHITCOMB,' (Israel/ Jacob," Israel," Israel,* 
Israel,' Robert," John,*) was married September i, 1858, to Mary 
Randall, who died March 14. 1881. He is a fanner in Springfield, Vt 


943. ALFRED R.* born March )i, tStio. 
•1943. ELMER ISRAEL.* born October 31. 1861. 

944. LINA MAY,* bom November 17, 1866; married John Trotter. 

945. JESSIE £.,■ bom Juiuarr 6, 1678; married Walter F. Dockham. 

607 WILLIAM WIRT WHITCOMB,' (Samuel,' Samuel." Israel." 
Israel,* Israel,* Robert,' John,*) at the age of three years removed 
with his parents from Dorchester. Mass., to Springfield, Vt His early 
education b^an in the district school and was continued in the Wes- 
leyan Seminary situated at Springfield, where among his fellow- 
students was the late Chief Justice Field of Massadiusetts as well as ^ 
others who later became eminent in New England. After leaving . 
school he began the practical side of his education for a business ca- 
reer by working in the local milb until he reached the age of eighteen 
years, when he went to Boston, where he has since resided. He is a 
business man and has always taken an active interest in national as 
well as local politics, being a staunch Rqiublican, but has dedined to 
accept public office. He has been closely associated with the growth 
of the Congr^;ationaI Church in New England and was one of the 
early members of the Congregational Oub of Boston. He has for 
many years been a member of the Massachusetts Temperance Society, 
which was established in 1S13, and is the oldest Temperance Sodety 
in the country. For over twenty years he held the office of Coun- 
dllor and for more than five years has been its President, which office 
he continues to hold. He is also a member of the Boston Art Club. 

Mr. Whiteomb was married (i) February is, 1856. to Mrs. Mary; 
(Hyde) Ldand, who was bom July 3, 1835, and died Mardi 29, 1861 ; 
(3) August 31, 1863, to Mrs. Mary Abigail (Lawrence) Hazdtin^. 
who was bom June ao, 184a She was a daughter of the late Rev. 

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Robert F. Lawrence and an active member of the Old South Church. 
She died September 13, 1895. 

9*fi- KATE HASWELL, bora September 23. 1B57; was m&rriwi October 4, 
1877. to Leslie Clark Wead; two soQt, Harold Kasscm, Harvard '01, 
and Frederick Whitcomb, Harvard "05. 
947- MARY ELEANOR, beni October 17. 1858; died Hoveinber i&, 1858. 
-I94& LAWRENCE, born May a. 1863, Maiden, Mass. 
■(949. RUSSELU bom Majr 6, 1865. Maiden, Mass. 
9Sa WINTHROP, bora January % 1867. Maiden, Mass.; died April 10^ 18691 
9SI- WILLIAM SHEAFER, bora September ^ 1868; died October 19. 1869. 
g53> HOWARD, bora August t6^ 1870, Maiden, Mass.; Harrard, class of i8gi. 

953- ARTHUR CLINTON, bora January 3^ 1873. Boston; died March 11. 


954- MARY SHEAFER, bom August 31, 187S, Maiden, Mass.; was mar- 

ried Hay 14, 1904. to the Rev. Atden Hyde Clark of the Congregar- 
tional Church. Iliey have been sent to India as missionaries by the 
American Board of Foreign Missions. 

611 EZEKIEL JOSEPH WHITCOMB,* (Ezekiel,' Samud.* Is- 
rael,' Israel,* Israel," Robert,* John,^) was married to Rosanna Loud 
of Weymouth, Mass. He died in Weymouth in 1883. (Children?) 

518 EDWIN BARKER WHITCOMB," (Ezekiel,' Samuel,* Is- 
rael,* Israel,* Israel,' Robert,' John,') was married in Hingham, 
Mass., January 16, 1848, to Mary Jane Tower, daughter of Joshua 
and Anna (Hersey) Tower. She was bom in Hii^ham, July 16, 
1834. He was a boot and shoe manufacturer. Th^ resided in South 
Hingham. Children were all bom in Hingham. He died September 
I, iSoa 


955. JANE BARKER, born June a, 1849; married John G. Worster, of Wey- 


956. ANNE LOUISA, bom May a6, 1851; married Oacmr Von Benthehn of 

New Yoric Gty. 
9S7- ARTHUR RAYNOR, bora November il, 1856; nairied Annie M. ', 
Emery of Hingham, January aov 1877; no children. 

138 i 

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614 ISRAEL WHITCOMB." (Ezekiel,' Samuel,* Israel," Israel,* 
Israel,' Robert,' John,*) was married October is, 1833, to Hannah, 
Daughter of Martin and Tirzah P. (Thomas) LeavitL He resided at 
Hingham Center, Mass. He was a farmer. No children are rerorded. 

B19 JOHN MURRAY WHITCOMB," (Ezekiel,^ Samuel,* Israel,* 
Israel,* Israel,* Robert,' John,') was married September 15, 1861, in 
Weymouth, Mass., to Harriet Bentley Loud, who was bom Septem- 
ber 17, 1843, in Weymouth. Both Mr. and M13. Whitcomb are iden- 
tified with the Universalist Church at South Weymouth, Mass. He is 
a veteran of the Civil War. He has been a Banic Oerk, a Railroad 
Station Agent, and has been in the Customs Service at Boston since 
October 10, 1876. He served in the Massachusetts Legislature in 
1867. No dtildren. 

bael,* Joseph,* Israel/ Israel,' Robert,* John,' ) was married October 

12, 1872, to Ida Mansfield, who was bom , and died October 

13, 1889. They resided in Springfidd, Vt 

OSS- WALLACE HOWARD,* bora June 33, 1874: tmniarried; printer uid 

959- FRANK LINCOLN* bora i^: died 1880. 
g6a MORTIMER H,* bora 1881: died in infancy, Iowl 

629 IRVING HARMON WHITCOMB,* (Henry Knox,' Shu- 
bad,* Joseph,* Israel,* Israel,' Robert,' John,') was married June i, 
1875, to Ida Putnam; they reside in Woodstodc, where he is in tiie 
livery business. 

961. HENRY CONE,* bora December 11. 1890. 

682 WILLIAM D. WHITCOMB," (Jairus Lincoln,' Shubael,' Jch 
seph,* Israel,* Israel," Robert,* John,') was married in 1882 to Nellie 
Bundy. He h'ves on the Whitcomb homestead, where bis branch of 
the family liave resided since coming from Massachusetts to Spring- 


d by Google 



964. RUTH,* born Mtrch 21, i8S$. 

965. RAY.» 

966. ALICE.* 

Joseph," Israel,* Israd,' Robert,' John,*) was graduated from Grin- 
nell College, Grinnell, Iowa, hi Qass of — — ; has been a teacher and 
colt^^ professor and is an author of some note, having written both 
prose and verse. He has published a volume entitled "Chrcmological 
Outlines of American Literature," to which Prof. Brander Matthews 
has written an introduction. 

Prof. Whitcomb was married in Sanborn, Iowa, June 39^ 189^ 
to Dora Wilbur; she died at Grinnell, June, 1903. No cbildren. 

Thomas,' Joseph,' Israel,* Israel,' Robert,' John,') was a farmer. 
Was married to Marion Sanf^d Brown in South Abington, Mass., 
April 10, 1879. She was bom Mardi 26, i860, Cohassct, Mass. Re- 
ligious belief, Congregationalist Dves in Cohassct, Mass. 

969. EDITH LINCOLN,* born March u, 1881, Cohasaet; married Litch- 

968. MINNIE EVELINE,* bom September tt, 1883. Cohasset; married 


969. HATTIE ALMARIA,* bora July iflL 1885, Cohawet 

560 JOSEPH WALTER WHITCOMB," (Thomas C,» Thomas,' 
Joseph,' Israel** Israel,* Robert,' John,') was married to Emma 
AnwHa Foster at North Lake, N. B., May 10, 1900. where she was 
bom June 13, 1877. Their religious belief is Baptist He is a 
farmer. Residence Cohasset, Mass. 

9701 WALTER FOSTER,* bora March 14, 1901, Cohaaact. 

140 j 

d by Google 


661 HERBERT LESTER WHITCOMB." (Thomas Cushing,T 
Thomas/ Josq)h,' Israel,* Israel,* Robert,' John,*) was married to j 
Helen Amelia Studl^ at Cohasset, Mass., December 4, 1888. She I 
was bom July 24, 1869, in Cohasset; religious belief CcmsregationaL 
He is a shoemaker. Residence Brockton, Mass. I 

971; HAROLD SEARS,* bora April 27, iSgo^ Brockton,. Hast. 

973. LESTER. BARTLETT,* bora March 30^ iSga, Brocleton, Mass. 

654 FOSTER HENRY WHITCOMB,* (Cummings Pratt,' 
Perez,* Lot,' Israel,* Israel," Robert,* John,*) lives in Springfield, Vt, 
where he was married June i, 1854, to Elizabeth Chase Field. She 
was bom Januaiy 10^ 1831. Their Brst children were bom in Lowell 
the rest in Springfield. 


973. CARRIE ELIZABETH,* bora Augast 37, 1855; died July iS^ 1861, 

-(974. EDGAR FOSTER.* boni Februatr 34, 1860^ LowclL 

975- BERTHA ANN,* bora July tS, t86a. 

4976. CHARLES HENRY,* bora May 17, 1S69. Springfield, Vt. 

4977. LEWIS ANGEL,* bora October i, i^a: 

iO^ ENOCH,* born April a», 1875; died in infancy. 

556 FESTUS WHITCOMB," (Cummings Pratt,' Perez," Lot,» Is- 
rael,* Israel," Robert," John,*) was married March 18, i860, to Maria 
Spalding. They lived in Chicago, ItL, where he died September 4, 
1885; his widow died Augtist 10, 1S86. 
979k IDA BELLE,* bora January i, 1861 ; was married to Calrin W. Cooke, 
Ravenswood, III. 

667 PEREZ WHITCOMB," (Cummings Pratt,* Perez," Lot," Is-! 
rael.* Israel," Rcd>ert," John,*) was married December 25, i860, to 
Mary Skinner Bates. They live in Springfield, Vt, where he is a sue-, 
cessful fanner. 

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$8a WALTER RODNEY,* bom October 34. i86t. 
981. LEONARD AMCEL,* bom October 24, 1864; d!ed i86gi 
■4983; ARTHUR BATES,* bom December 37, 1867. 
983. MAY HELEN,* bora September % 1^69. 
$84. PHIUP GUY.* bora April 24. i875- 

668 LYMAN WHITCOMB,* (Cummings Pratt,' Pcrei,« Lot," Is- 
rad,* Israel,' Robert,- John,*) lived in Springfield, Vl, where he 
was married (i) April 11, 1861, to Silence McNamara Shaw, who 
vras bom February 22, 1844, and died Mardi 12, 1867. He was mar- 
ried (2) July II, 1869, to Angela Qarissa Kidder. 

gSs- AZUBAH SILENCE.* bom September 17, 1863; married Msy tti^ 1883. 
George E. Gallup. 

986. STELLA ADELE,* bora June 30^ 1865. 

^7. MINNIE AGNES,* bora October jr. 1874. 

■988. FRED L,* bom ; died in infancy. 

660 PRATT WHITCOMB," (Cummings Pratt,' Perez," Lot," Is- 
rael,* Israel,' Robert,* John,*) was married March 11, 1863. to 
Julia E. Wedcs, who was born in Lowell, Mass., January 10, 1845. 
They live in Portland, Ore. 

4989^ FREDERICK E.,* bom April 3, 1864. 

990. CHARLES MYRON.* bom Jnne % i^i. 

991. ELBERT EUGENE.* bora July 13, 187s. 
99a. GERTRUDE,* bora October 9, i&jj. 

662 MYRON CUMMINGS WHITCOMB," (Cummings Pratt,* 
Perez," Lot," Israel,* Israel," Robert," John,') lives in Springfield, Vt 
He was married December 23, 1880, to Edith Beagle. 

993. ROSCOE MYRON,* born January A, 18B2. 

6B4 CALVIN SELDEN WHITCOMB," (Salmon,* Perez," Lot," j 
Israd,* Israel,' Robert," John,*) was married in Wbately, Mass., to j 

d by Google 


Uzzie S. Bdden, who was bom in Wbately and died May 5, 1882. 
He was a tinner by trade. The family are Congr^^tionalists. Resi- 
dence Springfield, Mass. 


994. LIZZIE BELL.* bora Mir 1874; m»rried F. Wells, 1894. 

568 JOSEPH SELDEN WHITCOMB,' (Salmon,' Perez,' Lot,' 
Israel,* Israel,' Robert,* John,*) was married in Springfield, Mass., to 
Qara Filmore of Springfield; she died 1899. Mr. Whitcomb is a 
stove dealer in Springfield. The family are Methodists. 

99$. ABBIE,* bom 188S, Springfield, Mau. 

M& RAYMOND,* bom 1893, Sprinffiield, Mua. 

997. FLORENCE,* bora 1899, Springfield, Mass. 

574 GEORGE SEYMOUR WHITCOMB,^ (George Gushing,' 
Perez,* Lot," Israel,* Israel,' Robert,' John,*) resides in Mdrose, 
Mass. He vras married January i, 1885, to Cora Azubah Joshson, 
who was bom in Chester, December 7, 1863. He is an iron molder, 
but is now engaged in steam and gas fitting. Religious belief, Metho- 


998- PRISCILLA LUCY.* born April 21, 1891. Sprinjfield. Vt. 

99» WESLEY WILLIAM,* bom November 25, 1896, Springfield, Vt. 

680 OSCAR WHITCOMB," (James Utchfield.' Perez," Lot," Is- 
rael,* Israel,' Robert,' John,*) was married January 21, 1878, in 
Lowell, Mass., to Henrietta Ann Wadleigh, who was bom February 
38, 1850, in Masonville. P. Q. He is a builder and the family are 
Methodists. They reside in Lowell, Mass. 

1000. LEON ROGERS,* bora Jannanr as. 1883- 

691 JACOB HENRY WHITCOMB," (Jacob,' Jacob," Jacob," 
Noah,* Israel," Robert," John,*) lived in Ruidolph, Mass., where he 
was married (i) November 4, 1852, to Elizabeth Augusta White. 

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She died October 34, 1855; (2) to Emily Maria (Lord) Gibbs, Sep- 
tember 14, 1856. He died March 3, 1884. 

tool. MARY LIZZIE,* bora December 17. 1654, Quincjr, IIL 
loox HENRY JONATHAN,* bora December 3, 18$?; unrouried. 

1003. JACOB HARLAND.* bom September 37, 1859; died June 37, 1863. 

Isaac,' Jaoib,' Noah/ Israel,* Robert,* John,*) lives in Randolph, 
Mass., where he was married ( i ) December 27, 1876, to Elten Perkins 
French, who was bom April 17, 1856, and died October 30, 1883; 
(2) October 14, 1885, to Josephine Mary Pratt, who ^vas bom Janu- 
ary 5, 1863. He was a manufacturer of boots and shoes. Th^ re- 
sided in Holbrook, Mass. 


1004. MABEL ESTHER.* bom March 11, 187B, Holbrook; married Frank 

Dana Sears, September (6^ 1903. 
1005- ELLEN JOSEPHINE,* born Jamtarr 33, iS^, Hyde Park. 
IDO& FANNIE MARIA.* born April 33, 1888, Hyde Park. 
loaj, CARLETON BRADFORD,* bora March 34. 1891, Hyde Park; died 
January 34, 1895. 

1008. LOUISE RICHMOND,* bom June 8. 1893. Holbrook 

1009. HELEN ELIZABETH,* bora October 28; 1894: died July 9, 190a 
■010. MARGARET,* born September 39, 1896; died October 5, 1896^ Hot- 

ton. CAROL BRADFORD,* bora April 35, 189S, Holbrook. 

Isaac;* Jacob," Noah,* Israel,* Robert,' John,*) was married in Ran- 
dolph, Mass., December 28, 1898, to Mary E. Goode; who was bom 
in Randolph, 1871. They reside in Holbrook, Mass. 


tots; ARTHUR WHITE.* bora December 1% t89ft Holbrook. 
S99 HENRY DAVID WHITCOMB,* (David.^ David,* David.* 
Noah,* Israd,* Robert,* John,*) was married (i) in Randolph to 

Otarlotte Holbrook, who was bora ; died 1865; (a) to Maria 

Wilbur. They reside in Randolj^ Mass. 

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1013. JENNIE,* bom 1864: married John Holbrook of Holbrook. 

1014. BELL WILBUR.* born Mareh 15, 1869; died t88i. 
+1015. HENRY WESLEY,* bom December s, 1871. Holbrook. 

tot6. MILLIE BRYANT.* bom Norember % 1880: mtrried Ira W. Pain^ : 

608 JOHN EDWIN WHITCOMB,* (John Brook.' David,' 
David," Noah,* Israel,* Robert,' John,*) was married to Elizabeth A., 
daughter of Alexander Drew of Nantucket; home in East Milton, 


1017. RUTH,* bora 1886. 

lotS. HESTER,* bora 188S. 

608 HERBERT WHITCOMB,* (Simeon.' Simeon,* Robert,* 
Noah,* Israel,* Robert,' John,'} lives in Newton, Mass., where he , 
was married April 4, 1881, to Isabel Bassett of Newton. | 


1019. PEARL,* bora March 17, 1885. 

612 JOHN WHITCOMB," (Asa,' John.* Asa,* Nathaniel,* James." 
Robert," John,') was married December 7, 1854* to Martha Stinson. : 
No children reported. | 

614 JAMES LEONARD WHITCOMB,* (Asa,' John,* Asa,* Na- 
thanid.* James," Robert," John,' ) was married November 2, 1855, to . 
Barbara Barrrtt No children reported. 

621 WELTON MORRIS WHITCOMB,* (David,' John.* Asa." j 
Nathaniel,* James,* Robert," John,') lived in ShelbyWlle, Ind. He j 
was married September 17, 1865, to Joanna Gatewood, who was bom 
near Shelbyville^ September 13, 1844. He enlisted in the i6th Indiana 
Volunteers for the three months service^ and then in the 70th Indiana 
for the war of the Rebellion. He was with Sherman on the ''march 
to the sea" and when mustered out, was orderly sergeant Died at 
Shdbyvine, Ind. ; 

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)i09a FRANK SEYMOUR,* bora Jane 4. i8ti& 
I02t. GRACE RENWICK,* born Jane 6, i8fi8; married Martin Dunn. 

1022. MAGDEUNE FRANCES,* bora December 8, 1878: died September 

26, 18?— V 

628 HARRY HOWARD WHITCOMB," (David.' John." Asa,» 
Nathaniel,* James.^ Robert,' John,*) lives in Shdbyvill^ Ind., where 
he manufactures furniture. He recdved the degree of A. B. from 
Depauw University in 1869, and A. M. in 1872. He practiced law 
1870-1874, being city clerk of Shelbyville i87i-'i873. In 1874 he was 
a United States Internal Revenue ganger. He was married Fd)ru- 
ary 4, 1875, to Martha Virginia Johnson, who was bom Av^^ust 29, 
18521 in Morristown. Shelby County, Ind. 

1023. INFANT,* born and died Janaary 31, ^^76. 

1034. KIZZIE CAUGHEY,* bom December 26, 1876; died September 33, 


1035. DAVID HAYS,* born June 24, 1887. 

626 JAMES HOLTON WIIITCOMB,' (Simon,' John,' Asa," Na- 
thaniel,* James,* Robert," John,*) lived in Bosvrell. Ind., where he 
was a physician, dealing in real estate also. He was married October 
3, 1861, to Caroline J. Hooper at Crawfordville, Ind., being then 
enlisted in the United States Army. He served as second Lieutenant 
in the 72d Indiana Volunteers and was promoted to First Lieutenant 
of Company I, nth Indiana Cavalry. He served as aid-de-camp on 
Gen. Hatch's staff, having previously had experience as brigade pro- 
vost marshal, quartermaster of ambulance corps and assistant adju- 
tant-generaL In September, 1865, he rettuned home and entered Rush 
Medical College Chicago, from which he was graduated in 18681. 

ioa6. GRACE N..* bom >. 

1037. OLLIE P.,* b(»n k 

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630 JOHN WHTTCOMB," (Benjamin Raymond,' Anthony,* Asa,» 
NatbanieV James,' Robert,' John,') was for many years a leading 
merchant of Qtnton, Vermillion County, Ind., where he died. He 
was married (i) February 29, 1848, to Margaret Whitoomb (No. 
634), daughter of John Ri^t and JEunice (Nourse) Whit- 
comb, who died June 20, 1869; (3) January 30, 1870, to Lydia Amelia ' 
Paries, daughter of Barzillai and Susan Maria Budd (Burghett) 
Parks, who was bom in Sandy Hill, N. Y., April 29, 184a 

+1028. CHARLES,* born December 37, 184S. 

1039. HENRIE,* born May 6, 1850; (lied February 16, 185.1. 

103a CLARA EUNICE * boro September 14, 1853; unmarried. 

loji. ANNA CECILIA,* bom February to, 1855; died April at. i88a 
-»ioj3. BENJAMIN HOWARD,* bom Aniotst 33, 1S57; nnmarried. 

1033. CORA LEONORE,* born November 7, 1861; is married to Prof. F. W. 
Shepardson of the University of Oiicago; two children. 
+10134. LARZ AUGUSTUS,* bora March 26, 1871. 
+I03S. WILLIAU ARTHUR.* born Jannaiy 18, 1873- 

10361 NEMA MARIA,* bom May 34, 1875; was married January 37, 1904. to 
Harry Cyrus Holloway, of New York City. 

681 JAMES WHITCOMB," (Benjamin Raymond,' Anthony,' 
Asa,* Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,' John,') was married October 29, 
1856, to Serena White, who was bom February 13, 1838. They lived 
in Qinton, Ind., for some years and then removed to Tampa. Fla. 

lo.tT. EMMA C,* bora July 35. 1858; died April g, 1859. 

1038. JENNIE,* bora September 33, 1859; died October 36, tStio. 

i03» JAMES EDWARD,* bora November 13, t86o. 

104& ANNA,* bora February 3, 1863. 

1041. SUSAN P.,* bora December a6, 1864. 

1043. LAURA B.,* bom September 18, 1866: died April 8; 1868. 
1043 FRED R.,* bora March 33, 187a 

1044. JOHN HOWARD.* bora July 19, 1873. 

lois. ALVA F.,* bora November .14, 1^4; died December 7, 1874. 

thony,' Asa,' Nathaniel,* James,' Robert," John,') is a coal operator 

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snd fanner; was married September 23, 1896, in Tupelo, MFss., to 
Willie Louise Besstmett She was born September 23, 1871, in 
Verona, Miss. Religious belief, Presbyterian. They live in Clinton. 


1046. JOHN RIGHT,* >. „ „,, ,* ,a«. 

1047. BENJAMIN RAYMOND.* J ****""■"* '** 

1048. WILLIAM BESSONET,* born May tS, tgoi. 

1049. DAVID EAGLESFIELD,* bora March ag^ 1903. 

661 EDWIN THOMPSON WHITCOMB,* (Rollin.* Philemon.* 
Asa,' N.ithaniel,* James,' Robert,* John,*) enlisted in the One ilun- 
dred and Twen^-fifth Regiment, Illtnois Volunteer Infontry, ia Sq>- 
tember, 1862. He was wounded in the right arm, May ii, 1864. and: 
was honorably discharged. For eight years he was circuit clerk of^ 
Giampaigne County, III For two years he was pension :^ent. Later 
he removed to Topeka, Kan., where he was assistant secretary of the 
Kansas Loan and Tmst Company. He was married (i) Januaiy 14, 
1869, to Lucy L. Hickman. She died November 18, 1869. He was 
married (2) to Mae Weaver, July 6, 1871. 

losa CORYDON ROLLIN,* born Norcmber i^ 1869; died Jnly, 18701 

loji. ROY LANGDON,* born January 15, 1874. 

105a. MABEL,* bora April 18, 1876. 

868 ALONZO LYONS WHITCOMB,* (Rollin,^ Philemon,* Asa,» 
Nathaniel,* James," Robert,' John,*) was married October 27, 1880^ 
to Mattie Julia Beach. He practiced medicine in Tolona, HI., for 
some years,, moving thence to St Paul, Minn., where he still resides 
in tlie practice of bis profession. 

1053. EDWIN BEACH,* bora September 7. t88i. 
664 ALVA HILL WHITCOMB," (RoUin.^ Philemon,* Asa,*; 
Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,' John.*) was married August 12, 1874, 
to Anna Svah Osgood. He died August 14, 1879, death resulting' 

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from a stab wound inflicted by his partner, James M. Tnu^, August 
1 1, 1879. Their office was over a drug^-store and Alva was carried 
to the drug'-store for first attendance when he was removed to the 
house of his mother where he died as above: His widow was married ' 
to Rev. G. 6. Eldridge^ April 6, 1886. 

1054. PAUL,* born Julr at^ 1675, Hutchinson, Kan.; died Angust, 1876. 

1055. VIOLA,* bom Jnljr 3* iST'Sk Urbuu, lU.; died Jknuarr, 1877. 

10561 HOPE,* born jBAoarr la, i9So, Urbana, IlL; married June, 1903^ to 
Ernest Graham; one child, Atva Wbitcomb. 

Lot,* Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,' John,^) was an attorney. January 
II, 1869, he was married to Marietta Van Dressen, who was bom 
in Gozenovia. N. Y., November 15, 1849. They lived in Milwaultte. 
Wis., and Elgin, IlL, where were bom Uiree children. 

*io57. ALBERT BERTRAND.* born March 5. 1870^ MUwaokee, Wit. 
-10^ MYLA GERTRUDE,* bom Jantury ao, 187a, Elgin. III.; martied , 
Charles Morrison', Toronto. | 

•»I059. ELIAS KEYES.* bom November u, 1873, Elgin, IlL 

076 HENRY WHITCOMB,' (Paul,' Paul,* Lot,* Nathaniel.* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) was married to Maria L. Adams, in Ran- 
dolph, Vt. He was a former ; he died 1899 in Randolph. 

*l06o CHARLES HENRY ADAMS.* bora April 17, 1854. Stockbridge, Vt. 
io4i. MAY,* married Welby McCollom; two children; thejr reside In Ran- 
dolph, Vt. 

677 HARVEY WHITCOMB,' (Paiil.' Paul,' Lot,' Nathaniel,* 
James,' Robert.' John,*) was married to Isabel Moore in Stockbridge, 
Vt. ; he was a farmer and died in Fittsfield, Vt 

to6a. NETTIE M..* bora September at, 1856; married George H. Chcdel. 
*io6ij. GEORGE HERBERT,* bora May 2, 1858. Stockbridge. 

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878 DAVID FAY WHITCOMB," (Paul,* Paul,* Lot.» Nathaniel.* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) was married to Matilda Peavey in Boston, 
August 8> 1850. He was a merdiant in Stodcbridge, Vt, where he 
died February 28, 1851. She died March 3, 1856, in Stoddiridge: 

-f-iofil* FRANK DAVID.* born May 10, 1851, Stockbridge, Vt 

679 JAMES MONROE WHITCOMB,' (Paul,' Paul,' Lot," 
Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,' John,*) was married in Barnard, Vt, 
January 7, i8s(^ to Irene Marsh Gushing, who was bom in Bethd, 
Vt, January 39, 1851. Their religious belief is Universalist; he is a 


1065. FRED MONROE,* bora December aa. 1852, Barnard. Vt; married 

Alice — •, no children. 

1066. CARRIE ISABELLA.* bom December 7, 1857, Grand Detour, III. 

1067. ROBERT AUSTIN,* born January 6, 1861; died aet three weeks. 
.1068. ORLEY AUSTIN,* bom December 7, 1861; tmmarried. 

681 AUSTIN FULLER WHITCOMB,' (Paul,* Paul,' Lot.' 
Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,^ Jolm,*) was married Jantiary 5, 1871, in 
Jamaica Plain, Mass., to Harriet Avis Manning,* who was bom in 
Boston, September 8, 1838. The family are Baptists. He was a 
merchant During the Civil War he served as inspector of army 
subsistence stores in the Department of New England imder Gen. 
Butler. He died February 11, 1892, in Jamaica Plain, Mass. His 
widow and children reside in Jamaica Plain. 

lotiQ. FANNY MANNING,* born June 31^ 1874, Jamaica #lain. 
1070. ANNA MANNING,* bora March 39, 1876^ Jamaica Plain. 
io;t. ELIZABETH PHELPS,* bom September 4, 1878, Jamaica Plain. 
r7x MARY MANNING,* bora Fcbniarr 8, 1880, Jamaica Plain. 
073. MARGUERITE AVIS,* bora August 30. 18S1, Jamaica Plain. 

•Hkntat Mamify wutcmnb la th« rattaer of "An 
J' :«alea Plain." a book plMaantlr Botleed tn 'Tatba and 
li-vt," br KaltatrlM K Abbott 

otcaa Hnr 1 

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e«6 HARRY WHITCOMB." (James,' Paul/ Lot," Nathaniel,* 
James,' Robert* J<An,*) was married to Laura M. — ■ ■ (date 
wanting) lived at Stockbridge, Vt., and at Sharon, where he kept the | 
"Hotel Whitcomb," which his father had kept before him. His wife ! 
died March 18, 1871. 


1074. HATTIE M^* nun-ied Loren Lamb; rctidence, Pittsfield, Vt. 

1075. EDWARD,* married Ftany ChambcrUin; residence. Sharon, Vt. 
107& JAMES F..* born Anffuit, 1867; died October II, 1867. 

690 ELBRIDGE WHITCOMB,' (Reuben,» Paul,* Lot,* Na- 
thaniel,* James,* Robert,' John,') was married (i) in Rutland, Vt, 
to Sarah Post who was born and died in Rutland ; he was married (2) 
June 6. 1866, to Julia Leonard, daughter of Caleb and Mary Farrii^- 
ton Leonard of Pomfret, Vt She was bom February 17, 1841. He 
is a farmer and they are Universalists. He lived in Gaysville, Vt, 
and then removed to Stoddiridge, Vt, where he now resides (1904). 

i<OT. KATE,* Burried Dr. E. L. Sawyer; residence, Rosindale, Haai. 
ICQ^ MARY ABBIE,* bora June 14, 1867. 
1079. ANNA A.,* bom July 4. 1869. 

loSo. CALEB LEONARD,* bora November 30, 1873. | 

1081. REUBEN JAMES,* bora April 15, 1877; died June 18, 1895. 

701 CALVIN LEWIS WHITCOMB," (Increase ChamberlMn,' 
Nathaniel,* Lot," Nathanid,* James,' Robert' John,') was married 
to Rhxla Marcella Kilbum, February 5, 1856, at South Royalton, Vt 
She was bom November 6, 1836, at Thetford, Vt He was a farmer 
at Oberon, North Dakota. The family are Presbyterians. 

1083. NELLIE ELIZABETH,* bora October 14, 1857, Indianapolis, Ind. 
1083. EMMA BELLE,* bora August lO, i86c^ Marow, III. 
+1084- CALVIN LEWIS,* bora Norember 13, 1863, Marow, IlL 
+io8s HARRY CLIFFORD,* bora October 8, 1867, Wilmington, III. 

1086. NATHANIEL KILBURN,* bora November 37. i873. Wilmington,' 

IIL ! 

1087. BERTIE,* bora November '4, '1869^ Wilnuagton. Ill; died a«t. fottr 

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708 JOSEPH TAGGART WHITCOMB," (Increase Chamberlain/ 
Nathaniel,' Lot,' James,* James,' Robert," John,*) was married in 
Lansing, Mich., October 18, 1865, to Mary Hewett, who was bom in 
Ann Arbor, Midi., September 4, 1841. He removed from Stodc- 
brid^ to Springfield in 1858 and became prominent in the Insurance 
business. In the early sixties he went to Michigan and was Secrtiary 
of the Michigan State Insurance Company for nine years; he went to 
Chicago in 1872 and removed from there to Atlanta, Ga., in 1886, 
where he established a brokerage business in connection with his in- 
surance business. He died in Atlanta, March, 1903. 

108& HENRY HEWETT,* born September 14. 1866, Lansioff, Mich. 
1089. DOROTHY EUZABETH* bora Febraaiy li. 1878, Laiuing; Mich. 
10901 JACK (sir))** bom December 8, 1871^ Sprinsfield, 111. 

711 HARVEY DURKEE WHITCOMB,' (Lot.^ Lot,* Lot,' Na- 
thaniel,* James,' Robert,' John,^) was married (i) in i860 in Mon- 
roe, N. H., to Ruth Dickinson, (3) 1880 to Elvira » who was 

bom 1848, Monroe. He was a farmer in Delta, CoL, to which place 
he had removed for the benefit of his health. He died of constnnption 
February 18, 1887. 


togi. CARRIE," bom iS6t, Stockbridge^ 

logo. BABY (nniumed),* bora and died i86s> Monroe, N. H. 

•1093. HARVEY ALBERT,* bom June 26, 188a, Baractt, Vt. 

714 ALONZO WHITCOMB,' (Ichabod,' Lot,' Lot,' Nathaniel,* 

James,' Robert,' John,*) was married r- in Norfolk^ N. Y., to 

Harriet Shepard,twho was bora in Norfolk, N. Y., August 23, 1829. 
They were Episcopalians. He was a farmer, having inherited the 
place from his father, Ichabod, the same farm on whidi the latter 
settled when he came to Norfolk from Stoddnidg^ Vt AIchizo died 
November 13, 1891, at Norfolk, N. Y. Harriet became a helpless 
invalid and was confined to her bed the last year of her life. She 
was tenderly cared for by her grandchildren. Earl and Hattie. These 

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cbildren inherit the homestead and reside there with a fanner and a 
housekeeper. The grandmother died September i8, 1903, at NorfoB^ 
N. Y. 


+I0S4. GEORGE SHEPARD," bora Joly 4, 1861, Norfolk, N. Y. 
109s CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA,* bora October a. i8«, Norfolk, N. Y.; 
married Albert H. McKimm, July ii, 1884, and bad one cbild, 
Harriet Whitcomb; Cbarlotte died 1888. 

782 DAVID BRAINERD,* (David Brainerd,' James," Thomas,' 

James,* James,' Robert,* John,' ) was married to . His 

occupation is 1 The family reside in Northampton, Mass. 


1096. HARRIET,* bora ; Northampton. 

784 WALDO HUNT WHITCOMB," (David Brainerd,' James,' ' 
Thomas,' James,* James,' Robert,' John,*) was married June 3, 1897, : 
to Julia Stevens of Belchertown, Mass. He is a house painter. He . 
has always been much interested in curios and antiques and has a 
large and comprdiensive collection. Residence^ Northampton, Mass. ; 
No children. 

786 PARKER RICHARDSON WHITCOMB* (David Brainerd,' '' 
James,* Thomas,' James,* James,' Robert,' John,*) ^vas married in 
New York City, January 7, 1875, to Georgianna M. Hoyt, who was 
bom in New Haven, Conn. They are Episcopalians. He is Presi- 
dent of an Oil Company. They reside in New York Cily. 

1097. GEORGIANA BELLE,* bora April 30. 187^ New York City. 
logSL ELLALINE LOUISA,* bora July i, 1881, Northampton, Mass. 

768 ELIAS WHITCOMB,* (Reuben,' Pliny.* Scottoway,' James,* 
James,' Robert,' John,*) was married October 24, 1844, to Emily Ely, 
who was bom Febniary 15, 1824, Hebron, N. Y. He was a miU- 
wrii^t and died at Poultney. Vt 

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io». SARAH ALMA,» born October 24, 1848, Sooth Granville. N. V.; mar- 
ried Chapman. 

iioa CHARLES,* bom March ao, 1850 or 1851, Hartford; died March ai, 

iioi. EMMA FRANCELIA,* bom October 37, 1853, Hartford, N. Y.; mar* 
ried Brayton. 

1102. CAROLINE KETCHUM,* bora Aupist 27. i8S5. Hartford, N. Y.; 

married H/de; residence, Newton Center, Vt. 

760 MILO WHITCOMB," (Reuben,' Pliny," Scottoway." James.* 
James,' Robert,' John,' ) Avas married ( 1 ) in South Granville N. Y., 
to Esther A. Tuliper, who died at Fishkill Landing, N. Y., 1874; (2) 
to Alma Williamson ; his occupation, farming ; religious belief, Baptist 
Milo died October 3, 1902. 


1103. ZINDA A.,» bora October aa, 1873. South Granville. 

1104. JESSE,* bora June 18; 1888. 

767 PLINY WHITCOMB," (Pliny,' Pliny," Scottoway," James," 
James,* Robert,' John,*) was married to . 


1105. SARAH JANE.*. 

1106. ROBERT COLEMAN,* resides in Pairhaven, Vt. 


775 ORLAN PLINY WHITCOMB," (Truman A.' Pliny," Scotto- 
way," James.* James.' Robert,' Jdin/) removed from Granville, N. 
Y., to Wisconsin in 1845. He was educated at Appleton, Wis. Re- 
moved to Rochester, Olmstead County, Mimt., in 1855, whert he en- 
gaged in {arming and continued in the same business. Was CotinQr 
Treasurer of Olmstead County from 1861 to 1869. President of the 
State Agricultural Society three years; was State Auditor from 1873 
to 1882, with a salary of $2,500; was a member of the Educational 
Board of Commissioners in Rochester in 1866 and 186S. His bam and 
part of his house were destroyed in the great cyclone of August 3i, 
18S3. He died February 7, 1898, at Mankato, Minn. He was a man 

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of line character, a respected citizen and a useful and trusted official 

in Minnesota. Was married in ■ — to Kenyon, who was 

born . No children. 

789 HENRY PHILETUS WHITCOMB « (Levi/ Pliny," Scotto- 
way,' James,* James," Robert," John,*) was married in Marsh6eld, 
Mo., May 6, 1870, to Julia Addie Miller, who was bom in Cynthiana, 
Ky., November 5, 1854. He is a fanner and they are Protestants. 
They reside in Forkner's Hill, Mo. 


tioS. JAHIE,* born February 13, i^t, Mzrshfield, Mo. 

nop. HARVEY MILLER.* bom February 14, 1874. Hartford. N. Y. 

Ilia EVA,* born July 3, 1875, Hartford, N. Y. 

iiii. MINNIE,* born October 36, 1876, Granville, N. Y. 

1113. ALLAN,* bom November 13, 1878, Marshfield, Mo. 

1113. CARRIE,* born September 9, iSSo, Marshfield, Mo. 

1114. FLOYD,* bom December 19, 1882, Sprinefield. Mo. 

798 WILLIAM MORGAN WHITCOMB,' (Almon,^ James," Rob- . 
ert," James,* James," Robert,* John,') was a man of affairs and ac- 
cumulated a large fortune. He lived in Wisconsin and Michigan. 
Reverses came, followed by illness and he died insane, February, 1866. 

He was married to . His widow and daughters reside 

at Chicago, III. 

ins- ABBIE.* 

1116. GRACE E.* 

1117. GEORGE,* bora , Wisconiin. 

794 RODNEY SANFORD WHITCOMB," (AImon,» James," Rob- 
ert," James,* James," Robert," John,*) was married May 5, 1851, to 
Amelia Kirby, who was bom May 2, 1830, in New York City. He 
was a mcrcliant in Battle Creek, Mich., but later went to Chicago, 111., 
where he still resides. 

111& HOWARD SANFORD,* born April a, 1S53, Battle Creek, Mich.; mar- 
ried in 18S2. 
tU9. SUSIE,* born July as, 1855; married Palmer in 188a. 

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800 CHARLES BISHOP WHITCOMB,' (Albert,' James.' Rob- 
ert," James,* James,' Robert.' John,*) was married to Sarah Eliza- 
beth Gibncy, January 26, i860; they live in Englewood, IlL; he is in 
railroad freight business. 

II30. ALBRO ALBERT,* bora Febnianr ao, 1861; married Haiy V. 

Tbonu; no children, 

806 CORNELIUS S. WHITCOMB,' (Sheldon,' James,* Robert.' 
James,* James," Robert," John,*) was married (i) to Mary Robinson, 
July 5, 1862. She died December 10. 1898, and he was married (2) 

to Mrs. Elizabeth J. Mager of , Neb. He served in the War 

of the Rebellion; later he removed from Battle Creek to Hastings, 
Mich., where he lived until the time of his death, March 7, 1902. He 
was an honorable and upright man; he is survived by his wife. No 

809 ALMON H. WHITCOMB," (Sheldop,' James," Robert." 
James,* James," Robert," John,*) was a manufacturer of cabinet fur- 
niture and a dealer in fine woods in Woodland, Mich. He was mar- 
ried December 26, 1871, to Alfreda M. Le^ who was bom October 
21, 1852, in Sdpio, Ohio, and Hved in Toledo, Ohio. He resides at 
Baton Rouge, La. Religious belief, Methodist Episcopal 

+itaa. LLOYD O.,* born October 11, 187% Woodland, Mich. 
1123. ORLO LEE.* bom November 5, i^s. Woodland, Mich; teacher; an- 

818 ELKANAH SMITH WHITCOMB," (James Harrison,' 
James," Robert," James,* James," Robert," John,*) is a railroad con- 
ductor in Colorado Springs, Col. ; he was married to Maggie Porter, 
September 22, 1862. She was bom in Sussex, England, in 1838. 

tta4. FRANK ELKANAH.* born 1864. Sl Atbani. Vt 

itas. CARRIE JANE,* bom t86^ St Albans, Vt. 

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1136. JAMES HARRY,* born 1876, Keen«. N. H. 

1127. ALICE MAUD,* born 1878, Montpelter, Vt 

821 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (Joseph Skinner/ Joseph,* Robert,* : 
James,* James,' Robert,* John,') was a fanner and banker; he re- 
moved from West Hawkesbury, Ontario, to Minnesota, thence to 
Hustisford, Wis., thence to North Dakota. He was married to Mar- 
garet Cameron, October 28, 1850. She was bom September 27, 1830, 

in Chatham, Quebec, and died' , He resides in Vernon Center, 

Minn., with a daughter, Mrs. Lovell. 


1128. GETTIE W.,* born January tj, 1853, Hawkeibaiy, Ont.; married 

Dnirjr; residence. Omaha, Neb. 
II39- CLEMENTINE,* bom August 13, 1853, Hawkubury, Ont; married 

James M. Lovcll; residence, Vemon Center, Minn. 
113a NOAH DARWIN,* bom May 9, 1856; died in Hustisford, Wu.; un- 
1131. JAMES ALLEN,* bom April 6, 1858; resides in Fender, Neb. 
-1133. PETER VAN KLEECK,* bora October 31, 1859; resides Doland, S. D. 
+1133. WALDO ERICSON.* bora June 2, 1863. 

1134. ANNE JANET,* bora Jnty 38, 1864; died February 11. 1865. 

1135. WILLIAM LEICESTER,* bora July ii, 1866; resides Philippine Is- 


1136. AMOS DONALD,* bora October 33, 1^3; died September 9, 1893; 


828 JOSEPH SKINNER WHITCOMB,* (Samuel Bacon,' 
Joseph,' Robert," James,* James,' Robert,', John,') was married in 
1855 to Harriet Henrietta Cooke at Thurso, P. Q. She was bom ■ 
^ North Nation Mills, Canada. They lived in different places in 
Canada and the United States. He had great inventive talent, per- 
fected many machines, one a road scraper and roller, in general use 
in many parts of the West He died in San Francisco, Cal. His widow 
resides in Minneapolis, Minn. 


1137. JERROLD SKINNER,* bora November, 1857, Thurso, Quebec; un^ 


1138. ADELAIDE ELLA,* bora May 3gi 1859, Thurso, Quebec; unmarried. '■ 

IBT i 

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1139. GEORGE SAMUEL,* bora May a6, 1861, OtUwt, OttL; died Min- 
114a. ANNIE L.,* born 1864; married Alfred Roper; died Minneapolis. 
iT4t- HARRY EARL,* born 1866; died 186S. 

1143- CECIL ADELBERT,* bora September, 1868; died in infancy. New 

Edinborough, Ont 
1143. ALBERT ARTHUR,* bora September, 1870, Edinborough, OnL; mar* 
Hcd; no children. 

1144- HARRIET ELIZABETH,* bora December ad, 1^3, New HaTen, 

Conn.; married S. M. Colbnrn; one son. 

1145. FRANK BRUCE,* born 1874, Ottawa, Ont; married; no children. 

882 SAMUEL BACON WHITCOMB,* (Samuel Bacon,^ Joseph/ 
' Robert/ James,* James,* Robert,' John/) is foreman and time keeper 
in the Eddy Lumber Mill, Ottawa, Ont He was married October 8, 
1866. to Elizabeth Stor>'; she was bom October 13, 1839, in Van 
Klecck Hill, Ont They are Baptists. 


1146. IDA MAY,* bora October 8, 1867, Thurso, Qaebec; married Blair; re. 

sides Ottawa, Ont. 

1 147. HAMLET ESLIE,* bora October i, 1873; photofftaidier; anmarried: 

resides Hull, Ont. 

839 EDWIN GILBERT WHITCOMB/ (David Effis,' Justus/ 
Robert,' James/ James/ Robert,* John,*) was married (i) April, 
1858, to Mary Fidelia Larabee; (2) to Katherene Louise Beers. Resi- 
dence, Morris, N. Y. He died May 18, 1904. 


114S. MAUD ZULINE.* bora June 19, i8s% Omro, Wis. 
11491 HARRIET JANE,* bora December 2t, 1861: married C H. Flatt. 
I150. GRACE ALINE.* bora July 4, 1S69; married Jeremiah James Jerome. 

iiSi. GILBERT EDWIN,* bora ; died early. 

IIS3. LINTON S.,* bora ; died early. 

848 HENRY DAVID WHITCOMB/ (David Ellis,' Justus/ Rob- 
ert,' James,* James,* Robert* John,* ) was married to Carrie Leonard 
in 1870. Rdigious belief. Baptist They reside in Morris, N. Y. 


bora 1877, Morris, N. Y. 

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Robert,' James,* James,' Robert,' John,') was married to Sarah Jane 
Leonard, 1 87 1. They reside in Morris, N. Y. 

1154- HENRY CHARLES.* twm 1876- - 

844 WILLIAM ALVAN WHITCOMB," (Rassdaa ttince,' Wins- 
low," Robert,' James,* James,* Robert,* John,* ) is an orange grower 
in Umatilla, Fla. ; was married to Rose C. Ehoiy, July 4, 1879. She 
was bom July 3, 1861, in Orangdiurg. S. C 

1155- HARVEY RASSELAS,* bom May 14. 1880, Umatilla. 

115& WILLIAM GARFIELD,* born September 30, 1883, Conyers, Ga. . 

1157. CHARLES FREDERIC,* born December 28, 1885, Umatilla. 

tIsS. WALTER RALEIGH,* born Febniary so, 1888, UmaUlla. 

iisg. NELLIE BIRD,* born February 17, 1S90, Umatilla. 

847 FRANK EDWIN WHITCOMB," (Rasselas Prince,' Wins- 
Imv," Rdxrt," James,* James," Robert,' John,') was married to Min- 
nie Seymour, December 2, 1899. She was bom May 11, 1881, in 
Big Stone Gap, Va. His occupation is farming. He is also Post- 
master at Umatilla, Fla. Religious belief, Methodist 

1160. MINNIE ELIZABETH,* bora April 94, 1901. UmaUIU. 
860 WILLIAM RASSELAS WHITCOMB," (Weston Winslow,* 
Winslow," Robert," James,* James," Robert," John,') at fifteen years 
of age enlisted in Company I, Eleventh Illinois Cavalry for service in 
the Civil War. He is now a farmer in Crary, N. D., where he went 
in early manhood, after living for brief periods in Springfield and 
Decatur, III. He was married to Ruth Ann Orr, Febmary 5, i88a 
She was bora November 10, 1857, in Peoria, IlL 

lt6i. WESTON J.,* born November 6, 1880, Sprinfffietd, III. 

ti6i. HIRAM B^* born September 9, 1883, Decatur, IlL 

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1163. WILLIAM ORR,» born November 25. 1S84, Crary, N. D. 

1164. RAYMOND P,» born Aaguit 8, 1886, Crary, N. D. 

1165. FLORENCE R.,» bom June 14. 1888, Crary. N. D. 

1166. FRANK L..» bom August 5, 1890, Crary, N. D. 
Iiti7> EUNICE ANNA,* bora July 15, 189% Crary, N. D. 

Winslow,* Robert,' James/ James,' Robert,' John,^) was married in 
Jersey City, March 21, 1883, to Nellie E. Dodge. She was bom 
October 27, 1862, in Watertown, N. Y. He was twelve years a 
printer then opened a grocery store under the name of Whitcomb & 
Hecox. They own a large grocery and provision stor^ qoite the 
largest in the ComiQr. He is a successful business man and a popular 
dtizen in Oneonta, N. Y. 


ti6& HAROLD U* bom January 19, 1885, Oneonta; <fied Mxf ift 18B6. 

mSg. LEE,* bora February ai, i8gt, Oneonta; died Auffost 10, 1893. 

Robert," Robert,' James,* James,' Robert,' John,*) enlisted at Bur-j 
tington, Vt., Jun^ 1S61, in the Third Vermont Infantry Band as 
sergeant He participated in the McGellan advance on Richmond, 
was also in the seven-days fight and retreat to Harrison's Landing. 
The regimental Band was mustered out of service August, 1862. 
After the war he resided in Virginia and in Washington, D. C, and 
later removed to Albuquerque, N. M., where he served as post- 
master through two administrations, and Junior Warden for New 
Mexicq in the Grand Army of the Republic He is a Freemason, and 
in politics a Republican. 

He was married January 19, 1855, to Frances Crawford of Troy, 
N. Y.; she was bom in Coolegreane, Ireland, October 20, 1837, and 
died in New Mexico, March 9, 1899; he was married (2) May 30,' 
1900, to Mrs. Temperance Whitcomb Gilbert (Josiah Line), who 
was bora in Byron, Mina, September 15, 1862. They live in Albti- 
querque, N. M. The family are Episcopalians. Mr. Whitcomb has 

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been a contractor and builder and owns a nursery of shrubs and fruit 


jiTa FRANCES CORNELIA,* bora Aueust la, i860, Burlington, Vt; mar- 
ried C S. Belford; died June, 1881, Albuqnerqn^ N. Ml; one 

1171- MARY ELIZABETH,* bom March 28, 1869, Wuhington, D. C; mar- 
ried October 31, i8gi, to Fred S. Putman; two children. 

Kay/ Robert,' Robert,' James,* James.' Robert,* John,*) began life 
as a clerk in a country store, and after a terra of service as teller in a 
Burlington (Vl) bank he entered upon his life work as agent for 
the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States in which he 
built up an immense business, and gained a wide acquaintance 
throughout New England, Northern New York and Canada. For 
thirty-three years his agency was a Burlington landmark and he 
was regarded as an authority on life instu-ance. He was widely 
known as a Mason of high rank, and compiled a book, "Early 
Records of Masonry in Vermont" besides editing the "Proceed- 
ings of the Grand Coimdl;" he was in frequent demand as lec- 
turer and poet, for he wrote occasional verse, which had the merit of 
timeliness and point, and was a fluent and interesting spe^er. He 
was a lover of the best literature and a buyer of choice books, being 
a connoisseur of notable skill and taste. 

The name "Second" was assumed by him to avoid confusion with 
his father's brother, William Henry Whitcomb. He was married 
November 17, 1859, to Viola, daughter of Hiram and Lucinda Mur- 
ray Phelps of Williston, Vt. She was bom March 26, 1839, in Willis- 
ton. In politics Mr. Whitcomb was a Republican. He was an active 
and lifelong member of St. Paul's Parish ; his family being Episcopal- 
ians. He died June i, 1904. His widow, unmarried son, and daughter 
reside in Burlington, Vt j 

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+ii7a. HENRY PHELPS* born June 17, 1864, Burlington, VL 
+I173. VERNON OSWALD,' born October i, 1865, Burlington, Vt 
♦1174. CHARLES HASKELL,* born May 16, 1868, Burlington. Vt 
1175. KATE,* born October r, 1869, Burlington, Vt 

860 TRUMAN WHITCOMB,* (Robert McKay,' Robert,' Rob- 
ert,' James,* James,' Robert,' Joho,^ ) lives in Jeflfersonville, Vt He 
was married October 16, 1864, to Luella Genevieve Kittredge. Oc- 
cupation, builder and farmer. He is an Episcopalian and a Prohibi- 

+ii7lt HARVEY EDWIN,* bom July 9, i86s. St. Johnsbiiry. Vl 
1177- BERTHA CELIA,* bom October 97, 1867, St Johnibury, Vt; jnsr- 
ricd George Wells. 

1178. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH,* bom Jnly 8, 1870, Jericho Comers, Vt; 

married Fred Hawley. 

1179. MABEL LILIAN,* bom November 6, iS^a, Jericho Comers, Vt; nur- 

ried Morton Hawley. 

1180. RUTH ELLA,* bom December 15, 1878; married WilUrd Atkins. 

868 GEORGE ROBERT WHITCOMB," (Robert McKay.' Rob- 
ert' Robert,' James,* James,' Robert' John,*) was married in Fair- 
fax, Vt, January 17, 1880, to Qara Edith, daughter of Dr. Robert 
Uoyd Flagg, of Cambridge, Vt, who was bom Mardi 17, i860. They 
are Congregationalists. In 1881 they removed from Cambridge to 
Minneapolis, Minn., where he organized and made a success of the 
first shade-cloth manufacturing business in the Northwest In 1900 
they took up a residence in Los Angeles. Cal. His business now is 
the production, of petroleum oil ; he also deals in real estate and loans. 
In politics he is a Prohibitionist 


it8i. MADGE WINNIFRED,* bora March 7. 1883, Minneapolis, Mian. 

liSa. GRACE ELINOR.* bom September 7, 1884, Minneapolis, Minn. 

1183. JESSIE JUNE,* bora June 2, 1886, Minneapolis, Minn. 

1184. HAROLD FLAGG,* born October 7, 1888^ Minneapolis, Minn. 

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864 JAMES ARTHUR WHITCOMB ,• (Robert McKay/ Robert.* 
Robert,* James,* James,* Robert,* John,*) began life for himsdf at 
about seventeen years of age, when he left his home in Vermont for 
Washington, D. C. Here he was for- many years in Government em- 
ploy and during this time he studied both medidne and law. Was 
graduated from the Law Department of the National University, in 
class of i8Si. He went into business in Baltimore in 1888, since 
which time he has developed his business extensively. He writes his 
occupation as stenographer, lawyer and merchant He has been very 
successful financially, and is proud that he owes his success to his own 
eranomy and diligence. Mr. Whitcomb's encouragement induced Miss 
Charlotte Whitcomb to undertake the writing of this History, and 
he has furnished all the money needed for the prosecution and com- 
pletion of thft work. He was married April 23, 1882, to Virginia 
Hunter Cammack, daughter of John J. Cammack of Washington, D. 
C, and granddaughter of Gen. John Broadwater Hunter of Fairfax 
County, Virginia. 


1185. VIRGINIA ■MARGUERITE.* bom Jure z, 18S3, Washington; D. C ' 

1186. PAUL,* born December 14, i^, TitusviUe, Pa. 

1187. OLGA BELLE,* born Febraary 23, 1893, Baltimore, Md.; died No- 

vember 3, 1806, Boston. 

876 GEORGE FELCH WHITCOMB,* (George Carlos,' Robert,* 
Robert,' James,* James,' Robert,' John,*) traveled some years with 
farm machinery, then took up fanning in Douglas County, Minn., , 
then opened an office in Alexandria, Minn., where he does a collection 
business, handles commercial paper, etc. He was married to Lucy Eva 
Finch September 3, 1874. She was bom September 3, 1852, in Beaver 
Dam, Wis. 


1188. CARLOS FINCH,* bom June iC^ i^, Alexandria, Minn.; married 

Gertrude S. Burgess in 1903. He is an attorney; one son. 
1189^ HAROLD WARREN,** born April 7, 1877, Alexandria, Minn. He i» 
a dentist 

*R« enttetad In INS tn tke nilTte*Btli Rartmant IClnneseta Vidunteeni for aartlea 
In the FhUlpplnrs. Ha waa nam wminded or alck at anr tlma and did aetlvo dntr. 
taklns part ut all tlia alxUan enttasamanta In which hta company foughL Ha raturaad 
to San jFyanelMo br war of JtpitD. and waa honorably dlacbargad Oetobar (, im. 

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878 EDWARD HALE WHITCOMB,' (George Carlos,' Robert," 
Robert," James,* James,* Robert,* John,*) a physician in St Paul, 
Minn., was graduated from Columbus, Ohio, Medical Collie with 
honors as highest in a class of thirty-five: He has been twice elected 
coroner of Ramsey County, Minn., has been cify assemblyman, and 
also Major on Governor's Staff, and Assistant Surgeon General Was 
married to Hermine Geor^a La Motte June i, 1889. She was bom 
December 4, 1863, in Montreal, Quebec. 

•iiga ELSIE MADELINE* (adopted), born April as, 1891, St PaoL 

882 CYRUS BAXTER WHITCOMB," (James,' James,* Na- 
thaniel," James,* James,' Rc^rt,' John,*) was married July 2, 1873, 
to Jennie Mary, daughter of Henry Starr and Jane Amanda Sawyer, 
of Derby, Conn. He is an attorney and with his son Herman S. has 
an office at 203 Broadway, N. Y. 

+1191. HERMAN SAWYER,* born July 3. 1878^ Derby. 
ti93. JENNIE SAWYER,* bom October 30, 1880, Derby. 

891 HENRY DE LOSS WHITCOMB," (Oren/ Nathaniel," Na- 
tharael," James,* James,* Robert," John,*) removed with his parents 
from New York to Illinois, living for some time in Bloomington. He- 
was married (i) Mardi, 1851, to Laura Content Hurd; she died 
October 9. 1885; (s) to Mrs. S. Neville of Varna, DL As was his 
father, he is a reformer; he is opposed to secret societies and votes tfie 

Prohibition ticket 


1193. LOUIS KOSSUTH.* bom March ^ 185a: married Mary HaU; no 


1194. FRANCIS,* bora Anguat yt, 1853: died Febraary a». 1854. 
.1195. IDA.* bora August 10, tSss; died April ao, iSsSl 

+1196. ARTHUR OREN.* bom May 10, 1837. 

*n97. HENRY ELI.» bom May is. 1859. 

1198. CLARA ADELINE,* bora March 27, 1861. 

1199. LUCY EUZABETH,* bora March ft i86S' 

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894 HENRY FRANKUN WHITCOMB," (Henry FranfcUn,' 
Aaron," Joshua,' Robert,* James,' Robert,* John,* ) spent his boyhood 
in the town of Waterford, Wis., getting such education as the public 
schools of that time afforded. At fifteen years of age he enlisted in a 
Wisconsin regiment for service in the Civil War. He served during 
the entire war, and at its close was honorably discharged and went to 
Shdwygan Falls, where he engaged as clerk in a drug store, whose 
proprietor was ticket agent for the Sheboygan & Fond du Lac Rail- 
way. As dedc he did more railway business than drug business, and 
the railroad company made him the local agent Later he went to 
Fond du Lac, Wis., where he was [uresently made ticket agent for the 
Canada and Northwestern Railroad. He has ever since been occupied. 
in railway service, with tlie exception of one interval during his resi- 
dence in Fond du Lac, and is now president of the Wisconsin Central 

He was married in Fond du Lac July 7, 1871, to Lovisa Margaret 
Qock. who was bom in that dty Apnl i, 1849. They have resided in 
Milwaukee since 1874. 


1300. JENKIE LOVISA,* bom Fond du Lac, Wis., June i, 1872. 

I20I. FRANK ELIZA,* bom Manitowoc, Wi>., April 8. 1874. 
.laox CLAIRE LOUISE,* bom Milwaukee, Wis., December 13, 1^5. 

1303. JESSIE MARIA,* bom Milwaukee, Wis., December aa, 1877. 

1304. ANNA MAY,* bora Milwaukee, Wis., August 31, 1879. 

120$. EDWIN REYNOLDS,* bom Milwaukee, Wis.. April 11. 1881. (Yale 

Class of '93.) 
laoL HENRY FRANKLIN,* born Milwaukee, Wis.. May 15, 1884. (Yale ' 

Class of '95.) 
IM7. MARTHA ULUAM,* bom Milwaukee, Wis., May 11, 1886. 
iaa& MARGARET,* bom Milwaukee, Wis, April t^ 1S8S. 

807 WILLIAM GEORGE WHITCOMB,* (Henry Frauklm,' 
Aaron,* Joshua,' Robert,* James,' Robert,' John,*) spent his boyhood 
on a farm near Mankato, Wis., and had but t^ven^-two months of 
schooling ontil he went to Milwaukee, where he took a five-months' 
course in a business college. He then became an office employe for a 

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railway company and has been in railway service ever since with die 
exception of three brief intervals. He is now freight agent at Minne- 
.apolis for the Wisconsin Central Railway. 

He wras married ( i) to Hattie Rulison, who was born in Fond du 
Lac, Wis., in June, 1862, and died March 18. 1884; (2) December a, 
i893» in Milwaukee, to Lotuse Juneau, who was bom in Menasha, 
Wis., Augxist 20, 1868. 


laog. BESSIE JULIA,* bora August 33. 1882. Rockland, Mich. 
Hia HENRY FRANKLIN,* bora March 10, 1884; died May, 1884. 

Mil. RUTH LELIA,* bora August 16, 1896, Milwaukee, Wis. 

1313; FAYETTE LUCINDA,* born December 5, 189S; died May 5, 1899^ 

OtO CALVIN GREEN WHITCOMB,> (Calvin Green,' Charles,* 
Moses," Robert,* James," Robert," John,^) was married October 2<^ 
1856, at Church Hill, North Norwich, N. Y., to Bessie A. Church, who 
was bom July i, 1830, in North Norwich, N. Y. Occupation, teach- 
ing and farming. Both Calvin and Bessie died in Augxista, N. Y. 

tai3. CALVIN ADELBERT,* bom December to, 1857; died December a6, 
+1314. HERBERT EDGAR,* bora July 18, i860. North Norwich, N. Y. 
+1315. JOHN LOUIS CHURCH.* bora November 19, 1863, North Norvricb. 
N. Y. 
txi6. LULA ELOISE,* bora July 14. 1865, Sherburae, H. Y. 
1317. LENA BELL,* bora September 36, 1867. 

i3iaL MARY ARLINA.* bom March 5, 1870; married Hermao A. Browoell: 
one child, bora 1893. 
+1219. ZARA EDWARD,* bora August 15, 1873. 
+iam ALEXANDER HAMILTON,* bora July 5. 1875. 

018 ALBERT NEWTON WHITCOMB,' (Calvin Browndl,' Cal- 
vin,* Moses,* Robert,* James,' Robert,' John,*) was married Septem- 
tKT S, 1870, to Ddia Maiy Hurlbut 

laai. MABEL CLARE,* bora July 3. 1873, McLeas, N. Y. 
laafl; LEROY ALBERT,* bora March 34, 1878, MadiMO, N. Y.; 


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»16 GEORGE W. WHITCOMB,' (Heniy/ Luther,' Moses,' Rob- 
ert,* James,' Robert," John,*) was married to Sarah Jane James, No- 
vember i8, 1852. She was twrn January 16, 1S34. 

1333. CELESTIA C* born December t, 1853; married Shsntxelholier, 
1224. TILLY A^* bora Marcb 33, 1857; married Jackson, October 31, 1878. 

918 JOHN BROWNELL WHITCOMB,* (Henry,' Luther,' 
Moses," Robert,* James,' Robert," John,*) was married to Mary O. 
Roosa Mardi 11, 1866. She was bom June i, 1837. He resides in 
Watonga, Oklahoma, with his family. 

1335. FRANK IL,* bora January ta, 1867; died February 15, 1867. 
iaa6. BENJAMIN H,* born December 17, 1867; died Febraary 18, 1868. ' 
laa?. ELBIA L^» bom March aj, 1869; died February 7, 187a 

1338. BETTIE P.,* bora July 13, 1873; died December 17, 1891. 
1239. ANSLEY,*) died November 9, 1879. 

Y bora Auffust i, 1875. 
1230. JOHN.* J 

1331. DORA,* born July 30, 1878; married April 6, 1894. 
1333. BECCA,* bom May 4, 1884; died December 35, 1S85. 
1333, PAUL,* bora October 4, i^; died June to, 1891. 

919 LUTHER SYLVESTER WHITCOMB." (Henry,' Luther.' 
Moses," Robert,* James,' Robert," John,') was married December 23, 
i860, to Sarah E. McLellan, who was bom December 28, 1842. They 
live in Viola, 111. 1 


+1334. JAMES M^* bora October 10, 1861. j 

+1235. LUTHER E.,* bora January 3, 1863. 
+133& SILAS H.,* bora January 30, 1665. 
1337. CARRIE I.,* bora December 3, 1866; married John P. Grant, Janoary 
14, 1891. ' 

+1338. FRANCIS WIIXIAM,* bom October is, 186& j 

1339. GEORGE,* bora October iti^ 1870; died January 15, 1872. I 

1340. MINNIE,* bora June 33, 1874; married William Hnbbell, June 32, 1893. ! 

1341. SLATER.* bora April 9, 187& [ 
1243. CHARLES.* bora September i, 1878; died September 30, 1879. 

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921 .SILAS COLE WHITCOMB,' (Henry/ Luther.* Moses." Rob- j 
ert,* James.' Robert,' John.*) was married (i) March ii, 1871, to 
Mary Elizabeth Hill, who was bom August 10, 1852; (2) June 30, 
1891^ to Frandna Otis, who was bom May 29. 1859. He is a i^y- ' 
sidan and suigeon. Religious belief, LiboaL Thqr reside in Hast- , 
ings, Oklahoma. 


1243. BERTIE EARLE,* born January 35, 1873; married Earnest R. Shaw. 

1344. MABEL VAILLE,* bom May i, 1873; married Febmary 24, 1897. to 
Charles A. Calkins. 

1245- SILAS CLYDE,* bom Norember 22, 1878, New Windsor, IlL 

9S0 HENRY DONALD WHITCOMB,» (Heniy Donald/ John 
Gray,' Zadodc.* Israel," Israel,* Israel," Robert,' John,*) was gradu- 
ated from Stevens Institute of Tedmology with degree of Medianical 
Engineer in 1892; was appointed general manager of the Public Serv- 
ice Corporation of New Jersey in its department of gas worics in 1903 
and has tmder his charge the works of the prindpal dties of that 
state, nine of them, induding Jersey City, Paterson, Newark. Troiton 
and Camdea He was married in St Louis, Mo., September 27, 1899, 
to Daisy Addaide Cohen, who was bom in Hannibal. Ma, August 
18, 1877. The family are Episcopalians. Mr. Whitcomb is a young 
man of fine business ^Uity, and better yet, of high moral character. 

1346. HENRY DONALD/-* bom Septembar aS. igoo, Richmond, Va. 

1247. HELEN,!* i;,oni Ju.-if 3, 1903, East Orange, N. J. 

9S2 FRED BROWN \VHITCOMB,» (Samud,» Levi,' Zadodc,' 
Israd,' Israd,' Israel,' Robert,' John,*) while an infant was taken 
from his birthplace, Provincetown, Mass., bade to Thomaston, Me;, 
where he was educated in the common sdiools and where he spent the 
early years of his manhood. May 7, 1902, he went to Portsmouth, 
N. H., and became a deric in the United States Pay Ofik^ a positicm 
which he continues to hold. He was married June 17, 1895, to Sarah 
Wentworth Pillsbuiy of Roddand, Me., who was bwn ■. . 

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1248. MAURICE PILLSBURY,** b«n June I7> iSgs, Thomuton. Me. 

1249. . LOUISE,** born Decem)>er ig, tgoa, Fortsmoutli, N. H. 

Gray.* Levi,' Zadock/ Israel,' Israel,* Israel,' Robert,* John,*) at- 
tended the pubhc sdiools in Provincetown, and was graduated from 
the High School in 1879, where he was prepared for college He 
entered Amherst Collie in September of that year, and was gradu- 
ated in 1883 ^^^ ^t institution, receiving the degree of Bachelor 
of Arts, with honor. Three years later the same coll^;e conferred 
upon him the degree of Master of Arts. In October, 1883, Mr. Whit- 
oimb entered upon the profession of teaching, accepting the position 
of principal of the Sandwich, Mass., Grammar School, from which, 
at the close of the school year in 1884, he was called to the prindpal- 
ship of the Hi^ School of that town. After five years of teaching in 
Sandwich, he resigned in 1888 to become principal of the Wakefield, 
Mass., High School, where he remained seven years. In April,' 1895. 
he was elected Head Master of the new English High School in 
Somerville, Mass.. which he organized and opened in September of 
that year, and of which he still remains the head (1904). He was 
married to Charlotte Chaponile Waterman, daughter of Charles H. , 
and Ellen (Gray) Waterman, at Sandwich, Mass., July 10, 1889. 1 
As a citizen Mr. Whitcomb has actively identified himself with 
the interests of the communities in whidi he has lived. He is con- 
nected with many social and professional oi^fanizations. and is par- 
ticularly interested in Free Masonry. In church afHliation he is a 
Congregationalist, being a member. of the .\mherst College Church. 
He has always been greatly interested in the family name and history 
and is proud of the high character of his ancestors. Since the death , 
of his father, John Gray('), in 1901, he has been in possession of the \ 
old Whitcomb homestead in Yarmouth, Me. 


1250. RACHEL GRAY,» born June x 1891. Wakefield, MaM. 
1351. JOHN LEONARD.^ bom September 4. iSSM. Wakefield, Mass. 

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938 JOSEPH WARREN WHITCOMB,' (Joseph/ Levi,' Za- 

dock,* Israel,' Israel,* Israel,' Robert," John,^) on the death of his 

father, when he was fourteen yeara of age, took a course in a business 

college in Newark, N. J. At the age of "sixteen he accepted a position 

in the office of a lumber merdiant as bookkeeper and remained there 

about three years, when he resigned to engage with the corporation \fy 

wliich he is now employed. He is a clerk for Fordgn Billii^ in the 

freight office of the New York, New Hampshire and Hudson River 

Railway in Brockton, Mass. 

Mr. Whitcomb was married in Middtd>orp, Mass., June 14, 1904, 

to Elsie Wadsworth Maxim. Th^ reside in Brockton, Mass. 

989 THOMAS VALIANT WHITCOMB,* (Thomas Jefferson,* 

EzekieJ/ Jacob." Israel,' Israel,* Israd,' Robert,* Jdin,^) was married 

in Linoiln, Neb., January 22, 1885, to Alice V. Gates. 

1253- GRACE.» born April 5. 188& 

1253. FRANK VALIANT." bom Aupitt 3& 1888. 

940 FREDERICK EZEKIEL WHITCOMB." (Frederide Noble,* 
Ezekiel,' Jacob,* Israel,* Israel,* Israel,' Robert,* John,*) was or- 
phaned in New York City and when eight years of age went f<»' a 
hnme to relatives in Springfield, Vt, and for fifteen years lived with 
his aunt, Mrs. John N. DeM;uy of Sprii^eld. He attended school 
until he was fifteen; then entered the employ of W. H. Wheeler as 
clerk; he afteriivards attended the College of Pharmacy, in New York 
City and was graduated with high honors. He made business trips 
in die West and South and fituilly settled in St Louis, Mo., as partner 
in the wholesale and retail drug business. He has made some needed 
reforms in his business, one of which is the aboUshii^ of "ooonter pre> 
scriptions." He is wide awake and progressive and is winning a well 
deserved success. He was married in St Loub to Dorotl^ H. Nnss- 


1254. FREDRICK EZEKIEL,** bora Jme 16, iSfO- 
tass. BRYAN JENNINGS." born Septimber is, 189& 

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948 ELMER ISRAEL WHITCOMB,' (Emeison E.,» Israel/ 
Jacob,' Israel," Israel,* Israel," Robert,' John,*) was married in Fitch- 
burg, Mass., June i, 1887, to Lena Maybella Patterson, who was bom 
in Belfast, Me., September 14, 1868. He is a butcher and hotel keeper 
in Fltchburi^ Mass. 

tas6. IZORA MARIE,i" bom Jane as, 1894, Fitehbnrg. 

948 LAWRENCE WHITCOMB,' (WiUiam Wirt," Samuel.' 
Samuel,* Israel," Israel,* Israel," Robert," John,*) was married June 4, 
iSpt, at Brookline, Mass., to Kathertne Newell. Lawrence Whit- 
comb, Howard Whitcomb and Leslie C Wcad compose the firm of 
Whitcomb, Wead & Co., Real Estate and Investment Brokers of 


I3S7- HELEN,!* born Aogtut 96, i8Et7, BrookliM, Ubm. 
125& LAWRENCE," born April 37. (900, Brookline, M»m. 

949 RUSSELL WHITCOMB,* (WiUiam Wirt," Samuel,' Samuel," 
Israel,' Israel,* Israel," Robert,' John,*) was obliged to give up his 
plans to go to Harvard, owing to trouble with his ^res, at the age of 
nineteen. He then began the study of law with his uncle, the late 
Justice Leslie W. Russell, of New York Stat^ but his eyes again 
troubled him so much that he returned to Boston and went into the 
real estate business. He continued in this business until he was twenty- 
seven, when he retired and resumed his studies at Oxford, En^and, 
and at the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in 
New York City. He decided not to take Holy Orders, but devoted 
himself to special mission work for- the church in New York and later 
amoi^ the Belgians, who had settled in Wisconsin, tinder the Bishop 
of Fond du Lac. His work in this latter Diocese was in the Old 
Catholic Church, which had been adapted by the Episcopal Church, 
The work had developed from a simple community of "Brothers" ; 
whose duties were largely teaching and so called "slum work" in New ^ 
York, to a fully mattu^d Religious Order of Monastic character, and 

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as such it was accomplishing much good among the Old.Cathotics, 
when the ladc of funds and the bitter attacks of the secular and re> 
ligious press made it appear useless to carry it on permanently in the 
Episcopal Church, and the workers one by one left to follow their 
vocations under other church government, and Mr. Whitcomb was 
released from all obligations and returned to Boston, where he went 
into business again at about the age of thirty. About one year later be 
removed to New York and became interested in business in that dty 
as well as in Baltimore, Md. He has kept up his studies, and by travel 
and observation, broadened his knowledge of the world and its peo- 
ples, and has devoted part of his leisure hours to developing his lit- 
erary talents and has contributed both prose and verse to the magazines 
and papers. He is unmarried. 

974 EDGAR FOSTER WHITCOMB,' (Foster Henry,' Cum- 
mings Pratt,' Perez,' Lot,' Israel,* Israel,' Robert,' John,*) was mar- 
ried in Lowell, Mass., June 2, i8S6, to Geoi^a CoUins Shipley, who 
was bom in St Louis, Mo., and died at Taunton, Mass., October 4. 
1892. He is a farmer and they are Protestants. 

«S9- MERLE SHIPLEY," bom May 39, 1887, Lowell, M«m. 

136a. SUMNER FOSTER," bora Jpne 28, i8Sg, Tunton, Hkss. 

1261. RACHEL ELIZABETH," bora August 13, iSgi, Taunton, Masa. 

976 CHARLES HENRY WHITCOMB,' (Foster Henry,' Cum- 
mings Pratt,' Perez,' Lot,' Israel,* Israel,' Robert,' John,*) was mar- 
ried in Taunton, Mass., December 26, 1900, to Mabel Edna Miller, 
who was bom in Taunton, November 27, 1880. His occupation has 
been shop'work. Their religious belief, Protestant 

latis. EARL H,i* bora May 9, igor, Taonton. 

1263. EDNA AUSTIN,»» bora October 23, 190* Taiuitoiu 

■977 LEWIS ANCEL WHITCOMB,' (Foster Henry." Cummings 
Pratt,' Perez,' Lot,' Israel,* Israel,' Rob^t,' John,*) was married in- 

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Taunton, Mass., January i6, 1901, to Mary E. Gorman, who was 
born in Bridgewater. Mass., January 18. 187a He is a furniture 
dealer in Tannton. In religious belief they are Roman Catholics. 

1364. JAMES HENRY," born Noranbcr at, igoi, TMntoo, Mass. 
utfs. LEWIS GORMAN,» born July 30. 1903. Taimton, Mass. 

982 ARTHUR BATES WHITCOMB,' (Perez," Cummings Pratt,' 
Perez,* Lot,* Israel,* Israel,' Robert," John,*) was married April 5, 
1894, to Jessie M. Arms, daughter of Henry M. and Sarah (Qosson) 
Arms. No children reported. 

989 FREDERICK E. WHITCOMB,* (Pratt,* Cummings Pratt,' '■ 
Perez,* Lot,* Israel,* Israel,* Robert,* John,*) lives in Portland, Ort, 
where he was married August 12, 1882, to Wilhclmina Frese. 

J36& VIOLA,» bora May 17, 18S3. 

1016 HENRY WESLEY WHITCOMB.* (Henry David,* David,' | 
David,* David,* Noah,* Israel,* Robert,* John,') was married to Mar^ 
ian Isabel Markey September 11, 1892, at South Weymouth, Mass.; 
she was bom at Brodcton, Mass., September 20, 1874. He is a car 
ctmductor. They reside at Holbrook. Mass. 


1367- WILLIAM LEROY,)* born February 7, tSgj, Holbroofc, Mass. 

1368. NORMAN WESLEY,*' bora Febraary. 1894, Holbrook, Mass. 

1269. PERLEY SANFORD," bora July 14, 189s. Holbrook, Mass. 

l37o> RUSSELL ALDEN,i« born February 24, 1897, Holbrook, Mass. 

t37i- MARJORIE ISOBEL,** bora ApH) 15, 1898, Holbrook, Mass. 

laja. MARION WILBUR," bom September 18, 1900, Holbrook, Mass. 

1020 FRANK SEYMOUR WHITCOMB,» (Welton Morris," 
David,' John,* Asa,' Nathaniel,* Janies,' Robert,* John,*) was mar- 
ried May 8, 1S90, to Margaret L. Straub. They reside in Shelbyville 
Ind. I 


1973- JAMES.," bora May 16, 1S93. 

1374- RUSSELL &," bora May 5, t89S> 


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1028 CHARLES WHITCOMB," (John,* Benjamin Raymond,' An- 
thony," Asa,' Nathaniel,* James," Robert," John,') recdved his com- 
mon school education in Uie schools of Dinton. He aftenvards en- 
tered Asbury Coll^^e, now DePauw University, at Greencastle, Ind., 
but left at the end of his junior year. He engaged in mercantile busi- 
ness in Qinton, in which he has been very successful. About twelve 
years ago he went to Terre Haut^ Ind., where he assisted in the or- 
ganization of the Terre Haute Trust Company, becoming its secre- 
tary and continuing in that position until the company was well on its 
feet In 1898 he was elected a member of the House of Representa- 
tives of the General Assembly of Indiana, from Vigo Coimty. In 
1900 he was elected a member of the State Senate, from Vigo County. 
He is now located in Terre Haute, where he is engaged in the real 
estate business. He also owns some farms to the west of Terre Haute 
and in Illinois, where he raises fine cattle; 

He was married (i) June i, 1871, to Maria Nebeker, who died 
October 20, 1873; (2) January 2, 1878, to Emma Hill of Frankfort, 
Ind., who died May 14, 1894. 

1375. BERTHA,!* born February 5, 1879. 

1082 BENJAMIN HOWARD WHITCOMB,« (John,' Benjamin 
Raymond,' Anthony,* Asa,' Nathaniel,* James," Robert,' Jolin,' ) at- 
tended the public school at Clinton, Ind. ; afterwards entered Asbury 
College, now DePamv University, at Greencastle, Ind., but left before 
graduation. After leaving collie he went "West** and engaged in 
the cattle and sheep business on the western plains, Sidcness com- 
pelled him to give up and he returned to Qinton, where he engaged 
in mercantile pursuits for a number of years. He afterwards went 
to Terre Haute, where he now resides. He has become interested 
in the development of the desert lands of southern California by irriga- 
tion. He is also the proprietor of the Red Ear Stock Farm, near Terre 
Haute, where he r^ses fine breeds of the different kinds of stock. Mr.j 
Whitcomb is unmarried, and resides in Terre Haute, Ind. ; 

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10S4 LARZ AUGUSTUS WHITCOMB." (John.« Beniamin Ray- 
mond,' Anthony,' Asa,' Nathaniel,* James,* Robert,* JcJm,*) spent 
his bo]4iood at Qinton, Vermillion County, Ind., and attended the 
common schools of that town. In September, 1886, he entered the 
prqtaratory school of DePauw University, at Greencastle^ Ind.^ and 
was graduated therefrom in June, 18S9. He then enttfed the academic 
department of DePauw University and was (graduated June, 1893, 
with the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. 

In September, 1893, he entered the senior class in the academic de- 
partment of Yale College and was graduated therefrom in June, 1894, 
with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He entered the senior class of 
the law school of Yale Universi^ in September, 1894, frcnn which he 
was graduated in June, 1895, wi^ the degree of Bachelor of Laws. 

In September, 1895, he began the practice of law at Indianapolis, 
Ind. In November, 1898, he was elected a member of the House of 
Representatives of the General Assembly of Indiana from Marion 
County. In November, 1900, he was elected to the House of Repre- 
sentatives of the General Assembly of Indiana as joint representative 
of Marion and Hancock Counties. Is now practicing law at Indian- 
apolis, j 

He is a member of the executive committee of the Board of Di- ; 
rectors of the Society of Alumni of DePauw University. Until re- 
cently he was a member of the Board of Control of the Indianapolis 
Stock Excliange and was a director of the First National Bank of 
Qinton, Ind., which he organized, refusing re-election on account of 
distance from the location of the bank. He is unmarried. 

i085WIUJAM ARTHUR WHITCOMB,' (John,* Benjamin 
Raymond,' Anthony,' Asa,' Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,' John,*) 
obtained his common school education at Clinton, Ind. He entered 
the preparatory school at DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind., grad- 
uating in 189a He then entered the academic dqiartment of DePauw 
University in September, 1&90, and was graduated in 1894 with the 

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degree of Bachelor of Pliilosophy. At DePauw University he was 
elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa on account of his excellent 
scholarship. While there he was also the central figure in athletics, 
playing on the collegiate tennis team, baseball team and football team, 
and acting as captain of the football team durit^ his senior year. In 
September, 1894, he entered the senior class of the Sheffield Scientific 
School, Yale University, and was graduated June, 1895. The next 
year he spent at Yale, doing post-graduate work in the Sheffield 
Scientific School. During the latter part of his first year at Yale he 
was elected a member of the High Stand Society on account of his 
superior scholarship. In the fall of 1895 he went to Glens Falls, N. 
Y., where he obtained a position with the Glens Falls Paper Company. 
At the organization of the International Paper Company two years 
later, he was transferred to the executive offices at New York Gty, 
and is now the assistant manager of the manufacturing department 
of that company. 

In Januaiy, 1903, he was married in New Yoric City, to Edna 
Merrall of that city. 

1376. MERLE (a daughter). 

> bom December i9^ 1903, Hew York. 

1057 ALBERT BERTRAND WHITCOMBE,* (Albert Bertrand,' 
Elias Keyes,' Branch,* Lot,' Nathaniel,* James," Robert,* John,*) is 
a clergyman; religious belief, Angelican Catholic Has re»ded in 
Momenc^ III., Jacksonville, Fla., and is now settled in Chicago. He 
was married April 34, 1895, to Edith Agnes Haven, who was bom 
in New Lenox, 111., July 5, 1873. 


1377. DOROTHY,!* bom June 33, 1896, Momence, III. 

jsi^ ALBERT BERTSAMD,!* bom October 3, iSgg^ lukioanlle, Fla. 

1059 EUAS KEYES WHITCOMB,* (Albert Bertrand," Elias 
Keyes,' Branch," Lot,' Nathaniel,^ James," Robert," John,*) was mar- 
ried in Toronto, November 39, 1895, to Louise Brooks Conyer, of 

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Boston, who was born May 27, 1877. Her mother was a cousin of 
Bishop Phillips Brooks. 

1379- SHELDON CONYER,!* bora September $. 1898. 

Paul,' Paul,* Lot,' Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,' John,^) was married i 
in Boston, November 20, 1878, to Susan Frances Jones of New Bruns- 
wick. His occupation has been that of a conductor. They reside in 
Boston, Mass. 


taSo. WILLU.M HENRY," bora March 14. 1880, Boston, Mus. 

isSj. ruth ELMIRA,» bora October iS, 18S3, Boston, Mass. 

1068 GEORGE HERBERT WHITCOMB.» (Harvey," Paul,' 
Paul,' Lot,' Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,' John,*) was graduated from 
Dartmouth College in 1885, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts; 
was graduated from Boston University School of Law in 1S87 with 
flcgrcc of Bachelor of Laws; he was admitted to the bar of Suffolk 
County, Mass., 1887; went to Topeka, Kan., September 18, 1887, 
where he has since practiced law; was married November 14, 1888, 
in Fulton, Mo., to Jessie Elvira Wright, who is a writer of some note 
and a daughter of Julia McNair Wright, the authoress. She was 
bom September 34, 1864. Family, Presbyterians. . 


i23x PHILIP WRIGHT," born November 24, iSgi, Topeka, Kan. ' 

1383. RICHARD SEABURY," born December a?, 1894, Topeka, Kan. 

■ 284. ROBERT FAY,i» born February 8, 1896, Topeka, Kan. 

laSs- WILLIAM HARVEY," bora February 7. 1898, Topeka. Kan. 

1386. GEORGE AUSTIN,"* »,„„ ,„ „ „^ -r™ 1, v 

.287. ISABEL McNAIR." i*"*" ^""""^ '^ '^ ^°P"^»- ^• 

1064 FRANK DAVID WHITCOMB,' (David Fay,' Paul,' Paul,' 
Lot,' Nathaniel,* James,' Robert,' John,*) was married in Chittenden, 
Vt., April 30, 1875, to Inez M. Baird, who was bom July 19, 1856. 
Their children were all bom in Vermont He is a fanner and a 
Mctliodist; they now reside in Great Barrington, Mass. 

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1388. DAVID FAY.» bom March 14, 1871$, StockbridKc, Vt 

1389. IRENE B.," born April 30. 1877, Stockbridge, Vt. 

I2ga PAUL D^** born NoTember i, iSSo; died July 31, 1898; Slockbridge. 

1301. EDGAR B.,i« born August ao, 18S3, Stockbridge. 

1393. FRANK,*" born August 31, 1885, Stockbridge. 

1393. FANNIE E.," bom August 10, 1SS8, Chittenden, Vt 

1394. ^lARY MV° bora December 4. 1893, Chittenden, Vt 
1295. ROBERT D," born February 10, 1895, Chittenden, Vt. 

1084 CALVIN LOUIS WHITCOMB,' (Calvin Louis," Increase 
Chamberlain,' Nathaniel,' Lot,' Nathaniel,* James," Robert," John,*) 
was married June 3, 1886, in Earlville, IlL, to Minnie May Doane, who 
was bom December 16, 1863, in Earlville. His occupation is farming; 
Religious belief, CongregationaL They reside at Colwich, Kan. 


1396. GEORGE LOUIS,>« bora August 31, 1887. Chicaga 

1397. MERTOH CALVIN." bom August 38, 1889, Earl»iJIe, lit 
I3S& EZRA TAGGERT.>" bom October 38, 1891, Oberon, N. D. 
1399. JOHN DOANE," bom January 6, 1894. Earlville. 111. 

1300. JAMES KILBURN.w bora July 10. 1896, Oberon, N. D. 

1301. XIARCELLA EUZABETH," bom July 17. 1898, Oberon, N. D. 
1303. NELLIE ELIZA,** bora November 11, 1900, Colwich, Kan. 

1085 HARRY CLIFFORD WHITCOMB,* (Calvin Louis." In- 
crease Chamberlain.'' Nathaniel," Lot," Nathaniel,* James," Robert,* 
John,') was married in Chicago November 15, 1892, to Jessie Lulu 
Wardell, who was bom in Quincy. 111., March i. 187a His occupa- 
tion has been farming. They reside at Butte, Mont 


1303. ARTHUR JOSIAH,** bora August 19, 1893, Chicago. 

1304. THAYER WARDELL," bom September 36, 1901, Butte, Mont 

1004 GEORGE SHEPARD WHITCOMB,* (Alonzo,* Ichabod,' | 
Lot,* Lot," Nathaniel,* James," Robert," John,*) was married Novem- 
ber 28, 1888, to Minnie A. O'Brian, of Brookdale, N. Y. They lived 
on the homestead where Ichabod settled on coming to New York from 

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Vermont They were Episcopalians. He was a Republican. Minnie 
died May i8, 1893, in Norfolk, N. Y. Geoi^ died February 8, 1900, 
Norfolk, N. Y. 


1305. ALAN EARL." born September s. 1889, Norfolk, N. Y. 

1306. GLENN SHEFARD," bora April 4> 1895. Norfolk, N. Y.; died Sep- 

tember 10, 1895- 

1122 LLOYD O. WHITCOMB," (Almon H.,« Sheldon,' James,* 
Robert,' James,^ James,' Robert," John,*) was married to Jessie Con- 
saul, December 28, 1899. She was bom March 27, 1872, in Or^on 
township, Ohio. Religious belief. Baptist They reside in Toledo, 


1307. LAWRENCE CONSAUL," born Noyember 23. 1901^ Toledo, Ohio. 
ijoS. WARD ALMON,>" born June 8. 190^ Toledo, Ohio. 

11 88 WALDO ERICSON WHITCOMB,' (James,* Joseph,' 
Joseph," Robert,' James,* James,' Robert,' John,') was married at j 
Pender, Neb., January 15, 1891, to Qara Kefford. She was bom in ! 
Topeka, III., 1874. He is a banker and a lawyer. The family are 
Methodists, and reside at Fender, Neb. 

1309. DOUGLAS.** bom Februanr 4. 1S92, Pender, Neb. 

131a ROLAND,*" bom April, 1894, Pender, Neb. 

131 1. DONALD," bora May, 1896, Pender. Neb. 

131a. DORIS," bom November 13. 190% Pender, Neb. 

1172 HENRY PHELPS WHITCOMB,* CWilliam Henry Second,' 
Robert McICay,' Robert," Robert.' James,* James," Robert,' John,') 
received his schooling in the public schools of Burlington, Vt, the 
Episcopal Military Institute at Rock Point, Burlington, and Capt 
l.eavemvorth'5 School at Castleton, Vt In 1900 he was graduated at j 
Kirksville, Mo., under Dr. A. T. Still, the founder of the Osteopathic 
Science of Therapeutics. He resides in Burlington, Vt, in the practice : 
of his profession. He is unmarried. 

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1173 VERNON OSWALD WHITCOMB,* (Wflliam Henry See- 
ond,» Robert McKay,' Robert," Robert," James,* James,* Robert,* 
John,') was graduated from the University of Vermont, Qass of 
1899; for two years he studied with an architect, but gave up the study 
of architecture to take a position in the Northern Shade Qoth Gnn- 
pany, a manufacturing business which had come into his father's pos- 
session. He is manager and treasurer of this manufactory, which is 
situated at St Anthony Park, adjacent to Minneapolis, Minn., in whidi 
latter city he resides. He was married in Minneapolis, August 14. 

1897, to Harriet Richardson Dean, who was bora in Chelsea, Vt,_ 
August 32, 1866. They are Episospalians. No children. 

1174 CHARLES HASKELL WHITCOMB,' (William Henry Sec- 
ond,' Robert McKay,' Robert," Robert,' James,* James,' Robert,* 
John,') was married June 14, 1893, in Isle La Motte, Grand Isle 
County, Vt, to Nellie Fiske, sister and ward of Ueut. Gov. Fiske of 
Isle La Motte. She was bora in Isle La Motte January 14, 1869. Mr. 
Whitcomb was in the business of writing Life Insurance from 1888- 

1898. In 1900 both Mr. and Mrs. Whitcomb were graduated from 
the American School of Osteopathy in Kirksville, Mo., and at ooce 
settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., where they reside in the practice of 
osteopathy. He is a Republican. No children. 

1176 HARVEY EDWIN WHITCOMB,' (Truman,' Robert Mc- 
Kay,' Robert,' Robert,' James,* James,' Robert,* John,') is a me- 
chanical draftsman and foreman in a manufactory in Nashua, N. H. 
He was married October 31, 1891, to Alice Lucy Eaton. She was 
bom Jime 22, 1S69, Warren, Vt. Th^ reside in Nashua, N. H. 


1313- LUCV ELLA, born Januiry 3&. 1893, Hyde Park. VL 
1314. GRACE HENRIETTA, born November 13, 1894. Momsvilte, Vt 

1191 HERMAN SAWYER WHITCOMB,' (Cyrus Baxter,' 
James,' James,' Nathaniel," James,* James,' Robert,* John,') 
went through the public schools of New Haven and graduated from 


d by Google 


the Hill House High School of that city. Thereafter he spent two 
years and a half in the Collc^ate Department of Adelphi College, 
Brooklyn, but did not take his degree therefrom, studying for the 
medical profession. From Adelphi- College he went to the Law 
School of Cumberland University, Ldianon, Tenn., at which univer- 
sity he took his d^ree of Bachelor of Laws, graduating fourth in his 
class and being one of the valedictorians. After graduating at Cum- 
berland, he went to Portland, Oregon, and spent two years in the 
practice of law, returning thence to New York, where he is an at- 
torney of the firm of Whitcomb & Whitcomb, Broadway, New York 

Mr. Whitcomb has traveled a great deal, having been through 
every state in the Union except two, Maine and Arizona. His course 
was turned from medicine because of his father's being a lawyer and 
needing him in his office. While in the West he was interested in a 
great deal of mining, both quartz and placer mining, and at one time 
thought seriously of leaving the law and taking a position as Assistant 
Superintendent of the famous North Coal Mine in Eastern Oregon. 
He also while in the West acted as agent for a number of cattlemen, 
inspecting their ranches for them as to the condition and the product 
He was married April, 1902, to Helen Pitts ^enwick of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

1315- ARVINE RENWICK," bom February 19, 1903. 

1196 ARTHUR OREN WHITCOMB.' (Henry De Loss,' Oren,^ 
Nathaniel," Natiianiel,' James,* James,' Robert,* John,*) lives 
in Chicago, IlL He is a stenographer. He was married December 
25. 1878. to Hannah Ada Tuttle. He votes the Prohibition ticket, is 
opposed to secret societies and uses no tobacco nor profanity. 


131& HATTIE LOUISE, » born November (9. 1879. ! 

1317. WALTER DE LOSS,*' born September 29, 1884. ' 

d by Google 


U97 HENRY ELI WHITCOMB,"* (Henry De Loss," Oren,' 
Nathaniel,' Nathaniel," James,* James,* Robert,* John,') was mar- 
ried December i6, 1882, to Lavinia Watterson. Tliey live in Chi- '. 
cago. In politics he is a Prohibitionist and sees no virtue in tobacco, ' 
profanity or secret societies. ; 


I3tgt HOWARD,*' born December, 1894. 

1330. LAURA ItIAY,>» bora Pebraary 10, 1887. 

I3ai. HENRY OREN,» boni October 35. 1883- 

12U HERBERT EDGAR WHITCOMB,» (Calvin Green,' Calvin 
Green,' Charles." Moses," Robert.* James,' Robert,* John,* ) 
was married (i) March 15, 1882, to Elizabeth Swain, who died March 
29, 1889; (2) in 1890 to Sarah Vaudry. They live in Knoxboio, N, Y. 

1323. JOHN CALVIN, bora Jaly 14. 1891, Vernoa Ccater, Conn. 

1323- BESSIE, bom July S, 1885, Vernon Center, Conn. 

1334. RUTH, bom August 2% 1893, Vernon Center, Conn. 

1335. ETHEL, born August 5, i^ Knoxboro, N. Y. 

1326. JAMES EDGAR, bora January 4, 1900, Knoxboro, N. Y. 

i2i6 JOHN LEWIS CHURCH WHITCOMB,' (Calvin Green.* 
Calvin CJreen,' Charies,' Moses," Robert,* James,' Robert,^ John,*) 
began life at the age of eighteen in a mercantile house in Utica, 
N. Y. He continued here two years when he took a business (Allege 
course in Utica, then went West for a year, spending his time in Chi- 
cago, Minneapolis, and St Paul; he then returned to Oneida, where 
he taught school for four years; then took up the study of medicine 
and was graduated in 1890, having gained by merit a competitive 
aj^intment in Bellevue, N. Y. Afterserving his term in the hospital, 
he practiced his profession four years in New York City, where he ■ 
built up a good practice. His health failing he was obliged to leave 
the city; and he settled in liberty, N. Y., where he has lived since 
1894. He served his town as health officer eight years and was : 


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d by Google 

d by Google 


elected president of the County Medical Association in 1903. In 
politics he is a Republican and in religion a Methodist He was mar- 
ried to Kate Lemina Pond, December si, 1891. 


1327- LULU SALONA,»» born December 17, 1895- 1 

1338L JOHN TILDEN POND,** bom March 29, 1895. 
1339. KITTIE ESTHER," bom June 18, 189& 

1319 2ARA EDWARD WHITCOMB." (Calvin Green.* Calvin 
Green,' Charles," Moses,' Robert,* James," Robert,* John,') was 
married in Deansboro, N. Y., March 4, 1900, to Clara Bell Smarte, 
who was bom In Waterville, N. Y., February 23, 1877. They reside 
in Knoxboro, N. Y. 



Calvin Green.' Qiarles,' Moses,' Robert,* James,' Robert,* John,') 
was married in Yonkers, N. Y., November 3, 1900, to Ella 
Jennie Gillespie, who was bom in Philadelphia, May 27, 1878. Re- 
ligious belief, Methodist. Occupation, traveling salesman. They live 
in Philadelphia. 


1331. GLADYS ROBERTA," bora May Ji, 1903, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1284 JAMES M. WHITCOMB," (Luther," Henry,' Luther,* 
Moses,' Robert,* James,' Robert,* John,') was married March 22, 
1888, to Lucy Philemalee. She was bom December 16, 1869. 


1333- JESSIE PEARL," bom February S, 18S9. i 

1333. BERTHA GRACE," bom August 33, 1890. I 

1334. LULU BELLE," bom October 14, 1893. I 

1335. EDNA ETHEL,** bora April 11. 1894. | 


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1285 LUTHER E. WHITCOMB." (Luther,* Henry/ Luther/ 
Moses,* Robert,* James,* Robert,' John,') was married to Sarah J. 
Shroyer, October 1 1, 1883. She was bom February 10, 1859. 

133& HARRY E.,!" oora July 29, 1887. 

1337. WILBUR D.,>* bom Jinuary 90, i8g6. 

1338. CLIFFORD D.,1" bora December 16^ 1898. 

1286 SILAS HENRY WHITCOMB,' (Luther,* Henry,' Luther,' 
Moses,' Robert,* James,' Robert,* John,') was married December 8, 
1887, to Hattie Ella Shattuck, who was bom June 6, 187a 

133a MILLIE E^i* born September a, 1888. 
1340L MINA Mqi" born September 19, iQ^i; died March 5, tSga. 
I34I> JOHN FAy,>" bom January A 1893. 
IM3. JESSIE LEONA,^* bom October 3, 1897. 

1238 FRANaS WILUAM WHITCOMB* (Lutlier.* Henry,' 
Luther,' Moses,' Robert,* James,* Robert,* John,') was married No- 
vember 22, 1893, to Mary Margaret Wilson, who was bom January 

25. 1875. 


1343. LESTER FAY," bora August I, 1894. 

1344. HAZEL MARIE," bom January sa, 1898. ;.-;; 

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©Ifi^ Jcnatljatt ffitn^. 

F|ONATHAN WHITCOMB,» (John,*) may have been 
the fourth son of John,* if James is counted among 
the children, though this is conjecture only, as no 
dates or order of births are known at this writing, 
(Jan., 1904). With his brother, Robert Whitcomb, 
his brother-in-law, Rodolphus Ellmes, John Hoar 
and others, he served on the jury of inquest upon the death of Richard 
Mann of Sdtuate, Mass., February 16, 1655, and must have been at 
least 21 years of age if the common law of England fixing the legal 
age held in tlie Colonies then. He removed from Sdtuate to Lancaster, 
Mass., with his father in 1654, and seems to have exerdsed the rights 
of a freeman thereafter. He, with others, signed a petition to governor 
and coundl for aid after the Indian raid of 1675-6, and, excepting a 
temporary absence from the town because of its devastation t^ the 
savages, he spent the remainder of his life in Lancaster. 

From the death of his father in 1662 he shared the home- lot with 
his brother John until the death of the latter in 1683, when it became 

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wholly his. That he acquired real estate besides that in Lancaster 
is shown by the inventory. 

He was married November 25, 1667, to Hannah — — — ^ and 
their home was situated in the middle of the town. He died in Feib- 
ruary, 1690, and the inventory of his estate was taken February as, 
1691, by his brother-in-law, John Moor, Samud Sumner and Cyprian 
Stevens, and was returned under oath by his widow, April y, 1691. 

The amount of the inventory was £88 5s and as the items are of 
interest they are herewith given : 

House Barn, and 30 acres of land £33-00-00 

Brush land, 15 acres .-. £ 3-00-00 

Bare Hill meadow, i)j acres £ i-io-oo 

Hassoeky meadow, a acres £3-10-00 

Plum-tree meadow lot £0-05-00 

Pine-hill, )ii acre £ o-os-cpo 

Hog Swamp, 1% acres £ 1-05-00 

Intervale at Cambridge, 14 acres £ 3-00-00 

Outlands at Cambridge. 67 acres £ 5-14-00 

Personal estate, horse, sheep, cows, etc £39-i6-oo 

About two and one-half years after the death of Jonathan, or on 
July 18, 1692, Hannah, Jonathan's widow, was killed at tlie house of 
Peter Joslin in Lancaster by Indians. The tragedy has been consid- 
ered by several writers in their annals and histories of the times. 
(See Nonrse's Early Records of Lancaster; Whitney's History of 
Worcester County; N. E. Hist. & Gen. Reg. VoL IV; etc) 

After Hannah's death the estate was divided among the hdrs by 
Joseph Wliite and James and John Houghton. They allowed to Mary, 
the youngest daughter, £14 6s. ; then to Jonathan, the oldest son, £36 
on condition that he pay to the younger daughters, Mary, Katherine 
and Ruth, 29s.4d. each; then Hannah, Abigail and Elizabeth to 
be paid £8 12 s. by the administrators, Josiali Whitcomb and Jona- 
' than. Some of the children were bom away from Lancaster during 
a period when the town had been temporarily abandoned after the 
Indian raid. 


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3. HANNAH,* bom September 17, i6ti8; died December 9. i€6S. 
+ 4- JONATHAN.'* bom February 26, 1669. 

5. HANNAH,* bore August 29, 1671; married Joiefih Blood, Groton, Mass. 

6. ABIGAIL.* bora May 5, 1674; married William Kelsey of Windsor, 

Mass., in 1694. 

7. ELIZABETH,* bom 1676. 
a KATHERINE,* bom 1678. 
9. RUTH,* bom i68a 

10. MARY.* bora 1682. 
+ tl. JOHN,* bora May la, 1684. 

4 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,> (Jonathan,* John/) was 
married (i) to Mary (Blood) Joslin, daughter of Abraham and Mary 
Blood of Lancaster, somewhere between 1685-1689. (Samuel Smith 
of Littleton recorded that he was married (i) to Mary Joslin and (2) 
to Mary Blood, daughter of Joseph Blood of Groton, Mass.) He 
was married (2) to Deborah Scripture of Groton, September 4, 1710, 
at Concord, Mass. He died April 10, 1715, and she probably died 
shortly before him, as, about that time^ he paid Samuel Barro\vs for a 
coSin. The children were named in settling the estate, but the cor- 
rect order of birth is uncertain. 

+ 12. JONATHAN,* born i«90. (?) 

+ 13. JOSEPH.* ; 

+ 14. NATHANIEL.* t 

15. HANNAH,* married Joseph Powers; nine children. ! 

i& MARTHA,* died March 18, 1721. 

+ 17. EPHRAIM,* bora April, 1702. 

i& MARY,* bora 1704; married John Cobleigh. Jr. 

+ 19. BENJAMIN,* horn December 11, 1711, in Groton. 

ao. LYDIA.* 

tl JOHN WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan," John,*). "Probate court 

records in Cambridge indicate that the wife's name was Rebecca, and 

•Th«ranllr record of Jratthau dcKcodanU IiMte Tcnplc of tterdncr Uc nakMthalwo 
•UcM ekIUrw, UBBuh and Jooalhu, twhu, bota, Mt. 

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her family name may have been Wilder. She seems to have married 
January 2, 1722, or 1723, Samuel Chamberlain of Chelmsford, as he 
finally settled up the estate, which the widow Rebecca started to ad* 
minister; and he especially mentions that the youngest child was cme 
year and two months old when the father died. The next two. aged 
three to four, and six to seven years, would correspond with the chil- 
dren of John Whitcomb, bom 1684" — George A. Gardner. 
The family resided in Lancaster. Mass. 



+ ni JOHN,* perhaps born 1713, Laaotster, Mui. 

33. ABIGAIL,* baptized March 13, 1714 or 1715. 

33. HANNAH,* baptized Jane 24, 1716. 

+ 34. ASA,* baptized Ausuit 16, 1719, Lancaster, Mast. 

12 JONATHAN WHITCOMB/ (Jonathan,' Jonathan.* 

John.') "had lime kilns, was a tanner, currier, blacksmith, shoemaker 
and made coffins. By a deed. October 20. 1710, he was a 'cordwalner.' 
The old dam still remains, and places can be seen, where he got liis 
lime rock." — G. A. G. He was married. May 15, 1716. to Deliverance 
Nutting, daughter of James Nutting and granddaughter of John Nut- 
ting, the wedding taking place at Groton. Ib'Iass, He died somewhere 
about 1767 or 1770; his wife was living as late as 1774 in Lancaster, 


+ as- JONATHAN," bom December aj, 1717. 

* a6. WILLIAM." born September 10, 1719. 
+ 37. OLIVER,* bom Auput 2t, 1721. 

^ ELIZABETH.* bom January 17, 1733 or 1724. 

30. TAMER,* bora March 20, i^aA; married Isaac Haild, June 7, 1745. 

30. LYDIA,* bora March 23 or 23, 1737 or 1738; married Ezekiel Powen; 
ahe died 1767, waa a widow in i7Sa 

*■ 31. JOB,* bora April 16 or 26, 173a 

33. MARTHA,* bora December 2S> 1733; wis tinniarried in 1767. 

+ 33. ABNER,* bora Februarr 13. 1734. 

♦ 34. JOTHAM.* born Ausuat B, 1737. 


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18 JOSEPH WHITCOMB.* (Jonathan,' Jonathan* John,*) 

was married in 1715 or 1716 to Elizabeth . He receipted 

for his portion of his father's estate in 1719. His children were bom 
in various places, the four youngest in Lancaster, Mass. "Joseph Whit- : 
comb was one of the sixty-two composing Captain Lovewdl's Expedi- - 
tion against the Indians in 1724." — Extract from Bible record of his 
son Samuel Whitcomb. Date of his death unknown at this date 


35. JOSEPH,* born June 3, i?i7, Littleton. Mass. 
+ 36. SAMUEL,* born July 9, 1718 or 1719, Littleton, Mass. 

37. BETTY,* born Febntary 38, I7ig or I7»^ Slow, Mass. 

^ MARTHA,* born December 3C^ 1721, Stow, Mass. 
+ 39. TIMOTHY.* bom July i, 1724, Lancaster, Mass. 

4?! HA^*NAH.* t '"*™ March, 1725 o' 1726, Lancaster. Mass. 
+ 43. CYRUS,* bom March 31, 1727 or 1738; Lancaster. Mass. 

14 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB,* (Jonathan.' Jonathan," 

John,!) yi^ married in 1720 to Mary, daughter of Robert Kobbins of 
Littleton, Mass. 


43. MARY,* born August 24, 1722; died May 24, 1739- 
+ 44. NATHANIEL,* bom June 2^ 1724. 

45. ABIGAIL,* bom April 17, 1728. 
+ 4& ROBERT,* born January 6, 173a 

47. ISAAC,^ born March 25, 1734. Revolutionary pensioner. 
+ 48- THOMAS,* bom October 4, 1736. 

40^ ABEL,* born January 5, 17^ 
+ sa SILAS.* born April 3, 174X (Attorney for Isaac 47.) 

SI. CHARLES,* born August 20, 1744. 

17 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB,* (Jonathan.* Jonathan,' John.») 

was familiarly called "Comet." He was married to Parthiana Wheeler 
of Stow; they were published January 15, 1729. or 1730. She was 
born about 1705, and died January 7, 1802, aged ninefy-seven years. 
He died November 11. 1773. They lived in that part of Littleton, 

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Mass.. set off as Boxborotigh, but all the children excepting Lydia are 
recorded in Stow, Mass. 

+ 53. WILLIAM,* bora February 9, 1731, Stow. Mui. 
S3. ANNA," born November 4, 1733; nurried Jacob RobUiu, Jamtsfx to^ 

54- RACHEL,* bora September », 1735; married Nathaniel Cbbleigh, Octo- : 
ber 5. 17561 

55. DORCAS,* bom March 12, 1740; married Jonathan Patch of Stow, Feb- j 

ruary % 176a. 

56. LYDIA,* bora 1741; published to Phinehu Farnaworth of Harrard, 

Mass., December 9, 1763. 
+ 57- EPHRAIM,* born June 8, 1743. 

58. DANIEL,* bora Febmary 4. 1745; died September 13, 1746. 

59. DANIEL,* born September ai, 1747; was married (i) May 4, iTtig^ to 

Stuannah Baker; (a) December Z, 1774, to Lydia Procter; no 

19 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB,* (Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John.*) 

was married to Dorcas Heald (later Hide) bom Deconber 15, 1718. 
He died September 11, 1791. The story is told of his widow, that 
when she was over ninety years old, she missed a cowbell (her prop- 
erty), and seeing it on a tliree-year-old steer, belonging to a neighbor, 
entered the yard, took the bell from the steer's neck and carried it 
home. Five sons of this family went to Henniker, N. H., where th^ 
left many descendants. 


«a DOROTHY,* bora August 33, 1737. 

+) 61. JACOB,* bora September 13, 1743. 

+ 63. CHARLES AUGUSTUS,* bora Angnst 33. t74S- 

+ 63. REUBEN," bora February 7. 1747 or 1748. 

+ 64. SIMEON,* bora June 4, I750- 

+ 65. BENJAMIN,* bora December 37, 1753. 

+ 66. OLIVER,* born Febroary 37. 1755. 

f 67. SILAS,* bom October 15, 1758. 

68. ZACCHEUS,* bora December 10. 1760 (perhaps died young; no trace 
in Stow; no trace in Henniker.) 


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Inscription on tombstone oF Gen. John \/hitcomb, Lancaster* Alan. 

Hen lin inlemd 

the Body of 

. John Whetcomb Ew)r. 

of B<dtoii 

wbo departed this life 

Novre. ITtta ITS 

in the 73d year 

of hiaagc 

Bleated are the peace makers 

for Uiey shall 
be called the children of God. 

Fint wife of Gen. ^hitcomb. 

Hef« lies btuied 

ye body of Mrs. 

Uary Wuetcoiab ye 

wife of Mr, John 

Whctpomb who 

departed thti 

life February ye 3d 

A D. 1743/1 

in her 2Gth year. 

Second vrife of Gen. Whitcomb. 

Id meBKny of 
Mrs. Becke Wnetcotnb 

Relict of 

John a Wbetconib Eaqr. 

who died Feb. 5 


Aged 70. 

Insoiption on tombstone of Gen./Whitcomb's Son. 

CbA. Asa Whetcomb 

who departed 

this life Jany. 13, 1800 


He was an affectionate 
husband, a tender 
parent & a kind 
neighbor, was 
charitable to the 
poor & an honest 

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21 JOHN WHITCOMB,* (jiiu^. ' Jonathan,' John,*) was 

married (i) to Mary Carter, June 12, 7?35. Rev- John Prentice of- 
ficiating. She died February 3, 1744, aet twenty-six years. He was 
married (2) in 1744 or 1745 to Becke Whi'tcomb (67 Josiah line), 
bom January 16, 1728, dau|^ter of Jonathan,* (David,* Josiah,* 
John,*). She died Febniary 3, 1804, aet seventy-six years. 

He served in the French and Indian wars and was no less re- 
nowned or active in the Revolutionary War than his brother, Colonel 
Asa, he liaving held the rank of Brigadier General, and being recom- 
mended by Washington for tlie position of Major General to relieve 
General Ward, who was out of health ; proposed promotion leading in . 
Congress to argument, the higher rank was declined. 

General John Whitcomb died in Bolton, Mass., formerly a part 
of Lancaster, November 17, 1785, aged seventy-three years. The his- 
torian of Lancaster, Henry S. Nourse, in a memoir of General Whit- 
comb, says: "None seem to be more forgotten, even in the towns 
in which they were once the rulittg spirits than the officers who led 
the Massachusetts Yeomanry during those tedious campaigns, of the 
French and Indian War, which awoke the British Colonies to con- 
sciousness of their strength, and thereby hastened the founding of 
the Republic" 

The modest stone in the oldest cemetery in Bolton reads : "John 
Whetcomb, Esq., died November 17, 1785, in the seventy-^hird year 
of his age." Not only does his epitaph ignore the military rank of this 
soldier of three wars, but it closes with "Blessed are the peace-mak- 
ers : for they shall be called the children of God." In the sense of the 
words of one of the greatest of our modem generals who said that 
he was "determined to have peace if he had to fight for it," the epitaph 
quoted may have a meanii^ beyond tlie intention of those who in- 
scribed it upon the tombstone of this worthy soldier of the older 
wars. It is a singular fact that — as the case after the war with both 
General John and Colonel Asa, worthy soldiers of the Revolutionary 
time though they were — the titie of "Esquire" outranked former mili- 
tary titles in civil New England life. 

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Of the boy John not very much can be learned. Before his seventh 
birthday he had lost his father by death, and his mother survived her 
husband but a few years. He was placed in the guardianship of his 
und^ Joseph Sawyer, the village blacksmith, and ~ no doubt 
grew up in the little rural community that had gathered about the old 
garrison-house which his father's tmcle^ Josiah, had built, and of which 
Josiah's son was yet commandant From items in the financial ac- 
count of his stewardship rendered by the guardian, we may infer that 
John had ailments, and swallowed the usual drastic doses, and that 
these were mostly administered to him by a relative Doctress Mary 
Whetcomb — the first medical practitioner reudent in Lancaster — ^who, 
as Mary (Hayward) Fairbank, had been widowed in the massacre of 
1697, and carried to Canada; and who claimed to have brought from 
her two years of captivity among the Indians a rare acquaintance 
with Nature's remedies. He went to school from eight to twelve 
weeks in the year, and the town's schoolmaster, Edward Broughton, 
taught him to read, write and cipher passably well; but if spelling 
was one of the educational exercises of his school, John never mudi 
profited thereby. Every Sabbath he accompanied his elders to the 
meeting-house, five miles distant, to hear the impressive exhortations 
of the Reverend John Prentice, and doubtless was wdl drilled in the 
catechiitm. Living upon the verge of an English settlement in an 
age when extreme frugality was comptdsory upon all, and life to the 
majority an anxious scramble for covering and food, he certainly did 
not long eat the bread of idleness. 

Now ahd then bands of marauding Indians made their presence 
felt not far away, and as soon as John was strong enough to handle 
his musket well he in his turn was detailed to serve as a ranger in the 
scouting-parties that were kept constantly scouring the woods at the 
north and west, in search of the skulking foe. He was not old enouj^ 
to be accepted as a volunteer by the noted captains, Ix>vewell and 
White, in tiieir scalping excursions, but he no doubt listened with en- 
vious admiration to the thrilling stories of their prowess, told by his 

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r- *i' 

tPTiK j0^r7t O'r^ 

•iee"^ the Third,, 

the Grace of GOD, of. 
It-Britain, France arid!.~ 
md, KING, Defender Jr, 
leKaith,^ &e,K:Si:::''Vi-f 
• ;-".-t--..;(,.:'.'w,Si.,.,iS 

fiPrefeKUjhallnwt, Greeting:' :■;"■ 

9l^»Mtl]Qfr . That \Vc have afligncd and con-' 
;KHDlUJ»e, IHmtci and do Uy thcTe Prc-C^- 

, wdl beloved ,/«^^>^^^>»V^rfi^^-^tl)'^'X^^ 

mc of Our^Jufticcs to keep Our Peace X'c^'V 

-ding M tbePorm of tbofe Lont indOnliouKti llnl) bi 
come bcToK lOm tbc &ld ^'Jy/J/'^^^yAry*-> 

te fiuTM^ (ad for thcQui 
' Our ftapk In tbelUd Count]', inalland croj thcAiticlnihcrcofaccordingto tliePorct, 
FarmMdEfitAofths£une, ind n duftizo and punidi tU Perlnu ofimling igainft 
'ibeFonnof tholcLamandOidinancaorany of tlieni In theCountjafcireraid, uaccnt- 
' ~ '■ -- nindOnliouKtillEinbciu tobedonci And tocauleio 

..'/.,„, . V «II il»ofc «b« aMllbmI(,|]« 

PetKe,.arUteffipt tajr lltiag agalnl^ tlie lunc, or tint DuU ibratcn anjr of our Peajple 

' in ihw Perlbnt, or mbwaiDg £cir Houln, to find fuffidcni Security for tlic Peace, *iU - . i 

torrtwifeod Bcfaaibiur to««rdlUt*aD4ourI^n>pk; and jf they (hall itfufelp fioia rudt'^V- 

'KcUV^rtlKa'toctuGftlKmiobelrt^Iift in PtUoa until tlicjr fhall find 'die' (iine ;-'f7^ 

and to do in^ pnibnn in' ibe Countjp aferdaid, all and whatfocver, according' to the ' 

'-■ -LunudOnbiaiKeaof our&idProriQcr,.or aniofibem, a Jufliceofibc rcacenar "^ 

a^ot^httodo and[«rfcnajft.Air^«viSf'^/^y-^^>-,^^^^.v'.^^ .'■: 

gTi'^i^^.^M'Ji^^'^e^ 'fj'^-^^ '■-> ^--j (•ccdrdtngtotheTftioorofilie" : 

' CocDiniflioa to them gtaniiil) to enquire bj the Oadu of good and biWiil Men of oiir ^ 

bid GwDtjr, b]p wbom ihc Truth mav be ihe belter known, of all and all manna of > 

Tbefti, Tielpaflc^ Rioo, Rniii and onliwful AHentfalia whailberer, and nil and '' 

y liDguur odui MiGleedi and OScocaof which bjr Law JuAion'of the Pcucc ia iheif :t 

Gcocfal ScflioM nuy and ought la eoqnite, bjr whonilbeTet or howroever done or per- '^i- 

'■ pented, or nliich (hall hmafter happes, KowlocTa to be done or attetnncd in ibe 'i-A 

County iforcUd, canmfy to the Form of the Lam andOrdinaocci aTorc&idtinade for ',v' 

the comnHM Good of out Pnwincc arotc&id and the People theteof ; i^txv'^W./^Kv^ '^ 

[■(cording to the l^nmr of ibe Comtoiffion to them granted oi nfordatd ) 'ito hear and -. j ' 

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neighbors, the local heroes of Indian warfare when they brought home 
their bloody spoils of ambush and slaughter. The life with its peculiar 
restraints and privations, yet large liberty, could but favor expansion ^ 
of character, and promote hardihood and self-reliance. 

Upon attaining manhood, John Whetcomb received a moiety of 
his fathers estate coming into possession of the homestead in Bol* 
ton, then described as one hundred and thirty acre^ of land, with 
buildings. Limestone had been discovered upon or near this land, 
and the manufacture of lime became, in after time, the source of a 
generous income to him : the product of his kiln exceeding that from 
any other quarry in Eastern Massachusetts. 

In the absence of all muster-rolls of the two companies that en- 
listed from Lancaster and vicinity in 1745, to serve with Col. Samuel 
Witlard at the siege of Louisburg, it cannot be told whether John 
Whetcomb volunteered in that popular and brilliantly successful ex- 
pedition. If in the service, it was not as an officer; but three years 
later his name appears with the title lieutenant, in the pay-roll of the 
Lancaster troops sent m pursuit of a party of savages fleeiiig for 
Canada with the trophies of a murderous raid. He had now be- 
come the foremost citizen of Bolton. As regularly as the town- 
meeting came he was chosen one of the selectmen, and usually held 
one or t^vo other to^vn offices. When, in May, 1748,' he was first 
elected a member of the General Court, he could not be persuaded to 
accept the honor, and Bolton was unrepresented; but thereafter, un- 
til called to a higher civil office in 1773, he was nearly always the 
town's representative, when any was chosen, holding that office for 
at least twenty years. In 1754, he was appointed justice of the peace. 
He had gained recognition in all the country around as an able man 
of affairs, whose word was an ample bond. 

Whatever his previous militaiy experience may have been, he had 
won ^r repute by it, for, upon the breaking out of the French and 
Indian War, he was commissioned licutenant-oilonel in the regiment 
raised by Colonel Samuel Willard, Jr., for the first Crown Point 


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expedition. He was with his command in the desperate battle of 
September 8, I755> at Lake George, and at tlie close of the campaign 
led the regiment home, having been promoted to the colonelcy Octo- 
ber 27, at the death of Willard. 

In 1758. John Whetcomb went to the frontier, again as lieutea- 
ant-colonel* his brother serving tmder him as captain. It was his 
regiment, led by its colonel — ^Jonathan Bagley, another forgotten hero 
of this war — that made the victorious chai^ upon the French ad- 
vance guard near Ticonderoga, on July 5, in which Lord Howe, the 
mspiring genius of the army, was slain. For so brief an engagement 
— it lasted but an hour — the regiment's loss was quite heavy. 

The following year, Colond Whetcomb was probably not in the 
ser^'ice, but in 1760 he commanded one of the five Massachusetts 
regiments in General Amherst's army assigned to the right wing, 
which, under Colonel William Havitand, moved out from Crown 
Point August 10, in batteaux, for the invasion of Canada. His or- 
derly book for this, the closing campaign of the long war, is preserved 
in the Lancaster Library. It contains rosters of the eighteen com- 
panies of his command — which numbered about eight hundred men 
— ^nd the general orders received between August 11 and No- 
vember 9. 

On February 15, 1775, Colonel John Whetcomb's name was added 
to the list of generals, the members of the Congress from Bolton being 
desired "to wait upon Hon. John Whetcomb, Esq., with a cc^y of 1 
his bang elected a general officer, and desire his answer whether he 
will accept that trust, as soon as may be." He had already been ' 
chosen their colonel by the line officers of the Lancaster regiment of 
minute-men. He accepted the duties of both offices. Of the five 

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Massachusetts generals thus appointed, Seth Pomeroy was the oldest 
by seven years, but Whetconib had earliest won the rank of colonel 
in service, and could claim tiie most varied experience in military 
affairs; while the three younger officers much surpassed both, in 
the advantages which a liberal education gives. 

The morning of the nineteenth of April, 1775, found General 
Whetcomb at his home, which was, by several miles, nearer Concord 
than were those of his company commanders. Wlien, therefore, the 
courier dashed up to his door announcing the long expected raid of 
the British soldiers from Boston, after despatching the necessary 
orders to hts iield-ofHcers, he no doubt galloped towards the scene of 
conflict with such escort as hastily assembled. — for he came upon 
the bloody field and took part in the fighting that day, as attested by. 
General Heath in his memoirs. General Ward did not reach Cam- 
bridge until the next afternoon, when a council of war was held at 
which Whetcomb was one of the three generals present May 6 the 
Provincial Congress passed a resolve appointing General Whetcomb 
and Colonel Benjamin Lincoln muster-masters of the State's army. 
In declining the position, the General excused himself by pleading 
the engrossing demands upon his time of "various avocations," and 
his brother was then chosen to be Colonel Lincoln's associate; 

The third Provindal Congress, on June 13, elected John Whet- 
comb "6rst major-general of the Massachusetts army," Artemas 
Ward having been made commander-in-chief, and John Thomas lieu- 
tenant-general, the previous month. The next day Jose;^ Warren 
was chosen "second major-general," and committees were aiq>ointed 
to wait upon the two officers-elect and report their response. Whet- 
comb, either from modesty, or feeling the weight of years and in- 
creasing cares, hesitated formally to accept the commission, where- 
upon, the Congress, on June 16, "ordered, that Colonel Richmond, 
Doctor Taylor and Mr. Partridge be a aanmittee to draw a com- 
plaisant letter to General Whetcomb, to desire a more explicit answer 
respecting his acceptance of the first major-general" The letter and 
reply were as follows : 

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Watertown, June il^ i;7S 
Sir:— Your tetter wherein yon express younelf willing to continne in 
the service of this Colony, until the army is resulated and properly 
encamped, and then rely on a discbarge, was read with much concern 
by this Congress, who eamcatly hope you will continue in ofliGe until 
the conclusion of the campaign, and must beg your further and more 
exph'cit answer. 

To the Honble Congress. 

Whereas you Desire of me to Give a more Explicit Answer as 
to my Opintment, as the Surcumstances of the army is so Deficnit and 
the Enemy so ner, I excep the Service to Do my Duty, as far as I shall 
Be Able. 

John Whetcomb Cola 

Cambridge, June ye aad, 1775- 

John Whetcomb was in active service at Cambridge before and 
during the battle of Bunker's Hill. Having received ofHdal notice 
that he had been made first major-general, — and Lieutenant-General 
Thomas being in command of the right wing, and General Putnam of 
the left, — he was, of course, next in rank to the commander-in-chief 
at the center of the patriotic lines investing Boston. Jime 5, 1776, 
he was commissioned a brigadier-general in the Continental army, 
and Washington tlien declared his intention to assign him at once 
to the command of the forces of Massachusetts, relieving General 
Ward, who had tendered his resignation because physically dis- 
qualified for active duty. In returning the commission he asked "to 
be excused on account of age. and a diffidence of not being able to 
answer the expectation of Congress." The next month he was a^'aln 
elected a member of the Council, in which body he served with credit 
four years, and then passed from public vie\v to the quiet of his rural 

In the town which his whole life honored, no traditions are rife 
that tell of his form or personal traits. He was a republicanized 
Puritan, a zealous, unselfbh patriot, a man of action, ignorant of 
rhetoric, not given to bluster. Uneducated and not disposed to over- 
rate his mvn powers, he rose to command by native force of char- 

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acter. He must have been brave in battle, and gifted with personal 

magnetism and tact, for volunteer soldiers followed him with love 

and respect throu|^ campaign after campaign; exemplary in life, 

for he was looked up to in the church, and his enemy spoke nothii^ 

ill of liim — impartial in judgment, for in his day and limited sphere ■■_';. 

his name stands oftenest in the record as moderator, arbitrator and 

magistrate — er.ergetic in administration, for those high in authority 

sought his aid — judicious in legislation and council, for electors did . \ 

not tire of honoring him with thdr unsought suffrages. (Gleaned 

from "A Forgotten Patriot," by Henry S. Nourse.) 

All his children were bom in Lancaster, Mass., and all were living 
January 2, 1785, the date of the drawing of his will. 
6gL ABIGAIL,* born Febmsry 13, 1737 or 1738; published to Desire French, 

February 3, 1769. 
7a MARY," bom June 20, 1739. 
71. DOROTHY,* bora April 13, 1743; married Jo«epli Cutting of New 

Marlboro, N. H., October 27, 1779, 
73. BECKE,* born December 3, 1745. 
73. RACHEL,* born Kovember 14, 1747. 
+ ?■*. JONATHAN,* born January ati^ 1749 or 1750. 

75. ELIZABETH,* born November 9, 1753. . 1 u. * ^v t \./'il 

_J6. SARAH,* born February I, 1754. |if. "^A'*\i »VKiT(#-««i,£) *X JiZti^h V«t7 

♦ 77. JOHN.* born May 13. 1760. 

;a PRUDENCE,*borii June 30, 176a; married July 7, 1779, StephtB Brooks 
of Stow, Mitss. 

♦ 79- ASA,* born January 26, 1766. 

ia. ZERUIAH,* bom March tt, 1767; married Abel Priest of Harvard. 
Mass., March 7, 1785. 

24 ASA WHITCOMB,* (Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) was 
married (i) December 26, 1744, to Eunice Sawyer; (2) January 
26, 1762, 10 Betty Sawyer. 

Colonel Asa Whitcomb was bom in Lancaster, Mass., 1719, and 
after the Colonial wars he represented tliat tmvn in the Massachusetts 
General Court eight successive terms, from June 1766 to 1774. While 

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in the General Court he constantly voted with Adams, Otis and others 
of the Whi^ patriots in the disputes and contests with the colonial 
governor, Hutchinson, as tp the restrictions on liberty of the peo^ 
pie of the Colonies. Colonel Whitcomb was a member of the County 
Convention held at Worcester in August, 1774. to consult on meas- 
ures for defence and safety of tlie colonies in that trying period. At 
the commencement of the war of the Revolution he was one of the 
wealthiest men of Sterling, a town formed from part of Lancaster. 
In May, 1775, he had recruited a regiment composed largely of his 
old comrades in previous wars. Of this regiment he was appointed 
colonel and he mardied with his men to take part in the battle of 
Bunker HilL In this battle several men of his re^ment were killed 
or wounded. His age at this time was fifty-six years, and on ac- 
count of this age he was nearly pushed aside later.* 

On January i, 1776, Cohmd Asa Whitcomb was in aimmand of 
the Sixth Regiment of Foot in the American forces. His regiment 
formed part of an expeditionary march to Ticonderoga and 
Crown Point At one period of his service he acted with Colonel 
Benjamin Lincobi as muster-master of the Massachusetts troops. 

*Tti* folio^rins OTd*r I> to curloua In ttMlf, and ao honored* to tli* porsoa oon- 
. eamsd. that It decervaa to b* perpelnated. Colond tirhltcamb had aarrod la tli* 
(ontuBF war. In whicb he had boma a pert In aartnit cniOKeniaiita, and m* k rantla- 
man hiKhljr roapretod. Re conimand«d one of the Masaaebuaatta retlmenta, but, on 
aecouDt of hia advanced asa, ha waa omitted In airanilnf Iha naw army. Tbe aoldlara 
of hIa reKlraant -ware ao much dlaaatlafled. that ther rcaolvad not to anllot under any 
other oDlear. He exhortM them not to bo Inflaanced by nich a motive. In a caoae ao 
Impokant: and, to Indues thorn to remain, ha propoecd to Join thsm In the ranka. 

"November lEth. Motive* of •eonomr renderlnc It tndlapeaaably nBccaaary, that 
many of the rcflmenta should be reduced, and the whole pat npon a different aatab- 
Ilahmant, aeveral deocrrlnc offlcera, not from any demerit, but pure neeaaalty. bnv* 
been excluded In the new arranKCmeot of the army. Amon^ theae waa Goloaal 
Whiteorab; bnt the noble untlmenta dladooed by that rentlenon upon thla oceoaloB. 
the ml he hoa afaown In exfaortlns the men not to abandon the Interest of their 
oanntry at thla Important ertala, and hIa determination to continue In the aarvlee, eran 
aa a private aoidler, rather than by a bod example, when Uie enemy are gathertnc 
atransth. to put the puUfe aSaira is haaard; when an example of this kind la aat. It 
not oily antltlea a gentleman to partloular thanka, hot to particular rewarda. Celonel 
Jonathan Brewer Is entitled to no email share of eradlt. tn readily sMns «» tn 
Colonel Whitcomb the reclmant, which he was appointed to command. Oaloaal 
WMtcmnb. therefore, la henceforward to be conaldarad aa Coloael ot that nttasnl; 


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Colonel Whitcomb's zeal in the righteousness and belief in the 
final triumph of the Revolutionary War. and his confidence in the 
patriotism and integri^ of his countrymen and in the Congress was 
so implicit that be pledged his whole fortune in furnishing means for 
carrying on the war. At the close of the war he became bankrupt, 
though it is said of him that he never regretted his service or losses 
in the struggle. He died* in the town of Princeton, Mass., March 
16, 1804, at the age of eighty-four years and was carried to Sterlit^, 
Mass., for burial. 


81. EUNICE,* baptized January 1% I747. married Josiab Hostner, April 28, 


82. EPHRAIM,* baptized September 6, 1747; nnroarried. Wilt probated 

September 4, 1837. Went to Canada and returned and died at the 
honae of hia sister, Rebecca. 

83. ABIGAIL,* bom Jane 19, 1749; married Col. Ephraim Richardson. 

&|. REBECCA,* born January 17. 175°; married Jonas Beaman. and died 

December, 183S. 
8s. KATHERINE,* bom June ta, 1754. 

66. HANNAH,* baptised M-arch 30^ I7S5- | 

87. MARY.* baptized April 16, 1758. ! 


* 88. ASA,* born February 8. 1764. 
8g. CATE,* bom March 3, 176& 

which wu Intended for Colons Brewcir; and Colonel Brewer wtit h* •ppolntad 
liamKk'Uaiiter. until aamathinc batter worth hia aooeptanca can be provided." Oen. 
Waiblnston'a Orderly Book. (From Spark's Life and LettM* «C Weattlngton. pp. KO- 

Bercral nrlilah armed abtn had kept poeanelon o( Nantaaket Boad, from tlia 
tlma D«alon waa evacuated. On the Uth of June, In the aveninc Oanaral Ward 
•rdet»d Ave hundred men, and a d*t«ohni«nt et the train of arttUerr with a thirteen ' 
Inch nerlar. two elEbteen -pound en, and eotne email cannon, under the fNnunand 
af Coloa*) Whitcorab, to lake post on Long leland, and annoy the BriUeh ahtpsi Tha 
■•caasary work* w«ro thrown up tn tha night, and the next morning tba cannon and 
tha Bortar opened Are, and eoon drove the vouala out of Iha harbour. TUa fleet 
ctaelaied of thirteen in number, the Banown, of lltty guns, several emallar ahlpa at ' 
*ar, and Iraniporta with Highland iroopa on board. They blew up Iha U^t-taeuaa 
aa they went off. and put to aaa. (Ibid. p. Ul.) 

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90. BETSEY.* baptized May 22, 1768; m&rricd a tea captain from Canada; 
she died in Canada. 
* 91. JOHN,' baptized May 27, 1770. 
pa. SARAH.* baptized June 14. 1772: married Thomas Jone* of Princctoo, 
February 3i, 17;^ 
♦■ 93. THOMAS,* born 1774. 

94- JAMES.* 
+ 95. CORNELIUS.* born March 5, 1779. 

25 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,'' (Jonathan,* Jonathan,' 

Jonathan,* John,') was married , 1747, to Sarsh Tufts, 

daughter of Peter Tufts of Charlestown, Mass. She was bom Au- 
gost 30, 1718, and died at Shelburn Falls, Mass., about 1782. Jona- 
than was a farmer and blaclcsmith at Littleton, Mass., and is said to 
have had a military record, though the term of service and dates are 
lacking. He died February 22, 1790. 

g& SARAH,* bom February 10, 1748; married Josiah Willis Searer. 
97. MARTHA,* bom August aS, 1750; married Jonathan Rice of Shelburae 
Falls, Mass.; no children. * 

+ 98. JONATHAN.* bom March 30, I7S4- 
99. PETER,* born December 24, 1756: killed at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775 

(as his brother's substitute.) 
ica LYDIA,* born June zG, 1763; married Samuel Sanderson; died October 

19. 1&49. 
tot. DINAH,* bora December 16, 1764: married Simeon Fisher of Shel- 
burae Falls. 

26 WILLIAM WHITCOMB," (Jonathan,* Jonathan.' Jona- 
than,' John,*) worked at brickmatdng in Littleton in 1737; was mar- 
ried to Hannah Daby, April 6, 1742 or 1744, and lived in Harvard, 
where his children are recorded; in 1763 removed to Ashbumham 
where he was one of the first settlers. He was elected town-clerk at 
the organization of the town in 1765, was subsequently elected mod- 
erator, selectman and for a time was one of the foremost men of the 
town. He was frequently chosen on committee during the Revolu- 
tion and in 1783 was elected Representative. He died December 3, 


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102. LYDIA,* baptized Jannftry 27, 1745; married James Haskell, 1764. 

lOj. LOIS.* baptized March 22, 1747. 
♦104. OLIVER.* born July a, 1749- , j 

105. HANNAH,* baptized April 116. 1753; <l)ed Febmary ao, 1755. 

10& PERSIS.* bom September 17, 1754; was married November a$, 1777, to 
Hezekiab Hapgood of Stow, Mass. 

107. LUCY,* bom November 29, 1756; was married July 30^ 1780, to Smeon 

loS. HANNAH,* bom October 39, 1756 (?) 
+109. ELIAS,* bom January 26, 1759. 

27 OUVER WHITCOMB,» (Jonathan/ Jonathan," Jona- 

than,* John,*) was a blacksmith. He was married December 17, 175I) 
to Sarah Patch, daughter of Deacon Abraham and Hannah (Her- 
rick) Patch of Littleton. She was born April 23, 1729, and died Oc- 
tober 30, 1817. He died July 28, 1807. 


no. HANNAH.* bom July 15, 1755; died July 8, 1786. She beearae second 

wife of Daniel Rogers, March 96, 1786. 
lit. liIOLLY,* born June 6, 1756; married Manasseh Stow, February 37. 
*ii2. JOHN.* bora August 15, 1759. 

113. BETSEY LYDIA,* bora July 33, 1761; married John Faulkner. October 


114. SARAH,* bora February 8| 1764: married Hay 23 or March 4, 1803, 

Jonas Baker of Lancaster, N. H. She died September 18, 1835, 

115. RUTH,* bom 1769; died June 39, 1796^ aged twenty-seven years six 


81 JOB WHITCOMB,» (Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan.* 

John,') was married (i) to Jemima. Farr, May 2, 1757; and (2) 
to Abigail Whitney, March 6, 1769. He may have had a third wife 
as Tcmpleton records mention "Jemima, daughter of Job and Mary 
Whitcomb." He is said to have been a soldier in the Revolutionary 
War, but his rca>rd is not yet found. 

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Ii6. SIMEON,* born June it, 1759. 

117. OLIVE,' born June 44, 1761. 

+118. LEVI,* bora April 34. 1763, Templeton, Uaia. 

iig. REUBEN,* bora May 9, 1765. 

*-t^a. DILLE,* bora September 7, 1766, Wendell, Mass, 

121. SUSANNA,* bora April 4, 1770. 

132. JEMIMA,* born March 3, 1773; probably died early; see 125. 

123. ACHSAH,* born August so, 1773; married November 26, iSoi, Abijah 
Fislce and probably removed to Canada. 

134. MILLE,* bora Jaty 9. 1775; died unmarried in Templeton, Mass. 

135. JEMIMA,* born 1778; married Ephraim Bush. He died 1820. She died 

July 37, 1824. 

136. ABIGAIL,* born May 21, 1779; died unmarried in Templeton, fall of 

+I37. JOB* bora January 34, 1782. 

38 ABNER WHITCOMB,» (Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' 

John,*) was a blacksmith; he lived first in Littleton, Mass., tlien in 
Groton. Mass. According to Green's History of Groton he twice en- 
listed as u minute-man from Groton. In 1783 he pushed northwest- 
ward into New Hampshire and became one of the founders of Han- 
codc He settled first in a level place midway between Bald Hill and 
Norway Pond, but died February 13, 1821, in a house on Main Street 
built by him in his pld age; He was a man of remarkable physical 
vigor; bom February 4, 1733, he outlived three wives and mar- 
ried a fourth when he had just entered upon his. seventy-third year. 
He was married (i) March 27, 1759, to Sarah Jefts, who ivas bom 

July 12, 1734; (2) to ; (3) September 8, 1795 to 

Susannah Meads; (4) Fdmiary 31, 1806, to Abigail, daughter of 
Thomas and Alice Boynton of Hancock. She died in October, 1833. 
He was the father of twelve children, eight bom iu Groton and four 
in Hancodc. He was a constituent member of the church in Han- 
cock, being conmiended to Hancock, so the Groton church records 
state; April i, 1787. 

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+128. ABNER,« bom February 13 or 18, 1760. Groton. M»«». 
+139, SAMUEL,* born JsntiKry 30 or 31, 1763. 
+i3a JOHN,* bom August 30 orsi, 1764. 
+131. EBENEZER,* born July 30. 1766 or 1767. 
+132. OLIVER,* bom June 18, 1768. 
+I33> ELI,* born February t8, 1770. 

134. SAltAH,* bom February a, 1773; was married (i) October 33, 1792, to 

James Grayham; (3) to ■■■ - Gilson. 

135. IRA,* bom February 13, 1774; died young. 

136. LUCY,* bom ; died August s, 1823; was married December fg, 

18^ to Samuel Dennis (snd wife). 
+137. IRA MEADS,* bom 1795. 

138. EUNICE,* bom ; died when a young girl from exceiiive nose 

*I39. DAVID,* bora May 30, 1S08. 

84 JOTHAM WHITCOMB.' (Jonathan* Jonathan,' Jona- 

than,' John,') was married May 14, 1766, to Ddx>rah Robbtns, 
daughter of James and Deborah Robbins. They lived in that part of 
Harvard, Mass., set off as Boxborough. He died February 17, 1821, 
and she, January 22, 1822, aged eighty years. 

140. TRYPHENA,* horn June 8, 1767; was married August at, 1785, to Jere- 
miah Richardson of Ncwfane, Vt.; she died December, iSsg. 
+141. LEONARD.* born March 31, 1760. 

14a. MOSES," bom July s. 1771. 

143. BETTY FLETCHER,* baptized April 3, 1774; married Wright; ; 

died April ao, 1856. ! 

144. ABIGAIL LELAND,* baptized October 5, 1777; published April 3, 1808. 

to Joseph Tucker of Acton, Mass. 
I4S- PETER,* baptized March 25. i?8i: was married October 2, 1803. to 
Sarah Wyman of Bedford, Mass. They lived in Brooklinc^ N. H. 
No children. 

86 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,» (Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' 

John,' ) was bom in Littleton, Mass., July 9, 1719, but concerning his 
marriage and subsequent life and death there is at this date no rec- 

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ord to be found except that he had a son named for himself, who went 
to Vennont and whose brief record is given elsewhere. I 

+I4i SAMUEL,* bora . 

89 TIMOTHY WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,* Jonathan,* Jona- 
than,' John,0- The Rutland, Mass., town record says: "Timothy 
Whitcomb of Rutland entered his intention of marriage with Martha 
Robinson of Framingham, Mass., December 8, 1750; certificate given 
December 29, 175a 


147- SARAH,* born June r, 1751. 
+148. SAilUEL,* born November 13. 1753. 

149. PHOEBE,* born Febraary 5, 17SIS. 
tisa ZELOTUS,* born March ai. 1759. 

151. HANNAH,* bom May 8. 1761. 

152. OLIVER,* bom June 4. 1763. 

153. BETTA,* born October 14, 1766. 

154. LUCY,* born January ti, 1770. 

155. JOSEPH,* born February 10, 1775. 
iSfi. JACOB,* born November 34, 1778. 

42 CYRUS WHITCOMB.' (Joseph,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,* 
John,') was married to Susannah Wood in Sudbury, Mass.. July 25, 
1750. He is said to have served in the Revolutionary War, enlist- 
ing at Sudbury, but I do not yet find records. He probably lived 
later in Vennont 

+157. CYRUS,* date and place of birth unknown. 

44 NATkANIEL WHITCOMB,* (Nathaniel,* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' John,*) was married June 3, 1754, to Hannah Robbins 
and settled on his father's place in Uttleton. He was a soldier in the 
Revolution ; serving in the Company of Captain E. Fletdier of Box- 
borough, Mass. 


158L ISAAC;* bom June a, 175$; killed at Bunker HilL 

159. MARY,* bom April 10^ 1757. 

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t6o. ELIZABETH,* born September 2i, I7S9. 
i6i. OLIVE,* born February 14, 1762. 

163. ANNA,* born January t<^ 1764: was married April as, 1790, to Josiah 

163. PAUL,* bom April i, 1765; wai married January it, 1787, to Sally 

Steams of Ashby, Mass. 

164. JONAH,* bora May 14, 1771. 

46 ROBERT WHITCOMB," (Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jona- 
than,' John,*) was married to , daughter of Captain 

Everett, a Revolutionary officer. He died in 1809. He is said to have 
lived in Western New York. 


165. DAUGHTER,* married Allen, who deserted her, leaving her 

with ft son whom she called Eben Whitcomb. 

166. EBEN,* killed in the War of 1813. 

167. LINUS,* died of consumption, aged 33. 

+168. JOSHUA* '■ 

♦ilSSl. EDWARD.* born October 5, i8oa. 
+170. ROBERT.* 

48 THOMAS WHITCOMB.» (Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jona- 

than,* John,*) was married November 29, 1759, to Anne Whitney of 
Stow; she was a woman, it is said, possessed of remarkable courage 
and perseverence. When they first went to Norridgewock, Me., it was 
far in the wilderness, and consequently no physician within a long 
distance. She played the role of doctress for the country round about, 
and many are the stories, now extant, of her plunging her horse into 
the Kennebec river in the night time, and swimming the river on 
horseback to visit patients in critical cases. They moved first from 
Massachusetts to Deerfield, N. H., where he enlisted as a Revolu- 
tionary soldier and was taken prisoner by the Indians at "The Ce- 
dars." He served at Ticonderoga afterwards and was discharged 
December, 1776. When he was released he went to Norridgewock, 
Me. Was a taxpayer in that town from 1780 to 1788. He died June 
31, 1834. His wife died June i, 1823. 

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171. REBECCA," born April 4, 1761^ Massachusetts; married Sbep- 


172. ABIGAIL,* born July 13, 1762; m»rried John Steward. 
+J73- THOMAS,* born . 

+174. CHARLES.* bom January 15, 1765. 
4175. ROBERT,* bom- January 31, 17^. 

176. ANKE,* bom ; was married in 1800 to Levi Willard, Norridse- 


177. POLLY,* bom ■ ■ •; was married in 1799 to Joseph Longtey. 
+178. NATHANIEL,* born January 16, 1781. 

179. JOSHUA,* bora ; left home at an early age and is believed to 

have been lost at sea. 

50 SILAS WHITCOMB," (Nathaniel,* Jonathan," Jonathan,* 

John,* ) is said to have lived in early life in Vennont, for a time pos- 
sibly in Cambridge, Lamoille County, where he acted as attorn^ for 
his brother. Isaac, in securing a pension for the latter; later he may 

have removed to Maine. Was married to .....^ 

Order of birth and dates of children are not known. 


+180. SILAS,* born . 

i8r. JOHN,* bora . 

fSa. ASA,* bom . 

183. SIMON,* . Family lived in Thomdylce, Maine, forty years ago. 

62 WILLIAM WHITCOMB." (Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jona- 

than,' John,*) lived in- Stow, Mass. He was called "Deacon"- and 
"Captain." He was married (i) to Meny Wetherbee; published 
Fd>ruary 21, 1757; she died April i, 1777; (2) to widow Sarah 
Whitcomb of Bolton, April 28, 179a He died April 30, 1812. 

+184. ABRAU,* bom September i9, I7s8. 
185. DORCAS,* born October a, 1760; was married to Hezekiah Hapgood, 

November 35, 1777. 
t86i MARY,* bora June 15, 176X 

187. ELIZABETH.* bora June 15, 1764; was married February xt, 1785* 
to John Jewell of Stow; died December 14, 1785. 
•H88. JONATHAN,* born April ao. 17661 

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67 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB,» (Ephraan.* Jonathan,' Jona- 

than,' John,*) was married November 39, 1764, to Hannah Hoar of ^ 
Littleton, Mass., who was bom March 29, 1745. They lived and died 
in Littleton. 


+189. MOSES,* born Febraary 13 or 15. 1767. 
+190. REUBEN,* bom January 6. 1769. 
191. LUCY,* born November 16, 1770; married Paul Haywardj published 
April la, I79S. 
+192. EPHRAIM,* bora March 3. 1773- 
!;». HANNAH,* bom February to, 1775: married Noah Fairbanks; pub- 
lished September 37, 1795, at Gardner, Mass. 
4-IQ4. SAMUEL,* bora April 30, 1777. 
♦195. PETER.* bOTD May 17, 1779, 
igd. PATTY,* bora July 30, 1781; married (i) Ephraim Taylor; intention 
published November la, 1803; married (2) William Cooledge; eight 
*'I97- JOEL,* bora May 16, 1785. 

61 JACOB WHITCOMB," (Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* '■ 

John,') was married to Olive Wetherbee, daughter of Thomas and 
Hannah Wetherbee of Stow, Mass., the intenticm having been pub- ^ 
h'shcd May 10, 1764, and soon after settled in Hcnnikcr, N. H., being ! 
the eighth settler in the town. Nine years later he removed to War- 
ner, just over the Henniker line four miles away, but he always traded 
in Henniker and attended church there. He served in the.Revolu- 
tiottary War, but I do not yet succeed in obtaining the dates of serv- 
ice. He was one of ten of Captain Adams' company of "Training 
Soldiers" who enlisted from his town. His estate is now in the hands 
of a great grandson. He died May 27, 1823, and his wife died Octo- 
>>er 3, 1828. 

*UA IlENJAMiN,* bora July 6, 1765. 

IQ9' SARAH,* bora April 28, 1768; married B. HoyL 

aoo, OLIVE,* bora 1770; died young. 

JOl. UETSEY.* born September 7, 1772; married October ao, 1787, Daniel 


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aoa. JONATHAN.* bom April 2, 1774; died Septembtr 11, 1777. 

M3. LYDIA,* born September 23, i^; mirricd James Sargent. 

304. OLIVE,* born July aS, 1778; married Joseph Connor; t child. 

305. UERCY," born March 11, 1781. 
+ao6. JOHN,* bopi March 29, 1785. 
*ao7. JONATHAN.' born June 8. 1787. 


Jonathan/ Jonathan,' John,') was married Marcl\ 9, 1768, to Han- 
nah Hale of Mariboro', Mass., who was bora in 1742. He purchased 
two hundred acres in Henniker, N. H., and built his cabin there in 
1764. He was one of the first members of the church in Henniker, 
and is described as "a n<4)le specimen of the hardy pioneer." At the 
Lexington alarm, he "was near the lo^ meeting-house with his oxen 
hitched to a pair of wooden wheels; he unyoked the oxen, headed 
them for home and then headed his horse for the South." His term 
of service is not yet found. He died April 2, 1Z102, and his wife died 
February 10, 1803. 

*3o8. OLIVER.* horn July 31, 1769- 
-HoQ. SILAS HALE.* bom September ai, 1771. 
310. DORCAS.* bom October 15, 1773; was married February 12, 1793. to 

E. Dnper. 
all. LAVINIA,* bora November 37, 1776: died October 3, 1777. 
+3IX. CHARLES.* born December 14, 1778. 
313. HANNAH,* born October 4. 17S0; married Abel Duper. 
214. JACOB HALE." bom January 35, 1783; "went West" 
3IS. JOSIAH,* bora November 13, 1785; died unmarried March 7, 1870. 
ai& PAUL,* bom December 4, ffB6; "went to Penniylvania." 

68 REUBEN WHITCOMB," (Benjamin,* Jonathan," Jona- 

than,* John,*) was married to Dinah Howe of Marlboro, Mass., De- 
cember 6, 1770. He lived in Henniker, N. H., for a few years and 
then moved to Washington, Vt., of which town he was one of the 
first settlers. He settled on what is called the "Whitoomb Hill Farm" 
— a farm still owned by his descendants. He died June, 1840, at the 
advanced age of ninety-nine years, and was btiried on his farm. He 
was a soldier in the Revolution. , 


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^17. STEPHEN," tKHii Angitst 13. iTT*- 

3I& EPHRAIM,* bora July i, I774- 

■»«i» REUBEN.* 

*3aa LEVL« 

321. RUFUS.' 

323. DARIUS.* 

4333. SIMEON.* 

224. LUCY.* 

33$. ASA.* 

33& BETSEY.* 


** ' I two died in infancy. 

66 SIMEON WHITCOMB," (Benjamin.* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' 

John,*) waJs married October 6, 1767, to Judith Brown. He lived in 
Stow. Mass., -where he died December 31, 1809. 

43301 DARIUS.* born January 33, 1768. 
S31. LUCY,* bom Anguit i. 1770; died unmarried, 1789. 
333. OLIVER,* born March 11, 1774; married Hargat Wricht of Marlboro, 
September la, 1799, (?) 

333. ASAPH.* bom September to. 177& 

334. EPHRAIM,* bora December 31. 178a 

66 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB." (Benjamin.* Jonathan,' Jona- 
than,* John,*) went to Henniker, N, H., about 1764-1765. He was 
married October 14, 1777. to Sarah, daughter of Elijah and Sarah ' 
(Shattuck) Rice of Westboro, who died in January. 1843. She was 
bom October 22, 176a He died October 23, 1828, his horse run- 
ning away with him and breaking his spine. He was called "Cap- 
tain." Enlisted with Colonel Gerrishes Regiment July 5, 1777, and 
marched with the troops for the relief of Ticonderoga. 

*4]S. ELIJAH,* bora March a, 177& 
♦3j6t ZACCHEUS,* bora November sq, 1779. 

337' CALVIN,* bora November 37, 1781; unraarried; drovrned In Boiton, 
December 39, 1862. 

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W^ ABEL.* born March 9, 1784. 

+339. JOEL,* born June «3, iTftt 

a4& JUDITH,* bom August 30, 1788; married Robert CanipbelL 

4341. DANIEL,* born Marcb 30^ 1791. 

243. REBECCA,* bora AuffUM 10^ 1:93. 
4343. WILLIAM.* bom March 14, I79& 

244. HARVEY,* bom February I7> 1800; died August 37, iSto. 
4345. CHARLES,* bom August 24. i8o3. 

346, ^ bom : 

67 OLIVER WHITCOMB." (Benjamin.* Jonathan,' Jonathan." 
John,') was married March 31, 1797, to Elizabeth Wolcott, who 
died in March, 1863. aged eighty-seven years. He died July 7. 182S. 
They lived in Stow, Mass. 


347. LUCY,* bom June 3, 179S; published to L. Wetherbec, January le^ 1817. 
434& JEREMIAH,* born May i, 1801. 

■1349. MARK,' bora January sis, 1804. 

350. ELIZABETH,* born — -■ ■ ; married John IXckey; died iSu, Town- 

shend, Vt. 

68 SILAS WHITCOMB," (Benjamin,* Jonathan.' Jonathan.* 
John,' ) was married to Eunice Fenney of Stow. Mass. ; published De- 
cember 8. 1793. In 1812 the family moved to Henniker, N. H., and 
settled on a farm which remained in the family until 1887. 


351. BETSEY,* bom May 30, 1794; died October 13, 1814; nnmarrled. 
353. MELINDA,* bom September i^ 1796; died July 14, 1833; nnraarried. 

353. LYDIA,* bom July 16, 1799; died unmarried. 

354. BENJAMIN,* bom February 34, i8oa; died unmarried, 1833. 
355- LUCY,* bom October 15. 1803. 

256. 6aLVIN,* bora January 14, 1805; died September 27, 1874; unmarried. 

257. ASA,* bora May 16, 1S08; died October 13, 1886; unmarried. 

358. SARAH,* bom March 16. 1811; married Enoch Coffin. Newbniyport, 

Mass.; scTcn children. 

359. ELIFHALET,* bora 1813; died aged terenteen months* 

74 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,' (John,* John,* Jonathan,* 

John,') owned a fann and an extensive lime kiln in Bolton, Mass. He 

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built turnpike, and ia many ways was a useful as well as a prominent 
dtizen. He died February 14, 1830, his will being probated April 6, 
183a He was twice married; (i) to Adisah Fairbanks of Berlin. 
March 30, 1772, who died in 1795, and (2) to Mary Gardner, daugh- ; 
ter of a Congregational minister of Leominster, Mass., October 18, 

+960. JOHN,* 1 born JsnuKry i, 177s: 

361. EFHRAIM,* / died 178$' 

263: ACHSAH,» born December 37, I777:.publiihed to m»rry Peter Moore, 
May a, 1797. 

363. REBECCA." born April aj, 1779; married Pollard. 

264. SARAH* born April 3, 1781; married Ambrose Blaney April 99, tSto. 
+S65. JONATHAN,* bom April 29, 1783. 

a66. MARY (or POLLY),* born December, 1785; married Phineas Hough- 
ion, April ti, 1804. 
167. ABIGAIL,* bom April 13, 1788; married Asa Willard Whitney. De- 
cember 29, 1808. 
368. ELIZABETH,* bom 1790: died early. 
+369. LUKE.* born Norember 5, 1792. 

27a FRANCIS,* bom * September tS, 1797; died of consumption; unmar- 
ried; (will dated May 3, 1827). 
271- SUSANNAH,* born July 24, 1799; married Isaac Bond of Milbury, 
May 3, 1820; one son went west. 

372. HENRY GARDNER,* born September 7. r8oi. 

373. LUCINDA,* bom September 5, 1803; married Or. Eliakim A. Holman, 

September 19, 1827. 
374- SOPHIA,* born September 18. 1605: died unmarried. 
♦37s. EDWIN ASA,* born July 24, 1807. 

77 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (John,* John,' Jonathan.' John,*) 

was married May 31, 1780 to Azubah Whitcomb, Jr. He died Decem- 
Itcr 3, 1798. Two of his diildren were bom in Templeton. 

376. BECKE,* born November 28, 1780- 
tn. AltlGAIL,* bom May 6^ 1786. 
37& ISRAEL,* born December 20, 1788. 
370- LUCY,* bom March 14. 1797. 

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79 ASA WHITCOMB," (John,* John," Jonathan,' John,*) lived 
in Bolton, Mass., where he was a Colonel and perhaps a Brigadier- 
General of militia. He was married February s, 1786. to Sarah 
Whitcomb, Jr., of Bolton. He died January 13, 1807. 

38a SILAS.* born September 32, 1787; died April 9, 1795. 
381. BETSEY,* bom November 18, 17^ 
383. SARAH.* born August so, 1793; died Hay 17, 1868: married Samuel 

Notirse, November 35, 1813. 
383. ASA,* born February 3% 1795; ''■^ early. 
284. FANNY,* bom August 8, 1797; married General Amory Holman, 

March 11, 1819; died July ao, iSSS. 
■tsSs. ASA,* (changed to Edwin Asa), bom August 4, 1799. 
+386. PAUL,* bom August 28, 180X 

387. JAMES BEOINGFIELD,* (changed from Cephas) bom September 

I, 1804. 

88 ASA WHITCOMB.» (Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' John,*) was 

married November 9, 1788, to Rebecca Ball, who was bom in Rut- 
land, Mass., October 7, 1765. Her uncle took up lands near Saratoga, 
N. Y., now knoAvn as BaJlston Spa. She died in Cavendish, Vt, Au- 
gust II, 1831. He had the military title of "Lieutenant" His chil- 
dren were bom tn Alstead, N. H., where the family lived before mov- 
ing to Cavendish. Vt ; he died in Cavendish Jantiary 5, 1835. 

388. THOMAS,* Lnra November 7, 1789. 

3S9. BETSEY,* t I'm September 13, 1791; married Dr. Isaiah Parker, Cav- 
endish, Vt. 
■fago. A$A,* bom May 29, 1793- 
391- REBECCA,* born October 13, 1796; married Luther Ballard, Nashua. 

N. H.; died in Canton, O.. 1863. 
293. ABIGAIL SAWYER,* bom December 6, 1798; married Rev. Samuel 

Mason. Cavendish. Vt.; she died December 6, 1853. 
+493. JOHN ADAMS,* bom July 32, 1801. 
394- BENJAMIN FRANKUN,* born March 39, 1805; died early. 

395. EUNICE.* bora ; died eariy. 

396. EPHRAIM,* bora ; died early. 

397. HANNAH,* bom May 5, 1812; married Jesse Sawyer of Lndlow, Vt 

(one child. Helen, dead); died in 1839, at Mt. Holly, VL 


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91 JOHN WHITCOMB.' (Asa,* John.* Jonathan,' John,*) 

was married to Persis Brigham of Princeton, Mass., May 15, 1796, 
(intention published March 13, 1796). In 1813 they settled in West 
Boylston, Mass., where he was accidentally killed in the raceway of 
the mill of the Beaman Cottcm Manufactttring Company. S^tember 
1 1, 1820. His widow died in Ware, Mass., 1830. 

398. SALLY,* born March 21, IT!?; married Elijah Kennan, May 29, 1819. 
299. PERSIS,* bom May I7, 1799! died July ao, 1872; married Henry 

300: BETSEY,* bom June 8, 1801; died May a, 1883; nnmarried. 
+301. JOHN ADAMS,* bom September 14. 1803. 

303. LYDIA,* born January s, 1806; died Jnne 19, 1863; married Thomai 

93 THOMAS WHITCOMB.» (Asa,* John,' Jonathan,* John,*) 

was a physician and surgeon and resided in Lexington. The town 

records show that he was first taxed there in 1805 ; in 1807 he was 

taxed for poll and two horses. In 1810 he was married to Mrs. Hannah 

dandier Bridge, widow of General Joseph Chandler and daugh- j 

ter of Major John and Hannah Reed Bridge. She had at least one 

child, Joseph, by her first marriage, who died while preparing for . 

college. Dr. Whitcomb was Justice of the Peace in 1815. On a ! 

slate stone tablet in the old burying ground in Lexington is recorded: 

"In memory of Dr. Thomas Whitcomb, ! 

Who died March 3, 1839^ aged fifty-five." 

His wife survived him until 18142 when she died, aged serenfy- 

one years. j 

"I remember him well at that time (1813-15); he waa my fathcKa fanuly 
physician in i8i3 when my yonngest brother, .Amoa Otis, died. He wu tall 
and slender, had Urge, dark and piercing eyes; looked like one who felt he 
wtt* born to command. Ambition was written on his every featnre and move- j 
meni. He was orderly sergeant in the Lexington Artillery company. He I 
had a very handsome uniform and a sword eqnal to that of any commissioned 
officer. In February, 1815, when the new* of peace between England and 
our country reached Lexington, although the snow was deep, her two field 

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pieces were dragged through its depths snd placed in front of the raeetini^ 
house and Dr. Whitcomb commanded their discharge." 

(Extract from a letter to Dr. Howland Holmes of Lexington from 
Rev. Artemas B. Mnzzr of Cambridge, Mass., dated May 37, 1886.) 

303. ELIZABETH BRIDGE, bom January 13, 1814: died March 7, 1883; 

married Nathaniel Harris Gerry, son of Nathaniel Gerry of Salem. 
He died January 5, i86g. No children. 

96 CORNELIUS WHITCOMB,' (Asa,* John,* Jonathan,* 

John,*) was married to Sally Holder, who was bom December 37, 
1783, and died June 15, 1842. They probably lived near Coventry, 
N. Y. He died in Guilford, N. Y., December 12, 1845. 

304. HARRIET,* bom May 29, 1805; married Ephraim Brooks and died 

October it, 1884- 

305. SARAH,* bom January aSi iSo?! married Asa Wheeler Rhodes^ 

306. MARY,* bora May 15, 1809; died June 21, r8ii. 
4307. ASA H.,* born November i), 1810. 

+308. CORNELIUS S.,* born August aS, iSix 
309. JONAS,* bom September la, 1814; died March 9. i8t&> 

08 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,* (Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,* John,' ) on hearing of the news from Lexington and 
Concord enlisted in the American army. Just before the battle of Bun- 
ker Hill he was called home for some reason, and. his brother, Peter, 
who served as his substitute, was killed in the fight He was married 
(i) July 8, 1779, to Sarah Baker, who was bom Febniary 14, 1758, 
daughter of Josepli, Jr. and Sarah (Wheeler) Baker and died Sep- 
tember 17, 1813. He was married (2) Jime 8, 1814, to her cou»n, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Baker; she was bom 'December 2» 
1766, and died July 5, 1849. He died about 1845, aged ninety-one 
years and with his second wife is biuied in a tomb in the hillside of 
the original home lot in Littleton, made from an (^d time "^ning 

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+310. JONATHAN,' born Janoary 4, 1780. 
jti, SALLY,* born May s, t^Sa; died November 5, 1843; WM married to 

Sampson Warren, Jr.; two children. 
3ta. LYDIA,* bora February to, 1784; died Augast iz, 1871; ^was married ■ 
to William Taylor; five children. | 

+313. PETER,* bom July 8, 178& 
+314. JOSEPH,* bora June aS, 1788. 

315. CANDACE,* bora April 13, 1790; died February 2a, 1813; wai mar- 

ried to Samuel Smith; two children. 

316. ASENATH,* bora July 30, 1793; died November 8, 1796- 

317. TUFTS,* bora November 22, 1795: died September 39, 1799. 

318. LUCY,* bora January 10, 1798; died September 35, 1799. 

319. HARRIET,* bora August 31, 1800; died March 19, 1885; was married 

to Mason Porter; foor children. 
1-320. ANDREW.* born March 25. 1804. 

104 . OLIVER WHITCOMB,« (William,' Jonathan,* Jona- 
than,' Jonathan,' John,') was married to Dorcas Dickinson, Octo- 
ber 16, 1770. They lived in Westminster, where children are recorded 
up to March, 1802, w^cn they moved to Ashbumliam, Mass. 

321. OLIVER,* bora March '3, 1772; taxed in Westminster, 1793. 

322. GEORGE WILLIAM,* born May 29, 1774; married Polly Hosley of 

Ashburnham; published December 12, 1798. , 

323. LUCY.* bora April 17, 1777. 

324. SARAH,* bora January IQ, 1781. 

325. AXtOS,* bom February 35, 1784; died December 25, 1794. 

336. JOSEPH,* born June 28, 1787; died Uiy 20, 1794. 

337. LYDIA,* born April aa, 179a 

328. BENJAMIN,* bora May aa, 1794: died September 30, t79& 

109 ELIAS WHITCOMB," (William,* Jonathan,* Jonathan/ 

Jonathan,^ John,*) was married (i) to Din^ Brooks, August g, 
1781. He lived in Ashbiu-nham, 1786-1800. when he moved to Ashby, 
where his wife died in 1806. He was married (2) November 17, 
1807, to Sally (Brooks) Bonner of Hancock, N. H., who after his 
death, became the seamd wife of Timothy Moors of Hancock, and 
died May 3, 1854. 

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339. RELIEF,* born October 30, 1^1; married Eliat Blodsett. 

330. DINAH,* bora August 13, 1783; died August ai^ 1783- 

331. HANNAH,* bora June 07, 1786; married Job Foster. 

333. LOUISA,' bora March 39, 1788; married Haynes in 1819: died 


333. MARY,* bora April 35, 1791; married Moses Sanderson, Jr., 1819. 

334. NANCY,* bora March 25, 1796; married Edwards. 

335. LUCINDA,* bora Fcbraary a, iSoi; married Charles Buttrick. 

336. ESTHER,* bora April 6, 1805; married Blood. 

*337. ELAPH,* bora April ao, 1810. 

112 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (Oliver/ Jonathan.* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' John,*) was married Jtine 5, 1782, to Sarah Carter of 
Charlestown, Mass., and succeeded his father as blacksmith in Uttle- 
ton. He died November 32, 1816, and his widow, December 25, 1825, 
both at Shirley Village, Mass. 

338- MARY,* bora February 38, 1783; died May 14, 184s; married Daniel 

Kimball, Jr., June 6, 1804. 
+339. JOHN,* born February ao, 1785. 
+34& HENRY,* born March t6. 1787. 
341. MEHITABLE,* baptized November is, 1789; died April, l87«. 
34a. WILLIAM,* baptised May 37, 1793; died a young man. 

343. ADOLPHUS,* baptized June 7, 1795; married Walton of Shirley; 

died May 17, 1833, of injuries received from jumping from s team. Mo 
children. Widow married C W. Bellows of Pepperill, Mass. 
344- JONATHAN CARTER,* baptized July 33, 1798: died April 16, 1837; 

345. GEORGE,* baptized October 18, 1801; buried in Shirley. Noverabor, 
1S73; was a cabinetmaker in Cheater, N. Y.; resided in New York 
Cty; unmarried. 

118 LEVI WHITCOMB/ (Job.» Jonathan.* Jonathan,* Jona- 

than,* John,*) was married February 13, 1787. to Hannah Baker, who 
was bom January 21, 1764. They settled in N^son, N. H., where 
tbey lived until 1801, when they removed to that part of Marlborough, 
which became TttSy. He was a blacksmith, and later purchased a 

d by Google 


farm upon which he died, September 23, 1827. His wife died Febni- 
aiy 16, 1825. He served for a while in the Revolutionary army. 
Dates and term of service are wanting. 

346- NANCY/ born December a, 1787; mtrried Captain William F«rr»r. 
+347. SIMEON.* bom May 28, 179a 1 

348. ASENATH,* born January 5, 1794; died April 19, 1869; unmarried. 

349i POLLY,' bora April 2, 1796; died February 13, 1854; unmarried. 
+350. DEXTER,* born June 37. 1797. 

351. ADELINE,* born September 30, tSoo; unmarried. 

353. OILMAN,* born May 19, 1805; unmarried. 

120 DILLE WHITCOMB.' (Job,» Jonathan.* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan," John,*) was married in 1791 or 1792 to Mercy Moore, 
who was bom in Wendell, Mass., March 8, 1772, and died in Berlin, 
St Clair County, Mich., January 27, 1854. Dille died July 12, 1808. 
Descendants in this line have usually been Congregationalists and 

353. MARY.T born July 3, 1793; died 1878. 
+354- JOHN,* born February 6, 1796. 
+355- LEVI,* born March 18, 1798. 

356. LUCINDA*,' born June 11, i8od; married Mr. Fox; died January 

a, T901. 

357. DILLE,* born August 30, 1802; died unmarried, 1822. 

358. MERCY.* bom May 19, 1805; died August 37. 1876. 

359. ELMIRAV bom May 6, 1808; married Draper; died April g, 


127 JOB WHITCOMB,' (Job." Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jona- 

than,' John,') was married to Polly Gates of Templeton, May 27, 
1803. His will was probated in 1810 (?). 

•"TtwN alBtara, one a( wbMR diad M*d *■ and Itaa othar 101 yMia, boUi relalnad 
llMlr nanlBl ylgor l» a remaiinlita dcsraa vnUl tha Uat: also tbatr pbyaleal strancUt 
whU thair laat brtaf Ulnaaa. BoUi war* aUady raadara, kapt In touch with tha tlmM 
and wara wM Inrormad on tha aoelal, relliliMM and poUUcal quaatlons of tha day." 
— (FVaneaa Uvlra Whlleomb.) 


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+360. FRANKLIN,* bora September 16, 1803. 

361. BOLOGNA,' bom 1805; died May 6, 1881. 

36a. NARASSA.f bora May 11, 1806; died September, 1886; nnintrried. 

+363. LYSANDER,' bom September 7, 1808. 

+364- FREELAND,* bom i8ia 

36s. SPELLMAN,* bom iSia; died April f. 1876: unmarried. 

128 ABNER WHITCOMB,' (Abner.» Jonathan,* Jonathan.' 

Jonathan,^ John,^) was on the Hancock tax list as a resident in 1786; 
went to Barrettstown (afterwards Hope), Me., from Hancock as 
early as 1789. He is said to have been married and to have had by 
this first wife, name unknown, a daughter, Betsy, who was married 
in Newburg', Me., to one Simpson and who removed West in 1835 ; 
he was certainly married about 1794 in Waldo or Hope, Me., to 
Amelia Holbrook, who was bom in Boston in 1766 and died in Jadc- 
son. Me., about 1804 and was buried at the "Great Farm" in Jackson. 
He was married again about 1S20, to Sally Newcomb of Newburg, 
Me;, and is said to have been married yet again to a Miss Greer of 
Newburg. His last residence was Newburg, where he died April, 
1843; he was buried in South Newburg. 

The following excerpts are from the Lincoln County, Me., Reg^ 
istry of Deeds : 

V. ag: p. 218L Chzries Barrett of New Ipswich, H. H., sells to Abner 
Whitcomb, of Barrettstown, a tract of land in said town, bein; lot No. 75, 
containing itiS acres more or less. 

Consideration, five shillings. 

Deed d^ted 9 April, 1789. 

Received ti January, 1793- 

V. 44: p. 143. Abner Whitcomb of Barrettstown mortgages for $3,000 to 
Samuel Holbrook of said town, schoolmaster, his lot No. 75 with all build- 
ings thereupon. This is redeemed in 1801 and a debt of $1,500 paid. Signed 
both by Abner and his wife, Amelia.. 

4 July. 1799. 33 December. 1799. 

Witnesses: Samuel Jacobs, EH and Ebenezer Whitcomb. 

V. 47: p. 7a. Abner Whitcomb, of Barrettstown, Lincoln County, sells 
land in said town to Jacob Mansfield. 

14 October, 179s. 14 Hay, i8ai. 


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v. 47: p. 341. Abner Whitcomb, of Barrcttttown, and Amelia, his wife, . 

■ell to Joseph Palmer, of Bristol, a part of lot No. 7S> upon which he now 

dwells, and the buildings thereon. Consideration ¥i,tioo> Witnessed by 

Ssmael Holbrook. i 

17 September, 1801. ig September, i6oi* 

In 1801 Abner Whitcomb. of Barrettstown, In the County of Hancock, | 
sells a spring sttaated In his pastnre. ' | 


366. BETSEY,* bom ; married Simpson. 

367. MARY HOLBROOK,' bom February 15, 1795, Hope, Me.; she was 

the first white child born in that town; married to — — FiSeld, 

368. ABNER,* born December 38, 1797. Hope, Me- 
+369. JOHN,' bom . 

37a SALLY,' bom ; married Whitney. 

■(371. ELI,' bora September 6, 1803, Dixmont, Me. 

+373. OLIVER,' bom April 23, 1804, Jackson, Me. 

373. HIRAM,' bom . 

374. NOAH,' bom . 

375- JANE,' bora . 

37& AMELIA,' bora ; 

129 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,* (Abner,» Jonathan.* Jona- 

than,* Jonathan,' John,*) was a blacksmith in Hancock, where he died 
January 7, 183a He was tnarried (i) to Jennet Mitchell of Petcrboro', 
N. H., who died August 13, 1823, aged 62 years; (2) February ss, 
1825, to Hannah, dauj^ter of Jason Ware. 

377. SARAH,' bora Miy 39, 1785: married April ^ 1812, Joshua Cadworth, 

Peterboro, N. H. 

378. POLLY M.,' bora June 3% 1787; married September a, i8ti, Henry 

Farwell, Jr., Hancock, N. H. 
37» JANE MORRISON.' bora April 4, 1793; married February 16, 1815, 

William B. Flint, Hancock, N. H. 
380. HANNAH MITCHELL.' bom December 19, 1793; married Aagust 

33. 1814, Silas R. Farwell of Hancock. 
38t. SAMUEL,' 
+383. JOHN M.,' bora 1801. 

383. MARINDA SARAH,' bom 182$. 
4^384. ALPHA,' bora December 33, iSadi 

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180 ' JOHN WHITCOMB,* (Abner.» Jonathan,* Jonathan." 
Jonathan,* John,*) probably went to Broome County, N. Y., before 
his marriage and returned to Hancodc, where he was married August 
30, 1790, to Bets^, daughter of Deacon James Hosley. He died 
while hunting with his brother Oliver and was buried De(»nber 10, 
1796. His widow was married March 4, 1802, to Samuel Morrison, 
and died in Alstead, N. H., July 20, 1830. B. F. Morrison, a son, 
has a letter in the History of Hancock, page 1,007, which records, 
"Oliver and John were following a fox in the deep snow. John 
was ahead and spoke to Oliver, saying that he was getting tired, so 
Oliver passed htm and followed the fox without looking back; after 
a while Oliver found that John was not in sight and thought that he 
had given up and gone home. So Oliver returned to the house and 
inquired for John and found he had not come. He went back and 
found him dead just aght rods from where he passed him. My 
mother never got over the fright it gave her." 

+3^ JOHN,» bom June 17, I7S»- 
••■386. JAMES,* born August 17, I794- 
3^. SARAH,* bom Jaty 34, 1796; buried September 10, iSoo. 

181 EBENE2ER WHITCOMB,' (Abner," Jonathan,* Jona- 
than,' Jonathan," John,') went from Taunton, Mass., to Barretstown, 
M&, where he was married to Betsey Irish, who was probably from 
Tiverton, R. L Th^ settled in Hope, Me. ; order of birth of diil- 
dren, notrknown. 


4368. EBENBZER,*. 

389. IRA,* died yonng. 

J90. JOHN,* died jroung. 

»r. IRA,* married Gumejr, Hope, Ue. 

393. THIRZA.* married Abel Blood. Weldo, Me. 

393. BETSEY,* married Dillingham. 

39«. MAHALA,* married William Fletcher, Lincolnville, Me. 

+395- HENRY,*. 

4396. COMFORT,* bom June 6, 1803. 


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307. NANCY,* married Kingham Gurner, Hope, Me. 

398. SALLV.T married John Whitcomb (369), Waldo. He. 


400. RUTH,^ married Oiarles Elliott, Knox, Me. 

401. ELEAZER,* married Cross, Waldo, M& 

182 OUVER WHITCOMB,' (Abner,» Jonathan,* Jonathan* 

Jonatlian,' John,*) was a blacksmith. He lived awhile in New Ips- 
wich, N. Y., afterwards returning to Hancock, where he died Janu- 
ary 13, 1843, after an invalidism of fourteen years, during which 
time he read the Bible throu£^ fourteen times. He was married De- 
cember 18, 1794, to Hannah Hosley, who was bom August u, 1776, 
and died in Fitchburg, Mass., January 6, 1855. 

40a. BETSEY ELIZABETH,* born October 23, 179s: married Joel Gates, 
December i&, 1815. 
. +403. OLIVER,* bom October 7, 1797. 
4404. JOEL,* bom October li, 1799. 

405. STILLMAN,* born Augnst 7, )8oi; died JanDarr l, 1834- 

406. HANNAH,* bora January 33, 1804: married Edward Taylor, Febraary 

17. 1828. 
+407. JAMES HOSLEY,* bom October 7. 1806. 
+408. JOHN,* bom May 6. 1809. 

409. HARRIET,* born October 13, 1811; married John Miller, March 8, 


410. SARAH HOSLEY.* born January 6, 1816; married Charles G. Hin- 

man, September 4, 1834. I 

+4tt. GEORGE,* bora March 10. 1830. I 

188 ELI WHITCOMB,* (Abner," Jonathan.* Jonathan,' 

Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Ruth Knights m Hancodc, N. IL, 
where their first child was bom. Thence they ronoved to Troy, : 
Waldo County, Me. 


41X POLLY,* born January 7, 1794; married Titus Rogers, Troy, Me. 

413. MARY.* married Woods, of Waldo County. Me. (aon John ■■ 

Gardner Woods, Wellinston, Kansas.) i 

414. HANNAH,* married Elijah Pateher. Palermo^ N. Y.; died Ib Wf ! 

coniin. \ 

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415. BETSEY.* married Joseph Barker, Palermo, N. Y.; died in Wisconein. 
41& SARAH/ bora 1S07; married Reuben Shepard, Falenw^ N. Y^ dansb- 

ter Mrs. Esther (Shepard) Coe, teacher in Chicago* 
417- SON,* bora 1808; died early. 
HtS- JOHN GARDNER,* bom March % 1809. 

187 IRA MEDES WHITCOMB/ (Abner,' Jonathjin,* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,* John,') was a soldier jn the War o£ iSia. He 
removed from Hancock, N. H., to Union, Broome County, N. Y., 
about 1826. He was married (i) to Fanny Bumham, who was bom 
in Greenfield, N. H., March 15, 1798; (2) \o Relief, daughter of 
Major William Brooks of Hancock, N. H., who was bora there in 
1800 and died m Smithboro', Tioga Coun^, N. Y.> September 8, 

4419. IRA EPPS,* bora September ia, iSu. 

430. MARY ANN.* born September 6, iSas. Hancock, N. H. 

431. FANNY SARAH.* bora November 34. 1836, Hancock, H. H. 
+4«- ROBERT TAYLOR,* bora December 38, 1831, Union, N. Y. 
+423. JOHN MILTON,* bom August 18, 1833- 

434. NANCY,* born March i, 1837. 

139 DAVID WHITCOMB,* (Abner,» Jonathan,* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' John,') though the child of his father's old age (Abner 
was aged sevenfy-five when David was bora) seems to have inherited 
or developed more than the ordinary share of the Whitcomb thrift, 
^ergy and enterprise. He had no home frcvn early childliood un- 
til he made one for himself; he was put out at the age of seven years 
to live in a family where unkind treatment was his kit; he was a chore 
boy in another family at the age of nin^ riding horse to plow, driv- ; 
ing cows to pasture, tending a distillery, and found little time for j 
schooling. His father died when he was twelve and his mother three : 
years later and his life continued as it had begun, full of hard, harsh 
discipline. When he was twenty-one he hired out to hit oonsin. John 
Boynton, who was a tinsmith, as a tin peddler. The first year his ; 
' pay was his board, $100, and a "vest pattern." From the peddler's [ 

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Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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cart he went into the shop and then into partnership with his em- 
ployer and in 1846 bought out his partner. In 1863 he sold out 
the business, having acaunulated a handsome fortune as fortunes 
went in New England couQtry towns. In 1854 he removed to 
Worcester and went into the hardware business. The outbreak of 
the Civil War gave him the opportunity to show in a larger %vay his 
generalship in business. In 1866 he went out of the ha^d^vare busi- 
ness and in partnership with his son, George Henry, who had launched 
the great enterprise known as the Whitcomb Envelope Company. In 
1839 David and his wife united with the Congregational church in 
Tcmpleton and from that time on he made giving "not only a busi- 
ness of principle but a principle of business." The whole amount of 
his known charitable gifts exceeded $350,000. To him primarily 
Worcester owes the Worcester Free Institute. After a trip to Eu- 
rope, which probably prolonged his life for some years, he died July 
8, 1&87. Senator Hoar of Massachusetts, in a tribute to his mem- 
ory said of him : "He was one of the best types of the New Eng- 
land character, faithful and true and strong and wise." He was mar- 
ried April 9, 1833, to Margaret, daughter of Asahel and Polly (Ames) 
Cummings. She was bom November i, 1808, in Haiicodc and died 
August 1, 1880, in Templeton, Mass. 


ws. ABBY BOYNTON,» bom January 7, 1834; died May 7. 1898. 

436. ELLEN MARGAREV born March 31, i&ti; was married to Colonel 

Henry Smith. She died April, 1882. 
•437- GEORGE HENRY.T bom September 36, 1842. Templeton, Mau. 

Ul LEONARD WHITCOMB,«_ (Jotham,» Jonathan.* Jona- 

ilian," Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) to Beulah Britton of Little- 
tun. Mass., pubh'shcd April 8, 1792; (2) to Hannah Sawyer of Har- 
wrd, Mass., June 11, 1797. 

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438. JOSEPH PRATT.» bora December 5, 18061 

429. POTTER,^ bom December 22, 1809. 

43a OREN.T bora M&reh i, t8ii; died Mxrch ati, iSix 

431. PAULINA,^ bora April ta, 1B13. 

433. SALLY WYMAN.T bora 1814: died Norember 4. i8[& 

433. ADELINE,' born Mirch 30, i8t8. 

434. ELIZA PIERCE,^ bora March 10, iSaa. 

146 SAMUEL WHITCOMB/ (Samuel,' Joseph.* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' John,*) lived in Vermont, removing thither pnAably from 

Massachusetts. He was married , to RAecca — . 

They may have lived for a short time in Bennii^ton, as two of the 
sons, John and Asahel, are known to have been tber^ and the town 
records say Moses was married there. They certainly removed from 
Beiuiington county to Enosburg about 1803-4. It is not yet learned 
when Samuel and Rebecca, his wife, died or where they were buried. 

435> DAVID,* bora Mzrch 15, 1771. 

436. SUBMIT,' born Auptst 4, 1773. 

437. SAMUEL,' born J.nnnary 35, 1775. 

4^ BETSY,' bora Febraxry i, 1777; msrried McGraw; lired in Tror, 

N. Y., and had a large family. 
+439- JOHN,' bora November S, 1780. 
+440. MOSES,' bora March 5, 1783. 
+441. ASAHEL,' bora August 30, 1785, Bennington, Vt. 

443. LYDIA,' bora April 21, iTSa 

i48 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,' (Tunothy/ Joseph,* Joiathan," 

Jonathan,* John,*) was married (i) to ; (2) to l^eanor 

Royce; she was bom October 29, 1769, and died in Leon, N. Y., Feb- 
ruary 28, 1855. He lived in Halifax, Vt ; removed to Monro^ Mass., 
thence to Shre\vsbury, Mass., and then to die State of New York. 
He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War; he volunteered Decem- 
ber, 1776, and served six months and nineteen days, and the barrel 
of his gun is in the possession of his grandson, Stitlman, of Cherokee; 
la. He died in Leon, N. Y., February 27, 1841. 

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443. ELIZABETH,* born April ift 1785; died July 11, 1867; married to 

Thomas Ackler, Guilford, N. Y. 

444. SAMUEL,* bom OctcAcr 10, 1788. \ 
*44S. REUBEN,* bom July i, 1790. 1 

4461 JOSEPH,* bora October 13, iTO^; married Sukey itlanchtrd, of Reads- ! 
boro, Vt He died August 24, 1840, Ohio. 

447. ESTHER, boro October 11, 1794; died March 18, t88a; married Sewall 

Hewett, North Adams, Mass. 

448. POLLY,* born April 10, 1797; died March 23, 1855. 
444S>. LEVI,* bora July 17, 1799, Halifax, Vt 

45a EUNICE,* bora February 16, 1802; married R. S. Phillips. 

4SI. LYDIA,* bora January 2, 1805; died 18S5; married Jenks Hewitt, North 

Adams, Mass<; seven children. 
45% ANNA,* bora May a6, 1808; died November 38, 1827, Florida, Mass. 
453- LUCIMDA,* bora May 17, 1813; was married to Jacob C. Dickson of 

Leon, N. Y. 

160 ZELOTUS WHITCOMB," (Timothy," Joseph,* Jona- 1 

than,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Sarah Parmenter, of Stow, 
Mass., September 2, 1788. She was born in Sudbury. Mass., 1758. 
He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, enlisting from Stow, Feb- 
ruary 16, 1780; was wounded and the original discharge by Wash- i 
ington on accotmt of wounds is shown, dated July, 1783. ! 

167 CYRUS WHITCOMB,' (Cyrus," Joseph,* Jonadian,' 

Jonathan,' John,*) was one of the first settlers in Brookline, Vt, if [ 
not the founder of the town. This town was organized in 1795 and ; 
was made of parts of the towns of Newfane, Putney and Athens. 
Cyrus Whitcomb was elected Hi^way Surveyor of Brookline in 1795, 
and the town meetings were held in his dwelling house, during the 
years 1801-3-3-5. In the land records several deeds are given by 
Cyrus Whitcomb, and others by his son and grandson, both of whom | 
were named Cyrus also. There is nothing in the town records con- : 
ceming tliem later than 1807. j 

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MARTHA.' born April aa, 1777. 
CYRUS 3d.» born March 17, 1779. 
ELIZABETH,' born M«y 15, i^i; died June 13, 1791. 
JOSHUA FAIRBANKS,' born July & 1783, Brookline, VL 
CHARLOTTE/ bom September 17, 1^5, Brookline, Vt. 
JOEL,' born Febrn&ry S ,1788; died September 6, 1793. 
JONAS,' bom May 31, 1790, Brookline, Vt 
JOHN,' born August 15, 179a, Brookline, Vt. 
ELIZABETH,' bom July 15, 1794, Brookline, Vt. 
JOEL,' 1 died April 9,1797. 



\ bom March 15, 1797. 
) was a recruiting officer 
bom April 30, 1801. 

1 Ind. durins the Civil War. 

168 JOSHUA WHITCOMB," (Robcrt,» Nathaniel,* Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,' John,*) removed from Western New Yoric to In- 
diana; was married to . 

4156. THOMAS,' a physician and civil engineer. 
467. CHARLES.' 

169 EDWARD WHITCOMB,' ( Robert,' Nathaniel,* Jona- 
than,' Jonathan,' John,*) removed to Minnesota; was married in 1828 
in Pittsfield, Vt., to Elmira Child, who was bom March 27, 1805, in 
Pittsfield. Mr. Whitcomb was a fanner and the last residence of him- 
self and wife is given as Leroy, Minn. 

4^. JULIA C' bora 1832: died Barlington, Wis. 

469. HELEN M.,' bom 1834: died Spring Prairie, Wis. 

470. (ANNA 2,' bom September 10, 1838; married Allen; has « 

son who is employed by the Goodyear Rubber Compcny, San Fran- 
+471. EDWARD A.,' bom 1841, Spring Prairie, Wis. 
473. EMMA A.,' bora March 19, 1846; died Burlington, VIHs. 
473- ADDIE J.,' bora October i^ 1849: resides Yates Center. Kansas. 

170 ROBERT WHITCOMB,« (Robert.* Nathaniel/ Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,' John/ ) was married to ., 

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474. GEORGE.* 
♦47S. JOHN B.' 
475a. JAMES D.* 


173 THOMAS WHITCOMB,* (Thomas,' Nalhanid," Jona- 
than," Jonathan,* John,') was married to Davis, of Maine. 

*47i THOMAS J..' bore iSoo. 

477. BENJAMIN,' bora . 

478. CHARLES H.,' bora . 

475. OWEN.' 

480. JOHN.' 

481. ABIGAIL.' i 
48J. BETSEY.' 

4«3. MARY.' 
484. JUDITH.' 

174 CHARLES WHITCOMB,* (Thomas,' Nathaniel,* Jona- 
than,' Jonathan,' John,' ) was married to Sylvia Davenport She was 
bom February 26, 1767: died 1835. He died 1840. He was a fanner 
in Moscow, Me. 


♦48s. HOLLIS,' bora October 12, 1797. 

48& SEWELL,' bora March 5, 1799; died 1855; tminarried. 

^487. EMMONS,' born September 39. 1800. 

♦488. CHARLES,' bora July 16, 1803. 

4489. SEBA,' bora June ao. 1804. 

*490. ASHER,' bora May 15, 1806. 

491. SELDEN,' born April aa, 1810; died 189a; no children. 

178 ROBERT WHITCOMB,' (Thomas,' Nathaniel,' Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,' John,') was married in Westboro, Mass., in 1788, 
to Louisa Hill. She was bom June 19, 1773. They settled in Nor- 
riilgewoclc. Me., and spent their lives there. It is said that he was 
one of the men chosen to go on the frame when the first meeting- 

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house was built or rused in Norridgewock in 1794. In 1797, the first 
chorcb was organized and Robert Whitcomb was one of the twenty- 
four members which composed the church. His wife, Louisa, jCHiwd 
a few wedes later. When the meeting-house was raised the town 
voted to fumi^ a barrel of West India rum and 100 pounds of maple 
sugar. He died in Norridgewodc, January 31, 1859, aged ninetjr* 
two years. 

401. ANNA/ born July 8, 1793; married Elijah Temple; died December 
t*. 1857- - 

493. EUNICE.* bora Jane 6, 1^4; married Eben Baker; died October 37. 


494. SILAS,' bora July 7, 1796; died January la, 1857. 

495- ZERUIAK,' born February 14, 1798; died January la, 1857. 
+496. ROSWELL,' t>ora February 15, 1800. 
497. PMILENA,* bom April 25, 1803; died 1863: 
«}8. NAOMI,' born December aa, 1804. 
49(11 LOIS,' born July 21, i8c^; died May 14, 1847. 

i78 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB," (Thomas,* Nathaniel/ 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Sophia White, who was 
bom May 25, 1788; died 1834. He died 1848. 

500. JOSHUA,' bora May 25. 1806; died 1864. 

501. SYLVIA.' bora June 10, 1808; died 18S9. 
50a; HOLMES,' bora October a6, 1810; died 182& 

503. RHODA,' born July la; iSta; died 1828. 

504. ALDEN,* bora April 3, 1816; died 1832. 

505. LUCETTA,' bora July 13, t8i8; married J. D. Hill In 1837. 
+50& LORENZO,' bora January 31, iSaa 

'fS07. HORATIO,' bora April 23, 1822. 

508. SOPHRONIA,' bora January 16, 1825. 

509. SOPHIA,' bora December 23, i^; died 189s 
51a NATHAN.' born September 27, 1830. 

180 SILAS WHITCOMB,* (Silas,* Nathaniel,* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan*' John,*) was married to Mary Vamum, who died in Thozn- 
dyke, Me. He was a farmer in Alton, Maine^ where he died. 

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Sii. JANE,T bom Thorndyke, Me.; died Alton, Me- 
+Sia. HEZEKIAH,*.boni October aS, 1805, Thorndyke, Me. 

+S13. PELATIAH.' bom . Thorndyke, Me. 

$14. ACHSAH,* bom , Thorndyke, Me. 

515. SAMUEL,* born » Thorndyke, Me.; went to Arkantu lerenty- ' 

five years ago and has never been heard from since by any mem- 
ber of the family. (1904.} 
+S16. JOSEPH,* bora December iS, 1813, Thorndyke, Me. 

181 ABRAM WHITCOMB.' (Wniiam,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,' 
Jonathan,' John,* ) had the military title of "Ensign." He was mar- 
ried C I ) to Rebecca Fletcher of Acton, Mass., they were published 
November 11, 1780. She was bom August to, 1761, and died Janu- 
ary 6, 1800; (2) to Dorothy Hartwell, daughter of Joseph Hartwell 
of Bedford, Mass., published May 2, 1804. She died August 10, 
1841, aged seventy-eight years and seven months. He died November 

23. 1845. 


+S17. ABRAHAM,* bora May 15, 1781. 

518. JAMES,* bora November i, i^; died September 1^ 1786. 

+519. ASA.* born April 13, 1786. 

+Sao. JONATHAN,* bora January 36, 178S. 

531. POLLY,* bora October 22, 1790; died Janttary 7, or 17, 1793. | 

SH. JOSEPH,* bora July 35, 1794; died May ao, 1802. 

523. REBECCA,* bom July 4, 1796. 

524. MERCY,* born March 34. 1799: died June 15, I799. 
+5aS. WILLIAM,* bora December 13, t&^ 

182 JONATHAN WHITCOMB.' (William,* Ephraim.* Jona- 
than,' Jonathan,' John,' ) was married to Milla Wright, May 25, i/ga 
His estate in Templeton, Mass., was divided in 1812-1814. Hb 
widow was married to James F. Robbins, May 2, 181 1. 

♦sat JOSHUA WRIGHT,* bora March 17, 1791. 
S27- BETSEY,* bora April 14, 1793. 

53&. RUFUS WRIGHT.* bora March 1% 1793: died unmarried July lo^ 

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$19- MILLA,* born October 7, 1797; died young. 

530. MERCY,* born December 3, 1799. 

531. SOPHIA HOUGHTON,' bom July 17. 180*. 

533. MILLA,' bora April' 2, 1803; died anmarried, July 11, 183S. 

533. JONATHAN,' bora July IS, iSot 

534. SALLY,' bora July 13, t8o& 

188 MOSES WHITCOMB,« (Ephraiin.' EphraJm,* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' John,* ) was called "Deacon" and "Captain." He was mar- 
ried November 25, 1790, to Anna Hayward, who was bom October 
30, 1769, and died May 11, 1864. They settled in Boxboro, Mass., 
where he died May 14, 1850. 

535- ANNA,' bora January 17, 1793; married Hury Hoar; died* June 1839. 
+536. MOSES.' bora July 21, 1793. 
537- SALLY,' born October 30, 1795; married June 4,' i8ai. to William A. 
Green; died May, 1878. 
ESTHER,' born August 3% 1797; died September S, 1801. 
JOHN,' bora September ^ 1799; died September 10, 1801. 
JOHN.' born November 27, 1801. 
ESTHER,' born Hay 16, 1804; died May 27, 1805. 
BETSEY WHITE,' born April 8. 1806; married Alfred Tenney; ^x 

M'ARY.' bora June as, iSoS; married Oliver Weatherb«e. 
PAUL HAYWARD,' born September, i8ia 
LYDIA ESTHER,' born April 35. 1813; died August 5, 1841; married 

George Peters. 
DANIEL,' born July 30, 1815. 








190 REUBEN WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim,' Ephraim,* Jona- 

than,* Jon&than,* John,* ) was called "Lieutenant" He was married 
July 2, 1795, to Mercy Priest, daughter of John and Hannah Priest 
of Harvard, Mass. He died April 16, 1S63; his wife preceded him 
Febniary i, 1849, aged sevent^-fotir years. 

547- JOHN PRIEST,' bora July 16, 1796; wras married; no cbOdren; died. 
April I, 1S47. 
■I54S. REUBEN.' baptized September 5. t8o£ 



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192 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB." (Ephraim,* Ephraim,* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,* John,') was called "Ensign." He was a captain of 
militia. He was niarried to Catherine Brown, bans being pub- 
lished April 10, 1797. He died April 17, 1849. They lived in Box- 
boro. Mass. 


549. EPHRAIM,' born Norember a6, 1798; unmarried. 

SSa MARTHA ANN,» bom ; married Daniel Whitcomb (546). 

5SI. JOEL,* born ; died unmarried. 

SSa. JOAB,' born ; died unmarried. 

SS3- BETSEY,' bom October 31, 1801; married Benjamin Hnughton. 

554. EDWARD,' bora ; married Rebecca Tuttle, NoYcmber a?. iSaj. 

555. CATHERINE R.,' bom ; married RusielL 

556. HANNAH,* born ; married David Cobleigh. 

194 SAMUEL WHITCOMB," (Ephraim," Ephraim,* Jona- •' 

than.' Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) to Lydia Fenney; they 
were published September 28, 1796; she died May 28, 1830, aged fifty 
tiivo years; he was married (2) to widow Elizabeth Gates. He died 
June30, 1861. They lived in Boxboro, Mass. 


■t-SSy. EPHRAIM.' bora January 25, 1797. 

+$5& SAMUEL,' bom August 4, i8oa 

559- JOHN REED,' born July 23. 1805; was married to Marjr Ann Tuttle; 
no children. He died March 3, i8ga 

+5te. OLIVER,' bora Aagnst 5, iSog. 1 

S6i. LYDIA,' bora 1810; died Jannarr 14, 1823. 

S62. HANNAH,' bora Pebmarr 1% 1815. 

363- NAHUM,' bom 1818: died October 1, 1837- 

(96 PETER WHITCOMB,* (Ephraim,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,' 

Jonathan,' John,*) was married March 31, 1803, to Sally Batchelder, 
daughter of Nehemiah Batchelder and Lucy (Hayward) Batchdder. - 
She was bom May 12, 1782, died September i, 187a He died De- j 
cember 17, 185a They lived in Boxboro, Mass. 

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564. MIRA,T born May 28; 1804; married Charles RaymoRd. April 8, 18x4. 
S^ PETER,^ bom March 34. 1806: died July 33, l8ia 
+566. STILLMAN,* bora February 24, 1808. 
S^. SALLY BATCHELDER.* bom October 23, iSii; married Samuel 
Hosmer of Acton, Mass., January ao. 1833; three chOdrea 
+568L PETER,* bom June 9, 1814. 
-tStis. GRAHVILLE.T bora February 10, 1818. 
+57a MERPTLL,' bora November 8, 1819. 

107 JOEL WHITCOMB,* (Ephraim," Ephraim.* Jonathan,* 
Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) to Betsey Robbins; th^ were 
published March 25, 1812; she died November 3, 1826, aged thir^ 
three ; (2) to Lydia Harvard, April 17. 1828. She died Jantiary 30, 
1835, aged forty-three. He died February 29, 183d He was select- 
man in 1824. Their residence was at Boxboro, Mass. 

571. HANNAH ELIZABETH.* bom September 3i, 1813; married Asaph 

57a- SUSAN ROBBINS/ born July 18. 1815; died July 36, 18301 

573. MARTHA ANN,* born September 33, 1818; died September tS, 1836. 

574. MERCY,* bora September 30, 1821; died June 17, 183S. 
+57S JOEL,* bora October 30, 1825. 

108 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB,« (Jacob," Benjamin.* Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,* John,*) was called "Deacon" and served as deacon 
all his adult lift He moved from Henniker to Newport, N. H. He 
was married to Sarah Watson, bom May 13, 1762; she died Mardi 
28, 1857. He died April 24, i86a He was exceedingly deliberate 
in movement, in manner and in utterance, but was a man of sound 
judgment and most exemplary life. 

576. ELEANOR,* bora December $, 1788; married John Keyser, Sut- 
ton, N. H. 
S77- LYDIA,* bom January 4, 1791; died February 14, 1879; unmarried. 
*S7& PARMENAS,* bora June 33. 1795. 
579- MEHITABLE.* bora August 14. 1801; married Motes Hntchfauoa; 

seven children. 
580. SARAH,* bora July 17, 1803; married Ambrose Stevens, Claremoot, 

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206 JOHN WHITCOMB" (Jacob,» Benjamin* Jonathan.* 
Jonathan,* John,*) was married to Polly Gibscm of Henniker, N. HL, 
January 21, 1808. They lived and died on the homestead, where he 
was bom and from whidi be was never absent two months in his life. 
He died May 21, 1878, and she died May 3, 1865. They lived in Hie- : 
mTcer, N. H. I 

581. LAURA,' bom Norember 12, 1808. 
•I382. IMRI,* born Angntt 3&, tSio. 

583. LUCINDA,* bora May 11, 1813; died 1843. 

584. ELMIRA,' born March 30, 1816; married Dexter Wbitcomb (659). 

585. ELIZABETH,* born October 8, iSas; unmarried. 

207 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,' (Jacob," Benjamin.* Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,' John,* ) was married ( i ) to Eliza, daughter of Fran- : 
CIS and Judith Davis of Warner. They removed to Newport, N. H.,' 
.wh?re she died, May 13, 1820, aged thirty-five years. He was mar- 
ried (2) to Mrs.. Mary Jackman, and removed to Claremont, N. H., 
where she died November 15, 1826, aged thirty-one years. He was 
married (3) to Minerva Haskell, 1829, who died October 25, 1867, 
aged seventy-four years. He died January 24, 1856. 

^586. FRANCIS,* born August 10, 1815. 

587. NATHAN,* born 1836; died December, i3z6; need eight weeks. 

588. MARY ELIZABETH,* born January 7, t83t: married Mighill Dustin; 

died Jaly 35, 1890. 

208 OUVER WHITCOMB,' (Charles Augustus," Benjamin,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was married in 1795 to Sally Edwards 
of Weare, who died August 16, 1859. He followed farming for some 
time in "Shabbica" (Henniker), N. H. He died January 7, :842. 


589. SALLY,* born January 2;^ 1796; married Asa Wood. 
S90- BETSEY,* born December i, 1800: died August 10, 180a. 
59(- BETSEY,* bora November iz, 1804; married Samuel C Currier. 

592. BARNARD,* bom June 8. 18(9. 

593. KENDALL,* born May 17, 1819; nnmarneil; sclectmai^ 188& 

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209 SILAS HALE WHITCOMB,* (Charl« Augustus/ Ben- 

jamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John/) lived in Shabbica near his 
brother, Oliver, and after his children were born removed to Belmont, 
N. Y., where he died. He was married November ii, 1794, to Sarah 
Brown, daughter of Thomas and Fersis (Gibson) Brown, who was 
bora February 28, 1776, and died February 16, 1851. He died Au- 
gust 4, 1856. 

594. THOMAS,' boni Januftiy 4, 1796; died October S, I797- 
+S9S. BENJAMIN BROWN.' born April 23. 1797- 

596. THOMAS,' born August 13. 1798; died Jtnti>ry 13, iSoi (icalded to 
death by falling into a kettle ot boiling water). 

597- REBECCA PARKER,' born December 33, 1799; married Hezekiali 


598- JOSIAH,' bom September \6, 1801. 
599. MAHALA,' born September 8, 1603. 
iSoo. LUCY.' born July 2o, 1605. 

i«oi. HIRAM BROWN.' bom June 21, 1807. 

602. &IARY ANN,' born January 7, 1809. 

603. HARRIET.' bom Febraary 10, 1811. 

£04. ABIGAIL,' bom July 34, 1813; died May 3, 1836. 

605. 1 died April la, 1817. 

\ twins, bom April, 1817. 

606. ) died April 15, 1817. 

607. ELIZABETH MORSE,' born April 38, 1819; was married to Samuel 

Crabtree; one son, Jerome Bruce Crabtree. 

212 CHARLES WHITCOMB,' (Charles Augustus,' Benr 

jamin,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,* John,') was married to Sally Hoyt, 
daughter of Thomas and Etmice Hoyt of Dtmbarton, N. H. Th^ 
lived in Henniker, N. H., tmtil after the birth of the youngest child, 
when they removed to Troy, VL 


608. THOMAS,' bora Febraary 9, 1802. 

609. HANNAH,' boni February a?. 1804. 
6ia LOUISA.' bora Febraary 7, 1807, 
ill. BARUCH,' bora October 19, i8(^ 

613;. VINA.* bom — ; died September 37, 1819. 

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217 STEPHEN WHITCOMB,« (Reuben," Benjamin,* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,' John,') removed with his parents from Henniker, 

N. H^ to Washington, Vt Was married to and removed 

to New York State, and died in Perrysburg, N. Y. 

■I4t3. HATMAHIEL,* born September % 1791. 

614. DANIEL.^ bom ■ 

-HS15. JOSIAH,* bom Jaly 14, 1798, Washington, Vt. 
•»6i6. STEPHEN,* bora 180a. 

219 REUBEN WHITCOMB,' (Reuben," Benjamin,* Jona- 
than,' Jonathan,* John,') was married (i) to Sally 

, who died January 10, 1816; (2) to Mary 

. He was a farmer in Washington, Vt 

617. POLLY,' born Jane 14,* 1803. 
6t& JOHN B.,* bom October 17. 1806. 

619. SIMEON,* born March 18L i8o» 

620. HARRIS,* bora October 04, 181a. 
631. ELIZA,* bora January 18, 1817. 

633. RAYMOND,* bom June 19, 1818; died February 18, 1830. 
633. REUBEN,*, bom April 10, i8aa 
&14. FREDERICK.* bom July 19, 1834. 
635- LEWIS,* bom November 6, 1835. 

220 LEVI WHITCOMB,' (Reuben,* Benjamin.* Jonathan,' 
Jonathan,' John,*) married Sally Parret and lived with his father on ; 
what is still known as the "Old Wliitcomb Hill Farm" in Washington, 
Vt He died March 3, 1867, his wife died June 26, 1858. They are 
both buried on the Whitcomb Hilt Farm. 


636. DIANA,* bom . 

fia7- SYLVIA,* bom . 

63a CLARA,' bora ; 

«39. JOANNA.* born , 

4*30. LEVI, JR,» bora . [ 

631. ,* bora J died in infancy. I 

633. JAMES.* bora . 

633. k* bom i died in infanqr. 

634- NATHAHIEV born . 

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228 SIMEON WHITCOMB." (Reuben/ Benjamin.* Jona- \ 

than," Jonathan,* John,') was married to Betsey Young. Occupation \ 
fanning and dairying. He died in Hyde Park, Vt, about 1858; she j 
died about 1870. i 


635- THOMAV born ■, 1808. 

6z6. REUBEN,* born ^ 1810. \ 

■rt37. SYLVESTER.* bom February la, i8ix 

638. ORANGE,* bom 1814; died young. 

639. HARRIET,* born 1816. 
640- SALLY,* born iSii 

641. JOHN,* bom 1820; resided in Wisconsin. 
643. ELIZA,* born 1823; resided in Vermont. 

280 DARIUS WHITCOMB,' (Simeon,' Benjamin,* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,* John,*) was married June 4, 1790, to Lois Wetherbee 
of Stow, Moss. They lived in Stow until 1801, when they removed to 
Henniker, N. H. She died November 24, 1817, and he died April 25, 

i&U. IRA B.,* bom March 6, 1790. 
t&M. BENJAMIN,* born January 9, 179a. 
+645. PLINY,* born December 12, in»3. 

64& ASAPH,* ) died Movember as, 1835; anmarried. 

> born June 23, 1801. 

647. MILLV,* ) died October 25. iStu. 

223 ASAPH WHITCOMB,* (Simeon," Benjamin,* Jonathan,' 

Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Marsylvia Randall, published No-' 
vember 4, 1807. None of his ditldren married. He died in Saccarach, 



648. FRANKLIN,* bom September is. i8oa 
6^9. CYRUS,* bom December 16, 1809. 
6sa MARSYLVIA,* bora June 16. 1813. 

285 EUJAH WHITCOMB,' (Benjamin," Benjamin,* Jon- 

athan,' Jonathan,* John,* ) was married January 20, 1805, to Sally' 

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' Gibson and had five children bom in Henniker, N. H., before they 
removed to Troy, Vt, and later to Canada. They settled in the wil- 
derness, clearing a place upon which he built a log cabin. He trav- 
eled eighteen miles on foot for a half bushel of com, which he carried , 
home on his shoulders tlirough the wilderness, the only path being 
indicated by trees spotted to mark the way. 

6si. LAURA.» 
652. HARVEY.t 
fiS3- ELIZA.T 
654. CALVIN.T 
-HS55. JAMES M.,1 bora March 7, 1823, Canada. 

286 ZACCHEUS WHITCOMB,' (Benjamin," Benjamin,* 

Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,') was a shoemaker. He was married to 
Mary Hale of JaflFrey, N. H., bom 1778; died 1816; (2) to Lucy R. 
Munson. The family removed to Brandon, Vt. He died F^ruary 25, 


656. MARIA,^ married Rice. 

657. MARY,* bora January 39. 1S03. 

6^ ROXANA,* born December 14. 1804; married Taylor KnowKon. 

+659. DEXTER,' bora June 29, 1S06. 

■I«6a. LUKE HALE.* born February 6, 1808. 

661. OLIVER.* bora June 7, iSog; no male children. 

663. SARAH,* bora June 26, iSii; married Albert Knowlton. 

663. BAILEY,* born March 2, i8[& 

238 ABEL WHITCOMB,* (Benjamin,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' John,') was a shoemaker and a life-long resident of Hen- 
niker, N. H. He was married ( 1 ) to Hannah Hale of Jaffrey, N. H., 
who died June 24, 1834, and (a) December, 1842, to Betsey Temple 
of Windsor, Vt, who survived him. He died December 29, 1862. 

6&t- CATHERINE,* twra Aaenst l& 1809; married Nathan 

Derry, N. H.; died July, tSjy. 
4«65- THOMAS J.,* born April ift 1811. 

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666. MARY W,t bom April 38, 1813: married Warren S. Holt, Wilton, N. 

H.; three children. 

667. ELIZABETH,* born Janutry 10, 1S16; married J. Bohannon, of 

Qiclmsford, Mass.; one child. 
'668. SUSAN,* bom May it, tSiS; married G. S. Hamilton, Truro, Maaa.; 

two children. 
^eeg. OSCAR B.,* bom May 8, iSaa 
+670. LUTHER H.,» bora April rS, 1823. 
671. SARAH R.,* bora Jtme 4, 1825; married A. S. Holt, Wilton, H. H.; 

four children. 
673. BENJAMIN,' bom May. 7, i^aS, Vermont. 
■H^J. WILLIAM,* bom Decembfc 16, 1832. 

2S9 JOEL WHITCOMB," (Benjamin," Benjamin,* Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' John,^) was married to Betsey Preston. He was an ex- 
pert kettle drummer. No dates given with his family record. He 
removed from Henniker, N. H., to New York State. 

4674. EBEN D.* 
6ji. ANDREW JACKSON.* fine harp player; traveled for years as harpist 
with the "Peak Family"; he was known as "Jack." 

676. MORTIMER.* violinist 

677. ELIZA,* violinist. 

241 DANIEL WHITCOMB,' (Benjamin," Benjamin.* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,' John,*) was a brickmason and carpenter. He was 
married (i) to Mary Clark, December 1,1814. She died June 5, 
1816, and be was married (2) to Sophie Wright, May 10, 1818, and 
settled in Hillsborough, N. H. He died September 22, 1875, and his i 
widow, February 10, 1882. 

■HiTa CLARK,* bora September 31. 181S. , 

4679- LORENZO KELSEY,* bom January 32, i&i. I 

¥Bo. JOHN LAWTON,* bom May 7. 1823- 
681. MARY CLARK.* bom Jnly 33, 1825; unmarried. 
683. PARKER SMITH.* bom June V&, 1828; was married to Ehnint E. ' 
Bosh; no children. He died February 21, i886l 


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243 WILLIAM WHITCOMB,« (Benjamin.* Benjamin,* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was a brickmaker hy trade. He moved from 
Henntker, N. H., to Allegheny County, N. Y., and thence to Leaven- 
worth, Ind., where he died at the age of dghty-dght years. He wa» 
married to Johannah Tilton of Greenwich, Washington County, N. 
Y. She was a sister of his brother Charles' wife. 


4«3. WILLIAM H,' born in Vermont " \ 

«84. HARVEY/ bora June s. 1824; Wl>ed by accident at Scio, N. Y. 
«8s- JOHN NORTON.* bom May 4, 1826. Vermonr. 

686. LAFAYETTE,* bora in Vermont; died in infancy. 
•rtS?. OLIVER,* born September 15, 1831, Sdo, N. Y. 
-HS88. VALENTINE,* born in EHxabeth, N. Y. 
+§0,' IdWIN,?'' 1 ***"" November 15. 183* Allegheny County. N. Y. . 

£91. ELIZABETH MARY,* born January 22, 1835; married Sherman 
Woodard, Scio, N. Y. 
«9a. CHARLES H..* born . 

693. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN,* bora ; was marncd; died from ' 

wound received in Civil War. ' 

245 CHARLES WHITCOMB,' (Benjamin,* Benjamin,* Jona- ' 
than,' Jonathan,' John,*) removed from Hennilwr, N. H, to Brandon, 
Vt., and thence to Greenwich, Washington County, N. Y., where he 
was married to Marinda Tilton in November, 1825. She was bom 
March 4, 1804. and died February 15, 1884. Thence he removed to | 
Stockport, Columbia Coun^, Pa., and from there December 10, 1840, 
to Ogdensburg, Tioga County, Pa., being one of the pioneers, when 
everything was a dense forest He was brickmaker by trade, but aban- 
doned it for farming which he followed till his deaUi, September 23, 
1845. He was an expert snare drummer and a fine musician. His 
children were bom in Columbia County, N. Y. 


«M. MARTHA ANN,* bora October ro. 183& 
^( JAMES MADISON,* born January 5. 1835. Stockport, H. Y. 
•«s6. CHARLES TILTON,* bora May 83, 183^ Stockport, N. Y. 

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248 JEREMIAH WHITCOMB,« (Oliver/ Benjamin.* Jon- 
athan,* Jonathan,' John,') was a farmer and leading citizen of Stow. 
Mass., for many years, being selectman, assessor, etc He was an 
ttpright, prudent, and very hardworking man, attending assiduously to 
his own afifairs yet taking a great interest in the welfare of the town. 
He was often sought by his neighbors for advice on business, and was 
held to be a man of superior discretion and judgment He was mar- 
ried (i) January, 1826, to Salome Bradley, who died July 4, 1849, 
aged forty-four years and eleven months. He was married (a) to 
Martha Holyoke, who died in 1855. He died April 19, 1854. 

+«97. GEORGE PARKS,'' bom December a, 1827. 
4698. JOSEPH EMERSON.» born September 8, 1839- 

699. HENRIETTA G.,» born October 33, 1831. 

700. ARDELLA ELIZABETH,* born December as, 1834. 
Tot. LUCY JANE,* born March 23, 1S37; unmarried. 

703. MARCIA ANN,* bom January \t, 1840; died September 19^ 1841. 

249 MARK WHITCOMB," (Oliver.' Benjamin,* Jonathan," 
Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Catherine Hapgood, daughter of 
Jonathan and Annie Hapgood, who was bom in Marlborough and 
died August 20, 1888, aged eighty years and ten months. When 
General Lafayette visited Stow, Mass., Mark Whitcomb acted as 
guard (p. 15, Bi-Centcnnial of Stow, 1883). He died in Stow, Mass. 


703- WILLIAM HANNIBAL,* bom November, 1838; unmarried. 

704. ANNA MARIA,* bom September, 1831. 
+70S- JOHI/ MARSHALL.* bora November, 1833. 

706. CYRUS ALBERT,* born June, 1846; unmarried. 

260 JOHN WHITCOMB," (Jonathan,* John,* John.* Jona- ' 

than,' John,*) was married August 25, 1796, to Lucy Howe of Marl- 
boro, Mass., and settled in Bolton, where four children were bom; I 
thence they removed to Heath, Franklin County, Mass.. where two 
children were born and where his wife di^ in 1816. In 1820 he was ; 

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married to widow Dorcas (Wetlierbee) Farwell, and removed to 
Fitdiburg, Mass., where he died. 


707. ACHSAH,' bom March 11, 1797, Bolton, Mass. 

70&. LUCY HOW£,* born February 33. 179% Bolton, Mast. 

Top. EFHRAIM.T born December 11, 1801, Bolton, Mass.; died 1805. 
+710. JOHN,' born February 9, 1803. Bolton, Mass. 

711. REBECCA,' born December 23, 1805, Heath, Mass. 
■»7i«. JONATHAN,' bom September 7, 1809, Heath, Mass. 

265 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan.^ John,* John,' 
Jonathan,' John,') was married to Lovina Nourse, November 29, 
1804. Records say "His widow Catherine died February 13, 1871, 
aged seventy-five years, nine months and twenty-five days," therefore 

he must have married a second wife, Catharine . He died 

June 29, 186& 

269 LUKE WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan," John,* John,' Jona- 

than,' John,*) was married (i) to Nancy Nourse of West Boylston, 
Mass., who died August 7, i8ji, aged forty-two years. He was mar- 
ried (z) to Hannah (Jewett) Barnes, daughter of Jesse and Hannah 
Jewett of Berlin, Mass., widow of Welcome Barnes. She died July 
20, 1871, aged seventy-eight years, nine months and twenty-nine days. 
He was married (3) to Catherine B. (Larabee) Wetherbce, daughter 
of Jonathan and Plina Wetherbee, June 12, 1873, this being her third 
marriage also. He died September i, 1876, aged eighty-four years 
and ten months and with his first wife is buried in Bolton, Mass. 

713- MARY ELIZABETH,* bora December 8, 1S19; married John B. 

Cough; no children. 
714. LUK^' born July $, iSai; died in New Jersey of injury, August to, 
1660; unmarried. 

715- SARAH,' born September 3i,- 1824; married Lincoln of Berlin. 

who died soon after. 
♦7<«- CHARLES,' born August ai, iSay. 

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275 EDWIN ASA VVHITCOMB,« (Jonathan." John,* John.* 

Jonathan,' John/ ) was a farmer and Justice of the Peace in Bolton. 
He was married March 12, 1829, to Persis Hildreth. She died August 
25. i8S4> aged forty-three years, and he died of smallpox December 
23, 1872. 


717. JOSEPH,* bom Mzrch 30, 1830; uiunarried; lives in Bolton. 

718. HENRY GARDNER/ born May 16, i8ja; was married sod hul one 

dauKbter, and one son named Nathaniel; Nathaniel waa married and 
bad four sons: Henry Gardner, Natbaniel Lyons, Prandi Edwin, 
Edwin Asa. They lived in Pittsfield, Mais. 

719. FREDERICK,* bom October 17, 1835; unmarried; lives m Mexico, Mo. 
73a SOPHIA,* bom November 16, 1837; married John Sawyer; deceased. 
721. FRANCIS EDWIN,* bom May 17, 1840. 

731. MARY GARDNER,* bom September 14, 1843: died January, 1844. 

733. CHARLES,* bom March la, 1845; died in childhood. 

723. MARY GARDNER,* bom January i, 1848; unmarried; teacher hk 
Northbridge, Mass. 

734. EDWARD CONRAD,* bora August 10, 1854; unmarried; resides in 

San Petro, CaL 

285 EDWIN ASA WHITCOMB," (Asa,» John,* John," Jona- 

than,' John,') prefixed Edwin to his name of Asa in 1828, and was 
called "Colonel." He was married (i) March 10, 1823, to Caroline 
Moore, who was bom Febrtiary 14, i8oi, and died June 22, 1833; 
he was married {2) to Adeline Augusta Hoar of Princeton, Mass., 
May 9, 1834. He died April 4, 1868. 


736. JAMES J^OORE,* bora January 11, 1824; married Rebecca Thome 

of New York. 1847. 

737. SARAH B.,* bom February 7, 1826. ' 
728. CAROLINE MOORE,* bom June 32, 1830. 

739. ADELINE AUGUSTA.* bom December 31, 1835. i 

73f>- JOHN ASA.* bom May 30, 1839; married Maggie McCoy of New York. 
731- MARY MARIA.* born March % 1843; died May 15, 1856. 
73a. FRANK,* bora September 4, 1846; married Caroline Bri^iaa of Qin-' 

ton, Mass. 
733. CHARLOTTE.' bora May 37, 1849. 

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286 PAUL WHITCOMB," (Asa," John.* John,' Jonathan.* 

John,') was married (i) September 12, 1S24, to Sophia, daugliter of 
Oliver and Mary Nourse. She was bom Augxxst 2, 1805, and died , 
March 10, 1830; he was married (2) June 23, 1831, to Mary W. : 
Meed. He died August 22, 1885. They lived in Bolton, Mass. 

+734. ASA OLIVER,* born February 11, iSas- 

7J5. SOPHIA HOLMAN,* bom September 15, 1836; married May 24, 1S49, 
Stephen Harrison, Sonthwick; died June 33, 1S55. 

736. AMORY HOLMAN.T bom March 3, 182$; died December 38, 1839. 

737- AMORY HOLMAN,^ bom February 35, 1830; died May 30, 1845. 
+738. REUBEN MEED,» bom November 6. 1833. 

739. CHARLES O. WILLARD.T bom January 27. 1836. 

74P. HENRY NOURSE.^ born December 16, 1835. 
+741- CHARLES HENRY,' bom January 8, 183& 

742. MARY REBECCA,* bom December 19, i83!>. 
4743. ISAAC ALLEN,' bom February 37, 1842. 

744. SARAH MEED,' bora April 2, 1844; married Alfred A. Lyman, No- ; 
rcmber 17, i86g. 

745- AMORY HOLMAN,' bora January i, 1847: ^kA Augi»t 18, 1847. 

746- NATHANIEL WILLARD,' born Febraary 15. 1849. 
4747. SILAS HOLMAN,' bom December ro, 1851. 

+748. ALBERT JAMES,' born March 17. 1854. 

28S THOMAS WHITCOMB,' (Asa,» Asa,* John,* Jonathan,' 

John,*) was married (i) to Nabby Harding of Franklin, Mass., No- 
vember 27, 1810. She died February 7, 181 1. He was married (2) 
to Anna Wentworth of Alstead, N. H., June 27, 1813. She died in 
Cavendish, Vt, July 34, 1867. He died in St Charles, IW, April 13, 
1869. Six of the children were bom in Cavendish, Vt 

+749. JAMES HARDING,' bom January 33, 1811. . 
75a ANNA ABIGAIL,* born October 7, 1814. at Alstead, N. H.; married 

T. A. Wheeler; dtcd Febraary 6. 1886. 
75)- ROSILLA CALISTA,* bom May 35, 1817; married Friend Chapman, 
July 5. 1836; no children. 
+75*- WILLARD FRANKLIN.' born March 29, 1819. 

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4753, ASA WENTWORTH,» born September 11. iSw. 
754- VICTORIA MARIA,* bom Jwiuanr 3$. 1825; married Jtntury a, 1850, 

Andrew Jacksoa Spalding. He died June 34> iSSS- 
755. UIRRICK WARREN,' bora May 3% 1S37; died Febmary s, 1856; 

75& VICTOR ORLANDO,* bom January 16, 18^; died Janiury 4, 1837. 

290 ASA WHITCOMB," (Asa," Asa,* John/ Jonathan.* 

John,*) settled in Acfcworth, N. H., m 1818. He married (i) OKve 
Vickery and (2) Phoebe Beckwith, daughter of Rev. £. Beckwith 
of Mariow, N. H. Asa was a soldier in the second War. No date 
concerning enlistment or service. 

757- ABIGAIL,* bora March 12, 1819; died September 16, 183a. 

758. JULIA AHNJ born October 17, 1833; married J. H. Huntley; died 1903; 

29S JOHN ADAMS WHITCOMB," (Asa,» Asa,* John,' Jon- 

athan,' John,' ) was married to Abigail Mason in 1826. She died in 
1831 leaving six children; he removed to Kansas, where he was 
married (2) to Sarah P. Hull He died in Olathe, Kansas, Febni- 
ary 10, 1881. 


759. ELIZABETH It,* born July sS, 1838; married William B. Davis; died 

April 13, i876t 

760. ALMIRA A.,* bora June 10, 1831; married Foot^ Newport, N. H. 

761. HARRIET AUGUSTA,* born July 10, 1839; married Elderkin Duitin; 

died November i, 1857. 

762. MARY ANTOINETTE,* bora July to, 1841; died July to, 1851. 

763. JOHN BRIDANE.* born December- 4, 1833; supposed to have been 

killed by Indians in Hew Mexico. 

764. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.* bora January 18, 1837; died 1839- 

765. FRANCE^; R,* bora December 35, 1834; married (i) Joslyn; 

married (3) Beach, Olathe, Kansas. 

766. MANETTE,* born April 24. 1851; married Dr. A. David, Fort Scott, 


767. KATE PARKER.* born October 8» 1843: married — — Giffco, Olathe, 

768. GEORGE FRANK,* born June 1% 1846; died AprU 4. 1864. 


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801 JOHN ADAMS WHITCOMB/ (John,» Asa,* John,' 

Jonathan.* John,*) bom in Princeton, Mass., was married to Caroline 
Kerce of W«t Boylston, October i6, 1827. She was bom April 7, 
1805, and died November 15, 1879. He died in Boston, June 20, 1851. 

47fi9. EDWIN PIERCE,* born September 13. 18^ Ware. Maw. 
+770. HENRY CLAY,» bom April 8, 1831. Wnichester, N. H. 
■I77t. JOHN DAVIS,* born January 15. 1834. East Bridgeport, Mass. 
•»77* GEORGE FRANCIS.* born October 11. 1837, Ncwburyport, Mass. 
773- CLARA JANE,* born December 6, 183A Newburyport, Mass.; died 
August 8, 189P, Roxbury, Mass; unmarried. 

4774. FRANKLIN DEXTER,* born July 93, 1847, Boston, Mass. 

4775. WILLIAM FREDERIC,* born September 11, 1846, Boston, Mass. 

807 ASA HOU>ER WHITCOMB,' (Cornelius,* Asa,* John,' 
Jonathan,* John,^) was married to Hannah S. Whittemore, April 9, 
1848. She was bom in Guilford, N. Y., April 19, 1828. He was a 
famier; he died December 17, 1873, in Oxford, N. Y. 

77^^ CORNELIUS ASA.* born July 8. 1850, Gnilford; was married to 

Sarah M. Havens in 1874; no children; residence, Gnitford, Vt. 
777. AMELIA M.,* bom October 28, 1853; married G- I. Ogden. 
+778. WILUAM HOLDER.* bom May 21. 1867. West Wioficld. N. Y. 

808 CORNELIUS S. WHITCOMB.' (Cornelius,' Asa,* [ 
John,' Jonathan,' John,') was married in Holmes County, Miss. His 
wife's name was Pamelia Ship. He did business as a broker in Can- 
ton, Miss., before the Civil War and served as mayor of that dty. 
Later he removed to New Orleans, where he was a commission mer- 
chant, then went to Patterson, La., where he remained two years ; then 
removed to Florida where he died November 6, 1877. His wife sur- 
vived him about a year. 


779. DUDLEY.* bora ; residence, Groesbeck. Limestone County, Tex. 

78a. SARAH MARIA,* bom ; married D. D. Pander; died i88a 

781. ALFRED HOLDER,* bora ; reudcnce, Patterson. Lau 

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783. ANNIE ELIZA, bora ; married J. P> Mdnal>- 

783. MARTIN.* born ; died . 

784. JOHN,* born ; died in childhood of yellow (ever at Canton, Uiu. 

78s. HENRY,* bom ; died in childhood of yellow ferer at Canton, 


810 JONATHAN WHITCOMB/ (Jonathan,* Jonathan.* 

Jonathan.* Jonathan,' Jonathan.' John,') was married May 14, 1805, 
to Martha, daughter o£ Squire Sampson and Submit (Warren) Tut- 

tle. He died October 10, 1809. His widow married (i) - ■- 

Miles and (3) Crosby. 

7861 JONATHAN,* bom January 17, 1806: married May ap, 1833, Persia, 

daughter of Joseph and Snkey Hapgood, bora March n, i8tt; no 

4787- VANDOLO EMROY.* bom May 15, 1807. 
+788. JUSTUS LYMAN,* bora January at, i8og. 

813 PETER WHITCOMB.' (Jonathan,* Jonathan.' Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married (i) May 14, 1807, 
to Nancy VinaL She died February 13, 1812; (2) to Sophia, daugh- 
ter of Jonas Smith; the intention was published May 17, 1813, she 
died April 9, 1823 ; he was married (3) July 30, 1823, to Sarah Tuttle; 
she died December, 1880. He died November 12, 1859. He was a 
farmer in Littleton, Mass, 


789. NANCY*, bora July 4, 1808; mmrried April a, i8n John P. Ree4, Le>- 

tngton, Mass. 

790. PETER S.,* bora January 39, iSii; died March 35, i^Sil anmarried. 
-tTQi. JOSEPH*, bora December 9, 18261 

814 JOSEPH WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married December I3, iSia, 
to Hannah Durkee of WaitsBeld, Vt He was educated at Williams 
College: He was a physician and resided in the practice of his pro- 
fession at New Albany, Ind. Grief over the death of his diild, who 

d by Google 


was killed by falling from bed, while playing with her sister, caused 
him to leave New Albany about 1820; he went to Natdiitoches, La., 
and thence to Nacogdoches, Tex., where he died in 1830. 

793- SARAH ANNETTE,* born September 6, 1813; died July. tSss- 

»3- MARY ANN,* born 1815; aceidenlally killed. 

820 ANDREW WHITCOMB.' (Jonathan,' Jonathan," Jona- 

than,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married December 8, 1825, 
to Caroline, daughter of Simeon Hartwell, Esq. He was a farmer in 
Uttteton, Mass. He died May 4, 1880, and his wife died October 3, 

4794- JONATHAN HARTWELL.* born November 15, 1828. 
•1795. JOHN HENRY,* born January 30, 183a 

7g& LOUISA ELIZABETH,* bom April 19^ 1833; died October 18, 1832. 
+797. PETER STEVENSON,* born November 14, 1835. 

837 ELAPH WHITCOMB,' (Elias," Willtam,» Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) lived in , New Hampshire, where- 

he was married to and had an only son (perhaps daugh- 1 

ters). I 

4798. ELAPH BONNER.* bora 1810. 

880 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (John,* Oliver," Jonathan,* Jona- ' 

than.* Jonathan,' John,^) was married (i) January 18, 1810, to 
Charlotte^ daughter of Dr. Samuel Locke of ZJttleton, Mass. From 
1806 to 1809 he was a merchant in Fitchburg, Mass., with his brother- 
-in-law. In 1809 he removed to Hancodc. N. H., where be became a ' 
very prominent citizen. < He was town clerk for twenty-eight years 
from March 9, 1813. was postmaster from November 10, i8i3 to 
Fdwuary 22, 1863, and Justice of the Peace from 1837 to June, 1862. , 
He sang in the church choir for forty years and was a good player on , 
the violoncella His wife died January 16, 181 1, of nightmare when - 

d by Google 


her child was about a month old. He was married (s) December 26, 
1813, to Lydia, daughter o£ Deacon John and Mary (Dix) Hartwdl 
of Littleton. She died July i, 1828. He died February 22, 1863. 
Hayward's History of Hancodc reproduces a picture of him. It is 
said that he and his brother Henry were noted for unity of feeling. 
In business matters they shared all things in common, never keeping 
any accounts with each other, and so perfect was the mutual tru5t> that : 
during their twenty-one years of business association no word of dis- 
agreement or dissatisfaction was ever known to have been spoken by 
either. They lived in a double hous^ known as "the Whitcomb 

"John Whitcomb in his devotion to the best interests of the town, 
and for strict justice and int^rify has seldom been equalled. He 
never swerved from duty and the right To fail in rendering a penny 
was as much a violation of honesty to him, and to be rectified as cer- 
tainly as if it had been a pound." He sometimes rode horseback to 
Boston to purchase goods. 

799. CHARLOTTE LOCKE.* bora December xj, 1810. 
80a LYDIA ANN,* bora April a, 1816; died September 4, 183I- 
Soi. JOHN HARTWELL,* bora December a6, 1818; died Jime 2% iS47. 
■t&n. CHARLES ADAMS,* bora Jaonary 31, 1893. 
•1803. ADOLPHUS CARTER,* bom February 26, 1837. 

840 HENRY WHITCOMB,' (John,' Oliver,' Jonathan,* Jon- 

athan,* Jonathan,^ John,') removed from Littleton, Mass., to Hancod^ 
N. H., about 1809. He was married December 26, 1813, to Lov^ 
■ daughter of Rev. .Edmund and Phebe (Lawrence) Foster of Little- 
ton. Rev. Mr. Foster was a distinguished Unitarian clergyman, and 
his wife was the daughter of Rev. William and Love (Adams) Law- 
rence of Lincoln. In the two ran the blood of the Washingtons and 
Adams of Colonial days, the Cavalier and the Puritan. Henry Whit- 
comb was in business with his brother John. He was chosen to the 
legislature in 1827. He received an injury in caring for bis horse, 

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which caused his death after three days, April i, 183 1. His wife was 
a good artist and a woman of literary tastes. She died May 30, 1873. 

4fi04. HENRY FOSTER,' born October 8, 1814. 
floS- WILLIAM LAWRENCE,* born December 10^ 1818; died August m, 

80& LOVE MARIA,* bom June 9. 1824; married Dr. Frederic L. H. Wiltia 
of Boston, and had Eleanor Love and Edith Lenora. 

847 SIMEON WHITCOMB,' (Levi,« Job,' Jonathan,* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,* John,*) was a Deacon in the Congregational church 
of Marlborough for many years. He was married December 2, 1813, 
to Sally Lincoln, who was bom May 16, 1792, and died April 8, 1S76. 
He died January i, 1869, in Marlborough, Mass. 

807. WILLIAM LINCOLN,* born Aoffust i, 1814; died September 24, 1815- 

808. SALLY LINCOLN.* born April 9, 1816. 

809. JOEL CUSHING,* bom April 6. i8t8. 

■I«ia WILLIAM CHALMERS,* bom February g ox aa, iSza 

8it. SALLY LEAVITT,* born Febniaiy 14, iSaa. 

-181a. ALBERT SIMEON,* bom Marcb 8, 1835. 

ei3. HANNAH BAKER,* bom June 2a, 1897. 

814. HENRY LINCOLN,* bora July 13, 1831; died March 6, 1838. 

81s. HARLAN PAGE,* bom July s, 1S37; died October 30, 1838. 

860 DEXTER WHITCOMB,' (Levi,* Job," Jonathan,* jima- 

than,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was married to Rebecca Griffin of Nelson, 
N. H., daughter of Samuel GrifRn, August 11, 1825. She was bom 
December 13, 1801, and died in Boston, December 3, 1879. Th«y 
lived in Marlboro', N. H., until 1830, whence they moved to Nelson, 
N. H., and in 1857, to Keene, N. H. He died June i, 1867. 

8t6. LEVI SAMUEL,* bom July 24, 1836; died February », 1832. 

817. SOPHIA FOSTER,* bora February 16, 1828. 
+818. WILLIAM FARRAR,* bora June 4, 1830. 

8i9b LUCY CAROLINE,* bora December 39, 1831. 

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+830. LEVI SAMUEL,* born Janiiary 13, 1833. 

4&1. HENRY LYMAN,* born December 8^ 1635. 

♦822. EDWARD PAYSON,* bom October 38, 1838. 

833. HARLAN PAGE,* bom September 38, 184a 

+8X4- NATHANIEL OSGOOD.* bora December 3, 1S41. 

854 JOHN WHITCOMB.' (Dil!e.« Job,' Jonathan,* Jona- 

than,* Jonathan,' John,') removed from Templeton, Mass., to Oneida I 
County, N. y,, in 1S17. He \vas married to Rosamond Gould of Mar- | 
shall, N. Y., in August, 1821. He was a sergeant in the United States 
artillery for many years, at one time being detailed to escort Gen. \ 
Lafayette. He was a sober, industrious man, honest and upright in all 
his dealings. He moved to Chautauqua County, N. Y., in 1828 and 
in June, 1841. to Berlin, St. Oair County, Michigan, where he died 
October 18, 1863. His wife died December 4, 1887, aged eighty- 
three years. 


83S MARY ROSAMOND,* bom May 37, i8»: unmarried. 

826. LOUISA ELTHEDA,* bom June 16, 1824; died May n. iSpt; tm- 

tn a Fried. 
837. JOHN LOTHROP,* born April 38, 1837: died February 3, 1828. 
S28. &IERCY ELMINA.* bom November 13. 1828: died February 20. 1883: 

married May 10, 1855. James Baker; no children. 
829. LUCINDA MARION,* bora April 13, 1832; died January 18, 1836. 
83a LAURA SA.MANTHA.* bom April 11, 1834; died November 9, 1835. 
+831. JOHN MILTON,* bom Auffust 23, 1837. 

S33. FRANCES ELVIRA,* bora October 8, 1840, Smith, Mich.; nmnarried. 
833. ELMORE HORATIO,* bora February 24. 1844; died November 18; 

1,863; unmarried. 

865 LEVI WHITCOMB,' (Dille," Job," Jonathan,* Jonathan.' 

Jonathan,* John,*) was married (i) October i, 1833, to Anna Maria 
Miller of Fonda, N. Y., who died June 3, 1S40. He left Massachu- 
setts about 1841-43, and went to Albany, N. Y., thence going to va- 
rious places on Erie Canal, where work was to be had. After SMue 
time at Fonda, he settled in Mill Point, N. Y. He was married (a) 
December 15. 1844, to Phebe Ann Hall. He was a member of Ae old 

d by Google 


Wyckoff church. In politics he was a Republican. He died Novem- 
ber 1 1,' 1886. "He was a man of sturdy honesty and upright life." 

834. LUTHER,* born April 30, 1830; married August 15, 1854, Jane Ann 

Rulison; no children reported.- 

835. MARY ELIZABETH,' born April 29, 1835; married Ondcrkirk. 

+8^ CALVIN," bom February 22. 1838, 

837. JENNIE,* born November i, 1847; married March a, 1875, Peter Kline. 

880 FRANKUN WHITCOMB,' (Job,* Job.» Jonathan.^ Jon- 

athan,^ Jonathan,* John,*) was married October 28, 1829, to Char- 
lotte Johnson of Templeton, who died July iS, 1879. He died May 
4, 1873. They resided in Templeton, Mass. 

838L ABIGAIL S..* bora May 6, 1830. 

839. RENLOW F.,* bora June 15, 1833; died September a6, 1833. 

840. JOHN F.,* b<vn February 6, 1634: died June 15 or 17, 1855, of consump- 

tion; unmarried. 
4841. FERNANDO C. bora September i, 1840. 

86S LYSANDER WHITCOMB,' (Job,* Job," Jonathan,* Jon- 

athan,' Jonathati,' John,*) was married to Lavinia Hager, October aa, 
1838. He died April 23, 1882. They lived in Templeton, Mass. 

843. CATHERINE LAVINIA,* bora November 26^ 1839; died September 10, 
1873; unmarried. 

843. SARAH lONE,* bora June 2, 1841; died May ax, 1842. 

844. MELORIA ANN,* bora February 8, 1844; married October aa, iBja, 

Everett A. Bragg- 
845- ELFHINE SOPHIA,* bora February ao. 1845; married December 33, 

lS86^ Austin Jennieson. 
+846. ANGELO LYSANDER,* bora June s. 1848L 
S47. ABIGAIL ZURILLA.* bora July 6, 1851. 

864 FREELAND WHITCOMB,' (Job.* Job^* Jonathan.* Jon- 

athan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married (t) 1833, to Nancy, daughter 
of Philemon Wright of Sterling, Mass. She died in 1839 and in 1840 

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he was married (2) to Sarah Leat of Oaremont. N. H. He died in 
Qaremont, in 1S41. 

84S. JAMES FREELAND,* bom September 9, 1835; wu married Uay la, 

1859, to Sally S. Bate«; no children. 
^9- SEWELL WRIGHT." bom 1837. 
8sol , bora , son who 'Vent wcsL" 

869 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (Abner.« Abner.' Jonathan/ Jon- 

athan.' Jonathan,' John.') was married to his cousin Sarah Whitcomb 
(863), date of marriage wanting. In religious belief they were Free 
Baptists. He \vas a fanner, a member of the board of assessors for 
years and Justice of the Peace. John and Sarah both died in New- 
burgh, Me. 

4851- JOHN.* bora December 34, 1634. 
8S2. MARY,« 

853- DELANEY.' 

854- HANNAH.* 

855. MATILDA,* was married to Ira Sidetinger. 
+856. HARVEY.* 

871 EU WHITCOMB,' (Abner,' Abner,' Jonathan/ Jona- 
than,' Jonathan,' John,' ) was married to Abigail Dodge at Munroe, 
Me., May 17, 1827. She was bom at Newbtirg, April 7, 180& EU 
was a farmer; he served as assessor, selectman, and collector of taxes 
in Dixmont for a number of years, also Justice of the Peace. He 
died 1874 in Plymouth, Me. 


+857. BENJAMIN DODGE,* bora June 18, i8a8, Dixmont. Me. 

4858. JOHN,* bora September 16, 1830. 

4859. CHARLES B.,* bora Pebmary ao, 1832. 

8G0. EPHRAIM,* bom ; was married three times; died 1896: no dul- 

4«£i. ELI NOYES,* bom August t, 1844. 

872 OLIVER WHITCOMB,' (Abner,* Abner." Jonathan,* 
Jmathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married May 12, 1828, in Belfast, 

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Me., to Thankful Taylor Ellis, who was bom August 19, 1808, in Bel- 
fast, Me. He was a preacher and a farmer. Both Oliver and bis 
wife died in Monroe, Me. 



+668. OLIVER WINSLOW,* born Aagutt 19, 1830, Seariport. Me. 

863. SARAH ELLEN.* born April 23, 1834, Monroe, Me.; married Samuel 


864. EZRA MANTER,* born November a6, 1837, >fonroe. Me.; was shot 

at first battle of Bull Run. 

882 JOHN M. WHITCOMB,' (Samuel," Abncr," Jonathan,* 

Jonathan," Jonathan,* John,') was married May 11, 1824, to Lois, 
daughter of Josiah and Betsey (Dodge) Taylor. He was a blacksmith . 
in Hancock, N. H., and about 1835 removed to Union (now Maine) 
Broome County, N. Y., where he k^t a hotel. He died January 2, 
1847. ^1 March, 1847, hts widow married Dexter Hathaway, who 
was bom July i, 1792, and died May 21, 1876. She died March 15, 
i88a I 


86s. SON,* born May 29, 1839; died June ti, iSag- 
■l«66. AUGUSTUS,* born November 19, 1831. 

867. SON.* born AuRust a, 1833; died August 6, 1833. 

868. HELEN M.* born February 6^ 1S37. 

884 ALPHA WHITCOMB,' (Samuel,* Abner,' Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,') removed from Hancock, N. H., at an 
early age. He was a tinsmith in Framingham, Mass., and later a 
shoemaker in HolHston, Mass. His health failing he engaged in tin 
peddling. He lived in Holliston forty years and was greatly respected. 
He married Eliza Hatton of Hotliston, who died in 1880. He died 
July 18, 1887. They had several children all of whom were dead 
before 1887, among them being one 

8691 ELLEN,* born — ; married Harding, and died 1871. 

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886 JOHN WHITCOMB/ (John.* Abner." Jonathan.* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,' John/ ) was married to Rhoda Richardson, Novem- 
ber i6, 1817. He died August 28, 1849. 5h« ^^^ August 31, 1875. , 

670. PRESTON SINGLETRY,* bom November 15, 1819; married October I 
4, 1843, to Eliza L. Palmer, who died Mirch 30, 1873; no children; I 
he residea at Keeaville, N. Y. I 

871. JOHN HARVEY.i born March 10, 1835: died April 2, 1843. 

886 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (John,* Abner,' Jonathan/ Jon- 

athan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was called "Captain." He was a Metho- 
dist class leader for many years. He was married in Greenfield, 
March 4, 1817, to Sally Wilson, who was bom December 19, 1795, 
and died December 4, 1877. He died December 16, 1853. 

67a. SARAH MORRISON,* born September 12, 1S18; died September 8, 

^3- BETSEY SUSANNAH,* born May 16, 1833: died October 11, 1884. 

^4- SAMUEL WILLARD,* bom April 4. 1828; died Febniarir 8; 1854- 

87S- RHODA RICHARDSON,* bom Febniary aS, 1831- 

S88 EBENEZER WHITCOMB,' (Ebenezer,* Abner/ Jona- 

than,^ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married in Hope, Me., Janu- 
ary I, 1813, to Polly Burrell, who was bom in Hope, June 10, 1789. 
He was' a fanner and both he and his wife died in Belfast, Me. 

EBENEZER,* bom January si, 1815. 1 

MARY,* bom November 9, i8i8w 

JOHN,* bom July 31, 1820. 

ICHABOD.* born April 4, iSaa. 

MARTIN,* bora September 2% 1S23; married Harriet Black; no diU- 
dren. He died September I5> 189^ in Searaport, Me. 

BETSEY,* bora April 21, 1825. 

HENRY,* bom September 30, 1836; married Mary CorawalUa: no chB- 

CORNELIUS I,* bora October 3. 1828. 

SAMUEL O^s bora March 6, 183a 

ROZANDA,* bom January 38, i835- 



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S95 HENRY WHITCOMB.' (Ebcnezcr,* Abner." Jonathan,^ 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) removed from Hope, Me., to South 
Thomaston, where he has followed farming. He was married to 
Sarah A. R. Elliot, the intention of marriage being published April 26, 

88& HANNAH,* born May 37, 1841; married February la, i860, Sidney A 
Oakes of Glouater, Mass. Residence South Thomaston, Me. 

887. ANGELINE,* bom 1844. I 

888. MAHALA,* bom 1851- i 

896 COMFORT WHITCOMB.' (Ebenezer,* Abner,' Jona- 

than,* Jwiathan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was married to Lydta Douglas, 
who was bom February 11, 1811, and died April 22, 1841. He died 
October 33, 1877. They lived in Maine. 

+889. WILLARD M.,* bom Pebmary 15, 1830. 
+890. WILLIAM F.,« bom October 11, 1831. 
4891. LEVI I.,< bora October 17, 1833. 
+89* MILTON I,« born February 13, 1835- 

893. LYDIA J.,* bom November 12, 183$; married Harry H. Beebe, 

Jacksonville, Fla.; three children. 

894. COMFORT,* bom April 13, 1841; died December 4, 1841. 

S99 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB,' (Ebenezer," Abner," Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,' John/) was married in , Me., to 

Orinda Simmons ; dates wanting. He was a farmer. The last resi- 
dence of both was Waldo, Me. 

■1895. AMBROSE,*. bora . 

896. LYDIA ANN,* bom ; married Geo. H. Frye, Freedom, Mcl; one 


897. AMANDA,* bom ; married Thos. Wing; had (onr children. 

898. CHLOE,* bora ; married Ripley Whttcomb (1469); two sons. 

899- SARAH,* born ; married Dexter Bucklin; had five children. 

■f9oa EU.* 

-1901. ROSCOE E,* bora October ts, iSsa. Waldo. Me. 


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403 OUVER WHITCOMB,' (Oliver,* Abner,» Jonathan,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was married March 23, 1824, to Nancy 
Clark, who was born April 2, 1801, and died in Cambridge, Mass., 
October 13, 1881. He was engaged in lumbering, stordceeping, black- 
smithing, etc., and was postmaster for a time. He lived in Hancodc, 
N. H., Union, Broome County, N. Y., Townsend, Mass., and London- 
derry, N. H., dying in the last named town, April i, iS^a 

4900. PETER COCHRAN CLARK.* born January 14. 1825. 
4903. OLIVER REED,* bom April ii, 1830. 

404 JOEL WHITCOMB,' (Oliver,- Abner," Jonathan,* Jona- 
than," Jonathan,^ Jolin,') was a blacksmith in Hancock, N. H., mov- 
ing thence to Canada and thence to Clarinda, la., where he died. He 
was married (i) to Martilda Dttstin, June 30, 1823. She died leaving 
a son, and he was married (2) to Martha Kent 

go4. FRANKLIN,* residence in Canada. 

407 JAMES HOSLEY WHITCOMB,' (Oliver,* Abiiir,' Jon- 
athan,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,* ) had scarlet fever when he was 
three years old and as a result became deaf and dumb. He was edu- 
cated in the Deaf and Dumb Institution in Hartford, Ccmn. He was 
married December 18, 1839, to Sarah Ann Enos, who viras bom Feb- 
ruary 17, 1815, also deaf and dumb, a graduate of a New York insti- 
tution. He was a shoemaker at Afton, N. Y. He died May 9, 1849, 
at Bettsburgb, N. Y., and she died at East Maine, N. Y. 

•t905. DANIEL W..* bora May 18; 1841, Afton, N. Y. 

4906. JAMES HARVEY,* bom July 8, 1843- ' 

4907. JOHN,* bom Hay 22, 1845- I 

408 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (OUver,* Abner/ Jonathan,* Jona- j 
than/ Jonathan,* John,*) was married in Lisle^ N. Y., May 9, 1832, ; 

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to Laura Bosworth, daughter of Judge Bosworth. He lived several 

years each in Brown and Chenango Counties, N. Y., where he was in 

trade; died in Clarinda, la. 


90& SARAH H.* 1>oni Janiury t, 183S; nurried February at. 1855, W- W. 

QOSk ELIZABETH L,* born May 9, 1837; married April it, i860, S. W- , 

91a ELMIRA,* born Jane 3, 1839; married March g, 1857. Alvin McCann. 

gil. GERALDINE,* bom April 9, 1843; married October tS, 1858, Nathan- 
iel Shurtleff. 

9t3. CHARLES,* born April it, 1849; died September 35, I88& 

4H GEORGE WHITCOMB/ (Oliver,' Abner,» Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,* ) lived in Buffalo, N. Y., from 1849, com- 
piling the city directoiy for over thir^ years. He was married ( 1 ) 
to Thankful D. Hubbard of South Bainbridge, March 20, 1842. She 
died November 23, 1853, and he was married (2) January 31, 1855, 
to Louise Miller, who died October i, 1866. He was married (3) to 
Mrs. Sarah Celia (Hayford) Denison, Mardi 15, 1867. She died 
September 12, 1879. He lives in Buffalo, N. Y. 

9t$. JOSEPHINE R..* bora January 7, 1843. South Bainbridce; married F. 

B. Lawrence; two children. 
914. GEORGE EUGENE,* born April ig, 1S45, Frattsvitic, N. Y.; resides 

Bu£Fxlo, N. Y.; unmarried. 
•^915, CHARLES H.* bom January 17, 1847, Cairo, N. Y. * | 

•gi6 JUSTUS,* bom May 5, 1849; died March ai, 1850, Buffalo. { 

917. EVERETT KOSSUTH,* born April 5, 1851, Buffalo; drowned in N. Y. 1 
Harbor, December is, 1871; body found May 34, 1873. 

418 JOHN GARDNER WHITCOMB,' (Eli,» Abner,» Jona- 

than,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was bom in Troy, Me. He went 
to Connecticut, thence to Boston, and thence to Western New York, 
where he was married at Courtland, September 19. 1836, to Marinda 
P. Howe. He was for many years a minister itinerant in the Metho- 
dist Church, preaching in many places in New York, Wisconsin and 

d by Google 


Illinois. He died in Memphis, Tenn., August 21, 1866. His widow 
resides at Lake Geneva, Wis. 

■>9i8. GEORGE GARY,* bora June 36. 1837, in New Bridge, N. Y. 
919- JOHN DEMPSTER,* born October, 1840; died March, 1841. Hunibkl, 

930. WILHELMINA ESTELLE,* born August, 1841, Bigfoot, Wis. 
921. HELEN EMOGENE,* bom October 3, 1846; died June 3, 1854. in 
Buton, Wia. 
4933. CHARLES GARDNER," bora May ao, 1849. 

419 IRA EPPS WHITCOMB,' (Ira Medes,» Abner/ Jona- 
than,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) is a carpenter in West Liberty, 
la. He was married ( I ) to ; (2) to ; he was regi- 
mental bugler in Gen. Grant's army in the Civil War. 

933. CLARA,* bora 1S53: married Ketley. 

934. HARVEY,* bora 1865; married and has one boy. 

422 ROBERT TAYLOR WHITCOMB,' (Ira Medes,* Ab- 
ner," Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ John,*) was married to Adeline 
Harrington. No further data. They lived at Itaska, N. Y. 

9aS- LUCY.* 
9*6. DELLA.* 
937. HATTIE.* j 

423 , JOHN MILTON WHITCOMB,' (Ira Medes,* Abner,*' 
Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) is a farmer; was maTTied' 
September 18, i860, to Mary Louisa Richards, who was bom in Smith- 
boro', N. Y., September 28, 1838; died June 25, 1893. He rendes' in 
Smithboro^ N. Y. 

■l«a& BENJAMIN RICHARDS,* bora September 39, iS6t. 
493» FORMAN ELMER.* 1 bora July 34. 186& 
4930. HERMAN EDWIN.* I ■■ ' ****** 

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4931. WARREN MILTON/ born October 4. 1870. 
493a, GURDON ALLEN,' born October 9, 187a. 
933. NATHANIEL JOHN.* bom February 13, 1878; unmarried; U ui 

487 GEORGE HENRY WHTTCOMB,' (David,' Abner.' j 

Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) removed with his father's ' 
family from Tcmpleton to Worcester in 1853; was graduated from 
Phillips Academy, Andover, Qass of i860, and from Amherst Col- 
lege in 1864. He was married October 11, 1865, to Abbie Miller 
Estabrook of Dayton, O., who was bom August 8, 1842. Thereafter 
for nearly thirty-five years his attention was given to the manufac- 
ture of envelopes in Worcester. He started in a modest way with a 
primitive machine in the fall of 1864; he was clerk, cutter, machine 
tender, padcer and shipper, and his wife in 1865 was his bookkeeper. . 
The first year he lost $1,000; the second, he made his living and $100; 
the third year the profit was $2,000 and thereafter continued to in- 
crease. In later years when returns were made mounting up into the I 
htindred thousand dollars he said it was his wife who cheered, in- | 
spired and enrouraged htm in the beginning when failure seemed in- 
evitable. The business soon outgrew the Walnut Street factory and 
it was removed to Bigelow Court, where 100,000 envelopes per day 
were made at first but the output gradually increased to 1,000,000. j 
Today the annual capadty is 450,000,000 envelopes. Mr. Whitcomb ' 
visited England and the continent in 1881, 1887 and 1891 ; he was for 
years a director of the First National Bank of Worcester, of the , 
Loan & Trust Company of Boston, of the State Bank of Sl John, 
Kansas, of the United States Coal & Oil Ca, the Standard Cattle Co., 
President of the Boston Raisin Co., trustee of several colleges and al- 
ways actively connected with educational and charitable organizations, 
and interested in the affairs of the Congregational Church. His first 
wife died June i, 1900, and he was married (2) Janttary 22, 1902, to 
Mrs. Eli23beth (Shannon) Wickwore of Seattle, Wash. The chil- 
dren were all bom in Worcester, Mass., where the family still reside. 

d by Google 



M4. FRANCIS CHAFFIN.' bom March 5, 1867; died Aupist is. 1867. 

935- ANNIE BOYNTON," bom October 22. 1868: died Much 38; 1871. 

4936. HENRY ESTABROOK,* bom August 18, 1871. 

937. MARGARET,* bom July ta, 1873. 

938. EMMA CAROLINE.* bora Pebraary a&, 1876. 

939. DAVID,* bom January 33, 1879. (Amherst College, 1900). 

940. ERNEST MILLER,* bom February 38, 188% (Amlierst College 1904). 

♦89 JOHN WHITCOMB.' (Samuel,' Samtrel,' Joseph/ Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,' John/ ) was married to Anntda Ovitt He is said 
to have removed from Bennington County, VL, to Enosbiu^, Vt, 
about 1803-4. He took up a large tract of timber land when Enosburg 
was unsettled. He cleared the land and followed farming tmtil his 
death, which occurred Ju!/ 36, 1870. His wife died January 24, 1840. 
Both are buried at Enosburg. Children all bom in Enosbiirg. 

941. LURENA P..* bora September is. 180& 

943. FANNY,* bom April 9, 1808. 
(H3. SOPHIA,* bora June 1% iSil. 

944. LUCY,* bora November 7, 1813. 

4945. HIRAM MARSHALL,* bora Febraary 3, 1817, Enosburg. Vt 

946. MARY P.,* bom December 33. 1819; was married in Eiiost>urs to 

Rufns L. Kellogg; died 1896. 

947. EMILY P..* bom July 33, 1833. 

440 MOSES WHITCOMB,' (Samuel." Samuel,* Joseph," 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was married in Bennington, Vt. about 
1810 to Rd)ecca Styles of Bennington. He served in the War of 
1813 and was called "Captain"; after the war dosed he fcdlowed 
farming in RufJert, Vt, where he died. His wife died in Pawlet, Vt 

948. AUSTIN,* bora September 31. tSii; residence in Piwlet, Vt 

949. OSCAR,* bora September 11. 1813. 

950. LUCINA,* bora February 3, 1819. 

951. SALOHA.* bom May 3, iSaa 
953. MOSES.* bora October 15. i8at. 
953. MARY S..* bom October 15. 1834. 

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441 ASHAEL WHITCOMB,' (Samuel," Samuel,' Joseph,* 

Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) was married November ii, l8io, in 
Enosburg, Vt., to Electa Carpenter who was bom June 25, 1794, in 
Hardwick, Vt He was a farmer in Enosburg, having removed there 
from Bennington with his brother John. They were Baptists. He 
died September 24, 1856, and she died April 16, 1857. 

954- SAMUEL.* bom April 30, iSis, Enosburg, Vl 

gSS. EL&IIRA,* bom June 9, 1814, Enosburg, Vt 

956. HARRIET,* born April 3, 1815; died in childhood. 

957. BENJAMIN,* born October 23, 1817, Enoiburg, Vt. 
4958. ORLOW,* born September 8, i8t8, Enosburg, Vt. 

959- AURILLA.* bora April 30, 1819. Enosburg, Vt. 

4960. DANIEL S.,* bom January ii, 1833, Enosburg, Vt 

961. LUCY,* bora April 17, i8a6, Enosburg. Vt. 

g6a. JOSEPH,* bom December 30, 1837, Enosburg, Vt. 

963. MOSES,* born January as, 1839 Enosburg. Vt. 

964. ASA,* bora December 14, 1830, Enosburg, Vt, 

965. HARRIET,* bom April 24, 1833, Enosburg. Vt.; married (l) to 

Chnpin, (7) to Albert Wells. 

966. MYNERVIA,* born March 15, 1833, Enosburg, Vt.; married to John 

Morway of Montgomery, Vt 

445 REUBEN WHITCOMB,' (Samuel,* Timothy,' Joseph,* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Susan Blanchard, of ' 
Re^sboro, Vt His occupation was farming. He removed from 
Massachusetts, perhaps first to New Hampshire then to Chandler's 
Valley, Pa., thence to New York State. He died in Leon, Cattaraugus 
County, N. Y., date unknown. His wife died in the same place. 

4967. ELISHA,* bora October 30, 1817, Chandler's Valley, Pa. 
91^1 RUFUS B.,* bom April 30, 1819. 

4969- JOEL BLANCHARD,* bom September 29. 1820, Chandler's Valley, Pa. 
970. MARY,* bom October 30, iSaa, Leon, N. Y. 
971- WILLIAM,* bom October 10, 1824, Levant, N. Y. 
4972. NEWELL,* bora November 10, 1826. Machias, N. Y.; died during Qvil 
973. ANNA.* bora May ao^ 1829^ Randolph, N. Y. 

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074. FANNIE,* bom Msy 21, 1833; last heard of in Springfield, IlL 

975. ALMIRA,* born October ^ 1835, Leon, N. Y. 

976. PHILENA,* born August 27. 183S, Leon, N. Y.; married to \ 


977. SARAH J-,* bom September aa, 1841, Leon, N. Y. 

449 LEVI WHITCOMB,' (Sanmd,« Timothy,' Joseph* Jona- 

than,' Jotiathan,' John,*) was married to Laura Oimsbee. who was 
bom in Richmond, N. H., January 10, 1807, and died in Monroe, 
Mass., October ii, 1871. They lived in Florida. Mass. He died No- 
vember 9, 1855, in North Adams, formerly called Florida, Mass. 

+978. STILLMAN.* born September 23, 1837, Florida, Mass. 

979. JULIA EMELINE,* bom May 30, 1829; died November 9, 1835. 

9S0. NATHAN,* bom October Z, 183a 

gSi. NATHANIEL,* bora February 25, 1832. 

982. JULIA ANNA,* born August 29^ 1837; married Darius Phelps. 
4983. SAMUEL,* born June 3$, 1844, Monroe, Mass. 
49S4. MYRON,* bora September a, 1846, Monroe, Mass. 

466 CYRUS WHITCOMB.' (Cyrus,« Cyrus,' Joseph,* Jona- 
than,' Jonathan,' John,' ) was married to Phodx , perhaps of . 

Brooklin^ Vt, and removed from Brookline to Townshend, Vt His 
first four children are recorded in Townshend. and probably all werej 
bom there, as Phoebe died in Townshend January i, 1822, aged forty 
years. Cyrus is said to have removed afterward to Cazenovia, N. Y., 
where he died May. 1850. 


985. PHOEBE,* bona Februarr 23. 1801, Townshend, Vt.; married 


986. POLLY,* born January 27, 1803, Townshend, Vt. 

987. HORACE,* bora March 16^ 1805, Townshend, Vt j 
49S8. ALANSON,* bora June 28, 1807, Townshend, Vt : 

989^ WILLIAM,* bora , 1809. ! 

9Q0. BENJAMIN, bora ', 1811; was a Methodist minister. 

4991, CYRUS,* bora ^ 1813, Townshend, Vt ] 

rus,' Joseph,* Jonathan.' Jonathan.' John.') was married to Sally 

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Potter Bennett in Putney, Vt, about 1807; she was bom May 26, 
1785, and died in Townshend, Vt, January 28, 1835; he was married 

(3) to Sarah Redding ; she died October 7, 1846. He was a 

farmer and died in Battle Creek, Mich., June 30, 1849. Religious be- 
lief, Methodist 

99a. ELLIOT P.,i born July 35, 1808, Vermont. 

993. SALLY POTTER,* bom September 28, 1810, Vermont; died Mirch 

22. 1873- 

994. JOEL DEMMING,* born September 30, 1812; lost at sea. 

905. JONATHAN WILDER,* born February 13, 1S15; died November 10, 

1879, Boston, 
99& LUCY LESTINA,* born April 7, 1817; died May 16, i8?i; married to 
Mr. Porter. 
+ 997. SAMUEL NEWTON,* bom April 38, 1819; died Norember il, 1887. 
+ 998. ORSON VALENTINE,* bom August 17, i8ai; went to Michigan. 
+ 999. WILLIAM LEROY,* bom October 14, 1825. Townshend, Vt. 
+1000. ASAHEL DERIAH,* bom October 34. 1828, Townshend, Vt. 

460 JONAS WHITCOMB.' (Cyrus," Cyrus,' Joseph,* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,' John,*) removed from Brookline to Townshend, Vt, 
where he was married to Susie Puffer, who was bom in Jamaica, Vt 
He was a farmer and died in Pennsylvania. 

+1001. ROSWELL,* born November a, iSis, Jamaica, Vt. 
1003; ROSILLA.* bom , Jamaica, Vt. 

1003. MORRISON,* bom , Jamaica, Vt.; last residence. Ft. Ann, N. Y. 

1004. LOUISIANA,* bom , Jamaica, VL; last residence, Townshend, 


1005. VARNUM,* bom , Jamaica, Vt; last residence, Jamaica, Vt 

100& LEMUEL,* bom 1 Jamaica, Vt.; last residence, Jamaica, Vt 

1007. ALONZO,* born , Jamaica, Vt; last residence, Pennsylvania. 

471 EDWARD A. WHITCOMB,' (Edward,' Robert,' Na- 

thanid,^ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in I.eRoy, Minn., 
to Mai^arct Amy Taylor, who was bora in Ulysses, N. Y., December 
3, 184a In religious belief they arc Presbyterians. He has been a 
soldier and a marshal; he is now a fanner and Rural Free Delivery: 
carrier. They reside in LeRoy. Minn. 

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tooS. FRANK W^ bom May 17. 1874. LcRoy. 
iooQl REUBEN E^ bora January 18, 1881, LeRoy. 

476 JOHN B. WHITCOMB/ (Robert," Rob«rt.» Nathanid,* 
Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) lived in Colfax, CaL; was married to 
; had a large and prosperous vineyard of Tokay grapes. 



476 THOMAS J. WHITCOMB,' (Thomas.' Thomas/ Na- 
thaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) died in Belfast, lAc, in 1884. 
He was married to Emery. 

101 1. GEORGE W.* 
fioi2. CHARLES H.,« born 1830 (?). 

1013. THOMAS OSCAR,* born ; died at Andersonville, N. C, June s, 

1864: was a soldier in Civil War in Co. T, 4th M. V. I. 

1014. WILLIAM H^« bora . 

1015. 3iIOS£S,* born ——; fell from a maintopmait and ms buried* in the 


1016. ANDREW.* born ; drowned in Sebasticook River. 

1017. ELIZABETH,* born ; drowned in Mooscbead Lake. 

lOiR MARIA,* bora . 

486 HOLLIS WHITCOMB,' (Charles,' Thomas,' Nathaniel,' 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John.* ) was married ( i ) in 1823 to Mary Friz- 
zell, who was bom in Starks, Me., July 30, 1799; she died July 8, 1828, 
Starks, He. He was married (2) to Abigail Kimball, October 14, 
1830. He lived in Mercer, Me. 

+1019. HENRY LEWIS,* bora January ift 1837, Starks. 
1-1020. CALVIN SELDEN,* bora July g, 1831. Mercer. Me. 
loai. HARRIET K.,* bora June 9, 1833; married Sylvtnus Gordon; fiv« chil- 
ion. MARY ANN,* born May la, 1841; died June 14, 1854. 
H02S. RUEL IC* bom November 13, 1843, Mercer, Me. 

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487 EMMONS WHITCOMB,' (Charies," Thomas," Nathan- 
iel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was married August 32, 1822, to 
Lydia Smith, who was bom October 30, 1804, and died March 8, 1861. 
He died March 10, 1885. 

1024. CAROLINE,* born September 33,' 1823; married Harrison G. O. 

ID35. ELIZA ANN,* bom July 18, 1S35; mBtried Thos. J. Weymouth. 
I03& JULIA,* bora January 30, iSsg; nnmarried. 

1097. HARRIET NEWELL,* bom June 35, 1831; married Solomon Adams. 
fioaS. EMMONS AUSTIN,* bom June 5, 1833- 
+1099. ALBERT,* born June 15, 1835. 
103a LYDIA,* born March 30, 1838; died September 20, 1S40. 
1031- GEORGE AUGUSTUS,* bom July 19, 1S41; kilted in service durios 
Civil War, May 38. 1864- 

1032. ASHER,* bora September i, 1846; died September 4, 1849. 

488 CHARLES WHITCOMB,' (Charles," Thomas,' Nathan- 
iel,* Jonathan,* Jonathan," John,*) was married to Sally Webber, Jan- 
uary 30, 18 — . She died . 


1033. HANNAH,* bom . 

1034. FRANCES,* bora . 

489 SEBA WHITCOMB,' (Charles," Thomas," Nathaniel,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married to Dorcas Pierce of Mos- 
cow, Me. He died 1884. 


1035. CHILD.* 

IQ3& SYLVIA D.,* was married to Roswell Whitcomb (496). 

1037. ACHSA.* 

1038. DEBORAH.* 
1039- SABRINA.* > 

490 ASHER WHITCOMB,' (Charles," Thomas," Nathaniel,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married December I, 1831, to 
Sarah Curtis of Mercer, Me. He died at Livermore Falls. Me., No- 
vember 30, 1887. 

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1040. MARY ELIZABETH,^ bom November 39, 1833; died October 3, 1893. 

1041. ELIZA ANN,* born May i. 1838. 

1)143. CHARLES G^* born March aa, ; lives in San PranciKO. 

1043. FANNY LAURETTA,* born July g, ; married Orlando Baker. 

4fl6 ROSWEIi WHITCOMB,' (Robert." Thomas,' Nathan- 

id,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Sylvia D. Whit- 
comb (1036). He died February 15, 1847. 


tiow. SAMUEL L^* born October so, 1835. 

1045. EDMOND H.,* bom May 7, 1827. 

1046. JOSHUA,* born August 25, 1828; died 1828. 

1047. JEFFERSON,* bom October 8^ 1839; died i346l 

1048. ROBERT,* born June 23, 1831. ' 

1049. SARAH,* born April 11, 1833; died 1846. 
loso. TILSON,* bora May 2, 1835; died 1846. 

1051. LOIS A.,* bom May 13, 1837. 

1052. HANNAH,* bora January 9, i84i' 

506 LORENZO WHITCOMB,' (Nathaniel,* Thomas,' Na- 
thaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was married to . 


1053- CLARA,* bom . 

1054- VIOLA,* born . 

1055. J bora . 

607 HORATIO B. WHITCOMB,' (Nathaniel," Thomas,' Na- 
thaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to 

1056. CAROLINE,* bom 184& 

1057. MANVILL,* bora 185a 

1058. FRED.* bora 1856. 

1059. NETTIE,* bora 1861. 

1060. MAMIE,* bora 1863- 

1061. CHARLES,* boraiSTi; 

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612 HEZEKIAH WHITCOMB/ (Si]as,« Silas," Nathaniel,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,' ) was a farmer, soldier and ship carpen- 
ter. He enlisted for service in the Civil War in 1862 and served until 
end of the war. He was wounded but recovered from his wound. -His 
last residence was Lawrence, Kans. He. was married in Thomdyke, 
October, 1831, to Salome Coffin, who was bom June 10, 1814, in 
Thomdyke, Me. Their religious belief was Free Baptist. Hezekiah 
died in Lawrence, Kan., in 1879, and Salome died in the same place 


106a. ARTHUR C* born October 17, 1833, Thorndyke, M«.: dI«dJn •errice 

during the Ovil War. < 

1063. MARY A.,» born June la, 1835, Thomdyke, Me. 

1064. ALBION H.,« bom M»y 24, 1837, Thomdyke, Me. 

1065. THURSTON,* bom March M, 1839, Thomdyke, Mc 

1066. COLUMBUS,* bora February a?, 1841, Thomdyke, Me. 

*1S JUUA 1*^'' } ^""^ J""'' ^^ '*«' '^''^'"*y'«' Me. 

1069. SARGENT S.,* born January 4, 1847, Thomdyke, Me. 

1070. LESLIE,* bom January 3, 1858; Thorndyke, Me. 

1071. LILY A..* bora September 14, 1854, Hampden, Me. 

613 PELATIAH WHITCOMB,' (Silas," Silas.' Nathaniel,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married to . Resi- 
dence, Maine. He died in Etna, Maine. 

107a. SON," born ; »enred ia CiTil War. 

1073. SON,* bora ; aenred in Civil War. 

1074. SON,* bom i serred in CiyU War. 

1075. DAUGHTER,* bora . 

1076. DAUGHTER.* bora . 

616 JOSEPH WHITCOMB/ (Silas,* Silas,' Nathaniel,* Jon- 

athan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was married in Uni^, Maine, June 35, ' 
1836, to Syrena Mitchell, who was bom in Unity, January i, 1815. 
He was a Baptist in religious belief, and his occupation was fanning. 

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He died in Minneapolis, Minn., June 14, 1883. She was a Methodist 
and resided in Minneapolis, where she died March 4, 1904. 

1077. MARY JANE,' born M»y a, 1837, Thorodyke, Me.; nurried 1 

+1078. SAMUEL BENSON,' bora November 17, 1838, Tbomdyke, Me. 
+1079. GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS,' bom Apgust 14. 1841. Tbomdyke, Mt 
1080. JOSEPH MITCHELL,' bom July 16, 184a, Thorndyke. Me. 
+1081. ALBERT LEWIS.' bora December 25, 1S44. Thorndyke, Me. 
io8a. AUGUSTA LUCRETIA,' bora February 28. 1848. Thorndyke, Me.; 

married - Smith. 

1083. CHARLES FRANCIS,* bora March 4. 1851; Thoradyke, Me.; married 
May Nelson; no children; resides Salem, Ore. 

617 ABRAHAM WHITCOMB.' (Abram,« Wiinam," Eph- 

raim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married November 28, 1806, 
to Rebecca Shattuck, who was bom Mardi 30, 1781, and died Novem- 
ber 30, 1846. He died August 12, 1873, aged ntnety-two years and 
two months. They lived in Stow, Mass. 

1-1084. JOSEPH,* bora November 39, 1S07. 
1085. MARY,* born March 27, 1809; died August S. 1830. 

1056. BENJAMIN,"* bom January 35, 1812; died March ti, 1877; unmar- 

ried; insane; suicide. 

1057. MERCY K.,* bora October ai, 1813: married December 34, 183$*, 

Joseph C Brown, of Princeton, Mass. 
-l'io88. JAMES,* bora October 22, 1817. 
1089. JOHN,' bom March 4, 1819; died August 4. 1884; unmarried. 
109a MARTHA,' bora April 27, iSai; married Luke Goodnow, of Stow, 

Mass., November, 1851. 

619 ASA WHITCOMB,* (Abram,* WiUiam.' Ephraim,* Jon- 

athan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married to Betsey, dauj^ter of John 

•Tber* UMd t» be an old man who lived In Btow when I was a youncatar whemi 
we ua*d to call "Cranr Bin." Ha was conaMwablr all, w elM ratbar Meantrle. Hal 
waa a gnaX rldar on boraabaek and vould, wbMi dackMl out in hla T«(lnMntal^ bava. 
aomatlmaa two aworda atrappad to hla walat, earn taaaala In Ua bat. ribbons atraam-j 
Ibk apaulata, atOL. loo nvmwr^na to mantlon. Ha waa a flna rider and would so ovaK 
daida. woods, ato., aearlnf the timid and enjeirliis blmsalt nueh. <& A. O.) 

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Eveleth, published September i8, 1808. He was called "Captain." He 
was killed in the woods by a falling tree, January 19, 1821. His 
widow's dower of $620 was set off Aprif 9, 1822; the estate, house; 
farm and wood lot were appraised at $1,860. They resided in Prince- 
ton, Mass. 


logi. MARIA,* born December 19, 180B; died August 24, 1809. 
logx ANN ELIZABETH,* bom Aagutt i(^ 1811; married Lewit Went- 
woTth, Boston. 

1093. ABIGAIL,* bom February 10, 1814; married Willtsm Whitcomb (595). 

1094. SON,* died February lo, 1814. 

1095. ASA,* bom May 23, 1817; married May 3, 1843, Sarah Gates, daughter 

of Noah Gatet. of Stow, Maas. 

1096. FRANCIS,* bora April 10, tSao; died January 31, 1879, Maiden, Mass. 

520 JONATHAN WHITCOMB/ (Abram,* WiUlam," 

Ephraim,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,* John,') was published to Abigail 
Keyes of Princeton, Mass., October 9, 1816. He died October 29, 
1824. Residence Stow, Mass. 

I007> REBECCA F.,* bom September 14, 1818; died March 23, i88x 
+10^ WILUAM HAHTWELL,* bora November n, iSm. 

626 WILLIAM WHITCOMB,' (Abram,« William,* Ephraim,* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,' ) was married to Abigail Wbitromb , 
(1093). He died January 29, 1846, in Stow. Mass., where his fam* [ 
ily resided. 


1099. , bora; died in infancy. 


iam,' Ephraim,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in 1816 
to Eliza Orange Wadsworth Osgood, who was bom December 9, 1799, 
in Gardner, Mass. He was a farmer in Terapleton, Mass. He died 
March 14, 1832. She died at Templeton, September 13, 1829. 

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JONATHAN OSGOOD,* born May zi. iSr?, Templeton: died De- 
cember 38, 1888; unmairied. 

HARRIET ELIZA,* bora April at, 1819^ Templeton; married Rev. 
J. A. Hart; died April 30, iSSg. 

JOSHUA MORTIMER,* born April aj, 1821. Templeton. 

CHARLES WADSWORTH,* bom May i, 1823. Templeton. 

RUFUS,* born probably about 1S35; died at Templeton. Matt. 

5S6 MOSES WHITCOMB,' (Moses,* Ephraim,» Ephraim,* 

Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jolin,*) was married to Martha Cotton, pub- 
lished November 30, 1817. He died March 3, 1876; she died Septem- 
ber 15, 1883, aged eighty-four years and four months. They lived in 
Boxboro, Mass. 

1105. HANNAH,* born March 27. iSiSi married (i) in 1839, John H. Pro- 
ton; (3) in 1863, Simon Blanchard (3) in 1874 Levi Conant. 

tio6. INFANT.* born ; died January 30. 1820. 

1107. EPHRAIM.* born September 11, i8»; died February 33, 18^ 
tioS. MARTHA ANN,* bom Au^uit 23, 1824; died August 3&, 1839. 
+1109. MOSES EDWIN,* born Auguat 10, 1838. 
ma ANN MARIA,* bom October 14, 1833; intention of marritge poblithed 

to O. R. Wood of Honolulu. August, 1853; 
int. CAROLINE A.,* bora May 10, 1S35; married Augustus Wbitcomb 
Hosmer; two children. 
+1113. FRANK H.,* bora January 7, 1838. 

640 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (Moses,* Ephraim,' Ephrwm/ 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,^) was called "Colonel." He was mar- 
ried in 1834 to Sarah Ann Emery, who died January 11, 1873, aged 
fifty-eight years arid seven months. He died February 26, 1881, in 
Boxboro, Mass. 

+1113. NATHANIEL EMERY,* bom 183& 
+I114. JOHN,* bora 183& 

II15. M^ARIA,* bora 1841; married [867, Charies E. Smith; no chHdren. 

111& JAMES,* born 1847; waa married to Edna Leors Whitcomb (1151), 
April 4, 1870; no children. 


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644 PAUL HAYWARD WHITCOMB/ (Moses,' Ephraini,* 

Ephraim,* Jonathan," Jonathan,' John,*) was married January 4, 
1837, to Hannah Bent He died March 11, 1875. She resides at 
West Acton, Mass. , 


1117. ELLEN AUGUSTA,* bom Febraary 9, 1839; died Febraaiy la, 1843. 
+liia CHARLES HENRY,* bora Angnst 4. 1844- 

iiig. GEORGE HERBERT,* born Majr ao, 1849; died April 30, 1873. 

546 DANIEL WHITCOMB,' (Moses." Ephraim," Ephraim,* 

Jonathan," Jonathan," John,*) is a farmer in Boxboro, Mass. He 
was married October 14, 1840, to Martha Ann Whitcomb (550). 

II90. JAMES HENRY,* born December zi, 1840: died in service durins 

Gvil War. 
tisi. INFANT,* bom 1843; died 1843- 
*iiaa. JOHN HAYWARD,* born June it, 1846. 
1133. BETSEY MARIA,* bora October i, 1847; married Albert Walker. 

1124. CHILD,* bora —; died in infancy. 

lias. SARAH CARRIE,* bora ; married Priest of Harvard, 

iia6. EMMA,* bora ; died young. 

1137. ELLA,* bora — — ; married Marslinl Wilder of Clinton; two children, 

548 REUBEN WHITCOMB/ (Reuben," Ephraim." Ephraim,* 

Jonathan," Jonathan," John,*) was married to Abby F. Wetherbce 
who died February 15, 1880, agol sixty-seven. He died April 18, 
1861. He was very liberal in his ^fts to reli^ous societies. They 
lived in Boxboro or Harvard, Mass. 


1138. EDWARD PAYSON,* born Ausnst 36, 1832; died August 39, 1833. 

1139. EDWARD PAYSON,* born May 16, 1834; died August t7, 1850- 
113a MARY MERCY,* bora October 3. 1844. 

667 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB,' (Samuel," Ephraim." Eph- 

nim,* Jonathan," Jonathan," John,') was married to Sally Wether- 
bee, intention published March 25, 1823. She was bom October 7, 


d by Google 


1798. and died December 10, 1875. He died January 18, 1839. They 
lived in Boxboro, Mass. 


1131. LYDIA E.,* horn Pebntzry ag, 1S24; died March 18^ 1834. 
+1133. GEORGE SYLVESTER.* bora May 39, 1835. ' 

+II33- SAMUEL WETHERBEE,* bom Octobfr 9, 1827- 
+1134- EPHRAIM EDWIN,* bora March 7. 1830. i 

II3S- JOHN REED,* bora October 16, 1833; died June 8, 1834. 

1136. SARAH E.,* born November i, 1833; died January, 1838. 

1137. ERI C* bora May 19, 1839; died March s. 1840^ 

568 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,' (Samuel,* Ephraim,' Eph- 

raim/ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married November 30, 1826, 
to Mary, daughter of Poulter and Molly (Hartwell) Read of Uttle- 
toD. 2b[ass., who was bom March 29, tSaz, and died December 6, 1865. 
He was a farmer. He died July 27, 1853. They resided in Littleton, 

+it3& ALLEN PORTER,* born September 21, 1827. 
ttijo. OLIVER ADAMS,* born November 33, 1839. 
114a LYDIA ANN,* bora December a; 1831; was married to George 

Wright; eight children. 
1141. MARIANNE,* bora November i\, 1833; was married April 37, 1854, to 
John Hartwell. 

1143. HARRIET F.,* born Fet>ruary 12, 1836; married Boyntoo Needham; 

three children. 
♦1143. NAHUM HARWOOD,* bora July 29. 1838. | 

1144. ABIAH H..* bom November 36, 1842; married Albert Robbina. 

660 OUVER WHITCOMB,^ (Samuel," Ephraira," Ephraim,* ! 

Jonathan,* Jonath^,* John,' ) was married to Anna Gates. He died ' 
June 24, 1887. Th^ resided in Littleton, Mass. 


1145. ANN ELIZABETH,* bora May 3. 1840: died July 4. t84S 

660 STILLMAN WHITCOMB,' (Peter.* Ephraim,' Eph- ■ 

raim.' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Adeline H. i 

d by Google 


Priest, November 28, 1833. She died June 18, 1848, aged thirty-eight 
years. He died August 6, 184a They lived in Boxboro, Mass. 

1146. ANNE MARIA,* born ; married Ord Reed Wood of Honolulu, 

publiafaed 1853. 

1147. CHARLES AUSTIN.* bom 1837; died NoTember 23, i860: un- 


568 PETER WHITCOMB,' (Peter," Ephraim,' Ephraim,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan," John,*) was married January 2, 1840, to Betsey 
Mead, who was bom November 10, 1815. They resided in Box- 
boro, Mass. 

+114& ALFRED AUGUSTINE,* bora November 11, 1841. 

569 GRANVILLE WHITCOMB,' (Peter," Ephraim,* Eph- 
nim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,^) was married March 4, 1841, to 
Caroline Hoar, who was bom in Boxboro, March i, 1820. He was 
a fanner and died in Fitchburg, Mass. 

+1149. AUGUSTUS GRANVILLE,* bom February 15, 1843, Boxboro. 
+iiSa ELWYN HARTWELL,* bora Febraary 8, 1845. 
list. EDNA'LEORA,* bom February 11, 1847: married James Whiteomb; 

(tii6), residence Fitcliburg, Mass. 
1153. CAROLINE LOUISE,* bora April 27, 1849; married Thos. Steele; 
residence Red Bank, N. J. ' 

1153. MIRA RAYMOND,* bom September 8, i8si; residence Woburii, 
+II54- CLARENCE PERCIVAL,* born December 37. 1854. 
+1155- FRANKLIN PIERCE,* bom January ao, 1858. 

1156. CHARLES AUSTIN,* *) unmarried; Fitchburg; vitrfinist 

> bora March 3, 1861. 

1157. EVELYN MARY.* J residtnce Everett, Mass. 

670 MERRILL WHITCOMB,' (Peter," Ephraim,' Ephraim,* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) to Hannah Skelton, 
April 25, 1843, daughter of David and Hannah Skelton of Burling^ : 
tcm, Mass. She died March 20, 1859, and he was married (2) Feb- 

d by Google 


ruary 22, i860, to her sister Luanda Skelton. He died November iZ, 
1888. They lived in Charleston, Mass. 


IIS& EMMA F>,* born Novembfr 1% 1844. 

1159. HELENA,* born August 18, 1851; died March 3. 1858. 

\\6o. GEORGE MERRILL,* born August 6, 1836; died April 6; 1858. 

iifit. GEORGE MERRILL,* bom Jdy 15, i860; was married October 31, 
1885, to Mary R. Wetherbee; no children. 

116a. ISABELLA,* born November ti, 1864. 

1163. HARRY,* bom April 23, 1867; unmarried. 

875 JOEL WHITCOMB.T (JoeI,« Ephraim," Ephraim,* Jona- 

than,' Jonathan,' John,') is a laborer. He was married (i) to Eliza 
Jane, daughter of Asa and Eliza (Oakman) Ferley, and (2) to Mrs. 
Lydia (Jaoibs) Schofield, daughter of Silas Jacobs. They reside in 
West Acton, Mass. 

Iiti4- ELLA ELIZA,* born February 15, 1851. 

578 PARMENAS WHITCOMB,' (Benjamin,* Jacob," Ben- 

jamin,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) was called "Deaosn"; he was 
married (i) to Rua Hurd, February 27, 1822; she was bom February 
4, 1798, and died December 15, 1862; he was married (2) June 13, 
1865, to Orpha Keith, who died December 3, 1867; he was married 
(3) to Lydia Nrttleton, September 2, 1S70; she was bom May 26, 
1796, and died February 14, 1879. They lived in Northville, N. H. 

■l-ti6S- RUEL,* bom December ao, iS». 

111S6. SARAH AI^,* born January 18, 1837; married James Emeraon; threej 
children. She died September 16, i86x ' 

+1167. PARMENAS HURD,* bom April 13. 1830. 

it68L LYDIA,* bom June 33, 1835; married Willard Morse of Sharon; two 
chitdren; they reside in Iilinneapolts, Minn. i 

682 IMRI WHITCOMB,' Qolm,' Jacob,' Benjamin,* Jona- 

than,* Jonathan,' John,* ) lived with his father in Henniker, N. H. He 

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was married to Mary, daughter of Ezekiel and Catharine (Farrington) 
Conner, who was bom December 3, 18.12, and died December 10, 1854. 
He was accidentally killed in the woods by a falling tree February 10, 


-iif^ MARY L..* bom September 5, 183S. I 

117CL WILLIAM H.," born December i, 1839. 

ti7t- MARIA E^* born August la, 1841; married Levi Woodbury, died 
August, 1869. 

117a. PAULINA S^* born June i3, 1846; married Levi Woodbury. 

680 FRANCIS WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan.* Jacob," Benja- 

min,* Jonathan/ Jonathan,' John') was married March 5, 1844, to 
Hannah I., daughter of Moses and Satly (Cass) Stevens of Enfield, 
N. H. He died in Claremont, N. H., August 39. 1885. 

+1173. GEORGE FRANCIS,' bom February 3, 1846. 
II74. MARY ELIZA,* born September 3, 1851; unmarried. 


Charles Augustus,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was 
married October 13, 1823, to Sabrina Duel, who was bom December 
6, 1799, and died December 11, 1S76. He died March 21, i860. 
Their residence was in Granville, N. Y. 

+1175. CHARLES JUDSON,* bom April 27, 1824. 
117& DEBORAH,* bore November 18, 1835. 

ti77- SARAH BROWN.* bom October 30, 1827; married Aaron Good- 
■peed, March 31, 1861; one son, George Aaron Goodspeed; residence 
in Granville, N. Y.; druggist 
II78. JANETTE LADONA,* bom October 37. 1839; died January 38, 1847. 
1170. HARRIET S.,* bom October 5, 1831: died August 25, 1833. 
1180. EZRA BENJAMIN,* bora December is, 1834; drowned in Lake St. 
Catherine, Wells, VU, June 6, 1861. 
4il8i. GEORGE AVERY,* bora October 33, 1837. 
I183. CLARA SARGENT," born April to, 1849 (adopted). 


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601 HIRAM BROWN WHITCOMB,' (Silas Hale,* Charles 

Augustus," Benjamin,* Jonathan," Jonatfian,' John,*) was married' 
May 1 6, 1835, at Friendship. N. Y., to Anna E. Dowd. He died 
May 7, 1852, and his widow was married, March 5, 1836, to Abram 
Swartwood of Belmont, N. Y. She died in Wadsworth, O., Decem- 
ber 28, 1879. 




BENJAMIN F. D^* born and died June aS, 1836. 

MAHALA ELIZABETH.* bora October 4. 183& 

SUSAN ABIGAIL,* born October 07, 1S42. 

CYNTHIA DIANA,* born August 8, 1845; died June 2, 184& 

LUCY VIENNA,* bom July 17, 1847; unmarried, Cleveland, Ohia 

fliS NATHANIEL WHITCOMB,» (Stephen,* Reuben,* Ben- 

jamin,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Harriet Jane 
Derby in 1831. She was bom in Persia, N. Y., and died in Gowanda 
in 1852 or 1857; he was a farmer in Parma, N. Y., for awhile and 
died there in :884. 

+ti88. JAMES MONROE.* born July 23, 1834. Persia, N. Y. , 

1189. LUCY,* born September », 1840, Otto, N. Y. ; 

iiga OLIVE ,' bo rn Majr ai, 1842, Kingston, Ont | 

1191. DAUGHTER.* bora ; died in infancy. ! 

■192. DAUGHTER,* born ; died in infancy. 

616 JOSIAH WHITCOMB,' (Stephen,* Reuben,* Benjamfai.* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in Villenova, N. Y., June 
29, 1829, to Ruth Goldthwaite, who was bom in Sutton, Mass., Feb- 
ruary 5, 181 1. He was a merdiant in New Albion. N. Y.. where be 
died. His widow survived him a few years in New Albion. 

1193- JEFFERSON,* bom 1830^ New Albion, N. Y. 

1194- LOVINA G,* bom ^ New Albion, N. Y. 

lt9S LYDIA R..* bora ■, New Albion, N. Y. 

119& FRANCIS D..* bora , New Albion. R Y. 

1 197- BURT.* bom April to^ 1839. New Albion, N. Y.; UDmarried. 
I19& CULVER E^* bom , Hew Albion, R Y. 

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+1199. WESLEY EBER.* born March 3. iS44. New Albion. N. Y. 
i3oa FLOREirCE I-,* bom March 27, 1845, New Albion, N. Y. 
1301. FLORENTINE A,* bora AprU 16, 1848. Hew Albion, N. Y. 

6i6 STEPHEN WHITCOMB,' (Stephen," Reuben." Benja- 
min,* Jonathan,' J<mathan," John,*) was married to ; ! 

removed to New York. In 1887 he was still living at Gowanda, N. Y. 


*iaoa. IRA,* bom Pcbmary ti, 1831. 

680 LEVI WHITCOMB,' (Levi,* Reuben,' Benjamin,* Jona- 
than,' Jonathan,* John,*) was married to . He mherited the 

Whitcomb Hill Farm in Washington, Vt., where he lived, raised his 
family and died. Dates wanting. 

+1303. LEVI,* bora March 13, 1817. i 

•, born . 

— , bom 
•, born 
■, bom 

687 SYLVESTER G. WHITCOMB,' (Simeon,* Reuben,' 

Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married December 5, 
1843. to Harriet C Fisher, who was bom April 26, 1823, in Hyde 
Park. Vt He died in Hyde Park, December 24, 1882. He was a 
fanner and carpenter. 


taa/T. MARY E,* bora August 21, 1844. 

+1308L LYMAN S.,* born November 30, 1845. 

+iao9. SOLON S.,* bora April 14, 1847. 

+iaia ALBERT M.,* born December 7, 1848. 

tiaii. CHARLES £,* born October 33, 1851. 

ista. CARLOS F.,* born April 4, 1853; died in iiifancy. 

M13. ANDREW C,* bora 1854; died young. 

+1314. WILLAKD MYRON,* bom Angnsr t, 1856. 

1315. MYRON,* bora November, 1858; died in tofancr. 

t3iti. HERBERT A-,* bora November 15, t86o. 

tai7. HATTIE A.,* bora November 14, 1861. 


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643 IRA B. WHITCOMBJ (Darius,* Simeon,* Benjamin.* 

Jonatlian,* Jonathan,' John/) was married March 4, 1S19, to Eliza- 
beth Caldwell of Henniker, N. H. His wife died April 6, 1852, and 
in 1874, be moved to Goffstown, N. H., to live with his daughter. He 
died October 25, 1876. 


1218. LOIS,* born January it, 1820; died January 18, i844. 

iai9. CARLOS,* born July 18, 1822; died June 17, 1842. 

1320. ELIZABETH,* born June 11. 1835; was married December 24, 1857, to 
Abram Colburn of Goffstown, N. H.; one son. . 

044 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB,' (Darius,* Simeon,* Benj'a- 

min,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married December 30, 1819, 
to Jane Wilkins of Stow. He died in Berlin in March, 1844. No 
record of children. 

646 PLINY WHITCOMB/ (Darius,* Simeon,* Benjamin,* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in 1831 to Edna, daughter 
of Samuel and Edna (Little) Eastman of Henniker, N. H. She 
was bom March 2, 1804, and died May 18, 1875. He died in Berlin, 
Mass., March 9, 1842, and his widow married David Ray; the banns 
were published March 22, 1S46. 


I33t. ELIZA JANE,* born September, 1832. 

I22X LOIS ANN,* born May. 1834; married Joseph E. Wbitcomb (698). 

1223. MERCY MARIA,* bom February, 183& 

1224. ELMIRA,* bom November. 1838; married Dexter Wfaitcomb (659}. 
I23S- LUCINDA,* bom December, 1840. 

658 JAMES MONROE WHITCOMB,' (EUjah,* Benjamin.* 

Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) lived in Canada; was mar- 
ried (i) to Elizabeth L. Wheeler, February 8, 1846. She died Sep- 
tember 16, 1870; married (2) to Harriet F. Plaisted, May 20, 1877. 

I3a& GEORGE H.,* bom July 3$, 1846. 

1237. MARY F.,* bora September 14, 1847; died young. 


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laaS. ARTHUR /.,• born August 33, 1851; died February 17, 1871. 
1239- BURTON,* born December 16, 1855; residence, L«wrencc, Miss, 

1230. IRVING,* born August 27, 1859, Lowell, MaiB. 

esg DEXTER WHITCOMB/ (Zaccheus.« Benjamin," Benja- 

min,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) to Emily A. 
Tilton, December 2, 183a She was bom June 19, 1813, and died 
January 20, 1881, Chicago. He was married (2) to Elmira Whit- 
comb ( 1224) . He was a shoemaker and mechanic and for many years 
resided in Kent, O., where his children were bOTn. He died in Hen- 
niker, N. H., in 1904. His first wife was a relative of Theodore Til- 
ton, the writer and editor. 


1231. HARRIET M.,* bom April 9, 1832; was married October 3, 1865, in 

Kent, Ohio, to Jacob S. Haymalcer; three children. 
+1233- GEORGE DEXTER,* born May 13, 1834. 
1233. JEROMiE H.,* bom January 8, 1837; died May 3, 1837. 
1234- JEROME S.,* bom April 10, 1S39; killed by a falling tree. 
1235. HENRY O.,* born July 10, 1841; died June i, 1857. 
133& ELIZABETH SUSAN.* bora Anguit 30, 1843; married J. Beatty; 
three children. 
+1337. EDWIN W,* bom July 3, 1850, Kent, Ohio. 
+I23a FRANK W.,* born December 27. 1852^ 

660 LUKE HALE WHITCOMB,' (2accheus,« Benjamin,* 

Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) removed to Brandon with 
his parents when 13 years old and learned the cabinet trade; then en- 
gaged in business in Rutland, Vt, where he was married May 26, 1831, 
to Abigail McConnelL In 1836 he removed to G>ldwater, Mich., 

where he resided until his death . He had tlie largest sash, 

door and blind factory in that part of the state. Luke Whitcomb was 
' a fine musician; he was a member of the 'first brass band organized 
in Coldwater, taught the first singing school and for ten years was 
chorister in one of the churches. He served as Alderman in Cold- 
water. He was a lifelong church member, uniting with the Congre- 

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gational Church in Rutiand and with the Presbyterian Church in Cold- 
water. His wife died in Bavaria, Salene Co., Kansas. 
1239. MARION B.,* hom 1831-2, Rutland, VL; married CapL Georfc Haw- 
ley; three cfaildrea. 
134a SARAH,* born January 4, 1834, Rntland, Vl.; married A. A. Parrith; 

•even children. 
1341. WILLIAM WALLACE.* born Rutland, Vt.; married. Children (?). 

1243. LAURA,* bom » Coldwatcr, Mich 

♦1243. EDWIN PARRISH,* bom ^ Coldwater. Mich. 

1244. MARCELLUS LUKE.* bora . Coldwater, Mich. 

066 THOMAS J. WHITCOMB,' (Abel." Benjamin," Benja- 

min,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was married (1) October 10, 
1847, to Maria Homer of Eden, Me. She died June 3, iS^c^ and he 
was married (3) to Elizabeth Mason of V^lton, N. H. Their resi- 
dence was Temple, N. H. 


689 OSCAR B. WHITCOMB,' (Abel.« Benjamin,' Benja- 

min,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married April 17, 1850, to 
Lorenzo H. Boyd of Francistown, N. H. They removed to Mount 
Auburn, la., where they still reside (1904). 


GEORGE H.,* bom June 22, 1851; died August 31, 1853. 
MARIA F.,* bom June 15, 1858.. 
EMMA L..* bora April 19, 1863. 

670 LUTHER H. WHITCOMB,' (Abel,« Benjamin,' Benja- 

min,* Jonathan,' Jotiathan,* John,*) lived in the family of Isaac Rice 
of Henniker until he was twenty-one years of age, when he went to 
Manchester, N. H., but after a few years, he returned to Henniker, 
whore he was a thrifty farmer. He was an excellent nnisidan. He 
was married April 2, 1853, to Ann J. Welch, dai^hter of Joseph and 
Asenath Welch of Shipton, Canada East 


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1350. ELLA F.,* bom October 4, 1854; married Dr. Stone of Aycr, Mast. 

lasi. SUMNER F.,* born November 17. 1856; died March 30, 1863. 

1353; MARIETTA JT.,* bom Augiist 15, 1859. 

US3- JENNIE W.,* born March ai, 186a. 

1954. CHARLES S. V^' bom July 18, 1864; physidan; married; no children. 

1355. CARRIE A..* bora November 20, i860 or 1866. 

678 WILUAM WHITCOMB,' (Abel,' Benjamin.' Benja- 

min,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,' John/) was married July 4, 1851, tD 
Henrietta H. Hastings of Winchendon. Mass. Resided in Philadel- 


I35& HENRY H.,* bora June 3. tSsS- 

674 EBEN D. WHITCOMB,' {Joe!,« Benjamin," Benjamin,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was a very fine violinist Lived in 
Cambridge, N. Y. No further record. 
1357. DARWIN £..■ bora ; attoraey. Cambridge, N. Y. 

678 CLARK WHITCOMB,' (Daniel,' Benjamin,' Benjamin,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was a fanner and wheelwright. He 
was married July 25, 1844, to Harriet Melvin, who was bom No* 
vember 13, 1821, He died in Bradford, N. H., November 20, 189a 
She died in Warner, N. H. 

135a ELLEN FRANCES,* bora September 16^ 184s: died July 23, 1S6S. 
+1359. FRANK LAWTON." born June 3. i8sr. 

1360. HARRIET,* bora January 19, 1858; died June 15, 1874. 

1361. SON,* bora ; died young. 

679 LORENZO KELSEY WHITCOMB,' (Darnel,* Benja- 
min,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married June 26, 
1852, to Caroline N. Morrison, who was born in Alstead, N. H., De- 

d by Google 


cember 23, 1824. Th^ removed from HHIsboro, N. H., to Somer- 
ville, Mass. He was a baker by trad& 

lafia. •, born ; died . 

ia6j. ■, bom ; died ^ 

1364. ALONZO VL,* bom April 16^ 1855; died Pebraarjr tfi, 1857. 

1365- GEORGE,* bora HoTeraber at, 1856; died December ag, t8s& 
+1266. WILLIAM H.,« born February 2. 1859. 

1367. NELLIE C* born Septetmber 24, i860: died March g. t86i. 

1268. CARRIE A.,* bora November 19, 1862; waa married September 14, 
18S7, to Charles H. Fox, bora June 2S, 1866; no children. 

680 JOHN LAWTON WHITCOMB,' (Daniel,* Benjamin.* 

Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) to Mary 
Maria Gibson, March 8, 1849. She died in Boston, Mardi 2, 1850. 
He was married (2) to Amelia Sophia Austin, who died March 8, 
1869. He was a patternmaker and a farmer. He lived in Boston 
about thirty years, and since 1S76 on the old homestead in HiUsboro 
Bridge, N. H. 

+19^ CHARLES EDWIN,* born January 19, 1850. 

1270. EMMA SOPHIA,* bom Augnst 19, i8s& 

1271. MARY LIZZIE,* bora April 3, 1859^ 

1272. SUSAN AMELIA,* bora March 2, 1869; died March 7. 1869. 

683 WILUAM HENRY WHITCOMB,' (William,* Benja- 

min,* Benjamin,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,* John,*) was married — — 
to Prudence Woodard. He died at Scio, N. Y., 1S65. 

1273- WILLIAM,* bora : dead. 

1274. BONA,* bom - 

127s FRANK,* bora - 

1276. IDA,* bom 

1277. EMMA,* bora — 

1278. JARIAH,* born - 

1279. OLLIE,* bora — 
taSo. ,* bora 

1281. ,• bora — — 

1282. ,* bom 

— ; retidence, St. Mar/s Ohio. 

; married Osterhout 

— ; married — ^-^ Reutch. 

— — ; residence, Andover, N. Y. 

— ; residence^ Andover, N. Y. 

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684 HARVEY WHITCOMB,' (William,* Benjamin,' Benja- 
min,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,^) was married ; was killed 

in sawmill in 1833, in Scto, N. Y. 

+1283. CYRUS,' bora ; residence, Richburg, N. Y. 

685 JOHN NORTON WHITCOMB,' (William," Benjamin,' I 
Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married February 14, ' 
1859, to Armenia Tidd, who was born September 8, 1833. Thejr 
were married by Rev. Mr. Rosa at Wellsville, N. Y. She died May 
15, 1898. He is a brJckmaker. He resides in AUenton, N. Y. 

1384. WILLIAM HARVEY.* born December 19, 1859; mirried August! 

Eunice Kellogg «t Rusbford, 1883: no children. 
1285. FRANKLIN OLIVER,* bom December t, 1861; killed by cars June, 

1x86. MINNIE BELL,* bom November i, 1870; died of diplitherii Febnisry 

10, 1872. 

687 OLIVER WHITCOMB,' (Williani,' Benjamin,' Benja- 
min,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married October i, 1856, in 
Ogdensburg, Fa., to Ellen Carter, who was bom November 17, 1838, 
in Artteypool, Eng. He manufactures brick and owns a store for 
the sale of brick, glass, etc., in I^eavenworth, Ind. 


1287. OLIVER NORTON,* bora August 19, iS6o, Leavenworth, Ind. 

1288. GENEVA JOANNA,* bora April 14, 1868; Leavenworth, It<d. 
1389. ORRISON CARTER,* bora April jo, 1S72, Leavenworth, Ind. 

1290. WILLIAM FRANCE,* bom April 34, 1877, Leavenworth, Ind. 

1291. URANIA ELLEN,* bora August ^, 1881, Leavenworth, Ind. 

jamin,' Benjamin,* Jonathan.'. Jonathan,* John,') was married in 
Naples, N. Y., December 13, 1857, to Adeline Stephenson, who died 
in Rochester, Minn. He was a farmer and brickmaker. He lives in 
Shing^ House^ Pa. 


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139a. ARDILLA,* bom October, 1858; resides Rochester, Minn, 
lags. MELVINA.i bom March, i860; resides Billings, Mont. 
I3g4. VOLNEY,* bora July tj. 1862; married B. Frier; no children. 
1395. BENJAlilH,* born 1864; traourried; brickmaker; resides Rochetteft < 
Minn. I 

ia9& FRED,* bora 1868: fanner; unmarried; resides Rochester, Uinn. 

1297. LILLY ESTHER,^ born 1871; resides Rochester, Minn. 

1298. HARVEY,* bom 1873; farmer; tinmarried; resides Rochester, Minn. ; 

689 EDWARD WHITCOMB,' (William/ Benjamin,' Ben- 
jamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was married in Naples, N. Y., 
December 25, 1865, to Sophia Harris. She was born September 19, 
1846. Mr. Whitcomb removed to Minnesota (Rochester) with his 
twin brother, Edwin, and built up a large business in the manufae- 
ture of brick. They reside in Rochester, Minn. 


1299. EDWARD,* bom December 30, i86ti, Rochester, Mimt. 

1300. EUGENE.* bora July 13, 1872, State of Georina. 

1301. WALTER H,* bom August ^ 187$^ Rochester. 

690 EDWIN WHITCOMB,' (William,* Benjamin." Benja- 
min,* JcHiathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) was married to . He 

removed to Rochester, Mitm., with his twin brother Edward, with 
whom he was in partnership in the manufacture of brick. They had 
a large bu»ness and at one time the town of Rochester seemed to be 
built up with houses made of the Whitcomb brick. He died in Roches- 
ter; date wanting. , 

130* BURT.* bora . 

1303, EARNEST,* bora , 

1304. EDWIN,* bora . 

692 CHARLES H. WHITCOMB,' (William,* Benjamin,* 

Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jcmathan,' John,*) was married to 

Fannie . He died in Sdo, N. Y., of consumption. 

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1305. MARION.* 

1306. ELIZABETH,* mtrried Tsylor. 

1307. FRANK.* msrried and lives in Scio, H. Y. 

e95 JAMES MADISON WHITCOMB,' (Charles,* Benja- 

min,' Benjamin/ Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,^) lived at Ogdensburg, 
Tioga County, Pa., until April r, 1891, when he removed to Lock- 
wood, Tioga Co., N. Y., where he engaged in farmii^ and dairying. 
He is a good violin player and general musician, the talent seeming 
to run in his branch of \ht family. He has been leader of singing in 
church for many years. In his early days he had many exciting ad- 
ventures, hunting bear, wolves, deer and other animals which were 
then abundant He was married (i) March 14. 1858, to Marinda 
Stratton, who died August 2, 1880, and he was married (3) De- 
cember 22, 1880, to Melinda Harding Dann. 
i3oEt. UARY,* born August 3, 1860; msrried J. C. Leonard. 

1309. MARTHA,* born April 7, 1863. 

1310. IDA,* bom July 7, 1866; married C F. Lilly, Elmira, N. Y. 

696 CHARLES TILTON WHITCOMB,' (Charles,- Benja- 
mtn,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,' John,') served in the io6th 
Pennsylvania Regiment as Fife Major. He is a singing teacher, an 
expert with the violin, and can play almost any musical instrument ^o 
date is received of his marriage. He lived at one time at West 
Union, N. Y. 

13". DEXTER.* 
131a. JOHN.* 

697 GEORGE PARKS WHITCOMB,' (Jeremiah,* Oliver," 
Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,') was graduated from Dart- 
mouth College in 1853, read law in Hudson and Albany, N. .Y., and 
was admitted to the bar in February, 1855. In December 1855, he 
located in Davenport la., where he was married June 3, 1863, to 

d by Google 


Abby Theresa Hodg^ns, who was bom in Maine, and educated in 

Portland, Me., and Freehold, N. J. In October, 1870, they removed 

to Chicago, where he resides in the practice of his profession, the law. 


1313. MARY,* bora June 17. 1864. 

1314. FANNIE H.,* bora November 5, 1865. 

1315. JESSIE,* bora liCarch 28, 1868. 

1316. DELLK,* born April 11, 1870. 

698 JOSEPH EMERSON WHITCOMB,' (Jeremiah,* Oli- 

ver,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married to Lois 
Ann Wliitcorab (1222) October 6, 1856, in Henniker, N. H. He is 
a fanner; resides in Stow, Mass. His wife was bom May 3, 1854, in 


1317. LIZZIE FRANCES." bora Angu« 25, 1857. 

1318. ELLA ELIZA,* bora Febntmry 25, 1859. 

1319- GEORGINA MARIA,* bora December 31, iStio. 

133& ELMER HALE,* bom Febraary 21, 1863. 

+1321. GEORGE IRVING,* bora October 23, i86.% 

1322. CLARENCE EMERSON,* bora February 8, 1867: died July 26, i8g6 

in Stow, Masi.; unmarried; Unitarian. 

1323. CLIFFORD GRANT,* bora March 23, 1868; nnmarried; Unitarian; 


1324. HERBERT EDMUND.* bora September 9, 1869; unmarried; Uni- 

FLORA ARDELLA,* bora February 19, 1871; unmarried. 
FRED EVERETT.* bora September 16, 1873- 
FRANK EUGENE.* bora May aS, 1874- 

fu^SJ iES55"°^' } '»™ «««'• ■"• ■<» 

ANGIE MIRA,* bora November 3, 1877; died October 4. 1S78. 


706 JOHN MARSHALL WHITCOMB.' (Mark," Oliver,* 

Benjamin,* Jonathan," Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Aima EUza 
Clapp. No dates. Resides at Stow, Mass. 

'iCCi CORA MABEL.* bora December lo^ i860: died May, 1884. 


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1333. MARSHALL RINALDO,* born December 33, 1863; published Auguit 
8, 1883 to Martha H. Croft, d&uehter o[ John and Maritaret Croft. 
1333- MARK MELVIN,* bom March, 1869. 
I334> LEORA LORENA,* bom November, 1874. 

1335- HARLAN LEROY,* bom June. 1883. . 

7tO JOHN WHITCOMB,' (John,* Jonathan." John,* John," 

Jonathan,* John,*) was married to Carpenter of Reidsboro, Vt 

He had three daughters and a son. 


1336- FRANK,' boro . 

1337- , born . 

1338. , bom . 

1339. — ' , bom . 

712 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,' (John,* Jonathan," John.* 

John," Jonathan,* John,*) spent his early years in Fitdiburg, Mass. 
He learned the printer's trade in Greenfield, Mass. He started the 
Fitchbwg Gazette and worked awhile on the Worcester Spy. He 
became a Democrat in politics, which caused estrangement between 
his father and himself, and as a resttlt he had his name changed by 
special act of the Massachusetts legislature to James Edwin Wharton. 
About 1830 he removed to Massillon, O., where he published a paper 
for several years. He may have lived awhile in Chillicothe, C, 
working as a printer. About 1835 he removed to Wheeling, W. Va., 
where he published the "Wheeling Times" until 1855. In 1839 ^^ ^^^ 
married to Joanna R. Wheat, daughter of Thomas Wheat of Wheel- ■ 
ing. She died June 2, 1875. Leaving Wheeling in 1855 he went 
to Massillon, O., to Brooklyn. N. Y. in 1858, to New York in i860, 
to Parkersburg, West Va. in 1861, to Man^eld, O. in 1870, to 
Portsmouth, O. in 1875 ; editing newspapers during forty-one years. 
He died in Portsmouth, March 4, 1881, and is buried beside his wife 
in Massillon, O. 


1340. JOHN THOMAS WHARTON,* pbysidan, Wbeelins, West VirginU. 


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716 CHARLES WHITCOMB/ (Luke,* Jonathan,' John/ 

John.' Jonathan,' John,') was married to Rowena Barnes, published 
March i8, 1849. ^^ '<^^ ^^^ 'i^^ ^X drowning, September 16, i860. 
His children were adopted by John B. and Mary (Whitcomb) Gou^ 
of Worcester, Mass. 

+1343. OSCAR LUKE,* bom October 4, 1S49. ' 

1343. NANCY ELIZABETH,* bora May 30, 1852; died Jumwj 13. l86a. 

1344. HANNAH SOPHIA,* bora May 14, 1854; married Charles G. Reed. 
1345- FANNY MARIA,* born January 13, 1856. 

t346. LUCY ELLEN,* born September 11, 1857; married Dr. William Sige- 
low of Worcester, Mass.; died May 14, 1894. They had five children. 

1347. MARY GILBERT,* born Febniary 2, i860; nnmarricd; resides at 

Worcester, Mass. 

721 FRANCIS EDWIN WHITCOMB,' (Edwin Asa.« Jona- 

than,* John.* John,' Jonathan," John,' ) was a farmer in Bolton, Mass., 
and like his father, grandfather and great grandfather* served as 
Justice of the Peace in Worcester County, Mass. He was married in 
1865 to Laura Ann Stevens who was bom in 1840. He served in the 
Civil War and represented Watertown, Mass., in the I^^Iature in 
1883. He died December 16, 1899, in Watertown, Mass. 

1348. FRANCIS EDWIN,* bora Jane 10, 1876; uamarricd. 

1349. MABEL,* born October 23, 18791 

734 ASA OUVER WHITCOMB,' (Paul," Asa," John,* 

John,' Jonathan,^ John,' ) was married October 24, 1847, to Susan C 
Stuart, who died October 2, 1857. He died September 29, 1857. 
Residence, Bolton, Mass. 

13501 SUSAN CLARA.* bora Ausuit 3, 1848. 

I3SI. HENRY IRAN.* bora November i, 1850; married October. 187& 
lyn. FRED STUART,* bora Joly 18; 1853; married 18^. 
■H35> ARTHUR MANSER,* bora Angnst i^ 1855. 

■8m In Appendix eopy of «U doeoiMnt btiMifUiK to this braaeb at Va» Jeofttlt 

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7S8 REUBEN MEED WHITCOMB/ (Paul,« Asa," John/ 

John/ Jonathan/ John/) was married February 5, 1867, to Hen- 
rietta M. Pastor and lived in Bolton, Mass. 

IJ54- HATTIE MAY,* boni May 15, 1868; died September 7, 1884. 

741 CHARLES HENRY WHITCOMB/ (Paul/ Asa,» John/ 

John,' Jonathan/ John/) was married (i) November 24, 1859, to 
Katherine M. Houghton, daughter of Sanford and Emily Houghton. 
She died August 17, 1866, and he was married (2) January 22, 1868, 
to S. Nellie Day. Lived in Rockbottom, Mass. 

13SS- JULIA ELLA,* born April 6, 1861. 

I3S& DAISY MAY,> born April, 1871. 

748 ISAAC ALLEN WHITCOMB/ (Paul/ Asa," John,* 

John,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married August 17, 1862, to Julia 
Augusta, daughter of Joshua and Mary Augusta (Pierce) Rand. 
They lived in Bolton, Mass. 


I3$7- ERNEST CHESTER,* born September 17, 1862. 

135& EDITH AUGUSTA,* born February 3. 1865; died April 33, 1866. 

I3S!»- RALPH ARDEN,* born Jane ir, J867. 

747 SILAS HOLMAN WHITCOMB/ (Paul." Asa,' John/ 
John/ Jonathan,' John,* ) was married January 3, 1877, to Alice V. 
Bacon. Th^ lived in Bolton, Mass. 

1360. PAUL ALBERT,* born January 4, 1883. 

748 ALBERT JAMES WHITCOMB/ (Paul." Asa,' John,* 
John,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married January 9, 1877, to Hattie D. 
Davis, daughter of Henry S. and Sandi Davis. She died March 3, 
189a Thqr lived in Bolton, Mass. 

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1361. FRED WILLARD," bom January as. i88a 
1363- BLANCH DAISY,* born October, 1886. 

749 JAMES HARDING WHITCOMB,' (Thomas," Asa,' 

Asa,* John," Jonathan," John/) was a shoemaker in Cavendish, Vt 
He was married May 17, 1835, to Louise M. Philbridc of Readii^ 
Vt ; she died October 15, 1882. He died June 7, 1884. 

1363. LORETTE C* born June 22, 1836; died January 3a, 1837. 
+r36j. MARCINE HAMILTON,' bom October 25, 1837. 
1365- ABBEY LOUISA,* bom May 26, 1839; married Qark Spencer; two 
+1366. VOLNEY ORLANDO,* bora October ig^ 1841. 
1367. VICTORIA MIRANDA,* bom March 11, 1846; married Collini Nor- 
ton, New Philadelphia. O. No children. 


Asa,' Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' John,') was married April 28, 1845, to 
Luthera F. Nutting of Rockingham, Vt. He died November 19, 1898. 

+136S. FREDERICK FRANKLIN,* bora October 14. 1850. 

753 ASA WENTWORTH WHITCOMB,' (Thomas,* Asa,* 

Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married November 28, 1852, to 
Elizabeth Warren Hill of Cavendish. He died April 13, 1890, at 
Cavendish, Vt 


1-1369. CHARLES WARREN,* bora October 15, 1854- 

t37a DAUGHTER.* bora August Z, 1857; died September ift 1857. I 

+1371- GEORGE WENTWORTH,* bora September 30, 1859. \ 

1373. ANNA WENTWORTH.* bora December 14, 1863; died Ancost 
3. 1864. . ■ i 

769 EDWIN PIERCE WHITCOMB,' (John Adams," John,* 

Asa,* John,* Jonathan,* John,*) was born in Ware; Mass. He was 

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married in New York City, May 12, 1857, to Frances Caroline, 
daughter of John George Hamlin. He died in New York, November 

19. 1883. t 


1373- JOHN HENRY,* bora March 24. 1858; died May 3. 1861. j 

770 HENRY CLAY WHITCOMB/ (John Adams," John,* 

Asa,* John,' Jonathan,* John,*) came to Boston as a diild, and lived 
at the west and south ends; the latter at that time was but very 
sparsely settled, the most of it being an uninhabited s%vamp. His 
schooling was but meagre, and when he was twelve years old he went 
to work for the New England Type and Stereotype foundry on Con- 
gress street, as an errand boy. White with this firm he learned the 
printer's trade and worked on the original plates of "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin" (published by John P. Jewett & Co.), "The Lamplighter" (the 
former the best selling book ever published in the English language 
with the exception of the Bible, and th^latter surpassed only t^ "David 
Hanim"), and on one of the earliest editions of the poems of Oliver 
Wendell Holmes. It may be of interest to know that after the plates 
for "Uncle Tom's Cabin" were made, they lay idle for a long tim^ 
no publisher having the nerve — so strong was the pro-slavery feeling — 
to print from them. 

He enlisted in Company E of the Forty-fifth Massachusetts Vol- , 
unteer Militia, and was sent with his regiment to North Carolina. His 
brother, John Davis Whitcomb, Boston, long the superintendent 
of the composing room at the Transcript ofRce, enlisted and 
served with him. The regiment saw some hard lighting, and during 
Mr. Whitcomb's term of service was in the battles of Kinston, White- 
hall and Goldsboro, besides numerous skirmishes. 

Returning, Mr. Whitcomb assumed his old position, where he re- 
mained until 1S64, when he began business for himself in Harvard 
plac^ in a little room hardly as big as hts present office. Since then ! 
he has been constantly enlai^ng; went to Water street, then to Milk 
street 2nd to his present location sixteen years ago. 

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Mr. Whitcomb is a member of many organizations, among the 
more important of which are the Chickatawbut club, of which his 
brother and business partner, the late William Fred Whitcomb, was 
founder and first president; of Joseph Warren lodge of Masons, Tre- 
mont lodge, I. O. O. F., of Post 68, G. A. R., the Mechanics' Charitable 
association, and the Master Printers' association. Both he and his 
wife are active and interested in the affairs of the Home for Aged 
Couples in Roxbury, Mass, Mrs. Whitcomb being on the official board. 

He was married November lo, 1864 to Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth 
(Mann) Wiswelt, daughter of Jason Mann of Holden, Mass. They 
have resided in Dorchester since 1872. 
1374. CARRIE LOUISE,* born December it, 1865; died Mtrch 37, 1683. 

771 JOHN DAVIS WHITCOMB,' (John Adams,' John/ 

Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' John,*) has been a printer since his boyhood, 
at the office of Dutton & Wentworth, who became the printers of the . 
Boston Transcript' when the paper was started. In his early days 
before engraving was an actuality, he did much in the way of finer 
work on insurance policies and bank checks. 

After serving nine months in the war, he returned to the Trans- 
cript, and in 1864 was given his present position. Mr. Whitcomb is 
a man of considerable literary taste, and his bookishness is shown by 
the many volumes scattered around him. He is very particular in his 
selection of compositors, and for luarly three years there has been 
scarcely a single jrhange in a force of over sixty. With the exception 
of his war service he has been in the employ of the Transcript coo* 
tinuously for forty-six years. 

Mr. Whitcomb who has a bent toward invention has thought out 
the indestructible type case labels, the sale of which has reached many 
millions. The device is a brass plate with grooves, into which a label 
can be run, protected hy a sheet of mica. Lahds can then be changed 
at wtUf and for them inlty fingers have no terrors. 

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Children of John f^J and Caroline Whitoomb 

Witlktm Fndtrk 

Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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He was married March 2, 1865, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Woodman Moses of Portsmouth, N. H. 

■H37S GEORGE UOSES.* bom Febnury 3, 1866. Boiton. , 

137& ARTHUR DUTTON.* born August 30, 1873, anmarried. 


John," Asa,* John,' Jonathan," John,*). "Capt George F. Whitcomb j 
of Boston was killed while gallantly leading his company at the battle ' 
of Cedar Creek, Va., October 19, 1864, aged twenty-seven. He went 
out first as a private in the Fifth Massachusetts Regiment, and ^vas in 
the first Bull Run battle. Subsequently he was appointed Second Lieu- 
tenant in the Thirtieth R^^ent and rose by merit to the rank of Cap- ' 
tain. He was present at the surrender of Ft Philip and the occupa- '■ 
tion of New Orleans, and participated in the battles of Baton Rouge 
and Donaldsonville, and Port Hudson siege. His fideli^, bravery 
and capacity have made for him an honorable record." — N. E. Gen. 
Reg. Captain Whitcomb died unmarried. 


John,* Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' John,') was married December 8, 1870, 
to Emma Caroline, daughter of Moses C. Bean of Wobum, Mass. 
They lived in Winchester, Mass. 


1377. ALICE JOSEPHINE,* born August 30, 1876. 


John,' Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' John,* ) was bom in Boston. He was 
married October 16, 1873, to Lillie Endicott Fowle, dau^ter of Beth 
W. Fowle of Boston. He died October 24, 1889, after a short iUness, 
death coming from an accident, pneumonitis supervening rupture of 
the right lung. He w'as very much interested in the Whitcomb geneal- 
ogy and looked up many records. He had an electrotype made of 
the Whitcomb coat-of-arms from the painting secured in London by 

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Henry Donald Whitcomb of Richmond, Va. In 1888 he published an 
inter-leaved 24 page book, the "Whitcomb-Pierce Memorial" dedi- 
cated to his ancestor, Cblond Asa Whitounb of Sterling. Every news 
item he noticed about a Whttcomb was carefully preserved and he 
made personal investigations among court papers ai^ in the rooms of 
the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. 

1378- EDITH WYMAN.* born August 15. 1874- 

1379. GERTRUDE FOSTER,' Iwrn December 19, 187& 

1380. RAYMOND GUILD,> born April 30, 1S79: died Jnlr 13, 1S80. 

1381. HAROLD PIERCE,* born Auput 24, 1883. 


Comeh'us,' Asa,* John," Jonathan,' John,^) was married in Unadilla, 
N. y., March 18, 1891, to Mattie Haynes, who was bom November 
IS, 187a He is a dairyman in West Winfield, N. Y. 

1383. MAURICE,* born October la, 1895, Hundon, N. Y. 

1383. RALPH,* bom jAnuary 19, 1S97, Wilton, N. Y. 

787 VANDOLO EMROY WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan,' Jona- 

than,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,^) was mar- 
ried (i) May 15, 1828, to Sophia Foster, who was bom December 27, 
1808, and died February 13, 1837. He was married (2) April 11, 
1837, to Mary, daughter of Eleazer and Abigail Parker, who was bom 
February ii, 1805. They lived in Littleton, Mass. He died Novem- 
ber 8, 1882. , 


+1384. VANDOLO EMROY.* bom January 11, 1830. 

1385. SOPHIA FOSTER.* bora October 14, 1831; died January 6, 1854. 
+138& WARREN ADAMS.* bom June 4. 1833. 
1387. SARAH EUZABETH.* bora August 3. i83& 
138S. MARY ELLEN,* bora March ^ 1838. 

1389. GEORGE LYMAN,* bom November aa, 1S40; died November id^ 
1863, at Chattanooga. He was a soldier in Co. E, 33d Mass. Vol, 
Inf.; nnmarried. 


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The hotnwfd old, low nftvred, wide, 

Wllh bread wtnga sprnd oa aitkcr lid*. 

Mia patient Ilka m mother Urd 

AmI bcDoiU o'er all her walta ha«* hcoid 

ta days that with IIM put mbUc.—r. IK 

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1390. EDWIN PARKER,*) died October lo. i&t? 

y born July 7, 1844 

1391. EUZA DAVIS,' j died October 8. 1847 
139a. MARTHA TUTTLE," born June 7, 1848. 

788 JUSTUS LYMAN WHITCOMB,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,') was married 
March 14, 1837, to Lucy Jacobs of Groton. Residency Littleton, 


1393. LUCY,* born September, 1849; died January 16^ 1853- 

791 JOSEPH WHITCOMB," (Peter,' Jonathan,* Jonathan," 

Jonathan,' Jonathan," Jonathan," John/ ) was married (i) October 27, 

1846, to Hannah Cox, who died . He was married (2) to 

; she died January, 1880. 


Jonathan," Jonathan," Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jwiathan," John,') lives 
on the old homestead in Littleton, Mass. This place has been owned 
and occupied by this branch of the Whitcomb family in an unbroken 
line since 1707, almost 200 years. He was married April i, 1857, to 
Mary Holton, bom November 20, 1835. tlie daug^htcr of Leonard and 
Eliza (Clapp) Holton. 


1394. CAROLINE ELIZA,* born November 39, 1858: married Geo. A. 

+I39S. JOHN HENRY DOUGLAS,* born June 15, 1861. 
139& ANNA HARTWELL,* iwm November 9, 1862; married Paul L. 

Brown, Boston. 
1397. JONATHAN HARTWELL,* bom October 39. 1867: unmarrleA 

795 JOHN HENRY WHITCOMB," (Andrew,' Jonathan," 

Jonathan," Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan," John,') was married 
October 22, 1861, to Martha Edwards Baker. She was bom in Lit- ' 
tleton, Mass. Business : miOc ccoitractor in Ayer, Mass. 

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1398. HARRIET WHEELER,* bom September 31, 1863; resides in Boston. 
1399- JEAN ATHERTON,* bom Januarr 8, 1865; reaides in Barre, Mus. 
140a ALFRED ANDREW,* bom October 15, 186B; nnmarried; resides in 

1401. MABEL HAVEN,* born October 15, 1873; married Stone. 

than,* Jonathan,'' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was 
married November 26, 1857, to Lucy Maria Fletcher, who was born 
April to, 1839; ^^c i^ ^^B daughter of Eleazer and Rebecca (Kimball) 
Fletcher. He is a fanner in Littleton, Mass. 


1403. NELLIE MARIA,* born April 3$. i859> 

1403- LOUISA HARTWELU* born April 19, 1861. 

798 ELAPH BONNER WHITCOMB,' (Elaph,^ Ellas," Will- 
iam,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Har- 
riet Shipley Jefts, who was born in Mason ViU^e, N. H., April 8, 
1813.. He probably lived in New Ipswich, N. H., and later in Ringe, 
N. H., where he died in 1841. 


1404. HELEN MARIA,* bore June to, 1836, New Ipswich, N. H. 
+M05- DAVID BONNER,* bore October 6, 1837. Ipswich, tf. H. 

1406. ABBY FRANCIS,* bom December 31, 183% Fltchbnre, Mass. 

802 CHARLES ADAMS WHITCOMB," (John,^ John,* 

Oliver,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was graduated from 
Harvard College in 1844 and from Harvard Law School in 1849. He 
went to California where he was admitted to the bar in 1850. He died 
May 30, 1851, from injuries received in the great fire of May 4. 1851. 
(He shut himself and two others in a fire proof building, but becoming 
alanned because of the heat, they pried their way out and walked over 
burning timbers, to reach a place of safety. He stumbled and fell, ia> 

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haled the blaze and died a few days later.) He was highly esteemed 
as a man and a lawyer. 

808 ADOLPHUS CARTER WHITCOMB,' (John/ John,* '• 

Oliver,* Jcaiathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was ^aduated from 
Harvard G>ll^:e in 1847 and from Harvard Law School in 1849. 
He went to San Francisco with his brother and b^an the practice of < 
law. He acquired a great fortune. He died at Aix-la-Chapelle, Prus- ' 
sia, October 5, 1888. He built a $5,000 library for his native town. 
Hancock, N. H., left $10,000 as an endowment for it, also $10,000 for 
parks. He gave a sum to Harvard College. He was married to Louise 
Palmyra Vion of Paris. 


1407. ADOL?HE VION> bom February, iSSo. 

1408L CHARLOTTE ANDRfiE, born in Paris, December, 1883; waa mar- 
ried in Paris, September, 1902, to Baron Lepic. 

804 HENRY FOSTER WHITCOMB." (Henry,' John,« 

Oliver,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was married Jtme 
15, 184X, to Frances Ellen Sawyer of Claremont, N. H., who died 
January 6, 1881. They lived in Boston. 
I40» WILLIAM HEHRY.* married Ellen Brown Puller; died Antnut 5. 


Levi,* Job,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) studied at Gil- 
Toaxitoa Theological Seminary in 1S47. He was licensed to preach in 
1845, 31*^ W3S ordained May i, 1851. He settled in Stoneham, Mass., 
and afterwards was pastor at Southbridge, North Carver, and Lynn- 
field in Massachusetts. He was commissioned by Abraham Lincoln 
in July. 1862. as Chaplain of Hospttab in and around Newbem, N. 
C, and served as Chaplain imtil his death, October 29, 1864. While 
the yellow fever plague was raging he was !n Portsmouth. N. C, a 

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year, and afterwards at Moorhead Gty, N. C, where he died. He v 
married May i, 1831, to Harriet Lincohi Wheeler. 


EVA MYRTELLA,* bom Jtnmry 6, 1853. 
MARY HARRIET.* ] died September aS, 1855. 

\ Pon August 22, 1855. 

1412. MARIA SARAH,* ) died October 27, 1855. 

1413. LIZZIE PHILENA.* born July 12, 1856. 

1414 ALBERT WILLIAM.* born March, 1858. (Greeley, Col.) 

1415. MIRA FLORENCE.* born April, t86o; died May, t86a 

1416. NELLIE LINCOLN.* bom June, 1861. 

1417. JOHN CHALMERS.* bom March, 1865; died September, 1879. 

812 ALBERT SIMEON WHITCOMB,' (Simeon.^ Levi,» 

Job,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,^) was married (i) May 
25, 1846, to Elvira, dau^ter of Deacon James and Roxana (Frost) 
Farrar. She died December 16, 1847. He was married (2) Jantiary 
3, 1849, to Martha H. Willis, who was bom January 12, 183a Uved 
in Palmer, Mass. 


1418. Mary I_* bom March 27, 1851; married Waldo L. Lowe, Fitchburg, 


1419. ELLA MARTHA,* bom June 16, 1853; married Henry E. Huntley, 

Fitchburff. Mass. 
143a HATTIE ELVIRA,* bora Hay itiC 1856: died September, 1857. ' 
1431. ANNA ALBERTA,* bora August 17, 1861. 
142a. SARAH LIZZIE,* bora November 15. 1863; died October, 1864. 

818 WIUJAM FARRAR WHITCOMB,* (Dexter,* Levi,* 

Job," Jonathan,* Jpnathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) to 
Lizzie Gay of Ashbumham, Mass., (2) to Lydta Dexter. They Uved 
in Keene; N. H. No dates are received. 

1493. LUCY.* 

820 LEVI SAMUEL WHITCOMB,' (Dexter,* Levi,' Job,' 

Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) was married December ip. 

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i8S7, to Mary A. Miller of Royalston, Mass. They lived in Holycdce, 


1434. ALICE H,* born ; married May 10, 1883, Arthur E. F. . ^ 

1425. ■■ ■■- bom . ! 

1496. 1 bom . 

821 HENRY LYMAN WHITCOMB,' (Dexter/ Levi," Job," 
Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan,' John,*) was married April 13, 1862, 
to Caroline Augusta Whitney. He was postmaster at Concord, Mass., 
over twenty years. No children. 

822 EDWARD PAYSON WHITCOMB," (Dexter/ Levi," 
Job,' Jonathan.* Jonathan/ Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Anna 
Parker of South Manchester, Conn. He is a merchant tailor at 11 
Winter street, associated with his brother, Harlan Page, who was 
married to EmnutFaunce of Boston. 


Levi," Job," Jonathan/ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John/) was married to 

Qara H. Barney of Boston, where he lived. 

1487- . born . 

1438. , bora . 

881 JOHN MILTON WHITCOMB,' (John/ Dille," Job/ 

Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Sarah Burt 
They live in Berlin, Mich. 


1439. ROSA MAY,* bom June 10, iS&i; man-ied Febniarr 13, 1884, Robert 

Moclcie, and bad two children. 

886 CALVIN WHITCOMB/ (Levi/ Dille/ Job," Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John/) was married September 30, 1S65, to 
Harriet Mount Newldrk, who was bom February i, 1841, in Glenn, 

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N. Y. In 1888 he was supervisor of schoob in Florida, MontgDmeiy 
County, N. Y. 


1430. BEECHER.* bora February 39, 1867; died Aagtut 94,°t86sk. | 

1431. PRAZIER CALVIN,* bom May 37, 1871. Port Jackson, N. Y.; married : 

Carrie Christina Reid. He is an editor. 
1433. LILY,* bom September 8, 1874; was married to Palmatrec 

841 FERNANDO C WHITCOMB,» (Franklin,' Job,* Job." 

Jonathan, * Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,^) was married December 20, 

1862, to . They lived in Tempteton, Mass. 


I433. UINNIE A^* bora November 14. 1864; died August $, 1873. 

1434- ULLA ROSINA,* born April 14, 1S6& 

1435. ALICE CHARLOTTE,* bom August 37, 18^7; died April 5, 1887. 

143& ALONZO A.,* bora May 13, 1883. 


Job,* Job," Jonatlian,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married May 
28, 1878, in Gardner, Mass., to Lizzie J. Brown, who was born in 
Hubbardston, Mass., November 15, 1855. He is a mechanic They 
live in Baldwinsville, Mass. 


1437. CHESTER H.,* bom Marcfa i. 1883. 

1438. MARY E.,* bora July 14, 18S7. 

849 SEWALL WRIGHT WHITCOMB." (Fredand,' Job,* 

Job,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan," John,^) was married to Came 
Levina Pierce about 1858. He died in Buffalo, September i, 1898; 
she died February 16, 1899. His business was railroading. 

41439- CHARLES MANSON,* bom May is, 1859- 
144a LEILA.* bora — ■- ; married C S Perry. 
1441. CARA LILLIAN.* bora ; married George Brooks. 

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861 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (John,' Abner,» Abner,» Jonathan,* 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married in Plymouth, Me., in 1858, 
to Elvira Mdiitable Andrews, who was bom February 27, 1835, in 
Plymouth, Me. He served in the Civil War in Company K, Eleventh ; 
Regiment Main Volunteers. He lost a leg in the service; after the 
war he followed farming; he died March 17, 1899, in Liberty, Me. 
Their religious belief was Free Baptist His wife survived him and 
lives in Plymouth. (1904.) 

1443. JENNIE,* born December a$, 1859: died Jane, 1863. 

+1443. CLEMENT COLFAX,* born September 16^ 186S, Dixmont. Me. 

856 HARVEY WHITCOMB,' (John,' Abner,» Abner,» Jona. 

than,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married to ; was a 

&nner and lives in Newburgh, Me., the town of his birth. 


1444. EZRA.* 


Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was one of the 
most prominent builders of.his time in Boston. He was President of , 
the Mechanics Association, First President, and one of the prindpat 
organizers, of the Master Builders' Association, First President, and 
one of the principal organizers, of the Massachusetts Trotting Horse . 
Breeders' Association.* He was appointed by Gov. Ames one of'tiie 
Board of Commissioners on Construction of the Massachusetts State \ 
House, his associates being ex-Gov. Long (afterwards Secretary of the 
Navy) and William Endicott He died while serving in the above ca- , 
padty. Secretary Long being one of his pall-bearers. He was married ' 
in Plymouth, Me., to Mary Mdntyre, who was bom in 1830 and died 

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in 1890; he died February 12, 1894, and was buried at Forest Hills, 
Bostoo. j 


+144& CHARLES WILBUR,* bora July 31, 185s. Bcutoo. { 

1447. MARY ABIGAIL,* bora November 38, 1857, Boston; married Eugene | 

Morrill; reiidencc, Gardner, Mais. ' 

1448. LIZZIE,* born ; died in childhood. 

1449. EDITH,* bora ; died in childhood. 

1450. STELLA,* born ; died in childhood. 

1451.. IDA,* bora ; died in childhood. 

868 JOHN WHITCOMB,* (Eli/ Abner,* Abner,* Jonathan,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,' ) was married at Dixmont, Me., January 
i> 1659. to Irene Howe, who was bom March 7, 1839, at DixmonL 
He moved from Maine to Boston, Mass., and thence to MonticeUo, 
Minn., where he died October 26, 1882. He was a carpenter and 
joiner. Family are Free Baptists. 

t4$a. DELIA,* born Jtine 24, i860, Boston; married D. Davis; three children. 
1453. MARY,* born December a?, 1861, Boston; died . 

1454- FAIRFIELD,* born June 8, 1864; resided in MonticeUo, Mino., where 

he died. 

1455- JOHN HOWARD,* bora January 3^ 1869: resides Monticello, Minn.; 

married; no children. 
I4S& NOYES HARTLY,* born October a, 1875; resides M»nticelIo, Minn.; 
married; no children. 

869 . qiARLES B. WHITCOMB,' (Eli,' Abner,* Abner.* 
Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in Plymouth, 
Me., October i, 1856, to Margery Susan Murch. He died March 14, 
1871. They resided in Boston. 


1457. ANNIE MARIA,* bora July lo, 1857: married Frank D. 

+14SS. FRANK LESLIE,* bora September 93, 1858. 

+1459. CHARLES B..* bora May a^ 186a. 

i4i6o. HARRY E.,* bora April 33, 1865; died about 1885. 


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861 EU NOYES WHITCOMB,» (EH/ Abner," Abner/ 
Jonathan/ Jonathan/ Jonathan/ John/) is at present engaged in the 
building business in Boston. He has been president of the Master 
Builders' Association and Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics' Asso- 
ciation. He \vas njarried to Mehitable Gihnan at Brooks, Me. The 
family are prominent Christian Scientists. 

1461. MAY.' 
146a. ETHEL.* 

Abner/ Jonathan/ Jonathan/ Jonathan/ John,*) was married Feb- 
ruary 8, 1854, to Lydia Jane Ford, who was bom February 27, 1834, 
in Monroe, Me. His business has been fanning, milling and trading. 
Religious belief, Spiritualism. Resides in Searsport, Me. 

1463. ORAETTA,* bora June i, 1857. Monroe, Me.; married to Eldea G. 
Smart; one son. 

866 AUGUSTUS WHITCOMB/ (John M./ Samuel,* Ab- 

ner,* Jonathan/ Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,') was bom in Union, N. 
Y.; was married January 3, 1858, to Laura, daughter of Dudley and 
Sarah (Haynes) Tyng, who was bom in Boston, January 8, 1838. 
He was a hardware merchant He died May 10, 1875. Tliey lived in . 
Coltmibus, Wis. \ 

-t-1464. ERNEST C* bom November 10, 1858. 

1465. GEORGE HERBERT,* bom April 31, 1864; died October 19. iS6S- 

1466. INEZ MARIA,* born September 24. iS^fi- 

1467. EMMA MAUD,* bom May 3. i87S- 

876 EBENEZER WHITCOMB/ (Ebenezer/ Ebenezer/^ 

Abner, ' Jonathan/ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married \o- 
Lavinia Berry Fowler. He was a carpenter; his last residence was 
Searsport, Me. 

+1468. FRANCIS EDWARD,* bom July 13, 1S44. Seartport. Me. 

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878 JOHN WHITCOMB." (Ebenezer/ Ebenezer,' Abner." , 
Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married March 13, 
1842 to Sybil Chahners. He was a farmer in Waldo, Me., where j 
he died in 1893. Sybil died . I 


1469- RIPLEY,* married Chloe Whitcomb (898); two sons. 

147a ROSELLiV.* 

1471. JERRY.* 

r^a. EBENEZER.' 

1473- GEORGE.* 

1474- CHARLES.* 

879 ICHABOD WHITCOMB,* (Ebenezer.' Ebenezer,' Ab- . 
ner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan,* John,*) was married October 
8, 1843, to Fersis Neat. He was a fanner in Waldo, Me. He died 
June 17, 1902. Persis died . 


married Theodore Simpsos; six cbil- 

1475- ANNA BELL,* born 

dren; died August 4, 1884. 

888 CORNEUUS I. WHITCOMB,' (Ebcnezer,' Ebenezer.* 

Abner,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in 
Knox, Me., Oct(rf)er 14, 1855, to Eunice L. Woodbury, who was bom 
in Belmont, September 4. 1838. He is a fanner and his last residence 
was in Belfast, Me. 


147& ORRI.y I..* born April 19, 1857, Waldo, Me. 
't-1477. JAMES H.,* bom October i, 185S, Watdo, Me. 
+1478. LEWIS A..* born March ig, i860, Watdo, Me. 

1479. VIETTA A..* bom No«rabcr n, 1861, Waldo, Me. 1 

148& LIZZIE A.,* bora May s, i866, Waldo, Me. j 

+1481. WILBERT 0.,* bora August ao, 1870, Belfast, Me. 

1^2. LENORA L,* bom February 38, 187a, Belfast, Me. ' 

884 SAMUEL O. WHITCOMB,' (Ebenezer,* Ebenezer.* Ab- \ 

net,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in Sears- ' 


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port, Me., August 19, 1854, to Julia Blade. He was a farmer and died 
in Waldo, Me;, August 19, 1864; Julia died August 16, 1864. Samuel 
and his wife and their three children all died of diphtheria inside of . 
one week. 


1483. CHARLES.* born ; died Augast 1% 1864. 

1484. MARIA,* born ; died Aasost 13, 1864. 

1485- LAWRENCE,* born ; died August ifi; 1864- 

889 WILLARD M. WHITCOMB,' (Comfort,* Ebnezer,« Ab- 
ner,' Jonathtan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was married January 
18, 1861, to Mary E. Blake. They lived in Islesboro, Me. 

14B& SARAH M.,* bora December 19, 1863. 
1487. ALMEDA J.,* bora December 13, 1868. 

890 WILLIAM F. WHITCOMB,' (Comfort,' Ebenewr,* Ah- \ 
ner,* Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jtaiathan,* John,*) was married to Me- 
lissa Wiley. He died September ir, 1876. Resided in , Maine. 


1488L , * bora ; died young. 

i48Sk .* bora ; died young. 

1490. ,* born ; died young. 

891 LEVI I. WHITCOMB," (Comfort,' Ebenezcr,' Ahner,» ' 
Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married September 4. 
1878, to Almeda Blake. Lived in , Maine. | 







.* born 



893 MILTON L WHITCOMB." (Comfort,' Ehn«ier,» Ab- 
ner," Jonathan.* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was married to Lizzie ; 
Keeler. Lived in ^ Maine. 


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896 AMBROSE WHITCOMB,* (Benjamin,' Ebenezer/ Ab- 
ner," Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan," John,*) was married to Martiia 
. They lived in Maine. 

iSoi. JUSTIN.* 
iSoa. FRANK,* was married; no cbSdren. 

1503. DAUGHTER.* 

000 ELI WHITCOMB,* (Benjamin.' Ebenezer,' Abner,» Jon- 

athan,* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,' John,*) was married to Elta Cross of 
Waldo, Me. She died in July, 1898. 

901 ROSCOE E. WHITCOMB," (Benjamin,' Ebenezer,* Ab- 
ner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was a farmer in 
Waldo, Me. Was married in Morrill, Me., July 2, 1871, to Eva J. 
Woodbury, who was bom September 25, 1850, in MorrilL Last resi- 
dence Waldo, Me. 


1504. JOSEPH ONON,* bore April 11. 1873, Morrill; married Huy Hods- 

kint, 1900; no children; reside in Syncnse, N. Y. 

1505. IDA MAY,* bom February 2% 1874; unmarried. 

+150& FRANK a!,* born March 31, 1875. ^ 

1507. ELLA' F.,* born October a, 1877; married Frank L. Harmon; no 


1508. RALPH Hn* born April 18. 187& Uvea in Morrill, Me. , 

1509. GERTRUDE E.,* born June 17, 1888. Lives in Morrill, Me. 

Oliver,' Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan.' John,*) was mar- 
ried August 6^ 1850^ to Harriet May Harris of Upper Middletown, 

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Conn. Since January, 1865. he has been connected with the publish- 
ing of the Boston 6ty directory. He contributed a sketch of the Kne 
of Oliver Whitcomb to the Hancock, N. H., History. Residence 
Cambridgeport, Mass. 


1510. WALTER CLARK,* born April ao, 1852: unmarried; music teacher; '■ 
lives with his father. 
+1511. CHARLES REED,* bom November 6, 1853. 

90S OLIVER REED WHITCOMB,' (Oliver,' Oliver," Ab- 

ner," Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was for many years 
in the dry goods business in Ne\v Bedford, Mass. He was married 
July 24, 1852, to Louisa Gray Woodman of New Bedford, who died 
there July, 1881. 


+1512. FREDERICK REED,* born September 20^ 1854. 

1513. OSCAR AUGUSTINE,* bom January 14. 1859; drowned in Bunard | 

Bay, September. 1875. 

1514. DAUGHTER,* bom 1861 and lived a few months only. 

905 DANIEL W. WHITCOMB,' (James Hosley/ Oliver,' 

Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married Octo- \ 
ber 23, \%yo. Great Bend, N. Y., to Jennie V. Rush, who was bom 
August 27, 1855, in Union, N. Y. He is a painter and paper hanger 
in Conklin Forks, N. Y. Religious belief, Presbyterian. 


151S- EDITH I^* bom May % i%n, BinKhomton, N. Y. 

1516. ROMA E.,* bora June iS, 1874, Binghamton, N. Y. 

ISI7> EFFIE I.,* bora Oct<rf>er g, 1876, Binsbamton, N. Y. 

1518. RAY D.,* born September 2$, 1880, Binghamton, N. Y. 

1519. FRED FJ bom January 35, 1883, Binghamton, N. Y. 
153a BERT W.,* bom November 3, 1^7, Binghamton, N. Y. 
IS3I. CHARLES W.,* bom March j, i8ga, Binghamton, N. Y. 
tSm. G. LAVERN,* bom July 25, l894i Binghamton, N. Y. 
1523. URSULA £.,* bora December 9, 1896^ Binghamton, N. Y. 


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906 JAMES HARVEY WHITCOMB,» (James Hosley,' Oli- 
ver," Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan,' John,*) was married in 
Newark Valley, N. Y., June 20. 1866, to Ellen I. Prenticev who was 
born in Newark Vall^, September i^ 1843. He is a stodc farmer 
and has resided in Binghamton, N. Y., also in East Maine, N. Y., and 
now lives in Patterson, N. Y. 

1534- EDNA ABIGAIL,* born November 3. 1870,' Binghamton; died No- 
vember 23, 1873. 
1535. JAMES ROSCOE,* bora August 20, 1874, East Maine, N. Y. 

907 JOHN WHITCOMB," (James Hosley.' Oh"ver,« Abner,» 
Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan,' John,*) was married at Galesburg,, 
111., April 6, 1871, to Lydia A. Butteriield, who was bora in Illinois, 
January 34, 1S49, and died in Gold Hill, Nev., July 38, 1903. His 
occupation has been farming in Carson City and Gold Hill. Nev. 

iSrt HATTIE,* bom June i, 1874, Galesburg. Ill 

1527. GEORGE,* born March 17, 1876, Carson City, Nev. 

1528. MYRTLE * born May X i880i Carson City. Nev. 

9iB CHARLES H. WHITCOMB," (George.' Oliver,' Ab- 

ner," Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan," John,*) was married to Ida 
Lura Denison in Erie County, N. Y., October 15, 1881. They redde 
in Buffalo, N. Y. 


1529. GEOjJtGE EUGENE SHELLEY,* bom Pebmary 7. 1883. 

9U GEORGE GARY WHITCOiMB," (John C^dner,' EU,« 

Abner," Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan," John,*) was bora in New. 
York and thence went to Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and 
Tennessee. About 1876 he settled in Murphy, Cherokee County, N.. 
C He filled many responsible civil and military positions in the 
South. He is a physician. He is secretary of the CSeorg^ and 
North Carolina Railroad Company and Chairman of the Board o£ 

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County Commissioners. He was married (i) to Mrs. Martha A. 
(Hiblard) Tucker at Memphis, Tenn., and (2) October 12, 1878, to 
Mary Isabel Griffin. 

*tS30. CHARLES STERLING,* born October, 1866; resides Cluttanoos>. 

IS3I. DAUGHTER,* born ; died in infancy. 

1533- ELIZABETH PRUDENCE,* born 1879; <!>«<) 189S. 
IS33- GEORGE GRIFFIN,* bora 1S80. 

1534. WILLOUGHBY HOWE,* bom iS&t; resides ChutUnooga, Tenn. 

1535. ERNEST JOSEPH KINSEY,* born 1884; rtsides Ogreeta, N. C 

1536. FRED,* bom ; resides Ogreeta, N. C 

;S' UA^k* >*«^ :«sid« Ogreeta. N.C 


Eli,* Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was bom' 
in Radne, Wis., May 20, 1849. iHe is a manufacturer's agent He 
was married in Chicago, January 23, 1878, to Ellen Carpenter, who 
was born in Chicago, August 19, 1854. The family are Episcopalians. 

IS3Q. EDITH HELEN,* bom Febmarr i^ tSSa, Chicago. 

154a RAYMOND BISHOP,* bom March 8, 18S4, Chicago. 

928 BENJAMIN R. WHITCOMB,' (John Milton,' Ira 
Medes," Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) is proprie- 
tor of a meat market He was married to Minnie E Smith at Smith- 
boro, N. Y., November 10, 1886. She was born in Athens, Pa., July | 
5, 1869. They now reside at Nichols. N. Y. 

1541. LEON B.,* bom January 30, 1891, Smtthboro. 
154a. PERCY E.,* boHt December 9, iSga. Smtthboro. 
IS43- HOWARD M.,* born July 8, 1896, SiAilbboro. 

929 FORMAN ELMER WHITCOMB,* (John Milton,' Ira 
Medes.* Abner,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was mar* 

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ried November 8, 1891^ to Marion Josephine TuthilL She was bom 
in Smithboro, N. Y.. November 21, 1874. Her religious belief is 
Baptist and his Methodist He has been for fifteen years principal of 
public schools. They reside in Vestal, N. Y. 


I544- ETHEL MAY,* born August 9, 1892 
1545. MARY LOUISE,* born January 30, 

: died May xo, 1897. 
i8g6, Lockwood, N. Y. 

980 HERMAN EDWIN WHITCOMB," (John Milton,' Ira 

Medcs,' Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was mar- 
ried November 19, 1890, to Stella Lugr Smith at Smithboro, N. Y. 
She was bom August 15, 1872, in Athens, Pa. He is a shoemaker at 
Lestershire, N. Y. 



LOSEY ARMOND,* bora February 18; 1893. Lcttershire. N. Y. 
MARGUERITE EVELYN,* bom April 19, 1896, Lestershire, M. Y. 

081 WARREN MILTON WHITCOMB,* (John Milton,' Ira 

Medes,* Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was mar- 
ried May ID, 1896, in Binghamton, N. Y., to Clara Elaine Bidwell, 
who was bora in Binghamton, August \o, 1873. He is a shoemaker 
and the family are Baptists. They reside in Lestershire, N. Y. 

1548. FRANCIS BIDWELL,* bom January aa, 1897. Leatenhire, N. Y. 

1549. HAROLD MILTON,* boro January 37, 1899. Lestershire, N. Y. 

982 GURDON ALLEN WHITCOMB,' (John Milton,' Ira 

Medes,' Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John.* ) is a fanner 
in Smithboro, N. Y.; was married to Qeona Hulburt November 7, 
1897, at Binghamton, N. Y. She was bom June 9, 1879, at Homells- 
viUe, N. Y. They are Calvintsts. 


iSSa LESTER A..* bom Oetobai- 90, 1899^ 

1551. JUDD E.,* bora March 13, 1903. 

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David,* Abner,' Jonatlian/ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was edu- 
cated in the Worcester Academy, the Worcester High School, and 
Amherst College, receiving his degree of Badidor of Arts in June, 
1894. While in College, as manager of the Musical Qubs, he ar- ; 
ranged and completed a tour in England durit^ the summer of 1894, 
taking forty members of the several clubs and giving concerts all over 
England. This was the first successful trip of any American College 
Musical organization in Europe. 

In August, 1894, he entered business life at Worcester as an em- 
ploye of the Whitcomb Envelope Co.; and soon afterward was ap- 
pointed assistant treasurer and secretary of the corporation. In this 
ofifice he served until 1898, when he became manager of the Whit- 
ccnnb Envelope Company Division, United States Envelope Com- 
pany, the business having been absorbed by a consolidation. In . 
March, 1903, he acquired a half interest in United States Patent No. ' 
721, 701, covering an envelope folding device sharing the invention 
with George H. Haslop. He was vice-chairman and treasurer of the 
Repubhcan city committee of Worcester in 1888-1890; president of 
the Worcester High School Alumni Associations, secretary Amherst ; 
Alumni Association of Central Massachusetts, a member of the Fsi 
Upsilon fraternity and Psi Upsilon Club of New York, Tassassit 
Canoe, Commonwealth, and Tatnuck Country Qubs of Worcester, 
and the University Club of Boston. 

On June 20, 1895, at Newton Center, Mass., he was married to 1 
Gertrude E., daughter of the Rev. George Thomas Dowling, of Los 
Angeles, CaL 


tSS^ HENRY DOWLING,* born June 22. 1897. Worcester, Mus. 

1553. DOUGLAS,* bom Januarr 19, iSgg^ Worcester. 

■554- GEORGE FRANCIS,* born Aupist 24. tgoo. Worcester. 

946 HIRAM MARSHALL WHITCOMB.* (John,' Samuel,* 

Samuel,* Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,* ) was married ■ 

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in Enosburg, Vt., to Sophia Dore, who was bom June 30, 1818, in 
Fannington, N. H. He was a fanner and they lived and died in 
East Enosburg. Hiram died February y, 1870, and Sophia survived 
him until January 30, 1892. 


1555. HENRY,* born January 14, 1843; died May 33, 1893. 
+1556. JOHN MARSHALL.* born November 33, 1843- 
+1557. AUSTIN,* born Jannaiy 15, 1848. 

1558. MERCY S.,* bom November sr, 1851; died March 18, 1875. 
-I-IS59> FRED O.,* bom April 6, 1857. 

968 ORLOW WHITCOMB," (Ashel/ Samuel,' Samuel,* Jo- 

seph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan," John,') was married September 20, 1846, 
in Pawlet, Vt, to Lucretia Leach, who was bom in Pawlet, October 
26, 1819, and died in Enosburg. He was a farmer and they resided in 
Enosburg, Vt, where he died. 

15&X CLARENCE,* bom May 33, 1848, Enosburg; married Jennie U. Phil- 
lips; no children. 
+1561. MARTIN LEACH,* born September 13, 1850, Enosburg. 

1563. BETSEY J.,* bora October 31, 1855, Enosburg. 

060 DANIEL SAMUEL WHITCOMB,' (Ashel,' Samuel,* : 

Samuel,^ Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married June ! 
I3> i847> in Rupert, Vt, to Mary M., the youngest daughter of his I 
uncle C^pt Moses Whttcomb; she was bom in Rupert October 15, 
1824, and died September 21, 1903. They were Methodists and lived 
in Rupert Vt He was a famner and a merchant 

iStij. JULIA C* bora June s, 1848, Rupert, Vt. 

1564. ELLEN M,* bora Febroary to, 1854. Rupert 

967 ELISHA WHITCOMB,' (Reuben,' Samuel.' Timothy,' 

Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) to ^ 

who died; he was married (2) at Levant N. Y., March 25, 1874, to 



d by Google 


Louise Harmoa, who was born in Gowanda, N. Y., Septanber i8, 
1839. He w^ a biickmaker in Chandler's Valley, Pa. I 

tStfS* GEORGE,* twm March 8» i^9» Clundler's Vtller. P>-i nnmutied. 
t56& FLOYD,* born M«rch 4, j9J7, Chmndter's Valley, PL; tininarried. 

969 JOEL BLANCHARD WHITCOMB,« (Reuben.' Sam- '■ 

uel,* Timothy,' Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married 
in Sindairsville, N. Y., to Rose M. Ellis, who was bom in Gerry, 
Chautauqua County, N. Y., June 9, 1824. He was a farmer in Si^r 
Grove, Pa. 


lS6f. MARY JANE,* bora Febnury s, 1845, Garry; married Turner. 

156S. ROZANTHA,* born December 7, i846> Leon, N. Y.; married '— 

+1569. FRANK WILLIS,* born May 6, 1859. Sugar GroT^ Pa. 

972 NEWELL WHITCOMB," (Reuben,' Samuel,' Timothy," 

Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in Chandler's 
Valley, Pa., date unknown, to Cynthia Wright, who was bom in Alex- 
ander, Genesee County, N. Y., in 1824; he was a farmer. He served 
in Civil War and afterwards followed farming in EHicottville, N. Y. 

+1570. ORRIN ALONZO,* bom March 14, 1853, fttachtas, H. Y. 
1571. FRANKLIN H.,* bom March 35. '857. Ellicottrille, N. Y. . 
tSTa. EDWINA,* bora April, 1864, EHicottville, M. Y. I 

1573- ELMER.* bora ; resides Traverse City, Mich. I 

IS74> ELBERT,* bom ; resides Bulblo, N. Y. { 

978 STILLMAN WHITCOMB,* (Levi.' Samuel.' Timothy," 

Joseph,* Jonathan.' Jonathan.' John.*) was married to Harriet L. 
Granger, who was bom in Savory. Mass.. June 18, 1836. They lived 
in Cherokee^ la. 


1575.. EMHA R.,* bora August i, 1852; died July t6, 1867, Monroe, Masx. 

157& HARRIET A.,* born December 18, 1857: married Leroy Shippee. 

d by Google 


+1577- FREDERICK WILLIAM^* born June i, 1862. 
157a CHARLES H,* born May i, 1869. 

1579. ALICE A^* bom October 35, 1871. 

98S SAMUEL WHITCOMB,- (Levi/ Samuel,* Tinnrthy/ 

Josei^/ Jonathan/ Jonathan/ John,^ ) was married to Candace Kings- 
ley of Monroe, Mass. No dates. 


1580. EBEN SAMUEL,* born June, 1872. 

1581. GEORGE,* bom September n, 1673. 

1582. ELLIOT,* bom Auguit, 1876. 

984 MYRON WHITCOMB/ (Levi/ Samuel/ Timothy/ Jo- 

seph,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John/) was married to Lucy M. Phelps 
of Monroe, Mass. They live in Florida, Mass. 

- 1583. WILLIAM C* bom AprU i^ 186S, Florida, Mui. 

988 ALANSON WHITCOMB/ (Cyrus,' Cyrus/ Cyrus," 
James,* Jonathan/ Jcmathan,' John,*) was married to . Re- 
sided at Port Byron, N. Y. 


1590. CHILD,* bom ' 

1591. CYRUS,* bora . 

isgx CHARLES,* bora - i. 

1S9J. SON,* bom . 

tSM- DAUGHTER.* bora . 

991 CXRUS WHITCOMB/ (Cyrus,' Cyrus/ Cyrus,' Joseph/ 

Jonathan,* Jonathan/ Jcdm,*) was a tanner; he was married to Har- 
riet Whipple of Cazenovia, N. Y., October 13, 1841. In 1849 tie 
removed with tus family to Two Rivers, Wis., thence to Milwaukee 
1870, where he died December 10, 1885. 

1584. HARRIET,* bora Angnit 30. 184a: married Rnfot Allen. 
158^ CHARLES.* 'bom October, 1844: uimuTied; he is a mine auper- 


d by Google 


+IS86. HENRY FORRESTER.* born October 8. 184& 

1587. EMEUE F^' bom February 14, 185a; married E. C. Durant; rewiles 

at Dnitith, Hinn. 

1588. CLARA,* bom February a<^ 1854: married Bernard Anstin; resides 

+1589. WILUAM C* bom July 6. 1656, Two Rivers, Wis. | 

997 SAMUEL NEWTON WHITCOMB." (Joshua Fair- ■ 
banks,' Cyrus," Cyrus,' Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was 
a farmer and shoe maker in Kinderhook, Michigan. Was married 
(i) Fdiruary ii, 1855, in Gilead, Mich., to Anna Mugg, who was 

bom July 24, 1830; (2) to , date unknown; (3) February 

— , 1867, in Kinderhook, to Mrs. Lois Strong McKinstry, who Avas 
bom in Hillsdale County, Mich., July 31, 1838. Samuel removed 
to Midiigan, May, 184a He enlisted May 22, 1847, >n ^e i6th 
Regiment United States Infantry, for the Mexican War. He was 
commissioned Second lieutenant under Capt Joseph P. Smith, to 
report at Parish Isabel, Texas, and served during the war. after which 
he was honorably discharged. At the breaking out of the Rebellion he 
enlisted under Capt W. W. Barrett in the Forty- fourth Illinois Vol- ! 
unteers, and served three years. He was taken prisoner and was 
confined in Andersonvillc prison from the fourteenth of November 
until the thirteenth of the next April. "He helped to make Kinder- 
hook what it is and has been greatly missed since his death," which 
occurred November 19, 1887. The family are Free Baptists and his 
widow resides at Kinderhook, Mich. j 


rsps. ELIZA M.,* bom December 30. iSsti. 
+IS96. STEVEN 0..» bom October 6, 1863. 

1597- HELEN,* born January 13, 1865. 
+1598. THOMAS A.,* bom February 27, 186S. . 

IS99. JENNIE.* bom 

tOxk LOLA B.,* bora December 7, 1S79. 

itioi. BERT B,* bora Marcb, 1883. 

banks,' Cyrus," Cyrus,' Joseph,* Jonathan.' Jonathan.' John,*) was 

d by Google 


married in Chicago, July 16, 1853, to Harriet £. Wilson, who was 
bom in Osw^;o, N. Y., in 1833, and died in Coldwater, Mich. He 
is a tanner. The family are Baptists and live tn Colon, St Joe County, 


1602. HATTIE,* born February 38; 1856. 

1603. IDA B.,* born June 35, 1859, Kinderhook, Mich. 

999 WILLIAM LEROY WHITCOMB,* (Joshua Fairbanks,* 
Cyrus,' Cyrus,' Joseph.* Jonathan,' Jtmathan,' John,') was married, 
date and place wanting, to Lydia Matilda Kiric, who was bom in 
Springfield, Vt, January 6, 1826. He was a fanner and the last 
residence of himself and wife was Springfield, Vt 


I&J4. CYNTHIA E..* bom Janiurr 6, 1849; married Day. 

itios. MARIA L^* bom October 19, 1847: married Van Omam. 

160IS. JENNIE S,» bom November 29, 1850; married Perry. 

1607. FLORA D.,* bom April 25, 1854; married Stilwell. 

160S. RUTH P.,* born December 2a, 1857; married Howe. 

+1609. CLARENCE H.,* bom April 17, i86a 

i6ia LUELLA A-,* born May 22, 1863; married Bates. 

ttiiT. ESTELLA M.,* bora September la, 1864; married Grooth. 

+1612. WILBUR ASAHEU* bora Aucnst 35, 1869. 

1000 ASAHEL DERIAH WHITCOMB,' (Joshua Fairbanks,' 
Cyrus,' Cyrus,' Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,* ) went to Michi- 
gan in early life; was married October 17, 1849, ^'^ Sarah Ann Lyon; 
she was born in Schoolcraft, Mich., May 2, 1832. After his marriage 
he lived for short periods in Michigan, California, Illinois, and Ne- 
braska, then in Burlington, la., for sixteen years, and in Wapello, la., 
for seventeen years ; he died in Wapello of paralysis. July 28, 1893. 
He enlidted as a private in the Civil War in 1861 in Company K. "En- 
gineers of the West" Was made orderly Sergeant; promoted to sd 
Lieutenant July 14, 1862, and to ist Ueutenant October 17, 1862, and 
to Captain in 1865. As a citizen Captain Whitcomb was quiet, re- 
served, strictly honorable in every particular and was k>ved and hmi- 


d by Google 


ored by all who knew him. He was a Christian in the truest sense of 
the word and a diurch member since 1849. 


1613. MARY ELLA,* boni November 3,.i850k Schoolcraft, Mich.; nurried 

M. L. Jamiion. 

1614. AMELIA DELPHINE,* bom December 16, 1858; Burlington, la. 

1001 ROSWELL WHITCOMB.' (Jonas/ Cyrus,* Cyrus » Jo- 

seph,^ Jonathan,' Jcmathan,' John,*) was married to Marinda Boyn- 
ton, January 6, 1839. She vras bom August 13, 1813, in Jamaica, Vt 
He was a farmer. They were Congr^ationalists. Both died in 
Townshend, Vt His death took place May 27, 1901. | 


itfiS. RYLAND D.,* born Jsnuarjr 31, 1840, Januics, Vt.; died March ai, 

i6iti. PHOEBE E.,* bom Jane 9, 1841, Januics. Vt.; died November ig, 

1617. ISADORE U.,* bom August 31, 184^ Jamaica, Vt.; unmarried; re- | 
sidei in Townshend, Vt. [ 

161& MARCIA A.,* bom August j6, 1846, Jamaica, Vt, last residence ' 

1619. JOHN C* bom May 16, 1846,- Jamaica, Vt.: namarried; resides 

Townshend, Vl 
1630. SARAH J.,* bora December ao, 184S; died Jai 

;^- J5!ry!^' f **"• ""' "' ''^ J*""***- Vt; deceased. | 

1012 CHARLES H. WHITCOMB," (Thomas,' Thomas,- 

Thomas,' Nathaniel,^ Jonathan,' Jonathan/ John/) was married (i) 

to ; (3) in Bangor, Me^, 1864, to Eleanor M. Carlon, who 

was bom near Searsport, Mc, in 1835. In 1869 he removed from 
Bangor, Me., to Bangor, Ky. He was a lumberman. Both he and . 
his wife died in Salt Lick, Ky. 


1633. CHARLES H.,* bora 1859; married 18B4, to Lisaie Stanley, Fado-. 
cah, Ky. ' 

1624. FLORA,* bora -; ; married Eldridge, Bangor, Me. j 


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l6a5- MABEL,* born i86s: died aged four. Bangor. Ky. 

+163& WILLARD ASHLEY,* born Febraur 34. i8(S& 

+1637. CHRISTOPHER EVERETT.* born March 19, 1871- 

t6A. AUGUSTUS C.* born July % 1874; resides Lexington, Ky. 

i0i9 HENRY LEWIS WHTTCOMB/ (Hollis/ Charles," 

Thomas,' Nathanid,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,?) was married 
Fd»iiary i, 1855, to I^tchet W. Winship, of Phillips, Me., who was 
born January 19, 1831. He is an attorney. The family are Unitari- 
ans. They reside in Farmington, Me; 


l6ap. MARY M.,* boni May 7, 1856; Phillips, Me.; deceased. 
+1630. JOHN HENRY,* bom June 10, 1858, Phillips, Me. 

i«3i> ENOCH WINSHIP,* bom May & tSlSa, Phitlips, Me.; resides in St. 
Mitchel. Alaska. 

1020 CALVIN SELDEN WHITCOMB,' (HoUis,» Charles,' 

Thomas,' Nathaniel,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married 
January 2, 1869, to Eliza A. Furbush. They live in Mercer, Me. 

1639: REUEL F.,* bom June 13, 1869. 

1023 REUEL K. WHITCOMB.' (Hollis,' Charles,' Tliomas,» 

Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in Lowell, 
Mass., April 16, 1868, to Jennie 5. Hager. He died at San Francisco, 
October 23, 1898. His wife and dat^hter still reside there ( 1903). 


1633- NELLIE G.* j 


Charies,' Thomas,' Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was 
married to Almira Garnish in 1867; she was bom in Michigan in 


1634 DBULAH,* born 186& 
1635- JULIA ROSA.* bora 187X 

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Charles,* Thomas/ Nathaniel* Jonathan,* Jonathan* John,*) was 
married to Abb^ Garcelon Robinson, who was bora in Winslow, Me.. 
May 25, 184a Residence Easton, Me. 


1636. WINIFRED E.,* born June 3. 1863. 
+i«37- ARTHUR GRANT,* \ 

y born Jane 2^1866; is a painter and now 

1638. GEORGE GARCELON,* J farmer at Easton, Mc; unmarried. 

1639. BEECHER D.,* bom April s, 1873; married Rena Dunn; electridan; 

no children; residence. Providence, R. I. 
1614a ALBERT SKERIDAN,* bom January 39, 1^5; married Blanche 
Williams; he is a station agent and tclesraph operator at Blaine, 
Me.; no children. 

1044 SAMUEL L. WHITCOMB," (Roswell/ Robert,* 
Thomas/ Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to 
Harriet N. Faller (?) 


1641. ROSWELL W.,* bom 1850; died in infancy. 

1649. SAMUEL L..* bora July 31, 1S54. 


1095 EDMOND H. WHITCOMB/ (Roswell/ Robert/ 

Thomas/ Nathaniel/ Jonathan," Jonatlian/ John,*) was married to 

Diantha , who was bom February 26, 1833; died December 

25, 1890. 


1643. ELLA J.,* 1 ,^ 

1644. EMMA D.,» f "^^ ***y '* '*S«. 

1645. ETTA B.,* born January 6, 1859; died July 8; iQtx 
16461 CLARA,* bom July 7, 1863; died i^a. 

1068 SIMEON C. WHITCOMB.' (Hezekiah/ Silas,' Silas," 

Nathaniel,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,* ) b^an life as a farmer with 
his father in Maine. With his father he enlisted for service in the Qvil 
War in 1862 and served imtil end of the war. He was wounded but 
not so as to disable him. When the war was over, he studied for the 


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ministry and became a pastor in the Free Baptist Churdt He was 
married in Bai^r, Me., August i, i877» to Celestia Gates, who was 
born in Tbomdyke, Me., April 19, 1843. They reside in Bangor, 
Me., where he is a pastor of a Baptist Church. 

1647. ARTHUR MELLEN,* born Hovember 30, 1883; died April ag, 1884. 

1078 SAMUEL BENSON WHITCOMB," (Joseph,' Silas,' 
Silas,' Nathaniel,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,') was married in 
Newport, Me., 1865, to Qara Finson, who was bom in Hartland, Me., 
January 14, 1844. His last residence was Princeton, Minn. Her 
last residence Newport, Me. 


1648. WILUAM CLARENCE.* bom June 23. 1866, Newport. Me.; nurried 

(t) Blanche Buzzell: (3) Isadore Smith; no children. 

Silas," Silas,' Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married 
in Washington, D. C, June i, 1867, to Mary Virginia Wilson, who 
was bom in Washington, D. C, Dec 29, 1846. He is a lawyer and a 
clerk in the United States Treasury and War Department Th^ are 
Episcopalians and reside in Washington, D. C 


1649- JANET LOUISE,* born . Washington. D. C; wu married in 

1896 to W. S. Tobert 

165a KATHERINE GERTRUDE,* bom , Washington, D. C; no- 

1651. EDWARD.* born , Washington, D. C; nnmirried. 

165a. ELVA RUTH,* bom , Washington, D. C; unmarried. j 

1081 ALBERT LEWIS WHITCOMB," (Joseph,* Silas,* | 

Silas,' Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonatlian,* John,*) was married in Mm- ; 
neapolis, Minn., August I3, 1890, to Josephine Bedie, who was bom \ 
in Minneapolis, Minn., April 15, 1869. He is a Itunberman and they | 
are Seventh Day Adventtsts. They reside in Anoka, Minn. 

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\6si. FLORENCE.* born . 

.1084 JOSEPH WHITCOMB/ (Abraham/ Abram,' WiU- 

iam/ Ephraim,* Jonathan,* Jonathan/ John/) was a chairmaker. Jle 
was married December 13, 1833, to Hannah Vose. He died March 
7, 1889. They lived in East Princeton, Mass. 

1654- MARY ARDELLE,* bora April 38. 183$- 

1655. LUCY JANETTE,' bora March aS, 1836. 

1656. HANNAH LOUISE,* bora February aS, 183& 

1657. LAURA ANN REBECCA.* bora September s. 1841. 
-ti6s8. JOSEPH ANSON,* born September 21, 1843. 

1659. WILLIAU WALTER,* bora March 14, iS»: died May 7, 1850. 

16601 MARTHA SABIAH.* bora July 16, 1851. 

1661. EVANGEUNE ROSELLE,* 1 ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ 

166L ANGELINE ESTELLE,* J °°™ "*"" "^ ^^^ 

1088 JAMES WHITCOMB," (Abraham/ Abram/ William/ ; 

Ephraim/ Jonathan/ Jonathan/ John,') was married January 31, 
1844, to Fidelia Brown, bom June 26, 1823, daughter of James 
Brown. He died August 3, 1854, and his widow was married Janu- \ 
ary 3, 1858, to E. J. Adams of Leominster, Mass. Residence Prince- '- 
ton, Mass. 


1663. ALINE A.,* bora November 3, 1844; married November 23, 1864. 

Esra, K. Wilder. j 

1664. ABRAM S. A.,* bora November 15, 1845; married Ann Eliza Eames; ' 

no children. 


Abram,* William,* Ephraim,^ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John/) was mar- 
ried (i) April 24, 1845, to Mary J. Arnold of Sterling, Mass., who 
was bom July 21. 1821^ and died August 10, 1845, and (3) May 7, 
■184S, to Susan Arnold of Fitdiburg, Mass., who was bora Novem- 
ber 14, 1817, and died September 29, 1865. He died August 18, 1863. 
They resided at East Princeton, Mass. 

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1665. LOUELLA.* boni October 3^ 1S50; married A. H. Dudler, Clinton, 

t66& WARREH HV bom December 13, 1853; storekeeper. East Princeton. 

1667. ALMEDA R,* bom March 16, 1656; died November aft 1865. 


Wrighti' Jonathan," William,' Ephnum.^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,' 
John,^) was married June 2, 1852, to Sarah Cogswell, bom Febru- 
ary 10, 1834, in Peterborough, N. H. They re»de at Buffalo, N. Y. 

1668. ELIZABETH,* bora June 18, 1856^ Buffalo; resided New York Gty; 

died April igoi. 

1669. HARRIET REBECCA,* bora July 30, 1838, BuRalo; died 1879. 
itiTa MORTIMER OSGOOD,* bora January 4, 1861, Buffalo; died Septem- 
ber a6, 1861. 

1671. SARAH,* bora August 12, 1862, Buffalo; married C B. Sterling; died 
January 24, 1893. 

Wright,' Jonathan," William,* Ephraim,* Jonathan," Jonathan," 
John,') was a physician; he practiced his profession in Barre, Mass., 
where he died March 13, 1892; he was married (i) in Leicester, 
Mass., November 27, 1848, to Marian Malvina Estabrook, who was 
bom in Holden, Mass., July i, 1824. She died at Barre, August 12, , 
1866; he was married (2) to Sarah Shoenberger Lytte May 5, 1869, . 
in Pliiladelphia; she survives him and resides at Pittsburg, Fa. I 

167a- MARIAN ELIZA,* bora February i, 1851, Worcester, Mass., un- 

1673- CHARLES MORTIMER.* bora September la, 1853. 

1674- WALTER OSGOOD,* bora August 11, 1855; married Anna Richards 

Washburn; no children. 
1675. MORTIMER ESTABROOK,* bora August 4, 1859; died September : 

IS. 1861. ' 

167& EDWARD LYTTE,* bom July 33, i%yo, Barre, Mast. 
KS77. ARTHUR CHARLES,* bora December 28, 1873, Martinaburg, Fa. 
167& ELIZABETH SHOENBERGER,* bora April ig. 1877. Barre, Mass. '- 

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1109 MOSES EDWIN WHITCOMB,' (Moses,' Moses,' 

Ephraim,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan.' John,^) was married (i) 
in September, 1852, to Anna Rebeoa, Benton, who died in 1874, and 
he was married (a) May 15, 1874, to Nettie M. Wilccnc, daughter of 
Edward J. and Nancy Wilcox. Residence Boxboro, Mass. 

1679. HOSES EDWIN,* bom October 39, 1874- 

16S0. EDITH ANNA,* born December, 1875. 

1681. LEON AINSWORTH,* born 1877. 

168s. ERNEST,* bom Janaary, 1S80. 

1C83. BERNIE,* born 1881. 

1112 FRANK H. WHITCOMB,' (Moses/ Moses," Ephraim/ 

Ephraim,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jdin,') was married September 11, 

i860, to Frances L. Fuller of West Acton. Mass., where he resided. 


t«84. HATTIE M,* bom April 2, i86t. 

1685. FRED S.,* bora June 12, 1867. 

lti86 LULU F,* bora September so, 1878. ; 


Moses,* Ephraim.* Ephraim.* Jonathan,' Jonathan.* John.*) was mar- 
ried 1861 to Abbie Blanchard. They lived in Boxboro, Mass. 

1687. WALDO EMERY,* bora 1664- 

1688. ARTHUR M.,* bora 1869. 

1114 JOHN WHITCOMB.* (John,' Moses." Ephraim." Eph- 

raim,* Jonatiian,* Jonathan,* John,*) was married June 11, 1863, to 
Ellen M. Rand, daughter of George and Aug^ta Rand of Xomen- 
burg, Mass. They live in Fitcbburg, Mass. j 


1689. SARAH AUGUSTA,* born Febrnmry 6, 1865, Lanenburg, Mass.; mar- 

ried 18S4 to Vernon T. Estcn; two chitdreo. 
+1690L FRED EMERY,* bora April 14, 1868; Fitdiburg, Mast. 

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tttipt. WILLIAM GREENE* born June II, 1870, Fitchburg. Mass. 

169a. WALTER EMERSON,* bom Jnly 15, i^; unmarried. 

fitfSJ. CHARLES ALMON,* born April 19,1^5. 

flSg4. GEORGE OLIN,* bora July as, 1877; unmarried; paper maker. 

1118 CHARLES HENRY WHITCOMB/ (Paul H^' Moses,* 

Efdinum,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married 
Mardi 3, 1867, to Sarah Augusta, dau^ter of Porter and ■ ■ 

(Cole) Reed. They lived at Littleton, Mass. 

1695. FRANK REED,* bora February 17, 1868. 

1122 JOHN HAYWARD WHITCOMB,* (Daniel,' Moses.' 

Ephraim," Ephraim,^ Jonathan,* Jonathan,* John,^ ) was married De- 
cember 31, 1878, to Maria A., dau^ter of Samuel Wetherbee of 
Boxboro, bom November i, 1852. He is a izTJoa in Boxboro, Mass. 

1696. RALPH EARL,* bora September 11, 1880. 
t^. IRA DANIEL,* bora Decemltcr 34, 1882. 


Samuel,* Ephraim," Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John^') was 
married Februaiy i, 1853, to Mai^;aret Priest of Harvard, who was 
bom March 1 1, 1835, and died June 29, 1862. Tliey lived in Little- 
ton, Mass. 


169& GEORGIA A..* born April 33. i&i^ 

l6». ELLA C* born January 15, 1858: died September 11, i8tioi 

iToa EMUdA M.,* born March 17, 1861. 


Samuel,' Ephraim," Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,') was 
married to Lydta Sophia Nutfc On his death, August — ', his widow ; 
was married (3) to ■ Fabey. They resided in Aplington, Iowa. I 


iTOt. EDWIN ARTHUR.* bora . ' 

170* IDA,* bora ; died . 

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1184 EPHRAIM EDWIN WHITCOMB," (Ephraim/ Sam- 

ud,* Ephraim," Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,^) was mar- 
ried to Mary Dove. He died May 17, 1872. His widow resides in - 
Southville, Mass. 


1703. CLARA,* bom ; married Frank Horn; two children. 

1704. CHARLES,* born . 

170s HARRY,* bom ^. 

1188 AIXEN PORTER WHITCOMB,' (Samuel/ Samuel,' 
Ephraim," Ephraim/ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married (i) 
to Susan £. Hill, who was bom in Billerica, Mass., 1833; she died 
February, 1864; he was married (2) to Sarah E. Reed, who was bom 
February, 1836. Th^ lived in Littleton, Mass. 


1706. EDNA MAY,* born April a?, i860; married William Davis, of Little- 

ton; one cblld. 

1189 OLIVER ADAMS WHITCOMB," (Samuel,' Samuel.' 
Ephraim,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married Oc- 
tober 21, 1858, to Harriet Asenath, daughter of John and Lydla 
(Sanderson) Spragfue, bom March 31, 1837. They lived in Littleton, 


1707. MAY,* bom April sg, 1863: married March 19, 1884, to Haywarj Hart- 

well, of Somerville, 'Mass. 

1708. HAHUM HARWOOD.* bom Jnnc 4. 1866; marri«d Helen Porter 

Adams, October 15, 1890. 

1148 NAHUM HARWOOD WHITCOMB," (Samuel,' Sam- 

uel,' Ephraim,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,* ) was married 
December 20, i860, to Mary Frances Sprague, who was bora October 
3) 1843; she was daughter of John and Lydia (Sanderson) Spr^ue. 
He was a member of the StxtJi Massachusetts Regiment, and died 
at Suffolk, Va., December 13, 1862. His widow was married (2) 

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to Albert Robbins. "August 2^ 1865, Littleton voted to pay the ex- 
pense of the return of the body of the late Nahum Wbitcomb and of 
interring the same." (Littleton Town Records.) 

. 1700. ADA,* born September a, 1863; nurried June 20, 1883, Jfamct Ireltnd; 
two children. 


Ephraim/ Ephraim/ Jonathan/ Jonathan,* John/) was married No- 
vember 35, 1869, to Seraphina Moore^ bom October 9, 1840, daugh- 
ter of William and Harriet Moore. She died November 25, 1881. 



ville,' Peter,* Ephraim/ Ephraim/ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) - 
was married in Boston, September 14, 1870, to Mary Frances Willard. ; 
She was bom in Boston, July 6, 1851, and died September 9, 1903. 
He is employed with the Boston & Albany Railroad at Boston. They 
are Unitarians. Their residence is at Allston, Mass. 

171a EVELYN MAY.* bom Jane 23, 1871, Boston. 

1711. ANNETTE ROGERS,* bom Jnne 7, 1874, Boston; died January 4, 1876. 

1713. DAISY ELIZABETH,* bom November 3. 1878, BoBton; died Sep- 
tember 4, t88l. 

1713. WILLARD AUGUSTUS,* bom September a, 1880, Boston. 

1150. .ELWYN HARTWELL WHITCOMB/ (Granville;': 
Peter," Ephraim,' Ephraim/ Jonathan,' Jonathan/ John/) was mar- 
ried, April 34, 1870, to Mary Florella Houghton of West Acton, 
Mass. He is a grocer and provi»on dealer in Concord, Mass. 

1714. RAY STANWOOD,* bora September 3. 1871. | 

1715. BERNICE CARRIE.* bom December 17, i^ 
171& JUUAN AINSWORTH.* bom October 23, 1877. 

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THE JOhfy4THyfN LINE. i 


Peter,' Ephraim,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) is a milk 
dealer in Charleston, Mass. He was married November 22, 1882, to 
Carrie M. Melvin of Charlestown, Mass., who was bom March 13, ! 
1862. I 

1166 FRANKUN PIERCE WHITCOMB,' (Granville,* 

Peter,' Ephraim,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') is a farm- 
er. He was married November 23, 1881, to Ruth H. Bums of Wal- 
tham, Mass. They live in Boxboro, Mass. 

1717. RALPH HERBERT,* bora September 17, 1882; died August 14. i8S3- 

171& HARRY EARL,* bora March 30. 1885. 

1166 RUEL WHITCOMB,' (Parmenas,' Benjamin," Jacob,' ' 
Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married (i) October 
21, 1848, to Samantha Crosby and moved to New London; she died 
April 7, 1867; he was married {2) to Lncy Woodbury, January 7, 
1869; she resides in New London, N. H. He died in Elkins, N. H., 
October 16, 1002. 


+17»9. EDWIN RUEL,* born . 

173a BERNETTE SAMANTHA.* born ; unmarried; resides in 

Elkins, N. H. 

1167 PARMENAS HURD WHITCOMB.' (Parmenas,' 
Benjamin,* Jacob,' Benjamin,* Jonatlian,' Jonathan,' John,*) was 
married about 1864 to 5^^ Hoskins. They lived in Hanover, N. H. 

I7SI. FREDERICK." bora about 1866; died in childhood. 
ijaa. WILLARD,* bora about 1868; died in childhood. 

117S GEORGE FRANCIS WHITCOMB,' (Frands,' Jona- ; 

than,' Jacob,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married 
October 12, 1869. to Elizabeth A. Holden, Qaremontt N. H. 

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1713. WILUAM FRANCIS,* bora October l4 1^3. 
1734. NINA MAY,* bora Ifareli 34. 1877. 

Silas Hale,* Giarles," Benjamin,^ Jonathan," Jcmathan,* John,*) was 
married February 22, 1854, to Manetta Austin, who was bom Decem- 
ber 14, 1828, and died 1903. He lives in Granville, N. Y. 

1735. JANETTE LADONNA,* bora December i, 1854. 

173& KATE,* bora June 11, 1869. 

1181 GEORGE AVERY WHITCOMB,' (Benjamin Brown.' 

Silas Hale,' Charles,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jo:iathan,' John,*) was 
married June 24. 1861, at Mt. Canroll, III., to Sarah A. Towne, who 
was bom at Union Grove, Hi, January 14, 1842. She was a Univer- 
salist and died at Denver, Colo., December 16, 1900. His business has 
been speculating in produce and dealing in real estate; has been twice 
elected Mayor of Morrison, III. He is a man of upright life and sterl- 
ing character; now partially retired from business. They reside at 


1737. JENETTE,* bom August 21, 1863, Union Grove, III.; married Homer 

Johnson; died Cleveland, Ohio, iSgo. 

1738. ANNA,* bora October 34. 1865, Union Grove. IIL; married C F. 


1739. Gl^ORGE GRANVILLE,* born April 11, 1876: an attoraey; unmarried. 

1188 JAMES MONROE WHITCOMB," (Nathaniel,' Ste- 

(rfien,' Reuben,' Benjamin/ Jonathan," Jonathan,' John,*) was mar-| 
ried in Lancaster. N. Y., May 20, 1867, to Amanda M. Briggs,'whO| 
was bom in Lancaster, December 21. 1845. He is a former; rdigious ^ 
bdief, Presbyterian. His wife died in Per»a, N. Y., January 3i»; 
1893. His last residence was Persia. 

sa I 

d by Google 


1730. LOTTA,* born June ao, 1868; Persia, H. Y. 

1731. MYROM B..* bom Jane g, tKo, Pcrua. H. Y.; nnmarried. 

1733. ADA L.,* bom September 11, 1870, Persii, N. Y.; ntrried For- 


+1733. ARCHIE M,» bom Jane 3, 1872.' Persia, N. Y. 

1734- NELLIE £.,* born Janattry 6, 1874. Persia, N. Y. 

1735. MABELLA D,* bora Jnne 30, 1875. Persia, N. Y. 

1736. ETHEL J,» bora Jnne 15, 1877, Persia, N. Y. 

1737. KENSETT N.,* bora August io> 1878. Persia. M. Y.; nnnunied: resides 

at Buffala 

17381 OLIVE H,» bom March 9, 1880, Persia, N. Y. 

1739- GRACE U,* bora October 33, 1881, Persia, N. Y. 

t74a CLEVELAND G.,* bora October 28, 18S4, Persia, N. Y.; unmarried. 

1199 WESLEY, EBER WHITCOMB,' (Josiah.' Stephen,* 

Rettben,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was married De- 
cember 34, 1865. in Napoli, N. Y., to Qara E. Mosher, who was 
born in New Albion, N. Y., June 25. 1848, and died in Salamanca, 
N. Y., September 17, 1S80. Married (2) to Weltha Ann Fepperdine, 
September i, 18S3. Religious belief Methodist He is a blacksmith in 
Salamanca, N. Y. 


1741. LEWIS EBER,* bora December 3, 1866, Salamanca. 

1743. GEORGE MERTON,* bora June 10, 1871, Salamanca. 

1743- FLORENCE ERDINE,* bora February 17, 1874. Salamanca. 

1744- SUSIE,* bora March S, 1876; died March 32, 187& 

1745- INFANT,* born August i, 1880; died September a. 188a. 

1202 IRA WHITCOMB,* (Stephen,' Stephen,* Reuben,* Ben- 

jamin,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) was married July 2, 1831, to 
Fhodie Grantier, who was bom November 2, 183a He was a farmer 
in Meadvill^ Fa. 


174& ABBIE,* bora Hareb 30. 1853: married October 4, 1S78; Dell Tuttle. 

1747. NELLIE,* bora November 18, 185s; married July 6, t&J6, £. A. Hayes. 

17481 BELLE,* bom October 8, 1858; died May 9, 186:1; 

1749- BLANCHE,* bora March «, 1870 (?) 

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120S LEVI WHITCOMB." (Levi,' Levi,' Reubtn,* Benja- 

min,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' John,*) owns and lives on Whitcomb Hill 
Fann in Washington, Vt Late in life he was married to Louise M. 

Hall, April IS, i860. She was bom . 


17501 ALBERT E^» bora ; 

I7SI. LILLICE M,» bora ; married M. W. Hyland. 

1752; ,* born ; died m infancy. 

I7S3. , * born -— ■' ; died in infancy. 

1208 LYMAN S. WHITCOMB,' (Sylvester.' Simi»o,« Reu. 
ben," Benjamin,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,* John,') was married (i) at 
Craftsbury, December 25, 1867, to Jane Glidden; she was bom in 
1845; married (a) to Jennie Baker, November 14, 1879; she was 
bom in Albany, Vt, October 18, 1857. First wife died at Crafts- 
bury, October 12, 1873. He is a farmer; religious belief. Congre- 
gational Their residence is Wolcott, Vl 

1754- JUUA ANN,* bora July 15, 1871, Hyde Park, Vt. 

1755. KATIE I.,* bora December it, 1S74. 

1756. LIZZIE B.,* bora March 19, t88i, Wolcott 

1757. WILLARD L.,* bora September ai, 1884, Wolcott. 

1758. MERTON A,* bora January ai, tSgc^ Wolcott 

1209 SOLON S. WHITCOMB,* (Sylvester G.,' Simeon,* ! 
Reuben,* Benjamin,* Jonathan,* Jonatlian,* John,' ) was married in ■ 
1871 to Amy Sturgis of Hyde Park, Vt About 1885 they settled in ! 
Claremont, N. H. 


177a GERTRUDE M.,* bom December 15, 187a; married Seth Andrews, 

Meriden. N. H. 
177I. ISABELLE U* bora November 19, it^ I 

1210 ALBERT S. WHITCOMB,* (Sylvester G.,' Simeon.* 
Reuben,* Benjamin,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,* John,*) is a burner in 
Hyde ^ric; he was married (i) in Morrisvill^ January i, 187:, to 

d by Google 


Silveria E. Reed, who was bom in Morristo^vn, Vt, Jtily 19, 1849, 
and died in Hyde Park, January 22, 1S92; he was married (2) in 
Morrisville, Vt, May 2. 1897, '^ Lucy A. Burbank, who was bom in 
Warren, N. H., August 22, 1875. 


1759. ETHEL L.,* bom December 14, 1871, Hyde Park, Vt 

1760. HERBERT M..* born July 37, 1874, Morristown, Vl 
■761. MABEL E.,* born September 4, 1875, Morristown, Vt. 
1763. UYRON J.,* bom January i, 1878, Hyde Park, Vt 

1763. BESSIE F,* born May 8. 1880. Hyde Park. Vt. 

1764. HAROLD J,» bom February 10. 1883, Hyde Park, Vt 

1765. BEULAH E. ,• bora August 3. 1884. Hyde Park, Vt. 

'i^. ^ols^E^U* \ *•"" ^"*"'*" *^ '^ "^""^ ^'^ "^*' 
176S. ALBERT S., JR,* bora November 14, 1899, Hyde Park, Vt 
1769. MARY Hh» bora February 19, 190O, Hyde Park, Vt 

1211 CHARLES E. WHITCOMB,' (Sylvester G.,' Simeon,* 

Reuben,* Benjamin,*, Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,' ) was married in 
Wolcott, Vt, July 17, 1875, to Cora A- Hadley, who was bom in 
Hyde Park, Vt, July 10, 1856. Their religious belief is Advent 
Baptist Mr. Whitcomb is a fanner and they reside in Hyde Park, Vt 


1773. AMBER F.,* bora November 19, 1876, Hyde Park. 

1773- AGNES B.,* bom Marcb aS, 1880, Hyde Park. 

1774- EVA M,» bora August 20, 1887, Hyde Park. 

1775- ISADORE E.,* bora January ig, 1893, Hyde Park. 

1314 WILLARD MYRON WHITCOMB,' (Sylvester G.,' 

Simeon,* Reuben,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) is a 
farmer in Hyde Park, Vt He was married at Johnson, Vt, Novem- 
ber 21, 1882, to Carrie Abigail Hadley, who was bom in Hyde Park, 
Vt, November 8, 1858. Their religious belief, Methodist Episcopal 

177& GEORGE ORSON,* bora May 7. 1893. Hyde Park. Vt 

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COMB,' (Dexter/ Zaccheus,* Benjamin," 
Benjamin/ Jonathan/ Jonathan/ John/) 
was married in St. Paul, Minn., October 19, 
1859, to Leadora Bennett, who was born in 
Wheeling, West Va., January 16, 1839. 
He has been all his business life a progres- 
sive man of affairs; has invented some val- 
uable machinery; has been occupied with 
railroading, coal operating and mining. 
His home is in California whither he went 
some years ago and founded and promoted 
the town of Glendora near Los Angeles. 
The town was named Glendora in honor of 
his wife and because of its being in a way ' "^ 
a large glen. 


-t-t777- GEORGE BENNETT,* born October ao, i860, St. Paul, Uino. 

177S. HENRY,* bom March 8. 1863; died Janiury *, 1864. 

+1779. CARROLL SYLVANUS,* bom July i, 1865. SteubenTille, Ohio. 

*i-fio. WILUAM CARD,* bom October 3, 1868; tHttsburgb, Pa. 

1781. LEADORA.* born October 8, iSjt, Wilmington, III; was married July 
12, 1904, to Walter Dalzell, of Chicago. 

178a. ELIZABETH EMILY,* born July i. 1873. Wilmington, III. 

I783> VIRGINIA.* bom July i, 1877. Chicag<^ IlL 

Zaccheus,* Benjamin,' Benjamin,^ Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,* } was 
married March 11, 1872, in Uhrichsville, Ohio, to Mary Eleanor Mo- 
zena. who was bom November 19, 1852, in Uhrichsville, O. Religious 
belief, Methodist His is by occupation a coal-mining et^;ineer. Thqr . 
reside in Pittsburgh, Pa. 

1784- BERTHA MAY,* bora April 11, 1874. Uhrichsnlle; married J. W. 

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Digitized by VjOOQ I C 


1785. HAROLD EDWIN,* bora August 35. iSt^. Bnidwood, UL 
178& ELEANOR OLIVE,* born August as, 187S. Braidwood, lU.; marriedi 
H. W. Stevenson; residence, Giicsgo. 

1288 FRANK WATSON WHITCOMB,", (Dexter/ Zac- ! 

cheus,' Benjamin," Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was ' 
married September 24, 1878, in Diamond, III., to Janette Pearson, 
who was bom April 21, 1859, in Massillon. O. Religious belief, 
Methodist He is a locciiiotive engineer. They reside in Chicago, UL 

1787. BLANCHE AMBER,* born Jnne 28, 1879, Diamond, III. 

1788. EARLE FRANKLIN,* born October 34, 18S3, Monrovia, Cal. 

1248 EDWIN PARWSH WHITCOMB,* (Luke Hale,' Zac- 

cheus,' Benjamin,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was 
married in Coldwater, Mich., to Melissa Parker, who was bom in 
Batavia, Branch County, Mich., and died in Nashville, South Dak. 
Refigious belief, Presbyterian. His occupation is sheep raising on a 
large scale. They reside in Nashville, South Dak. He is a pensioner 
on account of services in the Civil War, having been a marine on a 
gunboat on the Mississippi. 


178s). RALPH,* born , Cotdwater, Mich. 

1790. HOMER,* bom , Coldwater, Mich.; died in Nashville, S. D. 

I79l> BELL,* bom ■, Coldwater, Mich.; died in Deadwood, S. D. 

179a. EDWIN.* bora . Nashville, S. D. 

1259 FRANK LAWTON WHITCOMB,' (Claric,' Daniel,*' 

Benjamin," Benjamin,* Jonathan," J<mathan,' John,') is a locomotive 
engineer. He was married April 27, 1872, to Ida Jannet of Rodc- 
port, who was bom November 21, 1855. They reside in Concord, 


1793. GEORGE GROSVENOR,* bora August 26^ 1873. Bradford, N. H. 
1794- ALEXANDER CLARK,* bora October as, 1874. Bradford, N. H. 
t79S HARRIET ELTA,* bom February 16. iSia, Oaremont, N. H. 

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t7g6. BETSEY JANE,* born Febrnarr ii, iS8^ Concord. N. H. 

1797. LEILA,* born March 38, 18S4, Concord, N. H. 

iTgEL FRANK,* bom September 12, 1889, Concord, N. H.; died July 8; 1898. 

1799- RUTH G^* bom April 13, 1893. Concord. N. H„ 

i8oa HARRY D^> bora October iti, 1897, Concord, N. H. 

t2M WHXIAM H. WHITCOMB," (Lorenzo H.,' Daniel.* 

Benjamin,' Benjamin,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was married 
June 6, 18S6, to Carrie Parker Higgins of Nova Scotia, who was 
bom 1857; she died in Somerville, October 26, 1896. He is an engi- 
neer on steam roller. Religious belief, Baptist Residence Somer- 
ville, Mass. 


1801. BERTHA L^* born June 13, 1887, Somerrille. 

tSoa. WILLIAM H.,* bom June 31, 18S8, Somerville. 

180J. HAROLD L.,* born NoYember 9, 1889, Somerville. 

1804. GEORGE P.,* born September 99, iSpot Somerville. 

1805. JOSEPHINE M^* bora January 4, i^ Somerville. 
180& FRANK M.,* bora December la, 1893, Somerville. 

1807. MILDRED E.,* bora January 16, 1894, Somerville. 

1808. MELVIN M^* born Pebniary 10^ 1895, Somemlle. 

1269 CHARLES EDWIN WHITCOMB," (John L..' Daniel," 

Benjamin,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' Jolin,') is a fanner in 
Hillsboro, N. R He was married April 2, 1874, to Josephine Eliza- 
beth Murdo. j 


1809. ALICE JOSEPHINE,* boni July 18; 1874. Warner, N. H. 
l8ia JOHN ALBERTO.* bom April 19, 1876. Hillsboro, N. H. 
1811. FRED, EVERETT.* bora April 31, 1878, Hillsboro, N. H. 
1813. ELLEN FRANCES,* bora November 14. 1880. Hillsboro, N. H. 

1813. ALBERT JEFFERSON,* bora Marcb la, 1884. Hillsboro, N. H. 

1814. MARY LIZZIE,* born January 36, 18S6, Hinsboro, N. R 

1815. ETHEL BELLE,* bora November 13, 1888. j 

1816. EDITH SOPHIA.* bora May 33, 1891, HilUboro, N. H. 

1817. EARL CHARLES,* bom November 4. 1894, Hillsboro, H. H. I 

1288 CYRUS WHITCOMB,' (Harvey,' WUUam,' Benja- 
min,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married to 
^ Residence Ridiburg, N. Y. 

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181& WILLIE,* born ; killed by cars. 

iSig. EUGENE,* bora ; married . 

i8u. FLOYD,* bom . 

1821 GEORGE IRVING WHITCOMB," (Joseph Emerson/ 

Jeremiah,* Oliver,' Benjamin,* Jonatiian,' Jonathan," John,') was 
married to Catherine Budcley, October 5, 1887; he is a worker on 


l82t. CARLTON LEE>* born October 6, 1889. 


1842 OSCAR LUKE WHITCOMB," (Charles,' Luke/ Jona- 

than," John,* John,* Jonathan," John/) was married to Sue Bald- 
win at Melrose, Fla., April, 1884. He died June 5, 1900, at Meh-ose. 

1823. MARY ELVA,* bom Febmary la, 1885, Melrose, Fla. 

1834- BESSIE PAULINE.* bom May 8, 18S6, Melrose, Fla. 

Idas- GEORGE LEONARD,* bom March 11, i38S, Melrose, Fla. 

18261. ROBERT BASCOM,* bom September 13, iSgo, Melrose, Fla. 

1837- JAMES OSCAR,* born November 11, 1893. Melrose, Fla. 


Paul/ Asa," John,* John,' Jonathan,* John/) was married , 

1877, to . 


1838. SON.* bom . 

1839. SON,* bom . 


ing,' Thomas/ Asa," Asa/ John,' Jonathan,' John,') was married 
August 8, 1856, to Jane H. Weber of Newport, N. H. In 1891 he 
was Chief of Police in Holyoke, Mass., and has served one or more : 
terms as Mayor of Holyoke. 


*iSaa. EUGENE HARDING.* bom October 6, 1S57. 

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ing,* Thomas,' Asa,' Asa,' John,' Jonathan,' John/) was married 
(i) March 15, 1871, to Lizzie R. Edwards of Portland, Me., who 
died in Haverhill, Mass., July 15, 1876, aged twen^-five years. He 
was married (3) December 11, 1887, to Abbte J. Allen of Caven- 
dish. Vt 


1831. HAROLD VOLNEY* bom April in. 1875- 

1832. LIZZIE LOUISE,* born July 10. 1876. 

Thomas,* Asa,' Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' Jcrfm,*) was married January 
26, i88i> to Fanny L. Bri<^ of Sprii^eld, Vt He died at Hoi- 
yokev Mass., Mardi 26, 189a 


1833. FREDERICK PERRY,* born October a&. 18^. 

worth,' Thomas,' Asa,' Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' John,') was married 
March 16, 1887, to Nellie E. Ward, born December 17, 1861, daugh- 
ter of Seaman and Betsey C Ward. He has been cashier of the Na- 
tional Black River Bank since July, 1878. He has been very promi- 
nent in Vermont Masonic circles. His residents is in Proctors- 
ville, Vt 


worth,* Thom&s,* Asa,' Asa,* John,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married 
December 3, 1883, to Lulu A. Wilder of Marlboro, N. H., who died 
at North Walpole, N. H., January 28. 1888, a^;ed twenty-three years, 
six months and three days. He is an engineer on the Rutland Rail- : 
road. He was married (2) to Oara Bartlett of Cavendish, Vt 

1834. CHARLES DANA.* bom Oclob«r 3. 1885. 
183s. UARIAH LULU.* bora Jinnmiy & 1888. 

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1875 GEORGE MOSES WHITCOMB," (John Davis,' John 

Adams," John,' Asa,* John,' Jonathan,* John,^ ) vras married in Bos- 
ton November 16, 1897, to Grace Ethel Macomber, who was. bom 
in Boston, June 7, 1874. His occupation has been the manufacturing 
and sale of mill paper supplies. He is a Unitarian. Thqr reside in 


183& GRETCHEN,* born October 7, iSgS, Hedford; died July 6. igoo, in 
Hingbun, Mass. 

1S37- JOHN MANN,* born September s, tgot, Medford, Mass. 

1838. GEORGE MOSES,* bom February a, 1903, Medford, Mass. 


roy,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jona- 
than,* John,^) was married (i) to Mary Jane Davis, who was bom 
February 27, 1834, and died Febrtiary 8, 1863. He was married (2) 
February 4, 1864, to Emeline Jane Barnard, who ^vas bora July 28, 
1835. They lived in Bolton, Mass. 

+1839. IRVING VANDOLO," bom April 3. 1857- 

184a VIOLETTA SOPHIA." bom December as. 1859; died March 31, 1865. 

1841. MARY LOUISA.1* bom July 20, 1863; died October 17, 1863. 

1843. ALICE AUGUSTA," bom March 3, 1870; died January 9, 1871. 

1886 WARREN ADAMS WHITCOMB,' (Vandolo Emroy," 

Jonathan,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' 
John,*) was married April 17, 1861, to Lucy Maria Ramsdell, bora 
OctdKT 10, 1836, at Boxboro, Mass. She died April 24, 1895. He 
was a farmer; he died December 24, 1901. They lived in Uttleton, 

1843' FANNIE MARIA,» bora January 20, 1864. Worcester, Mass. 

1844. GEORGE WARREN,'* bora December 30, 1866. Littleton. 


Hartwell,* Andrew,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' 

d by Google 


Jonathan,' John,*) is a farmer in Stockbridge; he was married De* ; 

conber lo, 1890, to Alice Maud, born June 6. 1872, daughter of Her- , 

bert Jod and Eunice (Wolcott) Marshall of Stow, Mass. j 


1845. HERBERT HARTWELL,^ born Anciut jo^ 1891, Uttleton, M!m*. ! 

1841 MARION LOUISA.^ born Jane 24, 1894, Ltttteton. Mau. 

1405 DAVID BONNER WHITCOMB,* (Elaph Bonner.* | 

Elaph,^ Elias,' William,* Jonathan,* Jonathan/ Jonathan,* John,*) i 
was married May i, 1856, in Northboro, Mass., to Mary Elizabeth 
Carter, who was bom in Boylston, Mass., November 4, 1838. 

1S47. FRANK LESLIE," bom March s; 1857, Chicago. 
184& AMY- FOSTER,** born Febntary 10. 1863; married March y, 1885, to 
Charles L. Alden, Fitchbnrg, Mass. 


Wright,* Fredand,* Job." Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan,* John,') 
was married in Port Stanley, Ont, August 29, 1883, to Annie 
Brothers, who was bom December 9, i860, in Loughgall, Ireland. 
They are Protestants. Hts business is railroading; they reside in 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

1849. CHARLES MANSON,** born Noreinber st,'i884, St. Thomas, Ont 
18501 BESSIE LEVINA,** bom December i, 1886, Sl Thomas, Ont 

1443 CLEMENT COLFAX WHITCOMB,* (John,* John,' 

Abner,* Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was mar- 
ried in Bangor, Me., September 3, 1891, to Blanche Comelia Shaw, 
who was bom July 4, 1869 in Etna, Me. He is a physician and his 
home has been in Camden, Me., where he has practiced his profes- 
sion. He is now ist Lieutenant and Assistant Sui^;eon U. S. A. at 
Fort McKinley, Portland, Me. lieitt Whitcomh served three years in 
the Philippines, during the Spanish-American War. 

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iSSi. JOHN CLEMENT,'* bom July 17, 1894. Monroe, Me. 

1853. CUPFORD FRAKKLIN,» born February 7, 1896; died March 18^ 

1891^ Honroe, Me. | 


Dodge," Eli/ Abner,' Abner,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was 
graduated from Dartmouth College, Qass 1876; then studied at 
Gottingen University, Germany; graduated from Boston Law School 
in 1880, and had the prize essay at graduation. He was a member 
of the Boston City Council 1883-4-5; Fire Marshal of the city of 
Boston and the State of Massachusetts. He was married in Boston, 
June 26, 1884, to Marie Maynard Woodsum, who was bom Decem- 
ber 2, i860, in Boston. He has a residence in Stratbara, N. H., and 
also in New York City. 

1853- BENJAMIN DODGE,» bom March 28, 1885. 

1854. CHARLES WILBUR," bora September %- 1886. 

1855. DOROTHY," born November 17. 181)1. 

1468 FRANK LESUE WHITCOMB,' (Charles B.,' Eli,' 
Abner,* Abner,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was mar- 
ried to Helen P. Blood of Groton, Mass., November 7, 1884. He is a 
pnnninent contractor and builder in Boston. 


i8s& ELENORE,*" born about 1887. . | 

1469 CHARLES B. WHITCOMB,» (Charles B.,* Eli,» Ab- 
ner,* Abner," Jonathan,* Jonatlian,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married 
to Caroline M, Blood of Groton, Mass., November 12, 1890. He is 
in the building business with his brother, Frank L, in Boston. 

1857. RALPH L.," born January 1, 1897. 

1404 ERNEST C WHITCOMB,* (Augustus." John Mitchell \ 

Samuel,* Abner,* Jonathan,* Jonathan," Jonathan," John,*) was mar- 

d by Google 


ried Decanber 26, 1884, to Nelly, daughter of Warren and Mary 
(Patterson) Thomson, bom it) New York City, September 2, 1856. 
ThCT- live in Columbus, Wis. 


1858. LAintA MAY,» born April 13. 188& 

1468 FRANQS EDWARD WHITCOMB.* (Ebenezer," Eb- 

enezer/ Ebenezer," Abner,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) 
was married November 30, 1867, to Orilla Ames Parke^ who was 
bom May 30, 1850, in Searsport, Me: ; he was a merchant in Sears- 
port, Me., where he died. 


1859. FRED EUGENE," born June 13, 1869; died in Searsport. 

I86a ELIZABETH BLANCHE," bom May 30. 1873- 

■86t. FRANCIS CORES,>* bom December 14, 1879, Searsport; unmarried. 

1477 JAMES HENRY WHITCOMB,* (Cornelius I.,» Ebe- 
nezer,* Ebenexer," Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jonathim,' John,*) 
was married in Denver, Colo., September 10. 1882, to Maggie Evange- 
line Fisher, who was bom in X^wrcnce, Kans., December 17, 1865. 
He is a farmer. They live in Morrill, Me. 

1862. VIRGIL HARRY." bora October 21. 1883, Waldo, Me. 

1863- ALBERT RICHARD,** born Auffust 17. 1885, Waldo. Me. 

1864- EVA EUNICE," born October lo, i8»7. Morrill, Me. 

1865. MARK HENRY," bom August i8. i88g, Morrill, Me. 

1866. CORNELIUS JA&IES," bora September 33, 1891, Waldo, Me. 

1867. THOMAS NORMAN," bora September 35. 1893. Morrill. Me. 
1868L JENNIE ANNETTA," bora September at, 1895. Morrill, Me. 
t86» LILLIE MAGGIE." born November 16, 1897. Morrill, Me, 
187a THURGIE lONA," bora April 17, 1900, Morrill, Me. 

I^t. MILLIE," bora December s, igoa, Morrill, Me. 

1478 LEWIS A. WHITCOMB,' (Cornelius I.,« Ebene«r,» 
Ebenezer,* Abner," Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,* John,*) was 
married in Morrill, Me., April 2, 1882, to Abbie S. Ooss, who was 

d by Google 


born in Belfast, Mc, December 7, 1859. He is a merdiant in Waldo. 
Me. Rdigious belief, Methodist 

l8;a; FLORENCE B^i* boin December 9^ 18S3, Waldo. Me. 

1873. EUGENE W bom July aft 18&S, Waldo. Me. , 

i481 WILBERT O. WHITCOMB,» (Cornelius !.,• Ebenezer/ 

Ebenezer,* Abner,' Jonathan/ Jonathan,* Jonathan,* John,') was 
married in Belfast, Me., April 4, 1892, to lizzie W. Humlqr, who 
was bom in Milbridge, July 14, 1871. He was a farmer and a Metli- 
odist He died in Belfast, September 6, 1902. 

1874. CHESTER P.,u born June 14, 1894, Palermo, Me. 
i^ FLOSSIE E.,1* bom June ao, 1897, Waldo, Me. 

1606 FRANK A. WHITCOMB,' (Roscoe H.* Benjamin,' 

Ebenezer,' Abner," Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was 
married March, 1886, to Elida Sheldon. They reside in Belfast; Me. 

1S76. EGBERT." 

1877. OHA." i 

187& FRANK LBSLIE.1* i 

16H CHARLES REED WHITCOMB,' (Peter Cochrane 

Qari^' Oliver,' Oliver,' Abner,' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,' Jonathan," 
John,') was graduated from Williams College in 1876 and from l 
Harvard Medical School in 1878; was principal o£ Houghton School, 
Bolton. Mass., two years and then of west Boylston High School im- 
til 1882; was graduated from Long Island Medical Collie, Brooklyn. 
in 1883 ; practiced medicine in Boston ttll 1896, then in Chicago. He 
was married in September, 1875, to Nellie Lbuise Ames of Williams- , 
town, Mass. 


1879. FRANK HARRIS," bora July ta, 1876. 

188a. HARRIET MARIA,** bora March 18, 1882; died February 15. 1884. 

i88t. MARTHA AMES," bora November 17. 188& 

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lfil3 FREDERICK REED WHITCOMB,* (OUver/ Oliver/ 

Oliver,' Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was mar- ■ 
lied to Lizzie Cunningham of New Bedford, Mass., where he was 
in dry goods business before moving to Chicago, where he now re- 

188a. OSCAR FRANK,'* born March 29, i^ 


Gary,* John Gardner,' Eli,* Abner,' Jonathan,* Jonathan,* Jonathan," 
John,*) was bom in Milwaukee; was married to Cynthia R. High- 
town in 1866. They live in Chattanooga, Tenn. 

18S3. CHARNIE AMANCHUS," bom April 31, 1896, ChatUtwosa. 

1656 JOHN MARSHALL WHITCOMB,* (Hiram Marshall,* 

John,' Samuel,* Samuel,* Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,') was 
married at Enosburg Falls, Vt, March 13, 1867, to Sannntha Caro- 
line Ladd, who was bom June 29, 1839, at Enosburg Falls, Vt. He 
was a fanner and died April 10, 1902, at East Enosburg, where hb 
widow and children reside. 


1884. GARDNER HIRAM," bom April 13. 1S70, Eut Enosbstirg. 

1885. HYE PHILANDER,** bom September 33, 18S0, East Enosburg. 

1667 AUSTIN WHITCOMB,* (Hiram Maishall,* John,' 

Samuel,* 'Samuel,* Joseph,* Jonathan,' JiMiathan,' John,' ) was mar- 
ried January 22, 1874, in Beverly, Mass., to Susan Augusta Meacom, 
who was bom in Beverly, April 14, i8sa In religious belief they 
are Congregationalists. He is a hardware dealer and they reside in 
Beverly, Mass. 


188& JOHN M.,» bom April », 1876, Beverlr. 

l887> WILLIS C,» bom October 35. l^ Bererlr. 

d by Google 


1559 FRED O. WHITCOMB,» (Hiram Marshall," John.' 

Samuel,' Samuel,' Jos^h,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was mar- 
ried in Enosburg, Vt., December 5, 1878, to Lena A. Burleson, who 
was bom in Fairfidd, Vt. June 21, 1857. In religious belief th^ are 
Congregationalists. He was a farmer and died in Enosburg January 
34, 1885. His widow and diildren reside in Enosburg, Vt 

1S8& NEIL F^*' born April i. t88o, Enosbarg. 

t8^ RALPH C** bom April la, 1881, Enoiburg. 

iSgo. ALICE LENA,** bom February 14, 1883, Enosbofs- 

1561 MARTIN LEACH WHITCOMB.' (Ortow,* Ashd.* 

Samuel,* Samuel,' Joseph,* Jonathan," Jonathan," John,*) was mar- 
ried February so, 1882, In Windsor, P. Q., to Matilda A. Baird, who | 
was bom June 23, 1S62, in Windsor. They are Episcopalians. He 
is a farmer in Enosburg, Vt 


1891. RAYNARD ORLOW," bom April 15. 18S4, Enosburg; 

1893. ANNIE L.,** bom January i^ 1889, Enosburg. 

1893. BURDETTE M^i* born February 6, 1891, Enosburg. 

1894. LYLE MARTIN.** bora July 17, 1894. Enosburg. j 
tSgs* FRANCIS W,** bora November 7, 1895. Enotbnrg. 

1669 FRANK WILLIS WHITCOMB,' (Joel Blanchard,' 

Reuben,^ Samuel," Timothy,' Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan," John,*) 
was married in Oberlin, Ohio, December 26, 1889, to IMaude Wood^ 
who was bom July 30, 1869, in North Warren, Pa. Religious be- 
lief, Presbyterian. He was a physician in Warren, Pa. He was 
graduated from the University of Buffalo, N. Y., and began practice 
in Chandler's Valley, Pa., and removed to Warren in 1871. He died 
June 30, 1904. 

18961 MARGARET,!* bom June 15, 1893, OberUn. Ohio. 

d by Google 


1670 ORRIN ALONZO WHITCOMB,* (Newell,* Reuben.^ 
Samuel," Timothy,' Joseph,* Jonathan/ Jonathan,* John,*) was mar- 
ried March 1 1, 1875, in Batavia, N. Y., to Frances Eveline Cornwall* 
who was bom October 23, 1852, in Alexander, N. Y. They are Bap< 
tists and he is a medianic. Residence Batavia, N. Y. 


1897. CHARLES NEWELL,!* born September 21, 1877, Bataria, N. Y.; died 

April 5, 1880^ 

1898. EDITH MAY,» born May 3. 1S81, Bauvia, N. Y. 

1671 FRANKLIN H. WHITCOMB,* (Newell,* Reuben,* 
Samuel,* Timothy,* Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) was mar- 
ried in Machias, N. Y., August 10, 1891, to Mary Malone, who was 
bom March 7, 1867, near Kildress, Ireland. In religious belief they 
are Wesleyan Methodists. He is a farmer in Machias. 


1899. J. NEWELL,'* born Maj 13, 1894. Machias. N. Y. 

190a JENNIE MAY VIEVE.» born October 10, 1901, MachUs, N. Y. 


Levi,' Samuel,* Timothy," Joseph,* Jonatlian,' Jonathan,* John,*) 
was married in Whitehaven, Vt, to Mattie E. Stafford. No dates. 
They re»de in Monroe Mass. 


1901. CORA L.,'* bom Febmary ao, 1883. 

1903^ FLORA M.,>* bom May 2, 1885. j 

1686 HENRY FORESTER WHITCOMB,* (Cyrus,* Cynis,^ ! 

Cyrus,* Cyrus,* Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,') removed with 
his father's family from Cazenovia, N. Y., to Two Rivers, Wisconsin. , 
in 1851, and from thence to Milwaukee in 1865. He studied at the : 
Oneida Conference Seminary in Cazenovia, N. Y. ; he was a member | 
of the Wisconsin Leather Company to 1888, and at present is a mem- 1 
ber of the Pfister & Vogd Leather Company. He was married in 

d by Google 


1874 to Annabelle Cook of Buffalo. N. Y. Mr. Whitcomb is a mem- 
ber of no religious denomination, but in politics be is a Republican. 
They reside in Milwaukee. 

+ig03. RALFH HENRY,** born Jatinuy 10, 1877, Milwaakce. Wit. 

1689 WILLIAM C WHITCOMB,' (Cyrus," Cyrus,' Cyrus,' 

Cyrus/ Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) is a grain and stock 
broker in Minneapolis. He was married in Chicago March 21, 1887, 
to Elizabeth Pidgeon, who was bom December 24, 1863, in Dorsin 
Island, St Lawrence River. 

1004. HARRIET MARIE," born February 5, 1892, Cleveland, Ohio. 

i69e STEVEN O. WHITCOMB,' (Samuel,' Samuel,' John,' 

Benjamin,* David,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married in Kinderhook, . 
Midi., to Mattie S. Harris, who was bom in Pennsylvania. He was 
a farmer in Kinderhook. His last residence was Coldwater, Mich. 

1905. DELMER.** bom JTune 3, tS8i; residence, Quincy, Micb. 

1906. CECIL CHARLES," born June 25, 1883, Kinderhool^ Micb; married 

January i, 1903, to Myrtle E. Wilkinson; residence, Chicago. 

1698 THOMAS A. WHITCOMB,' (Samuel A.,' Samuel.' 

John,' Benjamin,* David.' Jonathan.' John,') is a farmer in Kinder- 
hook, Mich. Was married in Branch County, Mich., August 21.. 1887, 
to Zena A. Gindlesparger, who was bom in La Grange, Ind., August 
21, 1870. They are Free Baptists. 


1907. LYDIA A..** born Angust 24. 1891. Kinderhook, Micb. 

1908. LOUIS M.,>* bom August 8, 189J, Kinderhook, Mich. 

1909. SAMUEL HASKELL, *• bom November 30, 1903, Kinderhool^ Mich. 
igta .»•. 

1609 CLARENCE H. WHITCOMB,' (William Lerqy,' Jos- 

hua Fairbanks,' Cyrus,* Cyrus,' Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* 

d by Google 


John,^) was married December 15, 1880, in Boston, Mass., to Jemiie 
Genevtere Mcintosh, who was bom in Bangor, Me., May io» 1863. 
By OGCupati<m he is a steam and gas fitter. His religious belief is Uni< 
versalism and she is a Congregationalist They reside in SpringBeld, 

1911. MAUDE ESTELLA,** born September 14, 18&1, Springfield, Vt 
191a. CLEOH HENRY,** bom June 3, 1884. South Bostou, Mus. 

1913. ELENA GRACE,** bom February as, 1887, South Boston, Mass. 

1914. WILLIAM THOMAS," bom August 26, iSgo, South Boston, Mass. 

1915. ALMIRA PROSPERITY,!* bom March 15, 1895, South Boston, M«ss. 

16i3 WILBUR ASAHEL WHITCOMB,* (William Leroy." 

Joshua F.,' Cyrus,* Cyrus," Joseph,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* John,*) 
was married in South Boston, Mass., to Annie McLennan; he is a 
Universalist and she is Orthodox. His occupation has been office 
clerk. They reside in Somerville, Mass. 

19161 LILLIAN R,** born February 9, 1893, Somerville, M»ss. 

1917. LULU A,** bora July 23, 1896, Somcrrillc, Mass. 

t9i& WILBUR ASAHEL," bom June 23, 1899, SomenriUe, Mass. 

1919- LEROY McLENNAN,» bom March 13, 1903, Smnenrille, Mbsa. 


Thomas,^ Thomas,* Thomas,' Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan*' 
John,*) was married in Salt Lidc, Ky., May 19, 1901, to Ina May 
Barnes, who ,was bom in Bath County, Ky., November 6^ 1873. He 
has been bookkeeper, merchant, and ^ent for the Adams Express 
Company. In rdigiotis belief he is a Methodist and his wife a 


H.,* Thomas,* Thomas,' Thomas,' Nathaniel,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* 
John,*) was married in Salt Lick, Ky., Octobo* 14, 1S94, to Latum 
Bates, who was bcvn May $, 1874. in Frenchburg, Ky. He is a mer- 

d by Google 


chant In religious belief they are Methodists. They reside in Ash- 


igjft CHRISTINE M.,» bom May a, i8g% Salt Uck. Kr. 

1680 JOHN HENRY WHITCOMB,» (Henry Lewis," HoIUs.* 

Charles,* Thomas," Nathaniel/ Jonathan," Jonathan,' John,*) was 
married in Red Wing, Minn., February 14, 1882, to Rosa H. John- 
son, who was bom August 22, 1857. He is a farmer. Religious be- 
lief, Methodist' 


1931. MYRTLE MAY," born November 30, 1883, Red Wing, Minn. 

1933. HAZEL GRACE,!* |,om September 7, 1884, Red Wing, Minn. 

1933. RACHEL WINSHIP," born January 15, 1890, Red Wing, Minn. 

1687 ARTHUR GRANT WHITCOMB,' (Albert," Emmons.' | 

Charles," Thomas," Nathaniel,* Jonathan," Jonathan," John,*) was 
married in Blatoe, Me., to Lou Belle Barber, who was born in 1872, ' 
in Blaine. He is a farmer and Baptist and resides in Westfield, Me. 

1934. DANA,!* bom September, 1900, Westfield. | 

1935. INFANT (dattgktcr),!* bom 190^ j 

1658 JOSEPH ANSON WHITCOMB," (Joseph," Abraham.' ! 

Abram," William," Ephraim,* Jonathan," Jonathan," John,*) -the in- 
tenticoi of marriage was published December 24, 1866, to Mary A. 
Eveleth, bom in 1843, in Charlestown, Mass., daughter of Charles and 
Mary A. (Crocker) Eveleth. 


t93& VERNIE GENEVA," bora October 8. 1868. 

1937. MARY JOSEPHINE," bom September 6, 1871. 


Wadsworth," Joshua,' Jonathan," William," Ephraim,* Jonadian," 
Jonathan," John,') was married in Philaddphia, April 11, 1882, to 

d by Google 


Fanny May Kingsley, who was bom in Norwich, Conn., April ii, 
i86a He is a merchant in Brooklin^ Mass. 

1928. KINGSLEY MORTIUER,» bora April 7, 1884. BrooUine. Mast. 

1929, PHYLLIS,** bom September 19, 1887, Brookline, Mus. 
1930; MIRIAM GREGORY,** bora June 15, 1889, BrooUine, Masi. 

1690 FRED EMERY WHITCOMB,' (John,* John,^ Moses,* 

Ephraim,' Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) was married No- 
vember 21, 1875, in Vei^ienncs, Vt, to Mamie Adefine Young, who 
was bom in Vergennes December 20, 1871; she is Roman C^thoh'c 
and he UniversalisL They live in Soraerville, Mass. 

1931. FLA VILLA GLADYS,** bora March 8, 1900, Fitchburs, Mass. 

1891 WnXIAM GREENE WHITCOMB,' (John,' John,' 

Moses,* Ephraim,* Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,') was mar- 
ried July 12, 1892, in East Boston, Mass., to Ella Louise Pearson, who 
was bora July 17, 1866, in East Boston. She is a Methodist and he is 
Universalist He is a "chemical drummer." Residence, New York 


1933. MARY BRENCHLEY,** bora Jnne 94, 1893, East Boston. 

1698 CHARLES ALMON WHITCOMB,' (John,' John,' 

Moses,* Ephraim,* Ephraim,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,' John,*) is an 
dectrician in ^tchburg, Mass. He was married March 1, 1899, in 
Fitchburg to Grace Maud Chas^ who was bom June 3, 187^ in 
Douglas, Mass. Their religious belief is Universalist 

1033. JOHN ALVERTON,» bora October 9^ 1900, Fltchburg. 

1719 EDWIN RUEL WHITCOMB,* (Rue!,* Parmenas,' 

Benjamin/ Jacobs* Benjamin,' Jonathan,' Jonathan,' Jotm*') was 


d by Google 


married July 19, 1885, to Nellie Dill of Gardner, Mc She was bom 
Febmary 19, 1859. They live in Elkins, N. H. 

1934. BRAINERD EDWIN,** bora Auffuit sg, 1893. 

1788 ARCfflE MONROE WHITCOMB,* (James Monroe,' 

Nathaniel/ Stephen,' Reuben,' Benjamin,* Jonathan,' Jonathan,* 
John,*) was married in Gowanda, N. Y., June 27, 1901, to Ella Hard, 
who was bom in Gowanda, September zo, 1874. He is a carpenter by 
trade and their religious belief Methodist They reside in Gowanda. 

*ig35. HELEN HURD,** born September 30, 1902, Gowanda. 

1777 GEORGE BENNETT WHITCOMB,' (George Dexter.' 

Dexter,* Zaccheus,' Benjamin,' Benjamin.* Jonathan,' Jonathan.' 
John,*) was married November 4, 1883, to Meda Ella Sheppard. 
Three of the four diildren of this family died inside of seventeen days 
of diphtheria. 

1936. GEORGE ERNEST," born May 4, 1886. 
1937- WALTER ROLAND," bora May 5. 1888; died May 14. 1899. ■ 

1935. ORELLA,** bora February 35, 1893; died April 37, 1S99. 
1939- LEADORA," bora July 37, 1893: died May 3. 1899. 


ter,' Dexter,' Zaccheus,' Benjamin,' Benjamin.* Jonathan.' Jonathan,* 
John,') was married in Los Angeles, Cal., March 31, 1887, to Ada ; 
Bradley, who was bora January 25, 1866, in Manchester, IlL His 
occupation is various ; he is manager of an Orange Ranch ; of a Water 
BottUng Company, and of a Lumber Company. They have resided in 
Empire Cass Counfy, Oregon. Present residence Los Angeles. Cal. 

1940. BESSIE MAY.i* bora Noyember 39, 1888, Glendora, CaL 

1941. CARROLL CARD," born March 17, 185m Glendora, CaL 

1949. ORLENA," bora September 12, 1891, Glendora, Cat. , 

IH3- WILBUR BRADLEY," bora September 15, 1897, Glendora, C^ 1 

1944. DOROTHY," bom November 33; 1900, Glendora, Cal. 

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1780 WILUAM CARD WHITCOMB,* (George Dexter." < 

Dexter/ Zaccheus,* Benjamin,' Benjamin/ Jonatlian,' Jonathan,* ] 

Ji^m,*) was married May 20, 1891, at Riverside, CaL, to Julia Cham- ' 

blin, who was bom at . In rdigious belief they are ! 

Methodist Episcopalians. Mr. Whitcomb is a capable and progressive ! 

young business man. At present he is general manager of the George { 

D. Whitcomb Co., Chicago Coal Mining Machines. They reside in | 
Chicago. No diildren. .[ 

1880 EUGENE HARDING WHITCOMB/ (Mardne Hamil- ! 

ton/ James Harding/ Thomas/ Asa/ Asa,* John/ Jonathan/ John,* ) ' 
was married to Carrie Davis of Keen^ N. H. No further rerord. | 


roy/ Vandolo Emroy/ Jonathan/ Jonathan,* JonaAan,' Jonadian,* 
Jonathan,' Jonathan/ John,*) was married November 14, 1880, to 
Nellie, daughter of Hiram and Frances (Merrtam) Walker of West 
Acton, Mass. 

»94S. »** born ■. 

1908 RALPH HENRY WHITCOMB/" (Henry Forester/ 

Cyrus,* Cyrus,' Cyrus," Cyrus,' Joseph,* Jonathan/ Jonathan/ John,*) 
is an architect by profession and resides in Milwaukee. Wis. He was 
educated at the Chicago School of Architecture; the Columbian Uni- 
versi^, Washington, D. C; Columbia University and the Atelier 
Hombostd, N^ York. He is a member of the Washington (D. C) 
Architectural Club, and the Milwaukee Architectural Qub. Mr. 
Whitojmb is a member of the First Congregational Sodefy of Mil- 
waukee and in politics is a Republican, He is unmarried. 


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®Ij? 30b Htn?. 

rjOB WHITCOMB,' (John,*) may have been bom in 
Dorchester, Mass., or perhaps was the youngest born I 
in England of Immigrant John's sons. This deduc- 
tion is made from the fact that Josiah, who was [ 
born in Dorchester in 1638, is said to have been the 
youngest son, and Mr. Nourse, in his early records 
of Lancaster, classes the two brothers, Job and Josiah. together as 
"the youngest sons." 

Job was doubtless a surveyor, as Marvin's history of Lancaster j 
(p. 17) records: 'In surveying the boundaries of Lancaster, Job ; 
Whitcorab to carry the chain. It is stated also elsewhere that Job 
Whitcomb was instructed by the town of Lancaster in 1659 "to assist 
with Goodman Prescott, young Job Farrar to carry the chain," etc 

Job was married May 19, 1669, to Mary . Several au 

th<Hities say this Mary ^vas a daughter of Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, 
but as Mary Rowlandson was but three years old at the time of Job's 
marriage and as she died at the age of thirteen years, she could not 
have been the Maiy. 

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Tlie town of Lancaster during the winter of 1675-6 was a scene of 
alarm, violence and death because of the depredations of the savages, 
and on February 10, of this season, the house of the pastor. Rev. Jo- 
seph Rowlandson, was attacked, whereupon he left the town and later 
settled in Wethersfield, Conn. I.ancaster bang considered untenable, 
troops were sent up \vith carts and the people and all thtir movable 
property were conveyed to the Eastern towns, where they found homes 
with their friends. The Indians immediately descended upon the luck- 
less town and "burned every house except the house of God and one 
other." (See Marvin's Lancaster, pp. 111-112.) 

Job Whitcomb's name was signed with those of his brothers, John 
and Jonathan, to a petition to governor and council for aid after this 
raid; but he did not return to Lancaster at the re-scttlement of the 
town but followed the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson to Wethersfield, (See 
Nourse's Early Records, p. 266), and settled there, probably subse- 
quent to 1678, as the birth of his daughter, Jemima, is recorded in 
Cambridge in that year. According to Probate Court files he owned 
land in WethersSeld in 1680 on a proposed six-rod highway to RocI^ 
Hill, then a part of Wethersfield. 

He died in 1683. His will, drawn October 27, 1683, mentions 
four children, and his brothers, Jonathan and Josiah, are named in 
the will as trustees. 


3. MARY,* born Deeenber ii^ 1671, Lancaster, Mus. 
+4. JOB,* born , 1674, Lancaster, Mats. 

5. JEMIMA,* bom January 30, 1678, Cambridge, Mass.; was married April 

15, ifij)?, to Ebenezer LoomU of Windsor, Mass. She died December 10, 
171a; four children. 

6. JOHN,* bom , 1680, Wethersfield, Connecticut 

4 JOB WHITCOMB,» (Job,« John,*) was bom in 1674, prob- 

ably in Lancaster, as was his sister Mary, for there is no reason for 
supposing his father to have removed from this town until after the 
Indian raid of 1675-6. . It is obvious that the elder Job may have 

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found an asylum in Cambrid^ Mass., for a time on fleeii^ from 
lancaster, for the birth of one child. Jemima, is recorded there. Job* 
was married to Ann Loomis and may have lived in Wcthersfield, 
Conn., or he may have removed to Colchester, Conn., where lus 
descendants settled, bat up to this date (January. 1904) I have learned 
nothing further conceming him, except that he had sons as follows: \ 


7. JOB,* born . 

+a JOHN,* boni . 

9. SOLOMON,* born ■. 

10. HIRAM,* bora ; 

8 JOHN WHITCOMB,* (Job* Job,« John,*) settled in Con- . 

necticut and was a farmer in the town or vidnity of Colchester. He 
was married February 15. 1715 or 16, to Mehitable Dunham, daughter 
of John Dunham of Colchester. The children arc all recorded in the 
town records of Colchester, Conn. 


11. JEMIMA,* born Pebrnary 24. 1716-7. 
ta. JOHN,* bom Jaonary 13, 1718. 

13. MEHITABLE,* bom April 9, 1732. 

+14. JOB,* born May 8, 1724. 

IS. MARY,* bora September 15, 1726. - 

+16. ISRAEL,* born March 13, 1733. 

14 JOB WHITCOMB,» (John.* Job,» Job,* John,*) went from 

Connecticut in 1787 and settled in Laccyville, Pa. The followii^ 
entiy is found in the records of the First Church of Colchester, Conn. : 
"Job Whitcomb married Aima Skinner. March 10, 1757." She was 
bom May 14, 1739. Job and three of his sons were veterans of the 
Revolutionary War; the legend on Job's tombstone in the family ceme- 
tery in Laceyville is : "He and his three sons fought for our liberties." 
According to the War Department records of men in the ^var of the 
Revolution, Job Whitcomb was enlisted May aS, 1777, in Capt Judd's 
Company, Farmington; he served in the First and Eighth Connecticut 

d by Google 


militia. He was honorably discharged November i, 1777. Full and 
complete war and family records exist of his sons Hiram and John 
Sldnner and traces of Solomon as to marriage and death, but the war 
record of the latter is not yet found. 

+17. HIRAM,* born Pebraary 35, 175S. 

l& SOLOMON,* b6rn September 3, 1760; was malried (i) to Ora ; 

she died July 33, 1835, affc;: 59; (a) to Margaret ; she died Jana- 

ary 6, 1868, aged eiglity-o:Te; he died February 6, 1864; no children. 
19. ANNA,* born February 3, 17.:;. 
+aa JOHN SKINNER,* bom Ji- ! 10, 1766. 
31. JOB,* bom September 31, ; .'; died Novcmtier so, 1768. 


married to Mary Rowley (wit' 
bom in Connecticut. March 5, 
Israd died in Green Counfy, .' 

," (John,* Job,* Job,* John,*) was 
V Goslee), April 11, 171S4; she was 
!Q, and died there March 10, 1825; 
/ York, May 17, 1811. He was a 


aa. MARY,* bom March 4. i: -. 

+23. TSRAEL,* bom May 10, 767. 

+a4- •SAAC'born May as. '.'^ 

a:. RHODA,* bom May 6, ijjx. 

I JESSE,* born April 8, .77.1. 

. INFANT,* bor" July 15, 1775; died same day, 

A JAMES,* bom . 

29. ANNIS,* bom December 8, 1776; died March 6, 1783. 

30. ASAHEL,* bom April 5, 1779; died March s, 17&1. 

31. ANNfS,* bora October 22, ijia; died November, iSit, 

17 HIRAM WHITCOMB," (Job," John,* Job,> Job,» John,*) 

was bom in Connecticut, served in the Revolutionary War, and was 
granted a pension by act of Congress in 1832. Pension files say he 
enlisted June 17, 1775, was dischai^:ed April, 1776; rc-enlisted June 
17. 1776, and served until December, 1776, when he was honorably 
discharged. He was recorded as living in Litchfield, ComL, at the 
time of his first enlistment It seems he served about Boston for six 

d by Google 


*wedcs after the evacuation by the British and then went through the 
campaign at Long Island, New York, White Plains and New Jersey. 
He went to Cornwall, Conn., in youth or early manhood, and spent ! 
his succeeding life in that town. He may have come from Sharon, 
Conn., for his first deed of land was made in 1790 to Hiram Wliit- | 
comb of Sharon, Conn. He owned his own place in Cornwall; it was | 
below the cemetery or one and one-half miles below Cornwall Bridge. ; 
He was a farmer and also ran a still. All his children were bom in 
Cornwall and settled in that vicinity. He was married to Sarah But- 
ton. Hiram and Sarah joined the Congregational church in Cornwall 
May 26, 1799. Both Hiram and his wife died and were buried in 
Coniwall. He died February 28, 1856; she died August 25, 1840. \ 

3a. LUCINA,* born ; married Prate Burse of Cornwall; two children, 

Solomon and Charles. 

33. SARAH,* bom — ^; married Nathan Sawrer, a farmer of Cornwall; 

six children. 

34. NANCY,* bora — — ; married Heman Burse, a farmer of Cornwall; 

five children. 

+35. SOLOMON,* bora , 1783. 

-taS. LEONARD,^ bora September it, 1786^ Corawall, Conn. | 

20 JOHN SKINNER WHITCOMB,« (Job,» John,* Job.» Job,* 
John,*) was married in 1789, to Sally Marsh. They were the first 
couple ever married in Geneva, N. Y. She was born February 6, 1774, 
and died September 20, 1854; he died November 8, 1838. They are , 
buried in the family cemetery at LaMyville, Fa. He entered the ' 
American army during the Revolutionary War at the age of 13, as a 
wagoner, from Farmington, Conn., and seryed first as a private in a ! 
regiment commanded by CoL Hay of the Pennsylvania Line, and was { 
in the service five years. He moved to Geneva, N. Y., where most 
of his children were bom. Later in 1811, he went to Pennsylvania,,; 
where he built the first frame house in what was then called Hemlock , 
Bottoms. He cut logs on his own place, rafted them to the nearest 

d by Google 


sawmill, whidi was sixfy miles away at WUkes Barre; had them cut 
iQ), then poled them back up the river in a boat He ground his paint 
for the hous^ using an old kettle and a cannon ball for the purpose; 
the kettle and the cannon ball were kept as relics in the family for 
many years. The nearest grist mill and store were in Wilkes Barr^ 
Pa., whither he went in a canoe and poled the canoe back up the 
stream ; he raised his own apple orchard from seeds brought from Con- 
necticut They resided at Scottsville, Pa. 
+37. AHIRA LEHMAN/ bom January 24, 1790, Geneva, N. Y. 

38. LAURA.* born January 17, 1792, Geneva, N. Y.; died October 18, 1850. 
+39. TIMOTHY MARSH,* bom January 24, 1794. Geneva. N. Y. 
+4a JOHN JAMES.» bora May i. 1796. Geneva, N, Y. 

41. SOPHIA COE,' bora November 30, 1798; Geneva. N. Y.; was married 
to Francia Dana in 1819; nine children; died December, iSSj. 

4a. AFFA,* bora January 13, 1803, Geneva, N. Y.; died January 89, 1896. 

43. AFFA,' bora April 11, 1807, Geneva, N. Y. 

44. SETH COE,' born September 19, 1810, Geneva, N. Y.; died May 6, 

45. SALLY,* bom November 3, iSia; married Ancel Gay, 1789. 

28 ISRAEL WHITCOMB.* (Israel." John * Job,' Job,» John,* ) 

was married to Sally Barber, November 22, 1788; she was bom in 
Connecticut February, 1771, and was the daughter of Obedtah and 
Tabitha Warren Barber, of Revolutionary fame. In September, 1791, 
Mr. Whitcomb started for the lakes in Central New York, for the 
purpose of locating land for a farm; he went on foot, reached the vil- 
lage of Catskill, then written "Kaatskill," crossed the Hudson river on 
a ferry boat and made his way to a tract of land among the Catskill 
Mts., near what is now called Lexington Flats; here he provided a 
shelter for himself made of small trees and brush, built a fire and re- 
tired for the night His slumbers were disturbed by a howling mob 
of wolves and other wild animals which prowled around until day- 
light The next day he returned to Catskill by way of Batavia and 
bouf^t 160 acres of land for a home, paying $1.25 per aaA and 
received his deed. He started on his return the next day carrying his 

d by Google 


provisions in a knapsack on his shoulder. During the two wedcs he 
remained, he cut and cleared nearly one-half an acre of timber on 
which he erected a small log house made of basswood, then returned 
to his family in Connecticut The following spring, April, 1792, 
himself and family, conststmg of his wife, child and a half brother. 
Henry Goslee, left their native town in' Connecticut for their new 
home in Lexington, Green County, N. Y. They were conveyed across 
the country in a two-wliceled cart, drawn by two yoke of oxen, with 
all their effects in the cart Their live stock consisted of one cow 
which was led behind. The last six miles of their journey was through 
a dense forest with no road except what was cut as they passed along 
and they were three days making this distance, soft maple and bass- 
wood brush serving as fodder for their cattle. After resting a day 
or two, Israel started back to Connecticut to return the oxen which 
were hired. The credc near CatskiU was swollen but be guided the 
oxen into the water and they swam across with him in the cart He 
reached Connecticut in due time and returned to his new hcnne in 
safety. A few years later Whitcomb and Goslee divided the farm; 
the Whitcomb part remaining in the family till March, 1892. During 
the one hundred years the Whitcomb family remained on this place, no 
mortgage \vm placed upon it. Israel Whitcomb's brother-in-law, 
Elijah Moore, faouglit a farm one mile south of the Whitonnb farm. 
Tlie house he built there; in 1797, remains standing to this time, 

One day Whitcomb was hauling logs to the milt, when one very 
large one slipped, fell across his hip and fastened him down in such 
a way that he coiild not remove himself; here he lay helpless and too 
far from any house or person to make himself heard, but shortly a dog 
came near whom he recognized as "old Ring," a dog which had made 
his home sometimes with the Moore family and sometimes with the 
Whitcombs. The dog came near the prisoned man and Whitcomb 
patted him, saying "Poor Ring." Soon the dog was gon^ having 
taken a straight line to Moore's house where he scratched on the 

d by Google 


door and was admitted and at once began to make pitiful demonstra- 
tions; Mrs. Moore observing this, called Mr. Moore from an adjoin- 
ing room, who saw at once that something was wrong by the dog tak- 
ing hold of his leather apron and leading him to the door; at this 
Mr. Moore followed the dog to the mill, where he saw the condition 
of his brother-in-law. He extricated hira and took him home on his 
sled. His hip was broken, and, never being set, he was always lame 
and obliged to use crutches. (S. M. Whitcomb's Ms.) 

His wife died November i8, 1812. He was married (2) to Eliza- 
beth (Sunderlin) Arnold, July 27, 1813; she was bom November 13, 


4& RUBY,' born J&nnary la, 1791, WethersGeld, Conn.; wss married to 
Samuel Chamberlaia. 
+47. ASAHEL,' bom October ai, 1792, Lexington, N. Y. 
4-48. IRA,* bom August 6, 1793, Lexington, N. Y. 
+49. LUIJAN,' bom June 11, 1798, Lexington, N. Y. 
+S0> ISAAC,* bom Janaary 9, i8o3, Lexington, N. Y. 

51. ALMIRA,* bom Mxreh 6, 1801^ Lexington, N. Y.; was married to Nic- 
olas Gass. 
4^3, RUEL,' bora January 13, iSio^ Lexington, N. Y. 
+S3.. ISRAEL BARBER,* bom October 13, i8t2, Lexington, H. Y. 

54. SEYMOUR ARNOLD,* bora September IS, tSi^; died September 15, 

1816, New York. 

24 ISAAC WHITCOMB," (Israel,' John,* Job,» Job,* John,») 

removed from Connecticut to Steuben Conn^, N. Y., with his parents. | 

He was married C I ) — to ; she was bom in Green Cotmty, \ 

N. Y.. May 25, 1769; she died and he was married (2) to i 

Susanna Gregory, who was bom September i, 1784, and died July 
7> 1839. He was a farmer and died in the State of New York in 1816. 

55. MERIBAH,* bora ; married to Peter EdsaJl in Steul>en County, ' 

N. Y. I 

+56. ISRAEL,' bom August 11, 180& 1 

57. POLLY,* bora , > H. Y.; married to Ezra Smith; died 1886. , 

d by Google 


+S8- JAMES.T bom May 17, tSia, Steuben County, M. Y. 

59. LODEMA/ born ; m&rried to Sinforii Carpenter; died in Iowa, 


26 JESSE WHTTCOMB,' (Israel,' John,* Job,' Job« John.*) 

removed with bis paraits to Steuboi County, N. Y., from Connecticut; ^ 
was married in Steuben County to widow Sarah Peck; he removed to 
Six Mile, now Hayden, Jennings County, Ind., about 1837, where he 
died August 8, 1S42. Jesse Whitcomb was a shoemaker by trade; in 
politics he was a democrat; in religion a Free Will Baptist and served 
many years as deacon in the Baptist churcli in New York and Indiana. 

•ttia. JESSE,' born , 

61. SALLY,* bom ; married Joseph Ewing of Dearborn, Ind.; died ; 

at Six Mile. Ind. < 

Ha. JOHN.' bora -. . I 

63. NANCY,' bora ; married Peter Justice, New York; went to Jen- : 

ninga County in 1837 and settled at Six Mile, Ind. 

64. AMANDA,' bora . 

■His. PHILO.' born . 

46& ORIN,' bora . 

+67. HIRAM,' bom January g. 1804, Windham, Greene Co, N. Y. 

+68L ANSON,' bom . 

H^ LEWIS,' bom . I 

70. LUCINDA,' bora — — ; married to — — - Lamphcr. 

71. RICHARD,' bom ; died before he was twenty-ooe. 

7* DAUGHTER,' bora . ; 

73. DAUGHTER,' bora . . | 

28 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (Israel," John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) 

the third son of Israel, was bom in Connecticut, but nothing of his 
subsequent life has been ascertained up to this date, (May, 1904). 

86 SOLOMON WHITCOMB,* (Hiram.' Job,' John,* Job.' 

Job,* John,*) was a millwright and owried a farm at Cornwall Bridge, [ 
Connecticut He was married to Elizabeth Mills, the daughter of 
Cephas Mills of Tolland. Mass., a Revolutionary War soldier and pen- 

d by Google 


sioner. She died in Hartford, Coiul, in 1865, aged eighty-six years, 
and he died February 14, 1828. 

+74. JOHN,* bora Jumary 10, 1807, Cornwall, Conn. 

75. HANNAH,* born ■— ■— ; wm muried to Benjamin Van Dyke, a farmer 

of HrtiB Park, N. Y.; four children. 

76. EMILY,* bora ; vfas married to John Walker of Franklin, Louis- 

iana; two children. 

77. FANNIE,' bom ; wai married to John Cady of Hartford, Conn.; 

two children. She died May 5, 18S4. 

78. LUCINA,' born . 

+791 SOLOMON,* born 1818L 

8a LUCY ANN,* born March, 1831; was married (i) to Mr. Phelps of 
Hartford Conn.; one child; (3) to George Simonda of Hartford. She 
inherits the characteristic senial, lovable traits of her line of the 
family, preserving in herself the typical looks and maimers of (his 
branch of the Whitcombs. (Dr. Ajnadon, Boston.) 

SS LEONARD WHITCOMB.' (Hiram,' Job," John,* Job,« 

Job,* John,*) was married September 11, 1808, to Lydia Skiff, who 
was bom November 17, 1790, and died in Cornwall, Ginn., April 30, 
1852. He was a fanner in Gimwall and died there May 26, 1852. 

81. CAROLINE,* bom January 4, 1810; married Harmon Skiff; two daugh- 
ters. She died at Hamden, Conn., December 24. 1886. 
+82. RUSSELL,* born August 9, iSii. . 
■IS3. AUGUSTUS,* born November 10, 1817. 

84. LOVINA,* born November i, 1820; died in Cornwall, January 4, 184a 

85. LEONARD S.,* born August 7, 1825; married (i) Sarah Buckley; she 

died 1893; (3) to Jennie Marsh, November i8i 1892. He died in Egrc- ' 
mont, Mass., January 15, 1895; no children. 
-tfilSi. ORANGE,* bora March I, 1827; died CorawalL 
87. JOSEPH,* bora September 4, 1833; died Corawall, November 16, 1833. 

87 AHIRA LEHMAN WHITCOMB,' (John Skinner," Job,' \ 
John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was the first white child bom in Geneva, : 
N. Y. He was married ( i ) to Lucia Frost, January 17, 1813 ; (2) to I 
Amelia Dana, who was bom July 23, 1791, died January 8, 1843; (3) : 
to Sybil Tyler. He was a farmer, a tanner and a currier and made ' 

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raany shoes for the Indians in Luzerne County, Pa. The country was 
so stony their moccasins were not adequate. He lived at the time of 
his first marriage in what is now Wyoming County, Pa. The nearest 
grist mill was 60 miles away at Wilkes Barre. He went to mill by 
river in a sldS and at one time because -of a freshet had to wait six 
weeks for his grist, then poled his skiff up the river to his home. His 
^unily had subsisted all the time on shad and parsl^. He was abnor- 
mally muscular and his nerves were under such perfect control that he 
was able to climb to great heists and maintain his balance. At "rais- 
ings" he "walked the rafters" from eaves to ridge pole, up one side 
and down the other, and would then stand on the peak of the front 
gable and drink from a bottle. He died November 18, 1850. 

88. SETH,* born December ig, 1815; died July 38, 1836; unmarried. 

89. LUCIA." bom July 19, 1817; died April 18, 1877. 
go. LAURA MAY,* born March i^ 1819. 

-»9i- ANDERSON DANA,* bora March 24. iSxi. 
+9a. EDWIN FAYETTE,* born Augwt 17, 1824- 
93. CHARLES STEPHENS,* born Auenat 14, 1828. ! 

89 TIMOTHY MARSH WHITCOMB,' (John Skinner,' Job,» 

John,* Job," Job,' John,*) was married (i) January, 1817, to Sally 
Kelly; she died 5eptemb«- 7, 1857; (2) to Almira Barnes who died 
January 21, 1864; (3) to Mrs. Mott The children were all by the 
first wife. He died November 7, 1866. 
494. LOmS KELLY,* born October 39, 1817. I 

95. AMANDA D.,* bom Pebnury g, iSzt; died October i, 1855. 

96. CHARLOTTE C,* bom December 17, 1824; died March 4, 1887. 
497. AHIRA H.,« bora February a, 183a. 

98. GEORGE C* born April 7, 1834; died September 9, 1854. 
99^ SARAH J.,* bora June a, 1837. 

40 JOHN JAMES WHITCOMB,' (John Skinner.' Job,» John,* 

Job,* Job,* John,*) was married to Rebecca Northrup of Springville^ 
Suscqudiannafa Conn^, Pa., and died March i» 1826. 

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itn. DENNIS.* bom , 

+101. JOHN NORTHRUP,* bora May 33, iSso. 
+toa. GEORGE PHILANDER,* bom March 17. 1834- 

.47 ASAHEL WHITCOMB,' (Israel.* Israel,' John,* Job,» 

Job," John,*) at the age of twenty years entered the service of the 
United States as a soldier in the War of 1812-13; he was enlisted at 
Sacketts Harbor under Cot. Robinson and served nine months; after 
being mustered out. he taught school in his native town. Fd>ruary 6, 
1819. he was married to Lydia Gass who was bom in I,exington, N. 
Y., November ay, 1799. He was a fanner and also built and ran a 
sawrailt In the fall of 1837, he removed with his family to Midiigan 
by way of Detroit ; from Detroit, th^ went up the Detroit River to Mt 
Gemens, Mich., and the next day with sleds and ox-teams friends 
took them and their household goods through the dense forests, a 
mere road being cleared, a distance of fourteen miles, to their new 
home. It was night, when they reached the place, and the dismal 
howling of wolves was plainly heard. The 6rst season they lived in 
the new log school houses then occupied thdr own frame house, soon 
built a bam, and before long the husband and his faithful wife had a 
very comfortable home in the wilderness, in the Township of Ray, 
Maonnb County. He received land warrants for service in the War 
of 1813. amounting to $160; with $100 he purchased a pine lot in 
Lepeer Coun^ and sold it in five years for $1^200. after taking off 
enough lumber to make a large two-story dwelling, to take the place 
of the one he first built He died September 31, 1861 ; his wife died 
April 9. 1886.' He and his wife early joined the Old School Baptist 
Church, he being a deacon for many years. He held both town and 
county offices. He was a genuine pioneer and lived to see his state 
well peopled and prosperous. 

+103. WILLIS BARBER.* bom November 7. iSao^ Lexiagtoiw N. Y. 
-Mof SEYMOUR ARNOLD,* bom June so. i8a% Lexington, N. Y. 

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+IOS JOHN GASS,* born April s, 1824. Lexington, N. Y. 

10& MARY MIRANDA,* bom AuEust 31, 1825, Lexinston, N. Y. 

+107. GILBERT JESSE,* born February 28, 1827, Lexineton, N. Y. 

10& LYDIA LORISSA,* born and died 1839, Lexington. N. Y. 

109. SIDNEY AMOS,* (torn and died i83(^ Lexington, N. Y. 

Iia SARAH REBECCA,* born September is. 1831, Lexington. H. Y.; died 
Aogntt II, 1687. 

+111. WILLIAM WATSON.* bom Aaguit a. 1833. Lexington, N. Y. 

+iia. SIDNEY MONSON,* born July tS, 1836, Lexington, H. Y. 

113. RUBY ALMIRA.* bom July 7, 1838, Ray, Mich. 

114. LYDIA LORETTA,* born June 16, 1843; died November. 1843, Ray, 


48 IRA WHITCOMB,' (Israel,* Israel,' John,* Job/ Job,« 
John,*) was married in 1817 to Clarissa Peck; she was bom at Wal- 
lingsford. Conn., February 13, 1791. They lived in Lexington, N. Y., 
until 1840, when they moved to Middletown, N. Y., where they lived 
during the rest of that lives. They were Old School Baptists. He 
died November 22, 1856, and she died April 30, 1868. He was a 
farmer and, in politics, a democrat. 

+11S DENNIS,* bora May 8; 1819. 
't'ti6i. GEORGE.* bom August 7, 1820. 
+117. MARCUS,* bora November lo^ 1822. 
118L LOLA,* bora April 23, 1825: died June 27, 1825. 
ti9L ISRAEL,* bora May 25, 1826; died October 4, 1828. 
ISO. IRA,* bora May 2:3, iSaS; died March iti. 1830. Middletown. Delaware 
County, N. Y. 
+191. RUEL,* bom April ai, 1830. 

49 LUMAN WHITCOMB,' (Israel,* Israel,' John,* Job,' Job,« 
John,*) was married September 17, 1820, to Elizabeth Chase, who was 
bom March 14, 1800, in the state of New York. He purchased a farm 
about three miles from his father's home and there their children were 
all bom and there Ltmian and Elizabeth died. His death occurred 
April 22, 1878; he was an Old School Baptist and a democrat. His 
wife died July 5. 1883. 

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IM. LOUISA,* bora June 2, iSai. 

+193. HORACE,* bora Febraary 3, 1833. 

134. LUCY,* bora Jaiiuuy ao, 1895. 

195. ALMIRA,* bora December 11. 1836. 

t3& LYDIA,* bora December 2, 1829. 

127. MARY,* bora Anffiut 31, 1S31. 

+138. OGDEN,* born August 11, 1833. 

+I3» NEWTON,* bora Jannary la^ 1837. 

+13% LEWIS M^* bora Marcb i, 1843. 

131. AUGUSTA,* bora June 36, 184& 

60 ISAAC WHITCOMB/ (Israel," Israel,' John,* Job,» Job.' 

John,*) at the age of thirty-seven years, October 3, 1839, was married 
to Sally M. Rossman. She was bom in Schoharie Q>un^, N. Y., 
May 12, 1812, and died April 15, 1892. He died March 14, 1864. 
They Settled in Prattsville, N. Y., where thdr children were born. He 
was a millwright and car maker; they kept the toll gate several years 
ill Prattsville; later they moved to Denning, New York, where they 


133. ARTHUR ELDEN,* bora July 24, 1840; died January 6, 1843. 
133. RUSH MERRILL,* bom December 17, 1842; killed at Gettysburg. 
July 12, 1863. 
+134. ARTHUR STAFFORD,* born March 37. 1846. 
+135. WINFIELD SCOTT,* bora January 38, 1849. Conesville. N. Y. 
I3di FRANK MANFORD,* bora October 4, 1852, Prattsville, N. Y. 
137. ERVILLA ANTOINETTE,* bora November 6, 1856. Dcmiinfe N. Y.; 
ntrried Wesley Conklin. 

52 RUEL WHITCOMB,^ (Israel,* Israel,' John,* Job,' Job,» 

John,*) was married to Martha Harrington, Jantiary 12, 1836. She 
was bom in Olive, N. Y., September 6, 1S08. They settled in Lexing- 
ton, N. Y., where they lived until 1843, wlien they removed to Ray, 
Mich. He died June 29, 1876, in Ray, Midi., and she died Dettmber 
17, 1881, at the same place. 

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+138. ALONZO," bom February 10, 1838. j 

139. AMANDA,* born March 37, 184a 
+t4a JAMES DARWIN,* bora Apnl 4, iSsa 

141. CHILD,* died Sn infancjr. j 

68 ISRAEL BARBER WHTTCOMB/ (Israel,* Israd/ John,* 

Job," Job,* John,*) was married April 37, 183^ to Polly Chase. She 
was born July 29, 181 5. They settled on the old homestead farm, in 
Lexington, New York, and took the entire charge and management of 
the same through life, his parents being old and his brothers and sisters 
being married and gone. He was a preacher and was faithful to his 
ministry besides caring for his parents and managing the homestead 
farm. His last residence was Cairo, N. Y., and the last residence 
of his wife was Bound Brook, N. Y. 

+143. HENRY BARBER,* bom March 9, 1837- 
+143. ROMAINE,* born May 14, 1839. 

144- ROSAUA,* bom July ifi, 1842; married Henry A. Avery. 
+I4S- CHESTER EUGENE,* bora March 3, 1846- ! 

146. SARAH ERVILLA,* born February 15, 1852. 

66 ISRAEL WHITCOMB.' (Israel," Israel,' John,* Job,> Job,' 

John,*) was bom in Delaware County, N. Y. ; he was married to Sal- 
lie (Sarah) Goltry, March 12, 1826; removed to Jennings' County, 
Ind., September, 1838; thence to Rock County, Wis., June, 1S63; 
thence to Albany, Green County, Wis., June, 1865, where he died 
September 8, 1867. He was a merchant and a farmer. His wife also 
died in Albany. 

+147- ISAAC GOLTRY,* born March 27, 1836, Tyrone, H. Y. 
148. ESTHER,* born August a, 182S, Steuben County; went to Indiana; mar- 
ried to John Maynard, January, 1854; moved to Green County, Wis., 
tn 1867, and died In Albany, Wii., May 13, i8g6. ! 

+149. LEWIS,* born December 39, 1830. ! 

ISO^ LUCIMDA,* bom January la, 1824, Steoben County, N. Y.; moved to 

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Wisconun 1863; to North Vernon, Ind., in 1S86; still lives (1903). 
151. ALONZO,^ born Augntt afi, 1836: died Fcbrusry 26^ 1843. 
153. RACHEL,* bom Majr 30, 1843; was married to David Hnlbert in 1866; . 

died September 3, 1878. I 

58 JAMES WHITCOMB,' (Isaac,* Israel,' John.* Job,' Job,* ' 

John,*) removed from Steuben Coun^, N. Y., to Jennings Cbun^, ' 
Ind^ 1838; thence to Wisconsin, 1843 ! ^'^ ^^*^ married to Nancy Gol- 
try, September 15, 1S33, in Steuben Coimty, N. Y., where she was 
bom, August 7, 1814. She was a sister to Satlie Goltry, the wife 
of Israel \Vhitcomb,'. James Whitcomb was a fanner, but had a re- 
markable mechanical ingenuity; it has been said that he could make 
anjrthing from a house to a jewshaip. When he was a young man he 
made a violin for himself and learned to play. He played for dances, 
but presently experienced religion and gave it up. He eventually be- 
came a deacon in the Baptist church. His wife, who survived him 
twenty-nine years, used to say With pride that after her husband ex- 
perienced religion no one could ever induce him to play dance musi(^ 
He died in 1854 in Mt Pleasant, Wis. ; Nancy died in the same place 
in 1883. 


153. RHODA,* born September 26, 1834, Steuben County, N. Y.; was married 

to John Clemmer in 1855; reaidence Monroe, Wis. 

154. ROXANA,* bom April 8, 1838, Steuben County, N. Y.; was married to 

Lindiey Neal; residence Clarksville, la. 
tSS- REUEL,* bom June 6, 1841, Jennings County, Ind.; died September, 

IS& POLLY;* bora September 11, 1844, Wis.; was married to Alfred Long- 
man; died in Logan, la., February 11, 1879. 
+157. RUFUS CLARK,* born July 6, 184S, Wisconsin. I 

1^ LYDIA,* bora May 30, 1851, Wisconsin; died July 23, 1863. 
+IS» JAMES MARTIN,* bora August ig, 1853. Albany, Wis. I 

eO JESSE WHITCOMB,' (Jessie,* Israel,' John,* Job." Job,' 
John,') was married to Lacy Childs; went to Indiana with his fother, 
as did his brothers and sisters. He was a lawyer and a farmer; he kept ' 
the Fostoffice in Spencer Township; the postoffice was known as the 

sea j 

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Whitcomb Post OGRce. He had been Judge of tlie Indiana Supreme 
Court and was known as Jud^ Whitcomb. 

tilSOi. EDWARD SMITH,* bora Juiaarr 8, iSao^ Steuben County, H. Y. 

i6t. ETHAN,* born Januanr ta, 1835; died unmarried at North Vernon, Ind. 
+162. ALBERT,* born January 9, 1&7, Steuben County, N. Y. 

I^ MARIE,* born March 39, 1S33; married J. B. Paul, Jennings County, 
Ind.; she lived and died in Jenninss County. 

164. SARAH,* bom ; died, aged two years. 

i6s- LEVI,* bom March, 1834; died Jennings County, lad., aged 31. 

t66. JESSE.* bom 1837; died Jenniugs County, when a young man. 

68 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (Jesse,» Israel,* John,* Job.« Job,» 

J<^,'). I have no data concerning this man's life except that as a 
child he went with his parents to Indiana. 

66 PHILO WHITCOMB,' (Jesse," Israel,* John,* Job,' Job,' \ 

John,*) lived in Jennings County for some years; married there and 
had three children; then removed to Fort Wayne, Ind. 

t6f. ORIN,* bom . 

168. »• bom . 

169. ,* bom k \ 

68 ORIN WHITCOMB,' (Jesse,' Israel," Jolm,* Job.^- Job,« 

John,*) was a minister in the Free Will Baptist Church. He removed 
to Jennings Cotmty, Ind., from Greene County, N. Y. ; later he was 
married to Betsey Heaton in Dearborn County, Ind., and removed 
to Iowa in 1854. He then removed to Catpella, Cal., where he died. 

+I7a CHARLES.* bora July 11, 1831. 
+171. LUCIUS,* bora April iti, 1834. j 

17% HENRY,* bora May i, 1836. 

173- MARTHA,* bom March la, 1S38. , 

174. ELIZABETH,* bom December J3, 1839. 
■1175. ORIN,* bora October 31, 1841. 

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f7& SARAH,* bora April 24. 1843. 

177- ELLEN,* bora December 14, 1847. 

178L ORPHA,' born October 16^ 1849. 

iTg. HAMLET,* born . 

18a. ELKANAH,* 

18:. JONATHAN,* 

' born Febnucy i^ 1851, 

67 HIRAM WHITCOMB/ (Jesse,* Israel,» John,* Job,» Job,« 
John,') removed to Jennings County, Ind.; was married December 
14. 1828, to Mary Childs, who was bora in Gardner, Mass., February 
7, 1809. She was cousin to Lucy Childs, who was married to Jesse 
his brother. He died in Jennings County, October 18, 1888. His 
wife died January 8, 1890. He was a lumber manufacturer. Resided 
in Hayden, Ind. 

+183. CHARLES S.,* born November i, 1839, Tyrone, Steuben County, N. Y. 

183. JANE En* bom Octot>er 15, 1831. Tyrone, Steuben County, N. Y.; wu 

married to Henry C Bruner, M.irch 39, 1851; they live in Louisville, 
where he {3 a prominent merchant, 

184. SHEPARD,* bom December 6, 183J, Tyrone, Stenben County, N. Y.; 

died in the army, Auflfust 8, 1864, Memphis, Tenn.; waa sergeant in 

Co. K., sad Reg. Ind. Vol.; unmarried. 
18s. STEPHEN ARNOLD,* bom December aft, 183S, Spencer, Ind 
186. SARAH,* bom July a8, 1838, Spencer. Ind.; died November 8, 1839- 
ifl^. EVA,* bom April 19, i84(^ Spencer, Ind.; died September 7, 1840. 
+188L WILLIAM B.,* bom November 29, 1841, Spencer, Ind. 
189b JOANNA,* bom May 8, 1844; was married to Samuel Spencer, 1866; 

died June t8, 1874. 
t9a CAROLINE,* bora December 12, 1846; was married to Jesse W. 

Heaton, 1865. 
+t9t. HIRAk CHILDS,* bora August 4. 1853, Spencer, Ind. 

68 ANSON WHITCOMB,' (Jesse,* Israel," John,* Job,* Job," j 
John,*) was married to Ann Childs and lived in Jennings Coun^, [ 
Ind.; about 1858 they removed to Iowa where he died. | 


t9X ALMIRA,*born . j 

193. AMANDA.* bom . 

194. JOHN,* bora . 

195. — — ,• bora . I 

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Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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69 LEWIS WHITCOMB/ (Jesse," Israel.' John/ Job,' Job,' 

John,*) was married to Mary Goltry in Jennings County, and lived 
there until 187Q, when they removed to Iowa. He died — --. 

196. LUCRBTIA,* born . 

197. LYMAN,* born ; 

198. LOUISA,* bom ; 

199. LOVINA,* bom . 

300. LURILLA,* bom . 

aoi. LEWIS,* bom . 

74 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (Solomon,' Hiram," Job." John,* 
Job,' Job,' J<^n,*) passed his boyhood in his native town of Coraiy^ll,' 
Conn., and secured such an education as the country public schools.of 
that time afforded. He learned the trade of cooper and supported 
himself and family throughout his life by working at that trade. This 
necessitated many changes of residence and he accordingly lived at 
Waterbury, Fair Haven and New Haven in the State of Connecticut 
and in New York City. He was married April 15, 1831, to Caroline 

He was a man who was highly respected and loved by all who 
knew him ; he was simple and unselfish in his conduct and possessed a 
wonderfully cheerful Christian character. He died at New Haven, 
May 24, 1873. 


aox SARAH,* Itora May ai, 1833; married John Williamson ol New York 

Gty; died April 06, 1867. 
+ao3. FRIEND THOMAS." bom October 30, 1833. Waterbury, Conn. 
ao4> MARY JANE,* bora May 10, 1837; married Louis Monsell, Mar ii> 

1854; died December 35.. 1655. 
aos. ELLEN ELIZABETH,* bom November 24, 1844; died September 

13, i8;a. 

79 SOLOMON WHITCOMB,' (Solomon,' Hiram,' Job," John,* 
Job,' Job,* John,'). I have as yet very little omceming this man or 

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his descendants. He removed to Kentucky, then to Texas where he 
died April 15, 1839. No record of children. 

82 RUSSELL WHITCOMB.' (Leonard,' Hiram,' Job,' John,* 
Job,* Job,' John,*) was married in Kent, Cona, August 9, 1833, to 
Rebecca Burrou^s, who was bom in Kent, May 9, 1810. They were 
members of the Methodist Episoipal Church in which he was class 
leader for forty years. He was a carriage maker and they Iiv«l in 
Milford, Conn. He died January'17, 1891, and she died March 6, 


ao& HIRAM BENfAMIN,* born May ft 1836, Milford; died May 18, iBjCl 
4ao7. THEODORE AUGUSTUS,* bom June 16, 1837, Milford. 

308. MOSES SAMUEL,* born June ax, 1841, Mitford; died August 30. 1841. 
4909. RUSSELL WESLEY,* bom September 37. i&iS. Milford. 
+3ia DARIUS SIMON,* bom July 17, 1847. Milford. 

88 AUGUSTUS WHITCOMB,' (Leonard,' Hiram.« Job,' , 

John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was married (1) November 19, 1840, to 
Chloe French, who was born July ii, 1817, and died March 17, 1852; 
(2) to Mrs. Lucy Page, October 20, 1852. They were all members 
of the Baptist Church. He was a farmer in Cbmwatl, Conn., where 
he died May 22, i860. 

+aii. ABNER S.,» bom Noyember 10, 1841, Cornwall. 

313. HIRAM,* bom October 30, 1843, Cornwall; died March 9, 1844. 
+313. EGBERT FRENCH,* bom August 29, 1845, Cornwall. 

S14. ROYAL EARL,* bom November 14, 1847, Cornwall; married Averrice 

Winslbw, December 30, 1871. No children. 
■f3t5. MILES AUGUSTUS,* bom September 34, 1851. Cornwall. 

86 ORANGE WHITCOMB." (Leonard,' Hiram,* Job,* John,* 
Job," Job,* John,*) was married (i) March 19, 1851, to Roielia L. 
Millard, who was bom April 4, 1829, and died April 30, 1891 ; (s) to 
Mrs. Eliza Fennell, FdHiiary 21, 1894 she died October 15, 190a 
Orange was a farmer in Comwall, C^n., where he died January 22, 


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ai& FLORILLA M,» born May aa, i8S3. Cornwall; married John W. Tib- 

bala in 1877; one son. 
ai?. EDWARD J..» bom January 16, 1855, Cornwall; died February 28, 1859. 
318. LYDIA B.,* bom August 11, 1856, Cornwall. 
+219. ~ FRANK A.,* born October 18, i860, Cornwall 


John Skinner,' Job,' John,* Job,' Job,* John,') was married (i) to 
Mary Kintner, October 19, 1842; she died May 2, 1863, aged thirty- 
nine years ; he was marri^ (2) to Caroline Lacey, November 3, 1863. 
Lived in Laceyville, Wyoming County, Pa. 

■Ktso: EDWARD,* born October 24, 1S43, South Auburn, Pa. 

m. ELIZABETH HELLER,* bom September 7, 1845; married to Richard 
R. Schick, livea in Seward, Neb. 
+323. WILLIAM AHIRA,* born April 31, 1849. 
4333. GLEN WALTER.* bora March 38, 1852. 

334. ANNA,* born May 13, 1856; died March 5. iSSs. 
•»32S- DANA SIMPSON,* bom November 34. 1858, Dixon, 111. 


John Skinner,* Job,' John,* Job,' Job,* John,') was married to Mary 
Whipple, October 17, 1844; she was bom July 26, 1824, and died 
June 21, 1848; (2) May 27, 1852, to Emma M. IGdder, bom Au- 
gust 3, 1831; died February 3, 1879, in Rochester, la. He lived in 
Montezuma, la., but died in Pennsylvam'a, March 28, 1868. 

336. CHARLES H.,* bom December 17. 1845; died . 

337. WILLIAM WHIPPLE,* born April 20, 1848: died in 186S; unmarried. 
338: LAURA ANNETTE,* born July 13, 1853; died November 9, 1858. 

339. FAYETTE STANLEY,* bora February 14, 1855, Montezuma, la.; un- 

330. SARAH AMELIA,* bom May 27, 1866^ Rochester, la.; married to Rev. 
M. Scull; one child. 

94 LOUIS KELLY WHITCOMB," (Timothy Marsh,' John 
Skimier." Job,' John* Job," Job,* John,') was married to Elizabeth 

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Jackson and died August 6, 1862; he may have lived in Boston. His 
widow and son lived in Whitney's Point, N. Y. 

331- OSCAR.* 

97 AHIRA H. WHITCOMB.' (Tinr 'ly March/ John Skin- | 
ner,' Job,' John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) was married and had three chil- , 
dren. He was a lumberman in northern Wisconsin and had not 
lived with Iiis wife or seen his children for nearly fifteen years. He 
died at Great Fall, Wis., in 1901. 


332. TIMOTHY,* bora - 

233. EDWARD,* bom - 

334- CHARLES,* born - 

. (Chicago, St. Paal & Dniulli R. R.) 
Lives in Nebraska. 
Lives "out West somewhere." 

lOi JOHN NORTHRUP WHITCOMB,» (John James,' John 
Skinner," Job," John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) was married August 28, 
1838, to Lydia A. Greene. Have nothing further concerning him, ex- 
cept date of death,— April 10, 1873. 


335. MERCY AMANDA,* born Pcbraanr 3. 1840. 

236. ELIZA A.,* born November aS, 1843; died November ai, 1843. 

337- VIRTUE F.,* born February 36, 1844. 

33S- VICTORIA,* born January 4, 1846; died September 31, te6a I 

339. WINFIELD SCOTT.* bom August 3% 184& 1 

Skinner,* Job,' John,* Job," Job,* John,*) was married July 3, 1846, to 
Christiana Keutner; she was bom in Bushkill, Pike County, Pa. They \ 
resided in Beatrice, Neb., where she died June 22, 1882. The younger 
children were bom in Lee County, IlL He died 1883. 
34a AUGUSTA JAMES,* bom May x6, 1846; married to Georsi Jonet. 
■fa4i. JAMES FRANCIS,* bom Augiut 9, 1850. 1 

4443. WILLIAM DENNIS,* bora March ^ 1853. j 

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243. MARY ALICE,* born April 9, 1855, Sugar Grove, Lee County, IIL 

244. GEORGE MYRON,* born August 3, 1857. SuRar Grove, Lee County. 111. 

345. SUSAN ELMA,* bom May to, 1S60; married May 9, 1881, to Alfred 


346. CHARLES FREDERICK,* bom March u, 1862. 

347. ANGELINE,* bora January 39, 1863; died Mount Shasta, Calif., Novem- ; 

ber 4, 1883. i 

108 WILLIS BARBER WHITCOMB," (Asahel,' Israel,* Is- 
rael,' John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) at the age of sixteen went to Michigan 
with his parents, helped thera clear up their new farm and assisted in 
Hit erection of the buildings. At the age of twenty-four years with his 
brother, Seymour, and sister, Mary, he attended the high school at 
Romeo, seven miles from home. They rented rooms and boarded 
themselves; after graduating he taught several terms of school in his 
home county. December 31, 1S46, he was married to Adeline Gid- 
dings; he bought a small farm on which they lived until 1861, when 
they left it for a few years to keep the toll gate at Romeo, then re- 
turned to the farm where he died April 16, 1881. He was a Calvin- , 
ist and a democrat His wife died July 31, 1889. 

348. EMMA LORETTA,* born April 15, 1849, I,extngton, N. Y. 

349. CHARLES ORLANDO,* born September i, 1853, Lexington. N. Y. 

i04 SEYMOUR ARNOLD WHITCOMB,' (Asahel/ Israel,* 
Israel," John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) lived on the farm with his parents 
until 1840; in 1844, he went back to Lexington, with his brother 
John, and worked at the carpenter's trade; June 14, 1846, he was mar- 
ried to Catherine Jones who was bom May 14, 1827, in Green County, 
N. Y. He finally built a store in Ray, Mich., and engaged in the gro- 
ery business. He is a republican and has filled several town and 
county ofHces. 


3sa MONROE,* bora April 14, 1847; died August ay, 187a 

351. HARRIET ALMIRA,* bora December 10, 1852. 

aS9. ELMER ELLSWORTH,* bom April 18, 1864: died March 14. 1865. 

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106 JOHN GASS WHITCOMB,' (Asahd,' Israd." Israel,' 
John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) lived with his parents in Midiigan until 
1844 when he returned with his brother, Sejrmour, to the state of New 
York, where he remained several years, working at the carpenter and 
joiner's trade and teaching singing school in the evenings. 

In March 1846, he was licensed to preach in the Methodist Episco- 
pal Church and served as a supply while he studied for the ministry 
at Yale College. February 28, 1847, ^^ ^^ married to Elizabeth S. 
Sanford, daughter of Captfun and Mrs. Minor Sanford; she was bom 
in Lexington, December 20, 1823. In 1856 he was ordained to Elders 
Orders in the Detroit Conference, having graduated in a four years' 
course of study with the highest marks in a class of thirty-six. His 

first wife died in 1886; he was married (2) to . 

+353. WHITFIELD McKENDREE,* born November 30, 1S48. Lexins;- 
ton, N. Y. 

354. FRANCES EUZABETH.* born May i, 1850, Lexington, N. Y. 

355. OLNEY W.,* bom September 30, 1856; died April 15, 1858. 

356. WESLEY U* born July 30. 1858; died March 8, i860. 

357. JAY,* born July a, 1889. 
3^ RAY,* bora January 18, 1891. 

107 GILBERT JESSE WHITCOMB,» (Asahel,' Israel," Israel,' 
John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) remained on his father's farm until he was 
twen^-two years old, then learned the cabinet trade and later engaged 
in the furniture and undertaking business in Oakwood, Mich. In 
1876 he sold out his property in Oakwood and removed to Oxford 
in the same county where he still continues in the same business. De- 
cember 1 7, 1854, he was married to Dorcas E. Throop of Romeo. He 
is a republican and the fanoily are Methodists. 

339. ELVIRA L.,* bom Angnat 3, 1857, Oakwood. 
+36a BURTON JESSE,* born Jnne 6, i860, Oakwood. 
43tfi. CHARLES O,* bora Jane 7, 1870^ Oakwood. 


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111 WILLIAM WATSON WHITCOMB,« (Asahd,' Israel," 
Israel," John,* Job," Job,* John,*) was married April is, 1868, to 
Mary Allison, bom in England February 7, 1841. He resides at the 
old homestead farm; is a Methodist and a prohibitionist. No chil- 

112 SIDNEY MOMSON WHITCOMB," (Asahd,' Israel," Is- 
rael," John,* Job," Job,* John,*) after leaving school taught several 
years. April 25, 1866, he was married to Elizabeth Nelson Allison, 
who was born in Milford, Mich., January 19, 1843. ^ 18S0, he en- 
gaged in a furniture and imdcrtaking business with his brother in Ox- 
ford, then removed to Davis, Mich., and engaged in the same business 
which he still follows. His first wife died April 30, 1879; he was 
married (2) to Mrs. Mary Alice McKenzie, daughter of Eben and 
Elizabeth Dennison, July 12, 1880; she was born January 29, 1850. 
and died 1885; he was married (3) April 23, iSgo, to Almira Mar. 
Bartlett, bom in Macomb, Mich., January 29, 1850. Mr. Whitcomu 
is a Methodist and a prohibitionist. 

*36». LOUIS JUDSON,* ) born May 3, 1870. 

363. BOY,* { died. 

364. CLAYTON REED,* ) died FebruEtry aa, 1874- 

} born May 9, 1873. 
965. DAYTON ME£DE,» J died September 28, 1873. 
a66. MINNIE EUZABETH,* born August 16^ 1S81. 

116 DENNIS WHITCOMB," (Ira,' Israel," Israel," John,* Job," 
Job,' John,*) was married to Sarah Parmer, August 20, 1838; she 
was bom in Ulster County, N. Y. They lived in Middletown, N. Y., 
owning a farm there on which they lived. 

a6r. EV ALINE,* born September 6, 183% Kingston, N. Y.; married to Wil- 
liam H. Dean. 
368. UARY K,* born May S, 1843, Middletown; married to Isaac Stcdman. 

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aOfi. SARAH F.,* born January lo, 1843, Middletown; married Walter Boit- 

370. DENNIS,* bom April aj, 1845; died September 5, 1845. 

^aji. HENRY* bom June 19, i&t& 

37>. CLARISSA,* bom February 26, 1848; married Solomon Gavitt. 

373. CARRIE,* bom March I3, 18^; married George L. Tompkins. 

+374. DENNIS,* born July 6, 1850. 

-1375, LEWIS,* bem December 32. 1853. 

376. ALMIRA,* bom November ig, 1855; married to William H. Smith. 

377- IRA,* bora May 30, 1856; died September 3, 1857. 

ayi. LUCY,* bora May 23, i860; married Ezra Smith. 

116 GEORGE WHITCOMB," (Ira.' Israel,' Israel," John,* Job,' 
Job," John,*) was married Fdirnaiy 8, 1844, at Andes, N. Y., to 
Janet McLean, bom in Scotland, May 19, 1824. His occupation was 
farming; in politics, he \va5 a democrat; in religious belief, a Baptist. 
He died April 2, 1887, and his wife died April 13, 1878. 

379. GEORGE M^* bom January 7, 1846; died January at, 1867. 
sSol ISABELLA,* bom March 3, 1848; married Lewis M. Whitcomb (130). 
381. MARY HELEN,* bora March t, 1851: died April, 1861. 
38a. JANET,* bora July 10, 1853; niarried George F. Stimpson. 

117 MARCUS WHITCOMB," (Ira,' Israel," Israel." John,* Job," 
Job,* John,*) was married February 24, 1847, at Andes, N. Y., to 
Christina McLean who was bom at Tane. Roath Shire, Scotland, 
May 14, 1826, and died at Middletown, N. Y., December 9, 1899. 
They tinited with the Old School Baptist Church, in the town where 
they then resided. He is a farmer and a democrat. 

383. ABBIE,* bora September 9, 1848; married M. C Roberts. ! 

3S4> ALEXANDER,* bora November 8, 1853; died October 33, 1858. I 

4385. MARCUS A.,* born September 18, 1859. 

121 RUEL WHITCOMB," (Ira,' Israel," IsraeU" John,* Job,' ' 
Job,' John,*) was married to Mary P. Burr, December 4, 1855. at 
Andes, N. Y^ and died at East Springfield, N. Y., June 15. 1891. ! 

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She was born January 4. 1831, at Andes. He was a farmer and a dem- j 

ocrat and both himself and wife were members of the Christian , 

Church. : 


a86. IDA C* bom Mar 30, 1857, Middletown. N. Y.: died April 3, 1861. 

387. WILLARD,* born August ig, 1859, Middlelown; died April 10, 1861. 
4388. WILLIAM BURR,* bora April ai, 1863, East SpringReld, N. Y. 

^9. WASHINGTON.* bom September 14, 1867, East Springfield, N. Y. 

i28 HORACE WHITCOMB.» (Luman* Israel,' Israel.» John,* 
Job,' Job,* John,') was married May 19, 1852, to Helen Fidelia 
Angle; she ^vas bom in Lexington, N. Y., March 19, 1832. He is a 
carpenter and joiner and a democrat Religious belief, Baptist Home 
in Lexington Flats, N. Y. 


ago. MINNIE BELLE,* bora Jane 3Q, 1860, Jewelt, N; Y.; married George j 
W. Haner. | 

128 OGDEN WHITCOMB," (Lunian,^ Israel.* Israel,' John,* 
Jol^* Job,* John,*) was married to Mary Melissa Johnson, Septem- 
ber 8, 1868; she was bom September 25, 1843, in Lexington, N. Y. 
He is a farmer and a democrat Residence, Jcwett Center, N. Y. 

391. GEORGE,* bom May 23, 1871, Jewett Center, N. Y.; unmarried. 
agx LOLA MAY,» bom Febraary ai, t877. Jewett Center^ N. Y. 

129 NEWTON WHITCOMB,' (Luman,* Israel,' Israel,' John,* 
Job,' Job,* John,') was married to Susie A. Montross, December 11, ' 
1864; she was bom August 27. 1842. He was a farmer and a demo- 


393. OWEN G.,* bora October 34. 1865; died April 7. 1866. 

394. CHARLES Aq> bora December 31, 1867. 
305. IRETUS D,* \ died Jannanr 35. 1877. 

}died Jannanr 35. 
bora April 3Q, 1876. 
died Febraary n 

sgdi NELLIE L.,* J died February 14. 1677. 

307. FRED C.* bom Febraary 14, 1878. 


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180 LEWIS M. WHITCOMB," (Luinan,' Israel.' Israel," John,* 
Job," Job,* John,') has been for thirty-five years a farmer in Dun- 
raven, N. Y. He was married February i6, 1870, in HalcottsviU^ 
N. Y., to Isabella Whitcomb (280) who was bom March 3, 1848, in 
Middletown, N. Y. ; they are Baptists. 


39B. UARY H.,* born Iklarch 39, 1874. Dunravcn. N. Y.; married Sanford. 

agp. LAUREN L,* born March 31. 188a, Dnnraven, N. Y. 

184 ARTHUR STAFFORD WHITCOMB," (Isaac.' Israel." 
Israel," John,* Job," Job,' John,*) at the age of fifteen years, enlisted 
in the Union Army for the War of the Rebellion, during which time 
he was promoted to rank of Captain. After his return home, he was 
united in marriage to Laura Elizabeth Maxom in 1S70, who was bom 
in 1 They now reside in Claryville, Sullivan County, N. Y. 

186 WINFIELD SCOTT WHITCOMB," (Isaac,' Israel," Is- 
rael," John,' Job," Job," John,') was married Dccanber 3, 1879, to 
Ada A. Bull; she was bora at Hamden, N. Y., April 25, 1857. They 
lived in Walton, N. Y., where he was clerk in a drug store: At pres- 
ent he manufactures combination folding stands for sheet music, etc. 
They are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and are pro- 


30a LETHA BERNICE,* bom Janiiary i<^ 1881. Walton. 

301. NORRIS' B.,* bom July 4, 1887, Walton. 

188 ALONZO WHITCOMB," (Ruel,' Israel." Israel," Job,* Job." 
Job," John,*) was married to Rebecca A. Gass, August so, 1868. He 
followed fanning several years, then was granted license to exhor^ 
and finally he became a preacher in the Methodist itinerary; after a 
few years he withdrew from circuit preaching and settled in Ypn- 
lanti, Midi. He died February 9. 189a 

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303. CLARK AMES.* born October zi, 1874, Mungerville, Uich. 

303. LEMLEY PRESTON,* born September la, 1876, Munjcrville, Mich. 

304. MATTIE VELORA.* bom September 32, 1878. Cheitcraeld; died Jalj 

4. 1889. 

140 JAMES DARWIN WHITCOMB." (Rud,' Israel,' Israel,' 
John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) learned the carpenter and joiner trade and 
went to Vassar, Tuscola County, Mich., and was married Fdiruary 
27, 1876, to Luella C. Cooley of Vassar. Later he secured a position 
in a furniture manufactory as foreman, which position he still holds. 
He is a republican and a Methodist 


305. LETTA AMANDA,* born September 30, 1877, Vassar, Mich. 
30& LEWIS JAMES,* bom July 3, 1881, Vassar. Mich. 

142 HENRY BARBER WHITCOMB,' (Israel Barber,' Israel,* 
Israel," John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) was married October 15, 1862, to 
Mary £. Slater and settled near Cairo, Green County, N. Y., where he 
now follows farming and runs a sawmill He also opens his large 
residence mansion, called the "Winter Gove House" to tourists and 
boarders who visit the CatskiU Mountains during the summer. 

3fKr. LYDIA ARIETTA,* bom September 17, 1863; died February i, 188a. 

30a ELMA ELNORA,* 1 Married to J. H. WesseL 

■I3091 ELMER ELLSWORTH,* i bom November 10, i86s 

3ta MARY ERVILLA,* bora July 15, 1870; married to F. W. Plank. 

3U. EDWARD BERDETT,* bora October 16^ 1878. 

148 ^ ROMAINE WHITCOMB,' (Israel Barber.' Israel," Israel." 
John,* Job," Job," John,*) was married August 9, 1874, to Qara H. 
Shinn. They moved to Philadelphia, Pa., where they still live and are 
et^;aged in cabinet business and house furnishing. 

ats. HATTIE ERVILLA,* bom July 35. 1876:. died August 17. 1S76. 


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146 CHESTER EUGENE WHITCOMB,' (Israel Barber/ Is- 
rael,' Israel," John,* Job,' Job,' John,^) was married February 6, 1867, 
to Lucin9 A. Tompkins. They settled in Cairo, N. Y., where he manu- 
factures-various and fancy articles, — souvenirs of the CatstdU Moun- 
tains, etc. The wif^ Lucina, died August 8. 1879. He was married 
(2) December 22, 1880, to Orpha R. Bosthwidc 


313. BELL,* born Februaiy 20^ 1870; married to Qarence E. Hvn*. 

314. ARTHUR E.,* bom October 13, 1874. Cairo. 

315- WINFIELD B.,* bom October 4, 1877; died June 35, 1883. 

147 ISAAC GOLTRY WHITCOMB* (Israel/ Isaac," Israel.' 
John,* Job," Job,* John,') removed from Steuben County, N. Y., 
with his parents, who settled at Six Mile, Ind., in 1838. In 1854 they 
removed to North Vernon, Ind.; where Isaac lived until his death 
February i, 1895. He was married (i) March liS, 1852, to Eliza M. 
Carrol; she died February 25, 1857, and he was married (2) Decem- 
ber 24, 1863, to Clorinda Ann Patrick, who was bom September 2, 
1844, ill Jennings County, Ind. He was a contractor and builder. 
Eliza's last residence was North Vernon, Ind. 


3161 EVA SARAH,* bora January 27, 1S54; married Augnat, 1874. to J. C 
Cope; two children. 

317. ALICE ANN,* bora December i6v 1854; married Lewia C Hoppel; died 

April 16^ 1904, at her home, Dupont, Ind. 

318. ELIZA,* bora Febraary 34, 1857; died in infancy. 

319. UATTIE b.,* bora December 15, 1858. 
33a MINNIE R.,* bora August 37, 1665. 

gai. KATE F.,* bom February 38t 1869. ^ 

33a. INFANT.* bora ; died . 

+393. FRED CAMPBELL,* bom November 8, 187a 

334. JESSIE MAY,* bom May 13. 1873: married Lewis L. Hstl, 1903; no 


335. ESTHER MAGGIE,* bora August ift 1875. 
3A LEROY,* bora February i, 1885. 


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140 LEWIS WHITCOMB," (Israel.' Isaac,' Israel,' John.« Job,' 
Job.' John,*) removed to Indiana from the State of New York, where 
he was married to Rebecca Ami Wheeler. She died about i88a. He 
served in the Gvil War in the 32d R^ment Indiana Volunteer In- 
fantry ; he died in hospital at Nashville, Tenn., August i, 1864. Their 
home was Six Mile (now Hajrden), Ind. 


+3*r. MELVIN CHARLETON,* bom Febratry aa. 1853. 

336. HELEN,* born 1859; died August, 1863. 

339. LEVI,* bom ; died in infancjr. 

330. MAGGIE,* bom November 1863; married Charles Spray; three children. 

167 RUFUS CLARK WHITCOMB,' (James,' Isaac.' Israel." 
John,' Job,' Job,' Jdm,*) was married at Oskaloosa, la.. June 8, 1874, 
to Margarette Fitch, who was bom in Warren, Ohio, ACigust 35, 1851. 
He began life as a fanner. Later he took charge of the Green County 
Hospital for the insane and poor, situated in Monroe, Wis., and for 
twenty-five consecutive years lie has been superintendent of that, in- 
stitution. Mr. Whitcomb's methods as Superintendent of the Hos- 
pital are original with himself and a quarter of a century of experi- 
ence has proven them entirely successful; no bolts, bars, straight- 
jackets or constraints of any kind are ever used. His reports show a 
large per cent of cures; also a general improvement in health among 
his resident patients. His place is locally spoken of as "The Farm" 
instead of the Insane A^lura or Hospital. Rufus Clark has in a 
mariced degree the musical talent of his family and sings in a quar- 
tette which furnishes music for special occasions, such as entertain- 
ments, anniversaries, funerals, etc. 


331. EVA GRACE,* borin July 7. iS8a, Monroe Wia.; State University. 
33a. WALTER JAMES,* bora November 15, iSSj, Monroe, Wit.; Stat* 
Unirertity, Claaa of 1897. 

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169 JAMES MARTIN WHITCOMB," (James,' Isaac,* Israel,' 
John,* Job,' Job," John,*) was married June i, 1874, in Albany, Wis., 
to Charline L. Morgan, who was born in Monroe, Wis., February 27, 
1853. He is a music dealer in Albany, Wis., and inherits £rom both 
his father and mother a marked talent for musia He sings, plays 
the piano, oi^;att and violin and, in his younger days, taught vocal and 
instrumental music. He has a large collection of songs, — sacred, senti- 
mental, and comic, — ^with whidi he entertains people at home or wher- 
ever he may be. Durii^ the Civil War James Martin, with his brother, 
Rufus Clark, and his sisters, Polly and Lydla, formed a quartette and 
sang at the Union meetings throughout Wisconsin. They were rady 
children, but were local celebrities and people prophesied great things 
of them, in a musical way. 


333. HARRIS MORGAN,* born Fcbroary 24, 1875, Clarksville, la. 

334. LOUISE LENA,* bora August 8, 1878, Albany, Wis. 

160 EDWARD SMITH WHITCOMB,' (Jesse,' Jesse," Israel,' 
John,* Job,' Job,' John,^) was married in Vernon, Ind., September 7, 
1845, to Harriet Kendrick, who was bom in Vernon, Ind., March 2, 
1824. He was a merchant and man of affairs. They lived in North 
Vernon, where he died in 1890. Harriet's last residence was North 
Vernon also. 


335. ERR.* born . 

33& ELLA JAKE,* bora June 23, 1S48; married Jobn Fable; residence,. 
North Vernon, Ind; no children. 
+337. EBERT C* born August 3i, 186& . | 

+338. GEORGE KENDRICK.* bora . ' 

162 ALBERT WHITCOMB,' (Jesse.' Jesse,' Israel,' John,* 
Job,' Job,' John,*) was married in Centervillev Ind., November 2, 
1854, to Mary Ann Young, who was bom July 18, 1834, m Brown 
County, Ohia She died Febmary 6, 1901, in Hayden, Ind. He is a 

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iaxmer. He removed from New York to Indiana when he was seven 
years old and has resided there ever since. 

+339. LEVI N,* born September 7, 1855, Harden, Ind. 
+34& EZRA S.,* bom October, 1857, Hajrden, Ind. 
34I- EMILY N.,* bom November 13, 1859. Hayden, Ind; teacher, North 

Venion, Ind. 
342. LUCY C,* bom April 23, 1863, Harden, Ind.; was married to W. A. 
McNtece; lives at Erving, Ind. 
+343. SILAS ALBERT,* born Aognst 14, iS6s, Hayden, Ind. 
■1344. HENRY YOUNG,* bora February 13, 1B6S. Hayden, Ind. 
34$. WILLIAM W.,* born December 4, 1871, Hayden, Ind.; unmarried. 
34& HOWARD P.,* born September 7, 1873, Hayden, Ind.; unmarried. 

170 CHARLES WHITCOMB," (Orin,» Jesse,« Israel," John,* \ 
Job,' Job,* John,*) was married August 7, 1853, in Indiana to Minerva ' 
Harrison, who was bom March 22, 1835, in Kentucky. His occupa- 
tion is that of foreman in a manufactory. They reside in Ftcard, Calif. . 

347. AHGELINE M.,* bom November iz. 1854, Miasonri. 

348. MARIETTA,* bora January 33, 1856, Nebraska. . I 

349. ORIN C,* bora March 15, 1859, Picard, Calif. 

350. REBECCA,* bora April 4, i86t, California. 

351. JOHN H.,* bora Januxry 17. 1664, Oregon. 

352. EVA.* bora March S, 1867, California. 

353. CHARLES,* bora May 36, 1874, Indiana; hygienic nurse; unmarried. 

354. IRA,* bora July 35, i^^ Picard, Calif. 

i71 LUCIUS WHITCOMB," (Orin,' Jesse,* Israel,' John.* Job.' ! 

Job,* John,*) was married to Howe; no data concerning him 

except that he had three children. 


355. ,* bora , 

356. OKPHA ANN,* bora . 

357. ,»bore— . 

.176 ORIN WHITCOMB,' (Grin/ Jesse,' Israel.' John,* Job.' 
Job,* John.*) was married April 22, 1864. in Newton, la., to Adeline 

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Ruark, who was bom in Illinois, December 3, 1846. He is a fanner 
and a preacher. They are Baptists. 

35& HIRAM MARTIN,* born Febrnary 11, 1865. WiUit, Calif. 

359. EMMA LAURA,* born December 7, iStiS, Willit, Calif. 

360. JESSE GORAN,* born March 3i, 1870, Willit, CaliL 

361. ADA LENA,* born Jannaiy Vj, 1^3, Iowa. 

363. REBECCA MARY,* born March 30, 1874, Fernando. Neb. 

363. DANIEL R.,* born March 3. 1879, Willit, Calif. 

364. ANNA ORA,* born October 7, 1881, Napa Connty, Calif. 

182 CHARLES S. WHITCOMB," (Hiram.' Jesse,* Urael,' 
John,* Job,' Job,' John,') was married to Margaret M, McKinney, 
September 18, 1853, in Jennings County, Ind., where he was bom. 
She was bom in North Carolina February 18, 1879, and died Septem- 
ber 30, 1899. He is a farmer and a teacher and resides in Buffalo, 


3:05. ALTON,* ) died in infancy. 

3£& ALTHA J,* ) married Comelini Larabee; lives in Hayden. Ind. 

367. FLORA CAROLINE,* bora : married Calvin Wilder. 

368. MARY MAUD,* bora ; died, aged ten. 

+369. GUY MILLER,* bora November 10, 1866, Hayden, Ind. 

+370. CHARLES LAWRENCE,* born , Hayden. Ind. 

371. JESSE KARL,* bora . Hayden, Ind. 

18S WILLIAM B. WHITCOMB," (Hiram,' Jesse,' Israel.' 
John,* Job,' Job,' John,') was tuarried May 1, 1867, in Hayden, Ind., 
to Caroline Wohrer, who was bom in Hayden, March 15, 1845. ^^ 
is a fanner, and they are Univer^ists. They reside in Hayden. 


+373: FRED,* bora July 15, 1869. Hayden, Ind. 
373- SHEPHERD,* bora March as, t87<^ Hayden, Ind. 

191 HIRAM CHILDS WHITCOMB.' (Hiram,' Jesse.' Israel,' ; 
John,* JoV Job," John,') was married May 29, 1884, to Florence 

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Amide. Sdpio, Jennings County, Ind. He died July i, 1890, in 
Cincinnati, Ohio. She was married (2) to ex-Superintendent Get- 
ting of Indiana. 


374. CLIFFORD,* bora . 

208 FRIEND THOMAS WHITCOMB,» (John,' Solomon/ 
Hiram,' Job,' John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) attended the schools of 
Waterbury, Conn., until he was about fifteen years old, when he ran 
away to sea and made one trip to the West Indies. On his return to 
Waterbury he learned the trade of a mason. On coming of age he 
removed to Indiana and spent three years at Indianapolis, Ind, and 
at Galesburg, IH, workit^ at his trade. While in the West he became 
a member of the Congregational Churdi. He was musical and having 
a good tenor voice was generally a member of the choir. On returning 
East he settled atiNew Haven, Conn., where he was married to Addic 
L. Hatch of New Haven, May 23, 1861. About this time he became 
a Free Mason and was devoted to the order for the remainder of his 
' life. Soon after his marriage he entered the service of the Adams 
Express Company and remained a trusted ^ent of that company 
until his death which occurred May 6, 1871. 

375- MARY ELLEN," bom April 19, 18&1; married Dr. Arthur B. Amadoo 
of Boston, where they now reside (tgoj). Children: Arthur Franklin, 
Ruth, Frairit Whitcombe. 

Sji. ' CHARLES AUGUSTUS." born April 38, 1864; died Auffint 30, 1866. 

Leonard,' Hiram,' Job,' John,* Job,' Job.' John,*) was married in 
Cornwall. Conn., March 21, 1858, to Caroline Elizabeth Wells, who 
was bom in Cornwall. July 9, 1839. He was a shoemaker and they 
were members of the MAhodist Episcopal Church. Th^ lived in 
Stepney. Conn., tfien removed to Milford, where he died January 10, 

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377. CHARLES SANFORD,» bora August 25, i860, Stepocr; ^»t Sep- 

tcmbw 1% 1863. 
37& HATTtE RUTH," bora Dectmbtr 31, 18S4, Step&cr; named 1886 

to CharlM W. Plttt; one <laaghUr. 
*Sg9. GEORGE LEONARD.!* bom DeccmlMr 11, 1874. Milford. Coim. 

809 RUSSELL WESLEY WHITCOMB," (RusseO,' Leonard,' 
Hiram,' Jol^' John,* Job," Job,* John,*) was married in Mitford, 
Conn., Afordi 31, 1866, to Martha Ann Watson. He was a carriage 
malrer. They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Russdl Weslejr served his country in the war of the Rebellion in Com- 
pany A 14th Connecticut Volunteers, He was also a local preacher 
in ^e Methodist E{nscopaI Church and was to have joined the Con- 
ference in a few weda when he was stridcen with pneumonia and 
died in New Haven, April 3, 1887. 


380. UATTIE R..** bora September 13, 1869, Milford; died October 4, 187% 

210 DARIUS SIMON WHITCOMB.* (Russell.* Leonard,* 
Hhram,* JtA^' John,* Job,* Job^* John,*) was married at Cornwall 
Bridge, Conn., May 26, 186S. to Addle Cott Hine, who was bom in 
MUford, Comt., August 15, 184a. They are CongregatJonalists. He , 
has been deacon of the First Church in Milford for twen^-three years. | 
He is a carriage maker and their residence is at Milford, Conn. 


381. ARTHUR RUSSELt," bora April 3, 1874. Milford; married June 16, • 

1896, to Mabel Wbeeler Stowe; no children. 
+3Ba. ALBERT LEONARO,» born Febniair 7. i88a^ Milford. 

ail ABNER S. WHITCOMB,* (Augustus,* Leonard.* Hiram,* . 
Job^'J**".* J<*.' Job.* John,*) was married September 28, 1865, to 
Ellen C Pratt; she died July 33, 1888; (3) to Mrs. Minnie A. Bald- 
win, July 4, 1889; no children. 

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218 EGBERT FRENCH WHITCOMB/ (Augustus.' Leonard,' 
Hiram," Job,' John/ Job,' Job,' John,*) was married (i) to Mrs. 

Sarah Chapin, who was bom and died ; (2) to Lizzie 

Hou|^ Egbert died in Meriden, Conn., March 4, 1898. ^ 


383. ROGER,» born August, 1887, Meriden. 

216 MILES AUGUSTUS WHITCOMB,' (Augustus." Leon- 
ard,' Hiram," Job," John,* Job,' Job,' John,' ) was married October 3, 
1876, to Frederica Howland. 


384. AGNES MATELLA,'* born October 37, 1878: 

219 FRANK A- WHITCOMB,' (Orange," Leonard,' Hiram," 
Job," John,* Job," Job,' John,*) was married in Cornwall, Conn., to 
Emetine C Brown, November 17, 1885. 


385. RUTH £.,«• born Febraary 36, 1888. CornwalL 
3861 EDNA M.,1* born June 15, t83g, Cornwall. 

387. MILDRED B.,1* bom March 23, 1895, CornwalL 

220 EDWARD WHITCOMB," (Anderson Dana," Ahira Leh- , 
man,' John Skinner," Job," John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was married to 
Hannah Fletcher, who was bom in Wyoming County, Pa., September 
10, 1843, They were married at Polo, III., December 10, 1865. He 
enlisted as a private in Company A, 34th Regiment Illinois Volunteers 
and served in that company from August 25, 1861, to the close of the 
war; he was promoted to second lieutenant and regimental quarter- . 
master and took part in the battles of Shiloh, Pittsburgh Landing, 
Clayville, Perryvitle, Ky. ; Stone River, Tullahoma, and Mission 
Ridge, Tenn. ; Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain and Jonesboro and marched ! 
with Sherman to the sea. His regiment never made a day's march, [ 
nor was in an engagement but that he was with them. He was never \ 

d by Google 


wounded, nor was he ever sick enough to miss a day's duty. Octo- 
ber, iStc^ he removed to Saline County, Neb., and settled on a home- 
stead near the town of Friend; was postmaster at Friend from 1874 to 
1885 ; served in the Nebraska L^slature two years ; was chairman of 
the county republican committee for six years. In 1877 he purchased 
the Friend Telegraph, which he has edited and published ever unce. 
38a MARY," ) died Febraaiy 34. i877. 

\ bom December la, 187& 
389. MARIA." ) died March ift 1877- 

390- JESSIE ELIZABETH," born April 13, tS^g: died January 1. 1881. 
39t- HENRY ANDERSON," bora June tS, 1882. He enlisted in the 15th 
Regulars and served two years and two montlis m the Philippines, 
taking part in tereral encagements. He was mttatered out October 
I, igoa, and was married to lone jEUiodes of Vocaville, Calif. They 
reside at Triend. Neb. 
J92. JAMES EDWARD," born Anpist S4. 1884. 

222 WILUAM AHIRA WHITCOMB,' (Anderson Dana.* 
Ahira Lelimen,^ John Skinner," Job," John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) was 
married at Friend, Neb., 1873, to Sarah Pierce, bom in ConnellsviUc, 
Pa., October 18, 1850. They resided at Friend. 


393. ARTHUR ELMER," born November at, 1874. 

394- WILUAM DANA," born November M, 1876. 

395. MAUD,^* born July 12, 1879; died May 33, 1880. 

39& CLARENCE ROLAND," born April 33, iSSa. 

JSH. FLOYD EDMOND,*" bom Jannary 7, 1883. 

308. WILLA MALVINA," bora November 4. 1885. 

223 OLEN WALTER WHITCOMB.' (Anderson Dana," Ahira 
Lehmen,' John Skinner," Job," John,* Job," Job," John,*) was mar- 
rinJ April 20, 1873, to Caroline M. Paddodc No further record. 

399. NELLIE HAY,", bora September %, 1874. 
40a HERBERT NATHAN," bom May 1I&, 1878. 
401. LILA," born October at, t88i. 
403. PAULINE." bora May i^ 1S84. 

d by Google 


225 DANA SIMPSON WHITCOMB» (Anderson Dana," Ahira 
Lehmen,' John Skinner," Job," John,* Job," Job,' John,*) was mar- 
ried September 27, 1890, in G>rdova, Neb., to Eva Vaughn, who was 
bom 1 87 1 in Michigan. He is a farmer and they are members of thf 
Qiristian Church. They reside in Cordova. 

403. CLIFFORD VAUGHN,^* born October 16, 1894. Cordon, Neb. 

241 JAMES FRANQS WHITCOMB,' (George Philander. 
John James,' John Skinner,' Job," John,* Job," Job,* 
John,*) was bom in Homerdale, Wayne County, Pa., August 9, 1850 ; 
he was married March 7, 1870, to Edith McKonkie in Olive, la. She 
died in 18S1 ; he was married (2) September 38, 1882, to Sadie Clin- 
ton. They reside in Beatrice Neb. 


404. THOMAS W^>' bom March, 1871. 

405. STELLA MAY,** born Auenit. 1S73, Beatrice. Neb. 
401I JESSE EARL,ia bom September, 1876, 'Beatrice, Neb. 
407. VESTA GREME,!" bom 1879, Beatrice, Neb. 

40a. GEORGE, » bom January 36, 18S4, Odell, Neb. 
409. EARNEST,!* born Aagust 16, 1886, Beatrice, Neb. 
4ta WILLIE,** born January 8, 1887. Beatrice, Neb. 

242 WILLIAM DENNIS WHITCOMB," (George Pfiilander," 
John James,' John Skinner," Job," John,* Job," 'Job,' 
John,*) was married July 4, 1875, to Amanda Waldron. 

411. HENRY.i* bom March i, 1876; died March, 1S82. 
4ta. FANNIE,!* bom September, 1877: died March, 1S83. 

413. ALONZO," bom March, i88a 

414. SHERMAN.*" bora December, 1882. 

415. PEARL,^* born September, 1884. 

Gass,* Asahcl,' Israel," Israel," John,* Job," Job," John,*) was mar- 

d by Google 


ried to Samantha Mathews, April, 1872 ; she was bom in Michigan, 
184& He died in Vernon, Mich., April 9, 1879. 

41a CLARK HERBY.M born J\t\j 37, 1874, Vernon, Mich. 

269 BURTON JESSE WHITCOMB,* (Gilbert Jesse," Asahd,^ ■ 
Israel,' Israel," John,* Job," Job," John,*) was fitted for a>ll^;e in his 
home town of Oxford and later was graduated in the law course in 
the University of Ann Arbor, Mich. Since then h;.- has been an in- 
structor in a business college in Duluth, Minn. Aii^^tst 3, 1892, he 
was married to Mary Elizabeth McNally of Sagiinw, MidL She 
was bom December 17, 1865. In politics Mr. Whitcoiub is a Democrat. 

417- HAROLD GILBERT," bom Jnly 8, 1897. Oxford, Mich. j 


261 CHARLES O. WHITCOMB," (Gilbert Jesse," Asahel,' 
Israel," Israel," John,* Job," Job," John,^) was fitted for college at 
Oxford, Mich., and was graduated from the University at Aim Arbor, 
Mich. After teaching for a while, he entered as a partner in the fur- 
niture and undertaking business with his father in Oxford in which 
business he is still engaged. In politics, like his father, he is a Demo- 
crat September ii, 1895, he was married to Edith May, daughter 
of Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Wemp of Oxford. No children. 

262 LOUIS JUDSON WHITCOMB," (Sidney Munson," 
Asahel,' Israel," Israel," John,* Job," Job," John,*) took a course in a 
business a)llege in Detrtut and September 4, 1889, was married to j 
Eva Snover, who was bom in Ray, Mich., September 16, 1869. They 
settled on the old homestead farm in Ray, Michigan, with bis uncle, ' 
William W. Whitcomb (m), where tiiey remained a few years.' 
Since then they have resided in Detroit, where he has been engaged in 
boddcequng and as conductor on a street car line. 

418. GUY ALLISON,** bom January ^ 1891, Lexington Pl4t*, N. Y. 


d by Google 


271 HENRY WHITCOMB* (Dennis,* Ira,' Israel,' Israel,' 
John,* Job,' Job,' John,') was married January i, 1869, at Middle- 
town, N. Y^, to Matilda Ackerly; she was bom August 12, 1850, at 
Middletown. His oorupaticm is fannii^; in politics he is a Democrat 

4ig. NETTIE," bora Jooe S, 1871. 

4aa NEWMAN," bora June 18, 1874- 

431. STELLA," bora December la, 1877. 

278 DENNIS WHITCOMB," (Dennis," Ira,' Israel," Israel.' 
John,* Job,' Job,* John,^) is a farmer and a democrat; was married at 
Delhi, N. Y., September 18, 1883. to Frances Davis; she was bom at 
Lubec, N. Y., January 26, 1867. I 

433. JAMES B.," bora September 16, 1889, Lubec. 

627 LEWIS WHITCOMB,» (Dennis," Ira.' Israel,' Israel.' 
John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was married October 31, 1880, to Mary J. ; 
McKee; she was bom at Perrysburg, N. Y., October 18, 1862, and \ 
died at Colchester. N. Y., April 8, 1893. He is a farmer and a 


433. RUEL D.,>« born September 11, 1881, Middletown. N. Y. 

434. MARY E.. " bora October i, 1883, Middletown, H. Y. - . | 

435. ETHEL," bora May 5. 1888. Midletown. N. Y. 

436. ARTHUR J^" bora November 39, 1890, Middletown, N. Y. 

286 MARCUS A. WHITCOMB,* (Marcus,' Ira,' Israel,' 
Israel,' John,* Job,' Job,' John,') was married to Cora Cowan of 
Ddhi, N. Y., July 3, 1886; she was bom. at Andes. N. Y.. July 31, 
186& Children (7) 

288 WIUJAM BURR WHITCOMB,' (Ruel,' Ira,' Israel,' ' 
Israel,' John,* Job,' Job,*' John,') was married to Mary Reibeck, 
January 20, 1887, at Erie Cty, Erie County. Pa. She was bora S^ 

d by Google 



tonber 5, 1866, at Erie City; both are members of the Lutheran 
churdi. He is a conductor of a motor car in Erie. In politics, a 


437. GEORGE RUEL," born December 37, 1891, Erie Citjr. 
4a8. WILLIAM H.,** bom Jane 33, 1893. Erie City. 

Israel Barber,' Israel,' Israel," John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was married 
December 30, 1891, to Jennie 5. Byington. They live at Catskill, N. Y. 

43Sk SON.» born October li. 1893. Catskill, N. Y. 

828 FRED CAMPBELL WHITCOMB," (Isaac Goltry,' Israel,' 
Israel,' Israel,' John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was married in Delphi, ' 
Ind., November 28, 1898, to Nellie May Collins, who was bom in I 
Delphi, August 22, 1874. He is a graduate of De Pauw University < 
and a teacher' by profession; has been a teacher in the Delphi, Ind., 
High School His position now is dean of the Manual and Industrial 
Arts Department at Howard University. In religious belief he is a 
Baptist and his wife a Presbyterian. Residence, Washington, D. C 
No children. 

Isaac' Israel,' John,* Job,' Job,' John,^) was married to Bell Stillwell 
b 1872. He is a railroad conductor. Present residence, Seymour, Ind. 


430. AIMEE,** bom . 

431. DALE.^* born . 

433- HAROLD,!* bom . 

433. STANTON," bom . 

887 EBERT C WHITCOMB,' (Edward,* Jesse,' Jesse,' Israel,' 
John,* J(A,' Job,* John,*) lives in Indiana and was married to Mar- 
garet Jones in 1879. 

d by Google 



434- CECIL,** boro . j 

435- MABEL,'* bora . 

436. ROY,» bom , ; 

437- EDITH,» born . 

43& MARGARET," born . 

Jesse,' Jesse,* Israel,* John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was married to Ida 
Bryant in 178] and lives in North Vemon, Ind. He is a drug^L 

439- EDWARD C* bora May 25, 1880; uom.; residence, Los Angeles, OL 
44a FLORENCE,'* bora August 17, iSBa; residence. North Vernon, Ind. 

839 LEVI N. WHITCOMB," (Albert," Jesse,' Jesse,* Israel,' ! 
John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was married (i) to Mary Conner; (2) to ! 
Maud Carman; (3) to Ida Vicasne ( ?). They live or lived in Little 
Rock, Ark. 


441- CLAUDE,'* bom . 

443. ALBERT," \h^„ i 

443. RITA," I*"" • I 

840 EZRA S. WHITCOMB,' (Albert,' Jesse,' Jesse,' Israel.' 

John,* Job,' Job,' John,') was married to OstoudL They live 

near Brownstown, Ind. 


444. MAUD," bora — ' — 

44S- LUCY," bora . ' 

44& CLARA," bora . 

447- RUSSEL,"bora . 

445. RUTH." bom . 

848 SILAS ALBERT WHITCOMB.' (Albert,' Jesse,' Jesse,' 
Israel,' John,* J(^' Job,' John,') was married to Minnie Davidson; 
they live near Hayden, Ind. 


4401 ROBERT," bora . 

4Sa LOUISE," bom , 

451. HOYT."bom . 


d by Google 


844 HENRY YOUNG WHITCOMB," (Albert," Jcsse.» Jesse," 
Israel," John,* Jdi,' Job," John,*) was married to Carrie High- 
strander; th^ live near Hayden, Ind. 


453. HERBERT,** born . 

453. JOHN," born . 

454- MARY," born . 

455- MAX.»boni . 

S69 GUY MILLER WHITCOMB," (Charles S.," Hiram,* 
Jesse," Israel," John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was married in Indianapolis, 
Ind., October 17, 1894, to Lillian Emma, who was bom in Indian- 
apolis, Ind., February 12, 1874; he was graduated from the American 
School of Ostet^thy at Kirksvtlle, Mo., but has never practiced the 
sdeoce. He is at present in the confectionery business. In religious 
belief. Liberal They reside at Atlantic City, N. J. 

456. MARION ETHEL,>* born Hayden. Ind., August 16, 1896. 

457- MARGRET LOUISE,>* bom Lexingrttm, Ky., PebruBry 33, 1899. 

4^ HIRAM BERNARD, born Philidelphia, Fa., January 17, 1903- 

Hiram,'' Jesse," Israel," John,* Job," Job," John,*) was married to 
' " '- in Toledo, Ohio; they reside in Buffalo, Kan. 

872 FRED WHITCOMB,* (William B.,« Hiram,' Jesse," 
Israel," John,*» Job," Job,' John,*) was married to Alice Daw- 
son. They live in Louisville Ky. He is a commercial traveler. 

879 GEORGE LEONARD WHITCOMB,*" (Theodore Angus- ' 
tus," Russell," Leonard,' Hiram," Job," John,* Job,' Job,' John,*) was 
married to Clara Permdia Gunn and they reside in Milford, Conn. 


4S9- GRACE ELIZABETH," bom March 8. 1899, Milford. 

46& EDITH HATTIE,** bom Augaat 30^ igot, Uilford. 

d by Google 


882 ALBERT LEONARD WHITCOMB," (Darius Simon.' 
Russell.* Leonard,' Hiram," Job," John,* Job,' Job,* John,*) was mar- 
ried November 20, 1901, to Qara Isabel Mix, who was bom in New 
Haven, Cona, April 16, i88a They reside in New Haven, Conn. 

461. EMMA VIRGINIA," bom October 6. 1902, New Haven. 

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®If:^ 3l00talj ^xm. 

•lOSIAH WHITCOMB/ (John/) was born in 
Dorchester, Mass., in 1638, according to Dorchcister 
town records, and is believed to have been the 
youngest son of John.* He accompanied his father's 
family from Scituate to Lancaster, Mass., in 1654, 
and his name appears variously in the early records 
of h'fe in the new town. In 1688 he was granted a bounty for killing 
a wolf,* and again he was named with his brother Job in an action for 
damages for accidentally or otherwise injuring or killing swin& (See 
page 32» this Book.) 

Josiah was married January 4, 1664, in Lancaster, to Rebecca, 
daughter of Lawrence and Ann Linton Waters, of Watertown, Lan- 
.caster and Charlestown, Mass. She was bom in February, 1640. 

DuringQueen Ann's war (1702-17) he was allowed a garrison for 
protection against the Indians. This garrison was situated in what 
is now called Bolton, originally a part of Lancaster, but set off in 1738, 

■"Joaloh Whltcomb la all«w«d 10 ■hlUInsa to ba p^ld by Um Caoaty for kOIhuc 
MM irown* wolf* In ym Town* of Lanoftitar." — (NonrM** Eutj lueordi of XAnouMr: 
p. Ut> 

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d by Google 

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and he lived in the southeastern part of this Bolton. He was com- 
mander of the garrison and with him were associated his sons, Josiah, 
David and Hezekiah, his son-in-law, Jacob Houghton, also Henry 
' Houston and John Wilder, Jr. 

In 1705 he was selectman; in 1708 he and twenty-nine others 
signed the church covenant and, as he was financially in good circum- 
stances, he contributed liberally towards the support of the diurch; 
in 1710 he was dected to represent Lancaster in the General Court 

In his will, drawn March 20, 1718, he gave to each of his children 
one-eighth part of his right to land in the plantation of Littleton.' His 
widow, who survived him eight years, died in 1726. 

Though Jonathan's recorded posterity is, numerically, the largest 
of the sons of John,* there is reason to believe Jostah's posterity is at 
least as numerous. The tabulated records of Josiah's descendants 
nearly equal those of Jonathan, while those records which are known ' 
to exist, but which are not yet obtained, outnumber the corresponding ' 
ckus in any other line. 

A roug^ granite slab erected to Josiah's memory bears the follow- 
ing inscription : 


(on foot ttone) 



I. W. ilyrf 


March Ihc 


ai 1718 - 



3. JOSIAH,* bom November la, 1665; died same day. 
+4. JOSIAH,* bom January 7, 1666 or ifAj. I 

+5. DAVID,* bora February ao, 1668. ' 

& REBECCA.* bom November 12, 1671; married Jacob Houehton, 1704. 
7, JOHANNAH,* bora March 8, 1674; was married December 36. 1708, to 
Peter Joslin, and died September 34, 1717. 
-rt. HEZEKIAH,* bora September 14, 1681. 

9. DEBORAH,* bora December tS, 11S63; probably died early, as she was 
not named in wilL 

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la DAMARISi* 1 Damans married in Marlboro, Mat*, to Nathaniel 

I- Wilder. 

II. MARY* J both named in father'* will. 

13. ABIGAIL,* born March 13, 1687 or t688; married to Joslah White, June ; 

13. EUNICE,* bora >-. I 

4 JOSIAH WHITCOMB," (Josiah,* John,*) was married (i) ! 

1690, to Mary ; (2) to Elizabeth . He died April 12, ; 

1718, leaving an estate valued at £5oa His widow was married (2) ! 
Mardi 25, 1719, by Rev. John Prentice, to Jabez. Fairbanks of Lan- ' 
caster, Mass. Josiah's children, so far as can be determined from the 
incomplete records, were: 


14. BENJAMIN,* died before 1718. 

15. HANNAH,* born March aS, iiSjm; married Richard Whitney. 

16. REBECCA,* bora ; died before 178a 

+I7> JOSIAH/ born November 10, 170I. 

-•-18. JAMES,* bora November i, 1704. 
19. ELIZABETH,* bora September M, 1713: married William Buttrtck, 
Jannary 17, I73a or 1733. 

5 DAVID WHITCOMB,' ([Josiah,* John.') was married May 
31, 1700, in Concord, Mass., to widow Mary (Hayward) Fai;banks, 
who was descended from Resolve White who came over in the May- 
flower. Her husband, Jonathan Fairbanks, was killed t^ Indians at 
Lancaster, Mass., September 4, 1697; she was taken captive, but was 
returned January 17, 1699, on the Province Galley from Casco Bay. 
While in captivity she acquired a knowledge of herbs which resulted 
in her afterwards dispensing medicine and being called "Doctress." 
Thqr lived in the Southeastern comer of Bolton, Mass., where they 
kq>t a tavern, as is shown by the following: 1 

To the Honorable Justices, for ye county of Middlesex these may 
sertifie that whereas Mr. David Whetcombe of Lancaster hath applyde 
himselfe to us the subscribers for our approbation for his selling strong 

d by Google 


Drink by Retale, we accordingly Request that your Hon'rs would 
please to giant the same. JOHN HOUGHTON, I 


Dated Lan, July 7, 171/5." Selectmen. 

The foltowing extract from his "Bond" sets forth in plain terms 
David's duties and responsibilities as inn-keeper: 

"He shal not suffer, or have, any playinge at cards, dice, lally, 
bowls, ninepins, billiards, or at^ other unlawful game or games in his 
said house, or yard, or garden, or backside, nor shal suffer to remun 
in his house enny person or persons, not being his own family, on 
Saturday night after dark or Sabbath days, or during the tyme of 
God's publtck woTTship; nor shal he entertain as lodgers in his house 
any strangers, men or women, above the space of forty and eight 
hours, but sudi whose names and surnames he shal deliver to some 
one of the selectmen or constable of the towne, unless they dial be 
sudi as he verry well knoweth and will ensure for his or her forth- 
coming — nor shal sell enny wine to the Indians or negroes, nor suffer , 
any children, or servant, or other person, to remane in his house! 
tippling or drinking after nine o'clock in the night — nor shal buy I 
or take to preserve any stolen goodes, nor knowingly or willingly 
harbor in his house, bam, stable, or otherwise, any rogues, vagabonds, 
thieves, sturdy beggars, or offenders whatsoever — nor shal anny per- 
son or persons whatsoever sell or utter any wine, ale, dder,' nun or : 
other liquors by defaulting, or by color of his License — nor shal: 
entertain any person or persons whom he shal be prohibited by law, 
or by enny one of the Magistrates of the ctmimunity, as persons of 
jolly conversation, or given to tippling." 

David Whitcomb died intestate April 11, 1730, and his wife, 
Mary, died January 5th, 1734, in the sixty-seventh year of her age. i 
Real estate owned by David was divided among his family by partition ' 
proceedings. (Concerning David's children, the dates and order of 
tHrth are not positively known.) I 

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+aa DAVID,* born , Ltncaster, Msiss. 

,+31. JONATHAN,* born , Lancaster. Masa. 

tn. JOSEPH,** born I70(^ (?) Lancaster, Mass. 
23. REBECCA,* baptized 1708; married Ezra Sawyer, January 16, 1735 or 

+34. BENJAMIN,* baptized October or November 36, 1710, Lancaster, Mass. 
435. SIMON,* baptized March 7, 1713 or 1714, Lancaster, Mass. 

8 HEZEKIAH WHITCOMB,' (Josiah« John.*) was mar- 
ried to Hannah . Th^ lived in that part of Lancaster, Mass., 

which became Botton, where he was quite prominent in the church, 
and where he died previous to June ao, 1732, when letters of admin- 
istration were taken out by Hannah, his widow, and Hezdciah, his 
oldest son. The estate was inventoried at £982. The real estate was 
divided May 8, 1733. There is a record of a sale of land and build- 
ings in Littleton, Mass. (then Groton), t^ Hezdriah Whitcomb to 
Jonathan Famsworth, June 17, 1708, and the family may have lived 
thereuntil that date. 

+36. HEZEKIAH,* bom December 33, 1707, in Groton, Mass. 
'427. WILLIAM,* baptized September 34. 1710. 
ak HANMAH,* baptized May 30, 1713; married to William Sawyer, Au- 
gust as. 173a. 
+39. ISRAEL,* baptized April 3a, I7iti. 

30. BETTY,* baptized June I, 1718. 

31, SARAH,* baptized March s6, 1720 or 1731. 
+33. ELEAZER,* baptized October t& 1734. 

33. DINAH,* bom January g, 1737 or 1738. 

*Thm« Iiafl bMn much dlMUMloa aa to whather DaTld> or Joslati' waa tha tathar 
of JoMph* bat tlM ncorda ot WorcMtar County, Maaa., wbleh oonnty Ineludaa Lan- 
caalar and th* towns carved out ot it. contatn a quttcdafm daad, datad April 30, ITSi. 
mad* br David Wbltcomb,' Simon Whiteoinb* and tha hcira of Jonatlian Wbltoomb.' 
deceaaed, and alao Joseph Whitcorab,* and Esra Sawyer, both of Lanenatar, and 
Benlamln Wblteomb* of Laomlnster. eoaltrmtnc a eontraet for tha aaU of land BMda 
In m* by Darld WMteomb,* Who la daacribed by tba heira aa "our honored fathor." 
^u» Sawyer was tba husband of David's eldaat dauahtar. This conflnRs avidtoca 
already received from tba Bectoler of Probate In uiddleeax Col, which tormariy 
lAditded Lancaatar. and alao avldeneo raoalvod from tha lAneaater town clerk, aa I0 
tha parentaca of Joaeph.*. Tha aama raeords contain a deed of land In Laomlaatar 
tron Joseph Whltoomb and Damaiis, Ma wUab dated March It, ITIO. 

Saa, alaok lettan on this subject from Chaa. Zeblna Llnooln In "Appandlic** 


d by Google 


17 JOSIAH WHITCOMB/ (Josiah,» Josiah,* John.») lived in 
that part of Lancaster, now Bolton, where he was Imown as "Dea- 
con." He was married (i) to Loruhamah Whitney of Stow, Mass., 
published March 20, 1726. She died December 31, 1754; he was mar- 
ried (2) to Dorothy Osgood of Leominster. He died January 2, 
1771, and Dorothy died October 17, 1873, aged ninety-two years. 


34. DANIEL.* born July aS, 1737; died 14, 1737. 

3$. ELIZABETH," bom December 3, 1728; died July 19, 1747- 

36. SARAH,* bom M>rch 3, 1730 or 1731; married John Whitcomb (sj). 

*S \\Ss.* } ***"• December ao. 1733. 

39. RUHAMAH,* bom May 4, 173s; died December 19, 1749. 

40. JOSIAH,* bom December 10, 1738; died August i, 1747. 

41. DAMARIS,* bom Urr M, I74i- 

43. THOMAS,* bora July 33, 1745; died July ao, 1747. 
■»43. JOSIAH,* bom September 4, 1748. 

18 JAMES WHITCOMB.* (Josiah,» Josiah,» John,») lived in 
that part of Harvard, Mass., which became Boxboro. He was mar- 
ried to Hannah Graves of Stow, Mass., the intention being published 
December 3. 1727. He died August 3 or 9, 1782 ; she died September 
19, 1787, aged eighty-one years. 


44. MARY,* bom Uarcb 4> 1739; died Novemtier 25, 173& 
45- LOIS,* bora May 3, 1731; died May i6, 1739. 

46. PETER,* bom July 23, 1733; died April 16, 1739. 
. 47. LYDIA,* bora Norember 26. 1736; died April 23, 1739^ 

4&. PATIENCE,* baptized June 3, 1739; married May 30, 1758; to Nathaniel 

Hazeltine of Harvard, Mass. 
■I491 JAMES,* baptized August 9, 1741. 
+50^ ABEL.* baptized July 39, 1744. 
51. HANNAH,* baptized July la, 1747; married February 14. 1771, to Phin- 

. ehas Sawyer of Harvard, Mass. 
SX LUTHER,* baptized July, 1753; died June 5. 1754. 

20 DAVID WHITCOMB,* (David,» Josiah,» John,*) was mar- 

ried in Lancaster, Mass., January 13, 1730, or 1731, to Betty White; 

d by Google 


He joined the Lancaster church, July 18, 1736, and in 1741 was dis- 
missed to the Bolton. Mass.. church. He was called "Deacon." His 
will» probated December 5, 1786. mentions ten children. 


♦SJ. JOHN,* bora November 13 or 24, 1731. 
S4- EUNICE,* bora December 10, 1733; was married December t, 176% 

perhaps to Jeremiah Wilson, perhaps to Timi2ttt>>-HouKhton. | 

55. PRUDENCE,* born October 29, 1735; marrted~NoTembcr z8, 1754. to j 

Israel Greenlcaf of Bolton; fourteen children; died September 15, 1784. 
S& TILLY,* bom November aa, 1737; died December 30, 1741 ot 1742. 
+S7. LEVI,* bom October ai, I73J>. 

58. BETTY,* born February 28, 1743 or 1744. 
tsg. JOSHUA,* bom May 2, 1746. 

60. RELIEF,* bora March 14, 1748; died October 37, 178& 
-rtt. DAVID,* born February i^ 1749 or i7Sa 
ta. SILENCE,* bora December 16, 1753: married Jonas Hale of Stow, Mass., 

Nov. 24. 1778. 
-HS3. ABEL,* bora 1753. 

21 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,* (David," Josiah," John.*) was 

married by John Houghton, a Justice of the Peace in Lancaster, 

lAaa&., December 12, 1722, to I^chel Woods. He died Octdier 7. 



^ JONAS,* baptized May 19, 1723. 

65- MARY,* bsptized October 4, 1724. 

66. DOROTHY,* bom June a, 17*1. 

-67. BECKE,* born June 16, 1727 or 1788. 

■HSa DAVID,* bora March 6, 1729 or 1730. 

■WH OLIVER.* borti October 3, 173a. 

7a ANNA,* bora October 30, 1737. 

Sa JOSEPH WHITCOMB,* (David," Josiah," John,') was 

married by John Houghton. Esq., to Damaris. daughter of John and j 
Anna (Houghton) Priest of Lancaster, January 20, 1725, and the 
tHrths of their children are recorded in Lancaster, Mass. About 1760 
the family moved to West Swanzey, N. H., where he built a saw- 
mill and a grist-mill, making the privilege <» which now stands the 

d by Google 


Stratton Mills and the Box and Bucket shops. He owned an exten- 
sive tract of land. When he settled in Swanzey,* he was about six^ 
years of age, a man of experience and respectability. He died Novem-. 
ber, 1792. at the age of ninety-two years, and was buried in Swanzey; 
his wife died November f2, 1770. 

In the expedition which laid siege to Loulsburg in 1745, Joseph 
Whitcomb was lieutenant in Company 4, of which John Warner 
was Captain and Samuel Willard, Colonel. In the Crown Point Ex- 
pedition, 1755, he was Lieutenant In the conquest of Canada, 1758, 
Joseph Whitcomb was C^tain in CoL Timothy Ruggles* Regiment 
(Sec Mass. Archives. XCIV, p. 86.) 


71. ABIGAIL,* born April 13, 1736; married Derby. 

7a. ELIZABETH,* bom December 3, 172S. 
■»73. JOSEPH.* born March 15, 1731 or 1733. 

74. BENJAMIN,* bom September i, 1735; died early. 

75. DAMARIS,* bom January 7, 1737; died early. 
Td. BENJAMIN,* bom September 29, 1738L 

477. JONATHAN PRIEST,* bora January 14, 1740, Leominster, Mass.- 

t iuZABETH.. }>»". October ,8, .MX 

60. DAMARIS,* bom May ai, 1746; was married April 3, 176s, to Jonathan 

Carter; she died July 6, 1820. 
-»4l. PHILEMON,* bom October 39, 1748. 
+83. ABIJAH,* bom June as, or 37, 1751. 

83. ANNA,* bom 1755; married June ift 1775, John Carter.*' 

*Hla MNU, at Um tUn* at conlns to Swans«y, »er« from etght to twcaty-Btne 
ynra ot ace. Tha nanca of tb* sona, and the title* by which th«y w«ro a(t«rward* 
known, were LtMileoant Joaaph, CoL Jonatbon, Col. BlUho. Oen, Phnamon, and AMJah. 
I want to roeord a Utt)a aneedoto Uiat I have often hoanl our father and other o( Ui* 
^d peopl* t^ of our srcat^Krandfattaar and his t>Toth«r Abllah. While our yraat- 
irandtatbar (CoL Jonathan) was at Canbridgo, Mass., In 1TT6, ha <C^ Jonathan) 
waa enlertalnlnc aoma of his nlUtary frtentla, and apoiM to bla brother Alitjah to 
ttrlns In somo mm. AUJah, balnr the only ono of tbe Ave brothen without ■ com- 
nisslon. felt the allfht Icoanty of Col. Jonathan not tntrodudnt him to tho oOloars. 
thlaMnt, naturally enough, that It woj aome honor to be k brother of • eonunla- 
Bloned oflleer. ao be bairi<Ml out: "Wtilch win you have, brother Jonathaii. OlA Bine- 
land or New Bnglandr' Theaa flva brothera settlad In Swonsey. whera they brotifht : 
up lart* tamllleai Llaatenant Joaaph was the only one to move away. Ha went to 
Oraitnn, Vt.. taktas hla faanl^ with him. Their Swanser homo waa where Mrs. 
Pblnsea Btone now Uvea, thouch none of ttia old bnlldlnga are now standlns. — (Exttaet 
from a latter by I. J. W. Carpenter.) 

■•For reeerds see the Carter Geoealocy. , 

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24 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB/ (David,* Josiah,' John,') lived 

in Lunenburg, Mass., in 1735, thence removing to the northerly part 
of I^eominster, Mass., where he was elected deacon of the diurch, 
December 2, 1747. He was married to Dorothy White, daughter of 
Dipt John and Eunice (Wilder) White; the children, except the 
three older ones bom in Lancaster, were recorded in Leominster. 
Benjamin died in October, 1778. 


84. TAMER," born March aS, 1735; married As& Johnson, Fcbnury aa, 1753; 
fourteen children. 
485. BENJAMIN/ bom July a, 1737. 

86. DOROTHY,* bom May 13, 1739; iDarried Stephen Johnson, September 

S, 1764; died Nov. ao, 1804. , 

87. JOANNA," bora September 2, 1741; died early. 
ftS. NATHANIEL.* bom June 33, 1743; died early. 

89. JOANNA,* born May 9^ 1745; married Elbha Wbitcomb (78) October 

49a NATHANIEL.* bora May a, 1747. 

91. EUNICE.* bora November 10, 1748; married Jeremiah Wilson of Bolton, 
December i^ 1768; lived in Norwich, Vt. He died June 6; 1834, aged 
9j\ she died October 24, 1833, a^cd 8s 
■(92. EPHRAIM,* born October ai, 175a 
. 93. MARY.* bora December 19, 1759; was married to John Halcv June ifl; 
1778; lived in Vermont. 

94. REBECCA,* bom March 19^ 1754; was married to Jacob Pierce, Febru- 

ary 19. 1777. 

95. LOIS,* bora September 3. 1755; was married to John Pierce. February 

19, 1777. 

96. PRUDENCE.* bora February 13, 1758; died Augtist 33, 1759. 
♦97. JOHN.* boA May ao, i7S9. . 

-(98. JOSIAH.* bora August 30, 1761. 
9gL PRUDENCE,* bora September 18, 1763. 

26 SIMON WHITCOMB,* (David," Josiah,* John,*) was mar- 

ried to Thankful Houghton of Lancaster, Mass., July 12, 1733. She 
was bom in Lancaster, March 3, 1714; the ceremony was performed ' 
by Josqih Wilder, Esq. 

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loa MARY,* bora Sept ag^ 1734. j 

loi. KEZIAH,* bora September la, 1736; married March 13, 1755, to George 

Parka of Lancaster. She is called "Mrs." in Lancaster records. 

102. THANKFUL,! born January 34, 1738 or 1739. 

103. LEVINA/ baptized March 23, 1740 or 1741; died early. 

104. ACHSAH,* born April 7, 1743: married to Benjamin Houghton, Octo- 

ber 14, 1763; died iSis. 

105. REBECCA,* bora June aE^ 1745. 

106. PATIENCE,* bora December 11, 1747; died December 31. I747- 
+107. SIMON,* born March 19, 1748 or 1749. 

108. LEVINA,* bora January tz, 1749 or 1750. 
+109. EZRA." bora November 37, 1759. 
+ttOi SILAS,* bora Marcb 36, 1757. 

86 HEZEKIAH WHITCOMB/ (Hezeldah,* Josiah,* John.') 
was married April 3, 1729, by Josq>h Wilder, Esq., to Rachel Priest 
He probably died in the expedition against Montreal in 1755 or 1760. 
From papers in the probate court and from the Lancaster records, his 
children in 1761, when the estate was settled, were: 

+111. JOHN,* bora March 37, 1731. 
+113. HEZEKIAH,* bora May 31, 1735. 
+113. JONATHAN PRIEST,* bora May la, i74t. 

114. BETTY,* bora September ao, 1744; marned August 11, 1763, to David 

Moors of Bolton, Mass. 

87 WILLIAM WHITCOMB,* (Hezekiah,* Josiah,» John,') 
was married February 25, 1729 or 1730, by Joseirfi Wilder, Esq.; to 
Hepaibah Sawyer. 


115. MARY,* bora June 19, 1730. 

II& ABIGAIL,* bora February J3, 1731 or 1733; married June 30^ 1758, tb 
Jonathan Osgood. 

117. THANKFUL,* bora April 19, 1734; intention of marriage to Thomas 

May was published January 18, 1755. 

118. RELIEF.* bora February 39, 1736; was married to William Oak of 

Winehenden, Mass. 

119. HANNAH,* bora July 19. 1738^ 

190. HEPSIBAH,* boiii February 14, 174a; was married October 1^ 1756, 
to Joseph Gates of Stow, Mass. 

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29 ISRAEL WHITCOMB,* (Hezekiah,» Josiah,* John/) was 

narried May 8, 1738, by Col. Willard to Azubah Houghton, of Bol- 
ton, Mass. His will was probated May 26, 1795. Children were 
Tecorded in Boltort ■ 


lat. WILLIAM,* born September 7, 1738; died early. 
\iax. WILLIAM,* bora September 6, 1741. 

133. RUFUS,* born February 26, 1743; not mentioned in father's will; prob- 
ably died young. 

■24. BETSEY,* bora April 33, 1744. 
+135. ISRAEL.* bora July ifi, 174IS. 
+I3& JONATFIAN,* bora April 27, 1749. 
+137. EPHRAIM,* born July 33, 1751. 

tsS. RUFUS,* born February 26, 1754; called "Arnpus" in Bolton records. 

139^ ABIGAIL,* bom June 13, 1756. 

I3& AZUBAH,* bora January 30^ 1760. 

131. SARAH,* bora . 

82 ELEAZER WHITCOMB,* (Hezcldah,* Josiah/ John.*) 

was married October 5, 1749, to Mary Putman. He lived in Bolton, 
Mass., and died there May 13, 1776. His will, datc<l April 19, 1776, 
mentions his wife, Mary, and a daughter, Mary. He gives a silver 
cup to his cousin, William Whitcomb (122) and a gun to Rufus 
(306), a son of William.* Hts estate was appraised at £401 7s 8 d. 

133. MARY,* bora . 

87 PAUL WHITCOMB.' (Josiah.* Josiah.' Josiah,« Jfehn.*) 

lived and died in Bolton, Mass., where he was known as "Captain." 
He was married September 19, 1759, to Rebecca Whitney of Harvard, 
Mass. He died March 15. 1802. 

13^ ELIZABETH,* bora Angust 14, i?6o. 
'Kt34. SILAS,* bora October 33, 1761. 

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135. REBECCA,* born March 17, 1763. 
13& LYDIA,* bom February 14, iTfifi- 

;S "a*S- }bornNo.«nb.ra7.x767. 

48 JOSIAH WHITCOMB," (Josiah/ Josiah,» Josiah,' John,») 

was called "Deacon." He was married (i) October 24, 1757, to 
Dorothy Osgood of Lancaster, Mass. (called "Mrs." in Lancaster 
records) and (2) January 29, 1771, to Mercy Blood of Bolton, Mass. 
The children are recorded in Leominster, Mass. There is some con- 
fusion in the records about him. In one place he is mentioned as "one 
of the first settlers of Swanzey, N. H." He became involved in 
financial difficulties with a result that he "went east" He borrowed 
money of a man named Leggett, paying a high rate of interest. With 
another man he bought a drove of hogs, took them to Boston and 
sold them; getting a chance to work 'in Boston he sent the mon^ . 
home by his partner, who kept it, instead of paying Leggett Oa '■ 
Mr. Whitcomb's return home he found the interest and principal far 
beyond his means. Everything was taken on execution, even the chil- 
dren being carried out of the house. Mrs. Whitcomb, holding the 
baby, Ruhamah, sat in one chair, He "went east" and was reported 
drowned in the Kennebec River. j 


139. RELIEF,* baptized May ai, 1758. in Lancaster, Mass. 

140. MERCY MARIA,* born October 33, 1771; married Moses Gray o( 

Prescott, Mass. 

141. DOLLY,* bom Jnne 31. 1773: married Ephraim Osbome of Bolton, 

I4A JOSIAH,* bom March ai, t77S; died May 30, 1775. 
+143. PAUL,* bora 1778- 
+144. LEVI,* bora April 9, 1780. 
145. REBECCA,* bom September 3, 1783; was married to Stephen Adams ; 
of Stoddard, N. H.; having no children, iliey willed their property to 
the Stoddard Congregational Church. \ 

+14*. JOSIAH,* bom . ! 

147. RUHAMAH,* bora ; "died when smalL" ! 


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49 JAMES WHITCOMB/ (James,* Josiah,» Josiah,» John,*) 
served in the war for American independence with the rank of Lieu- 
tenant; he lived in Harvard, Mass., and died in Boxboro, Mass., 
October 27, 179a He was married (i) to Sarah Gates of Stow, 
Mass., January 15, 1766. She died in childbirth, October 29, 1766; 
aged twenty-tliree years." He was married (2) to Lucy Whitney of 
Stow, published November 17, 1768. His widow was pubHshed to 
Capt Nathaniel Sawyer of Lancaster, Mass., June 3 or 5, 1796. 

148. SARAH,* baptizfd November 1$, 1766; died December 31, 1766. 

149. SARAH,* baptized November 26, 1768. 

iSa ABRAHAM,* baptized April 10, 1772; diTd April 15, 1772. 
151. MOLLY,* born June 1, 1773; died October 15, I77i 
+152. JOSIAH,* bom April 21, 1776. 
IS3- JAUES* bom December 8, 1778; died Oftober so, i7&t. 

154. LUCY,* born Jane 30, 1761; married Jonathan Taylor, published April 

% 1802. 

155. MERCY,* born April iz, 1783; married Benjamin Niles Harris, Drook- 

line, N. H., published April 1$, 1804. 
IS«L POLLY,* born June 7, 1787. 

60 ABEL WHITCOMB,' (James,* Josiah," Josiah,» John.^ 

lived in Boxboro, Mass. He was married in Harvard, Mass. (i) to 
Sarah Whitney of Stow, Mass., December 23, 1769. She died June 
20, 1772, in her twenty-fourth year. He was married (2) to Jemima 
Keep, April 28, 1774; she died October 10, 1796, aged forty-two 
years. He may have been married (3) to Mrs. Lucy Wetherbee of . 
Harvard, Mass., published November 27, 1797. He died August 24, 
1805. Besides unnamed infants who died March 15, 1771, and No* ; 
vember 28. 1781, his children were: 


157. HANNAH,* bora March 13, 1775; married to John Nonrtc, pobiished 
April 10^ 1797; one ion, John Whitcomb. 

tS& LOIS,* bora November to^ 1776; married Benjamin Fairbanka of Ster- 
liac Mass, pnUished March tS, 1798. 

159. ABEL,* bora August 16, 1778; died November 29, 1781. 

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i6a. SARAH,* born Majr 37, 1780; published Jacob Houghton, Aucust 25, 

1804. ; 

t6t. BETSEY,* born Ancust 18; 1785; nurried JoiUh Goss. 
+169. ABEL,* born September 4, 1787. 
163. JEMIMA,* bom September 23, 1789; married Benjsmin Bamtrd of 

Hannrd, Miu^ about 1808; >he ^ed in 1863: 
i6|. MARY,* bora Aoffust 24, 1791; married Oliver Whitney of Lunenburg 
Maaa^ March 16, 1809. 
+165. JAMES,* 'bom August a^. 1793. 

68 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (David,* David,» Josiah,» John,') 

was married to Sarah Whitcomb (36). Reed's History of Swanzey, 
N. H., says: 

"Mr. John Whitonnb came to the town about 1763 from Bolton, 
Mass., with a wife and three small children. ■ He rode one horse and , 
brought such articles as he could ; his wife rode another horse, which 
carried a pair of panniers (baskets suspended on eacli side of the 
horse) ; in each of the baskets a child was placed, the other child be- 
ii^ carried by the mother in her arms." 

His wife died in April, 1803. He survived her until March 31^ 
1835, when he died, a^ed one htmdred and three years and four 
months, the oldest man who ever lived in Swanzey, N. H. He was 
a Revolutionary War pensioner. He personally applied for the pen- 
sion when he was one hundred years old. New Hampshire pension 
files show that he enlisted in 1775 and served in I776-7-9. He was 
discharged December 16, 1779, on account of sickness fron exposure 
<m picket 


+iti& THOMAS,* bom June 3, 1759, Bolton, Mass. 

+i67. JOHN,* bora March 4 or fi, 1761. 

+168. SILAS,* born November 9, 17&*. 

169. SARAH,* bom November 24, 1765; died young. 

ITOl RUHAMAH,* bora May 3, 1769; died yoting. 

171. BETSEY,* bora January 9, i77S; married Daniel Goodhue. 

173. DAMARIS,* bom ; married Asahel Randall, 


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67 LEVI WHITCOMB." (David/ David* Josiah,» John.*) 

lived in Bolton, Mass., where he was married, March, 1761, to Sarah 

+173- ELIHU,* born ijta. 

174. NATHANIEL,* bora Jnne 7. 176a- 
+175. DAVID," bora April ij, 1^ 

t7& SARAH,* born March 14, 1766. 

177- CALVIN,* born July 31, 176& 

178. EUNICE,* born September 33, 177a 

B9 JOSHUA WHITCOMB,» (David,* David,' Josiah,» John,') 

moved to Templeton, Mass., before 1771, and was married to Eunice 
Frescott, Fdbntary 26, 1772. He died before March, 1776, and his 
widow was married (2) to Jonathan Cuttin|r of Sudbury, Mass., 
Oct<d)er 27, 1778. His estate was appraised at £371 10 s. 8d. 

179. JOSHUA.* bora March i, 1773 (released from guardian September 20, 

180. EUNICE,* bora June 37, 1775; married May 3, 1790. 

61 DAVID WHITCOMB," (David,* David,* Josiah,* John,*) 

lived in Bolton, Mass., where he was married May 28, 1776, by John 
Wbitcomb, Justice of the Peace, to Sarah Whitcomb ^Asl^j»''His 
administrator was appointed September 17. 1778, the estate. showing 
£1522 IIS. The will mentions two— 


181. SARAH.* bora September 3A. I777- "hi At ^a^. n<lt S''n<h *-ie5*lft*- j 
iSx DAVID,* bora February 19^ 1779; was married January aa, 1808, to Re- 
becca Chase of Leominster, Maas., and went to Sweden. Me. 

6S ABEL WHITCOMB," (David,* David,* Josiah,« John,*) 

lived in Bolton, Mass., where he was married May 8, 1780, to Eliza- 
beth Townshend, who died June ai, 1849, t^ed eighty-eight years. 
He died June 16, 1841. They had children, among whom were : 


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+183. ABEL,* born November a% 1761. 

184. JOHN," bom ; died .cmrly. 

185. SUSANNAH TOWNSHEND.* born 1794; married Thomu Otborae, 

Febrnary 35, 1819; died April lo^ 1844. 
18& JOSHUA TOWNSHEND,* bora — :— ; was Uvins In 183& 

64 JONAS WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan/ David.' JosIah.» 

John,*) lived in Stow, Mass., where he was' married to Hannah Saw- 
telle, May 17, 1753. 


187. SARAH,* bora September 4. 1753: married Joshua Sawyer. 

188. RICHARD,* born November 9, 1756; was married to Sybil Haskell in 

1803; no children. 
+180. JONAS,* bora Febrnary 13, 1764. 

190. JOEL,* born June a, 1767; was nwrried to Nabby Wolcott of Stow in 

1790; no children; died in 184^ I 

eS DAVID WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,« ' 

John,*) was married May 31, 1753. to Hannah Priest of Bolton, 
MasSi State papers of New Hampshire say David Wlittcomb en- 
Usted December 5, 1776; was discharged January 5. 1779, after six 
months and twenty-two days of service. 

191. MARY,* bora January 8, 1754. 

+19* JONATHAN,* bora February 7. 1756. 

193. DOROTHY,* born December 39, 1757. 

+194. ENOCH,* bora February »i, 1760, Bolton. 

+I9S. FRANCIS.* bora . 

ig& SILAS,* bora April 30, 1768; lived in Royalston, Mass. 

69 OLIVER WHITCOMB," (Jonathan,* David," Josiah,' 

John,*) lived in that part of Harvard, Mass., afterwards set oSl as 
Boxboro. He was married to Sarah Whitney of Stow, Mass., pub- 
lished December 17, 1754. His inventory ordered by court, March 33, 
1776, showed an estate of £231 i s. The following children were 
mentioned in the settlement of estate: 

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197* RUHAMAM,* born November 7, 1755; died October s, 1794. 

it^ DANIEL,* bom January 33, 17^ , 

+199. PHINEAS,* bom March 7. 1760. 

*aoa. OLIVER,* bom February i, 1763. l 

30t. PETER.* bora December 30, 1765. 

4302. ABRAHAM,* born Jnly 31. t768. « 

303. ISAAC* bora February 36, 1771. 

304. JACOB,* bom September 30, 17^ 

305- BETTY,* bom March 8, 1774; married Jsnuaiy 18, i8i<^ (o Daniel Ray 
of Stow, Mais. 

78 JOSEPH WHITCOMB," (Joseph,* David," Josiah," John.*) 
was married in Lancaster, Mass., December 16 or 18, 1754, to Eliza- 
beth Wheelock of Leominster, Mass. They joined the church in 
Swanzey, N. H., by letter, July 27, 1760. He served in the Revolu- 
tion with the rank of Lieutenant The old pay rolls of Swanzey, 
N. H^ show that he received £463. 8 d. for one month at Ticon- 
dert^ in 1776 and one month in the army at Westward in 1777; 
about 1790 or 1792 the family removKl to Grafton, Vt., where both 
Joseph and Elizabeth died. 


306. RELIEF,* born October i, 1757. 

907. ELIZABETH,* bora July iq, 1760. 

308. DAMARIS,* bora Jnne aa, 1763. 
■♦aog; JOSEPH,* bom June 12, 1766. 

310. ABIGAIL,* bora May 13, 1768; died October 33, 1770. 
+311. PETER,' bora April I, 1770. 

77 JONATHAN PRIEST WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,* David," 
Josiah,* John,') was married, September 5, 1764, to Dorothy Carter : 
of Lancaster, Mass., who was bom March 9, 1746, and died October 
22, 1827. He settled in Swanzey, N. H., and kept the first store and 
the first tavern in the town. He served in the Revolutionary War 
and received £18 8 s. 4 d. for eight and one-half months at Cambridge, 
Mass., in 1775. He was Captain of the largest company in Col. James j 

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Reed's regiment at Lexington, April 19, 1775, and at Bunker Hill, 
June 17. On June 21 his company numbered fifty-nine men, nine of 
them officers. He vras stationed between Col. Reed's barracks and 
the ferry, a most important position. His company encamped upon 
Winter HiUi numbering about seventy men from Keene, N. H., and 
Swanzey. He was promoted to the rank of Colonel in this year, as 
October 13, 1775, he receipted for £4 for each man in his regiment 
for coats furnished by tlie colony of New Hampshire. He had a lit- 
tle difficulty with a Captain Marcy, who accused him of cowardice, 
but a clean and gallant war record was sustained by the "Court of 

Col. and Mrs. Whitcomb used to make horseback journeys to 
Boston to buy goods, loadit^ each horse with as much as amid be 
carried in saddle bags, and their granddaughter, Mrs. Bailey, writes : 
"They brought to New Hampshire in their saddle-bags the first bunch 
of lilacs they had ever seen. They were set out on our old place, near 
the old house, where my father's family were all bom." Jonathan 
died' June 13, 1792. His old regiment attended the funeral, 
the procession being one and one-half miles long. Drums were muffled 
and the dead march was played in very solemn strains. His horse was 
saddled and bridled as it was in the army; his boots were hung beside 
the saddle, and thus caparisoned, the animal was led behind the pall- 
bearers to his master's grave, where the military escort fired a salute. 
Jonathan Whitcomb and his brothers were very prominent in early 
Swanzey history, ocaipying positions of importance. His widow 
died at the home of her son Nathan. Where the dates are double, 
there is discrepancy between the records in "Swanzey History" and in 
the "Carter Genealogy." 


aia. DOROTHY,* born March 3 (or May 23), 176s; died May a, i&ij; mar- 
ried Nathan Caproo, and had four dauEbters. 
-taiS. JONATHAN,* bom September ao, 1766 (or 67). 

31^ JOHN,* bora. March za, 1768; died October 17, t77& 
4ai5. NATHAN,* born May 14 (or 15 or 10), 1770. 

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+«& JOHN,* born Mu-ch 9, 1773. 

217. EPHRAIM,* bom June 4 (or g), 1774; died Ausnst 15, 1777. 

A18. DAMARIS,* born April 29, 1777; died Jane, 1784. 

319. ANNA,* bora April 9, 1779; died June 17, 1784. 

4flaa EPHRAIM,* born Febmary 26, 1782. 

3». SALOME,* bom March 3, 1784; died Hsirch 30 (or May 30), itSS- 

aza^ SALOME,* bom April 25, 1786; married Amos Bailey. 

78 EUSHA WHITCOMB," (Joseph,* David." Josiah,* John,*) 

had the military title of Major. He was eleven moaths and eight 
days in the army in Canada in 1776, and twelve days at Otter Creek 
in 1777. He received for his services f 26 9 s. 2 d. He was th«i called 
Colonel He was at the battle of Bunker Hill. He bought 300 acres 
of land and a mill at Westmoreland, N. H., from Benjamin Whit- 
comb (85), September 16, 1771, for £240. but sold the property to 
Josiah Richardson, a trader from Keene, October 15, 1773. He was 
married OcttJwr 7, 1764, to Joanna Whitcomb (89) of Leominster, 
Mass. He Mras a prominent citizen of Swanzeyl N. H., being State 
Senator for seven years. He died September 17, 1814, his widow 
surviving him until December 27, 1B35 ; both were buried at Swanzey. 

4933. ELISHA,* bom February 25, 1765. 

234- BENJAMIN,* bora July 38. 1766. 

aaS- JOANNA,* bora Febmary 31, 1767; md. Nathaniel Wilson, Putney, Vt 

336. PHOEBE.* bora March 31, 1769; died 17861. 
+227. DAVID,* bom October 29, I77<». 
+331 ASA,* bom Norember 10, 177a. 

339. LUCY.* borv May 10, 1774: married (i) Isaac Wood, (2) Ziba Nason. 
+230. SALMON,* bora March i{j, 1776. 

23t. JOSIAH,* bora November |0, 1777; died early. 
+a3X JOSIAH,* bom 1783. 

333. ABIGAIL,* bora 178s; married Joseph Wilson. 
4234. JOSEPH,* bom Septembftr 18, 1788. 

235. MARY,* bora ; married November 28, 1805, to Stephen Holbroulc 

81 PHILEMON WHITCOMB.» (Joseph,* David,* Josiah,* 

John,*) had the military title of General and served in the Revolution. 

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The Swanzey, N. H., pay rolls show this entry "Philemon Whit- 
comb, four months in 1777, by Benjamin Parker, £8 13 s. 4d." Like \ 
his brothers he was prominent in early Swanz^ history. He had a : 
sawmill and a trip hammer. He was twice married; (i) in Lan- 
caster, Mass., to Martha Sawyer of Lunenberg, Mass; the intention 
was published March 23, 1770; she was born in 1755 and died De- 
cember 17, 1816; and (2) to Mrs. Anna Aldrich (widow of Amasa 
Aldrich), June 3, 1818. He died January 10, 1824. 

aafi. MARTHA,* born April 17, 1771; married Joel Foster; nine children. 

237. SILENCE,* bom December 3, 1772; married Nathaniel Foster. 
+3:^ JOTHAM .• bom February 18, 1776. 

339^ PHILEMON,* bom July i, 1777; died eartj. 

34a SUSANNA,* bom December 11, 1779; married Benjamin R. AppKn. 
+941. PHILEMON.* bom July 18, 1780. 
4242. BENJAMIN,* born AuEust 28, 1781. 

043. ELISHA,* bom November 37, 1783; died young. 

244. DAMARIS,* bora 1786; married Samuel Frlnk. 
+34S- ABIJAH,* born 1788. 

346. FANNY,* bora May ig, 1790; married Amos Hunt of Winchester, N. 

H.; died June 3, 1851- 

347. BETSEY,* bora December 27, 1792; married Henry TwitchelL 
+348. JOB.* bora 1797. 

82 ABIJAH WHITCOMB,* (Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John.') 

built a saw and grist mill on the west side of the river at West 
S^vanzey, N. H., and later, with his brother Philemon, built a sawmlil . 
at what is now Spragueviile, N. H. He was in the Bunker Hill fight, 
and served eight and a half months in the army at Cambridge. Mass., 
in 1775. His pay was £iS 8 s. 4 d. Pic was a pensioner, and the files 
show that he served in Capt Jonathan Whitcomb's company, CoL 
Reed's regiment of New Hampshire. He was married (i) Novem- 
ber 6. 1786, to Mary Seavcr, daugliter of Shubael Seaver. She was , 
bom November 8, 1764, and died August 25, 1789; (3) to Susanna, | 
daughter of Daniel Warner, February 6, 1791. She was bom August 
-19. iy66, and died December 10, 1825. In 1840 he was living with 
Roswell Whitcomb (- — ). 


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+349. ABIJAH.* born October as. iTQi- 
■Hisa. JOSEPH,* bora Juinai7 31, 1800. 
asi. SUSANNA,* bora January 4, 1807; married William Read. 

85 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB," (Benjamin,* David,' Josiah." 

John,') was the most prominent pioneer, trapper and hunter of hU 
time in New Hampshire and Vermont. He was a successful scout and 
spy during the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars. He won 
his Major's commission* by shooting Gen. Gordon in Canada. This 
commission, was offered by Gen. Washington as a reward to any 
American soldier who would kill a British General in retaliation for 
the wanton butcheries and massacres of women and children in the 
frontier settlements by the Indians under the British. Benjamin 
Whitcomb, after he had ambushed and killed Gen. Gordon, was cap- 
tured by the Indians and expected to forfeit his life, but was set free 
by an Indian whom he had befriended many years before. This ac- I 
count of him is gleaned from Heraanway's "Vermont," biit the inci- 
dent of his bdng set free by the Indian was the basis of a story in the i - 
Vermont School Readers of a-generation ago. He was married Dc- | 
cember 14, 1769, to Lydia Howe of Westmoreland, N. H. He re- ! 
ceived the promised commission and was generally known as "Major 
Ben," and died in Lisbon, N. H., in 1827, over ninety years of age. 
He was allowed a pension for four years' actual service as Major in 
New Hampshire troops, according to Pension File 42614. ' ^ 


4353. BENJAMIN.* bora . 

+aS3. JOSHUA,* bora . 

.a54- LYDIA,* born ; married Ezra Caswell; some children bora in 

Canada, some in Ohio. | 

ass. AZUBAH,* bora ; married Ranldn; went West; several I 

children. | 

*Sm nitnatlva coaeemlnv Major Wtaltomnb In A|ipendl¥. i 

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as6. ANNA BEDELL,* bom October s. itSi; married Samuel Morris. Lis* 

bon, N. H.; seren boys and five girls. 
aS7. RUTH,* bora ; married Ralph Merry; no childrea; rerided in 

90 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB.' (Benjamin,* David,* Jo- 

siah,' John,*) was married in Westmoreland, N. H., November 7, 1 
1 771, to Dorothy White. The Revolutionary War records show that ' 
he enlisted 'June 21, 1775, in Maj. Benjamin Whttcomb's Rangers; 
September, 1775, in Col. James Reed's r^ment. and that in 1782 he 
was still on the rolls of the Continental Army. He died at Lisbon, 
N. H., in 1829. Up to date (November, 1904) research has given 
the above data only, but now Mr. Robert Alexander Gunn, of New 
Yoric, Idndty forwards the records of his ancestress, Nathaniel's 

358. DOROTHY,* born July a, 1772, Westmoreland, N. H.; was married ' 
in Roclcinffham, Vt., May 19, 1791, to Turner Wing. Dorothy died in 
I>nrham, P. Q., March 25, 1825; nine children. 

98 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB," (Benjamin,* David," Josiah,* 

John,*) settled in Jaffrey, N. H.,' in lot 17, range 9. In 1777 he was 
chosen auditor of aca)unts and in 1781 he was highway surveyor. 
His last tax was in 1797. He was married August 23, 1774, to Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Oliver and Beulah (Wilder) Carter, of Leominster, 
Mass., who was bom June 2i, 1753. He enlisted as a fifer December, 
1776, in Capt Town's company, under CoL Oilman of Jaffrey, N. H. 


159. ELIZABETH,* bom March 8, 1776. 
aEo, ABIGAIL,* born July 7, 1777; married Abraham Priest of Stow, Mass., 

August 36, tSio. 
4a6l. EPHRAIM,* born May 38, 1779. , 

363. DOROTHY,* bom September 14, 1783; was married May 13, 1808. to 

John Wilder of Winchendon, Mass. 
afis. OLIVER,* bom November s, 1784; perhaps married September 13, ' 
iTSft Uargat Wright in Marlboro, Mass., and moved to Maine. (?) 


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364. ESTHER,* bom October 8, 1786; was married February 28, 1810 to 

Peter Wakefield. 

365. SALLY,* bom October 33, 1788; was married May aSt i8og, to Nathan 

Hale of RtRge, M, H.; thirteen children. 
36& RELIEF,* bom December 30, 1793; was married April 8, tSi3, to 
Stephen Willdns. 

97 JOHN WHITCOMB," (Benjamin,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) 

was married to Abigail Chapin (or Chaffin) and settled in Landaff, 
Grafton Co., New Hampshire. He may have lived a while in Ac- 
ton, Mass., and, after the Revolution may have gone to the frontier 
of New Hampshire to seek his fortune. He died in 1813 of spotted 
fever, then epidemic, and he and his son Benjamin were laid in tiie 
same grave. 

■Ia67- JOHN,* bom 1783 in Acton. Mass. 

+afi8. JOSEPH,* bom . 

4369- FRANCIS,* bora January 38^ 1786, in Lisbon, N. H. 
4370. SAMUEL,* bora June i, 1788. 

371. BENJAMIN,* bom ; died 1813, of spotted fever. 

373. SYLVIA,* bom ; died early. 

373. ABIGAIL,* bom ; married Reuben Kendall; had eight children; 

died 1863. 
4374. JOSIAH,* bora May 4, 1794; died June 26, 1880. 

88 JOSIAH WHITCOMB,» (Benjamin.* David," Josiah,* 
John,*) lived in Lisbon, N. H., where he died January 9, 1834. His 
wife was Rebecca, bom April 30, 1768, and died February 12, 185a 
He was a Revplutionary soldier, serving in a Massachusetts r^- 
ment Pension files say that he enlisted in 1781, and served tmtil 
September 19, 17S3, when he was honorably discharged. 

4375. DANIEL,* bom Angnst at, 1786. 

37<t. REBECCA,* bom January is, 1789. 

377. BETSY,* born October 6, 1791. 

XfA. CUMMINGS,* bora February 13, 1795. 

379. DOLLY,* bom October soi, 1797. 


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a8a ARETUS,* born December a6, 1801. 

aSi. LOIS.* born April 8. 1804. 

aSa. ASA.' born Jnty xj. 1S0& 

2813. EUZA.* bore November 4. i8o9 

107 SIMON WHITCOMB,' (Simon/ David,' Josiah,' John,*) 
was married to Hepsibah Houghton, September 30, 178a He en- 
listed April, 177s, for the Revolution and served one month and five 
days in Capt Thomas' company, Col. Reed's regiment; August 10, 
1775' lie re-enlisted and was at Prospect Hill with Caltender; Sep- 
tember. 1775, he was at Winter Hill with Col. Richard Gridle/s regi- 
ment of artillery. No record of children. 

109 EZRA WHTTCOMB,' (Simon,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) 

was married to Joamia , (date wanting) ; they lived in L^mcaster, 

Winchendon and Templeton, Mass. The War Department records 
show that he served in the war of the Revolution, enlisting November 
3, 1777, for three years, and that he rc-enlisted April 10, 1779; the 
latter record bears the remark "On command at Newton." He was 
missing May 27, 1779. Family tradition says that he died or was 
killed in 1781. His family, after his' death, resided in Templeton. 

484. LEVINA,* bom Sri'««nber 3. 1775, Winchendon. 
a8s. SIMON.' born Fcrinwry 9, 1777. 
*a86i SAMUEL,* bom Wf>rch r, 1779. Templeton. 

110 SILAS WHTTCOMB." (Simon,* David,' Josiah," John,*) 
was married October tJ, 1780, to Lydia Under^vood. They, perhaps, 
h'ved in Sudbury, Ma!t4.t before settling in Bolton, Mass. He was a 
soldier in the Revolut)"tiary War, enlisting July 12, 1777, in Capt 
Gilmore's company, ati<l is credited with fourteen days' service. 

3(^. SILAS,* bom Fel;fM»rr 3. i;8i (recorded in Sndbury, Mas*.} 

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111 JOHN WHITCOMB,'* (Hezekiah,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' 
John,*) was married to Susannah Geary, September 5, 1750, John 
MuUen, Justice of the Peace, of Lancaster, Mass., officiating. He 
died and his widow was married (2) to Silvanus Sawyer of Bolton, 
Mass., July 15, 1757. 

aSS. ANNA,* 

389. SUSANNAH,* 

born ; baptized September 39, 1754. 

died early. 

112 HEZEKIAH WHITCOMB,' (Hczekiah,* Hezekiah," 
Josiah,' John,*) was married November 23, 1758, to Submit Ross of 
Sudbury, Mass. They lived in Sterling (a part of Lancaster, Mass.), 
where baptisms are recorded as follows: 

390. DAVID ROSS • bom 

44gt. HEZEKIAH.* bom - 

393. SAMUEL,* bora 

393. SUBMIT,* bom 

394. LOIS,* bom — 
393. RELIEF,* bom 

-; tnptized December 37, 1761. 
— — ; baptized April 15, 1764. 
— ; baptized June 23, ty€6. 
—I baptized July 3> 171S8. 
baptized September 23, 1770. 
-; baptized April lo, i774- 

118 JONATHAN PRIEST WHITCOMB.» (Hczekiah,* Heze- 
kiah,' Josiah,* John,*) was married to Tamer Ross of Lancaster, Mass., 
September 3, 1761. After his cousin. Jonathan Priest, son of Joseph, 
moved to Swanzey, N. H., he seems to have dropped his middle name. 
He and his wife were admitted to the second church in Lancaster, 
Mass., August 11, 1765. Later, perhaps after 1774, th^ lived in 
Westminster or^Gardner, Mass. 


4496. JONATHAN • bom October 23, 1762. 

397. THOMAS.* bom April ao, 1764,- died in Jamaica, West Indies, before 

*agl^ J OHN ,* bom September tS, ^76$, \ 

agg. BETTY,* bora April 30, 1767. 

300. ANNIS.* bora April rt, 174S9; was married September 33, 17^ to 
Nathaoiel Hilt, Westnfinster, Mass. 

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301. NATHAN* bora December 9, 1770. 
+303. EBENEZER.* born ; baptized September 6. 1772- 

303. LUCY,* born ; baptized April to, 1774; was married to Ezra 

Miller of Westminster. I 

304. SALLY,* bora ; baptized 1779. ■ 

+305. SEWALL,* born . 

122 WILLIAM WHITCOMB,» (Israd,* Hezekiah,' Josiah* 
John,*) was married (i) to Lu<y Merriam, December 13, 1768; (2) 
to Sarah Sawyer, June 19, 1777. They lived in Harvard, Mass. 

306. SARAH,* bom October 2, 1769, Hanrard, Mass. 

307. RXJFUS,* bora April 33, 1770, Harvard, Mass. 

yi&. LUCY,* bora March 16, 1773, Harvard, Mass. i 

309. MOLLY,* bora May 31, 1773, Harvard, Mass. ' 

310. SALLY MERRIAM,* bora Jnty 37. 1784. Harvard. Mass. 

12s ' ISRAEL WHITCOMB,' (Israel,* Hcrekiah.' Joslah,' 
John/) was married November 28, 1775, to Etmice Wilson, who died I 
in 1812. They removed from Bolton, Mass., to Templeton, Mass.; : 
and later to Winchenden, Mass., where he became a prominent citi- 
zen, active in church and town affairs. He was called "Captain." 
He was killed in Fitzwilliam, N. H., November 4, 1804, death re- 
sulting from the kick of a horse; his body was fotmd in the road by 
Ephraim Murdock, Esq. 

*Stx. ISRAEL,* bora December 10, 1776. 

+313. WILLIAM,* born . 

+313. NATHANIEL,* bora January 14, 1779; died March t^ 1855. 

314. RUFUS.,* bora May Z, 1784; was married Febraary 35, 1807 to Amu ; 

Partridge of Gardner, Mass., and lived in Sheffort^ Shefford. County, ' 
Quebec No children. 

315. CATY,* bora November 4, 1786; died September 1% 1789. 

3I& CATY,* bora July 3i. 1790; vraa married to Abner Metson of Florid 
Mass.; both died in Oliio;-fonr of six children are living in Cleveland, 
+317. MARK,* bora November 10, 1793. 

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126 JONATHAN WHITCOMB.' (Israel.* HezeWah," Josiah,* 
John,*) removed Ircm Bolton, Mass., to Florida, Mass., prior to 1805. 
He was one of the first selectmen, elected August 22, 1805. He died 
in 1822. He was a carpenter and miller and was lame. He was mar- 
ried to Leafy (Relief?) Fife, June i, 1773. 

3t8. LEAPFE,* bom January 4, 1774. 
319. JONATHAN,* born ; married a daughter of Sanwel Whiteomb, 

born 179s, and after living a while in Canada, moved to Leon, New 


330. PATIENCE.* born ; married Sitas Osgood. 

331. SALLY,* bom ; married Jeremiah Slocomb. 
333. BETSY,* bom ; married Stephen Townsend. 

127 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB," (Israel,* Hezekiah," Josiah,» 
John,*) was married by Rev. John Walley to Sarah Longley, Janu- 
ary 14, I777> They lived in Bolton, Mass. He was a Revolutionary 
War pensioner; enlisted in 1781 to serve for three years, but was dis- 
charged before the term was out on account of the close of the war. 
A copy of his honorable discharge^ signed by Gen. Washington, is on 
file in the War E>^>artment. 


333. BEULAH,* bora October 10, 1778; was married January to, 179^ to 

Jonathan Prieit Houghton, Jr. 

334. EPHRIAM,* bora January 23, 1781. 

335. SARAH,* born August 33, 1782; died June 5, 1845- 
32& LUCRETIA',* bom April 14. 1784- 

337. LOUISA,' bora March 34, 17861 

3^ POLLY (Molly),* bora April 8, 1788. 

329. AZUBAH.* bora May S. i79o. 

+33a ISRAEL,* bom May 11, 1793. 

+331* NATHANIEL.* bora April iG^ I794- 

3J3. LUCINDA,* born March 34, 179& 

+333. ELEAZEI^* bora April 3% 1798^ 

184 SILAS WHITCOMB,' (PauU" Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah.« , 
John,*) lived in Bolton, Mass., where he was known as "Captain." 

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He was married to Lucy Eveleth of Stow, Mass., January i6, 1793; 
thqr were published September 9, 1792. 

334. JOHN,' born October 17, 1793; died MKcb & 1795- 

335. LUCY.' bom December aa, 1794; married Gva. Amory Holman of 

Bolton; died Ansiut 11, 1878. 
3361 NABBY,* bom March 37, 1796; died May a6, tSiti. 
337. CLARISSA,* born June 7, 1797; died September 1$, 1871; unmarried 
3^ REBECCA,** born November 37, 1799; unmarried. 
339. SILAS,* bom March 17, i8ot; died Hay 15. 1803, death resulting 

from bce-sting. 
340^ SALLY,* born September 23, i8oa; died Sept a6, iSgo; unmarried. 
341. SILAS,* bora Joly 35, 1804; married 1832, to Martha Hale of Stowe; 

no children. 
343. FRANCIS,* bom October 17, 1807; died, unmarried, October ai, 1855. 
343. EUZAB^H,* bora November ao, 1809; died, unmarried, Jan. aa, t^i. 

148 PAUL WHITCOMB,« (Josiah." Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah,« 
John,*) when ten years old went to live with his uncle, Paul Whit- 
comb (37), in Bolton, Mass. In 1806 he was married to Sally Samp- 
son, who was bom in 1788, and lived in the southwest comer of 

*~No¥. IT. 1M3, at Deriln, Han., mu celBbratM the annlvoraary ot the hlrth of 
Mlaa RabMcA WhltcomU wbleh oeeumd In ITOO, one yonr betora Uia loat eantury 
began. Uvlna In Uira* eenturln. Ills* Whitcomb ts to-day, at tta* age of IM, la 
rrnnarkubly aood h«alth and In porfeot pa««Mlon of all h«r faculUt) — probably the 
olilast womaa in Worecater County. She rocelvod many friends during the day, and 
among otlisn. bar pastor, Ui« Iter. Charias S. Wtillo, wttb whom iha ««ng bymns 
wltk a voice tbat atlH ahom Ita formar ■trcetneia. UIm Whitcomb waa ona of 
elevon children born to Sllaa and Lucy Whitcomb, of Bolton, Uaaa. Hundrada of 
people now in tbalr aaventlea and olghtiea Tamomber htt a* a devoted Sunday aehool 
and day acho<d tMcher. For many yaara ahe lived In tha family of Dr. Edward 
Uartabom, but of lata year* baa reilded with bar nepbaw, Capt. Sllaa Sawyer, who, 
tbough ninety-two yaora of aga, la wondroualy aotlva and youtbfwL"— <Boa(on Dally 

"April n. laiH. 'Aunt Bebaeea' Whitcomb of Bortln died to-day at the reaidenea Of 
Capt. Sllaa Sawyer, har naphaw, after a few doya' Ulneaa, In bar lOCth year. She I* 
•aid to have been the oldaat person In Uassacbnaatts, 

'Xongavlty aeemed to be the Inberitonoe of all bar faniUy, her mother living to 
Hm ok* of IT and her fathv to tha age of TO. Hiss Whlleomb was an attendant Of 
tha Berlin Congregational Church, and In rtilgloua aa wen aa aeeutar affairs shs al- 
ways manlfeated great IntaresL Shs waa a woman of patient and gantat dlspoalthm. 
and up to Iba tima of her death peaaasaad her faculties and waa often heard to say ' 
that bar last days were har bast"— (Boston Herald.) i 

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Waterford, Me., near Sweden, to which latter place he afterwards re- i 
moved. He was a farmer and joiner and was proprietor of mills in 
Sweden. He died July 7, 1856, his wife having died March 17, 1848. 
Six of the children were born in Waterford and six in Sweden. ' 


344. ELMIRA,* born FebniMy 11, 1808; married John Nereri; ten children. 

345. SARAH.T born August 24, 1809; married Col. Thomas Treadville; seven 


346. MERCY BLOOD,* bom December 3, 1811; married Lnke Sawyer. 

347. MARY FARNSWORTH,* bom August 17, 1813; died unmarried 1840. 
4348. EPHRAIM OSBORNE/ born April 24. 1S15. 

349. ELIZA WARREM/ born April 21, 1817, married Rev. Eben P. Wick- 


350. REBECCA ADAMS,* born July lo. 1819; married (i) George Billings 

(2) Jonas Davis. 
3St. CAROLINE,* bora August, 1821; married Dca. P. T. Kimball, Chicago. 
+352. WILLIAM EMERY.* bom January 8, 1823. 
+353. VALENTINE,* bom May 16. 1825. 
354. EMELINE,* bom July, 1827; married (i) Henry S. Fogg, (2) James A. 

3S5- SUSAN.* bora July, 1829; <Ued August, 1831. 

144 LEVI WHITCOMB,».(Josiah,« Josiah,* Josiah.> Josiah,« 
John,') when a small^y went with his great tmcle, John Whitcomb 
(52), to Swanzey, N. H., both riding on the same horse. He lived 
with John Whitcomb until he was twenty-one years old. He was 
married to Esther Lane of Swanzey, N. H., March 15, 1805. She was 
born February 9, 1781. In August, 1808, he removed to Main^ car- 
rying all his goods and family in a wagon with a double team. He 
was ten days on the road between Swanzey and Belgrade, Me. The 
previotis spring he obtained possession of a farm and planted fifteen 
acres of com on burnt land, and supposed he would not have to pay 
for the land. Being compelled to pay for it, however, he experienced 
more than the ordinary hardships of the early settler, but managed to 
ptdl through by patience, industry and economy. He died March 26, 
1839, and his wife died October 8, 1S40. 

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+3S& ALVINZY,» bom Jaiwary 7. 1806. 

*3S7- LEVI,* born December 11, 1806. [ 

358. REBECCA.^ born ; died ut two tnd one-hilf jrein. ' 

359. ALMIRA.* born July 30, 1811. | 

360. REBECCA,' born July 30, i8i7. 

146 JOSIAH WHITCOMB,* (Josiah.» Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah* 
John,*) lived in Leominster, Mass. He was married to Sally Hills, 
January 5, iSocx He died November 26, 1833. ^^ preceding him, 
March 9. 1827. 


'»36t. ALANSON JOSIAH,* born May 33, 1800, LeomiiMter, Mm*. 

tsfiz, ELIHU,' bom NoTember 20^ i8aa, Boltm, Man. 

363. SON,' bora September, 1804: died October g. 1804. 

-(364. JOHN,* bora June 37, 1805. 

*a6s. CHARLES,' bora Pefanury 33, 1813. 

162 JOSIAH WHITCOMB," (James," James,* Josiab,' Josiah,« 
John,') was married to Sally Sawyer, of Boxboro, Mass., published 
March 15, 1801. He inherited the bulk of his father's property, his 
father's military equipments, etc He lived and died in Boxboro, Mass. 


366. UARY,' i bora September 38, 1804: 

367. MARIA,* / died October to^ 1804. 

162 ABEL WHITCOMB,« (Abel,' James,^ Josiah,' Josiah,« 
John**) lived in Littleton, Mass. He was married October 22, 1809, 
to Mary Wetherbee. 


36flL MARY,* bora 1814; married Nebemiab Robbing, Littieton, Mtas.; died, 
May 37, 18491 I 

369. ANN H.,* bora t8i7; married Dr. Charles Tewltibury of Battleboro, ■■ 
Vl, October 34, 18^; died September ll, iBtf. 

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lOS JAMES WHITCOMB,* (Abel,» James* Josiah," Josiah* 
John,') lived in Watcrtown, N. Y., where he died. He had at least 
two children. 


37a JAMES,* 

371. ABEL,' 

16a THOMAS WHITCOMB," (John* David,* David,» Josiah," 
John,') removed from Swanzey, N. H., to Richmond, Vt, about 
1781, where he was one of the pioneer citizens. He was married in 
Richmond to Betsey Bishop, September 19, 1781. He was a private in 
the Revolutionary War; enlisted in February, 17S1, in the Vermont 
Rangers, and was honorably discharged April, 1782. He died Octo- 
ber 6, 1828; his wife died September 10, 1862, a^ ninety-four years. 

+372. THOMAS,* bora 1783, Richmond, Vt 
*37Z- JOSHUA.* born 1785, Richmond, Vt. 

187 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (John.» David,* David," Josiah,* 
John,') lived in Swanzey, N. H. He was married March 7, 1791, to 
Dolla, dau^ter of Pentecost Stanley. He died April 15, 1835, and 
she survived him till March 26, 1858. 

33X. JOHN,* born February 33, 1793; died Februsry S, iSsS- 
375- DOLLA,* born Pebniarr 26^ i79Xi married Hubbzrd WilliatD*. 
+^& DAVID,* born January 37, 1796. 
+377. NATHANIEL,* bora July 13, 1803. 

168 SILAS WHITCOMB,' (John» David,* David,' Josiah,' 
John,') lived in Swanzey, N. H., where he was married March a.6, ■ 
178^ to Rhoda, daughter of Pentecost Stanley. ! 


37flL SILAS,* bom AoKust 90^ 1790; died early. 

379- SALLA,* bora October 24. 1793; married Joseph Whitcomb (334)> | 
^ RHODA.* bom December 13. 1794; married Woodcock. She hod a ; 
■oB bora previous to her marriage to Mr. Woodcoc)^ called LowtlL 

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+381. SILAV bom April 9^ 1797- 

38a. CALVIN,^ ) born , 1800; died ; nnnurricd in Boston. 

383. LUTHER,*, ) bora » 1800, died ; nnntarried in Swknzey. 

384.' FEDEE,* born , 1803; married Olive Nason. 

385. SUSAN/ bora ■, 1804; married William Reed of Swaniey and 

4386. SyLVESTER.1 bora . 1808. 

+3^. ROSWELL,* bom ^ i8iaj settled in Ohio. 

■»388. CYRIL,* bora Febrnary 37, 1814. 

i78 EUHU WHITCOMB,* (Levi," David,* David," Josiah,« 
John,*) enlisted in the Revolutionary army and served as a soldier 
when but sixteen years old. He was graduated from Harvard College 
and went to Saco, Me., where he preached many years. He was mar- 
ried November 10, 1800, in Boston, to Elizabeth Ruggles, who was 
bom in Boston, Mass., in a house on the comer of Washington and 
Summer streets. The night the tea was thrown overboard in Boston 
Harbor she waited with her aunt for her cousin to come home after 
participating in that affair. Her father used to pasture his cattle on 
the present site of Hanover street and Comhill, Boston. Rev. Elihu 
Whitcomb was burned to death in the backwoods of Maine. 

+389. LEVI,* bora k 1803. 

+390. JUSTIN,* X h«™ .ft,. 

391. INCREASE,* t *"*"' -*— ■ '*^- 


393. FELIX PENN.t r *•"'■" ^- 

394. SAMUEL,* married and had one danghter and perhaps a son. 

395. ALBERT,* 

i75 DAVro WHITCOMB.' (Levi,' David.* David,' Josiah," 
John,*) removed from Bolton, Mass., to Waterford, Me. He was 
married in Waterford, to Mary Eaton, who was bom in 1776. They 
lived in the southern part of Waterford. They later removed to the 
northern part of Norway, Me., where he was killed by an accident in 
Hall's sawmill, April 27, 1S35. He was a fanner. 

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3961 BETSEY.* 

397. SALLY.' 

398. POLLY,* married Dirius Wilkint. 
309. DAVID.* married Livtnia IHper. 

+40CK EPHRAIM,* born Auguit 6, 1809. 

401. MERCY* 

403. WILLIAM.* 

403. REBECCA.* married Andrew Mayberrr. 

188 ABEL WHITCOMB.« (Abel.' David,* David.' Josiah,» 
John/) lived in Bolton, Mass., where he died March 14, 1866. He 
was married March 11, 1813, to Sophia Holman, who was born - 
October 18, 1792, and died November 16, 1852. He was a farmer. 

+404. HELSOH.* bom February i, 1814. 
+405. ABEL,* bom December 6, 1815. I 

4061 ABRAHAM HOLMAN,* born October 10, 1817; reiided Berlin. Mas*. 
+407. HENRY,* bora November 16, 1819. 
+408. CHARLES,* born October ais, iSai. 

409. HORATIO FRANKLIN,* bora Augnst 15, 1833; died September 35. 

1833 (or September 34, 1824.) 
+410. HORATIO FRANKLIN.* bora Jane 27. 1825. 

411. ELIZABETH TOWNSHEND,* bora March 16. 1827; married Park- 
man Noiirie. 
+413. SOLON A.,* bora March I, 1839^ 

I- bom April 30j 1830. 

414. SUSANNA SOPHIA,* J married Francis Howe; had two dansfalers. 

189 JONAS WHITCOMB,' (Jonas," Jonathan,* David.' Josiah,« 
John/) was married June 2, 1798, to Lucy Wolcott of Stow> Mass. 
He died January y, 1827. She died September-23, 1866, aged ninety- 
aat years and six mraiths. They lived in Bolton, Mass. 


415. NABBY,* bora January 9, 1799. 
41& RICHARD,* bora October 13. t8o3; 

417. FREDERICK,* born July 1, 1807; died July 39, 1828. ■ - 

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i92 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,* (David,* Jonathan,* David." 
Josiah,' John,') removed from Bolton, Mass., in an early day to 
Fitzwilliam, N. H. He was married to Hannah Trowbridge about 
i783ori784. The town clerk of Fitzwilliam \vrites as follows : **The 
old town records were very poorly kept In fact most of the records 
were kept by the old churdh clerk; no doubt the facts I give you were 
taken from the old church records. Prior to 1867 the law did not 
require towns to keep so complete records as at the present time and 
our own town, now, when it is too late, as in your case, can see the 
importance of this very thing." History of Fitzwilliam says, "Jona- 
than Whitcomb was taxed in 1788 on lot 3, range 8, and left town 
before 1793." Removed first, probably, to Dummerston, Vl, then to 
Truxton, N. Y. He had children (the three oldest recorded in Fitz- 
william)', as follows: 

+418. LUTHERJ baptized January 18. 1789. 

419^ HANNAH,^ baptized January i^ 1789; married Mr. Parlu; left one 
•on and several daughters. 
+42a CALVIN.T bom October 6, 1788. 

431. LUKE P.,* born ; was a minister and died in Savannah, Ga., leav-' 

ing one daashter. 

43a. SILAS,* born ; tanner, lived in Canada, left children. 

433. ARATHUSA,* born ; married Amasa Clark. 

434. MARTHA,^ bom ; married Mr. Ta(t; had two daaghters. 

194 ENOCH WHITCOMB," (David,' Jonathan,* David,' Jo- 
siah,' John,') was married November 13, 1781, to Sarah Tooker of 
Lancaster, Mass. She was bom April 21, 1761. She died March 30, 
1853, aged ninety-two years. The records of the War Department 
at Washington show that he volimteered in 1776 as a private in the 
Revolutionary War. He served five months; he was drafted again 
in 1778. After the war he lived in Surrey, N. H. 

435- SALLY,* bom December it, 1783, Berlin. Mas*. 
+4MS1 DAVID,* bora October 11, t?^ Berlin, Mass. 
+437. JOSEPH,* bom September 37. 1787. Berlin, Mass. 

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428. POLLY/ born May 22, 1791, Berlin, Miss; married Johmon; 

three children. 
439. LEVI,* bom March 35, 1794; Berlin, U»s.; died in Snrrejr. May 14. 

1834; unmarried. I 

'f43ix SILAS,* bom March 33, 1797, Berlin, Mau. 

431. ANNA,* born March 17, 1600; married Brace; had one child. 

433> REBECCA,' born December 8; 1803; married Abijah Benton; di«d 1871; | 

nine children. | 

196 FRANaS WHITCOMB.« (David,' Jonathan,* David.' ' 
Josiah,* John,') served in the war of the Revolution. He enlisted in 
Lancaster, Mass.. with his father, in his boyhood, and fought in the 
battles of Ticonderoga and Saratoga; he was honorably discharged in 
1783. He was married December 15, 1785, to Abby Houghton of 
Leominster. Mass. No record of children. 

i99 PHINEHAS WHITCOMB.« (Oliver." Jonathan,* David,' 
Josigh,' John,*) lived in Harvard, Mass. He was married January 
22, 1784, to Abigail Withlington of Stow, Mass. His will, dated De- 
cember 4, 1824, mentions two children, and Harvard graveyard rec- 
ords mention two others. 


433- LUCY,* bom March at, 1786: was married May 13, 1807, to Ata Houffh- 

ton and had Phinehat W. Houghton. 1 

434. PHINEAS/ bom February 15, 1790; died September 7, 1791. | 

435> PHINEAS,* bom June 35, 1795; died October 31, 1804. I 

43& WILLIAM,* bom April 19, 1799. I 

200 OLIVER WHITCOMB," (Oliver,' Jonathan.* David,« Jo- ' 
siah,' John,*) was married January 31, 1788, to Lucy Patch of Little- 
ton, Mass., who was bom November 26, 1763 (or May 1, 1759), and ' 
moved to FitzwJlIiam. N. H., where he died October 18. 1844- His 
widow died October 27, 1865. 


437. LUCY,* bom November 13, 1789; died October a, 1877. VDmarried. ! 

■I43& JACOB,* bora April 38 or 99, 1793. 
+439- JONATHAN.* bora July 6, 1794- . j 


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+440. OLIVER,* born August 4, 1796. 

441. RUHAMAH,* born November 8, 1798: married Royal T. Smith. 

442. REBECCA/ born September 34, i8ot; uunuimed. 

202 ABRAHAM WHITCOMB/ (Oliver,* Jonathan/ David," 
Josiah,' John,^) was married in Harvard, Mass., to Sarah Atherton, 
published December 8, 1794. In 1800 they settled in Waterford, Me., 
near the "Duck Pond," and aftenvards on the southwest side of 
"Beach Hill." 


443. SARAH,* born September 33, 1795; died young. 
+444. ABRAHAM,* bom August 11, 1797. 

+44S. ISAAC 

44& JOEL.* died unmarried. 

4447. CALVIN,* 


449. FOLLY,* married Ai Bumhara. No children. | 

4Sa SARAH,* died unmarried. . ' 

451. BETSEY,* married Robert Barstow, seven children. 

209 JOSEPH WHITCOMB,« (Joseph,* Joseph,* David," Josiah,* 
John,*) was married October, 1785, to Polly (Mary) Wilson, who 
was bom November 8, 1764, and died at Grafton, Vt, July 25, 1844. 
She was a daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Grimes) Wilson. They 
may have lived for a brief time in Swanzey, N. H., after which the 
family moved to Grafton, Vt He was called "Captain," though tip 
to this date (January, 1904) Z fail to get dates and term of his mili- 
tary service. He died at Grafton, Vt, April 29, 1843. 

+452. JOSEPH,* bom October 24, 1786, Grafton, Vermont. 

453. POLLY,* born August 31, 1790, Grafton, Vcmiont 

454. HORACE,* bora July 34, 1796, Grafton, Vermont. 
+455. WILSON,* bom December 16^ 1799. Grafton, Vermont 
+456. WILLIAM,* bora May II, 1803, Grafton, Vermont 

211 PETER WHITCGMB," (Joseph," Joseph,* David," Josiah," 
John,*) was married to Abigail Axtell, who was bom September 8, 

d by Google 


1773. He was a miller and moved from Grafton. Vt., to Michigan, 
then to Pike, N. Y., where he died June 17, 1850. His wife died 
February 2, 1857. 


457. ABIGAIL.^ born January 3, 1793; died May 19, 1794. 

45k SON,* born June 10, 1795; died Jane 18, 1795. 

459. BETSEY.T bom April aa, 1798. 

460. DEMARIS,' born August 8, 1799; married Mr. Spring. Last residence 

in Michigan. 

461. ORACE,^ born April t, tSoo; died March 24, 1812. 

46* PETER AXTELL,' bom February 7, i8o3. Pike, N. Y.; died July as, 
1833; unmarried. 

463. ELIAS,* bom April 23, 1804; died April, 1852, unmarried. 

+464- LEVERETT,' bom April la. i8od 

46s- ABIGAIL ALLEN.^ born Febniary 21. 1808; died July aa, 1899. 

+4M- LUKE WHEELOCK.» born May 8, 1810. 

+467- GRACE VERNON/ born March 34. 181a. 

218 JONATHAN WHITCOMB.« (Jonathan Priest,* JoKph.* 
Da\fid,* Josiah,' John,') was married May 11, 1786, to Miriam 
Willard, who was bom April 29, 1769, and died Jamiary 8, 1857. He 
died December 13, 1844. They lived in Swanzey, N. H., from which 
place the sons mentioned below all removed but one. He was a 
farmer and a manufacturer of lampblack in Swanz^, N. H. 

^68. POLLY F.,* born September 4, 1786; married Aaron Dickinson. 

469. SUSANNA,' born July 15, 178B; married John Stratton. 

470- DOROTHY,' bom June 3, 1791; married John Seaver. 

471. UARIAM,' bom December 31, 1793.' married Joseph Crosa. j 

+472. WILLARD,' bom February 37, 1796. 

473. MILA,' bom April 8, 1798; married John Cross; died at Kingston, Ont | 

474. HARRIET,' bora August 21, [800; married Arba Steams. 
+475- JONATHAN,' born October 28, 1803. 

ij6. AARON,' bora April 19, 1805; died January t, 1860^ in New Waterloo, 
la.; cboked to death by a fishbone. j 

+477. HIRAM,' bom May i, 1807. 

4^ VESTA.' bom June a6, 1809: married Stone; died Swanzey, 

N. H. ' 

+479. ROSWELL,' born April 6, 1814. j 


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21 5 NATHAN WHITCOMB," (Jonathan Priest,' Joseph* 
David,' Josiah,* John,*) lived and died in Swanzey, N. H. He was 
married October 23, 1791, to Penelope White of Milford, Mass. She 
was bom in 1771, and died March 15, 1850. 

+48a LEONARD,^ born Janiury ^ 1799: 
+481. CARTER,' born February ft iTiH. 
+482. OTIS,* born September, 1796. 

483. NATHAN,* died Fitchburg, ^fasa.; ao children. 
+484. ALVA,f born about 1800. 
+485. LYMAN,* bom April 23, 1804. 

48& ELIZA,T married May la, 1839, to Bailey. 

jfig. SON,* bom 1812; died from a scald, March 9, 1814. 

488. INFANT,* bom ; died in infancy. 

489L INFANT,* bora ; died in infancy. 


216 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan Priest,* Joseph,* David.' 
Josiah,' John,*) was married May 7, 1795, to Esther Morse of 
Swanzey, N. H., daughter of Henry Morse, and removed from 
Swanzey, perhaps, to Grafton, Vt, and from there to Saxton's River 
Vill^re, Vt, where, in 1830, he bought the old Judge Baxter place 
as a homestead and where he died, ^;ed eighty years. 


490. JOSIAH,* owned the stage line from Keen^ N. IL, to Fltchbur^ 


491. CARTER,* lived at Fiichbiirg, Mass. 
493. JOHN,* lived at Charlestown, Mass. 

493. HENRY,* lived at Charlestown, Mass. 

494. ESTHER,* married Livermore in Saxton's River, Vt. 

495. HORACE.* lived la Winchenden, Mass. 

49& VIRGIL,* kept St Nicholas Hotel. New York Gty. 

497- EPHRAIM,* 

498. SUSAN,* married Henry Burroughs. 

499. ROSANNA,* married Cutler. 

Soa LUCILTY,* died at birth. 

220 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB,* (Jonathan Priest,' Joseph,* 
David,* Josiah,* John,*) lived in Swanz^, N. H. He was married 

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(i) in 1798 to Dorothy Chamberlain, and after her death (2) to 
her sister, Charlotte Chamberlain, in 1817. He died in March, i86g. 
He was a saddlemaker. 

501, JARVIS,* born February Xft, 1799; died in Pet«rboro; bad s daagbter 

who married Charlu Norman and lived in Keene, N. H. 
503. DOROTHY,* bom December 5, 1804; died March 5, i857. 
503. ESTHER,* born November tg (or 9), tSoti; married John Langdon 

+S04. GEORGE,' born March 10, 1809. 
505. FANNY,* born November 3, i8tt; married Silaa Taft. 
+S06. EPHRAIM,* bom October 27. 1814- 
50?. CHARLOTTE,* born March 24. 1818; died April 11, i8a8. 

508. DAMARIS,* bom August ifi, 1830; married 1854 to George H. Allen 

of Walpole. N. H. 

509. JANE,* bom July 13, 1823; died April 28, 1825. 

223 ELISHA WHITCOMB." (EIisha,» Joseph,* David,» Josiah,« 
John,') was married and went to Vermont, where he had at least one 
son. Later he returned to Swanzey, N. H., and married the widow 

of Jotham Whitcomb ( ) and had a son. He died in Swanzey, 

June, 1829. 

+S10. EPHRAIM,* born October i, 17S7. 
+Sii. ELISHA,* born , 1795. 

227 DAVID WHITCOMB,' (Elisha,» Joseph,* David.* Josiah,» 
John,*) was married February 11, 1794, to Orra, daughter of Wyman 
Richardson; shi was bom August 8, 1772, in Swanzey, N. H. After , 
his marriage he settled in Hartford, Vt,. and there his eight diitdren \ 
were bom. He was a farmer and died in Hartford, April, 1865, aged 
ninety-three years. She died in the same platt September 23, 1848, 
aged seventy-six years. 

+SIX DAVID,* bom January <5^ 1795, Hanford, Vt 
513. RUFUS,* bom December i, 179^ Hartford. i 

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•I$t4. WYMAN.' born October 8, 1798, Hirtford. 

SIS- FIDELIA/ born January 2, 180^ Hartford. 

4516. JASPER,* born September 23, 1807, Hartford. 

+517. FARNUM R./ born March 21. 1810, Hartford. 

518. ALONZO,* bom August aa, 1812, Hartford, 

■t^tpi. JOSIAH,* bom January i, iSifl, Hartford. 

228 ASA WHITCOMB.' (Elisha." Joseph,* Davtd,> Josiah,» 
John,*) was married (i) March 9, 1802, to Elizabeth Sawyer; (2) to 
Hannah Tucker. He removed from Swanzey, N. H., to Norwich., 
Vt., and was living in the latter place in 1844 with his second wife. 

52a HARRISON H,* pbyaician, South Royalton, Vt 

521. MARY ANN.' 

521 ALVIN,« j 

533. KATE,' I 

524. ORA,* 

Sas- NELSON.* 

230 SALMON DENSMORE WHITCOMB/ (Elisha," Joseph/ 
David,' Josiah," John,*) removed from Swanzey, N. H., to Orange, 
Vt, about 1805. Orange was then a n«v town, and he cut and cleared 
land for his fann. He was married May 15, 1S06, to Aruba Camp. ; 
In September, 1848, the family removed to Barre, Vt, where the 
father died February 22, 1850. His widow died October 4, 1867. 

526. ROXINDA LORETTA,* bora July 23, i8ia 

537- GEORGE W.,* bom September 14, 1814 (caught in a squall and 
drowned in Penobscot River near Bangor, Maine, July 21, 1836; was a 
carpenter and unmarried. 

52& EMELINE ARUBAH,* bora September 18, i8t& 

529. SARAH CORDELIA,* bora May 18. 1821. 
•fSJo. LYMAN WATERMAN,* bora February i, 1824. 
+S3I. WILLIAM ELBRIDGE.* bora November 4. 1826. j 

•»S33. JAMES ADDISON.* bora September 5. 1832. 

2S2 JOSIAH WHITCOMB,« (Elisha," Joseph,* David," Josiah.*' 
John,') was married February 23, 1807. to Lois, daughter of Ezra 

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Thayer of Swanzey, N. H. He died December 9, 1814. His widow 
was married (2) to Elisha Smith of Vermont 

533. SAREPTA,* bom October 13, 1807. 

284 JOSEPH WHITCOMB,' (Elisha," Joseph/ David,' Josiah." 
John/) was married April 30, 181 1, to Salla Whitcon^ (378) who 
was bom October 24, 1792. They lived in Swanzey, N. H., where 
he died May 11, 1853. His widow, who lived till January 7, 1875, 
was married (2) to Stephen Harris. 


534. SEMIRA,* born September 15, iSti; married Geofffe W. Lane. 

535. ELMER.* bom September 5, 1813; died August xt, 1879, Malooe, N. 

Y.; unmarried. 

536. LOVISA,^ born May 15, 1815; married Aquila Ramsdell. 

537. ANLIZA/ bom November is, 1816; married William Tenney, Marl- 

boro, N. H. She died Jannary s, 187s. 

S3&- N'ANCY,^ bom March 10, 1818; married Willard Hall of Worcester, 
Mass. She died April 14, 1878. 

539. ^[ARTHA CARTER,* bom June 16, 1819; married Chas. G. Ramsdelt. 

54a CALVIN,* bom November a, iSai; died May 13, 1833. 

541. JOSEPH,* bom June 15, 18^; went to California where he died un- 

543. SARAH E.,' bora September 30, i8a6. 

543. FOSTINA MARIA,* born July M, 1830; married (i) Wesley Balkm 

and (a) Henry Dawson, May 35, 1861, at Keene, N. H. He was bom 
in Belmont, Lancashire, Eng., March 39, 1841. She died June i, 18861 

544. JOHN SABIN,* bora Febniary 19, i^; died August 8; 1854; un- 

married. I 

+S4S- CALVIN MUNROE.' bora May 39, 1835. 
546. &fARY ELLEN,* bora March i<^ 1839; married Edwin H. EHU of : 
Worcester, Mass. 

288 JOTHAM WHITCOMB,' (Philemon,' Joseph,* pavid,' Jo- \ 
siah,' John,*) was married January 9, 1797, to Anna, daughter of 
Benjamin Olcott of Swanzey, N. H. She was bom in 1776, and died ; 
January 11, 1815. He died September 22, 1815. He was a fanner | 
and resided at Swanzey, N. H. - '■ 


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547. MANCY,^ bora July 5, 1797: married Samuel Stearns, October la, 1819. 
*$ifi. JOEL,* bora August 37, 1804. 
547. ROXAHA,* married Januarr 31, 1819, Jonathan Holbrook. \ 

241 PHILEMON WHITCOMB' (Philemon," JosepV David,« 
Josiah,' John,*) was married October 10, 1803, to Sarah, daughter 
of Abijah Brown of Swanzey, N. H., and removed to Faystown, Vt.» 
where he was a pioneer farmer. He assisted in forming the first re- 
ligious socie^ and in building the first school house. He died Janu- 
ary 7, 1829, and is buried in the oldest burying ground in the town. 


55a ZELINDA,T bora , 1805; married Merrill Tyler; died May 18, - 

1884. Waitafield. Vt 

551. SALLY.T bora . 

+55*. ABIJAH BROWN,» bora , 1814. 

553. HARRIET.* born . 

554- PHILEMON,' bora . 

S55> ALBERT,' bora ; residence Lawrence Kan. 

242 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB' (Philemon,' Joseph.* David," 
Josiah," John,^) was married June 10, 1805, to Sarah, dai^ter of i 
Benjamin Hammond of Swanzey, N. H. She was bom April 18, 
1784. and died April 3, 1853. They lived in Swanzey, N. H. The 
saw and grist mill built by his grandfather (Joseph,*), descended to 
htm and was the property of the Whitcombs until 1853. He died June 
21, 1866. 


556. ELIZA,' bom April 17, 1806: died May i, 1811. 

557. SARAH.' bora September 28, 1S08; died May 13, 1811. 
55& ELIZA,' bora October ig, 1811;. married Lyman Leach. 

559. SARAH,' bora November 8, 181-3; married George Hamblet; died July 

a6, 1833, in Rochester, N. Y. 

Sfio. FANNY,' born December 9, 1S16; married Benjamin P. Lombard. 

561. PHILEMON,' bora July 37, 1819; died December 13, i8tg^ 

+563. BENJAMIN,' bora May 33. 1831. 

563. PHILEMON,' born May 21, 1824: died March 6, 1835. 

564. BETSEY,* bora December 11. liaj; married Benjamin Howard Rich- 

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246 ABIJAH WHITCOMB," (Philemon,^ Joseph,* David,' Jo- 
siah,* John,*) was married (i) November 22, iSio, to Joanna, 
daughter o£ Jonathan Holbrook. She died March ii, 1811. He was 
married (2) to Lucy, daughter of Richard Stratton, December i, 
1814. She was bom November 23, 1796, and died March 31, 1869. 
They lived io S^vanzey, N. H., and after his death, about 1848, his 
widow married Seth Belding, and died March 31, 1S69. 

565. JONAS H^T born March, 1811; died unnurried April ag^ 1849; wa* pro- 

prietor of Tremont House, Boston. 

566. EMERY,* born 1815; drowned at West Swutzey, when three yean old. 
-^567. ELBRIDGE GERRY/ bom October 3, 1817; married Salome New- 

568. FAMELIA,* bom October 13, 1818: married Leonard W. Holbrook; 

residence Westport, N. H. 
+SfiS»- EMERY STRATTON.t born October zo, 1819. 
57a JOANNA,* born Augnist 13, 1831: died June 5, 1857. 

571. CHARLES ADAMS,* bom August 1$, 1836; was a soldier in Civil 

War; died in Soldiers' Home in New York. 

248 JOB WHITCOMB," (Philemon," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* ; 
John,*) was married March i, 1818, to Nellie^ daughter of Nehemiah 
Bennet They lived in Swanzey, N. H., where he died July 16, 1840. 


572. MARTHA,* married William Fierce; they lived in Missouri. 

573. VILROY,* married Jacob Boyee of Richmond, N. H., April 4, 1844. 

574. MARIA,* ftiarried Elisha Bassett of Richmond, N. H., November 37, j 

1847; Uiey lived in Berlin. Mass. 

249 ABIJAH WHITCOMB," (Abijah,' Joseph," David,' Josiah,' ; 
John,*) was married November 24, 1815, to Susanna, daughter of 
Elijah Graves of Swanzey. She was bom in 1790, and died Novem- \ 
ber 27, 1845. ^c family lived in Swanz^, N. H., until March, 1841, ! 
when they moved to Peterboro, N. H. Abijah died in Claremon^ N. \ 
H., October 10, 1872. } 

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575- CAROLINE MARIV bom January 7, 1818; died April 39, 1867, dare- 
mont, N. H. 
+57& BENJAMIN FRANKLIN/ born September 7. i9aa. 

280 JOSEPH WHITCOMB,« (Abijah,* Joseph/ David,' Jo- ^ 
siah,* John/), was married to Betsey Page, who was born in Rupert, \ 
Vt, in 1799 and died August 9, 1873. He died May 18, 1842. They 
resided in Swanzey, N. H. 

577- CHASTINA,^ bom April ai, 1829; was married September 23, 1853. to 
James Elbridge Underwood. 
+578. JOSEPH PAGE,» bom April ag, 1831. 
+$79. IRVIN ABIJAH,* bom April 9, 1839, Somerritle, Mass. 

251 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB," (Benjamin/ Benjamin,* Da- 
vid/ Josiah/ John,') was married in 1796 to Sally Young and re- 
moved from northern Ne^v Hampshire to Ohio, when his children 
were young. He was killed in the war of 1812. 

58a. DANIEL,* 
581. MINERVA,* 
583. JESSE,* said to have been in the foundry business in CincinnaU, O. 

583. SAMUEL.' bom about 1817 (?>; said to have been soveraor of 

Texas (?). 

584. THANKFUL.* 

268 JOSHUA WHITCOMB/ (Benjamin/ Benjamin,* David,' 
Josiah/ John.') was married to Garissa Bailey and removed from 
northern New Hampshire to Stanstead Hains, P. Q., in 1806. He 
was a farmer and settled about two and one-half miles south of New- 
ville on the Stanstead road and about the same distance north of the 
old Rose cemetery, where he was buried. He operated a "still," 
where he made potato whiskey, a very popular and respectable bever- 
age in those days (the fore part of the last cetnury). He died , 

and his wife subsequently married Adams; she is buried at 


d by Google 


Coaticook, Quebec. It is this Oarissa Bailey that, according to a per- 
sistent tradition in the Whitcomb Family, was descended from Loiiis 
XIV of France, through her mother, who was FrendL 

+585. JOSHUA,^ born January 17, 1797, IJsbon, N. H. 
-(■586. CALEBJ born about 180a 
Sf^. THANKFUL,** born April 15, 1804; nurried David Chamberlaia, 1820; [ 
liad fourteen children; she died February 8, 1895, in Rock Itland, F. Q. 
David died in 1874 in Magog, P. Q. j 

588. ZERUIAH,' married Alfred Parker; had eleven children. 

589. ELIAS,* scalded to death at the age of thirteen, in a vat of btrfUng 

Kquor. I 

590. CORNELIUS SPRAGUE,* born Uay 3, 1813. ' 

591. iLlINERVA* bom February 33, 1817; married David Rugg, 1839; had 

seven children; died January i%. 1893. 
59a. NATHAN.' married Sophia Eastman; resided in Nashua. N. H. 

261 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim,* Benjamin,* David,* 
Josiah,' John,*) was married February 10, 1803, to lAcy, daughter of 
John Ldand, bom 1775; tliey removed from Jaffrey, N. H., in 1804, 
perhaps to Winchendon, Mass. She died October 34, 1852 ; he died 
May 2, 1847. 


593. ORINDA.T born March 12, 1805; married Thomas 


594. BEULAH,T bom June is, 1809; died December 16, 1809. 
-^595- GEORGE,' bora December 31. iSoti. 

^6. IRENE,' bom January a, 1811; married Emory Carroll, Wincbendon, 

Mass.; she died 1865. 
Saj' JOHN.' bnro March «7. 1816; married and lived in Winchesdon, Mass. 

267 JOHN WHITCOMB," (John," Benjamin,* David,* Josiah,» 
John,*) was married to Caroline Dniry of Lisbon, N. H., and Itvcdj 
in Easton, N. H., where he died May 8, 1866. j 

*T» one of ThanUnl's irandMitB, tlM Bra. Sllaa W. ibek «r Monterey. Cat,! 
tbaaka are due for muata TalnaMe datA caneemlnK theM and otlier dMMtidanta of Vm 
dMlBKulahtd •SMOtM', "UaJ. B«n" WbtUomb «t Udiea, N. H.— C W. 

, January 31, 

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598. JOHN LANGDON/ born 1815; died August 34, 1833. 

599. JANE DELILAH.* born VLiy aa, 1821; married (i) Ezektel Bowles; 

(2) Eben Brown, Lynne, Uus. - 

■f6oo. FRANCIS,* bom October la. iin.' I 

601. LUCRETIA C* born April, 1836; married F. J. Nichols, Ljmne, Mass.; 

had six children. 
603. LUCINDA CUTTING/ bom May 3, 1828; married Edson Bowles, \ 

Caribou, Maine; had diree sons. 

268 JOSEPH WHITCOMB,* (John," Benjamin,* David,' Jo- 
^ah,* John,^) "lived in Illinois near Waukegan and returned to New 

Hami»hire with his brother Samuel in 1S55. He settled in Landaif, j 
N. H., and manufactured shoe pegs on a small scale. He took up ! 
with the MiUerites and accepted the doctrine that the world would ; 
wind up affairs on a certain date, and so wasted his property. As 
Gabriel did not come, he went into the peg business again, and wrote 
to his brother Francis for financial aid." (J. W.) He never mar- 
ried. I 

269 FRANOS WHITCOMB,* (John,» Benjamin,* David,* Jo- ! 
siah,? John,*) "was married to Jane Evans in Vermillion County, 111., 
October 19, 1825. He left his home in Grafton County, New Hamp- 
shire^ when twenty-eight years old, and with his brother, Samuel, 
started West, living about a year in New York (Lyons). The former 
being married, did not go further west just then, but Francis pushed 
on to Illinois, settling near Terre Haute, Ind. For fifty years he was ' 
lost to his relatives who supposed him killed by the Indians. In 1819 I 
he located near Danville, Vermillion County, Illinois, where he lived 
for forty-one years. He was one of the discoverers and proprietors 
of the salt works near Danville, and in 1821 the well yielding tlie salt , 
water, had reached a depth of 490 feet, a work of no little nii^^ni- ; 
tude in that day. In 1826 he sold his interest in those works, and 
built a mill on the north fork of the Vermillion River. Two years 
later he sold oat, and bought a farm at Butler's Point He sold this ' 

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farm in 1849 for $3,000 in gold, and removed with his family to Mc- 
Lean County, 111., where he died. On one occasion he was a party in 
cme of the races to the government land office which frequently created 
much excitement among the early settlers of IlIincMs. The land <^ce 
was distant seventy miles, and the race was made in two-horse wagons. 
He won the race and secured 33S acres of valuable land at $1.25 per 
acre, a property afterwards worth $60 or more per acre: In 1835 he 
united with the Methodist Church, and till hi's death was true to 
Christian!^ and to the church of his choice. His honesty of pur- 
pose was his chief characteristic and no one could doubt his sincerity. 
In all his dealings with his fellow men he was just. He was a roan 
of sound judgment, and was sought after as an arbitrator of disputes. 
He was a lover of peace, but a very brave man. He was temperate in 
habits and highly esteemed by all who knew him. He died January 
15, 1872. His wife was daughter of William Evans, who built the 
first cabin within the limits of Bloomington, IIL" (Jeremiah Whit- 
comb.) I 

■rtoj. IRA SULLY,* boni October 18, 1836, Dzaville, III. 

604. MARY JANE.» born ; married David L. King. 



*«07. JEREMIAH/ born January 10, 1839. j 

6s8. RUTH ANN/ bom ; married Anderson; residence '■. 

Holder, IIL j 

tiog. TEMPERANCE ELLEN/ married Anderson. White CotUge. ! 


270 SAMUEL WHITCOMB.' (John,' Benjamin,* David," Jo- 
siah,' John,*) \na married August 5, 1813, to Nancy Jarobs of Graf- 
ton County, N. H., and, in a few months, started west, goipg as far 
as Lyons, N. Y. In 1822 he went to Hartland, N. Y., thence in 1824 
to Shelby, N. Y., where he served as pastor of a Free Will Bapti^ 
Church until 1835. He then removed to Tennessee^ and after per^ 
haps a dozen years there^ went to Qarendon. Calhoun County, Michi- 

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gan. He organized the Cook's Prairie Church, serving it as a pastor 
for six years. In July, 1862, he moved to Coldwater, Mich., where 
he died April 7, 1867. After his first wife died, he was married Octo- 
ber 10, 1844, to Lydia Cowles of Burlington, Mich., who survived 


6i<K SAMUEL A.,T bora March 4. 1815; probably born in Lyon*. N. Y.; re- 
sided in Coldwater, Mich. 
+611. JOHN,* bom October 4, 1816^ Lyons, N. Y. 

6t3. MARGARET,* bom September 17, 1818; was married November 9, 
1837. to Eli T. Chase, Eckford, Mich. 

613. ABIGAIL,* born i8ig, Lyons, N. Y.; died before 1863. 
+614. LEWIS JACOBS,* bora February. 1831; residence Pomeroy, Wash. 
■rtiS- STEPHEN SNYDER,* bom January 3, 1824, Shelby. N. Y. 

61& FRANCIS,* bora May 7. i8a6, Shelby, H. Y.; died before 1863- 
+617. LEVI LEE,' bora August 17, 1830, Shelby, N. Y. 

6t8. GEORGE C,* born June 4. 183% Shelby, N. Y. 

274 JOSIAH WHITCOMB,« (John,» Benjamin,* David,' Jo- 
siah,' John,*) lived in Bath, New Hampshire, where he died Jtme 26, 
i88a He was married August 30, 1814, to Eunice Raymond, who 
was bom February 14, 1794, and died August 18, 1882. 


■K19. HORACE,* bora November 9, 1821, in Landaff, N. H. 
4fi2o. HOSEA E..* bora April m, 1835. 
-HSai. CURTIS,* bora June 16, 183a 

6x2. ELVIRA COBURN,* born October 4, 1835; died September a, 1^3. 
Providence, R. I.; wife of Rev. W. S. Emery. 

276 DANIEL WHITCOMB,*" (Josiah," Benjamin,* David,' Jo- 
siah,' John,') was living in New Hampshire in 1855, being visited at 
that time by his cousin Samuel (269). No record of his family is 
fotmd except that "his wife died between 1855 and 1863, and the 
family is extinct The youngest son was killed by Indians 'out west* 
and the oldest son droi^)ed dead in his own doorway." 

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286 SAMUEL WHITCOMB,' (Ezra,* Simon,* David,' Josiah,' 
John,*) was bom in Wmchendon, Mass., March i, 1779; was mar- 
ried May, 1802, to Elizabeth Bryant The last residence of both 
Samuel and Elizabeth was Fowlervill^ N. Y. He was a box-maker 
and a cooper. 


4623. SILAS BRUCE,' born July 17, 1803, Templeton, Mass. 

4624. WALTER.T 

635. A. FIERCE,' died in childhood. 

291 HEZEKIAH WHITCOMB," (Hezdciah,'' Hezekiah,* Heze- 
kiah,' Jostah,* John,*) lived in Stow, Mass., where he was married 
April 17, 1787, to Molly Hale. 


6a6. BECKA,* born February 18, 1788. 

697. SAMUEL,' born September 13. 1789; died May 10, l8^ 

63a MILLY,' bom October 19. 1791. 
-Mb!). JONATHAN,* bom March 11, 1793. 

630. NANCY,' bora July 15, 1794. * 

631. BETTY,' bora June 15, 1797. 

633. JOHN,' bora June 13, iScm; married Sosan Brows, December 90, 1899. 
4633. ASA,' born June 8, 1802. 

634. LEVI,' born April 30, 1812. 

635. SALLY,' bora ; died July 4, iSm. 

296 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan Priest," Hezekiah,* 

Hezekiah,' Josiah," John,') was married to Eunice , who was ' 

bom November 6, 1764, and died January 5, 1837. He died June 6, 
1842. They lived a while in Westminster, Mass., and then removed 
to Ludlow, Vt. He was a Revolutionary War pensioner, enlisting 
from Sterling. Mass., in 1777; he was honorably dischaiged Decem- 
ber, 1781. 


63& EUNICE,' bom June 35, 1781S; died October 33, 1838. 

437- DAVID,' boro June 6, 1788: was married April ao,^ 1834, to Aria D. I 

Ordway; (he wM bora Attguat ta, i8ox No cbildren. lived in Lad- ' 

low, Vt. He died March ai, 1861. 

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638. MARY/ (FOLLY) born October i, 1793; died Jaly 35. 1875. 

6391 THOMAS,* born February 4, 1797; married Sally Hale, who died Much 

5, 1S64. No record of children. He died May 7, 1864. 
640. MELINDA.* born June 35, 1803; died September ag, 1840; unmarried. 
-f64t. HIRAM,* bom Jaly 33, 1807. 
643- LAURA,* born Ma.y 10, 1811; died February ta, 1833; unmarried. 

298 JOHN WHITCOMB," (Jonathan Pri«t,« Hezekiah.* Heze- 
kiah,' Josiah,' John,*), was married in Bolton, Mass., April 10, 1791, 
to Rebecca Woodward. He removed to Stockbridge; Vt, where he 

followed farming. He died . 

4643. JOHN,* bora February 13, itjm, Gardner, Mass. 

644. LUCY.* bora ; married Elihtt Holland. 

645. POLLY,* bora ; married Boutell. 

646- WILUAM.* bom . 

«47. THOMAS,* born . 

64& BETSEY,* bora . 

649. NANCY,* bom July 3, 180^ Stockbridge; married Gauett; 

lived in Ludlow, Vt.; nine children. 

6sa REBECCA,* born ■■ ^-; married — Ranney. 

■rtsi. ABIEL.* ■ I ^ " „ ,. 

653. ASAHEL,* i »»"» ^*"»'' '*^ '^* 

802 EBENEZER WHITCOMB,* (Jonathan Priest," Hezekiah,* 
Hezekiah,' Josiah,* John,*) lived in Sterling, Mass, imtil about 1800 
when he removed to Ludlow, Vt. Afterwards he moved back to Ster- 
ling, where he died about 1804. He bad at least one duld. 

-1653. JONATHAN.* born January i. 180a. 

805 SEWALL WHITCOMB," (Jonathan Priest,' Hezekiah,* 
Hezekiah/ Josiah,' John,') was married, but his wife's name and 
birth are unknown; he lived in Ludlow, Vt, and owned a farm in 
the northwestern part of the town. He and his wife both died in 
Ludlow and are buried there. All dates are wanting. 

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654. EDWARD.' bom . 

<55> SEWALL.* 

657. ANNA,» ' 

511 ISRAEL WHITCOMB,' (Israel,' Israel,* Hewkiah> Jo- 
siah,' John/) was a prominent citizen of Windiendon, Mass. He , 
was married (i) to Emma Stone, August, 1S05, and (2) to Aima ! 
(Partridge) Whitcomb, widow of his brother Rufus (313). He died I 
May 3, 1840. I 


658. JOANNA,* bora March 19, i8to; married Stephen Gore of Brattleboro, . 

Vl, July a, 1834; had three children. She died Febraary 38. 1847. 

659. ISRAEL STEADMAN,' bom December »i, 1813; married Phoebe 

Davenport of Templeton, Masa.; no children. He died Febnuiy aa, 
4660. EDMUND HUBBARD,* born December 16, 1815. 
661. EUNICE,* bom February la; 1818; married November a6^ 1841^ to 
Rnssell Bates of Bemardstown, Mast.; residence in Warwick^ Mass. 

512 WILLIAM WHITCOMB," (Israel,* Israel,* Hezekiah,» Jo- 
siah,' John,^) was married to Polly Stone, sister of Emma Stone, who 
was married to his brother Israel. They lived a while in Massachu- 
setts then went to Whitingham, Vt, then to near Utica, N. Y., where 
his brother Rufus .then lived. He died June 3, 1837. 

■HS63. MARK,* bom February a», 1806. 
' 663. WILLIAM,* born August la, i8)o; married a widow. Ho children. 

He died March 6, 1875. 
■1664. LEONARD,* bora September, 1813. 

665. ItARY,* married Greenleaf; had six children. 

6661 LYMAN.* died December 10, 1890; had one daughter. 

818 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB,' (Israel,* Xsrad,* Hezekiah,»: 
Josiah,' John,') was married January 4, 1799, to Emma Piper, and' 
moved to Florida, Mass. His wife who ^vas bom in Templeton, Mass., ! 
died August 3, 1865. He died March 18, 1855. 

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667. ORATHA,' bom Febnianr at, 1800; married Levi Porter of Winehen- 
don, Mass.; died April i, 1876. 
-ttida LEVI NATHANIEL,* bom March 7. 1803. 
66g. DIANTHA/ bora February 37, iSi^; died tuunarried Febrttarjr 15, 
1871. ' 

44570. ISRAEL,* bora August 4, 1806. 
6jt. JOHN PIPER,* bora March 18, 1810; died October 8, 1815. 
-t^ EDEN,* bora September 30, 1813. 

673. MARK,* bora July 19, 1816; died January 14, 183a: 

674. LUCY EMMA,* bora March 15, 1819; married Nathan Pike, North 

Adams, Mass.; died January 6^ 1850; three children. 

817 MARK WHITCOMB,* (Israel,' Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,* 
John,') was married, March 21, 1821, to Lu<7', daughter of Ephraim 
Murdock, Esq., of Winchendon, Mass., where they lived. He was a 
prominent man in the commtmity and actively engaged in promoting 
its interests. He was appointed postmaster in 1830 and held the posi- : 
tion until his death. He was a justice of the peace for the same | 
length of time and was often engaged in probate matters. The com- , 
munity in which he lived owed much of its prosper!^ to him. He 
was often selectman; had charge of a circulating library for a num- 
ber of years, and was chairman of the building committer when the ; 
North Congregational Church was erected. His wife was a woman 
of much culture and refinement. He died November 23, 1845, ^"^ 
his widow, November 6, 1884, aged eighty-six years. 

675- LUCY MURDOCK,* bora May 8, 1822. 

6j6. -CHARLES RUFUS.* born September i. 1833; was married <i) to La- 
cinda Stone Forbuah of Winchendon, Mass., in September, 1847. She 
died iSsa and be married <3) Cynthia Ann Raymond, Marlboro, Mass. 
No children. 

677- EDWARD,* born July 39, 1825: died Aucnst 17, 1825. 
4«78. AMASA GODDING.* bora July 24. 1837- 

679. MARY ZIBIAH,* bora July ti, 1830; died September. 1833. 
4«8& CHRISTOPHER CHANNING,* bora July 31, 18134: died September 
3.186s. i 

681. WALDO,* bora July a^ 1837; died April. 1838. 

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824 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim," Israd,* Hezddah," 
Josiah,' John.*) lived in Bolton, Mass., where he was married to 
Nancy Gilbert; the intention of marriage was published Februai^ 14, 
1807. She was the daughter of Jude and Nancy Gilbert of Brootdine^ 
Mass., and died September 21, 1865, aged eighty-five years. 

682. AMORY,' born January 34, 1809; was married to Rhoda Holmaiit De- 

cember 23, tSjo. He was drowned io Boston, November 24, l83S> 

683. ALBERT,* bom December 15, i8to. 
4684. JOHN ANDRE,* born Klarch a, 1814- 

685. LUTHER GILBERT,* born ; married 1836; killed mi car*. 

686. HARRIET S.,* born ; married Waldo Narse of Boltoo, Decem- 

ber, 39, 1839; both killed on cars. 

687. ABRAHAM,* 

380 ISRAEL WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim," Israel,* Hezekiah,* Jo- 
siah,' John,') was a farmer and blacksmith; he was married to Abi- 
gail Holman, in Bolton, Mass., March 19, 1812. He died in Troy. 
Geauga County, Ohio. She died in Auburn, Ohio. 

688. ELSIE,* bom ; married Miles B. Crafts. 

689L ABIGAIL.* married Eugene Doolittle. 

69a. SOPHIA,* married Mott 

691. ORASA,* married Brown. 

+693. JOHN,* 

693. JEANETTE,* married Spencer and died at birth of first child. 

694. REBECCA,* married Pope; had two children. 

831 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB,« (Ephraim," Israel,* Here- 1 
kiah,' Josiah,' John,') was married December 16, 1819, by Nathaniel ; 
Thayer, Esq., to Abigail Baker Whiting. He was called "Captain," \ 
indicating military service, but dates and term of service are not yet 
obtained (January, 1904). He died in Lancaster, Mass. ' 


695. MARIA ANTOINETTE,* bom December i^ 1830; was married Sep- \ 

tember 14, 1842, to Gilbert Greene. 

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6g6. ABIGAIL BAKER,* bora September 26, 1832. 

697- HARRIET,' bom July a?. 1837. 

6981 JOHN BELKNAP.T bom June 8, 1833. 

690- CAROLINE BAKER,* bora April jS, 1836. 

888 ELEAZER WHITCOMB." (Ephraim,» Israel* H«ekiali,» j 
Josiah,' John,*) removed from Bolton, Mass., to Ellsworth, Maine, 
where he \vas married by Rev. Peter Nourse to Al»gail G. Joy, April 
29. 1821. 


+7CX1. CHARLES ELEAZER,* born December 6, iSn. 

701. ABIGAIL GREEN,* bom July 3. iS34- 

702. HORATIO NELSON,* bora August 26. 1S3& 

703. MARY SAWYER,* bora July 10, 183& 

704. ELIZABETH,* bora May 11, 1830. , 
+705- OCTAVIUS,* bora May 20, 1832. j 

706. FRANCIS ELLEN,* bora September 6, 1835. 
+707. JOHN FAIRFIELD,* bora September i, 1838. | 

705. CAROLINE,* bora March 33. 1843. j 

Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah,' John,') was a Methodist minister. He , 
\V2S married in 1834 to Eliza Payson Richardson of Lowell, Mass. ' 
He died in 1850 in East Wilton, Ne\r Hampshire: 

709. ELIZA SUSAN.* married Reed of Nashua. N. H. 

710. MARY,* married Reed of Nashua, N. H. 


♦713; WILLIAM WEEKS,* i 

862 WnXIAM EMERY WHITCOMB,' (Paul," Joslah,« Jo- 
siah,* Josiah,' Josiah,* John,*) lives in Freyeberg. Maine. He was 
married January 11, 1847, ^ Elizabeth Craig Wentworth of Red- 
field, Maine, who was bom in Otisfield, Maine, November, 181^ and \ 
died in Freyeberg, May 2, 1883. 

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rij. SARAH ELIZABETH,* born 1848 in West Acton, Mau.; died 

aged nine weeks. 
4714. WILLIAM HENRY,* born July 6. 1851^ in Waterford, Maine; 
715. IDA,* bom June 17, 185a, Sinnapee, N. Y.; married December 2$, 
1873^ Sewall M. Richardson of Freyeberg, Maine; four children, 
471& FREMONT,* bom October 13, 1856, Sweden, Maine. 

717. FLORENCE,* bom November s 1861, Sweden, Maine. 

85S VALENTINE \VHITCOMB/ (PaiU,« Josiah,» Josiah,« Jo- 

siab," Josiah,' John,') was niarricd (i) to Alice and 

(2) to Nancy Mack, both of Lowell, Mass. He died April, 1863. 
Twins by second wife. 


718. FRANK E.* \ .. . . , - 

719. FREDERICK V.* I*"* »«'•* '^ "*"■ 

SSe ALVINZY WHITCOMB,' (Levi,* Josiah.» Josiah,< Josiah." 
Josiah,' John,*) was married to Charlotte Ston^ April 27, 1828. He 
died in Mercer. Me., April 4, 1859. 

730. RUHAMAH,* bom January ai, 183a: married February 2% 1858; died 
Jane 3, 1863; no diitdren. 
t73i- ALVINZY,* born October 10, 1833. 
733. SOPHRONIA L.,* bora March 15, 1836; married Norembcr 9, i&s6i 

two children. 
733. MELISSA.* bom October 35, 1846; married Dr, J. T. Moses; lives in 
Farmington, Maine. 

867 LEVI \VHITCOMB,' (Levi.* Josiali," Josiali,* Josiah,» Jo- 
siah.' John,') was a farmer. He was married January i, 1832, to i 
Cordelia N. Hussey. She died in Belgrade, Maine. He died in Mer- - 
cer. Me., January 1 1, 1858. 1 


4734. ELHANAN,* born Januarr i. 1833, Mercer, Hs. 

4735. CYRUS T,* bom May 31, 183S, Mercer, Ms. j 
*J36. SETH H.,* bom December 36, 1837, Mercer, Me. \ 

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739. MARTHA fi..,* born May 11, 1843; married Hkj 14, 1863, to Simon K. 
Spragne; residence Angustt, Ue.; no children. 
*7A. LEVI,* born July 30, 184S. Mercer, Me. 
739. DELIA J.* bom October 1$. 1847, Mercer, Me. 
73a SOPURONIA,^ bom Febnury 5, 1853,. Mercer, Me. 

861 ALANSON JOSIAH WHITCOMB,' (Josiah,« Josiah,» Jo- 
siah,* Josiah,' Josiah,' John,^) was a prominent citizen of Leominster, 
Mass. He was married September 7, 1823, to Emily Johnson of Leo- 
minster, who was bom June 20, 1793 and died in Leominster January 
4, 1852. He died April 8, 1831. Their children were bom in Leo- 


734. CHARLOTTE ALICIA." bora March 1% 1825; married Oliver Stearns. 
733. RODNEY MARIUS," bora Auput 27, i8a6: married 1851 to Lois | 

Janette Throp; he died 1856; no children. | 

733- CALISTA ABZAIDE,* bora July 16, 1828: married A. J. FoUansbee; ; 

three children. 
+734- RIX ADAMS,* bom Auffuit 14, 183a 

735. SUSAN ERMINA,> born July 15, 1833; married Henry A. Groat of 

Canada; live children. j 

736. SARAH JANE,* bora February 7, 1834; died August 24, 1852. j 

737. ANN ELIZABETH,* bora October 22, 1838; married Stephen A. 

Tisdalei three children. 

738. BELINDA JOHNSON,* bora December 27, 1837; was married March 

6, 1873, to Lncian A. Cook; (3) to David Munsie. 

868 EUHU WHITCOMB,' (Josiah,« Josiah," Josiah.< Josiah.* 
Josiah,' John,*) was married in Concord, Mass., January 2». 1831, to 
Susan Ermina Cole, eighth child of Asa and Anna (Goldsmith) Col^ 
who was bom in Westmorely, New Hampshire, March 10, 1809, and 
died in Montpelier, Vermont, in 1884. They removed to Rutland, VL, 
after marriage, where he died March 3, 1833. His widow returned to 
Concord, Mass., where in 1850 she married Oren Pitkin of Mont- 
pelier, VL, a widower with three children. A son by first marriage 

^32. JOHN ELIHU, bom December 12. 183a. 


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864 JOHN WHITCOMB.' (Josiah,* Josiah," Josiali,* Josiah,» 
Josiah,' John,*) lived in Leominster, Mass., where he was married to 
Betsey, daughter of Richard and Hannah Warner. He was a comb- 
maker. He died Mardi 22, 1S79, and his wife died October 20, i88(^ 
aged nearly seventy-nine years. 

73» CURTIS,* bora May 25, 1829; died September 7, 1831. 
+740. JOHN CURTIS,* born November 17, 183a. 

741. ALBERT CORNELIUS,* born November 8, 1834; wai married Aa- 

snst 16, 1862. to Ellen S. Longley, who died March 14, 18S4. aged 
forty-ntne years, nine months and twentyone days. He died of apo- 
plexy, October aS, 189& No children. 

742. HANNAH E,* born May 12, 1838; married Charles Gates. 

365 CHARLES WHITCOMB,' (Josiah/ Josiah,» Josiah,* Jo- 
siah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married in 1833. to Mary Jane Garfield, 
who was bom Sq>tember 24, 1816. They lived in Leominster, Mass., 
where he was a combroaker. He died March 3 1, 1858, and Mary Jane, 
his widow, died January 24, 1867, aged sixty-seven years> three 
months and twenty-four days. 


743. INFANT,* born December 13, 1835; died Deccratier 14, 1835. 

744. MARY JANE,* bom December 3, 1837; died Septemlier 9, 1840. 

745. MARY JANE,* bom November 13, 1840; married a missionary and 

went to India; had live children. 

746. ELLEN K.,* bom .April ii, 1843; married Hoses B. Jones; no chil- 


747. NANCY ^LIZA,* bom October 8, 1845; married James M. Robbins, 

March i, 1866; no children. 

872 THOMAS WHITCOMB,' (TIiomas,« John,' David,* Da- 
vid,' Josiah,' John,*) was bom and spent his boyhood in Richnumd, 
Vl, where he was married in 1807, to Anna Stevens, whose family 
came to Vermont from Connecticut in 1802. He removed to Essex, 
Vt, with his family in 1833- Anna died January 20, 1850, aged sixty- 


d by Google 


six years. Thomas died October 18, 1871. Their fifteen children, all 
natives o£ Richmond, were born in the following order: 

748. WESLEY,* born April 10^ 1808: died tSag, Richmond, Vl 

749^ LOUISA.* bom Octidter 31, i8to; nurried Iddo Green. 

750. SALLY,* bom December 3, iSii; married David A. Mumy, Williston, 

Vt; ad wife. 
4751. ERASTUS FINNEY,* bora Pebmary 3i, 1813, lUchmond, Vt 
■Vj$2. LORENZO DOW,* bora Januuy 30. 1815, Richmond, Vt. 
■t753. UZZIEL STEVENS,* born Janu&ry 31, 1817, Richmond, Vt 
4754. JOSHUA,* bora December 33, i8it^ Richmond, Vl 
"^SS. JOHN,* born December 13, iSao, Richmond, Vt 

7561 LYDIA,* born November 33, 1833; married John C Grifiin; £ed 1833 
at Williston; five children. 

7S7- JAMES,* bom October ig, 1834; died 1886 in Califoraia; unmarried. 
4758. SILAS,* born April 6, 1836, Richmond, Vt. 

759. MARY ANN,* born May so, 1839; married Flavell Williams. 

760. ELECTA,* born February so, 1831; married Mason ManueL 

761. , * died in infancy. I 
76a. ,* died in Infancy. I 

878 JOSHUA WHITCOMB,' (Thomas," John,* David,* David," 
Josiah,' John,') was married to Jenisha Dcnslow. He was a well-to- 
do farmer. They lived in Richmond, Vt, and raised their family 
there. They were Universalists. He died April 16, 1832; she died 
April 3, 1859, aged ninety-four years. 

*76i. LEVI,* bora November 10, i8t8. 
764. LAURA A..* bora 1831; married February, 1843, to Jonas Barber of 
Williston. Vt. 
+76S FRED.* 

766. AMANDA M,* bora September so, ; wa» married to William 

Freeman; died in Richmond, Vt 

876 DAVID WHITCOMB,' (John," John," David,* David," Jo- 
siah,' John,') was married November 3, 1824, to (widow) Sarah 
Whitt^er of Swanz^, N. H., daughter of Azartah DicIdnsoiL Sb« 

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was born September ii, 1797, and died May 31. 1883. He died Oc- 
tober 13, 1879. They lived in Swanzey, N. H. 
767. HARRIET J^* born Noveint>er 17. 1825: died April 3, 1878; married 
Jonathan W. Jonn of Mariboro, H. H. 
-^768. DAVID,* bora November 2, 1827. 

76)}. RUHAMAH • born December ta, 1839: married (i) Martin Dix, (a) 
Martin Seaver of Towntend. Mass. 

770. CLAREMA ELIZABETH.* born April is. 183a; married Menzies 


771. MARTHA J..* bom August 28, 1834; married Edwin Hill. 
77a. SARAH C* born Ausust 2, 1836; married Henry HilL 

■»773- HUBBARD WILLIAMS.* born April 14, 1840. 

S77 NATHANIEL WHITCOMB/ (John.* John/ David.* 
David,' Josiah,' John.*) was married about 1832 to Phoebe, dau|^ter 
of Jesse Baltou of Richmond, N. H. Th^ lived in Swanzey, N. H., 
where he died in 1882. 

774. EMILY,* 

77& HARRIET AUGUSTA,* married Lauron Stanley; residence Glaston- 
bury, Vt 

881 SILAS VVHITCOMB,' (Silas,* John." David,* David.» Jo- 
siah,' John,') was married December 18, 1823, to Louisa Lincoln of 
Leominster, Mass. She died July 29, 1877, ^S^ seventy-three years, 
seven months and twelve days. He died August 24, 1877. 

777. LOUISA ^NE,* bora October 27, 1834; was married (1) to William 

Allen Woodward of Marlboro, N. H.; (2) to Warren Farrar of Marl- ; 
boro, N. H. 

778. ROXALINE,* married Philander Thttcber of Marlboro, N. H. j 
+779. SILAS L,* bora August 6. 1827. ! 

;8a SUSAN S.,* married Levi H. Whitney of Royalston, Mass., January 
• 16, 1855. 

4781. CHARLES W..* bora . 

78X MARIA DIAHA,* married November 15, 1851. to Daniel Webster Clark 
of Swaniey. N. H. 

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783. ABIGAIL ANN,* died July 13. 1835- 

784. THOMAS,* married Sarah Whitney, Ashby, Mass. 

785. JAMES BATCHELLER,* died young. 

786. JAMBS BATCHELLER.* died February 8, 1853- 

787. LYDIA ANN,* married Edward E. Cutler, Marlboro, N. H. 
+788. HENRY W.,» 

886 SYLVESTER WHITCOMB,' (Silas,« John,' David,* Da- 
vid,' Josiah,' John,') was married to Lucinda Aurelia, daughter o( 
Ezra Emerson of Swanzey. N. H., October 21, 1833. She was born 
about 1817 and died in May. 1882. They lived in New Richmond, 
New Hampshire. After an illness he became insane and died in Brat- 
tleboro asylum, October 15, 1856. 

789. LAURA A.,* bom January 17. 1837, Richmond. N. H. 

790- JEROME S.,* bom December 18, 1839; died May 15, 1853- 

791- JULIETTE,* born July 16, 1841; married John Kenney, Winchendon, 

7»a. FRANKLIN CARTER.* ) lives in Iowa. 

y bora December 5, 1843 or 1844. 
793. FRANCES CAROLINE,* J md. Lamb; residence. Orange, Mass. 

wt ELLA^F**^' t '*°™ September 6, 1853; died In infancy. 

•»79& GEORGE A.,* bora June 14. 1850 or 1851. 

887 ROSWELL WHITCOMB,' (Silas,« John," David,* David,' 
Josiah,' John,*) was married to Serena Thompson and removed- to 
Ohio in early manhood. At the time of his removal West he had four 

797. LOUISA.* 
798L HENRY,* 
799. LAWRENCE,* 

888 CYRIL WHITCOMB,' (Silas,* John," David,* David,' Jo- 
siah.' John,*) was married to Eunice Almira, (laughter of Artemas 
Q)Uia9 of Marlboro, New Hampshire, December 22. 184a She was 

d by Google 


born June 27, 1833. and died December 17, 1857. The family lived 
in Marlboro, N. H. 


801. EVELINE A-,* born April 34. 1841; nurried Oiaries R. C<dlii», Marl- 

boro, N. H. 

802. OLIVE ANN,* bom September 18, 1843; married iTorjr E. Gates. 
80J. ELLA VIOLA.* born December i, 1847; died September as. iSfix 

804. WILLIAM F.,* bom June 16, 1850. 

805. ELLA VIOLA,* bora April 15, 1855; died in Swanzey, N. H, June, 1S63. 

806. LUCY ELLEN.* bora August 18^ 1857, Winchcndon, Mass. 

389 LEVI WHITCOMB,' (Elihu,* Levi,' David,* David,' Jo- 
siah,' John,') was married to Mrs. Anna (Watson) Drew, who was 
bom in Rochester, N. H., 1799, and died in Weston, Mass., December 
2, 1856. He died in Dedham, Mass., November 27, 1858. They lived 
for a time in Abbott, Maine. 

*«07. HORACE GREENWOOD,* bora January 8. 1839, Abbott, Maine. 
4«oa PERCY MAYNARD,* born Febraary 26. 1835. Weston. Maaa. 
■(S09. OTIS ALVIN,* bora December 24. 1S41, Needham, Mass. 
810. EURAHIA,* died yoimg. 

890 JUSTIN WHITCOMB.' (EIihu.« Levi.' David.* David,' 
Josiah.' John,') was twice married and had two children by each wife. 
The second wife was named Lowell. He died in Dexter, Me., Octo- 
ber 5, 1875. 


8tt. ELLEN,* married Larab, North Brookfield. Mass. 

813. ELIZABETH,* married Day, Honlton. Maine. 

813. THOMAS G.,* bom Dexter. Me. 

814. AUGUSTUS,* former residence, Washington, D. C 

400 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB.' (David," Levi,* David.* David,* 
Josiah,» John,*) was a blacksmith and lived in Paris, Norway. Green- 
wood, and Bethel, Maine. He (tied in Paris. Maine. July 27. 1854. 
He was married to Eliza Merrill, who was bom in Norway, Me., Jan- 
uary 27, 1809. 


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Sis. EMILY,* born Janusiy 15, 183a; married Natfauiiel G. French. 

816. OLIVE,* born Aqgust 35, i8m: married David W. Famam. 

817. SARAH S,* bom Aogust 23, 1S36; married Thomas R. Lovejoy. 
81& MARTHA W.,* bom Augnat 13, iSjg; died April 37, i8s& 

819. LEVI,* born Auffuat 23, 1844; died CbanccHoraville. Va.. May 3, i8l$3. 
Soldier Civil War; no further record. 

404 NELSON WHITCOMB,' (Abel,' Abd,' David,* David,' 
Josiah,' John,^) was married October 20, 1836, to Elvira Holman. 
who was bom in Bolton, Mass., May Z2, 1815. The children were 
bom in Bolton, and later the family moved to Athol, Mass. 

8aa EMILY SOPHIA,* bom November 34. 1838; married October itf^ 

1860, to E. A. Whittemore, Qinton. Mass. ' 
821. HARRIET FRANCES,* bora July 3i. 1841; married March 38, 1S66, 

to George A. Ellis, Ointon, Mass. Died January 3i, 1877, Springfield, 

833. OSCAR H.,* bom January 8, 1847; died unmarried March 20, 18801 

Springfield, Mas*. 

405 ABEL WHITCOMB,' (Abel,* Abel/ David,* David,' Jo- 
siah,' John,') lived in Bolton, Mass. He was married January 23, 
1840^ to Sarah Maria Hoar, who died March 28, 1883, aged sixty- 
four years and six months. 

4«23. ALBIN LINCOLN,* bora November 30, 1841. 

824. GEORGE WILLIAM,* bom November 6^ 1S43; died December ^ ^843. 

825. SOPHIA H..* bora November 17, 1844. 

826L MARTHA LINCOLN,* bom October 20, 18461 

^807- ABBOTT HENRY,* bora November 13. 1848. . 

82a EMMA MARIA,* bora July 7. 1851- 

839. ADELLE ASENATH,* bora October 25, 1856; died October 35, 1857. . 
830. DELLA A.,* bora September g, 1858; was married April 4, iSBft to 
Henry S. Priest, son of Andrew and Sarab A. (Edwards) Priest. 

407 HENRY WHITCOMB,' (Abel,« Abel,» David,* David," ' 
Josiah,' John,^) was a man of influence in Bolton, Mass. He was 

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married March 30, 1843, to Louisa, daughter of Jonathan Nourse. 
He served in the Civil War; was captain of Company F. of the old 
State Militia and major of the battalion. When the Rebellion broke 
out he held the position of captain of Company F, Thirteenth Regi- 
ment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. In 1855 he was representa- 
tive in the Legislature from Bolton. Captain Whitcomb died at 
Hudson, Mass., April 28, 1891. 

831. SON,* died young. 
83a. LOUISA,' 

408 CHARLES WHITCOMB,' (Abel.« Abel,» David,* David,' 

Josiah,' John,*) lived in Bolton, Mass. Was married to Sarah Wliit- 

ney of Harvard, Mass. He died October i, 1903, in Warrenville^ lit. 


833- NELLIE,* born ; died November. 1869. 

834. GEORGE B.,* born September 10, 1863. 

835- CHARLES RANNEY, bom ; residence Glen Ellyn, lU. 

David,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married to Emetine Simmons, 
who was bom in SuHield, Conn., August i, 1830. The family live in 
Naperville, 111. 


+836. CHARLES FRANKLIN,* bom Aognst 30, 1857- 

837. CHENEY,* bom October sg, 1865, unnurried. 

838. EMELINE,* born June 13, 1868; nnourried. 

412 SOLON A. WHITCOM 3,' (Abel,* Abel,* David,* David,* 
Josiah,* John,*) was married to Jane Sawyer November 3, 1856, in 
Bolton, Mass. She was bom in Saco, Me., July 20, 1834. He was a 
shoe cutter. They reside in Hudson, Mass. 


8401 HENRY BANKS,* bom October 30^ 1863; mirried Eva Grace Greeley; 
BO children. 

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vid,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married May i, 1855, to Laura A., 
daughter of Luke and Anna Rice. They reside in Hudson, Mass. 

418 HJTHER WHITCOMB/ (Jonathan,* David," Jonathan.' 
David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married January 18, 1807, to Polly 
Hazelton, who was the first white child bom in the town of Jamaica, 
Vl He was a farmer in Wardsboro, Vt, where both he and his wife 
died. Luther Whitcomb is placed in this branch on strong probability, 
but without positive proof. 


841. CAMBER ALZAMON,* born April a, t8o8; died younsr. 

842. LORENZO,* born M»rch 34, 1810. 

843- LESTER CARPENTER.* bora November 29, i8ti. 

844- MARY EMMA,* born May 1% 1814. 

84s. HARRIET NARCISSUS.* born October 2^ i8iS- 
846. SOPHIA,* born October 29. 1819. 

+847. LUTHER ALZAMON,* born November it, 1822, S. Londonderry, Vl 
848. FREDERICK GUSTAVUS,* bom November 17, 1824. S. London- 
derry. -Vt 

420 CALVIN WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan," David,' Jonathan,* 
David,' Josiah,* John,') was married January i, 1811 in Ne\vfane, 
Vt, to Eliza Hovey of Newfane. He removed from Newfane to 
Dummerston, Vt., lived there ten years, thence to Truxton, N. Y. He 
was a deacon and active in the Congregational Church all his life. He 
was a farmer and died April 24, 1829, in Truxton, N. Y. His wife 
died in Hastings, Minn. 


84» ELIZA ALMERIA,* bom ; 

850. MARY ANN.* bora . 


4S52. SAMUEL HOVEY,* bom August 36, 1S18, fai Vermont 
-fSss. LUKE PENFIELD,* bora December 8, 183a 



•^56. PLINY FISKE,* bwn 1828; Homer, N. Y. 

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426 DAVID WHITCOMB,' (Enoch,* David,' Jonathan,* Da- 
vid,* Josiah,* John,') was married to Rebecca Chase. He was a 
farmer and they were Protestants. His wife, Rebecca, died August 6, 
1852, aged six^-two years and five months. He died December 6, 
1871, at Surrey, N. H. Both are buried in Surr^, N. H. 


857. ALFRED," born ; died April 6^ 187ft *fed sbtty-nine yean; un- 


858. ELIZA A.," bom 1813; died May VS, 1891, Boston; married to Henry 

Ltvermore; no children. 

4859. ELIJAH,* born March 9, 1814. 

4860. HENRY,* bom January 18, 1817, Leominster, Mati. 
861. RUTH.* born February, 1834. 

+863. GEORGE LEVI,* bora August 11, 1837, Surrey. 


427 JOSEPH WHITCOMB.' (Enoch,* David," Jonathan/ Da- 
vid,' Josiah,' John,*) was married to Mrs. Catherine Mullen. He 
was a farmer and died in Leominster, Mass., January 4, 1834. She 
died in the same town. 


864. GEORGE,* last residence, Charteston, Mo.; an attorney. 

866. JAMES,* ALBERT,* ( k„ r. ,. »_ , ■ . « 
+86s JEROME,* GILBERT.* \ *"™ D^'e^ber 4. 1827. Uommster. Mats. 

480 SILAS WHITCOMB,' (Enoch,* David," Jonathan,* David,* 

Josiah,' John,*) was married ■ — to Abigail , who died 

July 25, 1861. He died August 4, 1876, at Surrey. N. H. 

f CHILD: ! 

867. SARAH,* 

438 JACOB WHITCOMB,' (Oliver,* Oliver,* Jonathan,* Da- '■ 
vid,' Josiab,' John,') was married October 7, 1812, to Phyllis (Sweet) 
Grant, daughter of Anthony Sweet and widow of Alpheus GranL She 
was bom June 28, 1783, and died November 23, 1866. They lived on 
the Anthony Sweet farm in New Richmond, N. H. He died February 
13, 1870. . 

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+868. JACOB,* born April 31, 1813. 
869- HAMNAH.* born June 26, 1815. 

87a DANIEL,* born October t, 1817; was married January i^ 1S40, to 
Mary, daughter of Deacon Elijah Lyon of FltzwiUiam, N. H.; ibcy 
reside in Fitzwitliani; no children. 
+871. ANTHONY SWEET," bom August 31, tSaa 
tja. ISAAC,* bom April i6v 1823; died February 4, 1832. 
^3. CYNTHIA,* born September 31, i8as; married Bowman Howe; they 
Ihre in Troy, N. H.; four children. 

489 JONATHAN WHITCOMB.' (Oliver," Oliver," Jonathan,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married to Betsey Perkins of Surrey, N. 
H., and died in Manlius, N. Y., July 6, 184S, where they had lived. 


874- UELINDA.* 

875- MARIA,* 

876. WILLIAM.* 

440 OLIVER WHITCOMB,' (Oliver,' Oliver," Jonathan,* 
David," Josiah,' John,*) was married about 1818, to Esther, daughter 
of Wilderness and Dinah (Handy) Martin of Richmond, N. H., who 
was bom December 22, 1796. He died January 4, 1S32, and his 
widow married (2) Lilbum Allen. She died August 3, 1865. 

877. GEORGE,* bom November 1. 18191 

878. ASA,* born December 13, i8xa. 
S79. PHINEHAS,* bom January 8, 1836. 

8S0. ESTHER PHILENDA,* bora March 3. 1830^ 

444 ABRAHAM WHITCOMB,' (Abraham,' Oliver," Jonathan,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,0 was a farmer in Waterford, Me. He was 
.married (i) to Betsey Houghton, and (2) to Mary E. Horr, who 
survived him and lives in Lowell, Mass. 


+881. JOHN.* bom 

8Sx ELIZA,' married (i) Stephen Sanderson; (3) Milton Jewett 
883- ELONA,* died young. 


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445 ISAAC WHITCOMB/ (Abraliam," Oliver,* Jonathan/ 
David,' Josiah,* John,*) lived in West Waterford, Me. He was 
married to Rachel Pike. 


+884. MELVILLE.' born . 

885. MARV AMN,* born . 

♦886. MARCELLUS,' born . 

447 CALVIN WJIITCOMB,' (Abraham,* Oliver," Jonathan.* 
David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married (i) to Louisa Houghton, and 
(3) to Mrs. Sarah Meserve of Portland, Me. 


887. MELINDA,* bom . 

838. LYMAN,« born . 

889. LAVlNIA,*born . 

890. LOUISA,* bom . 

891. OLIVE," bom ; died unmarried. 

892. ADDIE,* bora ; died unmarried. 

Oliver,' Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married to May A., 
only daughter of Captain John Harris of Bethel, Me. At one time 
he kept a public house, which was after^vards burned. He died quite 
young and His widow was married (2) to William Frost of Nor- 
way, Me. 

+893. WILLIAM HARRIS.* bom . 

452 JOSEPH WHITCOMB,' (Joseph.* Joseph,' Joseph,* David,' , 
Josiah,' John,*) lived in Grafton, Vl, where he was married March 
2.Z, 1S08, to Eunice Chapman. The youngest son writes: 

"A year or two before my father died he told mc that his gra'^tl- . 
mother* or great-grandmother was a full-blooded Indian squaw. Ihe I 
blood cropped out very prominently in my father's famWy. He and 

d by Google 


his brothers, William and Wilson, and Aunt Polly had black eyes, 
straight black hair and high cheekbones, and they were about the color 
o£ smoked ham. Alt of my brothers and sisters had black eyes and 
the older ones dark skins. I am the only blue-eyed one in the family. 
Our family lias not been celebrated for great things, nor has it been 
prominent in politics or public affairs. The older boys were excellent | 
mechanics. They invented the whirlpool waterwheel from which 
grew the turbine wheel of today. They had it patented and made some 
money out of it, but it was soon improved and the old wheel lost 
prestige. I put four years into service during the rebellion, Zeno also 
being a Union soldier." Joseph Whitcomb,' died at Argyle, N. Y., 
March ii, 1866. 

4S94. JOSEPH MILTON.' bora October tS. 1S08. 
4905- THOMAS NEWTON,* bom Fcbnury 4, i8z4, Windham, Vt 
+896. HORACE CHAPMAN, born March 15. i8'3- 

897. MARIA.* bora October 31, 1815: died October 23, tSzj. 

8s^ POLLY WILSON,* bora June 10, 1817; died February 9, 1880. 

Sgg. HARRIET,* bora February 14, 1821; married Ausust 6, 183S. at GraC- i 
ton, Vt, to Pratt Lincoln; lire children; one, Charles Z., a lawyer 
in Albany, N. Y. Harriet died March 5, 1S53. 
4900. 2ENO,* born Marcli 7, 1833. 

90t. VIRGIL,* born March 11, 1835; died March 31, 1825. 
+9oa: WILLIAM PITT,* bora September 5, 1827- 
4903. ORRIN LELAND,* bom October 5. 1830. 

465 WILSON WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,* Joseph,' Joseph,* 
David,' Josiah,* John,') was married (i) to Olive Rugg, December 
25, iSao. She was bom June 7, 1800, and died December 4. 1853, 
leaving six children. He was married (2) to Betsey Davis, who was 
bom January ^ 1804. and died June 10, 1871. He died June i, 1875, 
in Sullivan, Ohio. After his marriage he lived about thirteen years 
in Windham, Vt, where four children were bom. He was a black- 

904.' CLARISSA,* bora December 14. 1821, Windham, Vt; died March a, 

d by Google 


^905. HORACE NEWELL,* born Fcbraxry 4, 1834. Windham, Vt 
90& DAVID RUGG.i born March 5, 18^ Windham, Vt; married Hattie 
Chase, Fairfield, Ohio. No children. He is a cterk in the Censtia 
Department. Washington, D. C 
4967. OREN M.,* bom August i, 1831. 

90S. POLLY LUMINDA,* bom Fcbmary 15, 1835, Sullivan. Ohio; died 
October i, 1861, Oberlin, Ohio. 
4909. WILLIE WILSON,* bom December a, 1843, SnIIrran. Ohio. 

456 WILLIAM WHITCOaiB,' (Joseph,* Joseph/ Joseph,* 
David,' Josiah,* John,*) was for many years a leading dtizen of Graf- 
ton, Vt. "He was long a deacon in the Baptist churdi, was superin- 
tendent of the Sunday School more than thirty years, was twice dected 
State Representative, was a staunch friend of the temperance cause, 
and was in personal, practical sympathy with every noble enterprise, 
social or religions; he lived in the loving confidence of his fellow men, 
d)ring (1876) in 'the full assurance of a blessed immortality." — 
(W. W. W.) His wife was Annis Converse who was bom June 23, 


910. WEALTHY W,* bom March 29, 1825; married Dexter Conant; died 

April 18, 1888. 
4911. WINCHESTER WILLIAM,' bom May 10. 1830. 

91X MARY W.,* bom March S. 183a. 
4913. GEORGE R..* bom Majr 14, 1838. 

464 LEVERETT WHITCOMB,' (Peter,* Joseph,' Joseph.* 
David,' Josiabi* John,*) was married to Delia Fuller, who was bom 
October 33, 1S15, in New York; she died in Kalaina«>o, Mich., No- 
vember 7, 1893. ^c ^i^ J<"K 26, i86c^ in Kalamazoo. 

■1914. LE GRAND,* bora June 38, 183^^ Kalamasoo. : 

468 LUKE WHEELCX:K WHITCOMB,' (Peter,» Joseph," ! 
Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married to Uda Ann Mower, ' 

d by Google 


who was born in Woodstock, Vt., and died in Kalamazoo, Mich., 
January 22, 1854. He died April 27, 186S, in Kalamazoo, Mich. 

915. ,* bom ; died unnurried. 

467 GRACE VERNON WHITCOMB,' (Pcter,« Joseph,' Jo- 
seph,* David,^ Josiah,' John,*) removed from Grafton, Vt, to Pike, 
N. Y,, where he was married to Harriet Helen Winegar, who was 
bom October 9, 1815. He was a farmer. Religious belief, Universal- 
ism. She died May 26, 1882. He died June 15, 1889, in Pike, N. Y. 

916. PETER HARMON,* born July 15. 1638, at Pike, N. Y.; d AuE- t6. 185a. 
917- ELIZA ANN,* born December i, 1840, Pike, N. Y.; died Jnne to, 1891. 

4918. ELIAS VERNON,' born October 10, 1842, Pike. N. Y. 
919. ORACE MOREAU,* born April 33, 1850, Pike, N. Y.; unmarried. 

930. EVELINE HELEN,* bom February 6, 1854, Pike, N. Y. 

472 WILLARD WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan," Jonathan Priest," 
Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married to Patty (or Martha), 
daughter of Joel Foster and granddau^ter of Gen. Philemon Whit- 
comb; they lived in Westfield, N. Y., where he died Nov. 4, 1887; he 
was a farmer. Martha died January 26, 1873. 


931. UILA,* bom Hay 3, iSai, Westfield, N. Y.; married John Francis. 
-193a. JOEL WILLARD,* born September 23. .t&ta. Westfield, N. Y. ' 
■(933. HORACE.* bora Aueust tfi, 1824, Westfield, N. Y. 

924. DIANA.* bom March 3, 1626. Westfield, N. Y.; md. W. H. Woodbury. 

935. LAURA ELIZA,* bom February 8, 1S38; married E. S. Phelps. 

926. VESTA,* bora January 23, 1831, Westfield, U. Y.; md. W. H. Brown. 

927. SUSAN MARTHA.* born October 4. 1833, Westfield, N. Y.; unmarried. 
93a ROSWELL JONATHAN,* bora December 33, 183S, Westfield. N. Y.; 

died in childhood. 
939. MARIAN FRANCES,* bom May 6, 1837, Westfield. M. Y.; unmarried. 
■193a FOSTER BARZILLA,* bora April 28. 1838. Westfield, H. Y. 

476 JONATHAN WHITCOMB/ (Jonathan,* Jonathan Priest,* 
Joseph.* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married (i) to Lu^, daughter 

d by Google 


of Shubael Seaver; she died December 9, 1831, and he was married 
(2) to Thirza Willard o£ Winchester. The family removed from 
New Hampshire to Charlevoix, Mich. 


gji. SARAH S^* born September 9$, 1824. 

933. DAMASIS,* born October 7, 1830; died June 23, 1843. 

933. EMILY,* bora June 4, 1834. 

934. THIRZA M.,* bom April 8, 1836. 

935. UARY E.,* born November 5, 1838. 
936- FRANCIS F,« born February 10, 1841. 

477 HIRAM WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan,' Jonathan Priest," Jo- 
seph,* David," Josiah,' John,*) removed to Sandy Credc, Mich., frran 

Swanzey, N. H. He was married to Almira . 

937> JANE E.,* born ; died February 20^ 1831. 

479 ROSWELL WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan/ Jonathan Priest," 
Joseph,* David,* Jostah,' John,*) was married (i) to Rhoda, daughter 
of Fisher Bullard, March i, 1838. She ^^-as bom May 4« 1814, and 
died March 8, 1852. (2) to Mary A. Gunn, daughter of I. H. Gunn, 
March, 1853. She was bom March 2, 1837, and died December 12, 
1866. (3) to Anna A. Alby, mdow of Hardin Alby, May 4, 1868. 
(4) June. 19, 1889, to Maria A., daughter of Laban Starkey. She 
was bom April 22, 1824. The children were bora in Swanzey, N. H. 
He had a sawmill for getting out pail staves and headings. They re- 
sided in West Swanzey. N. H. 

4938. HIRAM ROSWELL,* bora February 17. 184a. 
4939- GEORGE E^* bom July i. 1841. 

940. MARY SELINAi* bora June 19, 1843; married Orlow E. Ftrsons, : 
May 15, 1S69. She died February 19, 188a. | 

941- ARTHUR HENRY,* born March 5, 1865; umnarried; Swanzey, H. H. 

480 LEONARD WHITCOMB,' (Nathan.* Jonathan Priest." Jo- ! 
8e(di.* David." Josiah.* John,*) was married to Betsey, daughter of ; 

d by Google 




d by Google 

d by Google 


Josiah Woodward of Swanzey, N. H., February 9, 1819. He died 
in West Swanzey in 1866, aged seventy-four years. 

Ma. ELIZA,* born January 17, 1820; residence. Palmer. Mass. 

943. ALANSON S.* born. November 17, iSaa; married Samantlu Taylor. 

944. MARIA,* bom March 21, 1834; married Solomon P. Lawrence, Janu- ' 

ary 30, 1S46. 

945. ALBERT B.,* bom August 3g, 1829; died November 13, 18361 \ 


481 CARTER WHITCOMB,' (Nathan,' Jonathan Priest,' Jo- 
seph,' David,' Josiah,' John,^) was married December 26, 1815, to 
Lucy, daughter of Jonidab Baker of Marlboro, N. H. She was bora 
Fdiruary 4. 1794. and died October 3. 1890. aged nine^-six years. 
He died May i, 1879. He was a merchant and manufacturer of 
woolen goods, from 1815 to 1837 in Saxton's River Village, Vt, in 
partnership with his brother. Cement Godfrey. He took an active 
interest in military and town aiTairs and was Colonel of a Vermont | 
regiment In 1837 he returned to Swanzey and spent the latter portion 
of his life in his native town in peace and quiet on his farm. The 
children, except the last, were bom in Saxton's River. Vt 


4946. ALONZO,* bom April 30, 1818. ' 

-1947. CARTER,* bom May 37, 1820. 
-1948. JONIDAB BAKER,* bom October a, 1823- 
49491 BYRON,* bora April 17, 182& 

950. CLEMENT GODFREY,* born December 12, 1828; died, San Fran- 

cisco, April I, 1893; unmarried. 

951. LUCY JANE.* bora May 9, 1834; married George Carpenter of 

Swanzey, N. H. 

952. HENRY. HOMER,* bom May 13, 1837; unmarried. 

482 OTIS WHITCOMB.' (Nathan,* Jonathan Priest." Joseph,* 
David.' Josiah,' John,*) lived in Swanzey. N. H., where he was mar- , 
ried July 22, 1818, to Esther, daughter of Ezekiel Osgood. She was 
ham October 17, 1799, and died April 20. 1867. He died Mardi 18, j 

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1882, in Swanzey. This couple had eighteen children, and Otis lived 
to see thirty^three grandchildren and five great grandchildrai. A 
8<Mi, Andrew, says: "Father once promised his wife a new silk dress, 
when slie had her twentieth child. She never got the dress, although 
she tried hard for it." He was called "Captain" and took great in- 
terest in military matters always, and was found doing military duty 
when quite an old man. He has been made famous by Denman 
Thompson's play, "Joshua Whitcomb." The character of Joshua was 
a ccnnbination of Joshua Holbrook (an old resident of Swanzey) and 
Otis Whitcomb,* and Swanzey people have said that "Uncle Joshua 
was Otis Wliitcomb to the life." Mr. Thompson, the playwright, who 
was a native of Swanz^, was very fond oE Mr. Whttcomb and often 
had him on the stage during his plays. Four or more of the sons were 
in the Union army during the Civil War. 


-tflSJ. SYLVANDER L,* bom December 18; 1818. 

gS4- DAUGHTER,* born April 8. 1820; died same day. 

49SS- NATHAN," bom March 17, i8ai. 

gstii OTIS,* bom August i^ 18^; died in Chile, South America 

-l957> LUCIUS,* born January 16, 1824. 

958. CHARLES,* born July 23, 1S25, South Swanzey. 

959. ESTHER ELIZA.* bom March 14, 1S37; married Lyman B. Collins. 

960. FRANCES JANE,* bom October t, 1828; married William Merriam; 

resides in Palmer, Mass. 

961. TRUMAN CHAUNCEY,* bom November 29, 1830. 
+962. LYMAN,* bom May 3. 1832; served in Civil War. 
+963. ANDREW J..* bom August 14, 1833- 

964. CZARINA,* bora April 25. 1835; married Norman Hunt; resides in 

Springfield. Mass. 

965. ALMIRA AUGUSTA.* bom Febmary 2, 1837. 

96& DONA MARIA,* bom September 7, 1838; died young. 

girj. SELLECK,* bom June 7, 184a 

^gOi. LEONARD,* bora April 29, 1841. 

969. SON,* bora November 25, 1843; died young, 

j^a CLARENCE EBER.* bora Jane ift 1S47; unmarried. 

* SaaaiUd* cnaecndttg Urn ia "AppCDdla," 

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484 ALVA WHITCOMB,' (Nathan," Jonathan Priest," Joseph * 
David,' Josiah,' John,') w^ married to Alniira, daughter of Ezektc) 
Osgood of Swanzey, N. H., September 21, 1820. Tlie family moved 
to Pennsylvania; he was a farmer, and died in 1850 in Pennsylvania. 

971. NEHEMIAM CUMMINGS,* born Angaat 20 <or May so), iSat. 

97a. FHILA.* born October 20 (or 30); married Levi Starkejr. 

973- ORVILLA,' born July i, 1834. 

974. LESTER.* bom January st, 1838. 

486 LYMAN WHITCOMB/ (Nathan,* Jonathan Priest," Jo- 
seph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married September 26, 1837, to 
Eliza, daughter of Oliver and Elizabeth Curtis, of Sharon, Mass. She 
was bom October 21, 1803, in Sharon. He died in Worcester, Mass., I 
January 14, 1873. I 


97S- ELIZABETH,' bom May 16, 183a 

yj6. SON,* born May i, 1839; died the same day. 
+977. LYMAN ANGEVINE.* bom May 22, 1841. 

604 GEORGE WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim,* Jonathan Priest." Jo- \ 
seph,* David,* Josiah,? John,') was married April 13, 1836, to 
Amarilla, daughter of Edward Goddard of Swanzey, N. H. She was 
bom August 31, 1813. 


PTS. OLIVER C* bora February 35. 1844; married Ellen Wbitcomb (i486}. 

979- JANE AMARILLA,* born tSss; died July 18, 1S63. 

606 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim.* Jonathan Priest,' 
Joseph,* David," Josiah,* John,') was married February 7, 1841, in 
Springfield, Mass., to Mary Pierce, who was bom in West Boylston, 
Mass., July 29, 1818. His occupation was railroading. His religious ; 
belief, Universalism; his wife was an Episcopalian. He died in Rut- : 
land, Vt, December 13, 1894. 

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-l$8a. GEORGE JARVIS,* bom June 3, 184^ Sprin^eld, Uus. 
981. CHARLES DWIGHT,* born June 30. 184S, Keene, N. H.; married to 
Ida Witluns; no children. 
■ffSa. EUGENE GARDNER,* bom June ao. 1850, Keene, N. H. 

983. EVA GERTRUDE,' bom September 16, iBS3. Bellows FUti, Vt 

510 EPHRAIM WHITCOMB,' (Elisha,« EHsha,' Joseph,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,*) was a fanner in Rutland, Vt; was married 
(i) to Olive Harris, who was born June 12, 1788, and died March 5. 
1824; was married (2) to Lydia Thompson, who was bom March 2, 
1797. Moved from Vermont to Granby, N. Y., iu 1827, where he 
was accidentally killed at the raising of a bam April 22, 1837. His 
wife also died 10 Granby, N. Y. 


984. RUSSELL,* bora September 19, 1814. 

985. HARIA,* bom January jp, i8t6; married Asahel FuHer. 

986. STEPHEN HARRIS,* born October is, 1818. 

987. HARRIET FOX,* bom November, 1820; was married to Luther 

Fisher; eight children. 
4988. JASPER HARRIS,* bom March 7, i8aa. 

989. OLIVE ELIZABETH,* born March i, 1824; married Napoleon B. 

Howe; two children. 

990. MARIAM THOMPSON,* bom June X|, 1837. 

991. ELISHA,* bora June 25, 1830. 
■hjga^ FRANCIS,* bora August 19, 1833. 

993. EPHRAIM,* bom April 12, 183& 

611 EUSHA WHITCOMB,' (Elisha,' Elisha," Joseph,* David,' . 
Josiah,' John,*) was married April 17, 1817, to Olive Bodwell of Ver- ; 
mont, who was bom in 1797, and died June 30, 1858. He died in \ 
Swanzey, N. H., March 31, 1834. ! 


994. UARY ALNETTE,* bora ; married George Marsh, of Keener i 

N.a I 

995. OLIVE,* bora 1836; died April tft 1837. 

9961 PERSIS,* bora ——; married Justice R. Rogers; died March 14, 1849^ 

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512 DAVID WHITCOMB/ (David,* Elislia," Joseph,* David,' 
Josiah,* John,*) was married in Weathersficid, Vt, October 5, 1817, 
to Lu(7 Prouty, who was bom in Cavendish, Vt., January 6, 1796. 
He was a fanner and they resided in Ottumwa, la. 

4997. OTIS PROUTY,* born August 25, 1818, Hartford, Vl 
998. HARVEY D„* born December 25, i8ig; died September at, 18S3, Am- 
herst, la. 

■♦999. NILES DAVID,' bom July 23, 1822, Stow, Ohio. 

tooa ZAVAN B.,* born October 17, 1824, Eton, Ohio; died May s, 1849, in 
Peoria. III. 

looi. FRANCES H.,* bom Febmaiy ai, 182^ Eton, Ohio. 

tooa. LUCIA A.,* bom March a, 1830, Elysian, Ohio; died April, i8g6, in 
Otturowa, la. 

1003. JULIA A.,* bom October 21, 1831, Amherst, Ohio; died February, tSja. 
+tocu. CHARLES C* bom April iS, 1833, Amherst, Ohio. 

looS. BYRON £,■ bom February 24, 1835. 

100& ELLEN M.,* born September 26, 1838. \ 

614 -WYUAli WHITCOMB,' (David," EIisha,» Joseph,* David/ 
Josiah,' John,*) was married in 1823 to Ltira Brockway, who was 
bom November 15, 1803, in New York State, and died September 29. 
1888, Blue Mound, Kans. He was a farmer and his last residence was 
Plainville, lU. He died March 8, 1886. 

+1007. JASPER,* born June 13, 1825, Trimbull County, Ohio 
lOoSL ARVILLA,* bom September 20^ 18^ Trimbull County, Ohio; died 
Febraary 23, 18911 in Kansas. 
+10091 DWIGHT,* bom November 12, 1830, TrimbnII County, Ohio, 
loia HARRIET,* bom May 22, 1833, Adams County, IIL; died January 

31, 1843. 
lott. ELIZA,* bora June 6, 1836, Adams County, III. 
. -ftoia. DAVID,* bora April 18, 1838; Adams County, IIL 

1013. MOSES,* bom January 28, 1640, Adama County, III. 

1014. ORRA,* bora January 23, 1843, Adams County, IIL 

leiS. ALONZO,* bom April 4, 1846, Adams County, III.; died 185a; 


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6i6 JASPER WHITCOMB/ (David,« Elisha,' Joseph,* David,' 
Josiah,' John,*) ^vas married in Payson, 111., January 31, 1841, to 
Elizabeth Duff, who was bom January i, 1816, in Belfast, Ireland. 
He removed from Hartford, Vt., to Payson, III., where he followed 
the trade of a carpenter, and where he died February 12, 1885. Hb 
wife died at the same place Jantiary 15, 1903. 

I016. CELENA,* born November 4, 1841. 
+1017. MARTIN POLK,* born October 9, 1843. 

101& MAY,* born May 5, 1845; d>«d September 10, 1846, Payson, IIL 

toig. JOEL R.,* born February 17, 1847: died May 33, 1884, DakoU; mar- 
ried; had one son, died in infancy. 

toaa ADELAIDE,* born November a, 1848, Payson. III. 

loai. OLIVE,* bom July 8, 1851; died April 18, tgoa. Payson, III. 

loaa. DICK PIERCE,* bom Pcbruaty i, 1853; died September 9, 1858, 
Payson, III 

617 FARNUM R. WHITCOMB,' (David,« Elisha," Joseph,* 
David.* Josiah,' John,*) was married April 19, 1840, in Fairfield, Ia.» 
to Nancy M. Fox, who was born in Amherst, Ohio, July 27, 182a He 
was a fanner in Ottumwa, la. He was run over and killed by the cars 
when he was eighty-five years old. 

1033. MELISSA,* bom November a, 1841, Oltnmwa, la.; married to — ■ — 

1024. MINERVA,* bora July 31, 1853, Ottumwa, la.; married to 

+1025. FRANK J.,* bom October 13, i8s5, Ottumwa, la. 

619 JOSIAH WHITCOMB,' (David,« Elisha," Joseph,* David,* 
Josiah,' John,0 was married November 27, 18 — , to Sarah Ann 

Webster, who was bom . Josiah Whitcomb viras in the Ameri- j 

can Navy and served in the Mexican War. In 1851 he enlisted in I 
Captain Sanders' company, CoL Crittenden's r^ment of filibusters, 
widi the rank of Sergeant, and went to Cuba with the I.opez expedi- 


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tion. He was shot by Spaniards in Cuba with fifty otliers of the 
regiment, August i6, 1851. His wife survives him and resides in 
Washington with her son, Henry Dayton Whitcomb. 

+ioa6. HENRY DAYTON.* bom October 19, 1849. 
1027. ,■ bora . 

680 LYMAN WATERMAN WHITCOMB,' (Salmon,* EUsha,» 
Joseph,* David,* Josiah,* John,') lives in Barre, Vt. He was married 
November 5, 1850, to Miriam Noyes, daughter of William Noyes of 
Barre. He is senior partner in a 6rm of stone polishers in Barre, Vt, 
"Lyman W. Whitcomb & Sons." 


1038. FRIEND M^* bora ,. 

loag. HARRY W.,« born . 

Joseph,* David,* Josiah," John,*) is one of the prominent citizens in 
Barre, Vt, where he is a member of the firm of "Smith, Whitcomb & 
Cook," engaged in manufacturing the Barre Turbine WaterAvheel, 
mill machinery, and heavy hoisting machinery, as well as the Imperial 
North American Swivel Plow. He is also owner of the Barre Grist 
and Flouring Mills and director of the Granite Savings Bank and 
Trust Company. He was state representative in 1869, 1870 and 1871. 
He was married December i, 1853, to Harriet O. Wood, dau|^ter of 
Benjamin Wood of Barre, Vt 

1030. WILL A.,* bom September 6. 1854, Barre, Vt; unmarried. 

£82 JAMES ADDISON WHITCOMB,' (Salmon,* Elisha," 
Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,') was married in Montreal, Novem- 
ber 6, 1865, to Augusta L. Snow, daughter of Captain Artemas Snow 


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of Port Kent, N. Y. They resided for some years in Burlington, Vt, 
and removed to Barre, Vt, in 1874. He is a manafacturer of car- 
riages, sleighs, etc 


1031. EDITH h.,* bora May 14, 1870. 

1032. MAUD tX^* born October it. 1880. 
I0J3> LEE h.,* bora April 9, 1888. 

646 CALVIN MUNROE WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,* EUsha," Jo- 
seph/ David," Josiah,' John,*) lives in Worcester, Mass. He was 
married July 5, 1858, to Abbie 5. Sweetzer, who was bom in Fitz- 
william, N. H., May 6, 1839. 


1034. ARTHUR M.,* bora August 19, 186(1; nnraarrted. 

648 JOEL WHITCOMB.' (Jotham,« Philemon," Joseph,* Davifl,' 
Josiah.' John,*) was married May 5, 1824. to Sarah, dau^^ter of 
Ezekiel Osgood of Swanzey, N. H. She was bom July 14, 1808. 
They lived in Swanzey where he died December 22, 184a 

1035. ESTHER PRISCILLA,* born November 6, 1824; died Auguat 31, 183& 
+103& JOTHAM,* born August zo, 1826. 

1037. ESTHER PRISCILLA,* born December 18; 1827; married Runsden, 

Bridge water, Maia. 

1038. NANCY ANN,* born November 10, 1829; mu-ried Hatbuiiet N. 

Chaae, Northficld, Vt. 

1039. GEORGE WASHINGTON,* bom February 2a. 1832; died in Dakota. 

No children. 
•H04a. EZEKIEL OSGOOD,* born Febroary 17, 1835. 
1041. ROYAL FOREST,* bora April 35, 1839; died October 15, 1855. 

662 ABIJAH BROWN WHITCOMB,' (Philemon,' Philemon,* 
Jo«eph,< pavid,» Josiah,« John,*) lived in Waitsfield, Vt He was 
married August 30, 183^ to Lorena Partridge, who was bom Janu- 
ray lo, 1818. He died July 14, 1897. ' 


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1043. ANNETTE,* born July 14, 1837. 
+1043. EDMOND A.,* born March 2, 1843. 

1044. ZAPHIRA.* born Februsry at, 1847. 

+1045. GEORGE HERBERT,* born April 14, 1853. 
1046. ABIGAIL.* bora December iS, 1855. 

668 BENJAMIN WHITCOMB/ (Benjamin,* Philemon,' Jo- 
seph,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married February 9, 1847, to 
Sarah Jane, daughter of Charles Fislier of Hinsdale, N. H. She was 
bom April 2, 1825. They lived in Swanzey, N. H., where he died 
October 24, 1867. 

+1047. CHARLES S.,* bora March 12. 1851. 
10^ MARTHA E,* born June 9, 1856; married (i) George S. Snow; (a) 
Job Pierce; residence in Missouri. 

667 ELBRIDGE GERRY WHITCOMB,' (Abijah,« Philemon,' 
Joseph,* David,* Josiah,* John,*) was married November 18, 1844, to 
Salome, daughter of Everett and Hannah (Buckminster) Newcomb, 
who was bom in Roxbury, N. H., September 19, 1822. He was a 
merchant clothier, and the sons of this family make up a firm of cloth- 
iers in Keene, N. H. Both Elbridge and Hannah died in Keene, N. H. 

1040, FANNY,* bora September 4, 184s; married Georse H. Bigelow. 
•i-ioso. JONAS FRED,* bora June 26, 1851. 
+1051. FRANK HERBERT,* born February 28. 1856, Keene. N. H. 

1053. EDWARD EVERETT,* bora March 31, 1862; married Norember aS, 
1903, to Grace Geneva Jebb of Winchester, N. H. 

669 EMERY STRATTON WHITCOMB,' (Abijah/ Phile- 
mon,* Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married September 11, 
1843, to Rhoda Beaty, who was bom in Marcelling UL. May 27, 1824; 
he was a miller and a millwright in Lewtston, Idaha 

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1053. JOSEPHINE,* born May lo, 1844, Lewiston, Idaho. 

1054. JONAS,* born December 24, 1846, Ursa, III. 

1055. THOMAS M.,* bom August 15, 1849, Ursa, IlL 

1056. FIRMAN A.,* bom June 23, 1853, Lima, IlL 
n«7- JAMES WILLIAM,* bom March 28, i8s9- 

+IOS& CHARLES EMERY,* born February 10, 186a. 

1059. HENRY,* bom June 25, 1864. 

1060. FLORENCE MAY,* bom September 18, 1867. 
lotii. SQUIRE M.,* born September 17, 1869. 

Abijali,' Joseph/ David,' Josiah,* John,') was married April 9, 1846, 
to Nancy Maria Nichols of Temple, N. H., and lives in aaremont, 
N. H. 


loGa. SUSAN LORAINE,* bora September ig, 1847; married Milton F. 
Bailey of Unity, N. H,; one child. 
- 1063. CLINTA MARIA,* born August i€, 1851; married David Ewing of 
Pollackshaws, Scotland, who was killed by being caught in ma- 
chinery, January 23, 1877. 

678 JOSEPH PAGE WHITCOMB,^ (Joseph," Abijah," Joseph,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,') lives in Keene, N. H. He was married to 
Mary Elizabeth Goodnow. 

1064. ALICE MARY,* bora February 7, 1856; was married November, 1877, 

to Marshall W. Nims of Concord, N. H. 
106$. CARRIE ELIZABETH,* bora January 5, 1862; teacher, Kcene, N. H., 
High School. 

679 IRVIN ABIJAH WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,* Abijah,* Jo- 
sqth,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married (i) to Nellie King; (3) 
to Emma Frances Read in Keene, N. H., July 3, 1877. He is treas- 
urer of the Raymond & Whitcomb Tourist Company. Religious be- 
lief, CtHigregationalisL 


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-•■1066. FRANK IRVINE.* barn January 6, 1878. Lawrence, Mass. 

1067. NELSON,* £ed in childhood. 

1068. ERNEST READ,* born October 11, 1886, Somerraie. Mass. 
.1069. EMMONS JOSEPH,* born April s. i8S3. Somerrille. Hau. 

685 JOSHUA WHITCOMB/ (Joshua," Benjanrin." Benjamin,* 
David,' Josiah,* John,^) was married about 1S22, to Hannah Qement 
(or Qemens), who was bom in 1794. They removed from Lisbon, 
Grafton County, N. H., to Stanstcad, Canada, where two children were 
bom; they then removed to Portsmouth, Ohio, where four children 
were bom. Here he followed farming; they then removed to Albany, 
Wis., where he died April 8, 1885, and his wif^ Hannah, died De- 
cember 4, 1874. A granddaughter, Mrs. Flora Wood Leu-is, noiy lives ■ 
on the old homestead in Albany, Wis. 

tioTO. ADDI LEE,* born January 15, 1833, Stanttead IHaint. P. Q. 
1071. CLARISSA B.,* born April 3i, 1625, Stanatcad Plains, P. 0.; married 
John Wood; resided in Albany, Wis.; had six children;- she died 
September 2, 1864. 
1073. OZRO L.,* born November la. 1827, Portsmouth, Ohio; died in Ports- 
mouth, May 16, 1884; unmarried. 

1073. AMANDA,* born September 17. 1830, Portsmouth, Ohio; wa& Hiarried 

in i860, to Michael Butler, who died November 15, igoa. 

1074. ELIAS,* born ■ ; died tn infancy. 

1075. ALFRED,* died in infancy. 

586 CALEB WHITCOMB/ (Joshua," Benj'amin," Benjamin,* 
David,* Josiah,* John,^) who was the second son of Joshua,* was 
probably bom in Lisbon, N. H., and went, when quite yotn^. to the 
state of New York, where he was married to a native of Hofimd or 
daughter of a Dutch immigrant. Her name Js unknown and no dates 
are found. 

jamin," Benjamin,* David,* Josiah,' John,') removed from Staostead , 

d by Google 


Plains, Quebec, to Illinois, and thence to Califomia in . He 

was married (i) August, 1836, to Elizabeth Patten, who was bom 
January 14, 1820, and died January 23, 1850; (3) to Sophronia 
Swan, and (3) to Elizabeth Daugherty. He died July 17, 1893, in 
Walnut Creek, Cal. 

tio?6. NATHAN TIMOTHY,* born August tz. 1838, Illinois. 
+1077. SYLVESTER JULIUS.* born February I3, 1844. Ssletti, til. 
i<^ MARY JANE,* married (i) Samuel Hodges, who died October 2, 
1S89; (3) Frank Weston. 

1079. MARIA,* bom June 16, 1850; married (i) William Daley; (a) 


695 GEORGE WHITCOMB,* (Ephraim,« Ephraim,' Benjamin,* 
Benj'amin,^ Josiah,' John,*) was married (i) to Sarah Smith, who 
died August 26, 1830; (2) to Betsey Rolfe, who died about 1S51. and 
(3) to Betsey Smith, daughter of Abel Smith. He lived in Winchen- 
don, Mass. 


loSa MARY ANN,* born January 31, 1833; was married to N. P. Ctunmings. 

io8r. ROSINA,* was married to ■ Peaslee. 

tlo82. GEORGE LAFAYETTE,* born January 23, 1836. 

10S3. CHARLES SHERMAN,* born May 15, 1837. 

+1084. HENRY CARTER.* born September 14. 1839. 

1085. ALItERT HARTWELL,* born February 34, 1843; served in Gvil War 

in the Fifty-third Massachusetts Resiment. 

1086. SARAH ELIZABETH,* bom April 13, 1844. 
tioS?. JULIUS WASHINGTON.* born March 3, 1S46. 

108S. LUCY JANE,* bom February 37, 1848: was married to Horace 
SUrkey di Swanxey. N. H. 

800 FRANQS WHITCOMB/ (John," John." Benjamin/ 
David," Jostah," John,^) ^vas married June 12, 1830, to Rosina Mort- 
ley. They lived in Easton. N. H. He died May 6, 1875. 

Ht&). SHELDON FRANCIS.* bora July 31, iSSO- 

478 j 

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603 IRA SULLY WHITCOMB/ (Francis.* John,* tienjamin,* 
David,' Josiah,* John,*) was an owner and tiller of soil nearly all his 
life. His first farm was in Vermillion County, lit He was married 
there on March 9, 1848, to Cynthia Ann Woodin, a native of Illinois. 
He removed to Kalmcr, Minn., in 1S55, where he took up a claim and 
(Mrith Messrs. Blair & Staats) built a sawmill in 1855; two years 
later they converted it into a grist-mill. In 1864 he sold his mill in- 
terests and in August of that year enlisted in Company H, Eleventh 
Minnesota Volunteers, serving until July, 1863. H^ and his wife 
were Methodists. He died at Byroa, Minn., October 10, 1900. 


1090. WILLIAM FLETCHER,* born December as, 1848. 

1091. MOSES PLEASANT,* born Angnst 13, 1S50. 

1093. ELIZABETH JANE,* born Febniarr 20, 1853: 

.1093. MARY ELLEN,* bom April S, 1S53; married lo — - - Wliitmui. 

1094. JOHN BURDICK,* born April 4. i860. 

1095. SAMUEL EDDY,* born April 15, 1S54. 

605 FRANOS CHAFHN WHITCOMB,^ (Francis»« John,' 
Benjamin,^ David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married (i) to Eliza 
Mathews, who was bom in Ohio; she died, and her funeral, held in a 
bam, was the first religious service held in Kalmer, Miun ; he was mar- 
ried (3) to Rebecca Ann McDowell, October 38, 1858; she was bom 
December 9, 1832, in Qarksville, Pa. He took up a claim in Kalmer, 
Minn., October, 1854. Later he \vas a farmer in Byron, Minn. He 
is still living ( 1904) in Byron, Minn., with his family. 


1096. CHARLES DAVID,* bom December 11, 1855. Kalmer, Minn.; mar- 

ried to Ambrosyne Abrams in Albuquerque, K. M.; no cfiiJdreR. 

1097. TEMPERANCE .\^* bom September 15, 1863, Kalmer. Mirn.; mar- 

ried (I) — — - Gilbert; (2) Alex M. Whitcomb (Robert Line, laS). 

1098. FRANCIS E.,* born February ii, 1865; died July 35. 1861S. 

1099. IRENA,* bora March 20, 1867; died March 24, 1SS7. 
+1100. EDDY ELMER.* bora August 26, i863, Kalmer, Minn. 

m ' 

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+IIOI. HOWARD PEARL,* born March iii 1871, Byron, Minn.; medicsl 
1103. ORIN JOHN,* born March 3, 1875, Byron, Minn.; unmarried. 
1103. WILLIAM WILLIS," born November 9, 1877; died April 24. 1894. 

607 JEREMIAH WHITCOMB,' (Francis,' John.' Benjamin,* 
David,' Josiah," John,') removed at the age of eleven mth his parents 
to Old Town, McLean County, III., where he lived on a farm until he 
was Hfty years old, with the exception of one year spent at the Illinois 
Wesleyan University. He was married February 27, 1862, to Luanda 
Rodman, who was bom in Aluskingum County, Ohio, March Z'^, 1843. 
In 1889 Mr. Whitcomb rented his farm, and. in partnership \vith 
his son-in-law engaged in the hardware and farm implement business, 
under the firm name of Wliitcomb & Adams. After conducting a 
successful business about cig^it years he sold out and is now living in 
Downs, retired from active business life. In religious belief be is 
quite liberal in his views, but* is inclined towards the Methodist hav- 
ing been raised under that influence. In politics he is a Republican. 
His fellow townsmen have at different times conferred upon him the 
principal ofBciat positions at their disposal. 
1104. SYLVIA ANNA." born December 30, iSds; W3S married February ao. 
189s, to Albert P. Downs, who died November 2, 1899. 
LILLY MAY,* bom April 30, 1865 was married January i, 18S5, to 

r. M. Adams, Downs, III. 
WILLIAM ARTHUR,* bom May 19, 1S69. 

MARY FRANCES,' born March 2A., 1873; was married January 9, 
189^, to r. W. Goodrich. 
toS. ALMA EUGENIA, born July 21, iSSz; was married March 4. 1903, 
to Dr. £. C Williams. 



611 JOHN WHITCOMB,' (Samuel," John,' Benjamin,^ David," 
Josiah,' Jolin,') lived in Coldvvatcr, Mich., where he was a prominent 
citizen, serving as sheriff, county treasurer, and being othenvise be- 
fore the people. He was married to , and had four daughters. 


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614 LEWIS JACOBS WHITCOMB/ (Samuel.* Jolm." Ben- 
jamin,* David,' Josiah,' John,^) was bom in Lyons, Wayne County, 
N. Y. ; was married to Martlia Myranda Walker. He is a minister in 
the Methodist Episcopal church. 


1113. LEVERETT S,» born July 18, 1842, Eckford, Mich. 

1114. ELIZABETH AMN,* bom April iz, 1S4S, Eckford, Mich; married 


HIS. NANCY FELICIA,' born November 3. 1857, Kinderhoofe, Mich; mar- 
ried to ■ Willisms. 

1116. LEWIS HAYES.* born July it, 1859, Lexington, Mich. 

1117. LOVIE LAURA,* bom January 9, iSiSi, Mainville, Mich.; was married 

to ■■ Storms. 

615 STEPHEN SNYDER WHITCOMB.' (Samuel,* John,"* 
Benjamin,* David,' Josiah,- John,*) was married in 1854 to Bertha 

. He moved from Coldwater, Mich., in company with his 

brother, Levi Lee, to Hillsboro, Ore., in 1852; thence to Portland in 
the same state. He is a farmer. Religious belief. Baptist 


III& -: ,« \ 

1119. ,• \died in infancy. 

FRANK FAY.' 1 „ , , - „ „■« ^ ^ 

BELLE PEARL.* \ ^"'^ '^ '^ Hillsboro, Ore. 


1 133. 

617 LEVI LEE WHITCOMB,' (Samuel," John,' Benjamin,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married (i) to Jane Evans of Iowa; 
(2) at the Dalles, Ore., 1879. to Elizabeth Gibson of Missouri. He 
>is a farmer.and resides at Hillsboro among the Salmon fisheries of the 
Dalles in Oregon. 

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1134. MARY L.,* born August 20, 1854. 

1135. ALICE A..* born August 13, 1856, Hillsboro, Ore. 
irz& EMMA L.,* bora September g, 1858. 

1137. ABROH L., Born August 8, i860, Hillsboro. Ore. 
1128. GEORGE FRED," born The Dalles, Ore. 
1139. BERT C* born The Dalles, Ore. 

619 HORACE WHITCOMB,' (Josiah,* John,' Benjamin.* 
David,' Josiah," John,*) is a farmer and lives in Bath, N. H. He 
was married July 17, 1844, to Betsey Runnels Fanner, who was bom 
in Bethlehem, N. H., February 1, 1820. 

+1130. ARTHUR KINKAID,' born July 16, 1846. Littleton, N. H. 
+1131. WARREN HORACE," bora January 7, 1850, Littleton, N. H. 

1132. KELLA GRACE,* bora December 5, 1863; was married April t2, 1888, 

lo George Clark of Batli. 

620 ROSEA E. WHITCOMB,' (Josiah,' John." Benjamin,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,') was married November 15, 1856, to Annetta 
E. Watson, who was born April 17, 1837. They live in Carroll, N. H. 


1133. MARY ALICE,* bora January 16, 1858; was married August a, 1877, 

to Samuel HunL 

1134. FRED,' born June I3, 1859. 
-fuss. WILLARD H.,* bora June i, 1861. 

621 CURTIS WHITCOMB,' (Josiah,' John,' Benjamin,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,') lives in Franconia, N. H. He was married 
to Minerva Howland, who was bom September iS, 1838. 


1136. ELLA BETSEY,* born July 13, 1S56; was married to Clark Day; 

three children; died February 19, i88d. 

1137. ELIZABETH MINERVA.* born January 2% 1859; was married to' 

Cortez Bowles; four children. > 


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1138. CARRIE EUNICE,* born September 18, 1866; was married June 19, 

1888, to Wilbur Parker Clark of Franconia. H. H. 

1139. ALBERT LEE,* bom April 4, 1870. 

623 . SILAS BRUCE WHITCOMB/ (Samuel • Ezra,' Simon,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married May 13, 1828, at Fowlerville, 
N. Y., to Louisa Buck Ferren, who was bom toKThesier, N. H., June 
3, 1807. He was a farmer; both died in FowIerviHe, N. Y. 

+1140. WALTER BRUCE,* bom March 13. iSag, FowIeniBe, N. Y. 
1141. MARY ELIZABETH,* born September aa, 1831.. Fowlerville, N. Y. 
1143. CLARA AUGUSTA,* born Febmary 6, 1S34: was onrried to Stephen 
Lovics; two children. 
+1143. SAMUEL FIERCE.* bom September 6, i$J9. Powtcrville. N. Y. 
+1144. FREDERICK PEPOON.* bom April 6, 1842, Fonrter»ille, N. Y. 
1145. LOUISA BRYANT,* bom August 21, 1845; married to J. M. Davis; 
one child. 

624 WALTER WHITCOMB.'(Saniuer,» Ezra » Simon,^ David.' 
Josiah," John,*) was married October la, 1831, in Westpprt, Mass., 
to Hannah Brightman Richmond, who was bom Ochsljcr 31, 1810, in 
Wcstport, Mass., and died December 30, 189a Tliey reside in . 

114& VICTORIA B.,* born December 33, 1S32; was nKsxried (i) to John 

Putaski Wood; (3) to Col. Newton Colby; two daughters and one 

1147. MARY,* bom July 3i, 1834: died May la, tSgo; nnunarried. 
11^ LOUISA,* bora June 4, 1841: was married to JoIib R. Strang; two 

daughters and two sons. 
II49. SOPHIA,* bom August 18, 1S38; was married to Arnold Medbnry; 

two daughters and two sons. 
115a ELLEN,* bom October s, i^i was married toi -George Chandler; 

one son and one daughter. 
1151. EMILY,* bora January 7, 1847; wai married to '- Hand; no 

1153. WILLIAM,* bora August 8, 1853; was married to Lilian Bulkl^, 

August 13, 18—; no children. 
1153. JULIA,* born . 

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629 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,' (Hczekiah," Hezekiah.' Heze- 
kiah,* Hezekiah,' Josiali,' John/) was married June 7, 183S, to Cath- 
arine, daughter of Daniel and Rachel Sawyer; he died May 8, 185S. 
She died October 7, 1862. They lived in Stow, Mass. 

1154. MARY ELIZABETH,* born August 8, 1841; married FrancU De 

115s. ELLEN CATHARINE,* born AnEnst 13, 184& 
+1156. HENRY SAWYER,' born November 13, 1848. 

1157. FANNIE LOUISA.* born January 18, 1851; died 1852. 

1158. EMILY ANN,* born April 2, 1839; married Edmond Stow. 

6S3 ASA WHITCOMB.' (Hezekiah,* Hezekiah," Hezekiah,^ 
Hezekiah,* Josiah,' John,*) was married November 14, 1832, to 
Sophia Fairbanks of Harvard, Mass. They lived in Bolton. He died 

. His widow resides in Northboro, Mass. 


1159. LURENIA AMANDA,* born August 18, 1833. 

1160. JOSEPH,* bom December 19, 1S34; died December 4, 1849. 
iitii. LEVI,* born January 20, 1844. 

641 HIRAM WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan." Jonathi-r; Priest.' 

Hezekiah,* Hezekiah," Josiah,' John.') was married to , and 

lived in Ludlow, VL He died October 39, 1849. 

1163. SARAH C* bom July 10, 1834; was married to Baldwin. 

1163- HARLA^D A.,* bom May 16, 1836; died October 11, 1838: 

1164. LUCY M.,* born September 9, 1838; was married to Famawortb. 

1165. HARRY H.,* bora August 23. 1842; died May 37, 1843. 

643 JOHN WHITCOMB.' (John,' Jonathan Priest," Hezekiah.* 
Hezekiah," Josiah,' John,') was married in Ludlow, Vt, December 
23, 1818, to Triphena Holt, who was bom in Landgrove, Vt, July 5, 
1795, and died in Chittenden, Vt He was a fanner and died in 
Bethel, Vt 


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ti66. JOHN 5..* born October 24, iSig; died in Clitttcntlen, Vt. 

I167. SEWALL S.,» born February 6, iSai; last residence, Stoclcbrtdgc, Vl 

ti6S. CYRUS K.,* born November 30, 1834; last residence, Chittenden. Vl 

1169. HENRY J.,» bora April 25, 1S26; last residence, Chittenden, Vt. 

1170. ALMA R.,* born September 3, 1829; present resideace, Boscobcl, Wis. 

1171. LUCY A.,* born May ig, 1S32; present residency Crawford, Neb.; 

was married to James Eri Whitcomb (Robert Line). 
1173. MARY A.,* born October 35, 1835; present residence, Pittsford, Vt. 
1173. ELIZA L.,* born February 14, 1840; died in Boscobel, Wis. 

847 THOMAS WHITCOMB/ (John,* Jonathan Priest,* Heze- 
kiah,* Hezckiah,' Josiah," John/) was married in Stockbridge, VL, 
in i8i5, to Roxy Churchill, and they lived at first in Elizabcthtown, 
N. Y., where they liad at least one child. Tlioma* was a fanner and 
died in Stockbridge, Vt 

+1174- WILLIAM MATHER,* born March 28. 1817, E3Bxabethtovra, N. Y. 

651 ABIEL (ABEI.) WHITCOMB.^ (John," Jonathan Priest," 

Hezeldah,* Hezekiah,* Josiah/ John,') was married to Millie 

Chamberlain who was born in Stockbridge, Vt., April 18, 1S07. He 
was a farmer a:id tliey resided in Stockbridge, Vt. 

+II7S. JOHN NEWTON,' bom April 3, 183S, Stockbrivlge, Vt 
1176. SYLVIA ALMIRA,* born August 9, 1845. Stockbridse, Vt. 

653 JONATHAN WHITCOMB,' (Ebenezer," Jonathan Priest,' 
Hezekiah,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,- John,') was bom in Ludlow, Vt, and 
when three years old was taken by his fatlier back to Sterling, Mass., 
where the father soon died. Jonathan was bound out to his Uncle 
Sewall, to learn a trade; Sewatl lived in the north part of Litdlow, 
Vt About 181S, having earned enough money to buy a farm, he 
was married to Mrs. Marcia (Smith) Kelly, daughter of Gen. Asahel 

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Smith, one of Ludlow's first settlers, second town clerk, representative 
for twenty-five years, and a prominent citizen. Her first husband 
(Kelly) served in the war of 1812, and died in the service, leaving 
a daughter, Marcian, who was bom about 1814. Mr. Whitcomb was 
taken with sciatic rheumatism in 1880, and died January 28, 1881, 
aged eighty years and twenty-eight days. His wife died in Septem- 
ber, 1884, ag^ eighty-five years and eight months. Four generations 
of this family are buried in the one graveyard in Ludlow, Vt. Partial 
records of four and traces of six more of the fourteen children are 
found. All the children were born in Ludlow. 

+1177. LYSANDER L.,« bom about i8ift Ludlow, Vt 
'fii^ JOSEPH S.,* bom 1821: resides in Chicago. 

+1179. DANIEL HEATH KELLY.' bora November 16, 1823, Lndlow, Vl 
+1180. CHARLtS SULLIVAN.* bom March 30. 1833, Ludlaw. Vt 

1181. MARY ELIZABETH.* born ; married Ross; died . 

118a. ALMIRA H.,* married Stone; resides in Ludlow, Vt (i!K>4). 

1183. NANCY L.,* married Risden; resides in Somcrville, Mass. 

1184. ASAHEL S.,* married; no children; lives in Boston. 

1185. MIRANDA J.,* married ~ Haven; resides in Winclicndon, Mass. 


1186. ■ MARCIA ANN,* married Ross; died 

11B7. ,* \ 

g^ ', >dicd in infancy; unnamed. 

1 190. ,* ) 

660 EDMUND HUBBARD WHITCOME.' (Israel," Israel,' 
Israel,* HezeKiah,' Josiali,' John,') was married November 26, 1840, 
to Betsey Baldwin Day of Templeton, Mass. He died in Bemardston, 
Mass., November 4, 1854. 


■l-tigt. WARREN STEADMAN,* born May 11, 1843. 
1:9a. MARY ROSALIE,* born October aS, i&t3; died February ao, 1885. 
1193. ABBIE LOVELLA,* bom January 31, 1845; died August 14, 1863. 
iiM- ANN JOSEPHINE,* bom March 13, 1846; married November 4, 1869, 
to Anton Rich. 

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1195. EDMUND HUBBARD,* born Janmry 25, 1648; died Deccmbe/ 34, 
+1196. RUSSELL BATES,' born July aft 1849. 
+1197. HARLAMJ> PAGE,* born Mty 14, 1854. 

662 MARK WHITCOMB.' (Wi!liain,« Israel.' Israel,* Heze- 
kiah,' Josiah,* John,*) was married February 18, 1833, to Ann Hyde; 
she was bom December 22, 1810. He went to Canada when a 3roung 
man and has resided there since. He is called "Major," as he is a 
Major of Militia; has been a school commissioner, councilor, justice 
of the peac^ and is regarded as a useful, public-spirited dtizerL The 
family are Methodists. 

1198. MARY ANN,* married Rev. Samuel G. Phillip*; they reside at Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

1300. CHARLOTTE,* was married to Joseph Wallace; died September 3, 


1301. MARTHA,* was married to Duke Roberts, July, 1871; resides at 

Waterloo, P. Q. 

664 LEONARD WHITCOMB,» (William,« Israel," Israel,* - 
Hezekiah,' Josiah," John,*) was married September 24, 1843, to 
Lucretia Geer. She was bom March 8, 1824. They reside in Canada. 
IS02. EMILY JANE,* born September 17, 1843; unmar.ried. 
1203. ALBERT LEONARD,* bom July 8, 1845; no children. 
+1304. HORATIO NELSON.* born June 16, 1847. 
isos. JOSEPHINE JOHNSON,* born September 10, 1855; died June ig, 
1883; unmarried. 

1306. JAMES JUDSON,* born May to, 1849; died anmarried. 

1307. ELBERTINE AMELIA,* bom June to, 1851; married Will FesaejtdeR. 

ees LEVI NATHANIEL WHITCOMB,' (Nathaniel," Israel.' 
Israel,* Hezekiah,' Jostah,' John,*) lived in Florida, Mass., where he 
was married May 31, 1827, to Catherine Knowlton. He died Febru- 
ary 18, 1855. 

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+i»8. CALVIN HUBBARD,' born March 8, i8a8. 
1309. ROSINA C,« born June a% 1830; married John W. Ivcrs, Red Oak, 
la.; three children. 
+1310. JOEL ALONZO,* born September, lSj3. 
I3II. ELIZA ANGELINA,* bom June 18, 1838; married Leonard Jacqutth. 

670 ISRAEL WHITCOMB/ (Nathaniel,* Israel,' Israel/ Heze- 
kiah,' Josiah," John,^) was married November 28, 1S32, to Clarissa 
Tower. They lived in Florida, Mass. He died March 27, 1879. 


+I3I3. LCREHZO FOWLER,* born December 4, 1833. | 

1313. ADRIENNA,* bom May, 1839; died July 25, 1849. I 

1314. LYMAN ISRAEL,* bom January 1, 1S43; died October 11, 18681 
■I-I3IS. EMORY STEADMAN,* born January 24, 1846. ! 

1316. CYNTHIA A.,* born November ift 18511 unmarried. 

672 EDEN WHITCOMB.^ (Nathaniel," Israel," Israel,* Hcze- 
kiah," Josiah,* John,*) was married December 25, 1834, to Caroline 
E. Sheldon. They removed from Florida, Mass., to North Adams, in 
the same county, and about i860 went to Chicago, Ht From there 
they removed to Wauconda, 111. 

+1217. OSCAR EDEN,* born October 35, 1835. + 

1218. HISTELLAH,* bom . 

1319. FIRETTE.* born . 

1330. SARAH," born . 

1331. ROSELLA,* bora . 

1333. ISADORE,* bom . 

1333. ANN,* bom . 


678 AMASA GODDING WHITCOMB,' (Mark," Israd." 
Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josialt,= John,') lives in Boston, Mass.; he was 
married September 22, 1854, to Jane M. Folger of Bristol, Me. 
133$. LUCY JANE,* bom November 3, 1857; died March 39 or 30, 18S4. 

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Israel,' Israel,* Hczekiah,^ Josiah,* John/) was graduated from the 
Divinity Sdiool in Cambridge, Mass., and was about to settle as pastor 
of the Unitarian Society in Norton, Mass., when he was prostrated 
by sickness from which he never recovered. He was a young man of 
much intelligence and gave promise of a life of great usefulness, not 
only from his native talents, but also from his culture and his desire 
to elevate the race. He died September 3, 1865 ; unmarried. 

684 JOHN ANDRE WHITCOMB.' (Ephraim,* Ephraim,' 
Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,^) was married January 18, 1836, at 
Cambridgcport, Mass., to Mary L. Dickinson, who was bom April, 
1815. He died September 3, 1864, in Fitchburg, Mass. His wife 
died at GreenHeld, Mass. 


12*5. ELIZABETH L.,* born October 24, 1836; died in infancy. 

1227. GEORGE AMORY,* born June 7, 1840; no children. Resides !n 
Worcester, Mass. 
+1221 CHARLES ALBERT,* born December 30, 1842. 

1229. FRANCIS HENRY,* born September 10, 1846; tmmarried; Green- 

field, Mass. 

1230. JULIA ANN,* bom September 9, 1850; died October 30, 1883; mar- 

ried March 30, 1872, to Charles Pcrley, Fitchburg, Mass. 
1831. ELIZABETH,* born . 

692 JOHN WHITCOMB,^ (Israel,' Ephraim," Israel,* Hcze- 
kiah,' Josiah," John,^) was married (1) to Polly Hoard; (2) May 
24, 1870, Auburn, Ohio, to Martha Ann Rice, who was bom in Au- 
burn, June 23, 1833. He was a farmer and died tn Berea, Ohio, De- 
cember 13, 1896. His widow resides at Berea. 

1233. EMILY,* bom September, 1853; married Dr. C E. Jones. 
+1*33. LYNN,* born March 25, 1857. 

1234. JOHN LESLIE,* born October 4, 1871. 
1235- LEON LEWIS,* born July xy, 1873; unmarried. 

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raim,' Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married by Rev. James 
Belcher of Ellsworth, Me., November i8, 1853, to Lucretia Brimmer 
Morrison, who was born April y, 1826. He lives in Ellsworth, Me. 
He is a blacksmith. 


isjti. MARY LUCRETIA,* bom September 24, 1854; married A. W. EIIU, 
1883; resides at Ellsworth. 
♦1237. CHARLES MORRISON,' born April 26, 1856. 

1338. HAITI E MORRISON,* born Auffost t6, 1858; died May 15, 188a. 

1239. CARRIE ELIZABETH,* bora July 14, t86o; married T. W. Spencer, 
18S8: resides at Cambridge, Mass. 
+1240. HOWARD FERGUSON,* born July 16, 1862. 

1241. GEORGE BRIMMER,* bora April 1, 1867; resides at Boston, Mass. 
+1242. FRANK EVERETT,* born October 4. 1869. 

705 OCTAVIUS WHITCOMB,' (Eleazer,* Ephraim," Israel,* 
Hezekiah,' Josiah," John,*) was married in Santa Clara, CaL, Decem- 
ber 15, 1861, to Mary F. Valencia, who was bom in Santa Qara, | 
October 10, 1842. He has lived in California over fifty years, going 
there from Ellswortli, Me. His business is blacksmithing. 

1343. CARRIE,* bom February 26, 1864, Santa Clara; was married to 


1244. NELLIE,* bora November 25, 1668, Santa Clara; married to 

Henning; they reside at Tokib, Japan. 

1245. LIZZIE.* bora June 25, , Santa Clara; married to Hubert 

1346. MARY S.,* bora October 22, 1876, Santa Clara. 

1247. ABBIE,^ bora November 34. 1879, Salinas, CaL; married to 

4-1248. ELEAZER,* bora May 27, 1881, Monterey. Cal. 
4-I24S}. OCTAVIUS,* bora November 38, 1883, Monterey, Cat; anmarried. 

707 JOHN FAIRFIELD WHITCOMB,' (Eleazer," Ephraim,' 
Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married November 29, i860, 
in Ellsworth, Me., to Madelina G. Haynes, who was bom S^tember 
16, 1844, in Trenton, Me. He held a commission as First Lieutenant 

d by Google 


of Volimteers in the war of the Rebellion; he is called "Colonel," and 
received that title when on the governor's staff some years since. He 
has been a merchant and lumber manufacturer. In religious belief, 

+1250. BENJAMIN BRADFORD,* born December 3, 1872, Ellsworth. 

712 WILLIAM WEEKS WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim O.,' Paul," 
Josiah," Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah^ John,*) was niarried November 9, 

1871, to Caroline A. Johnson of Leominster, Mass. Child recorded 
there is — 

1351. GILBERT B.,* born July 28, 1S73. 

714 WILLIAM HENRY WHITCOMB.' (William,' Paul,* Jo- 
siah," Josiah,* Josiali,' Josiah,^ John,*) was married in November, 

1872, to Belle Walker of Freyeburg, Me., where Hiey reside. 


1352. WALTER B.,» bom April, 1874. 

1253. ARTHUR," born December 2. 1876. 

1254. EUGENE,* born October, 1879. 

716 FREMONT WHITCOMB,* (William Emery,' Paul,« Jo- 
siah,' Josiah,* Josiah," Josiah,= John,*) was married January 18, 1880, 
to Anna Ricleer of Brownfield, Me. They live in Freyeburg, Me. 
I35S. PRANK,* bom April 14, 1882; died November 1% 1686. 

721 ALVINZy WHITCOMB," (Alvinzy.' Levi," Josiah,' Jo- 
siah,* Josiah,' Josiah,* John,') was married April 14, 1863, to . 

He is a fanner in Mercer, Me. 


1356- ALVINZY,* bora . 

1357. VIRGIL L.,* born . 

135& LUCY B..* bora . 

1259. ELLA M.,* bom . 

136a EDWIN,* born . 


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724 ELHANAN WHITCOMB/ (Levi,' Levi," Josiah," Josiah,* 
Josiah,* Josiah,' John,') lives in Hallowell, Me. He was married 
October 25, 1856, to Lovina A. Blackstone. 

1261. NETTIE H.,» born June 27, 1858; died May 4, 1862. 

725 CYRUS T. WHITCOMB," (Levi,' Levi,* Josiah,' Josiah,* 
Josiah,' Josiah,' John,*) lived in the old homestead in Mercer, Me. 
(near Rome, Me., postofHce). He was married February 21, i860, to 
Marcia M. Tracey, in Smithiield, Me. She was born in Mercer, Me. 
He died March 28, 1892. 


+ia69; HERBERT B.,* born July 6, 1862; residence, Livermore Falls, Me. | 

13G3. EUGENE A.,* born January 18, 1864; married Kate Boier, Worcester, ' 

Klass. No children. I 

728 SETH H. WHITCOMB,' (Levi,' Le\-i,« Josiali," Josiah,* 
Jo3iah,^ Josiah,* John,') lives in Hallowell, Me. He was married ; 
June I, 1862, to Emily D. Drake, who was bom April 3, 1839. Qiil- 
dren bom in Mercer, Me.; he was married (2) to Amiie Clark, 
January 15, 1896; she was born December 10, 1856. 

+1264. RUSSELL D.,* bom May 95, 1S65. 

1265. VESTA L,* born February 22, 1867; married Backly; Uvea in 

Worcester, Mass. 

1366. NETTIE J.,» born April 4, 1870; residet at Worcester, Mass. I 

1367. INFANT,* bom February 19, 1S74; died March 3, 1874. 

1268. LAURA }.,* born June 29, 1S77; married Tobcy, Guilford, Me. 

728 LEVI WHITCOMB,' (Levi,' Levi," Josiah," Josiah,* Jo- ' 

siah,' Josiah,' John:') lives in Augusta, Me. He was married Sep- 

tanber 28, 1S67, to Mary L. Tracy. Children were born in Rome, Me. 


1269. ALBERTA M.,* bom May 17, 1871; married Wesley F. Comstock. 
137a VERGA L.,* bora June so, 1875; unmarried. 

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734 RIX ADAMS WHITCOMB," (Alanson Josiah,' Josiah.> 
Josiah,' Josiah * Josiah,' Josiah,* John,*) was married in Leominster, 
Mass., September 28, 1854, to Mary Ann Start, She died October 
12, 1871. He was married (2) to Mrs. Mary Wheelodc. He was a 
stage driver in Leominster, and died May 3, 1889. 

IS71. CALISTA ESTELLE,* born July i, 1855. 

1373. DAUGHTER,* horn October 8, 1857, in Templeton. 

1273. BELLE S.,* born ; married June 21, 1877, to Hcnnon A. Derby. 

1274. KITTIE E.,* born ; married December 25, 1878. to Lewis S. 


788 JOHN ELIHU WHITCOMB,« (Elihu,' Josiah,- Josiah/ 
Josiah,* Josiah," Josiah," John,^) "lost his. father when he was three 
months old, and when one year old was taken to Brighton, Mich., 
where he lived for years. During the next few years he lived in 
Westmoreland, Medway and Concord in Massachusetts, and in Provi- 
dence, R. I. The experience of ten years following are summarized 

"October 5, 1845 — Sailed from New Bedford on whaler 'Ma- 
rengo,' Theodore Cole, master; retimied April 22, 1848. 

"November 11, 1848 — Sailed in 'Cowper of New Brunswick,* 
whaler, C H. Cole, master; returned Ntarch 22, 1851. 

"July 5. 1851 — Sailed on bark 'Manuel Ortis,' C H. Cede, master; 
returned May i, 1854. 

"On July 10, 1854, he sailed from New York on the merchant 
ship 'William Penn,' John Cole, master, for San Francisco, which 
port was reached December 22, 1854. He then followed various pur- 
suits, principally mining on Feather River, Butte County, Cal., until 
August, 1856, when he shipped as boatswain on the clipper ship 'Star 
of the Union,* Frederick A. Stall, master, arriving in New York in 
November, 1856. In April, 1857, he shipped as second mate of the 
merchant bark 'C. H. Yarrington,' Oliver Gorham, master, for 
Smyrna, returning home in Septo Tiber. Then for ten months he was 

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engaged in butchering business with Mr. Pitkin, who had married his 
mother. In October, 1858, he shipped in the bark 'Scotland,' of Bos- 
ton, John Rowe, master, as second mate for a voyage to Valparaiso, 
Chili, and other ore points. Returning home in the winter of 1859 
(November), he remained on land until the spring of i860 when he 
shipped in packet service, running between Boston and Philadelphia. 
He returned from the last trip in October, 1S60, closing a seafaring 
fife of fifteen years, nine of them spent in whaling. The day before 
Thanksgiving, i860, he began work as a green hand in a Boston ma- 
chine shop, where he rem^iined until April, 1863, when he removed to 
Waltham, Mass., and began work for the American Watch Company, 
staying there until Jime, 1872, when, in company with Henry N. 
Fisher and George F. Ballou as 'Ballou, Whitcomb & Co.,' he began 
the manufacture of watch machinery in Boston. The following year 
they moved to Waltham and in April, 1874, the firm became 'Whit- 
comb & Fisher,' Mr. Ballou retiring. In November, 1876, Ambrose 
Webster was admitted to the firm, wiiich has three large buildings and 
emploj-s ninety hands." (Ex. from the Cole Genealogy.) 

Mr. Whitcomb is the inventor of the "Whitcomb Lathe," one of 
the most valued of je\veler's accessories, and is employed with the ' 
Waltham Watch manufactory. 

He was married June so, 1867, to Hannah Elizabeth Spear, who 
was bom in West Newton, Mass., September 12, 1845. They reside 
in Waltham, Mass., where he has served as alderman and held other ' 
positions of j'esponsibility and trust. ! 

+ia7S. PERCIVAL GOLDSMITH.* bom May 39, 1868. 

1276. CLIFTON SPEAR,» born February 4. 1876; civil ensineer; unmarried. 

1377. JOHN ELTHU,* bom September 11, i88s; civil engineer; unourried. 

137a THEODORE COLE,» born October aj, I&S4. 

740 JOHN CURTIS WHITCOMB." (John,' Josiah,' Josiah," 

Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah,' John,') was married to Caroline E. , 

and has recorded in Lunenburg, Mass., the following named — 

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1379. LOUISA FRANCES,* born August sS, 1856. 

1380. HANNAH E^» born August i, 1861. 

751 ERASTUS HNNEY WHITCOMB/ (Thomas* Thomas* 
John,' David/ David,' Josiah,' John,') ivas married to Palmyra E. 
Barber, April 27, 1852; he was a fanner on a large scale; was oldest 
son and inherited the homestead in Essex, Vt., and followed datryi:^ 
on a fann of 1400 or 1500 acres. He was a Universalrst. He died 
in 1002, in Essex, Vt 

ts8i. ANN ELIZABETH,* born February 30, i8S3; married to David J. 

HuoUr; two children. 
taSa. ADELBERT FINNEY,* born September 3, 1854: vnmarried; civil 

1283. ADDIE AVERINTHA,* bom October aS. 1856; married 

Hodges; they reside at Toronto, Ont. 
+1284. IRVING BARBER,* born May 8, 1859. 

752 LORENZO DOW WHITCOMB,' (Thomas,' Thomas," 
John," David,* David,* Josiah,* John,') was named after the cele- 
brated Lorenzo Dow and spent his minority in tlie town of his birth. 
At the age of forty-one he was married to Cornelia, daughter of 
Blossom Goodrich of Riclimond, Vt., lived in Bolton, VL, and Jericho, 
Vt, respectively, for a few years, then bought the "Old Stanton 
Farm" in Essex, Vt, where he lived until his death, January 16, 1833. 
His wife died December 17, 1S81. 

He enlargKl his farm to 570 acres and used it principally for dairy 
purposes ; selling the milk in Burlington. He was a Uiriversaiist and 
an active member of his church ; was a good man, soimd in cotmsel, 
an able financier, and greatly missed by both townspeople and chtirch 

128s. WESLEY,* born i860; died 1861. 

13S6. LAURA FIDELIA,* born March 1, iSfii; married Fred Bryant Howe; 
they reside at Barlington, Vl 
+1287. EDWARD MORTON.* born August i. 1864. 
1288. JAMES HERBERT,* born September 6, 1869; fanner; unmarried. 

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758 UZZIHL STEVENS WHITCO.MB.' (Thomas,' Thomas,' j 
Jonathan,* David/ David,^ Josiah,' John,*) was married to Marilla i 
Sheldon, March 9, 1842. She was bom June 71, 182 1, in Calais, Vt 
He was a farmer in Richmond, Vt, runnin^f one of the largest dairies ^ 
in Chittenden County. He died in Riciimond. Vt. He was a Re- ; 
publican and a Congregattonalist. j 

+t38g. MOSES SHELDON,* born Decemberai, 1842, Qnebec, Can. 
1290. MEROA ELEANOR," born Richmond, VL, July ao, 1846: married to 
John Mason. 
JANE ANN,* born November 31, 184S, Richmond, Vt; married to 

Barker Balch. 
MARY JOSEPHINE,* born Atieust 25, 1850, Lexington, Mass.; mar> 

ried to C. W. Jacobs (divorced). 
OCENA MARILLA,* bom September tg, 1852; died October 25, iSSoi 
HATTIE ELIZABETH,* born February 17, 1856; died Jone 25, 1S94; 
married Foster Reed Clement o( Minneapolis, Minn. 

764 JOSHUA WHITCOMB.s (Thomas.' Thomas,* John/ 
David,* David,^ Josiah,* John,') received a common-school educa- 
tion in Richmond, Vt., and began life as a peddler for Cross & Hyde, 
Montpclier, Vt, and for about six years drove a cracker wagon for 
theni. In 1848 he purchased "Old Captain Joe Sinclair's Farm" in 
Essex, Vt, where he has since resided. He enlarged it from three 
hundred to six hundred acres and made it one of the best farms in 
the county. His attention has been devoted principally to dair^ng; 
his cows were a breed of mixed Ayreshire and Durham, and a lij^t 
strain of Jersey. He is a conservative Republican, but would never 
hold office. He believes in and supports tlie Univcrsalist church. He 
was married in 1848, to Diantha, daughter of Benjamin Willey of 
Middlesex, Vt She was bom April 22, 1825; died October 15, 1885. 
Last residence, Essex. Joshua is stilt living in Essex (1904). 
MIRA,* born September 23, 1849; married William Mcintosh; resi- 
dence, Boston, 


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Digitized by VjOOQ I C 

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1396. ELLA,* bom May 5, 1853; married to J. E. Rugg, Oauha, Neb. 
097. DEMIS,* born October 34, 1856; married to L. B. Abbott, Roxbury, 
+1298. WILLEY H.,» born April is. 1858. 
lagg, CAIRA,* born June Q, 1861; died February 3, 1883. 

755 JOHN WtllTCOMB.* (.Thomas,' Thomas,* John," David,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,*) his Ufe would seem to be a good example of 
what industry and perseverance can do. Tlie following is quoted from 
the Burlington ( Vt.) Free Press : "He came of a family noted for their 
distinctive traits of character, recognizing no such word as 'fail' in 
whatever they undertook. After receiving as good an education as 
possible in the district sdiools of his native town, he began life by 
working on tlic farm of his oldest brother at $12 per month. In 1S52 
he went to California and bought and drove cattle across the plains 
at great risk of his life. In i860 he married Edith, daughter of John 
Fay, and granddaughter of Nathan Fay, one of the first settlers and 
most prominent residents of Richmond, Vt. In 1S69 be returned to 
California, bought a ranch of 6,000 acres on the Sacramento River, 
eighteen miles from the dty of Sacramento. After six years he re- 
turned to Vermont, bought the Fay farm in Williston, gradually add- 
ing to his possessions, owning wood lots, a farm in Jericho, one in 
Essex, another in Waterbury, another in Richmond, five hundred acres 
in Valcour Island, N. Y., and two thousand head of cattle in Wyom- 
ing. He was a conservative Republican and a Univer<-.ilist. He died 
July 18, 1903. 

1300. MARCIA,* bom May 4, 1861; was married to James Kennedy; resi- 
dence, Williston, Vt. 

768 SILAS WHITCOMB," (Thomas,' Thomas,* John,' David,* 
David,' Josiah,* John,') was married May 24, 1857, to Carrie Amelia 
Murray, who was born December 18, 1839; she was daughter of David 
A. Murray of Williston, Vt Mr. Whitcomb, like his brothers, went 
to California; he came back to Vermont to be married and after a 

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short stay returned to Califomia, where he made a fortune. He died ; 
in California, March 26, 1868. His widow afterwards became the 2d ; 
wife of George B. Wright of Minneapolis, whom she survives. 
1301. DAVID MURRAY,* bom May 33, 1858; died in childhood in Cali- 
1303. JENNIE AMELIA,* bom July 6, i860; married to Hyppolite Hardy, 
of Paris, France; two children. 

1303. JAMES EDGAR,* born August t8, 1S63, San Francisco, Cal.; married 

Martha Rodgers. 

763 LEVI WHITCOMB,' (Joshua.' Thomas,' John,» David,* | 
David,' Josiah,* John,*) was a farmer, lived in Richmond, Vt; was [ 
married there September y, 1S42, to Betsey Russell, who was bom 
1808. She was 6rst cousin to Hon. George F. Edmonds. Levi died 
in Berlin, Wis., November 30, 1874- 


1304. LAURA,* horn ; married to ; one child. [ 

765 FRED WHITCOMB," (Joshua,' Thomas," John,' David,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,*) was a farmer in Williston in the edge of 
Richmond, Vt. He lived Jn what was known as the "Checkered 
House," so-called from the walls of his house, which was of colonial 
date, being built of brick in a checkered pattern of red and white. He 
was married in 1852 to Juliette Fay. 


1305. FRED,* bora . 

1306. GEORGE,* born . 

1307. CHARLES,* born , j 

+1308. JOHN FAY.* bora 1863, Richmond, Vt. j 

1309^ JOSHUA,* bora ; died young. 

768 DAVID WHITCOMB,' (David.' John,' John," David,* 
David,' Josiah,- John,') lives in Swanzey, N. H. He was married 
March i, 1870, to Lucia A. Cook, daughter of Marie Cook of Oicster- 
field, N. H., who was bom January 20, 1846. 

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1310. ERNEST C.,» born January 6, 1872. 
I3H. MILLIE E^» born October 18, 1879. 

John," David,* David/ Josiah,' John/) was married December 12, 
1866, to Mary Clementine, daughter of Aquila Ramsdell and Louise 
Whitcomb, great granddaughter of Johanna Whitcomb, she was bom 
July 27, 1844. They live in Swanzey, N. H. 
131a. ADDIE F..» born July 13, 1868. 

779 SILAS L. WHITCOMB/ (Silas/ SUas* John/ David/ 
David/ Josiah/ John/) was married March 20, 1851, to Qarissa S., 
daughter of Virgil Woodcock of Swanzey, N. H. ; she was bom Janu- 
ary 4, 1833. He died February 11, 1877. 

1313. VIRGIL VERNELL,* born February 23, i8s3; die* July IS, ISSS- 

1314. CARRIE LUCILLA,* bom January 9. i860; married to Albert Hairaml 
I3IS- EMMA ISABEL,* bom December 8. 1865. 

781 CHARLES W. WHITCOMB/ (Silas/ SUas/ John,* 
David/ David/ Josiah,' John/) lived in Ashby, Mass, He was mar- 
ried June 15, 1843, to Mary Ann Symonds, who was bom in Ashby, 
JuniB 8, 1822; she was daughter of Obed and Ly&i Ruth Porter 
(Hartwell) Symonds. She died December 31, 1875. He was killed 
November 13, 1882, by being caught in the gearing of the pail factory 
in Ashby. 


1316. MARY ANN,* bom March 19, 1850; married June- -■. 1869, to Elbridfe 

Gibson; died January 13, 1871- 

1317. PERRY C.,» born January 19, i8sa. 

1318. HATTIE R.,» born November aS. 1854; married November 6, 1879^ 

to Edward H. Fletcher of Fitchbnrg, Mass. 

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788 HENRY W. WHITCOMB," (Silas/ Silas,' John,* David,* 
David,^ Josiah,- John,') lives in Troy, N. H. He was married to 
Anna Maria Hunt of Marlboro, N. H., daughter of Lorenzo ajid 
Cynthia Ann (Woodward) Hunt. 

IJ19, BERTIE £.,• born March 18, 1868; died May 4. 1878. 

796 GEORGE A. WHITCOMB,' (Sylvester,' Silas,' John," 
David,* David,' Josiah,' John,') lives in Keene, N. H. He was mar- 
ried October 31, 1877, *<> Clara A. Handy. 
1320. VERNE.* born November 12. 187S. i 

David,' David,* David,' Josiali,^ Jolm,*) promoted "Whitcomb 
Springs," in Albuquerque, N. M., and lived there for some years. 
Pie was married in Waltliam, Mass., to Ellen Caughley, who was bom 
June 27, 1825. She was Scotdi and a Methodist. He served in the 
Civil War and was called "Captain." Was a genial and hospitable 
man. Died January 27, 1903, in California. 


ijai. ELLA FRANCES,* born December aa, 1850, Waltlmm; unmarried. 

1323. JOHN FRANKLIN,* born January 10, 1853; was iiiarncd May 16, 
1893, to Eva Francis Draper, who was born at Waltiiam, Mass., 
August II, 1862. Tliey are Baptists, and be is a watchmaker; one 
child, Walter Draper, bom June 3, 1805, at Waltbam, Mass. 

1323. SUSAN ADA,* born January 7, 1855. 

1324. ANNA CORA,* born April 29, 1858; was married October 13, 1886, to 

Charfea Edward Van Norman, She died June i, 1887. 

1325. ERNEST ALVIN,* bom April 16, 1861; unm.; lives in Lynn, Mass. I 

808 PERCY MAYNARD WHITCOMB,' (Levi,' Elihu.' ' 
David,' David,* David,* Josiah,' John,*) lived in Weston, Mass., 
where he died April 4, 1882. He was married August 28, 1873, to 
Jane McGregor. 

1336. JOHN MAYNARD,* born May 15, 1874; died May 23, 1S74. 
1337- ANNA WATSON,* born May 16, 1875. 

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1328. ELIZABETH EURANIA,* bom August 21, 1877. 

1329. OTIS MAYNARD,* born March 31, iSSi; is a mzchinift; was mar- 

ried at Natick, Mass., June i, igo3. to Daisy M. Ford, wlio was born 
June 9, 1883, at Bclleview, O. 

1330. GRACE MAY,' born March 31, i83i; died September 9, 1881. 

809 OTIS ALVIN WHITCOMB,' (Uvi,' Elihu.« David,' 
David,* David,' Josiah,* John,') lived for a time in Lynn, Mass. He 
was married January 23, 1868, in Waltham, Mass., to Mary Emma 
Harrington of Weston, Mass. She was born May 27, 1843. He 
served in Company K, Fifth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, in 
1862-3. He is a grocer and a manufacturer. The family are Metho- 
dists. Present residence, Swampscott, Mass. 

1331. NELLIE MAY,* born June 13. ia7a 

133a. MABEL ELIZABETH,* born January s. »879. 

823 ALBIN LINCOLN WHITCOMB,« (Abd.* Abel,' Abel,' 
David,* David,^ Josiah,' John,') is a farmer in Bolton, Mass. He was 
married November 27, 1870, to Martha Melvina Lawrence, daughter 
of BarziUai and Martha Ann Lawrence of West Acton. 

1333. FRED LINCOLN,* born May s. 1871. 
1334- CHARLES ERNEST,* born April 25, 1873. 

1335. WARREN HOLMES," born March 16, 1883. 

827 ABBOTT HENRY WHITCOMB,* (Abe!,^ Abel," Abel.' 
David,* David," Josiali,' John,*) is a farmer in Bolton, Mass. He 
was married Juiie 15, 1876, to Ella G., daughter of Tillson and 
Oitherine Barker; bom 1854. 


1336. ETHEL,* bom November 3, 1877. 

1337. SUB BLANCHE," born March 21, 1884; died September is, 1884. 
133S. BERNICE CATHERINE,* bom Febroary 14. 18S& 

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lin/ Abel,*' Abel," David,* David,' Josiah,* John,') lives in Chicago, 
111., where he had cliarge of the "Wliitcomb Home Laundry; later, 
he has been a manufacturer's sales agent He was married in Marcli, 
i8Si, to Josephine Eliza Hale. 


1339- WILLIAM HORATIO.* born M»rch 6. 1882. 

134a GUY WALDO,* bom February 17, i88s. 

1341. RUTH MIRIAM,* born December iS, 1890; died Januur 2, 181)3. 

847 LUTHER ALZAMON WHITCOMB," (Luther,' Jona- , 
than," David," Jonathan,* David," Josiali,' John,') was married March i 
25, 1846, in Wardsboro, Vt, to Aiirilla Smith, who was bom October ■ 
4, 1824, in Wardsboro, Vt He is a fanner in Wardsboro. The . 
family are Methodists. j 


1342. LIZZIE ESTHER,* born March 19, 1848, Wardsboro. ' 

1343. FREDERICK KINNEY,* born June 29, i8so. Wardsboro. 

1344. LESTER LUTHER,* born March 29, 1854, Wardsboro. 

1345. EDGAR ALVA," bom November 12, i8s8. 

1346. ANNIE BELLE,* born September 30, 18&;, Wardsboro. 

852' SA^:UEL HOVEY WHITCOMB.' (Calvin.^ Jonathan,' 
David,' Jonathan,* David,^ Josiah,' John,') was married October 9, 
1843, at Owasso, Midi., to Eunice P. Taylor, who was bom March 
19, 1821, at Arvilius, N. Y. He was a cooper and furniture manu- 
facturer. He died January 14, 1847, at On'asso, Mich. She died 
February 26, 1851, Rodiester, Mich. 

+1347. ENDS SAMUEL,* born August 26, 1844, Owasso, Mich. ! 

868 LUKE PENFIELD WHITCOMB,' (Calvin/ Jonathan." 
David,' Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married July 8, 
1855, to Arminda D. Stringham, who was bom August 11, 1831. He 
was a teacher in Wurtsboro, N. Y., then kept a shoe store, then was 

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a {errymao, and at tlie time of his death was a farmer in River Falls, 
Wis. His widow resides at River Falls, Wis. 

1348. FRANCIS EUGENE,* born September 13, 1843; resides at Scott, H. 7. 

1349. LIZZIE,* born August 29, 1844; married William McCIean; died — w 

i3Sa MARY,* bom May li, 1847; married Cornelius Meachan; died * 

1351. LOUISA,* bom July 2S, 1850; married Oscar Reed; died . 

1352. LAVINIA,* bom July 4, 1853; married John Ricbter; residence, Min- 

neapolis, Minn. 
+I3S3- BARHAM COLTON.* bom December 30. 1858. 
+1354. CALVIN LESLIE,* bom November 28, i860, Scott, N. Y. 
1355. EVNA,* bora September 16^ 1873; married Edward T. Morley; resides 

at Jordan, Uinn. 

866 PLINY FISKE WHITCOMB.* (Calvin,' Jonathan,* David » 
Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married in 1857 at Dryden, 
N. Y., to Lizzie Qark, who was bom in Dryden, 1833. He was a 
shoemaker and later a farmer. He died in Lancaster, Wis. His 
widow resides with her son in Spring Valley, Wis. 

+1356. ORRICE E.,* bora February i, 1865, Horicon, Wis. 
+1357. WILLIAM ALBERT,* born January 4, 181^, Horicon, Wis. 

860 EUJAH WHITCOMB," (David,' Enoch," David,» Jona- 
than,* David,' Josiah,' John,^) was married to , He 

died in Newton, Mass., April iS, 1899. 

1358. CUMMINGS DAVID,* bom — '■ — ; resides at Detrtut, Mich; 

1359. CARRIE,* bbra ; married Thompson; resides in Wobun^ 


860 HENRY \VHITCOMB,» (David,' Enoch,* David,' Jona- 
than,* David,* Josiah,' John,') was married in Rindge, N. H., June 
9, 1842. to Fannie Platts Buttrick, who was bom September 9, 1817, 
in Winchendon, Mass. He kept a livery stable in Winchendon. Thqr 

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were Protestants. She died October 28, 1896. Henry died April 21, 
1900; both are buried in Windiendon. 

1360. GEORGE HEHRY,* born March 3, 1848: married 1870, to Arabelle 
Candacc Aldrkh. He ntns a livery an<l eroccry. No children, 
tiafii. CHARLES ALBERT,* bom Januaii' 2t, 1851, Winchendon. 

S62 GEORGE I-EVI WHITCOMB," (David/ Enoch," David.' 
Jonathan,* David,^ Josiah," John/) was married to Maria W. liver- 
more. He died July 15, 1S98, in Boston. 

1362. LIZZIE A.,» bom July 22, 1855; married George H. Voss; three 


1363. FRANK H.,* bom June 21. i860; married Mabel F, Fond, November 

13, 1S84. No children. Resides in Boston. 

865 JEROME GILBERT WHJTCOMB,' (Joseph,' Enoch,* 
David,' Jonathan,* David,' Josiali,' John,*) was married August — , 
1859, in Bahimorc, Md., to Emma Jane Cox, who was born November 
30, 1838, in Indianapolis, Ind., and died in the same town October 
20, 1901. 

Mr. Whitcomb was in the railroad business. He was a Presby- 
terian; his wife was an Episcopalian. He died December 31, 1900. 
They resided in Indianapolis. 


1364. GEORGE ERICKSOM,* born August 24, tStiz, Indianapolis, Ind. 

1365. ELEANOR,* born June 13, i86g, Indianapolis, Ind. 

868 JACOB WHITCOMB," (Jacob,' Oliver," Oliver," Jonathan," : 
David,' Josiah,' John,') lives in New Richmond, N. H., where he ' 
was married December, 1835, to Samantha, daughter of William and 
Esther (Ballon) Chase. He built opposite his father's house and lived 
there till 1850, when he moved to another farm in the same town, 
where he built a house and a sawmill. He died October 29, 1S55, 
and his family moved to Fitnvilliam, N. H. 

601 I 

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1366. SARAH E,» born June 10, 1837. 

1367. JANE £.,• born August 29, 1839. 

1368. JOHN A.,* born January 9, 1843; died April 8, 1844. 

1369. JUDITH A.,» bom March 23. 1845- 

1370. OLIVE P.,» born November 10, 1847.- 

871 ANTHONY SWEET WHITCOMB.' (Jacob/ Oliver* Oli- 
ver,' Jonathan,* David,* Josiah,' John,*) lived on his father's farm in 
New Richmond, N. H., until 1877, when he moved to Swanzey, N. 
H., where he is a farmer. He was married October 23, 1870, to Abbie 
E., daughter of Nathaniel Fisher, who was bom August 5, 1849. 

1371. CORA A.,» born February 27. 1871. 
1373. MINNIE B.,» bom September 15. 1872. 

1373. ARTHUR A.,» bom September 5. 1874. 

1374. GRACE E.,» born March 7. 187& 
1375- SUSIE M.,» born November i. i37a 

1376. NELLIE C.,» born April 15, 18S5. 

881 JOHN WHITCOMB," (Abraham.' Abraham.* Oliver* 
Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,' John,') lived in Waterford, Maine, where 
he was married (i) to Sarah B. Hamlin and (2) to EOa H. Knee- 
land. No dates received. 


1377. MELVINA,* married Frank Stearns. 

1378. MARIETTA,* married Daniel Beebe. 

1379. CLARA ELLA,* unmarried. 

t^a LIZZIE," married George Hobson; one child. 
1381. ABBY J.,* married Calvin Manson. 
1388. SARAH,* bom 

BZ4, MELVILLE WHITCOMB," (Isaac.' Abraham,* OhVer,* 
Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,' John,') lived in West Waterford. Maine: 
He was married to Lucia M. Plummer. He died in iSSa 

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1383. ELLA,* married Henry Green. 

1384. ADDIE," born . 

1385. GERTRUDE,* bom ^. 

886 MARCELLUS WHITCOMB." (Isaac,' Abraham.' Oliver* 
Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) lived in Waterford, Maine, where 
he was married to Ellen Fiske. 

1386. ANNA.* married — 

1387. CLARENCE,* born - 

1388. ALICE,* born 

- Holt of Norway, Me. 

898 WIIilAM HARRIS WHITCOMB," (William A.' Abra- 
ham," Oliver,' Jonathan,^ David,' Josiali,' John,*) after the death of 
his father lived in the family of his grandfather, Captain John Har- 
ris of Bethel, Maine, for several years, where he had the benefit of 
the town schools, and a course at Gould's Academy. He subsequently 
removed to Norway, Me., where he has been in trade for many years, 
being one of the most active and reliable business men in town. He 
has served on the Board of Selectmen and as Representative in the 
State Legislature, and has filled other places of trust and honor. He 
was married, October 27, 1861, to loa Fenney Hatch, liom in New 
Ooucester, Maine, August 18, 1842. 

13R0. HENRY EUGENE.* bom June 34, 1862; died the same yttr. 

1390. MARY EMMA,* born October 15, 1864; died September 24, 1863. 

1391. ISABELLA HATCH,* born July 37. 1866. 

894 JOSEPH MILTON WHITCOMB,' (Joseph.^ Joseph,* Jo- 
seph,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married October 26, 
1826, in Grafton, Vt., to Dinah Loveland, who was born in Grafton, 
Vt., in 1809. She died in Manchester, Vt. He was a miller and 
died in Dorset, Vt., March 30, 1870. 


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1392. MELISSA DINAH,' born April 2, 1828; married Larlrin. 

1393. ELVIRA BANCROFT,* born December 23, 1831; married to Philip 


1394. HANNAH MARIA,* born August 3, 1834; married to Archie Robinson. 
+1305- JOSEPH AARON,* born July 14, 1836; 

+1396. CHARLES,* born September i, 1841, Hebron, N. Y. 
1397- FRANCES HOWLETT,* born January 15, 1848; married to Skiff W. 
Sykcs in 1867; four children. 

896 THOMAS NEWTON WHITCOMB.' (Joseph,' Joseph,* 
Joseph," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married March 6, 
1833. to Lucinda Davis; she died August 24, 1842. He was a mill 
builder ; he worked seven years on the Lawrence Cotton Mills at Law- 
rence, Mass. ; later he built mills at Ludlow, and at Dorset, Vt., and 
last at Salem, N. Y., where he died March 10, 1852. 

139& ANNA LUCINDA,* born May 28, 1834; died April 6, 1852. 
+1399. WILSON WEST,* born July 3. iS37. 

1400. MARY ASENATH,* born May 16, 184s: she was married to Le Grand 
Whitcomb (906). 

I40t. LYDIA JANE,* born . 

1402. ELLINOR,* bora . 

896 HORACE CHAPMAN WHITCOMB,' (Joseph,' Joseph," 
Joseph,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,= John,') was married (i) to Louisa 
Emery August 19, 1833; she died June 5, 1845; (2) to Sarah Row- 
an August 31, 1845, she died June 12, 1849; (3) to Fanny Kean, 
March 19, 1850, she was bom January 13, 1829. He died December 
17, 1884. He was a wheelwright 


1403. GEORGE,* bom January 25, 1835. 
+1404. JOHN J.,* born September 28, 1837. 

1405. VERNON,* bom July 10, 1839. 

1406. HARRIET A.,* born January 28, 1843. 

1407. LOUISA,* bom Ikfareh 10, 1845; died September 25, 1845. 

1408. LOUISA,* bom October 5, 1851. 


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1409. EUNICE.* born September 15, 1852; was married to Charles 11. Cole, 

October. 1870. 

1410. KIRK,* born October 31, 1854; was marric<t to Sarah E. Russell, 

Aprirso, 1844. No children. 
+1411. FRANK }^* bom November 33, 1856. 

1412. FANNY,* born Ausust 28, 1859; died May 11, 1861. 

1413. HENRY,* bom February 22, 1865; died March 2, 1866. 

900 ZENO WHITCOMB," (Joseph/ Joseph," Joseph/ Joseph.^ 
David,' Josiali,' John/) was married in Big Flats, N. Y., June 25, 
1843, to Diantha Meddaugh, who was born October 25, 181S; died 
March 6, 1898. He was a soldier in the Civil War; by occupation, a 
farmer, a carpenter and a miller. He died January 26, 1881. Tlie 
children were bom at Big Flats, N. Y. 


1414. MARCELLUS V.,* born October is. 1846; died October 8, 1855. 

1415. HOWARD BURCH." bom March 13, 1847: died April 14, 1848. 
+1416. HERBERT THOMAS.* born October 31, 1851. 

1417. EL1Z.A.BETH,* born Februarj- 13, 1853; died April 13, 1858. 

1418. HENRY W.,* bom January 17, 1855; died April 26, 1858. 

Mtg. EUNICE HARRIET,* born February 36, 1857; married P. N. Easter- 
+1420. LE GRAND PETER,' born December 15. 1858. 
+1421. JOSTAH TRUESDELU* born April ao, i860. 

902 WILLIAM PITT WHITCOMB,' (Joseph' Josepli," Jo- 
seph," Joseph/ David,* Josiah/ John/) was married (i) to Meny 
Ann Brown tn the early fifties. She was a native of Northern New 
Hampshire. They separated and later she and the children went to 

Oregon. He was married (2) to Laura of St. Lawrcice '. 

County, N. Y. He was a soldier in the Civil War. The tast seen of 
liim was by his brother Orrin in Washington, D. C, near the close of 
the war ; nothing has been heard from him since; 


1423. GEORGE,* liorn . 

1423. CHILD," (sex unknown). 

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903 ORRIN LELAND WHITCOMB.* (Joscpli,' Joseph," Jo- 
seph,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was a shoemaker; was mar- 
ried to Zylpha Ann Bell Buel, who died in Caldwell, N. Y. ; he was 
married (2) December 24, 1869; to Lizzie M. Cady. He served four 
years in the army during the Civil War, arid was court crier in Argyle, 
N. Y. He died May 17, 1894, in Argyle. 

1434. MARY,* born October 5, i8sa 

1435. ELLA C.,* born September 38, 1852. 

1436. WESLEY,* barn Augnst g, 1854; died Jannarj 31, 1863. 

1437. OLA 11.,* born July 24, 1856. 

4-1438. WARD BEECHER,* born October 30, 1858, Londonderry, N. H. 

1439. FRANZ SIEGEL," born January 13, 1861; died eariy. 

1430. MYRA EDNA,» bom January 6, 1S74. 

143T. EUNICE C* bom June so, 1875. 

1433. HERBERT L^* bora April a, 1878; died February, 1885. 

905 HORACE NEWELL WHITCOMB,' (Wilson,' Joseph,' 
Joseph,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married to Jane Ami 
Toms in Sullivan, Ohio, January 14, i843> ^^^ ^^'^ I^t^ August 7, 
1826, in Jordan, N. Y., and died In Sullivan, Ohio, May 18, 1886. He 
was corporal in Company A, isSth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 
Civil War; after the war he followed farming. He died in Sullivan, 
Ohio, May 18, i886. 

1433. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH,* bom May 14. 1844. SoltiTan; wa* 
married to . McConnell. 

ti434. CURTIS ERWIN,» born June 19, 1846, Sullivan. 

+1435. CLARENCE EUGENE,* born December 30, 1853. Sullivan; tinmar- 
ricd; reaides at Sullivan, Ohio. 

1436. CARRIE MAY,* bom December 8, i860; married to Bfinnclt. 

Resides at Black Earth, Wis. 

907 OREN M. WHITCOMB,' (Wilson.' Joseph," Joseph." Jo- 
seph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) bom in Green Mount, Vl ; was married 
June 13, 1855, in Sullivan, Ohio, to Susanna Crcastnger, who was 

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born in Susquehanna, Pa., May 5, 1838. He died in Itliaca, Mich. 
She died in Howell, Mich. He was a farmer. 

1437. DORA,* bora March 12, 1862; died September 15, 1862. 

1438. WELTHA,* born November 6, 1S56; died November 17, x&Ji. 

1439. ESTELLA,* born October 35, 1858; died November 14, 1^5. 

1440. WINOGENE,* born March 37, 1871; died November 10, 1875. 
+1441. WALTER ALLEN," born August 31, 1877. 

909 • WILLIE WILSON WHITCOMB,' (WJtson,' Joseph.' Jo- 
seph,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah," John,*) was married in Ashland, 
Ohio, October 12, 1866, to (Mrs.) RosellaT. (Doolittle) Wurts. He 
was a farmer and the family were Congregationalists. He died in 
Litchfield, Ohio, December 22, 189S. 

1443. OLIVE MAY,* born October 10, i8(^: was married March 18, 18BS, 
to Ira D. Cleveland, Chatham, Ohio. 

1443. LEAMON ANDRUS,* born January 13, 1874; a carpenter; unmarried. 

1444. GEORGE BALDWIN,* born June 16, 1876; died November 11, 1880. 

1445. MYRON DAVID,* born December 16, 1877; a blacksmitli; unmarried. 

1446. RUTH ANN,* born September 15, 1879; married September 37, 1901, 

to Frank Robinson, Litchfield, Ohio. 

Joseph,' Joseph," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) is a Baptist min- 
ister in Geneva, Ohio. He was a teacher before entering the ministry; 
was married November 3, 1857, in New Lexington, Ohio, to Jennie B. 
Finley, who was bom in Oakland, Ohio, January 13, 1837. 


1447. MARY HATTIE,* bora September 3, 1859, New Vienna, Ohio; died 

September t6, 1859. 
1448- PEARL MAE,* born May 3, 1861, Wilmineton, Ohio; married 


1449. JEAN M.,* bora March 6. 1865, Oshkosh, Wis.; married to Fenn. 

+1450. WILLIAM HIGBEE,* bora March 17, 1869. 

610 I 

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913 GEORGE R. WHITCOMB," (Wiiliam.' Joseph,' Joseph,' 
Joseph,* David,^ Josiah,' John,') was a farmer in Grafton, Vt., where 
he was born and lived all his life, as did his father and grandfather 
before him. He was married January 23, 1862, to Vesta A. Wilbur, 
who was bom February 20, 1838, in Townshend, Vt In faith he was 
a close communion Baptist. He died March 22, 190a 

1451. NELLIE A^* bom September IS, 1867, Grafton, Vt.; rasrried to 

145* MINNIE E.,» bom October 36, 1872, Grafton, Vt; married to 


914 LE GRAND WHITCOMB,» (Leverett/ Peter," Josiah," 
Josiah,* David,' Josiah,* John,') was married in Pike, N. Y., to Mary 
Asenath Whitcomb (1391), who was bora May 16, 1842. He was a 
farmer in Kalamazoo, Mich. 


1453. ,* bom ' . 

1454, ,» born . 

918 EUAS VERNON WHITCOMB," (Grace Vernon,' Peter,* 
Joseph," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was a farmer and Presby- 
terian; was married to Adelaide Maria Oiandler in Pike, N. Y., Feb- 
ruary 24, 1864. She was bora in Canadice, N. Y., September 23, 
1842. Resided in Pike, N. Y. 

I4SS- HARRIET ADELAIDE,* bom July 13, i86S- 

922 JOEL WILLARD WHITCOMB," (Wjllard,' Jonathan,' 
Jonathan Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,') was a farmer; 
removed from Swanzey, N. H., with his father's family to Westfield, 
N. Y. ; was married to Patience Olive Abbey in WestBeld, N. Y., Jan- 
uary 4, 1846. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 
She was boni November 5, 1825, in Perrysburg, N. Y.; died Novem- 
ber 8, 1897, in Osage, la., where her husband still lives (1904). 


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USti. ELLEN ELIZA,* born February 3, 1847, Wcstfield; died January 16, 
i860, Callaraueus, N. Y. 
+1457- SYLVANDER FOOTE,* born AucuH 28, 1851, Westficld, N. Y. 

92S HORACE WHITCOMB,' (Willard/ Jonathan.' Jonathan 
Priest,' Joseph,* David,^ Josiah,' John,') is a farmer in Brooklyn, la. 
He was married in Victor, la., September 25, 1856, to Rosetta Win- 
chester, bom in Defiance, Ohio, 1832. 

1458. EMMA JANE,* bora June 39. 1857, Victor. la.; married to George A, L . 

Usg. MINNIE ELIZA,* born September 28, 1862, Victor, la.; married to 

M. J. Caldcrwood. 
146a FRANK WILLARD,* born November 15, 1S64, Victor, la.; died 

October 18, 1867. Brooklyn, la. , I e /* I A^ 

1461. EVA C* born September i, 1868, Victor, la. vrtA-r-rieJ CAa-<l?S C-I^wa-^ 

1462. BERNICE A..» born February la, 1877; married U. M. Reed. U.t^c-» 

930 FOSTER BARZILLA WHITCOMB,' (Willard,' Jona- 
than." Jonathan P.," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married in 
Cherry Valley, III., March 16, 1S63, to Mary Putnam Grout, who 
was bom April 3, 1838, in Winchcndon, Mass. He was a moulder 
by trade and lived in Jamestown, N; Y., where his children were born ; 
the family later removed to Englcwood, III. 

146J. WILLIE,* born October 10, 1864, Jame.ilovrn, N. Y.; died at aee of 
two dayi. 

i4iS4> LENA MARY," bom December 4, 1865; teacher; unmarried. 

1465. FRANK,* born June 3, 1869; died aged twenty-six days. 

1466. FLORA MARTHA,* bom July 19. 1870. 

1467. WINFRED FOSTER.* born June to, 1878; unmarried; newspaper 


088 HIRAM ROSWELL WHITCOMB,' (Roswell,' Jonathan," 
Jonathan Priest,' Joseph,* David,^ Josiah," John,*) is a dealer in 

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men's furnishing goods. He lived (i) in Lock Haven, Clinton Coun- 
ty, Pa., (2) Philipsburg, Pa.; was married May 16, 1S76, to Mary 
Adeline Britton, who was born March 18, 1856, in Surrey, N. H. 
They reside in Lock Haven, Pa. 


I4ti8. CLINTON B.,« born June 23, 1877; died September 3, 1881. 

1469. CHESTER ROSWELL,* born June 15. 1879. 

147a LESLIE B.,* born October 37, iSSa; died March 18, tSSj. 

1471. JOHN HARVEY,* born April 10, 1887. 

1473. NORMAND C* born September s, 1888; died July 27, i8S0. 

1473. EDNA CAROLINA,* bom February 17, 189a 

039 GEORGE EDWIN WHITCOMB,» (Roswell.^ Jonathan,' 
Jonathan Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,') was a manufac- 
turer and dealer in lumber with C. L. Russell & Co. Later he en- 
gaged in business by himself, buying and selling real estate, lumber, 
etc, and has been very successful in his business. He has held offices 
of trust and has served in the State Legislature. He was married in 
Keene, N. H., November 12, 1863, to Fostina Ramsdell, who was bom 
January 14, 1838. They reside in Swanzey, N. H. 


1474. EDNA CLEMENTINA,* born March 3. 1865. Swanzey, N. H. 

1475. GEORGE ELMER,* bom April 17, 1S67; unmarried. Swanzey, N. H. 

1476. WALTER EDGAR,* born February 33, 1873; died September \6, 1873. 

946 ALONZO WHITCOMB," (Carter,' Nathan,' Jonathan 
Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was the oMest son of'CoI. 
Carter Whitcomb; he was married in 1857, to Sybil (Heald) Qary. 
She was bom in Troy, Mc, October 17, 182a "He was a clerk in 
different places until he took up the manufacturing of machinery, 
etc, in Worcester, Mass., with his brother. Carter, Jr. His life is an 
example of thrift and enterprise. He died March 28, 1900. 

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1477. LUCY STELLA,* bom February 3, 1859; was married to J. F. 

Brownine. 1 

1478. CAMILLA GERTRUDE," bom July 24, i86a 
+1479. ALONZO WILTON,* born April 11. 1862. 

947 CARTER WHITCOMB,' (Carter,' Nathan," Jonathan ' 
Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiali,* John/) >vas married to Emily Au- 
gusta Spring of Worcester, Mass. She was bom December 11, 1827, 
in Oxbridge, Mass. He was in active business with his brother Alooio, 
until his death December i, i88a His last residence was Worcester, 


1480. IDA FRANCENA.* bora April 39, 1851; wu married to Walter Beat. 

1481. CARRIE JANE,* born January 13, 1853; died February 4, 1856. 

1483. HENRY CARTER,* born Augnst 39, 1857: residence. New York City. \ 
+14S3. FRANKLYN LUTHER,* bora March 5. 1862, Worcester, Mass. ■ 

948 JONIDAB BAKER WHITCOMB." (Carter,' Nathan." '' 
Jonathan Priest," Joseph,'* David,' Josiah,* John,*) moved with his \ 
parents from Saxton's River Village, Vt., to Swanz^, N. H.. in 1837 ; 
thence to different places until 1849, when he went to California. He 
mined and traded on Yuba River until 1854 when he rettu^ed to 
Swanzey, N. H., for a visit. He was married to Cynthia A. Cutter of 
Grafton, Vt, April 5, 1855. Returning to California he settled at 
Berkeley near San Francisco and engaged in real estate business. His 
wife died in Berkeley, Ca!., January 22, 1890. He was a life member ■ 
of the society of California Pioneers and died Marcli 6, 1894. He ' 
compiled and published a genealogy of his branch of the ^^^itcomb ' 
family called "Ancestry and Descendants of Col. Jonathan Priest 


1484. ALICE HARRIET,* born April I. 1856; died December 9, 1882; mar- 

ried to Prof. W. C Jones. 
+1485. FRANK RANDOLPH,' bora November 23, 1857, Indian HiU; attor- 
ney; unmarried. , 

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i486. CAROLINE GOODRICH,' born March 24. 1^60; married to William 

5. Wattles. 
1487. RALSTON," born March 16, 1875; unmarried. 
I4£8. HATTIE DEMMIHG,* born December 3, 1871 ; died Janary 37, 1880. 

949 BYRON WHITCOMB," (Carter,' Nathan,* Jonathan 
Priest,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married January 12, 
1858, to Eliza V. Lett of Flatlands, Long Island, N. Y. She was a 
daughter of Johannes and Gashe Bergen Lott and was bom July i^, 
182S. He first learned the trade of machinist in Worcester, Mass., 
then worked at the trade in Fall River. In 1849 he went to California 
and was one of the New York Mining Company, who sailed frcmi 
New York, February 4, 1849, around the Horn arriving in San Fran- 
cisco August 30, 1849; lie went with his brother to the Yuba River 
at Foster's Bar. After his marriage he made his home at Young 
Hill, in Yuba County, until 186S, when he returned East, going into 
business in Worcester, Mass., for a few years; he then settled at Flat- 
lands, L. I., N. Y. 


14S9. GEORGE BYRON,* born January 3, i860, California; umiurried. 
i40a LUCY GRACE,> born March 23, 1863; married Jurien S. Lott. January 

28, 1891. 
+1491. JOHN CARTER,* bom February 19, 1864: married March at), 1890, to 

Minnie R. Cook; residence. Delta, Colo. 
1493. BERTHA E.,* bom June 5, 1866; unmarried. 
1493- JURIEN LOTT,* bom August 4, 1868; unmarried. 

953 SYLVANDER L. WHITCOMB,' (Otis,' Nathan,* Jona- 
tlian Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiah," John,*) was tnarried Decem- 
ber 21, 1842, to Eliza, daui^ter of William Woodward of Swanzey, 
N. H. She was bom November 18, 1820; died April 11, 1903. They 
were Universalists and he was a farmer. 
I4M. MARY ELIZABETH,* born November ai, 1843; married to Henry 
Hubbard Aldrich. 

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1495. ELLEN MARLOW," born September 12, 1846; married lo Oliver C 
Whitcomb (9^>)- 
+149& HENRY FRANCIS,* bom October 30, iSso. 

966 NATHAN WHITCOMB,* (Otis,' Natlian,* Jonathan 
Priest,' Joscpli,* David,' Josiah,' John,^) was married to Nancy S., 
daughter of Josiah Hammond, of Swanzey; she was bom March 31, 
1824, and died April 3, 1855. He went to Iowa and settled in Daven- 
port, where he died October ly, 1864. 


1497. ABBIE,* bom , Davenport, la. 

t4{& OSCAR HENRY," born . Davenport, la. 

1499. EDGAR HIRAM,* born , Davenport, la. 

967 LUCIUS WHITCOMB.' (Otis,' Natlian," Jonathan Priest." 
Joseph,* David,* Josiah,* John,^) was married to Ellen Maria, daugh- 
ter of Sylvester Holman of Fitzwilliam, N. H.; she was bom Novem- 
ber 2, 1835; died May 24, 1862. He was killed in second Bull Run 
Ught, August 28, 1862. 

ISOC. GEORGE FRANCIS,* born February 2, 186a. 

1501. FLORA AUGUSTA.* born September 5, i860; married to Edmond 

962 LYMAN WHITCOMB," (Otis,' Natlian," Jonathan Priest," 
Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married in Swanzey, N. H., 
March 2, 1850, to Elizabeth L. Sanders, who was bom in Claremont, : 
N. H., December 31, 1830. He was a painter. They resided in I 
Worcester, Mass. Her last residence was Watcrtown, N. Y. He was ' 
killed in battle at Spottsylvania. Va., May 18, 1864, in the Civil War 
serving in a Rhode Island Regiment, and %vas biwied on the battle 


1503. EDWAPD LYMAN,* born January i, 1851; died Augnit S, 1856. 

1503. WILLIS E..* bom December 28, 1853; died January i, 1853. 

1504- J .:NN1E JOSEPHINE,* bom November 32, 1854; died July 25, 1856. 

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1505. JENNIE JOSEPHINE* born November 18. 1858; married to 


1506. WILLIAM ELMER,* born June 94, 1861; residence. Galice, Ore. 

968 ANDREW J. WHITCOMB," (Otis/ Nathan," Jonathan 
Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) went with the Worcester, 
Mass., Company in the 6th Massachusetts Regiment in the Civil War 
and was with it when it marched through Boston. He subsequently 
enlisted in a Rhode Island Regiment and was severely wounded in 
battle. He resides at Palmer, Mass. 

968 LEONARD WHITCOMB,' (Otis,' Nathan,* Jonathan 
Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) served in the 36th Massa- 
chusetts Regiment in the Civil War; he was married April 34, 1867, 
to Sophia L. Hill ; she was bom December i, 1843, in Swanzey, N. H. 
He is a fanner in Swanzey where he resides witli his family. 

+i'507. OTIS L.,* bom September ti, 1869, Worcester, Mass. 

1508. DAISY S..* bom June 10, 1872, Swanzey. 

1509. INFANT,* born October 20, 1874; died October 318, 1874. Swanzey. 
rsio. CECIL.* born March 4, 1876, Swanzey. 

1511. NINA L.,* born June S, 1878; married to Falkncr, Swanzey. 

iSia. VENIE C* born July 31, t88o; married to Qarfc, Swanzey. 

1513. CZARINA,* born December 25, 18S2. 

1514. FLIDA,* bom May 16, 1885. 

977 LYMAN ANGEVINE WHITCOMB,' (Lyman,' Nathan,* 
Jonathan Priest,' Joseph,* David,^ Josiali,' Jt^m,*) was married at 
Worcester, Mass., May 26, 18S5, to Qara Maria Dane, who was born 
April 25, 1848, in Claremont, N. H. He is a painter. Religious be- 
lief, orthodox. They live in Worcester, Mass. 

1515. FLORENCE MYRTIS,* born December 10, iSSft Worcester. 

980 GEORGE JARVIS WHITCOMB.' (Ephraim.' Ephraim,' 
Jonathan Priest," JosqA,* David,* Josiah,' John,') was married Sep- 

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tember 5, 1872, in Springfield, Mass., to Rosella Louise Hitchcock, 
who was bom August 14, 1S51. His business is railroading. In re- 
ligious belief they are Universalists ; residency Springfield, Mass. 

1516. GRACE ADELA,* born June 37, 1877, Springfield, Mus. 

982 EUGENE GARDNER WHITCOMB,» (Ephraim,' Eph- 
raim,' Jonathan Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,') was married 
November 4, 1874, in Rutland, Vt., to Oira Esther White, who was 
born May 22, 1854, in Claremont, N. H. He is a tinsmith and plumber. 

1517. GUY WOODWARD,* bora March 24, 1884. RutUnd, Vt 

988 JASPER HAZEN WHITCOMB,' (Ephraim,' Elisha,' \ 
Elisha," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' Jolm,') was married January 8, ; 
1852, to Louisa Aldrich Harris of New Hampshire. She was bom ; 
in New Hampshire, February 12, 1S28. He was a farmer and died ! 
in South Granby, N. Y. i 

+151& GEORGE HARRIS,* born January 10, 1853. 
+1519. HERBERT EUGENE,* born January 22, 1S56. 

1530. MARY LOUISE,* bora June la, 1857; married to Fred Randall 

iSai. PRANK JAY,* born January i, 1859; unmarried. 

1533. EMMA FRANCELIA,* bora June 14, 1S60; married to Justut T. Gere. 
+1523. JAMES DAVID,* born March 29. l86j. 

1534. CHARLES EDWIN,* bora April 30, 1865 or 1866. ; 
1525. FRED ERNEST,* bora May 31, : i8. ; 

992 FRANCIS E. WHITCOMB,' (Ephnum/ Elisha,« Elisha," ' 
Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married to Elizabeth Walrath 
in Bloomfield, Wis. She was bom in McComb, N. Y. Francis E. 
enlisted for service at the outbreak of the Rebellion; he re-enlisted in 
Company I, Seventh Regiment Wisconsin Infantry, February 24. 
i860; was killed in the battle near Hatcher's Run, February 6, 1865. 
His wife died in childbirth, April 24, 1864, aged seventeen years. The 

d by Google 


son was locally known by the name of Walrath, his maternal grand- 
parents having brought him up. 

+1536. CHARLES FRANCIS WALRATH,* bom April 34, 1864, Bloomfield. 

997 OTIS PROUTY WHITCOMB,' (David.' David," Elisha.» 
Joseph,* David," Josiah,* John,') was married to ; (date want- 
ing). He ^vas a physician. His last residence, Palmyra, Ohio. 

1537. JOHN M..* bora ; last heard of in St. Louis, Mo. 

1538. PALMA,* boTD ; last beard of in Dcs Moines, la. 

1529. DUANE.* born 

QQ9 NILES DAVID WHITCOMB,' (David,' David,' EUsha," 
Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married to , (date want- 
ing). He was a physician. 


1530. FLORA,* bora . Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. 

1531. LUCY,* bora . 

1532. MAY," (son), bora ; last heard of in Hiawatha, Kans. 

1004 CHARLES C. WHITCOMB," (David.' David," Elisha," 
Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married to , (date want- 

1533- FANNIE,' born . 

1534. ORSON,* bora '—. 

1535. FOREST,* bora -: . 

1007 JASPER WHITCOMB,» (Wyman,' David,« Elisha.* Jo- 
seph,* David," Josiah," John,') was married August 18, 1850, to 
Isabella Stewart, who was bom July 2, 1825, in Ireland. His occupa- 
tion was farming, and both spent their last days in Plainville, III 

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1536- JOSIAH EVERETT,* born July 21, 1851, Hancock County, 111.; 

1537. AMANDA A.,* born- August 4, 1853. 
+1338. ROBERT H.,» bom July a8, 1855. 
1539. ANNIE M.,* born July 4, 1858; died M&rch 8, 1864. 
154a LURA BROCKWAY,* born December 11, i860; died June M. 1864. 
»S4i. WILLIAM STEWART,* born March a, 1863; present rcMdence, Mew 
London, Mo. 

i009 DWIGHT WHITCOMB." (Wyraan,' David," EIisha,» Jo- 
seph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) -was married March 29, 1856, to Mary 
H. Ellison in Rock Creek; she was bom December 29, 1837, in York- 
shire, Eng. He was a farmer in Adrian, 111. 

+1542. WYMAN T.,* born December ai, 1856, Adrian. 111. 
+1543. PARNUM M.,* born June 16, 1859, Adrian, III. 
-t-1544. }OHN D.,* bom September 6, t86i, Adrian, 111. 
+IS4S- J- ALBERT," born November 3. 1873, Adrian, 111. 
1546. LEWIS M.,* bom July 14, 1877; married Mary H. Boyles; no children. 

1012 DAVID WHITCOMB," (Wyman,' David," Elisha," Joseph,* 
David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married (i) in Plainvillc, 111., Decem- 
ber 21, 1865, to Esther Hibbard, who was bom in Plainvillc, April 
23, 1846, and died in Plainville, April 10, 1867, leaving a child two 
weeks old. David was married {2) November 10, 1867, to Charlotte 
Hoflfman, who was born December 27, 1851. He was a farmer and 
settled in Plainville in early manhood and spent his life in that town. | 

1547- JULIUS MAE," bom March 7, 1867, Plainville, IIL; married to Frances 

B. Madison in 1898; no children. 
1S48. CLARA,* born March 2$, 1869, Plainville; married to Edward Dtstle- 
horst; they reside in Hulls, 111.; one child. 
-<-iS49. WILLIS,* born August 28, 1S71, Plainville. 
1550. EMMA A.,* born December 18, 1873, Plainville; married Hibbanl; 

lives in Los Angeles, Gal. 
I5SI- LURA,* bom February is. 1876, Plainville; married to Frank L. Bell- 
stein; live in Quincy, 111.; one child. \ 

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1552. FARNHAM,* born March 19. 1878. Plairtville; <ficd January 28, 1879. 

1553. AMOS,» bom December s, 1879, Plainville. 

1554. ELLA C* born August 10, 188a, Plainville; msried to W. P. BeiW 

stein; lives in Quincy, III.; no children. 
I5S5- FLORENCE,* born December 8, 1885, FUinviUc, III. 

1556. WALTER L..» bom February 26. 1880, Plainvilhv U'. 

1557. ELLIS E.,* born March 17, iSga, FlainviUe, IIL 

1017 MARTIN POLK WHITCOMB/ (Jasper/ Davicl,« Elisha,* 
Joseph,* David,^ Josiah,' John,') was married November 19, 1872, 
in Payson, IIL, to Sarah £. Elliot, who was bom October 25, 1S47, in 
Quarryville, Pa. They are Congregationalists and reside in Quincy, 
III., where he is an agricultural implement dealer aad farmer. 

1558. EDNA,* bom February la, 1875. Payson, III. 

1559. LONA A.,* bom February 13, iSS3> Payson, III. 

1025 FRANK WHITCOMB," (Famum R^' David," Elisha," Jo- 
seph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married Fdmary 22, i88r, in 
Ottumwa, la., to Elizabeth Bizer, who was bom ib Ottimiwa, Febru- 
ary 26, 1858. In religious belief they are Methodisis. He is a farmer 
and they reside in Ottumwa. 


1560. GRACE A.,* bom July i, 1881. 

1561. CHARLES MAXWELL,* bom June 26, 1SS9. 

1562. MILDRED E.,* bom February 19, 1896. 

1026 HENRY DAYTON WHITCOMB," (Josiah,' David." 
Elisha,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,') resides in Washington, D. 
C, where he is employed in the Govcmmeat Printing Office. He was 
married May 19, 1875, in Detroit, Mich., to Mary Kearney, who was 
bom in Detroit, January 21, 185a She died in Detroit 


1563. SADIE ELIZABETH,* bora April g, 1876^ DetrsBt; married to G. L. 


1564. HARRY DAYTON,* bora March 8, 1878; viunarricd; resides in 

Toledo, Ohio. 

1565. ALBERT WILLIAMS,* bora May 18; 1880; deceased. 


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1086 JOTHAM WHITCOMB," (Joel,' Jotham." Philemon," Jo- 
seph,* David,' Josiah,* John,') was married in Rockingham, Vt, Feb- 
ruary 9, 1852, to Kate F. Bancroft. She was bom 1831, in Reading, 
Vt. He is in the livery business in Saxtoti's River, Vt Religious 
belief. Baptist 


1566. ETTEN,* bora 1855, Bellows Falls, VL; died aged five years. 

1567. CARRIE M.,» born i8s7. Bellows Falls, Vt.; died aged thirty-two years. 

1568. FRANK J..* born 1859, Bellows Falls, Vt.; died aged twenty-one years. 

1569. FRED L.,» born 1862. Saxton's River. No children. 

1040 E2EKIEL OSGOOD WHITCOMB,' (Joel,' Jotham," 
Pliilemon," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married May 21, 
t86j, to Martha Emily Ne^vmarch of Boston; she was bom Novem- 
ber 3, 1840. Tliey live in SwanzQr, N. H. 

157". LUCY ANN,* bora October 26. 1864. 

iS7<- ' FOREST O.," born October 15, 1867; was married to Emma J. Brit- 
ton, 1893; no children. 

1572. MARY JOSEPHINE,* ) . „„ ir,h„.,„ , ,«„ 
+1573. FRANK AUGUSTUS.* \ bora February r, 1871. 

1574. F. F. WILLARD,* born October 3. 1883. 

1043 EDMOND A. WHITCOMB,' (Abijah Brown,' Philemon,* 
Philemon," Jo-ieph,* David,' Josiah,* John,') was married July, 1864, 
to Electa M. Bc«worth, who died January, 1886. 

IS7S FRANCIS M.,* born 1868; died February 10, T8S4. 

i57fi. FRED A.,* bora August i, 1873. 

1045 GEORGE HERBERT WHITCOMB,' (Abijah Brown,' ■'. 

Philemon," Philemon,^ Josepli,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married , 

December 27, 1874, to Kittie H. Abbott, who died November 25, 1879. ' 


1577. ELMA A.,* bom July 6, 1876. I 

1578. FRANK LEE,* born November 15. 1879. I 

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1047 CHARLES S. WHITCOMB,' (Benjamin,' Benjamin," 
Philemon,' Joseph/ David,^ Josiah,' John,*) was married (l) to 
Ellen M. Graves of Swanzey, N. H., April 24, 1871 ; she died 1876, 
and he was married (2) to Carrie L. Snow, November 6, 1S80. 

1579. BLANCHE E.,» born April 5. 1872. 

1580. GEORGE H.,» born October 27, 1874. 

1581. IDA €.,• bom May 23, 1882. 
iSSa. MINNIE R..» bom June 25. 1886. 

1060 JONAS FRED WHITCOMB," (Elbridge Gerry/ Abijah,« 
Philemon," Joseph,* David,* Jcsiah,^ John,') was married August 23, 
1872, to Hannah Perham Kcyes, wlio was born in Keener N. H., 
October a6, 1851. He is a member of "J- F. & R H. WUitcomb, 
Merchant Tailors," of Keene, N. H. 


1583. JONAS FRED,» born May 17, 1873, Kcenc; died May, 189S. in the 


1584. HANNAH," bom February 16, 1875, Keene, N. H.; died March 19, 1883. 

1585. CHARLES KEYES," bom May 28. 1877. Keene, N. H. 

1586. ELIZABETH SALOME,* bom May 3. 1879. Keene, N. H. 

1587. FANNIE,»'bom June ii, 1881, Keene, N. H.; married December 31, 

1903, to Edward Alton Ellis; one son, Nathan William Ellis, bom 
October 13, 1903. 

1588. MARY ISABEL.* born August 22, 1S83, Keene, N. H. 

1589. CHARLOTTE.* born September 6, rSSs, Keene, N. H. 

1590. RUTH,* bom August u, 1887, Keene, N. H. 

1591. BERTHA EULALIA,* born August ag. 1889. Kctne, N. H. 

1051 FRANK HERBERT WHITCOMB." (Elbridge Gerry,' 
Abljah,' Philemon,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') is a merchant 
tailor in Keene, N. H.; he was married September i, 18S0, to Grace 
Nims, bom October 13, 1854, daughter of Lanman Nims. 

1592. EDSON GERRY.* bom December 30, l88r. 

1593. RALPH NIMS.* born October 25, 1883. 

1594. MARGARET.* born January i, 1885. 
1395. JAMES LANMAN,* bom October 1, 18S9- 

159& EVERETT NEWCOMB,* bom February 10, 1893. 


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loss CHARLES EMERY WHITCOMB.' (Emery Stratton,' 
Abijah," Philaiion," Joseph,* David,* Josiali,^ John,' ) was married in 
Lima, III., April 7, iS8r, to Nancy Wainwriglit Dixon of Marcelline, 
III, bom December 28, 1862. He is a carpenter. 

1597- FANNIE MABEL,* born January 31, iSSa. 

iSSrfl. FLORA MAY/ born December 18, 1883. 

IS99- BERTIE FINLEY,' born May ir, 18S6. 

1600. CLIFFORD EARL,* born November aC, 1S90. 

1601. HAZEL RHODA MARY.* born July 16. 189a 

i068 FRANK IRVINE WHITCOMB," (Irvin Abijah,' Joseph,' 
Abijah,' Joseph,* David,* Josiah,* John,') was married in San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., October 15, 1890, to Miriam Miller, who was bom in Bear 
Valley, Cal, May 11, 1868. He is president of the Raymond & Whit- 
comb Tourist Company. Reli^ous belief. Episcopalian. Resides 
in New York City. 



' born November 6, i 

91. New York City. 

1070 ADDI LEE WHITCOMB.* (Josliua,' Joshua,' Benjamin," 
Benjamin,'' David,' Josiah,= John,^) removed trom Canada to Graf- 
ton, Vt., with his parents in his boyhood, thence to Albany, Wis. He 
was married (i) to Jane Britton at Forest Home, Wis.; (2) to Jane 
Moore in Albany, Wis., about 1877; Jane died at Koshkonong Lake, 
Wis., in 1880; and he was married (3) to Elizabeth Flake in Peiisa- 
cola. Fta. He was a carpenter and joiner in Albany, and died there 
March iS, 1804. j 


ifioj. JOSHUA,* died in California at tlic age of one and one-half years. 
1604. CHARLES WILLIS,* born March 30. 1S79. Albany, Wis. He is 
principal of the Albany (Wis.) High School; was married to Lnella 
Nichols; no children. 

Sprague,' Joshua," Benjamin," Benjamin,* David,' Josiab,' John,') 

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removed from Illinois to San Francisco, Cal., where he was married 
( I ) August 24, 1864, to Catherine McCabe, who was bom in Ireland 
August 25, 1845, and died January 8, 1881, in San Francisco; (2) to 
Clarissa Ehzabeth Parker. Nathan was a dentist and his last residence 
was in San Francisco. He died September 28, 1900. His second wife 
survives him and resides in San Francisco. 

+1605. SYLVESTER EUGENE.* born May 24, 1865, Joy's Point. North Jack- 
son, Cal. 

1606. NATHAN EDWIN,* born October 8, 1868. 

1607. CATHERINE PEARL,* born March 31. 1873- 
r6o8. RUBY ELIZABETH,* bom January 19, 1S74. 

1609. ETHEL GERTRUDE,* bom September 13, 1876. 

1610. ALBERT CORNELIUS,* bom ^ 1878. 

1611. HORACE VERNON,* bom August 9. 1884- 

1612. RUPERT WEBSTER,* bora August 14, 1887. 

Sprague,' Joshua,* Benjamin," Benjamin,* David,' Josiali,' John,^) 
was married December, 1870, to Mary J. Slaten, who was born De- 
cember 24, 1846. He served three years in the Civil War and was 

honorably discharged. They live at . 


1613. MARY DELIGHT.* born September 19. 1871: was married Novem- 

ber 5, 1S86, to J. O. Brock; two children. 

1614. CORA ELIZABETH,* bora September 19, 1873: died in Oalclaad,- Cal.. 

aged two years. 
i6(S. MINNIE ESTELLA,* bora April 30, 1876; was married April 7, 1900, 
to Alvin Brinton; one child. 

raim," Ephraim," Benjamin,* I^avid,^ Josiah,' John,') was married 
November 28, 1857, to Emily L. Johnson of Liverpool, N. S., who 
was bom October 2, 1840; she died July 23^ 18S9. 

1616. ROSABELLA.* born October 17, 1859; married to Francis Furbanks. 

1617. LILLIAN,* born September 4, iS6t; married to Albert Fowler. 

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16(8. CHARLES E./ born October i, 1863. 

1619. ELLEM N.,0 born May 37, 1S65. 

1630. WILLIAM B.,> born April 3. 1868. 

1631. ADIN L..* born May 38, 187a 

1622. M-.» bom January 18, died February i, 1^2. 

1623. FRANCIS L..» bom February 26, 1873. 

1624- WALLACE E.,> born Janaary 33, 1875; died March, 1876. 

1625. EVERETT H.,» born March 3i, 1877- 

1084 HENRY CARTER WHITCOMB," (George/ Ephraitn,* 
Ephraim,* Benjamin,* David,* Josiah,* John,') was married (i) to 
Mrs. Angeline Baldwin; (2) June 9, 1870, to Susan E. Stockwell of 
Royalston, Mass. 


1626. FLORENCE B.,» bom 1876. 

1627. CLARENCE D..» bom 1880. : 
1O28. CRESSIE B.,» bora 1886. 

raim," Ephraim," Benjamin,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married 
December 7, 1889, to Mrs. Emma J. Manard, who was bom March 
10, 1850. He served in the Civil War, enlisting in Company C, i 
Seventh Regiment Vermont Volunteers; he was at the siege of Ft. I 
Spanish and Fort Blakeley, and at the taking of Mobile. | 


1639. WALDO L.,» bora March 3, 1891. 

1089 SHELDON FRANOS WHITCOMB,' (Francis Qiaffin,' 
Francis,' John," Benjamin,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married i 

, 1880, to . Residence, Easton, N. H. | 


1630. LILLY VIDA.* bora March 13, 1887. 

1100 EDDY ELMER WHITCOMB,' (Francis Chaffin,' Frands," 
John,' Benjamin,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married August 27, 
1891, at Kalmer, Minn., to Lizzie M. Hall, wlio was bom March 27, 

d by Google 


iS66, at Rocliestcr, Minn. He is a farmer at Rochester, Miim. The 
family are McUiodists. 


1631. GERTRUDE EDNA,* bom April 35, 1893. Rochester, Minn. 

1632. CATHERINE HALL,* born April 4. »8(M, Kalmer, Minn. 

1633- BEULAH REBECCA,* bom July 17, 1896, Kalmer, Minn. 

1634- FRANCES ADALINE,* born October 18, 1897. Kalmer. Min. 
:g mPA^K^,™™'^'" }b»„ApH.,3.,^.K.,„.,.»W 
11S37. GLADYS lif.,* bom August ai, 1901, Kalmer, Minn. 

1101 HOWARD PEARL WHITCOMB," (Frands Chaffin,' 
Francis," John," Benjamin,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married 
June 19, 1895. at High Forest, Minn., to Anna May Douglas, who 
was bom September 17, 1871, at High Forest Tliey are Metliodists, 
and he is a farmer at Byron, Minn. 


1638. ELMER WILLIAM," born Febraary 20, 1897, Byron, Minn. 

1639- JANE CAROLINE.* bom November 15, 189S, Byron, Minn. 

1640. CORDELIA REBECKA,* born June s. 1900, Byron, Minn. 

1641. TEMPERANCE MILDRED.* born July 28, 1903, Byron, Mmn. 

1642. ESTHER FLORENCE,* born December i6. 1903, Byron, Minn. 

1 108 WILLIAM ARTHUR WHITCOMB." (Jeremiah,' Francis," 
John,' Benjamin,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married September 
7, 18931 in Downs, III., to Agnes E. Dooley, who was born in Lexing- 
ton, 111. He is engaged in real estate and loans and otiier btisincss 
enterprises. In religious belief he and his wife are Presbyterians. 
They reside in Bloomington, 111. 


1643. WILLIAM DONALD,* bom March, 1895; Downs, HI. 

1644. MORRIS GLENN,* born October to. 1899, Downs, HI. 

1122 FRANK FAY WHITCOMB," (Stephen Snyder,' >Samuel,* 
John,' Benjamin,* David,^ Josiah," John,*) studied theology and en- 
tered the Baptist ministry in October, 1891. He was married at 

d by Google 


Walhila, Washington, October 24, 1888, to Grace Alice Steele. He 
lias had charges in different states, Oregon, Washington and Wiscon- 
sin. Present residence, Wisconsin. 

1645. CECIL FAY.» bom August 12, 1890. 
16,16. PAUL STEELE,* born February 23, 189a. 
1647. BERTH.\ CAROLINE,* born October 31. 1894. 

1130 ARTHUR KINCAID WHITCOMB,» (Horace.' Josiah,' 
John,'' Bienjamin,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) war. married at Wakefield, 
Mass., November 24, 1875, to Ella Minerva Pattee. She was bom 
September 4, 1S50, at Searsmont, Me. He is a journalist, a teacher, 
and a school superintendent. Residence, Lowell, Mass. 

1648. ETHEL WINIFRED,* born September 29. 1879. Lowell, Mass. 
1649- HELEN MAY,* born July 3, 1S86, Lowell, Mass. 
1650. FRANK SUMNER.* bora August ao, i8Sg, Lowell, Masn. 

1131 WARREN HORACE WHITCOMB,» (Horace,' Joseph,* 
John," Benjamin,'' David,^ Josiah,' John,') is a fanner iu Bath, N. H. ; : 
was married January 32, 1879, to Martha Augusta Hawkins, who was | 
born January 22, i860, in Norwich, Vt ' 

I6S»- LEON ARTHUR,* born November 30. 1881, Bath, N. H. 
l6sa. WINIFRED HAWKINS,* born January 2, 1884, Bath, N. H. 

1653. HARRY DEXTER,* bora June 15, 1893. Bath, N. H. 

1654. HAfYNE JOHNSON,* born June 8, 1896, Bath. N. H. 

1655. WARREN,* born January 35, 1903, Bath, N. H. { 

1185 WILLARD H. WHITCOMB," (Hosea,' Josiah," John,' 

Benjamin,* David,' Josiah,^ John,') was married , 1887, to 

Hardy. They live in Carroll, N. H. 


1656. DAUGHTER.* born 1888. 

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1140 WALTER BRUCE WHITCOMB,« (Silas Bruce/ Samuel," 
Erra,' Simon,* David,' Josiah,^ John,^) Avas married November, 1851, 
to Fidelia Jane Merrick, who was bom July 9, 1833, in Nunda, N. Y. 

He was a merchant and banker in Nunda. He died in Nunda , 

and his wife died in Tarpon Springs, Fla. 
1657. CLARA EVA,* born August 17, 185^, Nunda; married to E. C Olney, 
New York City. 
+1658. SILAS MERRICK,* bora January 10, 1859, Nsnda. 

1148 SAMUEL PIERCE WHITCOMB,« (Silas Brucc^ Samuel,* 
Ezra,' Simon,* David," Josiah,' John,*) was married in Coming, N- 
Y., May 20, 1863, to Juliet Hammond, who was born in Erwio, N. Y., 
January 3, 1S44. In religious belief tliey are Universalists. Mr. 
Whitcomb has for many years been a merchant in Nunda, N. Y., 
where they still reside (1904). No children. 

Samuel,' Ezra,* Simon,* David,' Josiah,' Jolm,*) was married at 
York, N. Y., February 18, 1874, to Emma Eliza Willis, who was bora 
April 6, 1846, at Westonville, Oneida County, N. Y. In rdigious 
belief they are Presbyterians. Mr. Whitcomb has been a farmer, but 
is now retired. They reside in Rochester, N. Y. No diildren. 

1 156 HENRY SAWYER WHITCOMB,» (Jonathan,' Hezelnah." 
Hezekiah," Hezekiah,* Hezckiah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married May 
I, 1878, in Kalamazoo, Mich., to Harriet Wadhams, who was bora 
May 28, 1852. He is proprietor of a Oothes Dryer Manufactuiy in 
Chicago. Family reside in Chicago. 

1659. ADAH FRANCIS,* born May at, 1879. 

1174 WILLIAM MATHER WHITCOMB," (Thomas,' John," 
Jonathan Priest,' Hezekiah,* Hezekiah,' Josiah," John,*) was married 

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March 25, 1819, in PUtsficId, Vt, to Hannah Samantha Fuller. The 
family were Baptists. His wife died, 1894. He was living in Deccm- 
IjcTi 1903, in Wallingford, Vt., aged eighty-six years. 

Htfn. VARMUM WILLIAM,* born August 30. i8u, Stockbridge, Vt. 

1661. ERVING THOMAS,* born February 6, 1845, Stockbridge. Vt. 

i66z HORACE ELWIN.* born March i, 1847, Ratland, Vt.; died . 

1663. ISABELLA ANNETTE,* bom January 26, 1849, Rutland, Vl.; married 

to Wooley. 

1664. MARY ANN,* bom February 2, 1853, Rutland, Vt; married to 


1665. JENNETTE ISADORE.* born November ao, 185S, Rutland. Vl; mar. 

ried to ' Buckler. 

1666. HORACE LOVELL,* born September 26, 1858, Rutland. Vl 
1667- CHARLES ELWIN,* born February 21, 1861, Rutland, Vt 

1176 JOHN NEWTON WHITCOMB.» (Abiel,' Jolin,' Jona. 
than Priest," Hezekiah,* Hezekiah,* Josiah,^ John,*) was married in 
Stockbridge, Vt, August 21, 1870, to Li'cy Annette Chamberlain, 
who was bom in Brandon, Vt, December 10, 1845. He is a farmer 
and lives on the homestead in Stockbridge. 


1668. ED. NEWTON,* born , Stockbridge, Vt 

1177 LYSANDER L. WHITCOMB," (Jonathan,' Ebenezer,' 
Jonathan Priest,' Hezekiah,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married ! 

to -; removed from Ludlow, and lived in different places, at 

one time in Burlington, Vt 


1669. LEDREW,* bom . j 

1178 JOSEPH SMITH WHITCOMB,' (Jonathan,' Ebenezer,* | 
Jonathan Priest," Hezekiah,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married 

to ; removed from Ludlow and after a time settled in Chicago ^ 

(92 Walton Place), where he still resides (1904). 


167ft DWIGHT.* born . 

1671. EXTEEN,* bom . 

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Ubciiezcr,' Jonatlian Priest,^ Hezckiah,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John/) 
was married April 7, 1847, ^o Arvilla Betsey Adam^ who was born 
June 28, 1824, in Plymouth, Windsor County, Vt She died May, 

1884. Married (2) to Mrs. S.T.Griswold, August It 1885. In early 
life he was a teacher and later a farmer in Wtscon^n; he afterwards 
moved to Nebraska and was County Judge of Flielps County for 
seven years. His last residence was Holdredge, Neb. 

167Z. DWIGHT CURTICE DANIEL,* born Jane w. 1*48, Reading, Vt; 
was married in 1877, to Sarali E. Burpee; no chQdren. 
+1^3. ANDREW ECKSTEIN,* bom AprU aa i8S4> West Windsor, Vt. 
11^4. MIHA ARVILLA,* born April 7, iSfii, Vernon, Wis.; was married to 
C J. Moon. 

nezer," Jonatlian," Hezekiah,* Hezekiah," Josiah," Jofcn^*) was a paper 
maker. He was married (i) June i, 1853, ^^ Datton, Mass., to Mary 
E. Young, who was bom in Worthington, Mass.; died in Watertown, 
N. Y.; (2) to Hanna Chapman Ellis of Barnard, VL, November, 
1876. She was a Whitcomb by birth, but was adopted in infancy into 
the Ellis family. He died in Ludlow. Vt, March 22, 18S5. He was 
buried in Watertown, N. Y. 


1675. JULIA E..* bom November 17, 1856, Watertown, 29. Y.; raarrfed to 

— ^ ■■ Bachclder. 

1676. FRED E.,* born October 13, 1862, Watertown; no dildren; tinsmith 

in Dover, N. H. 

bard,' Israel," Israel,' Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,') resides in 
Holyoke, Mass. He was married (i) to Mary Eliza Pratt, October 
17, 1865; slie died June 15, 18S3; he was married {a) August 26, 

1885, to Abbie A. Brown. 

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1677. CLARENCE,* born August 11, 1S68; died September 7, 1868. 
1678- LOVELLA MAY,« born April 7, 1871; died May 6, 1871. 
i&jg. LULU MAY,' born November 18, 1872. 

1650. CHARLES GORE.* born September 14. 1876: died October 4, 1876. 

1651. BESSIE ELLEN,> born February 31, 1878; died December t, 1883. 

1682. NELLIE LOUISE,* born August 34, 1881. 

1683. MYRA DAY,* born December 31, 18S8. 

1196 RUSSELL BATES WHITCOMB.» (Edmond Hubbard,' 
Israel," Israel," Israel,* Hczekiah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married Aug- 
ust 14, 1871, to Emma A. Warriner. They reside in Massachusetts. 


1684. MABEL ROSE,* born November i, 1873. 

1685. EMMA RUSSELL,* born May 13. 187S- 

1686. GEORGE BATES," born June 14, 1880. 
ifi87. JOHN HOWARD,* born February 34, 1887. 

1197 HARLAND PAGE WHITCOMB." (Edmond HubbaM,' : 
Israel,* Israel," Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,* John,') was married Janu- 
ary 27, 1881, to Nellie A. Myers. They live in , Mass. 

16&8. BOYDEN PAGE,* bom October 7. 1881. 

1199 CHARLES WHITCOMB,» (Mark,' William,' Israel,", 
Israel,* Hezekiah,^ Josiah,' John,') was married to Mary Jane, daugh- 
ter of Duke Roberts, in West Shefford, Quebec, Jime 13, 1871. He is a 
fanner and a Methodist. They reside in Shefford, Quebec 


i68g. CHARLOTTE £.,* bom May 13, 1875, Shefford. 

1690. MARK RUSS,* born August 3f, 1879, Shefford. 

1691. HATTIE MILDRED,* bom December 11, 1881, Shefford. ' 

1204 HORATIO NELSON WHITCOMB,» (Leonard,' William,' 
Israel,' Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,') was married to Annie' 
Gray. He is a farmer; they live in Waterloo, Quebec. 


1693. A GIRL,* bom . ' 

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1208 CALVIN HUBBARD WHITCOMB," fLevi Nathaniel,' 
Nathaniel,' Israel,' Israel,'' Hezekiah,' Josiah,* Jolin,*) was married 
(i) in Florida, Mass., June 5, 1851, to Ann M. Busby, who was bom 
in England, May 17, 1828, and died November 22, 1864; (2) to Mary 
Ellen Bunting, May 17, 1866, who was bom January 17, 1838, in 
Janesville, Ohio. Dves at Marion, Lynn Coun^, Ix He is a farmer. 

1693. ADA ANN,* born July 17, 1S53, North Adams, M«s&; married Stevens 

Stokes; eight children. 

1694. GEORGE CALVIN,* born October 7, 1S54; married Sarah E. Rollie; 

no children. 

1695. CHARLES S.,* bom February s, 1857; died September 16, 1864. 
+1696. CLARENCE LEVI,* born March 2^ i8s9- 

1697. ELMER F..* bom February 5, 1863; died November 8, 18&4. 

169a MINNIE EVELYN,* born June 15, 1867. 

+1699. WALTER OLIN,* bom October 15, 1868. 

+1700. ALBERT ELMER," born January 2, 1872. 

1701. MYRTIE CATHERINE,* born July aS, 1873; vms married to C A. 

Jones; one daughter. 

1702. MARY LIND,* born February as, 1878; married to E. O. Zinser; 

no children. 

1703. METTA MAY,* born November 10, 1884. 

1210 JOEL ALONZO WHITCOMB.' (Levi ' Nathaniel,' Na- 
thaniel," Israel,' Israel,* Hezekiah,^ Josiah,* John,') was married No- 
vember 6, 1855, Westfield, Mass., to Chloe Lydia Manning, who was 
bom November 4, 1834, in Florida, Mass. He is a farmer and car- 
penter. In politics a Prohibitionist Religious belief, Protestant. 
Residence, Bagley, la. 

+1704. JOHN MANNING,* bom December 23, 1859, Mam^i, la. 
17OS. CHARLES COVEL,* born August 11, 1865, Mcnotn, la.; unmarried; 
he is an engineer. 

1212 LORENZO FOWLER WHITCOMB,' (Israel,' Nathaniel.' 
Israel,' Israel,* Hezekiah," Josiah,' John,*) was married November 
13, 1864, to Elizabeth Jane White. He has lived m Florida, Mass. 

d by Google 


(where he was bom), during the entire seventy years of his life. He 
is a fanner. 


1706. EVA ELIZABETH,* born January 15, 1867. 

1707. FRANK EARLE,* born January 2% 1870; married; no children. 
I7t^ FRED ROLO,* bom May 4, 187Z; unmarried. 

1216 EMORY STEADMAN WHITCOMB.' (Israel/ Nathaniel," 
Israel," Israel,* Hezeldah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married (i) to Lucy 
E. White, who was bom July 20, 1849; and died April 18, 1887; he 
was married (2) to Melvina Scott. 

170Q. SON,* born and died April iS, 18S7. 

1217 OSCAR EDEN WHITCOMB," (Eden.' Nathaniel," Israel," 
Israel,* Hezekiah,* Josiah,^ John,*) was married at Ely, III., in 1S60, 
to Mary L. Hicks of Vermont. He is a commission merchant. They 
reside in Wauconda, III. 

+1710. WILLIAM HOWARD,' born May 3, 1866, Wauconda, III. 
1711. LOUIS G.,* bora March 13, i86s). ! 

122a CHARLES ALBERT WHITCOMB,* (John Andre,' Eph- 
raim,* Ephraim,' Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,') was married to 
Ellen M. Holden, who was bom January 27, 1850. 

t7ia. CHARLES HOLDEN,* bofn June 6, 1871. 

1713- HARRY ALBERT,* bom July i, 1877. 

123S IjYNN WHITCOMB." (John,' Israel,' Ephraim,"* Israel,* I 
Hezekiah,* Josiah,' John,*) was married in Qcve'and, Ohio, Decem- 
ber 18, 1900, to Louisa C Benlioff, who was bom March 27, 1867. ' 
They are members of the Lutheran church. He is an iron worker. 
They reside in Cleveland, Ohio. 

1714. LEONARD,* bom May 24, 1903, Cleveland, Ohio. 

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12S7 CHARLES MORRISON WHITCOMB,' (Charles Elcazer,' 
Elcazer," Ephraim,' Israel,* Hezekiah,' Jostah,' Jolm,') lives at Ells- 
worth Falls, Me. He was married Aug^iist 3, 1884, in New York Gty, 
to Hattie May Whitney, who was bom March 28, i860, in Lowell, 
Mass. His occupation has been clerking. 
1715. HELEN CLARK,* born December 36, iSga; died in infancy. 

'it S SSSs^Ja, } — J- '- "^ ^"-°"' ^■"- "'■ 

1240 HOWARD FERGUSON WHITCOMB,' (Charles Eleazer,' 
Eleazer,' Ephraim,' Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah," John,*) is a manu- 
facturer of sole leather in Ellsworth, Me. He is also sheriff of Han- 
cock County, Me. He was married October 30, 1895, in Cherryfield, 
Me., to Mabel Phinette Church, who was bom July 8, iS66, in Brad- 
ford, Me. The family are Episcopalians. 

1718. MORTON CHURCH,* born August 30, 1896, Cherryfield. Me. 

1719. PAUL LANGLEY,* born June 7, 1899, EllEvortli, Me. 

1242 FRANK EVERETT WHITCOMB," (Charles Eleazer/ 
Eleazer," Ephraim,' Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,') was married 
in Ellsworth Falls, Me., November il, 1S94, to Ella Florence Camp- 
bell, who was bom June i, 1868, in Ellsworth, Me. Religions bdief. 
Liberal He is a dentist, and they reside in Orono, Me. 

1720. ROBERT CAMPBELL,* born February 15, 189S, Orono, Me. 

1248 ELEAZER WHITCOMB,» (Octavius,^ Eleazer,« Ephraim,' 
Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,*) was married in San Fnmdsco, 
July 2, 1902, to Annie Agnes Lyden, who was bom June 23, 1885, 
San Franciso). Religious belief, Roman Cathoh'c. He is a street car 

iTai. RAYMOND,* born March 16, 1903, San Francisco. 


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field,' Eleazer,* Ephraim," Israel* Hezelciah,^ Josiah,' John,') was 
married to Katherine Evelyn Laffin, October 14, 1902, at Ellsworth, \ 
Me. She was bom in Ellsworth, January 12, 1875. He is a Deputy 
Collector of Customs for the port of Ellsworth. Me. Religious be- 
lief, Congregational. No children. 

1262 HERBERT B. WHITCOMB," (Cyrus T.," Levi,' Levi," Jo- 
siah,' Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah,* John,') was married (1) to Eva Jen- 
nings of Livermore Falls, Me.. November 22, 1S89; she was bom in * 
1867, and died March 16, 1897. He was married (2) to Linda Pite, 
November 29, 1899, at Livermore Falls, Me. She was bom Septem- 
ber 25, 1875. He is a tailor. 

1733. MYRON GUPTILL,"> born June 27, 1902, Ltveraiore Falls, Me. 

1264 RUSSELL D. WHITCOMB,» (Seth H..» Levi,' Levi," Jo- 
siah.' Josiah,* Josiah.' Josiah.- John.*) was married (1) to Emma 
Whitney, who was born ; (2) April, 1903, to Ethel Thorn- 
dike. They reside in Prattville, Cal. 

1733. CARROLL,*" born January 26, 1898, Aueusta, Me. 

Elihu,' Josiah," Josiah," Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah,^ John,*) lives in Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. Occupation, newspaper work. He was married Sep- 
tember 8, (iSgs, at Louisville, Ky., to Sarah J. Chadbum, of that city. 

1724. MARTHA LEWIS CHADBURN," bom February 23, 1898. 

1284 IRVING BARBER WHITCOMB," (Erastus Finney," 
Thomas,' Thomas." John," David,* David," Josiah," John,') was mar- 
ried in Jericho, Vt, April 8. 1890. to Julia Anna Galusha, who was 
bom June 22, 1871. Th^ reside on the homestead in Essex, Vt 

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1587 EDWARD MORTON WHITCOMB." (Lorenzo Dow,» 
Thomas,' Thomas,' Jonatlian," David,* David,' Josiah,= John,') was 
married September 22, 1897, to Isabella Harriet Mackenzie. They 
reside on the homestead in Essex Junction, Vt 

1725. EDWARD MACKENZIE,!* born August 4, 1898, Essex Junction, Vt. 

1726. JOHN LORENZO,'* born Augnst 10, 189ft Essex Jiiaction, Vt. 

1289 MOSES SHELDON WHITCOMB." (Uzziel Stevens.' 
Thomas/ Thomas,' Jonathan,' David,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was 

married (i) September 5, 1887, to . She died April 12, 18S8; 

was married (2) to Josie Glemi Fuller, November 34, i8g6, at Rich- 
mond, Vt She was born November 9, 1878, in Starfcsboro, Vt. He. 
is a -farmer. Religious belief, Congregationalist. Tliey reside in 
Richmond, Vt. 

1727- SARAH ANN,'* born February S. 1898. Richmond, Vt. 

1728. UZZIEL SHELDON,'* born September 20, l8gg, Riclimond, Vl 

1729. HOWARD FULLER,'* born February s, 1901. Rirfimond, Vl 

1298 WILLEY H. WHITCOMB,» (Joshita,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
John,' David,* Davit!,* Josiah,' John,^) is a farmer in Esse.'c, Vt He 
was married November 20, 1894, to Carrie Fletclier; sJie was bom in 
Cambridge, Vt, November 16, 1874. Tliey are Congregationalists. 

1730. HAROLD FLETCHER,'* born January 31. 1897, Essex. 

1731. MARJORIE LOU,'* bom April 9, 1902, Essex. 

1808 JOHN FAY WHITCOMB," (Fred,' Joshua,' Thdmas,' 

John,' David,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married , 18S7, to 

Hattie F. Williams, of Huntington, Vt He died April 28, 1900, in 
Chicago, III. 


1733. HARRY WILLIAMS,'* born Ausust 17, 188^ Riclimond, Vt. 

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field,' Elcazer," Ephraim," Israel,* Hezekiah,' Josiah,' John,') was 
married to Katherine Evelyn LafBn, October 14, 1902, at Ellsworth, ; 
Me. She was bom in Ellsworth, January 12, 1875. He is a Deputy ' 
Collector of Ctistoms for the port of Ellsworth, Me. Reli^'ous be- 
lief, Congregational. No children. 

1262 HERBERT B. WHITCOMB," (Cyrus T.,» Levi/ Levi," Jo- 
'siah,' Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah,^ John,*) was married (l) to Eva Jen- 
nings of Uvermore Falls, Me., November 22, 1SS9; she was bom in ' 
1867, and died March 16, 1897. He was married (2) to Linda Hke, 
November 29, 1899, at Livermore Falls, Me. She was bora Septem- 
ber 25, 1875. He is a tailor. 

1722. MYRON GUPTILL," born June 37, rgoa, Livermore Falls, Me, 

1264 RUSSELL D. WHITCOMB,' (Seth H.," Levi,' Levi.' Jo- 
siah,' Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah,' John,') was married (1) to Emma 
Whitney, who was born ; (2) April, 1903, to Ethel Thorn- 
dike. Tliey reside in Prattville, Cal. 


1733. CARROLL," born January sti, 1898, Augusta, Me. 

Elihu/ Josiah," Josiah," Josiah,* Josiah,' Josiah,' John,') lives in Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. Occupation, newspaper work. He was married Sep- 
tember 8, 11895, at Louisville, Ky., to Sarah J. Chadbum, of that city. 

1734. MARTHA LEWIS CHADBURH," born February 93, i8g8. 

1284 IRVING BARBER WHITCOMB,* (Erastus Finney," 
Thomas,' Thomas,' John," David,* David,* Josiah,' John,') was mar- 
ried in Jericho, Vt, April 8, 1890, to Julia Anna Galusha, who was 
born June 22, 1871. They reside on the homestead in Essex, VL 

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1587 EDWARD MORTON WHITCOMB," (Lorenzo Dow." 
Thomas,'' Thomas," Jonathan," David,* David,* Josiah,* Jolin,') was 
married September 22, 1897, to Isabella Harriet Mackenzie. They 
reside on the homestead in Essex Junction, Vt 

1725. EDWARD MACKENZIE,*' born August 4. 1898, Essex Junction, Vl 

1726. JOHN LORENZO," born Augast 10, 1899, Essex Jtinction. Vt. 

1289 MOSES SHELDON WHITCOMB." (Uzzicl Stevens," 
Thomas/ Thomas," Jonathan,' David,* David,' Joslali,- John,*) was 

married (1) September 5, 1887, to . She died April 12, 18S8; 

was married (2) to Josie Glenn Fuller, November 24, i8g6, at Rich- 
mond, Vt She was bom November 9, 1878, in Staiteboro, Vt. He 
is a -farmer. Religious belief, Congregationalist. Tliey reside in 
Richmond, Vt. 


1727. SARAH ANN," born February 5, 1898, Richmond, Vt. 

I738l UZZIEL SHELDON," born September 20, 1899, Richmond, Vl 
1799. HOWARD FULLER," born February 5, igoi, RJctoiond, Vt. 

1298 WILLEY H. WHITCOMB,» (Josluta," Thomas,' Thomas,* 
John," David,* DavicI,^ Josiah," John,*) is a farmer in Esse.^, Vt He 
was married November 20, 1894, to Carrie Fletclier; sJie was bom in 
Cambridge, Vt, November 16, 1874. Tliey are Congregationalists. 

1730. HAROLD FLETCHER," born January 31, 1897, Essex. 

1731. MARJORIE LOU," bom April g, 1902, Essex. 

1808 JOHN FAY WHITCOMB,* (Fred," Joshua,' Th6mas,« 

John," David,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married , 18S7, to 

Hattie F. Williams, of Huntington, Vt He died April 2S. 1900, in 
Chicago, III. 


173a- HARRY WILLIAMS," born August 17, 1888; Richmond, Vt. 

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1847 ENOS SAMUEL WHITCOMB," (Samuel," Calvin/ Jona- 
than," David," Jonathan,* David/ Josiah,' John,*) was married in i 
Orion, Mich., March 20, 1867, to Amy M. Summers, who was bom .' 
January 18, 1845, i^ Oakland, Mich. He is a farmer. The family 
are Methodists and reside in Pontiac, Midi. 

1733. LAVINIA,'* born February 35, 1869, Oakland, Mich; married. 

1734. MARY A.,>' born January 30, 1873, Cliase, Mich.; married. 

1735- CHARLOTTE M.,» bom February 3, 1876. Oakland, Mich.; married. 

1736- RALPH SUMMERS,'* bom July 25, iSSa, Oakland. Mich; died aged 

■even months. 

1737- BIRDIE EUNICE." born March 2, 1884, Oakland. Mich. 

1S68 BARHAM COLTON WHITCOMB.' (Luke Pcnfield," 
Calvin,' Jonathan," David," Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,' John,') is a 
farmer in River Falls, Wis. He was married June i6, 18S0, in 
Kinnickinnic, Wis., to Mary Belle Wilson, wlio was born September 
39, 1S59, in Pittsburg, Ind. The family are Congregationalists. 

1738. VERNA,'* bora October 20, 1881, River Falls, Wis. 

1739. PEARL,*" born December 2, 1884, River Falls, Wis. 

1740. BERNICEl,*" bom April 9, 1886, River Falls. Wis. 

1741. EARL,"> bom September 24, 188S, River Falls, Wis. 

1354 CALVIN LESLIE WHITCOMB,» (Luke Penfield," Calvin,' 
Jonathan," David,' Jonatlian,* David,' Josiah/ John,') was married 
May 6, 1884, in Wolsey, Soutli Dakota, to Lizzie Fink, who was bom 
in McCoupin County, III., January, 1864. He is in tlie real estate busi- 
ness and has an insurance agency. They are Presbyterians and reside 1 
in South Bend, Ind. 


174a. CLARA B.,** bom February 23, 1685; was married to ■ - Hunt. 

1743- HARRY L.," bom July 13, 1886. i 

1744. A. LYLE,** bom August 10, 1888, 

1745. LESLIE G.,** bom August 18, iSga 

1746. FRED E.,>* born March 30. 1893. 

1747. MARGERIE,'* bom October 9, 1898. 

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185C ORRICE ERASTUS WHITCOMB," (Pliny Fisk,« Calvin,' 
Jonatlian,' David,? Jonathan,* David,' Josiah,* John,*) was married 
at Baraboo, Wis., May 22, 1889, to Jennie Day Premo, who was born 
in Merrimac, Wis., January 24, 1863. He is a railroad engineer on 
the Northern Pacific Railroad. They are members of the Congrega- 
tional cliurch, and reside at Baraboo, Wis. 

1748. LEO ELMINE,'" born May 24, 1890, Baraboo. Wis. 

1749. LINCOLN LEROY,i« born November 19, 1893, Baraboo. Wis.; died 

November i, 1903. 

1750. HELEN EVELYN," bom December 23, 1902, Baraboo, Wis. 

1857 WILLIAM ALBERT WHITCOMB,* (Pliny Fisk," Cal- 
vin,' Jonathan,* David,' Jonathan,* David,^ Josiah,' John,') was mar- 
ried August 28, 1897, at Minnehaha Falls, Minn., to ICate Franklin, 
who was bom in Grand County, Wis., September 20, 1864. He is a 
Congregational minister. He has lived at Ada, Minn.; resides at 
present at Spring Valley, Wis. 


1751. HAROLD FRANKLIN,>» bom October 37, 1898, Ada. Mtnn.; di^ 

aged eleven months. 

1361 CHARLES ALBERT," (Henry,* David,' Enoch,* David." 
Jonathan,* David," Josiah,* John,*) was married November 10, 1S74, 
in Winchendon, Mass., to Sarah Tyler Carter. He is in the livery 
and grocery business in Winchendon. 

1753. ROBERT HENRY," born August 3, 1879, Winchendon, Mass.; is a 
teacher of languages, St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H.; unmarried. 
1753. HAROLD RUDOLPH," born January 27, 188^ Winchendon, Mass.; 

1896 JOSEPH AARON WHITCOMB,» (Joseph Milton.' Jo- 
seph,' Joseph,' Joseph,' Josepli,* David,* Josiah,' John,*) was mar- 

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ried in East Rupert, Vt, October 23, 1866, to Frances Amelia Sykcs. 
He was a jeweler, and died February 22, 1S87. 

1754- NELLIE BALDWIN." born . 

1755- AARON JOSEPH," born . i 

1756. FRANCES." born . 

1896 CHARLES WHITCOMB," (Joseph Milton,' Joseph.' Jo- 
seph,' Joseph,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,' ) was married to Eliza- 
beth Sykes in East Rupert, Vt, April, 1871. He was a jeweler. She 
died in 1890 in Salem, N. Y. He survived her until July 29, 1899, 
when he died, also in Salem. 


1757. BESSIE," horn . 

1399 WILSON WEST WHITCOMB," (Tliomas Newton,' Jo- ■ 
seph,' Joseph,' Joseph," Joseph,* David,^ Josiah,' John,^) resides in ■ 
Batavia, N. Y., where he is engaged in educational woric He was 
married January 28, 1857, to Sarah E. Lewis, who was born May 16, 
1840, in Kalamazoo, Mich. 

i7Sa NETTIE MAY,** born December 8, 1858; died May 17. i86a 

1759. IRVING LEWIS,* born March 3, iS€i; married; no children. 

1760. SARAH E.,i' born June 7, 1S63; married to -■— Robinson. 

1761. JULIA L.," born May li, 1865; married to Rose. ; 

+1762. NEWTON DAVIS," horn May 15. 1867; married. 

+1763. FRANCIS EDMOND," bom November 7, 1870. 

1764. CARRIE B.," born September 20, 1873; married to Ballard 

1765. MARY H.," born February 15, 1875; unmarried. j 

1766. MABEL G.," bom February 15, 1877; unmarried. 

1767. FLORENCE,** bom ; unmarried. | 

1404 JOHN J. WHITCOMB,' (Horace Chapman,' Joseph,' Jo- 
seph,* Joseph," Joseph,* David,' Josiah," John,*) was married to 
Rosina Ladd in 1859, in Dorset, Vt She was bom in Danby, Vt, 
March iS, 1814. He is an engineer and a sawyer. 

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176S. SALLY L.,'0 born January 30, i86t, Dorset, Vt.; married to Charles 
Nichols; seven children. 

1769. WILSON," born Jaiuiary 30. 1663, Dorset. Vt. 

1411 FRANK J. WFITCOMB," (Horace Chapman.* Joseph.' 
Joseph," Joseph," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,' ) was married Aug- 
ust 21, 1877, to Bessie Wood Austin. Mr. Whitcomb has recently 
become one of the directors of the firm of Frost & Wood, of Smith 
Falls, Ont. He is a man of ability and integrity. They reside at 
Smith Falls. 


1770. RALPH,!* born January 8, 1882; died June 30, i88i3. 

1771. FRANK OLIN.i* born August 18, 1884; mechanical engineer. 

1441 HERBERT THOMAS WHITCOMB.' (Zeno.« Josepli,' 
Joseph," Joseph,* Joseph,* David," Josiah," John,') was married May 
7, 1874, at Big Flats, N. Y., to Angelina R. Mattison, who was born 
at Gaines, Pa., May 8, 1850. Their religiotis belief. Baptist They 
reside at Tioga, Pa. 


1772. HARRIET M.," bom April 3, 1875, Big Flats. N. Y.; married to 

Richard Fralic. 

1773. WILLIAM H.,'" bom May i, 1877. Big Flats, N. Y.; nnmirried. 

1774. MAY ADDIE,>« born July 31, 1880, Tioga, Pa.; unmarried. 

1775. ANNA BELLE," born February 26. 1883, Tioga, Pa.; married. 

1776. KITTIE JANE," born January 18, i8Ss. Tioga, Pa. 

1777. HARRY M.,*» bom February 17, 1888, Tioga, Pa. 

1778. BLANCHE ETHEL.« born June 30, 1890, Tioga, Pa. 

1779. RAY LESLIE," born May 16, 1893, Tioga, Pa. 

1420 LE GRAND PETER WHITCOMB," (Zcno« Joseph,^ 
Joseph," Joseph,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was married No- 
vember 28, 1894, to Florence Hornby of Big Flats, N. Y., who was 
bom May 3, 1874. He is a carpenter by trade; tliey live in Kalamazoo, 



1780. MILDRED FREDONIA." bom February- 17. 1899. 

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1421 JOSIAH TRUESDELL WHITCOMB," (Zeno.« Joseph,' 
Joseph," Joseph," Joseph,* David,' Josiali,* Jolin,') was educated in 
the common school, the Grammar school, and the Academy of Elmira, 
N. Y. ; he learned telegraphy and railroad station business and woriced 
two years with the Erie Railroad; in 1882 he was appointed local 
agent of a railway at Big Flats, N, Y., and after six years there en- 
tered the service of the N. Y. and H. R. R., in tlie freight department, ■ 
at Batavia, N. Y. In 1903 he accepted a position as shipping clerk 
in the Johnston Harvester Co.. at Batavta, a position he still holds. 
Mr. Whitcomb has been superintendent of the First Baptist Sunday 
school for eight years, and a member of the quartette choir in the same 
church for seventeen years. He is a Royal Arch Mason, a Knight 
Templar and a Shriner. Has never held political office, but "is a Re- 
publican clear tlirough." He is unmarried. 

1428 WARD BEECHER WHITCOMB,' (Orrin Lcland," Joseph,' 
Joseph,* Joseph,^ Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,^) was married Feb- 
ninry 14, 1889, to Emily May Eager of Batavia, N. Y. She was born 
January 28, 1 865. He is a physician and surgeon, and resides in 


I78r. EMILY ZYLPHA." bom May 27, 1891, Batavia. 
1783. JOSErH EAGER.** bom October 8, 1893, Batkvia. 
1783. WILCOX LONGBRIDGE," born Movember 9, i^S. BaUvia. 


1434 CURTIS ERWIN WHITCOMB," (Horace Newell,' Wil- 
son,' Joseph," Joseph," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married 
(i) in Ashland, Ohio, October 13, 1870, to Melvina Bailey, who was ■ 
born October 3, 1851, in Sullivan, Ohio. She died June 6, 1887; he 
was married (2) to Mrs. Margaret (McKee) Palmer, March 19, 
1889; she was bom in Richland County, Ohio, June 23, 1848. Mr. 
Whitcomb is a farmer, and in his religious belief is a Disdple. 

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1784. EMORY BAILEY.i" born October 3, 1871, Sullivan; nnniarried. 

1785. EDWARD STEWART," born February 5, 1S74, SulUvaa; no children. 

1786. VESTA ETHEL," born December i, 1879, Sullivan. 

1787. ROY CURTIS," bom November 10, 1892. 

1456 CLARENCE EUGENE WHITCOMB.» (Horace Newell," 
Wilson,' Joseph," Joseph,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,'* John,*) was bom 
in Sullivan, Ohio. He is a pharmacist and has been druggist's clerk 
in different cities; at present he resides in Sullivan. He is unmarried. 

1441 WALTER ALLEN WHITCOMB." (Oren M.,' Wilson 
West,' Joseph," Joseph," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was bom 
in Fulton, Mich. His occui>ation is railroading. He was married 
June 29, 1900, at Howell, Mich., to Lena Belle Pettibone, who was 
born in tliat place April 4, 1878. 


1788. HOLLIS PETTIBONE." born September 28, 1901, HowelL 

1450 WILLIAM HIGBEE WHITCOMB,' (Winchester Will- 
iam," William,' Joseph," Joseph,'' Joseph,* David,' Josiah," John,') 
was married in Philadelphia, June 3, 1S96, to Roselle Abernethy, w':.» 
was bom November 12, 1871, in Rock, Kansas. He is a druggist in 
Berthoud, Cola, where they reside. 


1789. MARJORIE JEAN,>* bom Mqrcl i 37, 1903, Longmont, Colorado. 

1457 SYLVANDER FOOTE WHITCOMB," (Joel Willard," 
Willard,' Jonathan," Jonathan P.," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,^) 
was married in Mitchell County, la., March 13, 1875, to Nellie I. 
Upham, who was bom December 25, 1853. He is a farmer in Osage, 

179a CHARLES W.,'» born January 31, 1876; died February 33, 1903; 

married; no children. 
1791. WARREN M.," born May 6, 1877. 

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iroa. WILL R.," born August 18, 1879. [ 

iroa- EDNA J.," born June 8, 1M9. 

1794. MARY A.," born June 15, 1892. 

1479 AL0N20 WILTON WHITCOMB,'* (Alonzo,' Carter,' j 
Nathan,' Jonatlian P.," Joseph,'' David,' Josiah,' John,') was married 1 
April 4, 1894, to Gertnide Coffey, who was Ixtrn in Worcester, Mass., 
April II, 1871. He is a manufacturer of machinery and copying 
presses in Worcester. 


1795. DOROTHY,'* born January a, 1895. Worcester. 

1796. PRESTON,'* born May 30, 1897, Worcester. 

1797- WILTON ALONZO," bom April 4, 1900, Worcester. 

1483 FRANKLYN LUTHER WHITCOMB," (Carter," Carter,' 
Nathan.,' Jonathan P.,* Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,' ) was married 
in Pittsburg, Pa., November 15, 1893, to Mary Piatt Parry, who was 
born August 2, 1862, in Lawrenccburg, Ind. He is a manufacturer 
of car-wheels in Chicago, where his family reside. Their religious 
belief is Episcopalian. 


1798. CARTER PARRY,'* born January 9, 1893, Detroit, Micb. 

1799- FRANKLIN LUTHER,'* born June is. 1896, Chicago. 

i8oa PEMBERTON,'* bom December 33, 1900. Chicago. 

1485 FRANK RANDOLPH WHITCOMB,» (Jonadab Baker,' 
Carter,', Nathan,' Jonathan Priest,' Joseph,^ David," Josiah,^ Jofin,*) ! 
removed with his parents from his birtliplace, Indian Hill, Sierra 
County, Cal., to Marysville, in i860, and to San Francisco in 1864. 
He was graduated from the University of California in 1878, with 
the degree of Bachelor of Arts; he was later graduated from the ' 
Hastings College of Law as Bachelor of Laws; is a member of various 
societies and clubs. He is a lawyer of tlie firm of Tilden & Whitcomb, ; 
in San Francisco, where he resides. He is unmarried. 

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1491 JOHN CARTER WHITCOMB.' (Byron," Carter/ Na- 
than.,' Jonatlian Priest," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,'' John,*) was married 
March 29, 1890, in Delta, Colo., to Minnie R. Schaeffer, who was 
bom in Chicago, December 4, 1864. He is a fanner; in religious be- 
lief, Dutch Reformed. 

1801. CLAUDE BYRON,i<* born January 4, 1891, Mesa, CoIol 
180X MYLA ELIZA," bom July 16, 1894, Durango, Colo. 

1803. BERTHA MAE,>* bora October i, 1900, Flatlands, Long Island, H. Y. 

149S HENRY FRANQS WHITCOMB,' (Sylvander L.," Otis,' 
Nathan.," Jonathan P.," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,« John,*) was married 
February 23, 1879. to Mabel E. Abbott, who was bom August 26, 

1862. They reside at . 


1804. EVA M.,1* born Augnst 23, 1879. 

1805. SON,i« bora June xj, 1889. 

1607 OTIS L. WHITCOMB," (Leonard," Otis,' Nathan.," Jona- 
than Priest," Joseph,* David,^ Josiah,* John,') was married April 13, 
1889, to Susie F., daughter of Oratus J. Verry; she was born July 12, 

tSo6. HORACE V£RRY,>* born July 6, 1890. 

1518 GEORGE HARRIS WHITCOMB,* (Jasper Hazen,". Eph- 
raim,' EUsha," Elisha," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,') was gradu- 
ated in 1876 from tlie Medical Department of the New York Univer- 
sity; he practiced medicine in Hioenix, N. Y., three years, and in 
Greenwich, N. Y., during the remainder of his life. He was a member 
of several medical societies and was a specialist in diseases of the eye, 
ear, throat and nose, and considered one of the best authorities on those 
subjects in Northern New York. He was a valuable and worthy citizen 
of high moral character. He was married in 1878 to Carrie A. Bying- 
ton of Haimibal, N. Y. He died February, 1900. in Greenwich. 

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1807. CARROLL B.," born 18S0, Greenwich, N. Y. 
i&A HOMER W born 1882, Greenwich, N. V. 

1619 HERBERT EUGENE WHITCOMB,' (Jasper Hazen,* 
Ephraim,' Elislia,*^ Klislia,* Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was 
married in Hannibal Center, N. Y., September 17, 1878. to Adelaide 
A. Hannum, who was bom in South Hannibal, October 8, 1853. Ke 
is a farmer; the family are Mctliodists. They live in Granby, N. Y. 

i8og. LIMNIE ETHEL," bom April 11, 1880, Sootb Granby. N. Y. 

i8ta SARAH LOUISE," borit March 19, i8S^ South Granby, N. Y. 

1811. GLADYS E.,!" bom September 7, 1891, South Granby, N. Y. 

1528 JAMES DAVID \VHITCOMB,» (Jasper Hazen,» Ephnum,' ; 
Elisha,' Elisha," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married in ', 
Bowen's Comers, N. Y., December 25, 1889, to Emma E. Cook, who ' 
was bom in South Granby, N. Y., May 4, 1863. He is a fanner in 
Oswego Falls, N. Y. 


1812. ETHEL F.,*" born May 7. 1891, South Granby, N. Y. 

1813. JASPER C.,^* bom May 4. 1893, South Granby, N. Y. 

1814. RUTH E.,>* born November 9, 1894. 
181$. MAY," bora October 6, 1896. 

(Francis," Ephraim,' Elisha," Elisha,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah," 
John,') was married October 16, 1884, at Weyauw^p, Wis., to 
Estelle Barker, who was born April 19, 1867, at Weyauwega. Re- 
ligious belief, Protestant Occupation, farming. They live at , 
Weyauwega, Wis. 


1S16. CLARE ELIZABETH.!* born August 9, 1885, Weyauwega. Wh. 

1817. RAY MILES," born August 12, 1886, Weyauwega, Wia. 

1818. DANIEL CHARLES,'" bom June 28, 1888, Wayauwega, Wis. 

1819. KATHRYN," bora October 19, 1890, Wayauwega, Wis. 
1830. IRENE APPLE,^« born August 19, 1S93, Wayauwega, Wis. 

i8ai. EDWARD CLAYTON," born September 8, 1899, Wayauwega. Wis. 

616 I 

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15S8 ROBERT H. WHITCOMB,' (Jasper,' Wynian,' David," 
Elisha,' Joseph/ Davitl,^ Josiali,' John,') was married October 26, 
1879, in Plaiiiville, 111., to Mary RuUi Smith. He is a farmer, and 
they live in Plainville, 111. 


1822. LEO ALBERT,'* born September 16, 1880; died April 2a, 1899, Co- 

lumbus, Ohio. 

1823. OI'IS CAROLTON," born October 21, 1883. 

1824. RALLY JASPER,!" |,Qr„ December 28, 1S93; died August 9, 1894. 

1542 WYMAN T. WHITCOMB," (Dwight," Wyman,' David/ 
Elislia,' Joseph,* David,* Josiah,' John,') was married in Adrian, 
III., March, 1879, to Fannie E. Hollingsworth, who was bom January 
17, 1861, in Pontoosuc, 111. He is a farmer. 

1825. GROVER F.,>» bom , Elm Creek, Neb. 

1548 FARNUM M. WHITCOMB," (Dwiglit," Wyman.' David,* 
Elislia," Joseph,* David,' Josiah,* John,') was married in Nauvoo, 
111., February 27, 18S1, to Ann F. Lewis. She was bom June 26, 
1856. He is a farmer and stockman. 

182IS. CLARE M.,** twrn June 19, 1882. 

1544 JOHN D. WHITCOMB," (Dwight.' Wyman,' David,' 
Elisha,' Joseph,* David,' Josiali,' John,') was married in Carthage, 
111., March, 1890, to Mary Youngmeyer, who was bom in 1870, in 
Nauvoo, III. He is a farmer, and their religious belief is Methodist 

1827. ETHEL M.,» born April ti, 1891, Adrian. III. 
1823. ARTHUR DWIGHT," born July 8, 1903, Adrian, IlL 

1545 J. ALBERT \VHITCOMB,» (Dwight,' Wyman.' David.' 
Elisha,' Joseph,* David,' Josiali,* John,') was married in Adrian, III., 

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to Anna D. Crambo^, wlio was bom in Adrian, February lo, 1874. 
He is a farmer in Adrian, 111. 


1829. EDWARD B.,1* born Jannarjr i, 1807, Adrian, III. 

1S30. MAE RITA.i* bora September 11, 1899, Adrian, III. 

1549 WILLIS WHITCOMB," (David,* Wyman,' David.' 
Elisha,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,^) was married in Quincy, 
111., July 31, 1894, to Qara Mae Fiyer, who was bora December 28, 
1875, in Payson, III. They are members of the Christian churcli. He 
is a fanner and they reside in Payson. 

1831. LAVERDA MAE,>« born September 13, 1895, Payson, 111. 

1833. LESTER ORVILLE,!* born Jnne 39, 1896, Payson. IIL 

1833- CLARENCE EWING."> bom December 11, 1898, Payson, IIL 

1573 FRANK AUGUSTUS WHITCOMB,* (Ezeldel,« Joel.^ 
Jotham,' Philemon,' Joseph,* David,' Josiah,' John,*) was married 
July 6, 1893, at Dublin, N. H., to Lucy Anna Knowlton, who was 
bom in Dublin, January 25, 1870. 


1834. LEWIS NEWMARCH.i* born September 2$, 1894. Keene, N. H. 
1835- RALPH HOMER,»« born February ar, 1S99, Dublin; died March 

10^ 1900. 

othy,' Cornelius Sprague,' Joshua," Benjamin,' Benjamin,* David,' 
Josiah,' John,') is a native of California. He